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1980 - 1980
19A.D.D. - Dead River
19A.D.D. - Gaia
35007 - Liquid
35007 - Phase V
3epkano - 3epkano
3epkano - At Land
3rd Ear Experience - Peacock Black
3rd World Electric - Kilimanjaro Secret Brew
4/3 de Trio - Ersatz
417.3 - --
417.3 - 2
417.3 - _(-_-)_
42DE - EP
42DE - Fall of the Moon
4S'D - Man or Muffin
65daysofstatic - Wild Light
7C - Compartment C
7for4 - Contact
7for4 - Splash
7for4 - Time
A Cosmic Trail - The Outer Planes
A.R. & Machines - A.R. IV
A.R. & Machines - Autovision
A.R. & Machines - Erholung
Aalfang mit Pferdekopf - Ich habe nur noch 12 Seepferdchen in meinem Tempel
A. Armada - Anam Cara
Aavikko - Aavikko
Aavikko - Back From The Futer
Aavikko - Derek!
Aavikko - Multi Muysic
Aavikko - Novo Atlantis
Aavikko - Okeanos
Abrete Gandul - Enjambre Sísmico
Absolute Elsewhere - In Search Of Ancient Gods
Abus Dangereux - Le Quatrième Mouvement
Abysse - En(d)grave
Accordo dei Contrari - AdC
Accordo dei Contrari - Kinesis
Acid Mothers Temple - IAO Chant from the Cosmic Inferno
Acid Mothers Temple - In C
Acid Mothers Temple - in o to infinity
Acid Mothers Temple - Magical Power from Mars
Acid Mothers Temple - Recurring Dream And Apocalypse Of Darkness
Acidente - Farawayers
Acidente - Quebre este disco
Acidente - Technolorgy
Acintya - In Live
Acintya - La cité des dieux oubliés
ACV - Busk
Add N to (X) - Vero Electronics
Adachi Kyodai - Adachi Kyodai
Adachi Kyodai - Xianshi
Adam Holzman - Truth Decay
Addison Project - Mood Swings
Administration Shock Him - 39:03
Administration Shock Him - Zabriskie
Aera - Hand und Fuss
Aera - Humanum Est
Aera - Mechelwind
Aera - The Bavarian Radio recordings vol. 1, 1975
Aera - The Bavarian Radio recordings vol. 2, 1977-1979
Aera - Türkis
Aeris - Temple
A.F.T. - Automatic Fine Tuning
After Crying - Opus 1
Agarta - Under The Same Sky
Agitation Free - At the cliffs of River Rhine
Agitation Free - Last
Agitation Free - Malesch
Agitation Free - Shibuya Nights
Morgan Ågren, Henry Kaiser, Trey Gunn - Invisible Rays
Ildefonso Aguilar - Erosión
Agusa - Agusa
Agusa - Två
Ahleuchatistas - Heads Full of Poison
Ahleuchatistas - The Same and the Other
Ahleuchatistas - What You Will
Aican - Don't Go Deep Into The Forest
Ain Soph - 5 or 9 - Five Evolved From Nine
Ain Soph - A Story of Mysterious Forest
Ain Soph - Hat and Field
Ain Soph - Marine Menagerie
Ain Soph - Ride On A Camel
Air Canda - Air Canda
Pekka Airaksinen - Love And Addiction
Pekka Airaksinen - Mangala
Pekka Airaksinen - Vitae Tennis Nest
Don Airey - A Light In The Sky
Akinetón Retard - 21 Canapés
Akinetón Retard - Akranania
Jan Akkerman - Profile
Ako Doma - Aliens Are Good For Sale
Aksak Maboul - Onze danses pour combattre la migraine
AKSU - The Way to Destroy and Create Things / Screenplay and Outline for an Unexpected Space
Akt -
Alamaailman Vasarat - Huuro Kolkko
Alamaailman Vasarat - Käärmelautakunta
Alamaailman Vasarat - Maahan
Alamaailman Vasarat - Valta
Alas - Alas
Alas - Grandes Exitos
Alas - Pinta Tu Aldea
L'Albero Del Veleno - Le Radici Del Male
Alco Frisbass - Alco Frisbass
Algernon - Ghost Surveillance
Alien Nature - The Airtight Garage of Jerry Cornelius
Alien Nature & Michael Brückner - The Dark Path
Alpes - Patrice Moullet - Rock Sous La Dalle
Alpha Male Tea Party - Health
Alpha Nord - Live at PsyKa Festival
Alpha Ralpha - Alpha Ralpha
Alquin - Marks
Alright the Captain - 123.EP
Alright the Captain - Conversational skills for the socially anxious
Alright the Captain - SNIB
Altair - La Esencia del Tiempo
Altbau - Altbau
Altbau - Tritiumoxid
Michael Altenberger - Elf Entdecker/Eleven Explorers
Altrock Chamber Quartet - Sonata Islands goes RIO
Altruismos - Imagen
Aluk Todolo - Archives Vol.1
Aluk Todolo - Voix
Leon Alvarado - 2014 Music from an expanded Universe
Leon Alvarado - The Future left behind
Alwanzatar - Heliotropiske Reiser
Amin Bhatia - The Interstellar Suite
Amoeba Split - Second Split
Amoebic Ensemble - Limbic Rage
Amygdala - Amygdala
Amygdala - complex combat
An Endless Sporadic - Ameliorate
An Endless Sporadic - An Endless Sporadic
An Endless Sporadic - Magic Machine
Ana Never - Ana Never (EP)
Analog On - Analog On
Anathème - Fujon
Åke Anderssonin ja Antero Honkanen - Reidarin Sähköiset Kuvat
Ian Anderson - Divinities (Twelve Dances with God)
Jon Anderson - Angels Embrace
Jurriaan Andriessen - The Awakening Dream
Andy Summers - Triboluminescence
Anfinnsaas - Anfinnsaas
Änglagård - Epilog
Änglagård - Viljans Öga
Anima Morte - The Nightmare Becomes Reality
Anima Morte - Upon Darkened Stains
Animals As Leaders - Animals As Leaders
Animals As Leaders - The Joy Of Motion
Animals As Leaders - The Madness of Many
Animals As Leaders - Weightless
Animations - Animations
Annexus Quam - Beziehungen
Annot Rhül - Lost in the woods
Annot Rhül - The Annot Rhül Surf Experience
Antethic - Ghost Shirt Society
Antethic - Gorod Solnca
Antethic - Origin
Anthurus d'Archer - Phallus Impudicus
Antiherøe - Entretejido cosmico
Anton & The Headcleaners - MessAge
Anton & The Headcleaners - Rotor
Antony Kalugins Kinematics Orchestra - AKKO I
Antrilon - Mind Erase
Aparecidos - Palito Bombón Helado
Coste Apetrea - Rites of Passage
Aphelion - Franticode
Apocalyptica - ...Plays Metallica By Four Cellos
Apocalyptica - Apocalyptica
Apocalyptica - Cult (Special Edition)
Apocalyptica - Inquisition Symphony
Apocalyptica - Reflections
Apocalyptica - Reflections /revised/
Apokatastasia - Shedding
Apokatastasia - Waiting four
ApOllonius AbRaham ScHwarz - ApOllonius AbRaham ScHwarz
April Fishes - Carpe d'Or
April Rain - Leave Me No Light
April Rain - One Is Glad To Be Of Service
Aranis - Made In Belgium
Aranis - RoqueForte
Arashk - Abrahadabra
Arashk - Sovereign
Arashk - Ustuqus-al-Uss
ARC - Arcturus
ARC - Church
ARC - Fracture
ARC - Octane
ARC - Radio Sputnik
ARC - Umbra
Archer / Clark / Grew / Hunter - Felicity’s Ultimatum
Martin Archer - Bad Tidings From Slackwater Drag
Martin Archer - Blue Meat, Black Diesel & Engine Room Favourites
Martin Archer - English Commonflowers
Martin Archer - Ghost lily cascade
Martin Archer - Safety Signal From A Target Town
Martin Archer - Story Tellers
Martin Archer - Winter Pilgrim Arriving
Archer / Muamba / Bennett / Fairclough - Sunshine! Quartet
Luigi Archetti & Bo Wiget - Low Tide Digitals
Archimedes Badkar - Badrock För Barn I Alla Åldrar
Archimedes Badkar - Tre
Architectural Metaphor - Galactus Interruptum
Neil Ardley - Harmony of the Spheres
Neil Ardley - Kaleidoscope of Rainbows
Area - Chernobyl 7991
Area - tic & tac
The Aristocrats - Culture Clash
The Aristocrats - Culture Clash Live!
