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17 Pygmies - Celestina
17 Pygmies - CIII: Even Celestina Gets The Blues (A Tale of Love and Quantum Physics)
17 Pygmies - Isabel
17 Pygmies - Isabel II: Abaddon Rising
19A.D.D. - Dead River
21st Century Schizoid Band - Pictures of a City - Live in New York
25 Yard Screamer - Something that serves to warn or remind
25 Yard Screamer - Until All Are One
3epkano - 3epkano
3epkano - At Land
3rd Ear Experience - Incredible Good Fortune
3rd Ear Experience - Stones Of A Feather
3rd World Electric - Kilimanjaro Secret Brew
3RDegree - Live At Progday 2009 (DVD)
42DE - EP
42DE - Fall of the Moon
5 UU's - Bel Marduk & Tiamat
7 Ocean - Diapause
7for4 - Splash
7for4 - Time
A Chinese Firedrill - "Circles"
A Day's Work - A Home in the Rain
A KEW’S TAG - Silence of the Sirens
A.R. & Machines - Autovision
A Silent Sound - Compass
A. Armada - Anam Cara
The Aaron Clift Experiment - Outer Light, Inner Darkness
Aavikko - Oriental Baby
Abarax - Blue Room
Abel Ganz - Gratuitous Flash
Abel Ganz - Shooting Albatross
Abel Ganz - The Dangers Of Strangers
Abigail's Ghost - Black Plastic Sun
Abiogenesi - Il giocoscuro
Lee Abraham - Colours
Lee Abraham - Distant Days
Abraxas - Abraxas
Absolute Elsewhere - In Search Of Ancient Gods
Absolute Zero - Crashing Icons
Accordo dei Contrari - Kinesis
Ache - De Homine Urbano
Acid Mothers Temple - A thousand shades of grey
Acid Mothers Temple - Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.
Acid Mothers Temple - In C
Acid Mothers Temple - Starless And Bible Black Sabbath
Acid Mothers Temple - Troubadours from another heavenly world
Acid Rain - Shallow Paradise
Acid Rain - The descending line
Acidente - Technolorgy
Acintya - La cité des dieux oubliés
Acqua Fragile - A New Chant
Acqua Fragile - Acqua Fragile
Acqua Fragile - Mass-media stars
Active Heed - Higher Dimensions
Acuity - Skyward
Adachi Kyodai - Xianshi
Adamantra - Act II: Silent Narratives
Addison Project - Mood Swings
ADN - Prelude
Advent - Advent
Advent - Cantus Firmus
ÆON SPOKE - Above The Buried Cry
Aeon Zen - Enigma
Aera - Humanum Est
Affector - Harmagedon
Affinity - Affinity
A.F.T. - Automatic Fine Tuning
After Crying - 6
After Crying - Föld És Ég
After Crying - Opus 1
After Crying - Overground music
After Forever - Decipher
Age Of Nemesis - Psychogeist
Agent Cooper - Agent Cooper
Agent Cooper - From The Ashes
Agents Of Mercy - The Fading Ghosts Of Twilight
Agitation Free - Fragments
Ildefonso Aguilar - Erosión
Ain Soph - A Story of Mysterious Forest
Ain Soph - Marine Menagerie
Ain Soph - Ride On A Camel
Airbag - Come On In
Airbag - Identity
Airbag - Safetree
Airpeople - The Golden City
Airs - Airs - A Rock Opera
Aisles - 4:45 AM
Akacia - An Other Life
Akasha - Akasha
Jan Akkerman - Profile
Ako Doma - Aliens Are Good For Sale
AKP - Breaking Free Tour Live
Akphaezya - Anthology II
Aksak Maboul - Onze danses pour combattre la migraine
Al-Bird - Sodom & Gomorra XXI
Alamaailman Vasarat - Käärmelautakunta
Alamaailman Vasarat - Valta
Alas - Alas
Albatross - Albatross
Albion - Albion
Albion - Broken hopes
Alchemy X - 11:59:59
Rodolfo Alchourron - Talismán
Alias Eye - In-Between
Alice - Alice
Alice - Arretez le monde
Alkemy - Da 63 Projekt
Daevid Allen - Good Morning
Daevid Allen - Now is the happiest time of your life
Allen - Lande - The Battle
Gli Alluminogeni - Scolopendra
Alpes - Patrice Moullet - Rock Sous La Dalle
Alpha Nord - Live at PsyKa Festival
Alpha Ralpha - Alpha Ralpha
Alphataurus - Alphataurus
Alquin - Marks
Alrune Rod - Spredt For Vinden
Also Eden - Think of the children!
Altair - La Esencia del Tiempo
AltaVia - Girt Dog
Michael Altenberger - Elf Entdecker/Eleven Explorers
Sergio Alvarez - Pasaje a la revelación
Amaseffer - Exodus - Slaves for Life
Amazing Blondel - Fantasia Lindum
The Amber Light - As they came they slightly disappeared
The Amber Light - Goodbye to Dusk Farewell to Dawn
Amber Route - Snail Headed Victrolas
Amenophis - Amenophis
Amin Bhatia - The Interstellar Suite
Amity in Fame - Through
Amon Düül II - Manana
Amon Düül II - Nada Moonshine #
Amon Düül II - Phallus Dei
Amon Düül II - Vive la Trance
Amon Düül II - Vortex
Amon Düül II - Wolf City
Amon Ra - Precarious Balance
Emil Amos - Filmmusik
Amos Key - First Key
Amos Key - Keynotes
Tori Amos - Strange little girls
Tori Amos - To Venus And Back
Tori Amos - Unrepentant Geraldines
Amphetamin - At the Dawn of Twilight
Amplifier - The Astronaut Dismantles HAL
Amygdala - complex combat
Ana Never - Ana Never (EP)
Anathema - Alternative 4
Anathema - Judgement
Anathema - Weather Systems
Ancestors - In Dreams And Time
Ancestors - Invisible White (EP)
Ancient Oak consort - The Acoustic Resonance of Soul
Ancient Vision - Focus or Blinders
Ancient Vision - The Vision
Andeavor - Once Upon Time
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe - An Evening Of Yes Music Plus...
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe - Brother Of Mine
Ian Anderson - Plays The Orchestral Jethro Tull
Ian Anderson - Rupi's dance
Ian Anderson - Thick as a Brick 2
Ian Anderson - Walk Into Light
Jon Anderson - Animation
Jon Anderson - Change We Must
Jon Anderson - Open
Laurie Anderson - Home of the brave
Jurriaan Andriessen - The Awakening Dream
Andromeda (60s) - See into the Stars
Andromeda - The Immunity Zone
Andy Summers - Triboluminescence
Anekdoten - A Time Of Day
Anekdoten - From Within
Anekdoten - Waking The Dead - Live In Japan 2005
Ange - Par les Fils de Mandrin
Ange - Souffleurs de vers
Anguish - Symmetry
Ani Lo. Projekt - Miracle
Anima Dominum - The book of comedy
Anima Mundi - Septentrion
Animals As Leaders - Animals As Leaders
Animations - Reset Your Soul
Anja Garbarek - Smiling & Waving
Ankh - Expect Unexpected
Annot Rhül - The Annot Rhül Surf Experience
Ant-Bee - Electronic Church Muzik
Antares - Choking The Stone
Anthurus d'Archer - Phallus Impudicus
Anti-Depressive Delivery - The Best Of Antidepressive Delivery
Antiherøe - Entretejido cosmico
Antimatter - Leaving Eden
Antonius Rex - Switched On Dark
Anubis - 230503
Anubis - Hitchhiking to Byzantium
Anubis Gate - Horizons
Anyone's Daughter - Anyone's Daughter
Anyone's Daughter - Danger World
Anyone's Daughter - Last tracks
Aphrodite's Child - 666
Apocalypse - Live USA
Apogee - Conspiracy Of Fools
Apogee - On The Aftertaste
Apogee - Waiting For The Challenge
Apostolis Anthimos - Back to the North
April Fishes - Carpe d'Or
April Rain - One Is Glad To Be Of Service
Aragon - Rocking Horse (and Other Short Stories from the Past)
Aragon - The Angels Tear
Aranis - Aranis II
Archaïa - Archaïa
Archangel - The Akallabeth
Architectural Metaphor - Galactus Interruptum
Architectural Metaphor - Odysseum Galacti
Archive - Controlling Crowds Part IV
Archive - Lights
Archive - Live at the Zenith
Archive - Noise
Neil Ardley - Harmony of the Spheres
Ardo Dombec - Ardo Dombec
Area - Chernobyl 7991
Area - Concerto Teatro Uomo
Area - event '76
Area - tic & tac
Arena - Caught in the act (DVD)
Arena - Contagion
Arena - Live & Life (The Contagion Tour 2003)
Arena - Rapture (DVD)
Arena - The Seventh Degree Of Separation
Arena - The Visitor
Argos - Argos
Argos - Circles
Ark (Norw.) - Burn the sun
Arkhé - Arkhé
Armada - Beyond the Morning
Armenian Space Station - Armenian Space Station
Arms of Tripoli - Daughters
Arms of Tripoli - Dream in Tongues
Arpia - TerraMare
Arrakeen - Patchwork
Ars Nova - Biogenesis Project
Ars Nova - Chrysalis - Force For The Fourth
Ars Nova - Fear & anxiety
Ars Nova - Transi
Art of Infinity - Endless Future
Art of Infinity - Raumwerk
Asgard - Drachenblut
Ash Ra Tempel - Ash Ra Tempel
Ash Ra Tempel - Seven up
Ashada - Circulation
Ashby - A Question Never Heard
Ashland - Yin & Yang
Ashra - @shra
Ashra - Correlations
Ashra - New Age of Earth
Asia - Enso Kai - Live At The Budokan Tokyo 1983
Asia - Fantasia. Live in Tokyo
Asia - Fantasia. Live in Tokyo (DVD)
Asia - Silent Nation
Asia - Spirit of the Night - Live in Cambridge 09
Association P.C. - Mama Kuku
Asturcón - Asturcón
Asturias - Bird Eyes View
Asturias - In Search Of The Soul Trees
At War With Self - Torn Between Dimensions
Atempo - Abismos del Tiempo
Atila - Intencion
Atlantide (ITA) - Francesco ti ricordi
Atlantis (USA) - Pray For Rain
Atlantis Philharmonic - Atlantis Philharmonic
Atlantyca - To Nowhere And Beyond
AtmOsfear - Inside The Atmosphere
Atoll - Musiciens-Magiciens
Atoll - Rock Puzzle
Attention Deficit - Attention Deficit
Attention Deficit - The Idiot King
Auburn Lull - Begin Civil Twilight
Auburn Lull - Hypha
Audience - The House On The Hill
Brian Auger - Befour
Aun - Phantom Ghost
The Aurora Project - ...Unspoken Words
Autumn Chorus - The Village To The Vale
Autumn Whispers - Cry of Dereliction Vol. II
Ave Rock - Ave Rock
Avelion - Liquid Breathing
Axess/Maxxess - Contact
Axiom - A Moment Of Insanity
Axon-Neuron - Brainsongs
Kevin Ayers - The Confessions Of Dr Dream And Other Stories
Kevin Ayers - Too Old To Die Young
Kevin Ayers - Whatevershebringswesing
Ayreon - 01011001
Ayreon - Ayreonauts only
Ayreon - Into The Electric Castle
Ayreon - The final experiment
Ayreon - The Theory Of Everything
Ayreon - Universal Migrator Part II: Flight of the Migrator
Azabache - Dias de luna
Azahar - Azahar
Azahar - Elixir
Aztec Jade - Paradise Lost
Baba Jaga - Memorial Ceremony
Baby Guru - Pieces
Baby Woodrose - Third Eye Surgery
Babylon - Babylon
Back Door - Another Fine Mess
Bad Dreams - Chrysalis
Badger - One live Badger
Balboa - Scale in Feet
Boguslaw Balcerak's Crylord - Gates Of Valhalla
Balloon Astronomy - Balloon Astronomy
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - Garofano Rosso
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - Papagayo Club 1972
Baffo Banfi - The Sound Of Southern Sunsets
Peter Banks - Be Well, Be Safe, Be Lucky...The Anthology
Peter Banks - The Self-Contained Trilogy
Peter Banks - Two sides of Peter Banks
Tony Banks - A Curious Feeling
Baraka - Inner Resonance
Baraka - Shade of Evolution
Richard Barbieri - Stranger Inside
Barclay James Harvest - Barclay James Harvest & Other Short Stories
Barclay James Harvest - Everyone Is Everybody Else
Barclay James Harvest - Octoberon
Barclay James Harvest - Revival
Barclay James Harvest - XII
Peter Bardens - The Answer
Bardo Pond - Peri / Game Five And A Half
Il Baricentro - Sconcerto
Barock Project - Detachment
Barock Project - Misteriosevoci
Martin Barre - Away With Words
Martin Barre - Back to Steel
Martin Barre - Order of Play
Martin Barre - Stage Left
Syd Barrett - Barrett
bArtMan - Journey into the Dark
Karl Bartos - Off the record
Bass Communion - II
Luciano Basso - Voci
Franco Battiato - La Convenzione
Battles - Gloss Drop
Bauhaus - Stairway to Escher
BEAK> - Couple in a Hole
David Bedford - Instructions For Angels
David Bedford - The Odyssey
David Bedford - The Odyssey Live
Beggar's Opera - Act One
Behind Closed Doors - No Exit
Behind The Curtain - Till Birth Do Us Part
Adrian Belew - Inner Revolution
Adrian Belew - Side One
Adrian Belew - Twang Bar King
Believe - Hope To See Another Day
Believe - The Warmest Sun In Winter
Believe - This Bread Is Mine
Believe - World Is Round
Bella Band - Bella Band
Ben - Ben
Tim Berne - Sanctified Dreams
Between - Contemplation
Bi Kyo Ran - A Violent Music
Bi Kyo Ran - Bi Kyo Ran
Big Big Train - English Electric Part One
Big Big Train - Gathering Speed
Big Big Train - Goodbye to the Age of Steam
Big Big Train - Grimspound
Big Big Train - The Second Brightest Star
Big Hogg - Gargoyles
Big Sleep - Bluebell Wood
Bigelf - Money Machine
Bionaut - big causeway to gone
Biota - Invisible Map
Birds of Passage - Winter Lady
Bird on the Wire - Our Hands Meet on the Moon
Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic - Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic (EP)
Birth Control - Increase
Birth Control - Live
Birth Control - Operation
Birth Control - Plastic People
Bise de buse - Joue sa musique
Björk - Debut
Björk - Post
Black Bonzo - Guillotine Drama
The Black Fall - The Time Traveler
Black Lung vs. NAP - Split 12″ EP
Black Mountain - Wilderness heart
Black Widow - Sacrifice
Blackbirds - touch of music
Blackfield - Blackfield II
Blackfield - Welcome to my DNA
Blacklands - A New Dawn
Tim Blake - Blake's New Jerusalem
Blank Manuskript - The Waiting Soldier
Tristan Blaskowitz - Winter
Blazing Eternity - Times And Unknown Waters
Blind Ego - Liquid
Blind Ego - Mirror
Blind Faith - Blind Faith
Bloque - Hombre, Tierra y Alma
Blue Mammoth - Stories of a King
Blueneck - Repetitions
Blurred Vision - Organized Insanity
The Bob Lazar Story - (sic)
Tomas Bodin - Cinematograaf
Tomas Bodin - I AM
Jean Pascal Boffo - La Boîte à Musique
Jean Pascal Boffo - Rituel
Carsten Bohn - New York Times
Carsten Bohns Bandstand - C.B. Radio
Carsten Bohns Bandstand - Humor Rumor
Bojanek & Michalowski - Solid
Boline - Boline
Bolt - Movement and Detail
Bolus - Watch your step
Bondage Fruit - III - Récit
Bonebag - Noli Me Tangere
Boom - One Hour Talisman
David Bowie - Aladdin Sane
David Bowie - Diamond Dogs
David Bowie - Lodger
David Bowie - Reality
David Bowie - Scary Monsters
David Bowie - Stage
David Bowie - The Man Who Sold The World
David Bowie - The Next Day
Tim Bowness/Peter Chilvers - California, Norfolk
Tim Bowness/Samuel Smiles - World of Bright Futures
Boys´n Witches - Sun And Moon
Victor Brady - Brown Rain
Brainchild - Healing of the lunatic owl
Braindance - Master Of Disguise
Brainticket - Celestial Ocean
Brainticket - Live in Rome 1973
Brand X - Do they hurt?
Brand X - Masques
Brand X - Missing Period
Brand X - The X Files - A 20 Years Retrospective
Francois Bréant - Voyeur Extra-Lucide
Breeze - The King of the Forest
Paul Bremner - The Witness
Breznev Fun Club - il misantropo felice
Brian Storming - The Extraordinaires Voyages Of Brian Storming
Brighteye Brison - Believers & Deceivers
Brighteye Brison - Brighteye Brison
Brighteye Brison - The Magician Chronicles Part 1
Danny Brill - Better late than never
Bröselmaschine - Indian Camel
Brother Ape - III
Brother Ape - Karma
Charles Brown - Journey in a New Land
Charles Brown - Storm Rising
Brown vs Brown - Twitch and Shout
Jack Bruce - How's Tricks
Michael Brückner - All The Pieces Fit Forever
Michael Brückner - Endless Mind Portal
Michael Brückner - In letzter Konsequenz
Michael Brückner - Incarnation Generator
Michael Brückner - Kings of the Earth
Michael Brückner - Movies Moving In My Head
Michael Brückner - Muzikhala
Franceso Buccheri - Journey
Bulbs - On
Michael Bundt - Just Landed Cosmic Kid
Dec Burke - Book of Secrets
Tim Burness - Whose Dream are you living?
Burnin Red Ivanhoe - 6 Elefantskovcikadeviser
Burnin Red Ivanhoe - Live 1970-74
Burnin Red Ivanhoe - Right on
Kate Bush - King of the Mountain (Single)
Kate Bush - Lionheart
Kate Bush - Never for ever
C-Sides - Devitrification
C-Sides - We Are Now
J.A. Caesar & Tenjo Sajiki - Shintokumaru
Cage - 87/94
Dan Caine - Cascades
California Guitar Trio - A Christmas Album
Cálix - Canções de Beurin
Calliope - Generazioni
Camel - A Nod And A Wink
Camel - Camel
Camel - I Can See Your House From Here
Camel - Mirage
Camel - On The Road 1981
Camel - Rain Dances
Camel - Rajaz
Camel - The Snow Goose
Camp Hansen - Keep Music Progressive
Campo di Marte - Concerto Zero - Live 1972/2003
Can - Flow Motion
Can - Out Of Reach
Can - The Legendary Can
Canamii - Concept
Los Canarios - Ciclos
Cannabis India - SWF Session 1973
CANO - Eclipse
CANO - Tous dans l´meme bateau
Capillary Action - Fragments
Capitolo 6 - Frutti per Kagua
