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Vitral - Entre As Estrelas
InVertigo - Next Stop Vertigo
Bobby Previte - Rhapsody
Soniq Theater - Squaring the Circle
Security Project - Contact
Virgil & Steve Howe - Nexus
Kellerkind Berlin - Colourful Thoughts
Goblin - Phenomena
A Silent Sound - Compass
Nadav Cohen - Lacuna
Christian Fiesel - Analogy
Solefald - Neonism
Armed Cloud - Master Device & Slave Machines
It Bites - The Big Lad In The Windmill
Tuesday the Sky - Drift
It Bites - Map Of The Past
The Flock - Truth - The Columbia Recordings 1969-1970
Subterranean Masquerade - Vagabond
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Band  Album Jahr Ø-Wertung # Rezis
2 Foot YardBorrowed Arms200711.001
4S'DMan or Muffin201711.001
After CryingOpus 119899.502
After Crying198919896.001
After CryingOverground music19909.502
After CryingStruggle for life200012.003
Air CandaAir Canda201412.001
Pekka AiraksinenLove And Addiction199711.001
Alamaailman VasaratValta201211.002
Rodolfo AlchourronTalismán19949.001
Altare ThotemicoSogno Errando201312.002
AmarokSol De Medianoche200711.502
AnaïdFour Years199111.001
Anja GarbarekSmiling & Waving20019.001
Annexus QuamBeziehungen19720.001
Annexus QuamOsmose197012.002
Anthurus d'ArcherFatalitas - Desperate Pinball200512.002
Anthurus d'ArcherPlastofilène200712.001
Antony Kalugins Kinematics OrchestraAKKO I20138.001
AparecidosPalito Bombón Helado20129.333
April FishesCarpe d'Or20169.001
Archer / Clark / Grew / HunterFelicity’s Ultimatum20170.001
Martin ArcherBad Tidings From Slackwater Drag201511.001
Martin ArcherIn stereo gravity200813.001
Martin ArcherEnglish Commonflowers200312.001
Martin ArcherWinter Pilgrim Arriving200013.001
Martin ArcherStory Tellers201612.001
Martin ArcherBlue Meat, Black Diesel & Engine Room Favourites20130.001
Archer / Muamba / Bennett / FaircloughSunshine! Quartet20170.001
Archimedes BadkarBadrock För Barn I Alla Åldrar197510.001
Neil ArdleyKaleidoscope of Rainbows197612.001
Areatic & tac19809.001
AreaChernobyl 799119979.001
The AristocratsCulture Clash Live!201511.001
Art Against AgonyThree Short Stories201412.001
Arti & MestieriChildren's Blues19854.001
AstrakanComets & Monsters201210.001
Atomic ApeSwarm201411.001
Brian AugerAuger Rhythms20030.001
Autumnal BlossomSpellbound201611.001
AxisAxis (III)197312.002
Back DoorBack Door197311.001
Back Door8th Street Nites197310.001
Back DoorAnother Fine Mess19759.001
Back DoorThe Human Bed200410.001
Back DoorActivate197611.001
Franco BattiatoSulle Corde Di Aries197311.502
Beat CircusRingleader's Revolt200410.001
Bent KneeBent Knee201113.002
Bent KneeSay So201613.003
Bent KneeShiny Eyed Babies201413.673
Tim BerneSanctified Dreams19879.001
Bersarin QuartettBersarin Quartett200812.001
BetweenSilence beyond time198011.001
BetweenHesse Between Music197510.001
Birdsongs Of The MesozoicPetrophonics200010.001
Björk Guðmundsdóttir & Tríó Guðmundar IngólfssonarGling-Glo199013.001
The Blessed BeatMiV201512.001
Blue DogWhat Is Anything?199412.001
Blue DogLurch199910.001
Blue MotionBlue Motion198012.002
Blue Touch PaperDrawing Breath201313.001
Blue Touch PaperStand Well Back201112.001
Bohren & der Club of GoreSunset Mission200011.001
Bohren & der Club of GoreBlack Earth200212.502
Bohren & der Club of GorePiano Nights201412.001
Bohren & der Club of GoreBeileid201111.001
David BowieBlackstar201613.003
David BowieThe Buddha Of Suburbia199312.001