The Aristocrats - The Aristocrats
The Aristocrats - Tres Caballeros
Arkham - Arkham
Arktis/Air - en-trance
Armenian Space Station - Armenian Space Station
Armonite - The Sun is New each Day
Arms of Tripoli - Daughters
Arms of Tripoli - Dream in Tongues
Horacee Arnold - Tales of the Exonerated Flea
Ars Nova - Android Domina
Ars Nova - Chrysalis - Force For The Fourth
Ars Nova - Fear & anxiety
Ars Nova - The Goddess Of Darkness
Ars Nova - Venus in the Darkness
Arsenal - Arsenal
Art Against Agony - Russian Tales
Art Against Agony - The Difference Between A Duck and A Lobster
Art Against Agony - The Forgotten Story
Art Against Agony - Three Short Stories
Art Attack - Picturelistening
Art Fleury - I luoghi del potere
Art Zoyd - Eyecatcher
Art Zoyd - La Chute de la Maison Usher
Art Zoyd - Le champ des larmes
Art Zoyd - Metropolis
Art Zoyd - Nosferatu
Art Zoyd - Phase V
Art Zoyd - u.B.I.Q.U.e
Arteria - Cuatro Visiones
Arti & Mestieri - Children's Blues
Arti & Mestieri - Live 1974 - 2000
Artifex - Artifex
Artificial Waves - Heavy. Deep. Sad. Ironic.
Artsruni - Cruzaid
Artsruni - The Live Cuts 2000 / 2001
Masayo Asahara - Saint Agnes Fountain
Ash Ra Tempel - Ash Ra Tempel
Ash Ra Tempel - Gin Rosé at the Royal Festival Hall
Ashra - @shra
Ashra - @shra Vol. 2
Ashra - Blackouts
Ashra - New Age of Earth
Ashra - Sauce Hollandaise
Ashra - Walkin' the desert
Asia - Rare
ASS (Arbeit Schickert Schneider) - ASS
Association P.C. - Erna Morena
Association P.C. - Mama Kuku
Association P.C. - Rock Around The Cock
Association P.C. - Sun Rotation
Astrakan - Astrakan
The Astronaut's Return - Now Then Waves
Asturias - Bird Eyes View
Asturias - In Search Of The Soul Trees
Asturias - Legend of golden wind
AsZension - Aszension
At War With Self - Circadian Rhythm Disorder
At War With Self - Torn Between Dimensions
Ataraxia - The Unexplained
Atavism Of Twilight - Atavism Of Twilight
Atlas - Blå Vardag
Atman - Personal Forest
Atomic Ape - Swarm
Atomine Elektrine - Laniakea
Atomine Elektrine - Nebulous
Atomine Elektrine - The Deep Invisible
Atomine Elektrine - The Second Moon
Attention Deficit - Attention Deficit
Attention Deficit - The Idiot King
Aurora - Aurora
Ausia - kasa kasa
AutorYno - Cosmopolitan Traffic
AutorYno - Flauros: Book of Angels Volume 29
AutorYno - Pastrami Bagel Social Club
Autumn - Oceanworld
Avant Garden - Maelstrom
Avec le soleil sortant de sa bouche - Zubberdust!
Axess/Maxxess - Contact
Axess/Maxxess - Impact
Aziola Cry - Ellipsis
Aziola Cry - Ghost Conversations (EP)
Babils - The Joint Between
Aram Bajakian's Kef - Aram Bajakian's Kef
Balboa - Scale in Feet
Baldruin - Vergessene Träume
Franck Balestracci - Existences Invisibles
Franck Balestracci - Modified Reality
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - ...di terra
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - Garofano Rosso
Bandvivil - Junaokissei
Baffo Banfi - Galaxy My Dear
Baffo Banfi - Ma, Dolce Vita
Baffo Banfi - The Sound Of Southern Sunsets
Bangtower - Casting Shadows
Peter Banks - Be Well, Be Safe, Be Lucky...The Anthology
Peter Banks - Reduction
Peter Banks - Self-contained
Peter Banks - The Self-Contained Trilogy
Peter Banks - Two sides of Peter Banks
Tony Banks - Seven - A Suite For Orchestra
Tony Banks - Soundtracks
Tony Banks - The Wicked Lady (Soundtrack)
Baraka - Inner Resonance
Baraka - Shade of Evolution
Baraka - Trinity
Baraka - VII
Barbacana - Barbacana
Richard Barbieri - Planets + Persona
Richard Barbieri - Stranger Inside
Richard Barbieri - Things buried
Bardo Pond - Volume 8
Il Baricentro - Sconcerto
Il Baricentro - Trusciant
Nicklas Barker - El último fin de semana
Barnacled - 6
Barnacled - Charles
Barnacles - Air Skin Digger
Barnacles - One Single Sound
Barracuda Triangle - Electro Shock Therapy
Martin Barre - Away With Words
Martin Barre - Stage Left
David Barrett Trio - David Barrett Trio
Bass Communion - Loss
Bass Communion vs Muslimgauze - bcvsmgcd
Luciano Basso - Cogli il giorno
Luciano Basso - Voci
BASta! - Cycles
Basta! (It.) - Elemento Antropico
Franco Battiato - L'Egitto prima delle sabbie
Bauhaus - Stairway to Escher
Baumann / Koek - Baumann / Koek
Peter Baumann - Machines of Desire
Peter Baumann - Romance '76
Peter Baumann - Trans Harmonic Nights
Beaver & Krause - In A Wild Sanctuary
Beaver & Krause - In a wild sanctuary / Gandharva
Beaver & Krause - The Nonesuch guide to electronic music
David Bedford - Instructions For Angels
David Bedford - The Odyssey
David Bedford - The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Begnagrad - Begnagrad
Behold... The Arctopus - Arctopocalypse Now... Warmageddon Later
Behold... The Arctopus - Horrorscension
Behold... The Arctopus - Nano-Nucleonic Cyborg Summoning
Behold... The Arctopus - Nano-Nucleonic Cyborg Summoning (extended)
Behold... The Arctopus - Skullgrid
Being & Time - Being & Time
Beledo - Dreamland Mechanism
Michael Clay & Adrian Belew - a cup of coffee and a slice of time
Adrian Belew - Desire Caught by the Tail
Adrian Belew - e
Adrian Belew - The Guitar as Orchestra
Bella Band - Bella Band
Bellaphon - Firefly
Below A Silent Sky - Corrosion
Carlos Beltrán - Jerico
bensnburner - patternwirtschaft
Robert Beriau - Falling back to where I began
Berits Halsband - Berits Halsband
Il Berlione - Il Berlione
Il Berlione - In 453minutes Infernal Cooking
Tim Berne - Sanctified Dreams
Eraldo Bernocchi, Prakash Sontakke - Invisible Strings