Captain Beefheart - Live from Paris 1977
Captain Beefheart - The Lost Broadcasts
Captain Beefheart - The Spotlight Kid
Captain Beyond - Captain Beyond
Captain Obvious - Live@Bar227-24.02.07
Caravan - All Over You
Caravan - Caravan and the New Symphonia
Caravan - Green Bottles For Marjorie - The Lost BBC Sessions
Caravan - Paradise Filter
Franck Carducci - Oddity
Alex Carpani - So Close, So Far
Alex Carpani - Waterline
The Carpet Knights - Lost and so strange is my mind
Carptree - Carptree
Carptree - Insekt
Carptree - Man Made Machine
Cast - Angels and demons
Cast - Imaginary Window
Il Castello di Atlante - Capitolo 7 - Tra le antiche mura
Il Castello di Atlante - Sono Io Il Signore Delle Terre A Nord
Casual Silence - Lost In Life
Catacombe - Quidam
Catapilla - Changes
Catharsis - Volume 5 "Le Bolero du Veau des Dames"
Catharsis - Volume II Les "Chevrons"
Catharsis - Volume III 32 mars
Cats on the Roof - Pros and Cons of Solitude
Causa Sui - Causa Sui
Causa Sui - Return To Sky
Cea Serin - Where memories combine
Centenaire - Centenaire
Central Park - Unexpected
Centrozoon - Blast
Cerberus Shoal - An Ongoing DING
Il Cerchio d'Oro - Dedalo e Icaro
Il Cerchio d'Oro - Il Fuoco sotto la Cenere
Chac Mool - En Vivo 1980
Chameleon - Rising
Chandelier - Timecode
Chaos Venture - Out (CD-Single)
Charming Hostess - Punch
Cheer-Accident - Dumb Ask
Cheer-Accident - Enduring the American Dream
Cheer-Accident - Putting Off Death
Mikhail Chekalin - A Pagan Suite
Mikhail Chekalin - Avoiding the desire for cutting and piercing objects
Mikhail Chekalin - Green Symphony - Borderline State
Chemical Alice - Curiouser & Curiouser
Chico Magnetic Band - Chico Magnetic Band
Chillum - Chillum
Choco - Bubbles in Your Brain?
Chris - Making Sense
Chroma Key - You go now
Chronoseptic - Your Story - Tales from within
Suzanne Ciani - Seven Waves
José Cid - 10.000 Anos Depois Entre Vénus e Marte
Cincinnato - Cincinnato
Cinderella Search - Cinderella Search
Cinema by Pöngse - Loopings
Cinema (DE) - The Discovering of Time
Circa: - HQ
Circa: - Live from Here There & Everywhere
Circa: - Valley of the Windmill
Circle - Alotus
Circle - Manner
Circle - Rakennus
Circle - Sunrise
Circu5 - Circu5
Circulus - Clocks Are Like People
Circulus - Thought Becomes Reality
Circus (GB) - Circus
Circus (CH) - Circus
Circus Brimstone - Live - BrimStoned In Europe
Cirrus Bay - The Search For Joy
Città Frontale - El Tor
Clark-Hutchinson - A=MH2
Clay Green's Polysorbate Masquerade Band - Chronicles of Bubbledroid
Les Claypool and the Holy Mackerel - Highball with the Devil
Barry Cleveland - Memory & Imagination
Cliffhanger - Circle
Cliffhanger - Cold Steel
Cliffhanger - Mirror site
Cliffhanger - Not To Be or Not To Be!
Cloudkicker - Hello
Cloudkicker - Let Yourself Be Huge
Cloudkicker - Loop
Cloudkicker - ]]][[[
Cloudscape - Global Drama
Cluster - Cluster 71
Cluster - Grosses Wasser
CMU - Space Cabaret
Codeine - Frigid Stars
Nadav Cohen - Lacuna
Collapse.Rebuild. - Fail Again, Fail Better
Roberto Colombo - Botte da Orbi
ColorStar - Via la Musica
Colosseum - Bread & Circuses
Colosseum - The Reunion Concerts 1994
Colossus Projects (Finnland) - Dante's Purgatorio - The Divine Comedy Part II
Colossus Projects (Finnland) - Odyssey - The Greatest Tale
Colossus Projects (Finnland) - The Spaghetti Epic - Six Modern Prog Bands For Six ´70 Prog Suites
Combination Head - Combination Head
Combo FH - Situace na strese
Communic - Conspiracy in Mind
Companyia Elèctrica Dharma - L'Oucomballa
Compás - halb nachts 3
Conqueror - 74 Giorni
Contraction - Contraction
Contrarian - Minor Complexities
Julian Cope - Rite2
Corima - Corima
Corima - Quetzalcoatl
Cornucopia - Full Horn
La Coscienza di Zeno - Sensitività
Cosmic Fall - In Search of Outer Space
cosmic ground - cosmic ground
Cosmograf - The Hay​-​Man Dreams
Cosmograf - The Man Left in Space
Cosmograf - When Age Has Done Its Duty
Cosmos - Mind Games
Cosmos Factory - Cosmos Factory
Cosmosquad - Sqadrophenia
Mario Cottarelli - prodigiosa macchina
Mario Cottarelli - Una strana commedia
Coupla Prog - Edmundo Lopez
Court - Frost of watermelon
Cracked Machine - I, Cosmonaut
Credo - Against reason
Credo - Rhetoric
Credo - This Is What We Do
Cremator - Phase Électronique
Crippled Black Phoenix - New Dark Age
Cross - Cross III: Changing poison into medicine
Cross - Da Capo
David Cross - Alive in the Underworld
David Cross - Closer Than Skin
David Cross - Memos From Purgatory
Cryptic Vision - In a world
The Crystal Caravan - The Crystal Caravan
Crystal Palace - Through The Years (1995 - 2005)
Warren Cuccurullo - Machine Language
Culpeper's Orchard - Culpeper's Orchard
Cure for Gravity - Cure for Gravity
Curved Air - Air Cut
Curved Air - Lovechild
cut_ - Millionairhead
Cyan - Remastered
Cynic - Focus
Holger Czukay - Linear City
Holger Czukay - Rome Remains Rome
The D Project - The Sagarmatha Project
Dada - Castle Wall
Dada - Castle wall / The House In The Mirror
Daedalus - Motherland
Patricia Dallio - Procession
Dalton - riflessioni: idea d'infinito
Dante - When We Were Beautiful
D'Arcana - Premonitions
Dark Suns - Everchild
Darwin's Radio - Eyes of the world
DarXtar - Tombola
DarXtar - We came too late
Days before tomorrow - The sky is falling
Days Between Stations - In Extremis
Marco De Angelis - Next Station
Dead Air Radio - Strange Frequencies
Deadburger Factory - Microonde/Vibroplettri
Deadsoul Tribe - Deadsoul Tribe
Deadsoul Tribe - The January Tree
Deadwood Forest - Mellodramatic
The Declining Winter - Haunt the Upper Hallways
Deer Park Ranger - Bottom of the Ocean
Defecto - Excluded
Dein Schatten - Ewiges Eis
Déjà-Vu (Nor) - Between The Leaves
Del Rey - Immemorial
Delirium - Dolce Acqua
Delirium - III (Viaggio negli Arcipelaghi del Tempo)
Delirium - Il Nome Del Vento
Delirium - Il Viaggio Continua: la Storia 1970-2010
Delivery - Fools Meeting
Delusion Squared - Anthropocene
Delusion Squared - The Final Delusion
Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius - The Adventures Of Stratospheerius
Derby Derby - Love Dance
Desert Mountain Tribe - Om Parvat Mystery
Desert Wizards - Ravens
Destra - Joe's Rhapsody
Devin Townsend Project - Z²
Diamond Gloss - Bears
Dice (Swe) - Dice
Dice (Dt) - Eternity's Ocean
Dice (Swe) - The Four Riders of the Apocalypse
Dice (Dt) - Time in eleven Pictures
Dice (Dt) - Versus without versus - End Part
Dice (Dt) - Waterworld
Diefenbach - Run Trip Fall
Different Light - Icons That Weep
Dillinger - Dillinger
Dillinger - Don´t lie to the band
Dimension X - Implications of a Genetic Defence
Din Within - Awaken the Man
Klaus Dinger + Pre-Japandorf - 2000!
Dirty Sound Magnet - Western Lies
Disasterpeace - Level
Discipline. - live 1995 (DVD)
Discipline. - Live Days
Discipline. - Unfolded Like Staircase
Dissonati - Reductio Ad Absurdum
District 97 - Trouble With Machines
The Divine Baze Orchestra - Once we were born...
Divine Realm - Tectum Argenti
Division By Zero - Tyranny of Therapy
Dixie Dregs - Night of the Living Dregs
Djam Karet - Ascension
Djam Karet - Burning the hard city
Djam Karet - New Dark Age
Djam Karet - Suspension & displacement
Djam Karet - The Ritual Continues
Djamra - Kamihitoe
Do Make Say Think - Do Make Say Think
Do Make Say Think - goodbye enemy airship the landlord is dead
Dol Theeta - The Universe Expands
Troy Donockley & Dave Bainbridge - When worlds collide
Dorian Opera - Crusade 1212
Double Nelson - Un Sentiment Etrange
Douze Alfonso - Charles Darwin
Douze Alfonso - The lost frontier
Downes Braide Association - Skyscraper Souls
Dr. Dopo Jam - Entree
Dragon (NZ) - Universal Radio
Dragonfly - Dragonfly
Bob Drake - What Day Is It?
Dramatic Irony - Poem without rhyme
Dream The Electric Sleep - Heretics
Dream Theater - Black Clouds & Silver Linings
Dream Theater - Dream Theater
Dream Theater - Majesty - the official 1986 Demo
Dream Theater - Octavarium
Dream Theater - Six degrees of inner turbulence
Dream Theater - When Dream And Day Unite
Dreamscape - End Of Silence
Dredg - Leitmotif
Glen Drover - Metalusion
Druid - Fluid Druid
Drum Circus - Magic Theatre
Krzysztof Duda - Altus
Dura Mater - Dura Mater
Dustin Behm - The Beyond
E. A. Poe - Generazioni (Storia di sempre)
E Motive - E Motive
Earth & Fire - Atlantis
Earth & Fire - Song Of The Marching Children
Earthworks - Earthworks
Earthworks - The Sound Of Surprise
East Wind Pot - East Wind Pot
Eatliz - Hey/Big Fish
Ebu Gogo - Chase Scenes 1-14
Echo City - Loss of the church (with Siren Project)
Echo Us - The Tide Decides
Echolyn - Jersey Tomato Vol.2
Eclat - Eclat de vers
Eden - Erwartung
Eden Shadow - Melodies for Maladies
Edgend - A New Identity
EF - Give Me Beauty...Or Give Me Death!
Effloresce - Shades of Fate
Efterklang - Piramida
Egg - The Civil Surface
Ego Eimi - The Door of Heart
Ego Eimi - Transcendental Diseases
Alf Emil Eik - Joy and Breath of Eternity
Eiliff - Close Encounter With Their Third One
Eiliff - Eiliff
Eiliff - Girlrls
Ekos - Luz Interna
Elbow - The Seldom Seen Kid
Electric Light Orchestra - Discovery
Electric Light Orchestra - Eldorado
Electric Light Orchestra - Face the Music
Electric Light Orchestra - Live at Winterland '76
Electric Light Orchestra - Live: The Early Years
Electric Light Orchestra - No Answer (a.k.a The Electric Light Orchestra)
Electric Light Orchestra - The Night the Light Went on in Long Beach
Electric Litany - Enduring Days you will overcome
Electric Orange & Sula Bassana - Electric Orange & Sula Bassana
Elfferich Four - Eccentricity
Elleven - Transfiction
Brian Ellis - Cosmic Perspective
Eloy - Dawn
Eloy - Metromania
Eloy - Ocean 2 - The Answer
Eloy - Ra
Eloy - Silent Cries & Mighty Echoes
Eloy - The Tides Return Forever
Eloy - Time to Turn
Emerald - Crown of Creation
Keith Emerson - At The Movies
Keith Emerson - Best Revenge
Keith Emerson - Changing States
Keith Emerson - La Chiesa
Keith Emerson and The Nice - Vivacitas - Live at Glasgow 2002
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - ...welcome back my friends High Voltage Festival 2010 40th Anniversary
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Best of the Bootlegs
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Welcome Back (DVD)
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Works, Volume 1
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Works, Volume 2
Emmeleya - Opium Vision
Empire - Empire Mark I
Empty Tremor - Eros and Thanatos
Empty Tremor - Iridium
Enbor - Katebegiak
Enchant - Blink of an eye
Enchant - The Great Divide
Enchant - Time Lost
The End - Elementary
Energit - Piknik
Die Engel des Herrn - Die Engel des Herrn
Die Engel des Herrn - Live! As: Hippie-Punks
L'Engoulevent - L'île où vivent les loups
The Enid - In The Region Of The Summer Stars
The Enid - Something Wicked This Way Comes
The Enid - The Music Of William Arkle and Other Recordings
The Enid - White Goddess
Ensemble Nimbus - Scapegoat
L'Ensemble Rayé - Les contrepoints cardinaux
Ephel Duath - Hemmed By Light, Shaped By Darkness
Epidaurus - Earthly Paradise
Epidermis - June 1975
Ergo - Multitude, Solitude
Erna Schmidt - Live 69-71
Lothar-Michael Ernst & The Full Moon Band - Stranded on Inner Shores
Eroc & Urs Fuchs - Eurosonic Experiences
Errobi - Bizi-Bizian
Esagono - Vicolo
Eschar - Elements
Eskaton - Fiction
Esmark - māra I
Esmark - māra II
Espers - II
Espiritu - Crisalida
Esthetic Pale - Tales From An Ancient Realm
Estradasphere - Its understood
Eternity's End - The Fire Within
Etna - Etna
Etox - Deepwater Rising
Etron Fou Leloublan - Batelanges
Etron Fou Leloublan - Les Sillons De La Terre
Eulenspygel - 2
Eurasia - ilmondorovescio
Evergrey - A Night To Remember - Live 2004
Evergrey - The Dark Discovery
Everon - Bridge
Everon - Fantasma
Everon - North
Everon - Paradoxes
Exmagma - 3
Expired Utopia - Expired Utopia
Explorers Club - Age of Impact
Exponent - Upside Down
Exxasens - Eleven Miles
Eyestrings - Consumption
Eyevory - Euphobia
Eyevory - The True Bequest
Fall Of Echoes - Red Tree
Fallen Fowl - Do They Love You Now ?
Family - Anyway
Family - BBC Radio 1 Live in concert
Family - From past archives
Fantasy (US) - Fantasy
Fashion Pink - encore
Fates Warning - A Pleasant Shade of Gray
Fates Warning - Disconnected
Fates Warning - Night on Bröcken
Fates Warning - The spectre within
Fates Warning - X
Faun Fables - Born of the Sun
Faust - 71 Minutes Of...
Faust - Edinburgh 1997
Faust - Faust
Faust - Faustimpressions
Faust - The Faust Concerts Vol. 2
Fear Of Flying - Fear Of Flying
Ferdinand & les philosophes - Ensableur de Portugaises
Fermata - Simile...
F.G. Experimental Laboratory - Journey into a dream
Fibonacci Sequence - Numerology
Ficción - Sobre La Cresta De La Ola
Final Conflict - Another Moment In Time (DVD)
The Final Season - The Final Season (EP)
Finally George - Life is a Killer
Finisterre - In Ogni Luogo
Finisterre - Live...Ai margini della terra fertile
Finneus Gauge - One Inch Of The Fall
Fireballet - Two, Too ...
First Band From Outer Space - We're Only In It For The Spacerock
Fish - Fellini Days
Fish - Field of Crows
Fish - Raingods With Zippos
Fish - Sunsets on Empire
Gregory Allan FitzPatrick - Snorungarnas Symphoni
Five Fifteen - Death Of A Clown
Five Fifteen - Psychedelic singalongs for stadiums
Fjieri - Words Are All We Have
Flamen Dialis - Symptome - Dei
The Flaming Lips - At War With The Mystics
The Flaming Lips - The Flaming Lips and Stardeath and White Dwarfs with Henry Rollins and Peaches Doing The Dark Side of the Moon
Flash - In the can
Flash - Out of our hands
Fläsket Brinner - Fläsket
Fläsket Brinner - Fläsket Brinner
Flora - Sei
Flora - Traiettorie di Volano
Hugo Flores - Atlantis
The Flower Kings - Adam & Eve
The Flower Kings - Desolation Rose
The Flower Kings - Fan Club CD 2000
The Flower Kings - Flowerpower
The Flower Kings - Instant Delivery (DVD)
The Flower Kings - Meet the Flower Kings: live recording 2003 (DVD)
The Flower Kings - Space Revolver
The Flower Kings - The Rainmaker
The Flower Kings - The Sum of no Evil
Flower Travellin' Band - Anywhere
Flute & Voice - Imaginations of Light
FLUTTR EFFECT - Marking Time
Flying Circus - Seasons
Flying Colors - Flying Colors
Flying Colors - Second Nature
Flyte - Dawn Dancer
FM - Black Noise
Focus - Focus 8.5 / Beyond the Horizon
Focus - Ship of Memories
Focus - The Focus Family Album
Fonya - In Flux
For Absent Friends - Illusions
The For Carnation - Promised Works
Foreign Spaces - Spheres
Forgas Band Phenomena - Extra-Lucide
Forgas Band Phenomena - Roue Libre
Forgas Band Phenomena - Soleil 12
Forgotten Suns - Fiction Edge 1 (Ascent)
Formula Tre - Sognando e risognando
La Forza Elettro Motrice - Sulla Bolla di Sapone
The Foundation - Departure
Fountain Of Youth - Blind Faith (EP)
Fractal - Sequitur
Fractal Mirror - Strange Attractors
Fraktal - Ask The Rabbit
frames - 124EP
Frameshift - Unweaving The Rainbow
Chris(topher) Franke - Babylon 5 (Volume 2:Messages from Earth)
Franz K. - Rock in Deutsch
Free Love - Apocalypse
French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson - Invisible Means
French TV - Yoo-Hoo!!!
Frequency Drift - Letters To Maro
Frequency Drift - Personal Effects (part one)
Frequency Drift - Personal Effects (part two)
Friends of Dean Martinez - Atardecer
Friends of Dean Martinez - Lost Horizon
Friends of Dean Martinez - Wichita Lineman
Robert Fripp - Exposure
Fabio Frizzi - Manhattan Baby
Frob - Frob
Edgar Froese - Ambient Highway Vol.2
Edgar Froese - Ambient Highway Vol.4
Edgar Froese - Macula transfer
Frogg Café - Fortunate Observer Of Time