Brian Davison's every which wayBrian Davison's every which way197110.001
Brian StormingThe Extraordinaires Voyages Of Brian Storming20059.001
Brown vs BrownTwitch and Shout20079.001
Jack BruceThe Jack Bruce Band Live '75200313.001
Jack BruceSpirit - Live At The BBC 1971 - 1978200811.001
Jack BruceSongs For A Tailor196912.502
Jack BruceThings we like197012.001
Bruford LevinUpper Extremities199810.502
Bruford LevinBLUE Nights200012.001
Bruford, Towner, GomezIf Summer Had Its Ghosts199710.001
Bushman's Revengeyou lost me at hello200911.001
Byggesett OrchestraWild Birch201410.001
Joe Byrd and the Field HippiesThe American Metaphysical Circus196913.001
CanvasLong Way To Mars20138.001
Capillary ActionCapsized201013.001
Captain BeefheartLick My Decals Off, Baby197014.001
CelesteSecond Plus19915.001
CentipedeSeptober Energy197112.001
Chambers, Berlin, Lavitz, FiuczynskiBoston T. Party20068.001
Chat NoirNine Thoughts for one World201611.001
Chato!So und nicht anders201712.001
ChawataPortuguese Shower200311.001
Cheer-AccidentFear Draws Misfortune200911.673
Cheer-AccidentNo Ifs, Ands or Dogs201112.001
chimpan Achimpan A20063.002
Circles EndHang On To That Kite200411.502
Claudia QuintetThe Claudia Quintet with Gary Versace: Royal Toast201010.001
Claudia QuintetSemi-Formal200511.001
Les ClaypoolOf Whales And Woe200612.001
Cloud ChamberDark Matter199811.001
Médéric Collignon & le Jus de Bocseà la recherche du ROI FRIPPÉ201212.001
Counter-World ExperiencePulsar201612.001
Cowboys From HellBig Fish201211.502
Robert CreeleyHave we told you all you´d thought to know?20017.001
The Crimson Jazz TrioKing Crimson Songbook volume one200511.673
The Crimson Jazz TrioKing Crimson Songbook volume 2200913.001
Salvador Dali & Igor WakhevitchÊtre Dieu198911.001
Dark RadishDark Radish201710.001
Wolfgang Dauner QuintetThe Oimels196910.001
De Gladas KapellSpelar Nilsson19788.001
Deadburger FactoryPuro Nylon (100%)201311.001
Elton DeanJust Us197110.001
DedalusNomos Apache Alpha20036.001
DeliriumIl Nome Del Vento20099.001
Delta Saxophone QuartetDedicated To You... But You Weren't Listening200711.001
Deluge GranderAugust In The Urals200611.254
Dewa BudjanaHasta Karma201510.001
Diablo Swing OrchestraSing Along Songs for the Damned & Delirious200910.502
Diablo Swing OrchestraThe Butcher's Ballroom200711.002
Diablo Swing OrchestraPandora's Piñata201211.001
Dieter Bihlmaier SelectionThe SWF-Sessions 1973200911.001
Different TrainsOn The Right Track19948.001
Discus...tot licht!200311.605
DreadnaughtMusica en Flagrante200511.001
Jan DreesKaprizen201411.001
Julie Driscoll1969196910.502
EarthworksAll heaven broke loose199111.001
EarthworksThe Sound Of Surprise20019.001
EarthworksA Part And Yet Apart199911.001
EarthworksFootloose in NYC (DVD)200212.001
EarthworksRandom Acts Of Happiness20048.001
Echo CitySingle 2000 (Test mach special)200011.001
Ed Palermo Big BandThe Adventures of Zodd Zundgren201712.001
Ed Palermo Big BandThe Great Un-American Songbook Volumes 1 & 2201710.001
Ed Palermo Big BandTake Your Clothes Off When You Dance200611.001
Minco EggersmanKavkasia201710.001
ELElectric Leak201012.001
Electric MasadaAt The Mountains Of Madness200514.001
Electric OutletON!200710.001
Elton Dean / Mark HewinsBar Torque200111.001
EmbryoFor Eva20000.001
Keith EmersonOff the Shelf20064.001
Ensemble NimbusGarmonbozia200011.001
Ephel DuathThe Painter's Palette200310.673