Bernocchi, FM Einheit, Jo Quail - Rosebud
Bersarin Quartett - Bersarin Quartett
Bersarin Quartett - II
Alessandro Bertoni - Keystone
Philippe Besombes - Cesi est Cela
Dave Bessell - Black Horses Of The Sun
The Best Pessimist - Two Against All
Between - Contemplation
Between - Einstieg
Between - Silence beyond time
Betzler & Brückner - triplet
Jeffrey Biegel - Manhattan Intermezzo
Big Robot - Aquafit
BIO - bio
Bionaut - Au Naturel
Bionaut - big causeway to gone
BIOnighT - Daybreak
Biota - Almost Never
Biota - Bellowing Room / Tinct
Biota - Half a True Day
Biota - Rackabones
Biota - Tumble
Birds And Buildings - Bantam To Behemoth
Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic - Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic (EP)
Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic - Dancing on A'A
Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic - Dawn of the Cycads
Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic - Faultline
Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic - Petrophonics
Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic - Pyroclastics
Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic - The Iridium Controversy
Bise de buse - Joue sa musique
Raoul Björkenheim - Apocalypso
Black Devil Disco Club - The Strange New World of Bernard Fevre
Tim Blake - Crystal Machine
Blandbladen - I Grevens Tid
Toto Blanke - Electric Circus
Blast Unicorn - Van Halo
Sven Blau - Perspectives
Blazing Bronze - Dominion Of The East
Christoph Blenker - Camouflage
Serge Blenner - La Vogue
Serge Blenner - Musique Esthétique
The Blessed Beat - MiV
Blezqi Zatsaz - Rise And Fall Of Passional Sanity
Blezqi Zatsaz - The tide turns
Blituri - Blituri
Blotted Science - The Animation Of Entomology
Blotted Science - The Machinations of Dementia
Blue Dog - Lurch
Blue Dog - What Is Anything?
Blue Motion - Blue Motion
Blue Touch Paper - Drawing Breath
Blue Touch Paper - Stand Well Back
Blueneck - Epilogue
Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz - Abraxas: Book of Angels Volume 19
The Bob Lazar Story - (sic)
Wolfgang Bock - Cycles
Tomas Bodin - An Ordinary Night In My Ordinary Life
Tomas Bodin - Cinematograaf
Tomas Bodin - Pin Up Guru
Tomas Bodin - Sonic Boulevard
Jean Pascal Boffo - Jeux De Nains
Jean Pascal Boffo - La Boîte à Musique
Jean Pascal Boffo - Rituel
Mark Bogert - A Story in Parts
Mark Bogert - Painting The World
Carsten Bohns Bandstand - Brandnew Oldies
Carsten Bohns Bandstand - Brandnew Oldies Vol.2
Carsten Bohns Bandstand - Brandnew Oldies Vol.3
Carsten Bohns Bandstand - Hörspielmusik Live !!! Brandnew Oldies !!!
Bohren & der Club of Gore - Black Earth
Bohren & der Club of Gore - Midnight Radio
Bohren & der Club of Gore - Piano Nights
Bohren & der Club of Gore - Sunset Mission
Bojanek & Michalowski - Solid
Bolt - Circadian Rhythm
Bolt - Movement and Detail
Boltzmann Brain - Sentences
Boltzmann Brain - Sind die echt
Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats - More Meat
Bondage Fruit - Bondage Fruit VI
Bondage Fruit - III - Récit
Bondage Fruit - Skin
Bone - Uses Wrist Grab
Bonfire - Bonfire Goes Bananas
Boom - One Hour Talisman
David Borden - Anatidae
David Borden - Cayuga Night Music
David Borden - Music for Amplified Keyboard Instruments
David Borden - The continuing story of Counterpoint 9 - 12
Boredoms - Vision Creation Newsun
Bosch - Bosch
Boud Deun - A general observation
Boud Deun - Astronomy Made Easy
Boud Deun - Fiction and several days
Boud Deun - The stolen bicycle
Lindsey Boullt - Composition
Lars Boutrup's Music For Keyboards - The symphonic dream
Box - Studio I
Bozzio Levin Stevens - Black Light Syndrome
Bozzio Levin Stevens - Situation Dangerous
Bozzio/Mastelotto - Bozzio/Mastelotto
Terry Bozzio & Billy Sheehan - Nine Short Films
Terry Bozzio - Chamber Works
Terry Bozzio - Drawing the Circle (new music for solo drumset)
BPM&M - XtraKcts & ArtifaKcts
The Braen's Machine - Underground
Brainticket - Adventure
Brainticket - Voyage
Brainticket - Zürich/Lausanne
Brand X - Brand X featuring Phil Collins
Brand X - Live From Stockholm
Brand X - Missing Period
Brand X - Moroccan Roll
Brand X - The X Files - A 20 Years Retrospective
Brand X - Timeline
Brand X - Unorthodox Behaviour
Brand X - XCommunication
Brave New World - Impressions On Reading Aldous Huxley
Tyondai Braxton - Central Market
Dan Ar Braz - Douar nevez - Terre nouvelle
Francois Bréant - Sons Optiques
Breitband - Fadu und der Unterschied
Bremen - Bremen
Paul Bremner - Wombsong
Bridge To Imla - one january evening
Bridge To Imla - The Radiant Sea
Brockmann / Bargmann - Licht
Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder - Blue
Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder - Direction Green
Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder - Green
Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder - Live @ Dorfkirche Repelen 2
Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder - Orange
Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder - Red
Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder - Repelen Revisited
Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder - Wolfsburg
Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder - Yellow
Davis Brooks - violin and electronics
Charles Brown - Journey in a New Land
Charles Brown - Storm Rising
Charles Brown - Thru the flames