Frogg Café - On The Lillypadd
Frogg Café - The Safenzee Diaries
Peter Frohmader - Cycle Of Eternity
Peter Frohmader - Musik aus dem Schattenreich
Peter Frohmader - Nekropolis 2
Peter Frohmader - The Awakening - Nekropolis Live ´79
From Monument To Masses - On Little Known Frequencies
Frost - Milliontown
Fruupp - Modern Masquerades
Fuchsia - Fuchsia
Führs & Fröhling - Ammerland
Führs & Fröhling - Diary
Fungus - Careful!
Fushitsusha - Allegorical Misunderstanding
Fusion - Fusion
The Future Kings of England - The Fate of Old Mother Orvis
The Future Kings of England - The Viewing Point
The Future Kings of England - Who is This Who is Coming?
Futuropaco - Futuropaco
Claudio Gabbiani - Nightnursing
Gabriel Bondage - Angel Dust
Peter Gabriel - II
Peter Gabriel - Long Walk Home - Music from The Rabbit-Proof Fence
Peter Gabriel - Passion (Soundtrack: The Last Temptation of Christ)
Peter Gabriel - Plays Live
Peter Gabriel - So
Peter Gabriel - Us
Gäa - Auf der Bahn zum Uranus
Galadriel - Mindscapers
Galahad - Battle Scars
Galahad - Following Ghosts
Galahad - Mein Herz brennt (EP)
Galahad - Nothing Is Written
Galahad - Seize the Day (EP)
Galahad - Sleepers
Galaxy-Lin - Galaxy-Lin
Gandalf - Echoes from ancient dreams
Gandalf - From Source To Sea
Gandalf - Magic Theatre
Gandalf - Tale From A Long Forgotten Kingdom
Gandalf - To Another Horizon
Gandalf - Visions 2001
Haxel Garbini - Uri
Garfield - Strange Streets
Gargamel - Descending
Gargamel - Watch For The Umbles
Michael Garrison - Aurora Dawn
Michael Garrison - Images
Brett Garsed - Dark Matter
The Gathering - Superheat
Gatto Marte - Marte Sulla Luna
Gaudi - Magnetic
Gazpacho - Demon
Gazpacho - Firebird
Gazpacho - March of Ghosts
Gazpacho - Missa Atropos
Gazpacho - Night
Peter Gee - The Bible
Genesis - A Trick Of The Tail
Genesis - Abacab
Genesis - And Then There Were Three
Genesis - Duke
Genesis - Genesis
Genesis - Genesis Live
Genesis - Live - Helsinki, Fi, 11-06-07
Genesis - Seconds Out
Genesis - Selling England by the Pound
Genesis - The Lamb lies down on Broadway
Genesis - The Way We Walk Vol.1 - The Shorts (Live)
Genesis - Three Sides Live
Genesis - Trespass
Genfuoco - Dentro l'invisible
Ax Genrich - Spontaneous Combustion
Gentle Giant - Civilian
Gentle Giant - Endless Life
Gentle Giant - In Concert
Gentle Giant - The Last Steps
Ghost - Second Time Around
Ghost Circus - Cycles
Ghost Island - Assimilation
Ghost Medicine - Discontinuance
Giant Hedgehog - Giant Hedgehog
Giardini di Mirò - Punk... Not Diet!
The Gift - Awake & Dreaming
Gila - Night works
Kristoffer Gildenlöw - Rust
Giles, Giles & Fripp - The Brondesbury Tapes
Gilgamesh - Gilgamesh
David Gilmour - David Gilmour
David Gilmour - Rattle that Lock
Gordon Giltrap - Fear of the Dark
Ginger - From the Road
Ginger - Seahorse
Marcello Giombini - Computer Disco
Michael Gira - Drainland
Glass Hammer - Culture of Ascent
Glass Hammer - IF
Glass Hammer - Live At Belmont (DVD)
Glass Hammer - On To Evermore - The Story Of Ariana And The Sculptor
Glass Hammer - The Inconsolable Secret
Globalys - 03.02.01
Thomas Glönkler - Auszeit
Thomas Glönkler - Goldstadt
Goad - Masquerade
Goad - The Wood
Goblin - Patrick
Goblin - Phenomena
Goblin - Roller
Goblin - Tenebre
Goblin - Zombi
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - 'Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress'
Godsticks - The Envisage Conundrum
Gojira - Magma
Golden Caves - Collision
Golem - Orion Awakes
Gong - 2032
Gong - Angel's Egg
Gong - Continental Circus
Gong - Live au Bataclan - 1973
Gong - Live on TV 1990
Gong - Paragong Live ´73
Gong - Shamal
Pierre Moerlen's Gong - Downwind
Pierre Moerlen's Gong - Pentanine
Gongzilla - Live
Jerry Goodman & Jan Hammer - Like Children
Gotic - Escénes
The Gourishankar - Close Grip
Grace Cathedral Park - In The Evenings of Regret
Gracious! - Gracious!
Harald Gramberg - Gravitation
Gran Turismo Veloce - Di Carne, Di Anima
Granada - Hablo de una tierra
Granada - Valle del pas
The Grand Sheep - The Grand Sheep
Minne Graw - Ausgeträumt
The Green Violinist - More Thrill & Never Ending Blessings
Greenslade - Spyglass Guest
Greenslade - The Birthday Album - Live in Switzerland 1974
Dave Greenslade - The Pentateuch Of The Cosmogony
Grey Lady Down - The Time of our Lives
Greyhaven - same
Greylevel - Opus One
Grits - As The World Grits
Grobschnitt - 2008 Live
Grobschnitt - Grobschnitt
Grobschnitt - Merry-Go-Round
Grobschnitt - The History of Solar Music Vol. 5
Groovector - Darklubing at Tavastia
The Group (Fin.) - The Group
Group 1850 - Paradise Now
Sven Grünberg - OM
Piotrek Gruszka - Cosmogenesis
Gryphon - Treason
Guadalquivir - Camino Del Concierto
Guadalquivir - Guadalquivir
Guapo - Death Seed
Guapo - Twisted Stems
Guerilla Toss - Gay Disco
Gugu Flux - Satellitenavigation
Guildenstern - Guildenstern
Guru Guru - 2000 Gurus
Guru Guru - Guru Guru
Guru Guru - Mani und seine Freunde
Guru Guru - The Birth of Krautrock 1969
Guru Guru - Ufo
Gypsy Kyss - Groovy Soup
h (Steve Hogarth) - Live Spirit Live Body
h (Steve Hogarth) - Naked in the Chapel
Steve Hackett - Live Archive 05
Steve Hackett - Live Archive 70's Newcastle
Steve Hackett - Metamorpheus
Steve Hackett - Please Don't Touch
Steve Hackett - The Tokyo Tapes (DVD)
Steve Hackett - Timeless (MCD)
Steve Hackett - Voyage Of The Acolyte
Hagen von Bergen - Jetzt
Haken - Affinity
Haken - Enter The 5th Dimension
Hal & Ring - Alchemy
Hällas - Excerpts From A Future Past
Halloween - Laz
Hamadryad - Live in France 2006
Hamadryad - Safe In Conformity
Peter Hammill - Fool's Mate
Peter Hammill - In A Foreign Town
Peter Hammill - Offensichtlich Goldfisch
Peter Hammill - Out Of Water
Peter Hammill - Sitting Targets
Peter Hammill - Spur of the Moment (Peter Hammill & Guy Evans)
Peter Hammill - The Fall of the House of Usher
Peter Hammill - There Goes The Daylight
Peter Hammill - Tides
Hands - Hands
Bo Hansson - Attic Thoughts
Bo Hansson - Lord Of The Rings
Bo Hansson - Music Inspired By Watership Down
Hansson & Karlsson - Hansson & Karlsson
Happy The Man - Beginnings
Happy The Man - Crafty Hands
Happy The Man - The Muse Awakens
Harant - Wordless
Roy Harper - The BBC Tapes Volume I
Roy Harper - The BBC Tapes Volume III
Roy Harper - Unknown soldier
Gavin Harrison & Ø5Ric - Circles
Harvest - Underground Community
Annie Haslam - The Dawn of Ananda
Paul Haslinger - Future Primitive
Hawkwind - Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music
Hawkwind - Love in Space
Hawkwind - Yule Ritual - London Astoria 29.12.00
Headspace - All That You Fear Is Gone
Heart Of Sun - Heart Of Sun
Heartfield - Follow
Heartscore - Straight to the Brain
Heartscore - Touch Me
Heldon - Electronique Guerilla
Heldon - Well And Live In France - Live In Nancy 1979
Heligoland - Heligoland
Jonas Hellborg - Jonas Hellborg Group
Hellebore - Il y a des jours
Hello Madness - Light and Life after Dusk
Hemina - Venus
Heon - Electro-acoustic Requiem
Her Name Is Calla - The Heritage
Here & Now - Give And Take
Ed Macan's Hermetic Science - Crash course: a Hermetic Science primer
Heron - You Are Here Now
Herr Geisha & The Boobs - Book of Mutations
Jack Hertz - Red Planet
Klaus Hess - Sternentanz
Klaus Hess' Mother Jane - In Dreams
Klaus Hess' Mother Jane - Turn The Page
Hidden Lands - Halcyon
Hidden Lands - In Our Nature
Hidden Lands - Lycksalighetens Ö
Hidden Timbre - Hidden Timbre
Hidria Spacefolk - HDRSF-1
Hidria Spacefolk - Live eleven am
High Tide - Sea Shanties
Steve Hillage - L
Steve Hillage - Live at the Gong Family Unconvention 2006
Steve Hillage - Motivation Radio
Hillmen - The Whiskey Mountain Sessions
Hills - Hills
Hills - Master Sleeps
Rupert Hine - The wildest wish to fly
Roger Hodgson - In the Eye of the Storm
Roger Hodgson - Rites Of Passage
Joel Hoekstra - Undefined
Hoelderlin - Hoelderlin
Hoelderlin - Hölderlins Traum
Hoelderlin - New Faces
Allan Holdsworth - Metal Fatigue
Allan Holdsworth - Velvet Darkness
Lars Hollmer - Andetag
Lars Hollmer - Vendelmässa
Hollow Water - Rainbow's End
Bill Holt - Dreamies
Hope To Find - Still Constant (EP)
Hugh Hopper & Alan Gowen - Improvisations
Hopper, Dean, Gowen, Sheen (Soft Head) - Rogue Element
Hugh Hopper - Monster Band
Horizonte - Horizonte
Horizonte - Señales sin Edad
Horrific Child - L'Etrange Monsieur Whinster
László Hortobágyi - Terra Dei
Horus - Stelle di battaglia
Höstsonaten - Höstsonaten
Höstsonaten - Mirrorgames
House of not - The Walkabout Of A.Nexter Niode * Part 1 Off The Path
House of not - The Walkabout Of A.Nexter Niode * Part 2 Sexus
Steve Howe - Homebrew
Steve Howe - Homebrew 2
Steve Howe - Quantum Guitar
Steve Howe - The Grand Scheme of Things
Steve Howe/Paul Sutin - Voyagers
Steve Howe's Remedy - Live (DVD)
Humus - 4°
Huxley Would Approve - Grave New World - Part One
I Am Waiting For You Last Summer - Come Full Circle
I Am Waiting For You Last Summer - Edge Party
I Am Waiting For You Last Summer - I Am Waiting For You Last Summer
Iasos - Inter-Dimensional Music
Ibio - Cuevas de Altamira
Ibis - Sun supreme
Ice Age - The Great Divide
ICU - Live 95-96
ICU - Moonlight flit
If - Fibonacci´s Number - More Live If
Igra Staklenih Perli - Inner Flow
iH8 Camera - iH8 Camera
Ihre Kinder - 2375 004 (Jeanscover)
Ihsahn - Àmr
Il Rumore Bianco - Antropocene
Djordje Ilijin - Zabranjeno prisluskivanje!
Ilse Lau - Tjeempie. de Kat
Iluvatar - A story two days wide...
Iluvatar - Children
Iluvatar - Iluvatar
Ilydaen - Maze
Imagin'Aria - La tempesta
Iman - Camino Del Aguila
Phil Miller - In Cahoots - Conspiracy Theories
In Morpheus' Arms - Distrust The Mantra
In The Labyrinth - Walking on Clouds
In The Name - In The Name
Indaco - Vento del Deserto
Indexi - Modra Rijeka
Indian Summer - Indian Summer
Ines - Hunting the fox
Ines - Slipping into the Unknown
Innerspace - Rise
Inquire - Das Auge ist der erste Kreis
InterStatic - Arise
Into Eternity - Into Eternity
Intra - Intra
Introitus - Elements
iO - Strange Tales from the Urban Circle
Ion Quest - Ion Quest
Iona - Heaven's Bright Sun
IQ - Forever Live
IQ - Frequency
IQ - J'ai Pollette D'arnu
IQ - Nomzamo
IQ - Seven stories into '98
IQ - Subterranea
IQ - Subterranea - The Concert
IQ - The archive collection - IQ20
Isildurs Bane - Cheval - Volonté De Rocher
Isildurs Bane - Lost Eggs
Isildurs Bane - MIND Volume 5 - The Observatory (DVD)
Isildurs Bane - Songs from the Observatory
Island - Pyrrho
Isotope - Live at the BBC
Isproject - The Archinauts
It Bites - Map Of The Past
It Bites - Once Around The World
It Bites - The Big Lad In The Windmill
It Bites - The Tall Ships
Itäväylä - LP
Itoiz - Itoiz
Ivory Tower - Beyond The Stars
IZZ - Ampersand Vol. 2
IZZ - Everlasting Instant
Jack Foster III - Evolution Of JazzRaptor
Jack Foster III - Tame Until Hungry
Jack Yello - Thorns of anger
Jack Yello - Xeric
Jackie-O Motherfucker - America Mystica
Jackie-O Motherfucker - Earth Sound System
Jackie-O Motherfucker - Flags of the Sacred Harp
David Jackson - The long hello Vol. III
Jade Warrior - At Peace
Jade Warrior - Eclipse
Jade Warrior - Fifth Element
Jade Warrior - Way of the Sun
Jadis - Across The Water
Jadis - Medium Rare
Los Jaivas - Los Jaivas
Jakszyk, Fripp, Collins - A King Crimson ProjeKct - A Scarcity of Miracles
Jam Camp - Black Hills Jam - Preserves Vol. 2
Jam Camp - Live
Jane - Here We Are
Janison Edge - The Services Of Mary Goode
Steve Jansen - Richard Barbieri - Stone to Flesh
Jean Michel Jarre - Les Granges Bruleés
Jean Michel Jarre - Zoolook
Jasper Wrath - Jasper Wrath
Jazz Q - Elegie
Jean Louis - Morse
Jerseyband - Little bag of feet for shoes
Jessamine - Jessamine
Jester's March - Beyond
J.E.T. - Fede, Speranza, Carita
Jethro Tull - A
Jethro Tull - A Little Light Music
Jethro Tull - A New Day Yesterday - The 25th Anniversary Collection (DVD)
Jethro Tull - A Passion Play
Jethro Tull - Benefit
Jethro Tull - J-Tull Dot Com
Jethro Tull - Live at Hammersmith '84
Jethro Tull - Living In The Past
Jethro Tull - Rock Island
Jethro Tull - Roots To Branches
Jethro Tull - Stormwatch
Jethro Tull - Too Old to Rock'n'Roll: Too Young to Die
Jethro Tull - Warchild
Björn Johansson - Discus Ursi
Steve Jolliffe - Japanese Butterfly
Jonathan - Jonathan
Percy Jones - Cape Catastrophe
Jono El Grande - Fevergreens
Josh & Co. Limited - Through These Eyes
JPL - Cannibales
Jud's Gallery - SWF Sessions
Jughead - Jughead
Julian´s Treatment - A Time Before This
Julverne - Le retour du Captain Nemo
Junk Farm - Ugly Little Thing
K² - Book Of The Dead
Kaipa - In the Wake of Evolution
Kaipa - Keyholder
Kaipa - Notes from the Past
Kaipa - Sattyg
Kaipa - Solo
Kaipa Da Capo - Dårskapens Monotoni
Kalles World Tour - Start
Antony Kalugin Project (Sunchild) - Messages from afar: The Division and Illusion of Time
Antony Kalugin Project (Sunchild) - Synesthesia
Antony Kalugin Project (Sunchild) - The Gnomon
Antony Kalugin Project (Sunchild) - The Invisible Line
Kanoi - Buru Haze
Kansas - Device - Voice - Drum
Kansas - Kansas
Marten Kantus - Apostle
Marten Kantus - Celluloid
Marten Kantus - elevator
Marten Kantus - Male
Kaos Moon - After the storm
Karakal - II
Karakorum - Beteigeuze
Karcius - Sphere
Karda Estra - Constellations
Karda Estra - Eve
Karda Estra - The Age Of Science And Enlightenment
Karfagen - Solitary Sandpiper Journey
Karfagen - Spektra
Karibow - Holophinium
Karmamoi - Odd Trip
Kaseke - Kaseke
Katre - Encounters
Kaukasus - "I"
Makoto Kawabata - Jellyfish Rising
Kuni Kawachi - Kirikyogen
Kayak - Royal Bed Bouncer
Tony Kaye - End of Innocence
KBB - Live 2004
KBB - Lost and Found
Kebnekajse - Kebnekaise III
Kedama - Kedama
Keller & Schönwälder - More loops
Kellerkind Berlin - Signs
Kellerkind Berlin - …still walking
Mike Keneally - Guitar Therapy Live
Mike Keneally - Hat
Mike Keneally - Wooden Smoke Asleep
Kepler Ten - Delta-V
Kerrs Pink - Mystic Spirit
Kerrs Pink - Tidings
Dave Kerzner - New World
Dave Kerzner - New World Live
Kettlespider - Kettlespider
Khara - There Were Heroes Amongst Us
King Crimson - Beat
King Crimson - Earthbound
King Crimson - Heroes
King Crimson - Inside King Crimson. 1972 - 1975. An independent critical review (DVD)
King Crimson - Live at Jacksonville 1972
King Crimson - Live at the Orpheum
King Crimson - Live at the Zoom Club 1972
King Crimson - Park West, Chicago, Illinois, August 7, 2008
King Crimson - The Power To Believe
King Crimson - Three Of A Perfect Pair
King Crimson - Vrooom
King Friday - Let the Song Begin
KingBathmat - Overcoming The Monster
KingBathmat - Truth Button
King's X - Live All Over The Place
King's X - Manic Moonlight
King's X - Out Of The Silent Planet
Bernd Kistenmacher - Compiled Dreams
Bernd Kistenmacher - Wake Up In The Sun
Klabautamann - Smaragd
Klan - Live Finland 1972
Klotet - Det Har Aldrig Hänt Och Kommer Aldrig Hända Igen
Knifeworld - Dear Lord, No Deal
Knight Area - Hyperlive
Knight Area - Nine paths
Knight Area - Realm of Shadows
Knight Area - The sun also rises
Kopecky - Blood
Kopecky - Serpentine kaleidoscope
Korai öröm - Korai öröm (1995)
Kotebel - Fragments of Light
Kotebel - Mysticae Visiones
Kraan - Dancing In The Shade
Kraan - Diamonds
Kraan - Kraan
Kraan - Live
Krabat - Homo Ludens
Krabat - Waiting for the next big Thing
Kraftwerk - Ralf & Florian
Kraftwerk - The Mix
Krakatoa - Togetherness
Kramer - Life Cycle
Elias Krantz - Island Rock
Kreidler - European Song
Kreidler - Eve Future
Kreidler - Mort Aux Vashes
Kreidler - Weekend
Kremlin - Kremlin
Sonja Kristina - Anthology
Krokodil - An invisible world revealed
Kromlech - La Soledad de los Sombras
Kula Shaker - K
Kula Shaker - Strangefolk
Daisuke Kunita - Fuzzy Logic