ErgoMultitude, Solitude20099.001
ErgoIf Not Inertia201211.001
ErgoAs subtle as tomorrow201611.001
Erik Scottand the EARTH BLEEDS201410.001
EstradaspherePalace of Mirrors200611.001
EstradasphereIts understood20009.001
EstradaspherePassion for Life200410.001
EstradasphereBuck Fever200110.001
Et Cetera (Dt.)Et Cetera197114.001
Guy EvansThe long hello Vol. IV198112.001
Ex EyeEx Eye201712.001
Experimental Q2Reflux201411.001
Eyes Of A Blue DogRise201311.003
Antoine FafardSolus Operandi201111.001
Far CornerFar Corner200411.333
Patrizio Fariselli Projectlupi sintetici e strumenti a gas200110.502
Lorenzo FeliciatiElevator Man201711.001
Feliu i Joan AlbertFeliu i Joan Albert197712.001
Finnegans WakeThe Bird and the Sky Above201010.003
Fire!you liked me five minutes ago200910.001
Fire! Orchestraexit!201314.001
The FirebirdsAladdin's Dream201713.001
FishmoonTwo Moon Music200711.001
David FiuczynskiFlam! Blam! Pan-Asian MicroJam!201611.001
FjieriWords Are All We Have201510.502
Flat Earth SocietyISMS200411.001
Flat Earth SocietyPsychoscout200611.001
Flat Earth SocietyCheer Me, Perverts!200911.001
Lee FletcherFaith in Worthless Things201212.001
Jeremy FlowerThe Real Me201613.001
Flute & VoiceImaginations of Light19719.001
Fogh DepotFogh Depot201511.001
Foyn Trio!Joy Visible201310.001
Free Nelson MandoomjazzAwakening of a Capital201510.001
Friendly BearsOn Oceans, Light, and Sleep200510.001
Tim Friese-Greene10 Sketches For Piano Trio200910.001
Frogg CaféCreatures200311.004
FushitsushaAllegorical Misunderstanding19939.001
The Gabriel ConstructInterior City201312.001
Gatto MarteMarte Sulla Luna20129.001
Gentle KnifeClock Unwound201712.502
Stefano Giannotti / Salvo LazzaraLa vostra ansia di orizzonte201711.001
GilgameshArriving Twice200010.673
Jonny GreenwoodBodysong200314.001
The Group (Ita.)The Feed-Back197011.001
Grünlich GrauNiederstes Gewänz201511.001
Guillaume Perret & the Electric EpicGuillaume Perret & the Electric Epic201212.002
Guillaume Perret & the Electric EpicOpen Me201411.001
GunnelpumpersMontana Fix201312.001
HakenEnter The 5th Dimension20089.001
Half Past FourRabbit In The Vestibule20089.002
Jan HammerThe First Seven Days197511.001
Roy HarperDream Society199810.001
Gavin HarrisonCheating the Polygraph201512.674
Herba D'HameliGirafes a Sibèria201111.001
Hidden OrchestraNight Walks201012.001
Höhlenmusik EnsembleHöhlenmusik Ensemble201112.001
Höhlenmusik EnsembleII201412.001
Honey Ride Me A Goats/t EP200610.001
Honey Ride Me A Goat / MothgutsSplit200610.001
Hopper, Dean, Gowen, Sheen (Soft Head)Rogue Element19789.001
Hopper/Dean/Tippett/GallivanCruel but fair197710.001
Hot Head ShowPerfect201312.001
Steve Howe's RemedyElements20037.333
ICCMSIn Stereo200511.001
Ice Blue OrchestraAwake20094.001
Ice Blue OrchestraBetween Destinations20127.001
iH8 CameraiH8 Camera20099.001
Il MonstroBleu nuit et les silhuettes aux chapeaux200012.001
Illáchime QuartetI'm Normal, My Heart Still Works200911.001
Phil Miller - In CahootsConspiracy Theories20069.001
Inclusion PrincipleThird Opening201512.001
IndrâzorCocoon to Butterfly200410.001
iNFiNiENLight at the Endless Tunnel201613.001
Inner Ear BrigadeDromology201712.502
The InstigationsSoundtracks for Alternate Realities20081.001
Ion QuestIon Quest20049.001
Isildurs BaneOff the Radar201713.001
Jack Foster IIIEvolution Of JazzRaptor200310.333
Jaga JazzistOne-Armed Bandit201012.001