Charles Brown - Wind of the Eastern Sea
Brown vs Brown - Odds and Unevens
Brown vs Brown - Twitch and Shout
Jack Bruce - Things we like
Michael Brückner - 100 Million Miles under the Stars
Michael Brückner - All The Pieces Fit Forever
Michael Brückner - Drones
Michael Brückner - Endless Mind Portal
Michael Brückner - Hikari
Michael Brückner - In letzter Konsequenz
Michael Brückner - Incarnation Generator
Michael Brückner - Mousic
Michael Brückner - Movies Moving In My Head
Michael Brückner - Muzikhala
Michael Brückner - Naura
Michael Brückner - R is for "Rocket" and S is for "Space"
Michael Brückner - The Giant Illusion
Michael Brückner - Thirteen Rites of Passage
Michael Brückner - Trees Of Olivandá
Michael Brückner - trips and ticks
Michael Brückner - trois briques
Michael Brückner - Two Letters from Crimea - Live at St.Peter, Frankfurt, April 2014
Michael Brückner & Mathias Brüssel - Ondes intergalactiques - live at the cosmic nights festival 2015
Brückner & Everling - Sparrows
Bruford - Feels Good To Me
Bruford - One Of A Kind
Bruford - Rock Goes To College (DVD)
Bruford - The Bruford Tapes
Bruford Levin - BLUE Nights
Bruford Levin - Upper Extremities
Bruford, Towner, Gomez - If Summer Had Its Ghosts
Harold Budd/Brian Eno - Ambient 2-The Plateaux of Mirror
Harold Budd/Brian Eno - The Pearl
Buddha Sentenza - Semaphora
Buddha Sentenza - South Western Lower Valley Rock
Roland Bühlmann - Aineo
Roland Bühlmann - Bailenas
Bulbs - On
Michael Bundt - Electri City
Michael Bundt - Just Landed Cosmic Kid
Burning Ghosts - Reclamation
Burnt Belief - Emergent
Bushman's Revenge - a little bit of big bonanza
Bushman's Revenge - Jitterbug
Bushman's Revenge - you lost me at hello
Butzmetz - LingerieZ - Butzmetz "2" - Somewhere Between
Buzzard - Exercises & Transmutations of the Applicable Techniques for the Chrome-Plated Mystical Squeegie of Destiny
Byggesett Orchestra - Wild Birch
byZero - Zencore
Cabezas De Cera - Hermandad
Roberto Cacciapaglia - Sonanze
Caillou - Caillou
Dan Caine - Transitions
John Cale - The Academy In Peril
John Cale & Terry Riley - Church Of Anthrax
California Guitar Trio - A Christmas Album
California Guitar Trio - Andromeda
California Guitar Trio - CG3 + 2
California Guitar Trio - Invitation
California Guitar Trio - Pathways
California Guitar Trio - The First Decade
California Guitar Trio - Whitewater
California Guitar Trio - Yamanashi Blues
Calomito - Cane di schiena
Calomito - Inaudito
Camel - The Snow Goose
Camembert - Clacosmique EP
Camera - Phantom of Liberty
Camera - Radiate!
Camera - Remember I Was Carbon Dioxide
The Neil Campbell Collective - Particle Theory
The Cancer Conspiracy - Omega
The Cancer Conspiracy - The Audio Medium
Cannabis India - SWF Session 1973
Canvas Solaris - Cortical Tectonics
Canvas Solaris - Irradiance
Canvas Solaris - Penumbra Diffuse
Canvas Solaris - The Atomized Dream
Capharnaüm - Le soleil est une bombe atomique
Capillary Action - Cannibal Impulses
Capillary Action - Fragments
Captain Obvious - Live@Bar227-24.02.07
Wendy Carlos - Clockwork Orange - Complete Original Score
Wendy Carlos - Digital Moonscapes
Wendy Carlos - Switched On Bach
Tony Carnevale - La vita che grida
Carpathia Project - Carpathia
Carpathia Project - II
Carpe Nota - carpe nota
Cartoon - Sortie
Castle Canyon - Gods of 1973
Catacombe - Quidam
Marc Catley & Geoff Mann - The Off The End Of The Pier Show
Cats on the Roof - Pros and Cons of Solitude
Causa Sui - Euporie Tide
Causa Sui - Live in Copenhagen
Causa Sui - Pewt'r Sessions 1-2
Causa Sui - Pewt'r Sessions 3
Causa Sui - Return To Sky
Causa Sui - Summer Sessions vol. 1-3
Causa Sui - Vibraciones Doradas
Cavern Of Anti-Matter - Blood-Drums
Cavern Of Anti-Matter - Hormone Lemonade
Celeste - Second Plus
Celestial Wolves - Illusive Landscape of Expression
The Cellar and Point - Ambit
Cellutron & the Invisible - Reflecting on the First Watch, We Uncover Treasure Buried for the Blind
Guido Möbius / Centenaire + KingQ4 - asper#2
Centrozoon - Angel liquor
Centrozoon - Boner (Marziano Fontana-Version)
Centrozoon - Lovefield
Centrozoon - the cult of: bibbiboo
Cerebus Effect - Returning To The Beginning
Chambers, Berlin, Lavitz, Fiuczynski - Boston T. Party
Chance - Dunes
Chance - Escape to horizon
Changing Images - The Castle
Chaos Venture - Out (CD-Single)
Chardeau - Hors portée - Instrumental sélection
Rhys Chatham - An Angel Moves Too Fast to See
Rhys Chatham - Die Donnergötter
Rhys Chatham - Guitar Trio Is My Life
Chawata - Portuguese Shower
Mikhail Chekalin - A Pagan Suite
Mikhail Chekalin - Avoiding the desire for cutting and piercing objects
Mikhail Chekalin - Between Spring and Autumn by Stealth
Mikhail Chekalin - Concerto Grosso No. 1
Mikhail Chekalin - Concerto Grosso No. 2
Mikhail Chekalin - Green Symphony - Borderline State
Mikhail Chekalin - Night Pulsation
Mikhail Chekalin - Porcelain God
Mikhail Chekalin - Saturn. Izdelie No...
Mikhail Chekalin - The Symphony - Phonogram
Guigou Chenevier - Les Rumeurs de la Ville
Cherno - Complicity Vision
Chicken El Diablo - Love it or Level it
Anthony Child - Electronic Recordings From Maui Jungle Vol. 1
Anthony Child - Electronic Recordings From Maui Jungle Vol. 2
Chvad SB - Crickets were the Compass
Cides & Leys - Live Facebook & Myspace Concert
Cinema by Pöngse - Loopings
Cinema by Pöngse - The MagiX Box
Cinema (DE) - The Discovering of Time
Circle - aNdeXelt.