Kuusumun Profeetta - Jatkuvasti maailmaa pelastamaan kyllästynyt supersankari
Kuusumun Profeetta - Riemun ja kurjuuden sälekaihtimet
Kvartetten Som Sprängde - Kattvals
Kvazar - Kvazar
La Iglesia Atomica - La Iglesia Atomica
La! Neu? - Blue
La! Neu? - Live at Kunsthalle Düsseldorf
La Tulipe Noire - Faded Leaves
Labradford - A Stable Reference
Labradford - fixed::context
James LaBrie - I Will Not Break
Lac Placide - Closer
La Ira de Dios - Cosmos Kaos Destruccion
Reinhard Lakomy & Rainer Oleak - Zeiten
Land Of Chocolate - Unikorn On The Cob
Landberk - Lonely land
Lander Configurations - Of Smoke and Fire
Landmarq - Infinity Parade
Las Orejas Y La Lengua - La eminencia inobjetable
The Last Placid Days Of Plenty - Headphone Gallery
Lasting Weep - 1969-1971
Late Musicians Dream Park - Dramatic Synth (EP)
Laughingstock - Clown
The League of Gentlemen - The League Of Gentlemen
Leap Day - Awaking The Muse
Leb i Sol - Leb i Sol
Leb i Sol - Leb i Sol 2
Lebanon - Planet Rubble
José Luis Fernándes Ledesma - Al Filo
José Luis Fernándes Ledesma - Designios
Lehtisalofamily - Interplay
The Lens - A word in your eye
Leo Nero - Vero
Frédéric L'Epée - Le Mont Analogue
Frédéric L'Epée - Music For Lovers
Leprous - The Congregation
Les Fragments de la Nuit - Musique de Crépuscule
Level Pi - Entrance
Leviathan (IT) - Bee Yourself
Leviathan (US) - Can't Be Seen By Looking: Blurring The Lines, Clouding The Truth
Tony Levin - Pieces of the sun
Tony Levin - Resonator
Libra - Musica & Parole
Life Artist - A Diary Of Inner Visions
Lifesigns - Cardington
Lift (US) - The moment of hearing
Lightdreams - 10001 Dreams
Lightness - Lightness 2
Like Wendy - Endgame
Limbus 4 - Mandalas
Pär Lindh Project - Gothic Impressions
Pär Lindh Project - In Concert - Live in Poland (DVD)
Pär Lindh Project - Mundus Incompertus
A Liquid Landscape - Nightingale Express
Liquid Tension Experiment - Liquid Tension Experiment
Liquid Tension Experiment - LTE 2
Litmus - You are here
Little Atlas - Wanderlust
Lizard - W galerii czasu
Locanda delle Fate - The Missing Fireflies
Loch Vostok - Reveal No Secrets
Logos - L'enigma della vita
London Underground - London Underground
Lonely Robot - Please Come Home
Lonely Robot - The Big Dream
Long Distance Calling - Trips
Loonypark - Unbroken Spirit lives in us
Lord Of Mushrooms - Lord Of Mushrooms
Jon Lord/Eberhard Schoener - Windows
Rüdiger Lorenz - Invisible Voices
Lost Garden - Cotyledon
Lotus - Vera O´Flera
Love de Vice - Numaterial
Lucifer Was - Blues from Hellah
Lukas Tower Band - After Long Years
Lunatic Soul - Impressions
Lunatic Soul - Lunatic Soul
Lunocode - Celestial Harmonies
M-Opus - 1975 Triptych
Mabel Greer's Toyshop - The Secret
Alex Machacek - Machacek Sipe Fountain - The Official Triangle Sessions
Duncan Mackay - Score
Made In Sweden - Snakes In A Hole
Madelgaire - (Im)Patience
Madison Dyke - Zeitmaschine
Magdalena (Jap.) - Magdalena
Magellan - Hundred Year Flood
Magellan - Impending Ascension
Magellan - Symphony For A Misanthrope
Magenta - Live: On Our Way To Who Knows Where
Magenta - Metamorphosis
Magenta - The singles
Maggotapplewonderland - Six Hits of Sunshine... and the Bruises to Show
Magic Pie - Illusion & Reality (Demo-CD)
Magical Power Mako - Super Record
Magma - 1001° Centigrades
Magma - Félicité Thösz
Magma - Theatre du taur Concert - Toulouse 1975
Magrathea - Legends
Magus - The garden
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Visions Of The Emerald Beyond
The Mahavishnu Project - Return to the Emerald Beyond
Maïak - A Very Pleasant Way To Die
Frédéric Maillet - Stratégie Lunaire
Mainhorse - Mainhorse
Majestic - V.O.Z.
Majeure - Solar Maximum
Majeure - Timespan
Malaavia - Frammenti Compiuti
Malibran - La citta sul lago
Mammut - Mammut
Man On Fire - Habitat
Mandalaband - AD - Sangreal
Mandalaband - BC - Ancestors
Mandalaband - Mandalaband
Mandra Gora Lightshow Society - Luciles grotesque diary of her interstellar journey to the infamous paisley dungeons of the psychotic Leathernuns:(...)
Mandragora - Earthdance
Mandrake Project - Transitions
Maneige - Libre service
Maneige - Ni Vent...Ni Nouvelle
Mangrove - Beyond Reality
Mangrove - Coming Back To (Live)
Manifold Conceptions - Pt. 1
Geoff Mann - Chants Would Be A Fine Thing
Geoff Mann - Second Chants
Manfred Mann - 2006
Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Glorified Magnified
Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Messin'
Manfred Mann - Plains Music
Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Somewhere In Afrika
Manning - A Matter Of Life & Death (The Journal Of Abel Mann)
Manning - Anser´s Tree
Manning - Charlestown
Manning - Number Ten
Manning - One Small Step...
Mappe Nootiche - Cieli sotterranei
The Marble Faun - [disappearer]
Marblewood - Marblewood
Marco Manzella e Antonella Scalia - Oltre...
Mareefield - Spark Transmission
Mareefield - The Flood
Marillion - B-Sides Themselves
Marillion - Clutching at Straws
Marillion - Happiness is the Road - The Hard Shoulder
Marillion - Live From Loreley (DVD)
Marillion - Made Again
Marillion -
Marillion - Misplaced Childhood
Marillion - Singles Box Vol.2 '89-'95
Marillion - Tales From The Engine Room
Mars Red Sky - Apex III (Praise For The Burning Soul)
The Mars Volta - Frances The Mute
Rhys Marsh & The Autumn Ghost - Trio
Martigan - Ciel Ouvert
Martigan - Official bootleg (DVD)
Martigan - Vision
Martin Maheux Circle - Requiem Pour Un Vivant
Martin Maheux Circle - Sibylle
Maryson - Master Magician I
Master Experience - Billions Of Grains
Mastermind - Tragic Symphony
Mastodon - Crack the Skye
Matterhorn - Vol. 2 ...And It Will Resolve Itself Without Him
Maury e i Pronomi - (Ec)citazioni Neoclassiche
Maxophone - La Fabbrica Delle Nuvole
Maxophone - Maxophone
Maxxess - Green Fairy
Maxxess - Offroad
Maxxess - Ultra
May Blitz - The 2nd Of May
Maze Of Time - Tales From The Maze
McDonald & Giles - McDonald & Giles
Mekong Delta - Live at an exhibition
Memories of Machines - Warm Winter
Merchants Vice - Amber
Mergener et Amici - Nox Mystica
Peter Mergener - Instinctive Traveller
Mermaid Kiss - Etarlis
Meshuggah - Koloss
Message - Synapse
Metamorfosi - Inferno
Metamorphosis (CH) - The turning point
Metamorphosis (CH) - Then All Was Silent
Metaphor - Entertaining Thanatos
Metroland - Thalys
MIA - Magicos Juegos del Tiempo
Mia Vita Violenta - Grey Seas
Michael Romeo - War of the Worlds, Part I
Eugen Mihăescu - Guitaromania Part Two
Miklagård - Miklagård
Millenium - deja vu
Millenium - Ego
Millenium - Puzzles
Mindcage - Our Own Devices
Mindfields - One
Mindflow - Just the two of us... me and Them
Mindflow - Mind Over Body
Mind's Eye - A Work Of Art
Mind's Eye - Waiting For The Tide
Mind's Eye - Walking on H2O
minus two - SWF-Session 1972
Minutian - Inwards
Miosis - Albedo Adaption
Mirage (GB) - now you see it ...
Miriodor - 3rd Warning
Miriodor - Live 89
Miriodor - Miriodor
Miscellane - Painted palm
Mish - Entheogen
Mish - The Entrance
Mispel Bellyful - Mispel Bellyful
Mo.Do. - La scimmia sulla schiena del Re
Modry Efekt - Modry Efekt & Radim Hladik
Modry Efekt - Nová Syntéza 2
Modry Efekt - Svet Hledacu
Dieter Moebius - Blue Moon - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Mörglbl - Tea Time for Pünks
Mogwai - Happy Songs for Happy People
Mogwai - Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will.
Mogwai - Rock Action
Mogwai - Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait
Moira - Crazy Countdown
Mona Lisa - Vers Demain
Francis Monkman - Energism
MONO (Jp.) - Requiem for Hell
Monochromie - Angels And Demons
Monochromie - Enlighten Yourself While You Sleep
Monophonist - Bilanz 2010
The Moody Blues - Days of Future Passed
The Moody Blues - In Search of the Lost Chord
The Moody Blues - Long Distance Voyager
The Moody Blues - To Our Children's Children's Children
Moon Safari - Live in Mexico
Moongarden - A Vulgar Display Of Prog
Moongarden - Moonsadness
Moongarden - Round Midnight
Moongarden - The Gates of Omega
Moonwood - Trans Venus Express
Steve Moore - Gutterballs: Original Motion Picture Score
Steve Moore - Mayhem
Steve Moore - Primitive Neural Pathways / Vaalbara
Steve Moore - The Henge
Patrick Moraz - The Story Of I
Morphelia - Waken the Nightmare
The Morrigan - Hidden agenda
Alan Morse - four o'clock & hysteria
Neal Morse - Lifeline
Neal Morse - Testimony
Neal Morse - Testimony two
Neal Morse - The Grand Experiment
Morsof - Heap
Mosaik - Schicksal
Scott Mosher - Deep Horizon
Mostly Autumn - Glass Shadows
Mostly Autumn - Heart Full Of Sky
Mostly Autumn - Passengers
Mostly Autumn - The Story So Far
Mostly Autumn - The story so far (DVD)
Moth Vellum - Moth Vellum
Motionless - Motionless
Motis - Prince des Hauteurs
Moto Perpetuo - Moto Perpetuo
Motorpsycho and Ståle Storløkken - The Death Defying Unicorn
M.O.T.U.S - Machine Of The Universal Space
Mouth - Floating
Mr. Albert Show - Warm Motor
Mr Brown - Mellan tre ögon
Mr Gil - Skellig
Mr. Sirius - Dirge
Dominik Müller - Vagabond's View
The Muffins - Secret Signals 1
James LaBrie's Mullmuzzler - Keep It To Yourself
Murder She Wrote - Diva (EP)
Murphy Blend - First Loss
Murple - Io Sono Murple
Muse - Black Holes & Revelations
Muse - Drones
Muse - The 2nd Law
Muse - The Resistance
Museo Rosenbach - Live ´72
Music Emporium - Music Emporium
Música Urbana - Iberia
Musikgruppen Radiomöbel - Gudang Garam
Musique Noise - Dans le temps qui s’etire ...
Musique Noise - Fulmines Integralis
Mutyumu - Mutyumu
My Sleeping Karma - Moksha
Mystery - At The Dawn Of A New Millennium
Mystery - Beneath the Veil of Winter's Face
Mystery - Delusion Rain
Mystery - Theatre of the mind
Mythologic - Standing in Stillness
Mythos - Grand Prix
Mythos - Quasar
Mythos - SuperKraut
Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze - The Dark Side of the Moog III
Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze - The Dark Side of the Moog IV
Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze - The Dark Side of the Moog V
Naoki Ishida - Fazing Redust
NAP - Villa
National Health - D.S. al Coda
National Health - Missing Pieces
National Health - National Health
The National Orchestra Of The United Kingdom Of Goats - The Chronicles Of Sillyphus
Native Construct - Quiet World
Natural Breakdown - Inside The One
Nautilus - Along the winding road
Nautilus - In Search Of Castaways
NDV (Nick D'Virgilio) - Karma
Necromonkey - The Shadow of the Blind Man
Necronomicon - Haifische
Necronomicon - Tips zum Selbstmord
Necrost - Conception of Noise
Nektar - A Tab in the Ocean
Nektar - Evolution
Nektar - Remember The Future
Nektar - Time Machine
nema niko - ... mio scialbo
Nemo - Les nouveaux mondes
Nemo - R€volu$ion
Nem-Q - 301.81
Nem-Q - Fault Lines
Neo (Fr.) - Neo
Neo Prophet - T.I.M.E.
Neom - Arkana Temporis
Giorgio C. Neri - Logos
Neu! - Neu! '72 Live! in Düsseldorf
Neu! - Neu! 2
Neu! - Neu! 4
Neu! - Neu! ´86
Neue Regel - In a word
Neuronium - Chromium Echoes
Neuronium - The Visitor
Neuronium - Vuelo Quimico
The New Grove Project - The Demos
New Trolls - UT
Tom Newman - Faerie Symphony
Nexus - Buenos Aires free experience Volumen 2
N.H.U. - N.H.U.
Niacin - Deep
Niacin - High Bias
Nice Beaver - On dry land
Nice Beaver - Oregon
Czeslaw Niemen - Niemen Enigmatic
Nightwish - Angels Fall First
Nihiling - Egophagus
Nil - Quarante Jours Sur Le Sinaï
Nine Days Wonder - Nine days wonder
Nine Days Wonder - We never lost control
Nirgal Vallis - Y Murió la Tarde
Nitewalk - Darker Shade Of Gray
No Name - The Other Side
No second thought - Monster
Nodo Gordiano - Flektogon
Noekk - The Water Sprite
Clive Nolan & Oliver Wakeman - Jabberwocky
Erik Norlander - Hommage symphonique
Erik Norlander - Music Machine
Erik Norlander - Seas of Orion
Erik Norlander - The Galactic Collective
Northwind - Distant Shores
Nosferatu - Nosferatu
Nosound - A Sense of Loss
Nosound - Allow Yourself
novAct - Tales From The Soul
Novalis - Augenblicke
Novalis - Novalis
Novela - Harmagedon Story
Novela - Miwakugeki
Novela - Requiem
Noveller - Desert Fires
Novembre - Ursa
Nucleus - Roots
Nuova Idea - Mr. E. Jones
AJ Nutter - The Birds
Nyl - Nyl
The Ocean - Aeolian
The Ocean - Fogdiver
Oceanic - City of Glass
Oceansize - Self preserved while the bodies float up
October Equus Quartet - Isla Purgatorio
Octopus - An Ocean of Rocks
Odd Udder - Odd Udder
Odissea - Odissea
Offering - A fiïèh
Oh Hiroshima - Resistance is Futile
Mike Oldfield - Amarok
Mike Oldfield - Crises
Mike Oldfield - Exposed
Mike Oldfield - Music of the Spheres
Mike Oldfield - Platinum
Mike Oldfield - QE2
Mike Oldfield - The Songs Of Distant Earth
Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells II
Mike Oldfield - Voyager
Ole Lukkøye - Relax in your dream
On The Raw - Big City Awakes
On Your Horizon - In, Empty
One Shot - Ewaz Vader
The Oneira - Natural Prestige
OP3 - Hope
Openspace - Openspace
Opeth - Damnation
Opeth - Heritage
Opeth - Lamentations (DVD)
Opeth - Pale Communion
Opus (D) - Opus 1
Opus Avantra - Lord Cromwell (plays suite for seven vices)
Opus Est - Opus II
Orbit Service - A Beautiful Vision
Orbit Service - live at the walnut room / denver 11.12.11
Orcus Chylde - Orcus Chylde
Order Of Nine - Seventh Year Of The Broken Mirror
Ordinary Brainwash - Disorder In My Head
Ordinary Brainwash - Labeled Out Loud
Øresund Space Collective - Øresund Space Collective
Martin Orford - Classical Music And Popular Songs
Organized Chaos - Divulgence
O.R.k - Soul of an Octopus
Le Orme - Il Fiume
Le Orme - Piccola Rapsodia Dell´Ape
Le Orme - Verità Nascoste
Orpheo - Echoes
The Orphic Salvation - Orphic Salvation
Os Mundi - Latin Mass
Os Mutantes - Tudo Foi Feito Pelo Sol
Osada Vida - Uninvited Dreams
OSI - Free
Osiris - Beyond Control - Live
Ostinato - Chasing The Form
Willie Oteri - Spiral Out
Yvan Ouellet - Le Chant Des Choses
Ougenweide - Ougenweide
Ougenweide - Sol
Out Of Focus - Palermo 1972
Outer Limits - The Scene Of Pale Blue
Overhead - Live After All
OVRFWRD - Fantasy Absent Reason
Owls Are Not - 2
Ozone - Première couche
Ozone Quartet - Nocturne
Ozric Tentacles - Paper monkeys
A Pacific Model - Divisions
Paga - Gnosis
Pagan's Mind - Celestial Entrance
Pagan's Mind - Enigmatic Calling
Pagan's Mind - God's Equation
Pageant - Abysmal masquerade
Paintbox - bright gold and red
Paintbox - The Night
Palefeather - Palefeather
Pallas - Knightmoves to Wedge
Pallas - Live our lives
Pallas - Mythopoeia
Pallas - The Cross And The Crucible
Pallas - The River Sessions 1
Pallas - The Sentinel
Carl Palmer - Do ya wanna play, Carl?
Panalog - New Silence
Pandora - Alibi Filosofico
Pangaea - The Rite of Passage
Pangée - Hymnemonde
Pangloss - Joe Barr
Panic Room - Satellite
Panic Station - Vanished from the Scene
Panko - Weil es so schön perlt
Panta Rei - Panta Rei
Panta Rhei (Ungarn) - Bartok (1976-77)
Panta Rhei (Dt.) - Das Beste
Panthéon - Orion
Panther & C. - Il Giusto Equilibrio
Panzerpappa - Farlig Vandring
Irene Papas & Vangelis - Rapsodies
Parallel Mind - Colossus ADEA
Parhelia - First Light (EP)
Parhelia - Oceans Apart (EP)
Matthew Parmenter - All Our Yesterdays
Ryan Parmenter - One of a different Color
The Alan Parsons Project - I Robot
The Alan Parsons Project - On Air
The Alan Parsons Project - Pyramid
The Alan Parsons Project - The Turn of a Friendly Card
Parthenon - Mare Tenebris
Parzival - BaRock
Parzivals Eye - Defragments
Patto - Patto
Stefan Paulus - Becoming-Dissolve
Stefan Paulus - Salt Sea Island
Henning Pauly - 13 days
Henning Pauly - Babysteps
Henning Pauly - Credit Where Credit Is Due