Janne PerssonMosaik198210.001
Steve JansenSlope200711.502
Jean Michel JarreSessions 200020024.002
Jazz QConiunctio197011.001
Jazz QPozorovatelna (The Watch Tower)197410.001
Jean LouisUranus201312.001
Jelly FicheTout Ce Que J'ai Rêvé200813.002
Dušan JevtovićNo Answer201711.001
Jono El GrandeFevergreens20039.001
Jorge Arana TrioMapache201212.001
Julian JulienTerre II201512.001
K.Ostra"... it´s out there"200310.001
KadaBúcsúzás (Farewell)20019.502
Kada ad libitumapproximationes200610.001
Kammerflimmer KollektiefAbsencen200513.001
Kammerflimmer KollektiefMäander199911.003
Marten KantusRefugi20160.001
Marten KantusNimbus20119.002
Marten Kantuselevator20129.502
Mick KarnEach Eye A Path200110.001
Mick KarnThe Concrete Twin201010.001
Kayo DotDowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue200610.001
Kazutoki Umezu 'Kiki' BandDowser200511.001
KBBFour Corner's Sky200311.001
The Keith Emerson TrioKeith Emerson Trio Rare Vinyl 10"20150.002
Mike KeneallyScambot 2201612.003
Mike KeneallyWine And Pickles200811.001
Mike KeneallySluggo!199711.001
Mike KeneallyScambot 1200914.001
Mike KeneallyWooden Smoke Asleep20079.001
King CrimsonLive At Summit Studios 197220008.001
Scott KinseyKinesthetics20068.001
Kjetil Mulelid TrioNot Nearly Enough To Buy A House201712.001
Klaus König OrchestraThe H.E.A.R.T. Project199810.001
KnifeworldClairvoyant Fortnight201111.001
KnifeworldDear Lord, No Deal20119.001
Daisuke KunitaFuzzy Logic20079.002
L A N DNight Within201212.001
Lard FreeUnnamed199710.502
Lalle LarssonSeven Deadly Pieces200812.001
Leb i SolRucni Rad19798.001
LigroDictionary 3201512.001
Liquid ScarletII200510.003
Little Womenteeth200713.001
Little WomenThroat201015.001
Lobster NewbergActress200911.001
LosaliosColorado Shit Dog200210.001
Louis Minus XVIKindergarten201511.001
Low Flying AircraftLow Flying Aircraft198710.001
Lucien Dubuis TrioTovorak200512.001
Lucien Dubuis TrioSumo200111.001
Lucien Dubuis TrioFuture Rock201211.001
Lukas Tower BandAfter Long Years20049.001
Alex MachacekMachacek Sipe Fountain - The Official Triangle Sessions20089.001
Alex Machacek24 Tales201010.001
Machine Mass TrioAs Real As Thinking201112.001
Machine Mass Trioplays Hendrix201713.001
Magnus Fra GaardenMagnus Fra Gaarden200911.001
Make A RisingInfinite Ellipse and Head With Open Fontanel200813.001
Make A RisingRip Through the Hawk Black Night200511.002
Sean MaloneCortlandt200712.001
ManeigeLive à L'Évêché 1975200511.001
Manfred Mann Chapter ThreeVolume 1196911.001
Marc Ribot's Ceramic DogParty Intellectuals200811.001
The Mars VoltaThe Bedlam in Goliath200812.001
Martin Maheux CircleRequiem Pour Un Vivant20089.001
Martin Maheux CircleSibylle20069.502
The MassCity of dis200312.002
McGill/Manring/StevensWhat We Do200611.001
John McLaughlinExtrapolation196912.001
John McLaughlin TrioQue Alegria199210.502
MediaBandaBombas En El Aire201714.001
Modry EfektConiunctio197011.001
MoeTarFrom These Small Seeds201012.003
MonoglotWrong Turns and Dead Ends201711.001
Moon MenAmazing Science Fiction Stories201713.001
MoorderMoorder II201411.001
Moraz/BrufordMusic for piano and drums198312.001
Moraz/BrufordMusic for Piano and Drums: Live in Maryland201212.001
Moraz/BrufordIn Tokyo200910.001
Patrick MorazPM In Princeton (DVD)20070.001
Patrick MorazWindows of Time199413.001
Moss ProjectWhat Do You See When You Close Your Eyes?201311.001
MøsterEdvard Lygre Møster201312.001