Circle - Hissi
Circle - Infektio
Circle - Panic
Circle - TOWER
Circus Brimstone - Live - BrimStoned In Europe
Citriniti - Between The Music And Latitude
Citriniti - Citriniti feat. Fabrizio Leo
Clara Mondshine - Luna Africana
Clark-Hutchinson - A=MH2
Paul Clark - Shredz At An Exhibition
Claudia Quintet - I, Claudia
Claudia Quintet - Semi-Formal
Claudia Quintet - The Claudia Quintet with Gary Versace: Royal Toast
Clay Green's Polysorbate Masquerade Band - Chronicles of Bubbledroid
Clearlight - Clearlight Symphony
Barry Cleveland - Hologramatron
Barry Cleveland - Memory & Imagination
Barry Cleveland - Volcano
Clogs - Lullaby For Sue
Clogs - Stick Music
Clogs - Thom's Night Out
Cloud Chamber - Dark Matter
Cloudkicker - Beacons
Cloudkicker - Fade
Cloudkicker - Hello
Cloudkicker - Let Yourself Be Huge
Cloudkicker - Little Histories
Cloudkicker - Live With Intronaut
Cloudkicker - Loop
Cloudkicker - Portmanteau
Cloudkicker - Subsume
Cloudkicker - The Discovery
Cloudkicker - The Map Is Not The Territory
Cloudkicker - Woum
Cloudkicker - ]]][[[
Cluster - 1971-1981
Cluster - Apropos Cluster
Cluster - Cluster & Eno
Cluster - Cluster & Farnbauer Live in Vienna
Cluster - Cluster 71
Cluster - Curiosum
Cluster - Grosses Wasser
Cluster - Japan 1996 live
Cluster - Japan live
Cluster - Kollektion 06: Cluster 1971-1981
Cluster - One Hour
Cluster - Qua
Cluster - Sowiesoso
Cluster - USA live
CMDR RIKR - Distress Signal
Coda - Sounds Of Passion
Nadav Cohen - Lacuna
Jean Cohen-Solal - Captain Tarthopon
Jean Cohen-Solal - Flutes Libres
Collapse.Rebuild. - Fail Again, Fail Better
Collapse Under The Empire - Find A Place To Be Safe
Collapse Under The Empire - Fragments of a Prayer
Collapse Under The Empire - Sacrifice & Isolation
Collapse Under The Empire - Shoulders & Giants
Collapse Under The Empire - The Fallen Ones
Collapse Under The Empire - The Silent Cry
Collapse Under The Empire - The Sirens Sound
Collapse Under The Empire / Mooncake - Black Moon Empire
Collegium Musicum - Marián Varga & Collegium Musicum
Uwe Colleneck - Uwe Colleneck
Colonel Petrov's Good Judgement - Moral Machine
ColorStar - Via la Musica
Colosseum II - War Dance
Combat Astronomy - Earth Divided By Zero
Combat Astronomy - Flak Planet
Combat Astronomy - Kundalini Apocalypse
Combat Astronomy - The Dematerialised Passenger
Combination Head - Combination Head
Common Deflection Problems - We All Play Synth
Communio Musica - Special Alloy
Companyia Elèctrica Dharma - L'Oucomballa
Compás - halb nachts 3
Compest - Kryptozoologie
Condre SCR - You Are Genius
Tony Conrad with Faust - Outside the Dream Syndicate
Tony Conrad with Faust - Outside the Dream Syndicate Alive
Consider the Source - F**k it! We'll do it live, volume 1
Consider the Source - That's What's Up
Consider the Source - World War Trio (Parts II & III)
Contact - Zero Moment
Continuo Renacer - The Great Escape
Continuum (GB) - Continuum 2
Conventum - À l'Affût d'un Complot
Conventum - Le bureau central des utopies
Julian Cope - Rite2
Copenague - Laguna
Corbeaux - Hit the Head
Cortex - Volume 2
Cosmic Circus Music - Wiesbaden 1973
cosmic ground - cosmic ground
cosmic ground - cosmic ground 2
cosmic ground - cosmic ground IV
cosmic ground - cosmic ground lll
cosmic ground - live
Cosmic Hoffmann - Beyond The Galaxy
Cosmic Jokers - Cosmic Jokers
Cosmic Jokers - Galactic Supermarket
Cosmics - The Cosmic Year
Cosmopolitics - Mental Hygiene
Cosmosquad - Acid Test
Cosmosquad - Sqadrophenia
Cotton Ponies - Zwist
Sam Coulson - Electric Classical
Phil Coulter - Sea Of Tranquility
Counter-World Experience - Always home
Counter-World Experience - Fraktal
Counter-World Experience - Leaving Lotus
Counter-World Experience - Metronomicon
Counter-World Experience - Music for Kings
Counter-World Experience - Pulsar
Covet - Effloresce
Cowboys From Hell - Big Fish
Patrick Cowley - Afternooners
Patrick Cowley - Muscle Up
Patrick Cowley - School Daze
Craft - Craft
Cremator - Alpha Ralpha Boulevard
Cremator - Clear Air Turbulence
Cremator - Phase Électronique
Uwe Cremer & Thomas Rydell - Sirius Singularity
Uwe Cremer & Thomas Rydell - Time Trilogy
Curt Cress Clan - CCC
Crime in Choir - Crime in Choir
Crime in Choir - Gift Givers
Crime in Choir - The Hoop
Crime in Choir - Trumpery Metier
The Crimson Jazz Trio - King Crimson Songbook volume one
Cro Magnon - Brosella Suite
Cro Magnon - Bull?
Cro Magnon - Floww...
Cro Magnon - Zapp!
David Cross - Alive in the Underworld
David Cross - Memos From Purgatory
Cross & Jackson - Another Day
Beppe Crovella - What's Rattlin' On The Moon?
Cucamonga - Alter Huevo
Warren Cuccurullo - Machine Language
Culto Sin Nombre - Fracturas internas
Culto Sin Nombre - Hallazgos Nervosios
Cultural Noise - Aphorisms Insane
Bill Currie with Steve Howe - Transportation
Curved Air - Curved Space & Infinity
Chris Cutler - Solo
Cybotron - Colossus
Cybotron - Implosion
Cybotron - Sunday night at the Total Theatre
Cyclobe - Sulphur - Tarot - Garden
Cydemind - Erosion
Cytrus - Trzecia Łza Od Słońca
Czajkowski Minnemann - West ZooOpolis
István Cziglán - Seven Gates Of Alhambra
Daal - Disorganicorigami
Daal - Dodecahedron
Dada - Castle Wall
Dada - Castle wall / The House In The Mirror
Dada - Dada
Daemonia - Dawn Of The Dead / Zombi
Daimonji - Improg
Daimonji - Into a blind alley
Daimonji - I´m getting sentimental over you
Salvador Dali & Igor Wakhevitch - Être Dieu
Patricia Dallio - Procession
Patricia Dallio - Que personne ne bouge
Darediablo - Bedtime Stories
Dark Radish - Dark Radish
Hal Darling - D2R
Hal Darling - Darling
Darwin's Radio - Template For A Generation
Das Blaue Palais - Blauer Regen
Dasch2 - Schleudergang
Dasputnik - Cyclokosmia
Dasputnik - Parapsykosis
Datashock - Kräuter der Provinz
Daturah - Reverie
Dave Corp - The Sweet Life
Dave Tucker West Coast Project - Tenderloin
Days Between Stations - Days Between Stations
Koen De Bruyne - here comes the crazy man!