Pavlov's Dog - The Pekin Tapes
Harry Payuta - Between A Rock and Hard Place
Peff - Pleasing the Neighbourhood with Electrifying Dadaism
Pell Mell - Marburg
Pell Mell - The Entire Collection
Pendragon - Believe
Pendragon - Concerto Maximo (DVD)
Pendragon - Men Who Climb Mountains
Pendragon - Not of this world
Pendragon - Out of Order Comes Chaos
Pendragon - Out Of Order Comes Chaos (DVD)
Pendragon - Pure
Pendragon - The Window Of Life
Les Penning - Belerion
Pentangle - Cruel Sister
Pentangle - Open The Door
La Pentola di Papin - Zero 7
Perfume De Mujer - él monólogo de él caracol
Periferia Del Mondo - In ogni luogo, in ogni tempo
Perigeo - La valle dei templi
Periphery - Icarus
Persefone - Spiritual Migration
Persona Grata - Reaching Places High Above
Perspective X IV - Shadow of doubt
Pete and Royce - Suffering of Tomorrow
Peter Pankas Jane - Traces
Petrus Castrus - Ascenção e Queda
Petrus Castrus - Mestre
Phal:Angst - Phase IV
Pharaoh Overlord - Horn
Phenomena - Phenomena I
Phi - For the love of ghosts
Phi - Waves Over Vienna - Live at dasBach, 30.04.2015
Anthony Phillips - 1984
Anthony Phillips - Private Parts & Pieces X - Soiree
Anthony Phillips - Sides
Phoenix - Cei Ce Ne-Au Dat Nume
Phoenix - Mugur De Fluier
Phoenix Eye - The Adventures of the King
Phonophani - Phonophani
Pierrot Lunaire - Pierrot Lunaire
La Pietra Lunare - La Pietra Lunare
Pig Farm On The Moon - Orbital
Fredrik Pihl - Silhouettes
The Pineapple Thief - 137
The Pineapple Thief - Magnolia
Pingvinorkestern - Look - No Hands!
Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother
Pink Floyd - More
Pink Floyd - Obscured By Clouds
Pink Floyd - P.U.L.S.E.
Pink Floyd - Relics
Pink Floyd - The Division Bell
Pink Floyd - The Endless River
Pink Floyd - The Final Cut
Pink Floyd - The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
Bruno Pitch - Crystal Garden
Planet X - Moonbabies
Pekka Pohjola - Changing Waters
Polite Force - Canterbury Knights
Polska Radio One - Cosmos Inside
Polytoxicomane Philharmonie - Psycho Erectus
Jean-Luc Ponty - Upon The Wings Of Music
Poor Genetic Material - Leap into Fall
Poor Genetic Material - Summerland
Popol Vuh (Dt.) - Brüder des Schattens - Söhne des Lichts
Popol Vuh (Dt.) - In den Gärten Pharaos
Popol Vuh (Dt.) - Letzte Tage - letzte Nächte
Popol Vuh (Norw.) - Popol Vuh
Porcupine Tree - Fear of a Blank Planet
Porcupine Tree - Metanoia
Porcupine Tree - On the Sunday of Life...
Porcupine Tree - The Incident
Porcupine Tree - Up The Downstair
Porcupine Tree - Voyage 34
Port Mahadia - Echoes In Time
Postures - Postures
Potemkine - Nicolas II
Nic Potter - New Europe - Rainbow Colours
Nic Potter - Sketches in Sound
Nic Potter - The Blue Zone Party - Live at the Dome London 29/05/1991
Poverty's no crime - One In A Million
Powder! Go Away - we don't know when it has begun, but we know that it will never end
Roger Powell - Air Pocket
Roger Powell - Fossil Poets
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Chocolate Kings
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Emotional Tattoos
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Jet lag
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Live in Japan 2002
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Performance
Present - A Great Inhumane Adventure
Presto Ballet - The Lost Art Of Time Travel
Primus - Primus & the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble
Primus - The Desaturating Seven
Prism (US) - Live 75-77
Pris'n Style - Wait For Colours
Process of Illumination - Radiant Memory
Procol Harum - 30th Anniversary Anthology
Procol Harum - Broken Barricades
Procol Harum - Procol Harum
Procol Harum - Something Magic
Profuna Ocean - In Vacuum
Profuna Ocean - Watching The Closing Sky
Projection - A Brief History 1999 - 2005
Prospect - Moments
Prosper - Broken Door
The Psychedelic Ensemble - The Art of Madness
Psymbience - Is
PTS - Tides
Pulsar - Bienvenue au conseil d'administration
Pulsar - Görlitz
Pulsar - Pollen
Puppet Show - Traumatized
Pure Reason Revolution - Hammer and Anvil
Pursuit - Quest
Puzzle King - Anna's Revolution
Pymlico - Nightscape
Pyramaxx - Move
Pyramid (Spn.) - Gaudi's Legacy
Pythagoras - Journey to the Vast Unknown
Quadra - L'Archiviste
Quandary - Ready To Fail
Quantum Fantay - Kaleidothrope
Quarkspace - Drop
Quarkspace - Spacefolds 7
Quarkspace - Spacefolds 8
Quarteto 1111 - Onde Quando Como Porquê Cantamos Pessoas Vivas
Quaterna Réquiem - Velha gravura
Queen - A Night at the Opera
Queen - Flash Gordon
Queen - Live at the Rainbow '74
Queen - Queen II
Queen - Sheer Heart Attack
Queensrÿche - Rage for Order
Quest - Opposite sides of the picket fence
Quidam - Half Plugged
Quidam - The Fifth Season (DVD)
Quikion - Escargot Bianco
Quirinus - The Fate of a dreamer
Qumma - Message from stardust
Trevor Rabin - 90124
Raccomandata Ricevuta Ritorno - Per... Un Mondo Di Cristallo
Rachel's - Selenography
Radar Favourites - Radar Favourites
radio massacre international - emissaries
radio massacre international - organ harvest
Radiohead - Amnesiac
Radiohead - I Might Be Wrong - Live Recordings
Radiohead - In Rainbows
Radiohead - The King Of Limbs
Råg i Ryggen - Råg i Ryggen
Raison de Plus - Ici est ailleurs
RAM - WHERE? (In Conclusion)
Random Touch - Alchemy
Random Touch - Duologue
Random Touch - Reverberating Apparatus
RanestRane - Shining
Rascal Reporters - Happy Accidents
Rascal Reporters - The Foul-Tempered Clavier
Ravermen - Ravermen
Razor Wire Shrine - Going Deaf for a Living
RC 2 - rc 2
Reale Accademia di Musica - Angeli mutanti
Reale Accademia di Musica - Reale Accademia di Musica
Il Reale Impero Britannico - Perchè si uccidono
The Reasoning - Dark Angel
Recreation - Recreation
Red Jasper - The Winter's Tale
The Red Krayola - God Bless the Red Krayola and All Who Sail With It
The Red Masque - Death of the Red Masque (EP)
The Red Masque - Fossileyes
Red Sand - Gentry
Redemption - The Art Of Loss
Redemption - The Origins Of Ruin
Alec K. Redfearn and The Eyesores - May You Dine On Weeds Made Bitter By The Piss Of Drunkards
The Redundant Rocker - Heart
Robert Reed - Sanctuary III
Relayer - Facade
Relayer - Last Man On Earth
Release Music Orchestra - News
Os Relogios de Federico - Chumbo Rosso
Renaissance - DeLane Lea Studios 1973
Renaissance - Illusion
Renaissance - In the land of the rising sun
Markus Reuter - The longest in terms of being
Markus Reuter & Robert Rich - Eleven Questions
Revival - Revival
Revivor - The Siege
Jorge Reyes - Ek-Tunkul
Rhetorica - Ganduri (Thoughts)
Happy Rhodes - Building the Colossus
Happy Rhodes - Ecto
Happy Rhodes - Rearmament
Happy Rhodes - Rhodes II
Rhythmische Beobachter - 1 Leben
Alberto Rigoni - EvoRevolution
Andy Rinehart - Jason's chord
Ring - The Empire Of Necromancers
Ringhausen - Harmonic Xtortion
Rinotopía - Rinotopía I
Ritual - Did I go wrong (EP)
Ritual - Live
Riverside - Love, Fear and the Time Machine
Riverside - Memories In My Head
Dante Roberto - The Circle
Claudio Rocchi - Viaggio
Rocket Scientists - Oblivion Days
El Grupo Nuevo De Omar Rodriguez-Lopez - Cryptomnesia
Hans-Joachim Roedelius - Selbstportrait
Hans-Joachim Roedelius - Selbstportrait - Vol. II
Hans-Joachim Roedelius - Wenn der Südwind weht (Selbstportrait IV)
The Rome Pro(g)ject - Of Fate and Glory
Kurt Rongey - Book in Hand
Anton Roolaart - Dreamer
Room - Pre-Flight
The Room - Open Fire
Rootwater - Visionism
Rorcal - Monochrome
August Rosenbaum - Vista
Mathew Roth - Immersion
Michael Rother - Fernwärme
Michael Rother - Katzenmusik
Michael Rother - Lust
Michael Rother - Sterntaler
Steve Rothery Band - Live in Rome
Il Rovescio Della Medaglia (RDM) - Io come io
Rovo and System 7 - Phoenix Rising
Roxy Music - Country Life
Roxy Music - Manifesto
Roxy Music - On the Road. Live. 1979
Royal Hunt - Moving Target
Roz Vitalis - Enigmarden
RPWL - 9
RPWL - The Gentle Art of Music
The Rube Goldberg Machine - Fragile Times
Jordan Rudess - 4NYC
Rufus Zuphall - Phallobst
Ruins + Kazuhisa Uchihashi - Ruins + Kazuhisa Uchihashi
Rumple Stiltzken Comune - Wrong From The Beginning
Runaway Totem - Esameron
Todd Rundgren's Utopia - Another Live
Ruphus - Inner Voice
Rush - A Farewell to Kings
Rush - All the World's a Stage
Rush - Exit...Stage Left
Rush - Hold Your Fire
Rush - Permanent Waves
Rush - Power Windows
Rush - Signals
Rush - Snakes & Arrows
Rush - Vapor Trails
Rusty Pacemaker - Ruins
Sabracadabra - Demo 2001
Saga (Kan.) - 10,000 Days
Saga (Kan.) - Contact (DVD)
Saga (Kan.) - Full Circle
Saga (Kan.) - Heads or tales Live
Saga (Kan.) - House Of Cards
Saga (Kan.) - Images At Twilight
Saga (Kan.) - Saga
Saga (Kan.) - The Beginner's Guide To Throwing Shapes
Saga (Kan.) - Wildest Dreams
Saga (Kan.) - Worlds Apart Revisited
Saga de Ragnar Lodbrock - Saga de Ragnar Lodbrock
Sahara - Sunrise
Sairen - Ultima Lux
Salem Hill - Catatonia
Salem Hill - Mimi's Magic Moment
Salem Hill - Pennies In The Karma Jar
Salem Hill - The Unseen Cord / Thicker than Water
Salis - Dopo il buio la luce
Salva - Left to burn
Vincenzo Salvia - Auto Radio
Samla Mammas Manna - Samla Mammas Manna
Samla Mammas Manna - Snorungarnas Symphoni
The Samurai of Prog - Lost and Found
The Samurai of Prog - The Imperial Hotel
The Samurai of Prog - Undercover
Karl Sanders - Saurian Meditation
Sanity - Live at 22
Sankt Otten - Gottes Synthesizer
Sarastro Blake - New Progmantics
Sarax - fécula bicorpórea
Saris - Ghosts of Yesterday
Saris - Until we have Faces
Satellite - A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset
Satellite - Nostalgia
Lee Saunders - A promise of peace
Savatage - Gutter Ballet
Savatage - Hall of the Mountain King
Saviour Machine - Legend Part II
SBB - 22.10.1977 Göttingen/Alte Ziegelei
SBB - Iron Curtain
SBB - Live in Köln 1979. In the shadow of the Dom
SBB - Live in Marburg 1980. The Final Concert
SBB - Live in Opole 1976. A late night recital
SBB - Live in Theatre 2005 (DVD)
SBB - Nastroje
SBB - New Century
SBB - Roskilde 1978
SBB - Trio - Live Tournee 2001
SBB - Welcome
SBB - Wicher w polu dmie
Scale the summit - Carving Desert Canyons
Schicke Führs Fröhling - Live 1975
Günter Schickert - Kinder in der Wildnis
Schizofrantik - Live at Burg Herzberg Festival
Irmin Schmidt - Gormenghast
Detlev Schmidtchen - The Last Planet - Chapter I 'Impressions'
Johannes Schmoelling - Songs no words (Lieder ohne Worte)
Eberhard Schoener - Harmonia mundi
Eberhard Schoener - Meditation
Robert Schroeder - Brain Voyager
Robert Schroeder - D.MO Vol.4 - Harmonic Decadence
Kristian Schultze - Expedition Extra
Klaus Schulze - ...Live...
Klaus Schulze - Androgyn
Klaus Schulze - Angst
Klaus Schulze - Ballett 4
Klaus Schulze - Cyborg
Klaus Schulze - Das Wagner Desaster - Live
Klaus Schulze - Dosburg Online
Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard - Dziekuje Bardzo (DVD)
Klaus Schulze - En=Trance
Klaus Schulze - In Blue
Klaus Schulze - Inter*face
Klaus Schulze - Jubilee Edition Third Part
Klaus Schulze - Moondawn
Klaus Schulze - Moonlake
Klaus Schulze - Timewind
Andy Sears - Souvenir
Seasons Of Time - Closed Doors to Open Plains
Second Calling - Impressions (Demo/EP)
Second Hand - Reality
Secoya - Ghosts
Secrecy - Raging Romance
Secret Chiefs 3 - Eyes of Flesh, Eyes of Flame
Secret Chiefs 3 - Satellite Supersonic Vol. 1
Secret Chiefs 3 - Second Grand Constitution and Bylaws: Hurqalya
Secret Machines - Ten Silver Drops
Secret Oyster - Straight to the Krankenhaus
Secret Saucer - Tri-Angular Waves
Seeking Raven - Lonely Art
Seid - Meet the spacemen (Vinyl Single)
Sensitive To Light - From The Ancient World
September Malevolence - Our Withers Unwrung
Serpentina Satelite - Mecanica Celeste
Seven Day Hunt - File This Dream
Seven Steps To The Green Door - The Puzzle
Seventh Wonder - Mercy Falls
Seventh Wonder - Tiara
Seventh Wonder - Waiting in the Wings
Shaa Khan - Anything Wrong?
Shaa Khan - The World Will End On Friday
Shades Of Dawn - Graffity's Rainbow
Shadow Circus - Whispers and Screams
Shadow Gallery - Tyranny
Shadow Pointe - Situations
Shadowland - Cautionary Tales
Shakary - Shakary 2006
Shakary - The Last Summer
David Shamrock - Thin Pillow
Billy Sheehan - Cosmic Troubadour
Derek Sherinian - Inertia
shield your eyes - SHIELD EM
Shingetsu - Kagaku No Yoru
Sh'lonk - Child of Music
Sh'mantra - Cornucopia
Showmen - Showmen 2
Michael Shrieve with Kevin Shrieve and Klaus Schulze - Transfer Station Blue
Shylock - Gialorgues
Sicher - Sicher
Side Steps - Points of view
Side Steps - Verge Of Reality
7ieben - Lupus und Lea
Sieges Even - Sophisticated
Sigur Rós - Kveikur
Sigur Rós - Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust
Sigur Rós - Takk
Sigur Rós - untitled #1 (a.k.a. vaka)
Sigur Rós - Valtari
Silent Call - Truth's Redemption
Silent Island - Equator
Silhouette - Moods
Silo 10 - Silo 10
Silver Apples - Silver Apples
A Silver Mt. Zion - born into trouble as the sparks fly upward
Simon Says - Paradise Square
Sindelfingen - Odgipig
Peter Sinfield - Still
Sinkadus - Aurum Nostrum
Sinkadus - Cirkus
Six Elements - Primary Elements
Sixty Nine - Circle Of The Crayfish
Rikard Sjöblom - The Unbendable Sleep
Skeleton$ - Git
Skeleton$ - Life and the Afterbirth
Skin Alley - Two Quid Deal
Guy Skornik - Pour Pauwels
Sky - Sky
Skyron Orchestra - Situations
Slaves To Fashion - Artistic Differences
Sleep Dirt - Shades Of Meaning
Sleep in Heads - On the Air
Sleeping Horses - Sleeping Horses
Sleeping Horses - Water for Air
Sleepmakeswaves - ...and so we destroyed everything
Sleepmakeswaves - Made of Breath Only
Slychosis - Slychosis
Judge Smith - Curly's Airships
Judge Smith - Requiem Mass
Smother Party - Casa Limon
Soft Machine - Live At The Paradiso 1969
Soft Machine - Live In Paris
Soft Machine - Middle Earth Masters
Soft Machine - Seven
Soft Machine - Six
Soft Machine - Softstage - BBC In Concert 1972
Soft Machine - Volume 1
The Soft Machine Legacy - Live Adventures
The Soft Machine Legacy - Soft Machine Legacy
Solar Project - Force Majeure
Solaris - Back to the roots... - Solaris Archive 1
Solefald - The Linear Scaffold
Solstice - Prophecy
Solstice - Spirit
Solstice Coil - Natural Causes
Solution - Solution
Solution Science Systems - Eponymous EP
Soma - Epsilon
S.O.T.E. (Songs of the Exile) - Reasons
Sonic Debris - Velvet Thorns
Sonic Pulsar - Out Of Place
Sonic Pulsar - Playing the Universe
Soniq Circus - Reflections in the Hourglass
Soniq Circus - Soniq Circus
Soniq Theater - Heroes of the Past
Soniq Theater - Vision Quest
Sons of Alpha Centauri - Continuum
Sonus Corona - Sonus Corona
Sounds Of New Soma - Gandhis Labyrinth EP
The Source - Prickly Pear
Southern Empire - Civilisation
Space Debris - Into the Sun. Live at Burg Herzberg Festival 2006 (DVD)
Space Debris - Live Ghosts
Space Debris - Phonomorphosis
Space Invaders - Ayakashi
Spaced Out - Slow Gin
Spaced Out - Spaced Out
A Sparrow-grass Hunt - Le Journal du Dormeur
Spastic Ink - Ink Compatible
Speaking To Stones - Elements
Spectrum - Part One
Sphincter Ensemble - Harrodian Event #1
Spiral Architect - A Sceptic's Universe
Spiraling - Transmitter
Spirits Burning - Alien Injection
Spiritualized - Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
Spiritualized - Pure Phase
Spirogyra - Burn the Bridges
Spitzen - Fingerprints
Spock's Beard - Beware Of Darkness
Spock's Beard - Feel Euphoria Ltd. Edition
Spock's Beard - Live at the Whisky and Nearfest
Spock's Beard - Octane
Spock's Beard - The Kindness Of Strangers
Spock's Beard - The Oblivion Particle
Spyra - Headphone Concert - Little Garden Of Sounds II (Documenta 11)