MotorpsychoRoadwork vol 2: The MotorSourceMassacre200011.001
Motorpsycho and Ståle StorløkkenThe Death Defying Unicorn201212.805
The MuffinsSecret Signals 1201713.001
Música UrbanaBanda Sonora de la Pelicula: Primera Aventura de Pepe Carvalho: Tatuaje197811.001
Naked CityNaked City19899.673
Naked CityLeng Tch'e199210.001
Naked CityRadio199312.001
Naked CityHeretic199211.001
NarrOxymore Dans La Chrysalide Des Rêves20093.001
NheapFlying And The Silence201310.001
NiacinHigh Bias19988.003
The NiceBBC Sessions20027.001
No Secrets in the FamilyIn a certain Light we all appear green198712.001
Notturno ConcertanteCanzoni allo specchio201211.502
Nova CollectiveThe Further Side201714.001
Nucleus TornBlowing Up The Entire World (Explosions 1997 - 2015)20150.001
Nucleus TornAndromeda Awaiting201013.001
Nucleus TornTravellers201011.001
Nucleus TornGolden Age201112.001
Oblivion SunOblivion Sun200710.001
October Equus QuartetIsla Purgatorio20139.502
Mats Öberg & G.U.B.B.Välling & Fotogen199810.001
OfferingOffering Part 1 + 219869.002
OfferingOffering Part 3 + 419907.001
OfferingA fiïèh19939.001
OfferingParis Théâtre DÉJAZET 198719988.001
OfferingOffering Part IV (Limited Edition Box)20038.001
Onségen EnsembleHottoïzzoH200710.002
Orange Tulip ConspiracyOrange Tulip Conspiracy200810.001
Orchestre CelestiThe Big Carrot (and misuse of it)201711.001
Orchestre National de JazzAround Robert Wyatt200913.001
L'Orchestre SympathiqueEn Concert à La grande Passe197311.001
Orfeo 5In The Green Castle20170.001
Yvan OuelletLe Chant Des Choses19799.001
OvalkiEntfernen Tragen199910.001
Pain of SalvationFalling Home201411.502
PainkillerGuts of a Virgin19918.001
PanzerballettX-Mas Death Jazz201713.001
Pattern Is MovementAll Together200812.001
Annette PeacockI'm the one197211.001
PeffPleasing the Neighbourhood with Electrifying Dadaism20139.001
PentangleSweet Child196812.001
Finn PetersMusic Of The Mind201010.001
Finn PetersPurple & Yellow201111.001
Simon PhillipsAnother Lifetime199711.001
Piano meets VibesTraumgänger201712.001
Picchio Dal PozzoPic_nic@Valdapozzo200412.001
Lars Bech Pilgaards SlowburnFreiheit201310.001
Pin-Up Went Down2 Unlimited200811.001
Pin-Up Went Down342201012.001
Planeta ImaginarioQué Me Dices?200410.001
Planeta ImaginarioBiomasa200810.001
The PlatinaThe Girl with the Flaxen Hair200310.001
PoiLL'ire des papes200811.001
Polite ForceCanterbury Knights19969.001
Jean-Luc PontyKing Kong19708.001
Guido PonziniTwilight Town200612.001
Nic PotterThe Long Hello Vol. II (mit Guy Evans)19817.502
Bobby PreviteRhapsody201810.001
Prime MoverPrime Mover alias Drivkraft200411.001
Programme D'ExperienceThOUgHT MoLeCULeS200211.001
PryapismeDiabolicus Felinae Pandemonium201712.001
R-11Lupus in trio201210.001
Trevor RabinJacaranda201213.001
RadareIm Argen201511.002
Radio Noisz EnsembleYniverze198210.001
Radio Noisz EnsembleOdiszée-Parck198311.001
radio.string.quartet.viennacelebrating the mahavishnu orchestra200711.001
Random TouchA Way from the Heard200911.001
Random TouchThrough the lens of the other dimension201011.001
Random TouchA Box and a Word200811.001
Dennis ReaViews from Chicheng Precipice201012.001
RectusEvghenebur N'Ebenok Nef200711.001
Red NoiseSarcelles - Lochères197011.001
Reflections in CosmoReflections in Cosmo201711.001
Reform (Swe)Reveries of Reform201110.001
Return To ForeverReturns200811.001
R-Evolution BandThe Dark Side of the Wall 1979-2013201311.001