De Gladas Kapell - Spelar Nilsson
Deadburger Factory - Microonde/Vibroplettri
Elton Dean - Just Us
Death Ambient - Death Ambient
Death Ambient - Drunken Forest
Death Ambient - Synaesthesia
Ritchie DeCarlo - Week
Decibel - El Poeta Del Ruido
Decibel - Secuencias Genéticas
Dedalus - Dedalus
Deer Park Ranger - Bottom of the Ocean
Deer Park Ranger - Everything All The Time
Deer Park Ranger - Moderation
Deformica - Deformica
Deformica - En Vivo - Auditorio Oeste - 31/5/2013
Deformica - H
Deformica - Paramo
Del Rey - Immemorial
Del Rey & The Sun Kings - Battleship Potemkin
Del Rey & The Sun Kings - Battleship Potemkin (DVD)
Delago - Trancealpin
Delta Saxophone Quartet - Dedicated To You... But You Weren't Listening
Deluge Grander - Oceanarium
Deluge Grander - The Form of the Good
Daniel Denis - Les Eaux Troubles
Daniel Denis - Sirius And The Ghosts
Dennis - Hyperthalamus
Derby Derby - Love Dance
Franck Dervieux - Dimension 'M'
Deuter - Celebration
Deuter - D
Deuter - Ecstasy
Deuter - Haleakala
Deuter - Kundalini Meditation Music
Deuter - Silence Is The Answer
Deutsche Wertarbeit - Deutsche Wertarbeit
Dewa Budjana - Hasta Karma
Dewa Budjana - Surya Namaskar
DFA - Duty Free Area
Dialeto - Bartók in Rock
Diamond Gloss - Bears
The Diaphanoids - LSME
Dice (Swe) - The Four Riders of the Apocalypse
Dieter Bihlmaier Selection - The SWF-Sessions 1973
Difícil Equilibrio - Flood
Difícil Equilibrio - Simétricanarquia
Difícil Equilibrio - Trayecto
Thomas Dinger - Für mich
Dionne - Brégent - deux
Disasterpeace - Level
Disen Gage - Libertage
Disen Gage - The Screw-Loose Entertainment
Divine Realm - Tectum Argenti
Dixie Dregs - Bring 'em back alive
Dixie Dregs - Freefall
Dixie Dregs - King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents Dixie Dregs
Dixie Dregs - Night of the Living Dregs
Dixie Dregs - What If
Djam Karet - A Night For Baku
Djam Karet - Ascension
Djam Karet - Burning the hard city
Djam Karet - Collaborator
Djam Karet - Live At NEARFest 2001
Djam Karet - Live at Orion
Djam Karet - New Dark Age
Djam Karet - Recollection Harvest
Djam Karet - Reflections from the firepool
Djam Karet - Regenerator 3017
Djam Karet - Sonic Celluloid
Djam Karet - Suspension & displacement
Djam Karet - The Devouring
Djam Karet - The Heavy Soul Sessions
Djam Karet - The Ritual Continues
Djam Karet - The Trip
Djamra - Circle of Circus
Djamra - Kamihitoe
Do Make Say Think - Do Make Say Think
Do Make Say Think - goodbye enemy airship the landlord is dead
Tod Dockstader & David Lee Myers - Bijou
Doctor Nerve - Armed Observation
Doctor Nerve - Did Sprinting Die?
Doctor Nerve - Ereia
Doctor Nerve - Every Screaming Ear
Doctor Nerve - Out To Bomb Fresh Kings
Doctor Nerve - Skin
Dogma - Album
Dolcetti - Arriver
Don Bradshaw-Leather - Distance between us
Don Caballero - For Respect
Troy Donockley & Dave Bainbridge - From Silence
Patrick Dorobisz - Sneeuw
DoubleYouSee a.k.a. Warren Cuccurullo featuring Terry Bozzio - Playing In Tongues
douBt - Mercy, Pity, Peace & Love
douBt - never pet a burning dog
Douze Alfonso - El Canto De Las Piedras
Douze Alfonso - Under
Geoffrey Downes - The Light Program
Downlouders - Arca
Dr Tree - Dr Tree
Dreadnaught - Musica en Flagrante
Driveby - Asymmetry
Glen Drover - Metalusion
Krzysztof Duda - Altus
Dün - Eros
Dungen - Häxan
Dunst - Archimedes Waffen
Duo Sonare - Duo Sonare plays Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells
Dura Mater - Dura Mater
Dustin Behm - The Beyond
The Dwarfs of East Agouza - Bes
Dweller at the Threshold - Full Boundary Condition
Dweller at the Threshold - Generation Transmission Illumination
Dweller at the Threshold - No Boundary Condition
d-zAkørd - de_fUtura(hiroshima)
Dzyan - Electric Silence
Dzyan - Time Machine
e jugend - Last Exit Wedding
Earthworks - A Part And Yet Apart
Earthworks - All heaven broke loose
Earthworks - Dig?
Earthworks - Earthworks
Earthworks - Footloose in NYC (DVD)
Earthworks - Live - Stamping Ground
Earthworks - Random Acts Of Happiness
East - Az Áldozat (Sodoma)
East Wind Pot - East Wind Pot
Ebu Gogo - Chase Scenes 1-14
Ebu Gogo - Worlds
Eccentric Orbit - Attack of the Martians
Ian Eccles-Smith - Apsilene
Echo City - Echo City
Echo City - Loss of the church (with Siren Project)
Echo City - Single 2000 (Test mach special)
Echo City - Sonic sport 83-88
Echo City - The sound of music
Alain Eckert Quartet - Alain Eckert Quartet
Ed Palermo Big Band - Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance
Ed Palermo Big Band - The Adventures of Zodd Zundgren
Eden Rose - On The Way To Eden
Eder - Rebus
Eder - Und was ist mit mir?
Edo Ghost - Yurei
Colin Edwin/Robert Jürjendal - Another World
Efterklang - Performing Parades
EGO - Evoluzione Delle Forme
Eider Stellaire - 1
Eider Stellaire - 2
Eiliff - Bremen 1972
Eiliff - Close Encounter With Their Third One
Mattias IA Eklundh - Freak Guitar
Ekseption - 5
Ekseption - Ekseption Plays Bach
Ektroverde - Arpeggio
Ektroverde - Futuro - A New Stance for Tomorrow
Ektroverde - Integral
Ektroverde - Ukkossalama
EL - Electric Leak
el tubo elástico - el tubo elástico
Elara - In the Depths of Time, in an Ocean Made of Stars
Elara - Soundtrack for a quiet place
Electric Masada - At The Mountains Of Madness
Electric Moon - Cellar Space Live Overdose
Electric Moon - Flaming Lake
Electric Moon - Inferno
Electric Moon - Lunatics Revenge
Electric Moon - Mind Explosion
Electric Moon - Theory of Mind
Electric Orange - Cows don't dream at night
Electric Orange - Cyberdelic
Electric Orange - EOXXV
Electric Orange - fleischwerk
Electric Orange - misophonia
Electric Orange - Morbus
Electric Orange - Netto
Electric Orange - Orange commutation
Electric Orange - Platte
Electric Orange - rechnung offen
Electric Orange - sessions nebenan
Electric Orange - tonbandreste
Electric Orange - Totales Brummen
Electric Orange - Unterwasser - Live 2002
Electric Orange - Würzburg Cairo 2015
Electric Orange & Sula Bassana - Electric Orange & Sula Bassana
Electric Outlet - ON!