St. Elmo´s Fire - Splitting Ions in the Ether
Stackridge - Extravaganza
Arturo Stalteri - Early Rings: Compositions 1974-1975
Star One - Space Metal
Starcastle - Concert Classics
Starcastle - Starcastle
Stardrive - Intergalactic Trot
Stardrive - Stardrive
Starsabout - Halflight
The Static Rising - Change Everything
Status Minor - Three Faces of Antoine
Step Ahead - Step Ahead
Stereokimono - Ki
Steve Morse Band - Coast to Coast
Steve Morse Band - Stand Up
Stick & String Quartet - The Stick & String Quartet
Roine Stolt - Fantasia
Roine Stolt - Hydrophonia
Roine Stolt - The Flower King
Roine Stolt - Wall Street Voodoo
Storm - Stormvarning
Storm Corrosion - Storm Corrosion
Stormy Six - Un biglietto del tram
Stormy Six - Un concerto
Strangers on a train - The key part 1: the prophecy
Strangers on a train - The key part 2: the labyrinth
The Strawbs - Ghosts
Stream of Passion - Embrace the storm
Streetmark - Dry
Stride - Imagine
stringmodulator - stringmodulator
STS - live 2000
Styx - Cyclorama
Styx - Equinox
Styx - One with everything
Styx - Styxworld Live 2001
Styx - The Grand Illusion
Styx - The serpent is rising
SubArachnoid Space - Ether Or
Subject Esq. - Subject Esq.
Sula Bassana - Kosmonauts
Summer Effect - Afterlife
Summer Effect - Nothing But Hope
Sun Caged - The Lotus Effect
Sun Domingo - Songs for end times
Sunbirds - Zagara
Supernal Endgame - Touch The Sky
Supersister - Spiral Staircase
Supertramp - Breakfast In America
Supertramp - Crisis? What Crisis?
Yoshio Suzuki - Morning Picture
Sweet Smoke - Just A Poke
Sylvan - Deliverance
Sylvium - Waiting For The Noise
Symphonic Slam - Symphonic Slam
Symphony X - Symphony X
Symphony X - The damnation game
Symphony X - Twilight in Olympus
Synergy - Audion
Synergy - The Jupiter Menace
Synkopy - Kridleni
Syrinx (70er) - Syrinx
Syrinx Call - The Moon On A Stick
Syrius - Most - Múlt - Lesz
Systems Theory - Demos 2001-2002
Systems Theory - Soundtracks For Imaginary Movies
Syzygy - A Glorious Disturbance
Syzygys - Complete Studio Recordings
Talvihorros - And It Was So
The Tangent - A Spark In The Aether - The Music That Died Alone - Volume Two
The Tangent - Down And Out In Paris And London
The Tangent - ii(.v) :pyramids and stars. an official live bootleg from aschaffenburg colos-saal 3/11/04
The Tangent - ii: The World That We Drive Through
The Tangent - L'Étagère Du Travail
The Tangent - Not as good as the Book
Tanger - La otra cara
Tanger - Mundos Paralelos
Tangerine Dream - 35th Phaedra Anniversary Concert - Live in London (DVD)
Tangerine Dream - Autumn In Hiroshima (Part Three from the Five Atomic Seasons)
Tangerine Dream - Cyclone
Tangerine Dream - Exit
Tangerine Dream - Force Majeure
Tangerine Dream - Goblins Club
Tangerine Dream - Green Desert
Tangerine Dream - Miracle Mile
Tangerine Dream - Oasis
Tangerine Dream - Phaedra
Tangerine Dream - Poland (The Warsaw Concert)
Tangerine Dream - Springtime in Nagasaki (Part One from the Five Atomic Seasons)
Tangerine Dream - Tangram
Tangerine Dream - Tyger
Tangerine Dream - Underwater Sunlight
Tangerine Dream - Winter in Hiroshima (Part Four from the Five Atomic Seasons)
Tangerine Dream - Zeit
Tantalus - Lumen et Caligo I
Tantra - Delirium
Taproban - Ogni Pensiero Vola
Tarantula - Tarantula 1
Tarantula A.D. - Book of Sand
Taras Bulba - The Best Of Now & Zen
Tasavallan Presidentti - SIX Complete
Tasavallan Presidentti - Tasavallan Presidentti (I)
Robin Taylor - Isle of Black
Robin Taylor - Samplicity
Robin Taylor - X Position Vol. 1
Taylor's Universe - Experimental Health (with Karsten Vogel)
Taylor's Universe - Terra Nova
Tea For Two - 101
Tea in the Sahara - Behind the Door
Tea in the Sahara - Boomerang
Temple - Temple
Tempus Fugit - The dawn after the storm
Terraplane - ...into the unknown
Teru's Symphonia - Clockworked Earth
Teru's Symphonia - Do androids dream of electric camel?
Teru's Symphonia - Symphonia
Teru's Symphonia - The Gate
TesseracT - One
Tetragon - Stretch
The Electric Family - Tender
The Electric Family - Terra Circus
The Hadron Big Bangers - Strange Beauty Decays
The Perc Meets The Hidden Gentleman & The Lavender Orchestra - Praha
The Pirate Ship Quintet - Rope for No-Hopers
The Sea Within - The Sea Within
The Shiver - Walpurgis
The Winter Tree - Twilight of the Magicians
THEO - The Game Of Ouroboros
Theodor Bastard - Oikoumene
Theory of Elements - Faces
Therion - Sirius B
Thessera - Fooled Eyes
Thieves' Kitchen - Head
Thieves' Kitchen - The Water Road
Third Voice - Reflections
This Heat - Health & Efficiency (EP)
This Makes Us Human - This Makes Us Human
Thisquietarmy - Resurgence
Jacques Thollot - Résurgence
David Thomas & The Pale Orchestra - Mirror Man - Act 2: Bay City
Steve Thorne - Crimes & Reasons
Steve Thorne - Island of the imbeciles
Steve Thorne - part two: emotional creatures
Threshold - Critical Mass
Threshold - Extinct instinct
Threshold - For the Journey
Tiamat - Clouds
Tiamat - Prey
Tiamat - Skeleton skeletron
Ticket to the Moon - Dilemma on Earth
Tiemko - Parade
Tightland - Marmeladium
Tiles - Fly Paper
Tiles - Off The Floor
Tiles - Tiles
Time Requiem - Optical Illusion
Tin Hat (Trio) - The Rodeo Eroded
Tin Machine - Tin Machine II
Tinyfish - One Night On Fire
Tired Tree - Changing Sides
Titan - A Raining Sun of Light and Love For You and You and You
Titus Groan - Titus Groan
Tomita - Snowflakes Are Dancing
Tomita - Space Fantasy
Tomita - The Planets
Tomorrow at Dawn - From Diablo to Devereux
Tomsix - Soundbones
Tool - Lateralus
Torman Maxt - The foolishness of god
David Torn - Tripping Over God
Devin Townsend - Accelerated evolution
Toxic Smile - RetroTox Forte
Toxic Visions - Visionary (Demo)
Trace - Birds
Trace - The White Ladies
Trace - Trace
Träd, Gras och Stenar - Träd, Gras och Stenar
Traffic - Shoot Out At The Fantasy Factory
Traffic - The Last Great Traffic Jam
Traffic - Traffic
Traffic - When The Eagle Flies
Tragical Fun - Episodical
Transatlantic - Bridge Across Forever
Transatlantic - Building the Bridge and Live in America (DVD)
Transatlantic - Kaleidoscope
Traumhaus - Die andere Seite
Traumpfad - Aufbruch
Travis & Fripp - Live at Coventry Cathedral
Travis Larson Band - Anicca
Theo Travis - Earth To Ether
Darrel Treece-Birch - No More Time
Triana - Un Encuentro
Triangle (Fra.) - Homonymie
Triangle (Fra.) - Triangle (Vol. 2)
Trigon - Burg Herzberg Festival 2002
Trigon - Progparade 4 - Live
Trilogy - Here it is
Bobb Trimble - Harvest of Dreams
Triode - On n'a pas fini d'avoir tout vu
The Trip - Atlantide
The Trip - Caronte
The Trip - Time Of Change
TriPod - TriPod
Tritonus - Between the Universes
Tritonus - Far in the Sky - Live at Stagge's Hotel 1977
Triumvirat - Illusions on a double dimple
Triumvirat - Spartacus
Trivalent - Norms And Values
Troc - Troc
The Tronosonic Experience - The Tronosonic Experience
Trúbrot - ....Lifun
Trúbrot - Undir Áhrifum
Trusties - Human Wheel
Tuesday the Sky - Drift
Tugs - Europa Minor
Nik Turner's Sphynx - Xitintoday
Twangorama - Twangorama
Twelfth Night - Live at the Target
Twenty Sixty Six & Then - Reflections On The Future
Twice Bitten - Last Cut
Twin Age - Month of the year
Twinesuns - The Empire Never Ended
Tyndall - Reflexionen
Nik Tyndall - Entspannung
Ubi Maior - Nostos
Han Uil - dark in light
Ulixes - Ulixes
Ulver - Lyckantropen Themes
Ulver - Perdition City
Ulver - Wars of the Roses
Ümit - The Testament of Ümit
Umphrey's McGee - Local Band Does O.K.
Umphrey's McGee - The Bottom Half
Una stagione all'inferno - Il Mostro di Firenze
Under The Sun - Under the sun
Unified Past - Spots
Unitopia - Artificial
Unitopia - One Night in Europe (DVD)
Univers Zero - The Hard Quest
Universal Mind - Another illusion
The Univerzals - Ocean of Light
L'Uovo Di Colombo - L'Uovo Di Colombo
Upsilon Acrux - Galapagos Momentum
Upsilon Acrux - In The Acrux Of The Upsilon King
The Urbane - Neon
Uriel - Arzachel Collectors Edition
US - Reflections
Ut Gret - Ancestors' Tale
Utopia - Ra
Uz Jsme Doma - Nemilovaný svìt
U-Z Project (Ultimate Zero Project) - Album: Ultimate Zero Tour - Live
Uzumaki - Join Us
V2 - Showdown
Vacant Planet - Imaginary Places
Valinor's Tree - Kindom Of Sadness
Van der Graaf (Generator) - ALT
Van der Graaf (Generator) - Time Vaults
Chuck Van Zyl - Cenotaph
Chuck Van Zyl - MemorySpace
Vanden Plas - AcCult
Vandertop - Best on Tour 1976
Vandroya - Beyond the human Mind
Vangelis - La fête sauvage
Vangelis - See you later
Vangough - Game On!
Vanilla Fudge - Near The Beginning
Vanilla Fudge - Vanilla Fudge
Various Artists - Prog Rock Festival GouveiaArtrock2003 (DVD)
Various Artists - Romantic Warriors - A progressive music saga
Various Artists - Schizoid dimension - A Tribute to King Crimson
Various Artists - Tales From Yesterday
Various Artists - The Reading Room
Various Artists - This Is An Orange - A compilation of Scandinavian Progressive Rock
Various Artists - Thousand days of yesterdays - A tribute to Captain Beyond
Various Artists - Undercover
Vast - Music For People
Vecchio Stampo - The Oniric Love
Cyrille Verdeaux - Journey to Tantraland
versus X - versus X
Pierre Vervloesem - Home Made
VHK (Vágtázó HalottKémek) - Veled Haraptat Csillagot! (Bite the Stars!)
Vibravoid - Minddrugs
Vibravoid - Mushroom Mantras
Vibravoid - The Politics of Ecstasy
Victor - Victor
Vienna - Step Into...
Richard Vimal - Aquarythmies
Richard Vimal - Migrations
Vintage Cucumber - Tom mit de Bon Style
Violent Silence - Kinetic
Violeta De Outono - Volume 7
Virulence - A Conflict Scenario
Virus - Revelation
Visible Wind - A moment beyond time
Vision Scope - World's Requiem
Visual Cliff - Key To Eternity
Vita Nova - Vita Nova
VLY - I / [TIME]
The Void's last Stand - Rakash
Voivod - Dimension Hatröss
Volapük - Le feu du tigre
Volaré - The Uncertainty Principle
Volkor - Volkor
Il Volo - Essere o non essere? Essere, Essere, Essere!
Volto! - Incitare
Adelbert von Deyen - Sternzeit
Vos Voisins - Holocauste à Montreal
Votum - Time Must Have A Stop
Voyager - Ghost Mile
Vulgar Unicorn - Jet Set Radio
Vuur - In This Moment We Are Free - Cities
(Richard) Wahnfried - Drums 'n' Balls (the Gancha Dub)
(Richard) Wahnfried - Time Actor
(Richard) Wahnfried - Tonwelle
Oliver Wakeman - Heaven's Isle
Rick Wakeman - 1984
Rick Wakeman - 2000 A.D. Into the Future
Rick Wakeman - Black Knights at the Court of Ferdinand IV
Rick Wakeman - Country airs (1986)
Rick Wakeman - G'ole!
Rick Wakeman - Heritage Suite
Rick Wakeman - In Concert
Rick Wakeman - Live at Hammersmith
Rick Wakeman - Out There
Rick Wakeman - Retro 2
Rick Wakeman & Adam Wakeman - Tapestries
Igor Wakhevitch - Les Fous d'Or
Wallenstein - Stories, Songs & Symphonies
David Wallimann - Evolving Seeds Of Glory
Walpurgis - Queen of Saba
Waltari - Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die! - Death Metal Symphony in Deep C
Wang Wen - Sweet Home, Go
Wapassou - Wapassou
Warm Dust - Peace For Our Time
Warnot - His Blood Is Yours
The Watch - Seven
Waterclime - The Astral Factor
Roger Waters - Amused to Death
Roger Waters - The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking
Kit Watkins - Holographic Tapestries
Kit Watkins - Labyrinth
Kit Watkins - SunStruck
Watzlawick - Prologue
We Deserve This - Floating Colours
We Deserve This - Tearing
Weather Report - Procession
Weedpecker - II
The Weever Sands - Keep Your Face Turned To The Light
Weidorje - Weidorje
Welcome - Welcome
Weltraum - Sweet Valentine
Werwolf - Creation
John Wesley - Shiver
John Wetton - Hazy Monet (Live in New York City 1997)
When Day Descends - Transcend
When Mary - Tainted
The White Noise - 5.5. White Label
The White Noise - An Electric Storm
The White Noise - White Noise 2 - Concerto for synthesizer
White Willow - Ex Tenebris
White Willow - Signal To Noise
Wicked Minds - Visioni, Deliri e Ilusioni
Widek - Dream Reflection
Wigwam - Live Music from the Twilight Zone
Will-O-The-Wisp - Will-O-The-Wisp
Willowglass - Willowglass
Ray Wilson - Live
Ray Wilson - The Next Best Thing
Steven Wilson - Hand.Cannot.Erase.
Steven Wilson - Insurgentes
Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused To Sing And Other Stories
Wind - Morning
Gary Windo - Anglo American
Gary Windo - Deep Water
Gary Windo - His Master's Bones
Gary Windo - Steam Radio Tapes
Winds - The imaginary direction of time
Wingfield Reuter Sirkis - Lighthouse
Witsend - Cosmos and Chaos
Witthüser & Westrupp - Der Jesuspilz / Musik vom Evangelium
Witthüser & Westrupp - Trips + Träume
Wlud - Second
WMWS - One Night Stand
Wobbler - Hinterland
Wolfspring - Who's Gonna Save The World?
Woolly Wolstenholme - Black Box Recovered
Wolverine - Cold Light Of Monday
Woodenhead - Perseverance
Rick Wright - Wet Dream
The Wrong Object - Live At Zappanale 2008
Matze Wurm - Truth is stranger than Fiction
Robert Wyatt - '68
Wyzards - The final catastrophe
Xaal - En Chemin
Xang - Destiny of a Dream
Xen - 84.000 Dharma Doors
Xeno - Moving to Town...
XHOHX - Karyotyp Explosion
Xhol (Caravan) - Essen 1970
Yagow - Yagow
Yagull - Kai
Stomu Yamashta - Raindog
Yatha Sidhra - A Meditation Mass
Yes - 90125
Yes - Close To The Edge
Yes - Drama
Yes - Fly from here
Yes - Fragile
Yes - Going For The One
Yes - Heaven & Earth
Yes - Keys To Ascension
Yes - Keys To Ascension 2
Yes - Live at Montreux 2003 (DVD)
Yes - Magnification
Yes - Open Your Eyes
Yes - Something's coming - the BBC Recordings 1969-1970
Yes - Songs From Tsongas - Yes 35th Anniversary Concert (3CD Set)
Yes - Songs From Tsongas - Yes 35th Anniversary Concert (DVD)
Yes - Tales From Topographic Oceans
Yes - The Ladder
Yes - The New Director's Cut
Yes - The ultimate Yes
Yes - The Yes Album
Yes - Time And A Word
Yes - Tormato
Yes - Yes
Yes - Yesshows
Yes - YesSpeak (DVD)
Yes Featuring Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Rick Wakeman - Live At The Apollo (Blu-Ray)
Yesternight - The False Awakening
Yezda Urfa - Yezdaurfalive
Yoke Shire - A seer in the midst
Yonder Pond - Pondering Aloud
Otomo Yoshihide, Bill Laswell, Yoshida Tatsuya - Episome
Yossi Sassi Band - Roots And Roads
You And I - Exit
Ysma - Carrots and Candles
Yugen - Yugen Plays Leddi - Uova Fatali
Yuka & Chronoship - Dino Rocket Oxygen
Thierry Zaboïtzeff - Dr. Zab Vol. 2
Thierry Zaboïtzeff - India
Thierry Zaboïtzeff - Prométhée
Zao - Kawana
Zao - Z=7L
Dweezil Zappa - Automatic
Dweezil Zappa - Confessions
Dweezil Zappa - via zammata'
Frank Zappa - Apostrophe'
Frank Zappa - Bongo Fury
Frank Zappa - Fillmore East, June 1971
Frank Zappa - Guitar
Frank Zappa - Imaginary Diseases
Frank Zappa - Overnite Sensation
Frank Zappa - Ship arriving too late to save a drowning witch
Frank Zappa - Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar
Frank Zappa - Trance-Fusion
Frank Zappa - Waka/Jawaka
Riccardo Zappa - Celestion
Zappa´s Universe - A Celebration of 25 Years of Frank Zappa´s Music
Zappa´s Universe - A Celebration of 25 Years of Frank Zappa´s Music (VHS)
Zarboth - Zarboth
Zauber - Draghi & Vampiri
Zauber - Il Sogno
Zauber - Phoenix
Zauss - Diafonia Leitmotiv Waves
Zen Rock and Roll - End of the Age
Zen Rock and Roll - The Birthright Circle
Barbara Zielinska-Van - Secret Garden
Zingale - The Bright Side
Zinkl - Lovely Night Creatures
Zinkl & Nero - Kinder der Nacht
Hartmut Zinn - Heiles Land
Zip Tang - Pank
Zita Ensemble - Quintet Sessions
Zombi - Spirit Animal
Zombi - Surface To Air
Zone Six - Any Noise is intended
Zone Six - Live at Space farm Ahoi Festival 2007
Zoppo Trump - Zoppo Trump
Fabio Zuffanti - Fabio Zuffanti
Zundapp - Sotèro
Zypressen - Zypressen
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Allgemeine Angaben

