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Prog 50. Progressive Rock Around the World in Fifty Years (22.11.2017)
Grombira - Grombira
Maat Lander - Seasons of Space - Book #1
Alan Simon - Songwriter
Wings Of Destiny - Kings Of Terror
Lifesigns - Cardington
Damn the Machine - Damn the Machine
King Crimson - Live in Chicago
French TV - Operation: Mockingbird
French TV - Operation: Mockingbird
Peter Hammill - From the Trees
Orpheus Nine - Transcendental Circus
Jeffrey Biegel - Manhattan Intermezzo
Badger - One live Badger
Various Artists - AMIGA Electronics
Taylor's Universe - Almost Perfected
Hans-Hasso Stamer - Digital Life
French TV - Ambassadors of Good Health and Clean Living
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Ich möchte gerne alle Alben
mit Rezensionen vom Rezensenten Punkten,
aber bitte nur Platten Genre und Genre ,
die zwischen und erschienen sind, aber bitte nur von Bands
und mit mindestens Rezensionen und einer Durchschnittswertung von mindestens Punkten,
aber bitte nicht mehr als Einträge pro Seite.

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Band  Album Jahr Ø-Wertung # Rezis
10 ccHow dare you!197614.001
10 ccThe Original Soundtrack197513.001
10 ccTenology2012-1
10 cc10 cc197312.001
10 ccSheet Music197413.001
17 PygmiesCIII: Even Celestina Gets The Blues (A Tale of Love and Quantum Physics)20129.001
17 PygmiesCII: Second Son201110.001
2 Foot YardBorrowed Arms200711.001
22You are creating: Limb 1201710.001
the 3rd and the mortalMemoirs200211.001
3RDegreeOnes & Zeros : Volume 1201510.001
4 PSBlues für ein Mädchen / Die Hits200510.001
801Listen now!197715.001
A KEW’S TAGSilence of the Sirens20159.502
A Mountain Of OneCollected Works200710.001
Abigail's GhostSelling insincerity200711.002
Lee AbrahamBlack & White20097.001
Lee Abraham Steve Kingmanidle Noise20088.002
Accept (Jap.)Silver Moon20075.002
AchePictures From Cyclus 719767.001
A.C.TCircus Pandemonium20149.002
A.C.TLast Epic20038.001
A.C.TToday's Report19997.502
A.C.TImaginary Friends20017.001
Acute MindAcute Mind201010.001
Add N to (X)Avant Hard199912.001
Add N to (X)Add Insult to Injury200010.001
AereogrammeSleep And Release200310.001
After...Endless Lunatic20058.001
After CryingXXV201311.001
Agents Of MercyThe Fading Ghosts Of Twilight20097.254
AirbagCome On In20049.001
Aisles4:45 AM20139.001
AKPBreaking Free Tour Live20179.001
Aksak MaboulEx-Futur Album201412.001
Aksak Maboul16 Visions of Ex-Futur201612.001
AktII (Binario)201611.001
Alias EyeIn Focus200711.002
Alias EyeA Different Point Of You200312.003
Alias EyeIn-Between201210.254
Alias EyeField Of Names200110.754
All Over EverywhereInner Firmaments Decay201010.333
Daevid AllenGood Morning19769.001
Alternative 4The Obscurants201411.502
AmAndAQui est AmAndA?200210.001
AmbeonFate Of A Dreamer20017.002
AmenophisYou and I19886.001
Amon Düül IIPyragony X19765.001
Amon Düül IIVortex19818.333
Emil AmosFilmmusik20178.502
Tori AmosTo Venus And Back19999.001
Tori AmosNative Invader201711.001
Tori AmosNight Of Hunters201110.001
Tori AmosAmerican Doll Posse200711.001
Tori AmosThe Beekeeper20058.001
Tori AmosLittle Earthquakes199113.003
Tori AmosUnder The Pink199412.502
Tori AmosAbnormally Attracted To Sin200910.002
Tori AmosFrom The Choirgirl Hotel199811.001
Tori AmosMidwinter Graces20096.001
Tori AmosStrange little girls20019.001
AnathemaWe're here because we're here20108.673
The AnchoressConfessions of a Romance Novelist20166.673
Jon AndersonSong Of Seven19807.002
Jon AndersonEarth Mother Earth19976.502
Jon AndersonThe More You Know19995.001
Jon Anderson3 Ships1985-1
Jon AndersonTour of the universe (DVD)20058.001
Jon AndersonToltec19968.001
Jon AndersonAnimation19829.001
Laurie AndersonBig Science198211.333
Laurie AndersonStrange Angels198910.001
Anderson Ponty BandBetter Late Than Never20156.002
The Android MemeOrdo Ab Chao201110.001
Andromeda (60s)See into the Stars19929.001
AngeSouffleurs de vers Tour200911.001
AngeEscale à Ch'tiland201212.001
Angele tour de la question200712.001
AngeZénith an II200712.001
AngeLe bois travaille, même le dimanche201011.003
AngeCulinaire Lingus200112.002
AngeLa Voiture A Eau199911.001
AngeSouffleurs de vers20079.001
AnubisThe Second Hand201710.001
Anyone's DaughterCalw Live201110.502
Aquasergelaisse ça être201712.002
AquasergeGuerre EP201610.001
ArcansielSwimming In The Sand200410.001
ArchiveWith Us Until You're Dead20129.333
ArchiveMichel Vaillant20038.001
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