Electrocution 250 - Electric Cartoon Music from Hell
Electrum - Standard Deviation
Elegant Simplicity - Anhedonia
Elektriktus - Electronic mind waves
Elektrum - Live At The Opera
elephant9 - Atlantis
elephant9 - dodovoodoo
elephant9 - Greatest show on earth
elephant9 - silver mountain
elephant9 - walk the nile
Eleven33 - Chasing Light
Elfferich Four - Eccentricity
Eliogabal - Mo
Brian Ellis - Quipu
Brian Ellis - The Silver Creature
Brian Ellis - Yellow Light District
Elton Dean / Mark Hewins - Bar Torque
Embryo - For Eva
Embryo - Rocksession
Embryo - Steig Aus
Emeralds - Does It Look Like I'm Here?
Emeralds - Emeralds
Emeralds - Just To Feel Anything
Emeralds - Solar Bridge
Keith Emerson - Emerson plays Emerson
Keith Emerson - Harmagedon
Keith Emerson - Inferno
Keith Emerson - Iron Man Vol.1
Keith Emerson - La Chiesa
Keith Emerson - The Christmas Album
Keith Emerson - Three Fates
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - From the Beginning
Energit - Energit
Energit - Piknik
English Bore - tape loops /// 140112
The Enid - Aerie Faerie Nonsense
The Enid - In The Region Of The Summer Stars
The Enid - Journey's End Orchestrations
The Enid - Live at Hammersmith
The Enid - Live At Loreley
The Enid - Six Pieces
The Enid - Sundialer
The Enid - The Music Of William Arkle and Other Recordings
The Enid - The Seed and the Sower
The Enid - The Spell
The Enid - Touch Me
The Enid - Tripping The Light Fantastic
The Enid - White Goddess
Brian Eno - Lux
Brian Eno - Music For Films
Brian Eno - Nerve Net
Brian Eno - Reflection
Brian Eno - Small Craft on a Milk Sea
Brian Eno - The Drop
Eno Moebius Roedelius Plank - Begegnungen II
Eno/Wobble - Spinner
Ensemble Nimbus - Garmonbozia
Ensemble Nimbus - Scapegoat
L'Ensemble Rayé - Ein Fest für PU den Bären
L'Ensemble Rayé - En Frac!
L'Ensemble Rayé - Les contrepoints cardinaux
L'Ensemble Rayé - Même en Hiver/Come un pinson dans l'eau
L'Ensemble Rayé - Quelques pièces détachées
L'Ensemble Rayé - Théâtre de la Poudrière
L'Ensemble Rayé - Vis-à-Vis
Enslaved - Axioma Ethica Odini
Ephemeral Sun - Harvest Aorta
Erehia - ManuzkRitoz ZE
Ergo - As subtle as tomorrow
Ergo - If Not Inertia
Ergo - Multitude, Solitude
Ergo Sum (Chile) - Mixolidio
Erna Schmidt - Live 69-71
Eroc - Changing Skies
Eroc - Eroc
Eroc - Eroc 4
Eroc - Wolkenreisen
Eroc & Urs Fuchs - Eurosonic Experiences
Esagono - Vicolo
Eschar - Elements
Eskalation - Eskalation - music for basoon, wind synthesizer and sampled percussion
Esmark - māra I
Esmark - māra II
Esmerine - Dalmak
Esmerine - Lost Voices
Esmerine - Mechanics of Dominion
Estradasphere - Palace of Mirrors
Etcetera - Tales of Ardour & Deceit
Europa String Choir - RealPromoDemo
Europa String Choir - The Starving Moon
Guy Evans - The long hello Vol. IV
Evolucion - Umbrales
Ex Eye - Ex Eye
Exhaust - Enregistreur
Exivious - Exivious
Exivious - Liminal
Exmagma - Exmagma & Goldball
Experimental Audio Research - Mesmerised
Experimental Q2 - Reflux
Explosions In The Sky - All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone
Explosions In The Sky - The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place
Explosions In The Sky - Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Live Forever
Expo '70 - America Here & Now Sessions
Expo '70 - Journey Through The Astral Projections
Expo '70 - Virtually From The Unknown
Exsimio - Exsimio
Exxasens - Eleven Miles
Antoine Fafard - Solus Operandi
Fake Idyll - Genome of terror
Falsos Conejos - YYY
Fanger & Schönwälder - Analog overdose
Fanger & Schönwälder - Analog overdose "the ricochet dream edition"
Fanger & Schönwälder - Analog overdose 0.9
Fanger & Schönwälder - Analog Overdose 5
Fanger & Kersten - Splashdown
Fantasmagoria - Day And Night
Fantômas - Delìrivm Còrdia
Far Corner - Endangered
Far Corner - Far Corner
Patrizio Fariselli - Area, variazioni per pianoforte
F.A.T. - Animal
FAT32 - FAT32
Faust - Edinburgh 1997
Fayman & Fripp - A temple in the clouds
feat.Esserelà - TUORL
FeatherWolf - FeatherWolf
Dieter Feichtner - Anthology Vol.1
Lorenzo Feliciati - Elevator Man
Lorenzo Feliciati - Frequent Flyer
Lorenzo Feliciati - Koi
Felipe Arcazas & Vintage Cucumber - Split
Feliu i Joan Albert - Feliu i Joan Albert
Feorm - Feorm
Kevin Ferguson - Subtle Hint
Fermata - Biela Planéta
Fermata - Fermata
Fermata - Piesen Z Hôl' (Song from the Ridges)
Fermata - Simile...
Fernwood - Arcadia
Ferrigno Leal Kuprij - Promised Land
Gianluca Ferro - Unheimlich
Bernard Fevre - Cosmos 2043
Bernard Fevre - Suspense
Bernard Fevre - The Strange World Of Bernard Fevre
F.G. Experimental Laboratory - Journey into a dream
Fibonacci Sequence - Cinema Finis
Fibonacci Sequence - Numerology
The Fierce and The Dead - Spooky Action
The Fierce and The Dead - The Euphoric
Christian Fiesel and Alien Nature - Geistertanz
Christian Fiesel and Alien Nature - Unter Null
Christian Fiesel - After the Flood
Christian Fiesel - Hagen's Delight
Christian Fiesel - On Water
Christian Fiesel - Smile With An Ambience
Christian Fiesel - The Hunting Game
Christian Fiesel - This Is The Dark House
Christian Fiesel - Transform To Dust
Christian Fiesel & Hagen von Bergen - Sperrgut
Christian Fiesel & Jack Hertz - End of the Steam Age
Christian Fiesel & Jack Hertz - Fast Rails
Filter-Kaffee - 100
Filter-Kaffee - 101
Filter-Kaffee - 102
Filter-Kaffee - 103
Finch - Beyond Expression
Finch - Galleons Of Passion
Finch - Glory Of The Inner Force
Finch - The making of... Galleons of passion / Stage ’76
Finnegans Wake - 4th
Finnegans Wake - Pictures
Finnegans Wake - Red
Finnegans Wake - The Bird and the Sky Above
Fire! - The Hands
Fire! - you liked me five minutes ago
Fireclan - Sunrise to Sunset
Frank Fischer - Tales Of Mullumbimby
Fitzcarraldo - Hansestadt
Fitzcarraldo - Oldenburg EP
Gregory Allan FitzPatrick - Bildcirkus
Gregory Allan FitzPatrick - Snorungarnas Symphoni
David Fiuczynski - Flam! Blam! Pan-Asian MicroJam!