Erscheinungsjahr: 1995 (Die Musik des Albums wurde z.T. schon 1992 unter Mitwirkung des damaligen Bandmembers Tom Kraus geschrieben.)
Besonderheiten/Stil: Neoprog
Label: Kinesis inc.
Durchschnittswertung: 9.33/15 (3 Rezensionen)


Gary Chambers drums, percussion, backing vocals
Glenn McLaughlin lead vocals, percussion
Dean Morekas bass, backing vocals
Dennis Mullin guitars
Jim Rezek keyboards


Disc 1
1. Haze 6:43
2. In our lives 6:35
3. Given away 6:39
4. Late of conscience 8:56
5. Cracker 5:59
6. Eye next to glass 4:56
7. Your darkest hour 5:04
8. The final stroke 12:29


Von: Henning Mangold @ (Rezension 1 von 3)

Die Musik von Iluvatar wird meistens als Neoprog bezeichnet, aber wenn ich mir dieses Album genauer anhöre, neige ich fast dazu, es dem Retro-Prog zuzuordnen: der Einsatz der Orgel an manchen Stellen legt das z.B. nahe, und auch die Produktion des Schlagzeugs erinnert viel mehr an ältere Zeiten; dennoch finden sich eine Menge Elemente, die an IQ oder Marillion denken lassen - wobei ich betonen möchte, dass bei Iluvatar nichts geklaut ist! - Kein Vergleich also zu Grey Lady Down oder gar Mangala Vallis. Natürlich setzt Manches Erinnerungen frei: allein schon dieser herrlich "genetische" Gesang! Das hypnotische Gitarrenintro von "Eye next to glass" erinnert mich irgendwie entfernt an die Gitarre auf Marillions "Blind curve" zu Beginn von "Perimeter walk", aber das kann durchaus reiner Zufall sein; und nach der Halbzeit des Longtracks "Final stroke" ertönt eine Orgel, die so ähnlich klingt wie die am Ende von Genesis' "The knife", aber diese Ähnlichkeiten sind keineswegs aufdringlich und fallen wahrscheinlich nur dem auf, der schon geradezu besessen nach so was sucht.