Omar Rodriguez-LopezLos Sueños De Un Higado20098.001
El Grupo Nuevo De Omar Rodriguez-LopezCryptomnesia20099.001
August RosenbaumVista20179.001
Andrew RoussakBlue Intermezzo20100.001
Roxy MusicManifesto19799.001
Roz VitalisPatience of Hope201212.001
Roz VitalisLavoro d'Amore201511.001
Roz VitalisLive Autumn '05 In the Ad Lucem Studio200510.001
Roz VitalisEnigmarden20059.001
Ray RussellGoodbye Svengali200613.001
Neil SadlerTheory Of Forms199911.001
Salim Ghazi SaeediHuman Encounter201110.001
Michel SajrawyArabop201210.001
Michel SajrawyFloating City201614.001
David SanciousTrue Stories19786.001
Jörg SandnerDonut Desaster201012.002
Savoldelli Casarano BardosciaThe Great Jazz Gig in the Sky201610.502
SchizofrantikLive at Burg Herzberg Festival20089.502
The Season StandardSqueeze Me Ahead Of Line200811.333
Sebkha-ChottNagah-Mahdi - Opuscrits En Quarante-Huit Rouleaux20069.254
Seven Steps To The Green DoorStep in 2 my world200811.673
ShadowfaxFolksongs For A Nuclear Village198810.001
Derek SherinianBlood of the Snake200610.502
ShiningSweet Shanghai Devil200310.001
Jane SiberryMaria199513.001
Side CStati d'Alienazione200911.001
simakDIALOGLive at Orion201511.001
Six NorthPrayer200310.001
Skeleton$Diety of Hair20108.001
Skeleton$ Big BandThe Bus201210.001
Skeleton$ Big BandChicago to Elyria201210.001
Alan Skidmore, Mike Osborne, John SurmanSOS197511.001
Alan Skidmore, Mike Osborne, John SurmanLooking For The Next One201312.001
SlangSave the chilis200110.001
Slow Music ProjectAladdin Theater, Portland, OR, May 05, 2006200810.001
Soft HeapSoft Heap197911.001
Soft HeapAl Dente200810.001
Soft MachineThird197014.502
Soft MachineFourth197110.002
Soft MachineVirtually199810.001
Soft MachineGrides200610.001
Soft MachineFifth197210.002
Soft Machineas if...19910.001
Soft MachineLive In Paris20049.502
Soft MachineNoisette200011.001
The Soft Machine LegacySoft Machine Legacy20068.502
The Soft Machine LegacyLive In Zaandam20067.002
The Soft Machine LegacySteam200711.002
Soft MountainSoft Mountain200713.001
Soft WorksAbracadabra20037.502
Solid Gold CadillacSolid Gold Cadillac197210.502
Solid Gold CadillacBrain Damage197311.001
Sonata IslandsMeets Mahler201311.002
Space DebrisElephant Moon200811.502
Spaced OutUnstable Matter200612.002
Spaltklangin between201311.254
Special ProvidenceSomething Special (DVD)201014.001
Spin MarvelInfolding201511.001
SquartetAdplicatio Minima201512.001
Stabat AkishNebulos20129.002
Markus Stauss ArtgenossenTreasures of Light201711.673
Markus StaussNeolithicum (Bass Saxophon Solo & Extras)200411.002
Steamboat SwitzerlandWertmüller200512.001
Colin Stetson & Sarah NeufeldNever Were The Way She Was201512.001
Steve Howe TrioThe Haunted Melody20080.001
Steve Howe TrioTravelling201010.001
STSlive 200020049.001
Subterranean MasqueradeSuspended Animation Dreams200510.001
Sündenfall IISündenfall II19718.001
Yoshio SuzukiMorning Picture19859.001
SvinSecretly we are gay201311.001
Sweatin' Like NixonFishing In Political Sewers19988.001
Sweatin' Like NixonTunes For Young People To Enjoy200212.001
The SwindlersTALK! Celebrating the Music of King Crimson201712.001
SyntonyWhite Fly201111.001
SyzygysComplete Studio Recordings20039.001
Tangata ManuSeasons' Journey200710.001
Tapetto TraciNeurula200911.001
TatvamasiAmor Fati201711.001
Robin TaylorIsle of Black20089.001
Robin TaylorHeart Disc199910.001