Zuerst schien mir "Children" Durchschnittsprog zu sein: die Produktion kommt nämlich sehr unspektakulär daher und scheint beim ersten Hören wenig Ansprechendes zu haben - mehr Camel als Arena, mit anderen Worten - , aber der geübte Hörer sollte dem Werk einige Chancen mehr geben, denn sonst verpasst er das Meisterwerk, das sich hinter dem ersten Eindruck geschickt versteckt! Iluvatar sind ohne Zweifel Meister in einigen Raffinessen der Kompositionskunst, und das erschließt sich erst nach und nach.

Die ersten Töne des Albums sind eine Spieluhr-Melodie ("Prog-Klischee" könnte jetzt einer denken, aber wartet nur ab!), die später wieder aufgenommen (eben!) und gewinnbringend weiterentwickelt wird. Das ist eine der Spuren, die sich über das Album hinweg verfolgen lässt: Im zweiten Titel "In our lives" setzt nämlich in der zweiten Hälfte des Stücks ein Thema ein, das bereits aus dieser Spieluhr entwickelt worden ist, und besonders im abschließenden Longtrack ("The final stroke") kommt alles wieder vor: die Original-Spieluhr, eine neue Variante der bereits gehörten Variante, und daneben ein zweites, langsames Thema, das wiederum in seiner Akkordfolge eine bewusst einfach gestrickte Zusammenfassung des variationsreichen Spieluhr-Themas ist und ebenfalls schon auf dem Album so ähnlich zu hören war (in "Given away" z.B. - außerdem scheint es eine Art Umkehrung der Tonfolge in "Late of conscience" zu sein). Was hier also vorgeführt wird, ist damit vergleichbar, wie Genesis auf "Los Endos" die Themen aus "Dance on a volcano" und "Squonk" kombinieren; der Unterschied ist, dass diese gelungenen Tricks bei Iluvatar noch komplexer und deshalb gar nicht so leicht zu durchschauen sind; auch wie die Band es schafft, in "Late of conscience" aus einem Grundgerüst von zwei Tönen diese Unmenge von Variationen zu zaubern, die sogar noch für eine Reihe von Soli verwertbar sind und den Song zum zweitlängsten des Albums machen, ist ganz große Klasse! Leider habe ich nie Musik studiert und kann daher das, was ich höre, nicht fachmännisch genug formulieren, aber es wäre hier der Mühe wert!

Wenn es überhaupt etwas gibt, was an "Children" zu bemängeln wäre, dann allenfalls zwei Dinge: der Kindergesang auf "In our our lives" ist m.E. überflüssig, droht sogar, das Stück im Kitsch enden zu lassen, was aber die Band zum Glück durch eine enorme Spannungssteigerung in der Themenvariation verhindert. Zum anderen gibt es einen etwas schwächeren Titel ("Cracker"), der aber deshalb seine Existenzberechtigung hat, weil er vorgibt, eine Rocknummer zu sein, und deshalb vielleicht den einen oder anderen Nicht-Progger ansprechen könnte - obwohl er dazu bei weitem nicht primitiv genug ist; eigentlich ist nur schade daran, dass er mit einem rockigen Gitarrenriff loslegt und nach diesem gegebenen Versprechen im Mittelteil ziemlich süßlich wird - verglichen damit ist z.B. "Your darkest hour" mir viel sympathischer, da funktioniert's nämlich genau umgekehrt. Aber auch diese winzigen Mängel sind etwas, für das man auf manchem schwachen Album dankbar wäre - irgendwie ist es ungerecht, die Ansprüche besonders hoch zu schrauben, wenn ein Album so genial ist wie dieses. Ich muss das mal selbstkritisch überdenken und hinterfragen :-)

Anspieltipp(s): Given away (weil's so hymnisch ist); The final stroke (wenn man Zeit hat); Cracker (wenn man keine hat)
Vergleichbar mit: Genesis, IQ, Marillion
Veröffentlicht am: 31.7.2003
Letzte Änderung: 31.7.2003
Wertung: 14/15

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Von: Nik Brückner @ (Rezension 2 von 3)

Ist ja der Hammer wie unterschiedlich man dieses Album hören kann - für mich ist das so ziemlich das genaue Gegenteil wie für Henning. Ich glaub, so starke Diskrepanzen hatte ich noch nie mit jemandem in Bezug auf ein Album.

Zum Beispiel: Neo, Retro, ich höre weder noch, das ist in allererster Linie mal Pop, sowohl was Melodien, Harmonik oder Rhythmik angeht. Klar, radiotauglich ist das nicht, dazu ist die Musik mit allzu großer Geste vorgetragen, zu elegisch, es gibt zu viele Keyboardgeigen, sozusagen. Auch die Tatsache, dass es Intros gibt, und die Refrains damit nicht nach exakt 45 Sekunden kommen, würde einem Airplay auf großen Stationen im Wege stehen. Stimmen wie die von Glenn McLaughlin darf man seit den Achzigern sowieso nicht mehr haben (eigentlich schade, denn die ist so schlecht nicht). Dennoch: "Children" (und damit ist auch der Kinderchor gerechtfertigt) ist äußerst konventionell, so konventionell, dass ich sogar Schwierigkeiten habe, das Album hier auf den BBS zu sehen.

Der Longtrack (ein wenig stärker an Marillion angelehnt als der Rest der Musik, insbesondere was die Gitarrenarbeit und die Harmonik angeht, aber auch in Bezug auf die Fähigkeit der Band, einen 4/4-Takt wie einen ungeraden klingen zu lassen, das konnten Marillion hervorragend) hebt das Gesamtniveau etwas und ist auch strukturell deutlich interessanter als der Rest.

Insgesamt ein sehr eingängiges Album mit positiver Grundstimmung, das an allen Enden Harmonie verbreitet, ein Album, das gefallen kann und das offenbar auch tut - aber nichts, was an Komplexität (oder auch nur Abwechslungsreichtum) etwa mit Spock's Beard oder den Flower Kings mithalten könnte.

Anspieltipp(s): In our Lives, The final stroke
Vergleichbar mit:
Veröffentlicht am: 18.11.2008
Letzte Änderung: 19.11.2008
Wertung: 5/15
Zu schlicht, zu wenig überraschend

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Von: Jörg Schumann @ (Rezension 3 von 3)

Das ist wirklich der Hammer. Wie unterschiedlich man ein Album bewerten kann, das ich einfach nur gut finde; nicht mehr aber auch nicht weniger. Henning hebt es mit seiner Bewertung beinahe in den Progolymp, Nik tritt es mit seiner um ein Haar in die Tonne. Ich finde beides übertrieben.

Für ein Meisterwerk bietet es nichts wirklich Neues und hat einige zu platte und gewöhnliche Titel mit an Bord (Cracker, Eye next to Glass). Aber andererseits findet sich hier mit "Give away" eine wunderschöne Komposition inklusive Gitarrensolo zum Berge schmelzen, die alleine ihr Geld wert ist und sind auch der Longtrack "The Final Stroke", "Haze" und das mit Kinderchor (unnötig) verzierte "In our Lives" sowie das bombastische "Late of Conscience" wirklich gute Titel. Die Produktion scheint mir etwas dichter als auf dem Debut.

Ich bin mit Nik einig, dass es sich um ein eingängiges, harmonieseliges Album handelt, das sicher nicht besonders komplex ist (den Longtrack mal ausgenommen, der bietet diesbezüglich schon was), das aber einfach ein paar schöne Kompositionen bietet, die Qualität haben.

Anspieltipp(s): Give Away, Late of Conscience, The Final Stroke
Vergleichbar mit:
Veröffentlicht am: 25.2.2011
Letzte Änderung: 26.2.2011
Wertung: 9/15
für Neoprog-Aficionados auch 10 oder 11

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