Taylor's Free Universe9 Eleven200411.002
Taylor's Free UniverseFile Under Extreme200211.001
Taylor's Free UniverseManipulated by Taylor200611.001
Taylor's Free UniverseOn-Plugged In Elsinore200310.502
Taylor's Free UniverseFamily Shot200512.001
Tesla ManafTesla Manaf20150.001
The LivingThe Jungle is dark but full of Diamonds201211.001
The Mount Fuji Doomjazz CorporationEgor201212.001
The Winter TreeTwilight of the Magicians20149.001
ThesseraFooled Eyes20069.001
Jacques ThollotRésurgence19779.001
Jacques ThollotTenga Niña19960.001
Jacques Thollot"watch devil go"197512.001
THTXThe Flickering Sky200910.001
Tin Hat (Trio)The Rodeo Eroded20029.001
Tin Hat (Trio)The Rain is a Handsome Animal201212.001
Tin Hat (Trio)Book of Silk200410.001
Tin Hat (Trio)The Sad Machinery Of Spring200711.001
Tin Hat (Trio)Foreign Legion201011.001
The Keith Tippett GroupDedicated To You, But You Weren't Listening197113.001
The Keith Tippett OctetThe Nine Dances of Patrick O’Gonogan20160.001
Keith Tippett's ArkFrames197812.001
Tom MotoAllob Allen201412.001
TonbruketDig it to the end201112.001
David TornCloud About Mercury198711.001
David TornPrezens200712.502
T.R.A.M.Lingua Franca201212.001
Trank Zappa Grappa in Varese?Play Zappa Live In Waremme 08200911.002
Theo TravisEarth To Ether20049.502
The TripTime Of Change19739.001
The Tronosonic ExperienceThe Tronosonic Experience20179.001
Ulterior LuxThe Dancing Man199010.673
UltralydConditions For A Piece Of Music200710.001
Umphrey's McGeeAnchor Drops200511.333
Umphrey's McGeeLocal Band Does O.K.200210.502
Univeria ZektThe Unnamables197110.001
Univers ZeroClivages201012.002
UtopianistiUtopianisti II + Utopianisti meets Black Motor & Jon Ballantyne201412.333
Üzgin Üver99199913.001
The Valentine SixThe Valentine Six199710.502
Christian VanderLes Cygnes et Les Corbeaux200212.002
Max VanderwolfThe All-Star Musical Tribute to Max Vanderwolf (1969-1996)19966.001
Jean-Claude VannierL'enfant assassin des mouches197212.001
Vezhlivy OtkazGusi-Lebedi201012.002
Ville Emard Blues BandLive à Montréal197410.001
Ville Emard Blues BandVille Emard197510.001
Ville Emard Blues BandAu complet 1973-197520040.001
VoleThe Hillside Mechanisms201312.001
Ian WallaceHappiness With Minimal Side Effects20026.001
We Insist!Oh! Things Are So Corruptible200710.001
We Insist!The Babel inside was terrible200911.001
Gary WindoHis Master's Bones19969.001
Gary WindoAnglo American20049.001
Gary WindoDogface19828.001
Mark WingfieldProof of Light201510.001
Wingfield Reuter SirkisLighthouse20179.001
Wingfield Reuter Stavi SirkisThe Stone House201712.002
WMWSOne Night Stand20159.001
WorldService ProjectFor King & Country201612.001
The Wrong ObjectAfter The Exhibition201312.001
The Wrong ObjectPlatform One200712.001
The Wrong ObjectLive At Zappanale 2008200910.002
The Wrong ObjectStories from the Shed200811.001
The Wrong ObjectThe Unbelievable Truth200711.502
Robert WyattDondestan (revisited)199814.001
Robert WyattSoupsongs Live200012.001
Robert WyattCuckooland200312.001
Robert Wyattradio experiment rome, february 1981200911.001
Robert WyattThe End of an Ear197011.001
ZaoIn Tokyo200711.001
Frank ZappaMake A Jazz Noise Here199111.001
ZaussTrittico Immer All Over201711.675
ZETComandante Beat201713.001
Zita EnsembleQuintet Sessions200710.002
Zodiak TrioZodiak Trio200811.001
Zodiak TrioAcid201211.001

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