Five-Storey Ensemble - Night en Face
la flag - spargelzeit
Flamen Dialis - Symptome - Dei
Flares - Solar Empire
Fläsket Brinner - The Swedish Radio Recordings 1970-1975
Flat Earth Society - Cheer Me, Perverts!
Flat Earth Society - ISMS
Flat Earth Society - Psychoscout
Flat122 - Kangerou
Flat122 - The Waves
Fleeman, Al - The Water is Wide
Flotante - En la Agitacion
The Flower Kings - BetchaWannaDanceStoopid!!
The Flower Kings - Fan Club CD 2002
The Flower Kings - Fan Club CD 2005 (Harvest)
The Flying Luttenbachers - "...The Truth Is A Fucking Lie..."
The Flying Luttenbachers - Infection and decline
The Flying Luttenbachers - Systems Emerge from Complete Disorder
Focus - At The Rainbow
Focus - Focus 9 / New Skin
Focus - Focus III
Focus - Hamburger Concerto
Focus - Ship of Memories
Fogh Depot - Fogh Depot
Fondation - Les Cassettes 1980-1983
Fonderia - re>>enter
Fonya - In Flux
Fonya - Soul Travels
Food Brain - Social Gathering
Foreign Spaces - Imagination-Pictures-Music
Foreign Spaces - Spheres
Forever Einstein - Down With Gravity
Forever Einstein - One Thing After Another
Forever Einstein - Racket Science
Forgas Band Phenomena - Acte V
Forgas Band Phenomena - Extra-Lucide
Forgas Band Phenomena - L´Axe du Fou
Forgas Band Phenomena - Roue Libre
Forgas Band Phenomena - Soleil 12
Patrick Forgas - Synchronicité
Forma - Physicalist
Kai Rüffer Fractal Band - I
The Fractured Dimension - Galaxy Mechanics
The Fractured Dimension - Towards The Mysterium
frames - 124EP
frames - Mosaik
Chris(topher) Franke - Babylon 5 (Volume 2:Messages from Earth)
Chris(topher) Franke - Klemania
Fratoroler - Reflections
Freak Zoid - Freak Zoid
Freak Zoid - Freak Zoid Returns
Freakeys - Freakeys
fred - Live at The Bitter End
Fred Frith Guitar Quartet - Upbeat
Free Nelson Mandoomjazz - Awakening of a Capital
Free System Projekt - Atmospheric Conditions
French TV - After A Lengthy Silence
French TV - I Forgive You for All My Unhappiness
French TV - Operation: Mockingbird
French TV - Pardon Our French
French TV - The Violence Of Amateurs
French TV - This is what we do
French TV - Yoo-Hoo!!!
Marty Friedman - Loudspeaker
Marty Friedman - Scenes
Friendly Bears - On Oceans, Light, and Sleep
Friends of Dean Martinez - A Place In The Sun
Friends of Dean Martinez - Atardecer
Friends of Dean Martinez - Lost Horizon
Friends of Dean Martinez - Random Harvest
Friends of Dean Martinez - Retrograde
Friends of Dean Martinez - The Shadow of Your Smile
Friends of Dean Martinez - Under The Waves
Friends of Dean Martinez - Wichita Lineman
Tim Friese-Greene - 10 Sketches For Piano Trio
Fripp & Eno - Evening Star
Fripp & Eno - Live in Paris 28.05.1975
Fripp & Eno - No Pussyfooting
Robert Fripp - A Blessing Of Tears
Robert Fripp - At The End Of Time (Churchscapes - Live in England & Estonia, 2006)
Robert Fripp - Let the Power Fall (an album of Frippertronics)
Robert Fripp - Love Cannot Bear (Soundscapes - Live In The USA)
Robert Fripp - November Suite - Soundscapes - Live at Green Park Station 1996
Robert Fripp - Pie Jesu (Single)
Robert Fripp - Radiophonics (1995 Soundscapes Vol.1 - Live in Argentina)
Robert Fripp - Soundscapes - All Saints Church, Broad Chalke, Wiltshire, UK, January 14, 2006
Robert Fripp - Soundscapes - MDH, Manchester, UK, December 8, 2005
Robert Fripp - Soundscapes - St.Paul's Cathedral, London, UK, June 13, 2006
Robert Fripp - Soundscapes - Zepp Osaka, Osaka, Japan, November 28, 2006
Robert Fripp - That Which Passes (1995 Soundscapes Live, Volume 3)
Robert Fripp - The Gates Of Paradise
Robert Fripp - The Sound Warehouse Chicago,Illinois,June 18,1979
Robert Fripp & The League of Crafty Guitarists - Live!
Robert Fripp & The League of Crafty Guitarists - Show of hands
The Robert Fripp String Quintet - The Bridge Between
Fred Frith - Allies
Fred Frith - Eye To Ear
Fred Frith - Eye To Ear II
Fred Frith - Gravity
Fred Frith - Guitar solos
Fred Frith - Maybe Monday - "Digital Wildlife"
Fred Frith - Speechless
Fred Frith - The Happy End Problem
Fred Frith, Bob Ostertag, Phil Minton - Voice of America
Fabio Frizzi - Manhattan Baby
Fabio Frizzi - Paura Nella Città Dei Morti Viventi
Fabio Frizzi - Zombi 2
Frob - Frob
Edgar Froese - Ambient Highway Vol.1
Edgar Froese - Ambient Highway Vol.2
Edgar Froese - Ambient Highway Vol.3
Edgar Froese - Ambient Highway Vol.4
Edgar Froese - Aqua
Edgar Froese - Epsilon In Malaysian Pale
Edgar Froese - Introduction to the ambient highway (roaring cats and driving camels)
Edgar Froese - Macula transfer
Edgar Froese - SOLO (1974-1983) The Virgin Years
Frogg Café - Creatures
Frogg Café - Noodles
Frohmader/Fuchs-Gamböck - Das ist alles (Das fahle Licht am Ende des Zimmers...)
Peter Frohmader - 2001
Peter Frohmader - 3rd Millennium´s Choice - Vol. 1
Peter Frohmader - 3rd Millennium´s Choice - Vol. 2
Peter Frohmader - Advanced Alchemy Of Music
Peter Frohmader - Anubis Dance
Peter Frohmader - Armorika
Peter Frohmader - Cultes des Goules
Peter Frohmader - Cycle Of Eternity
Peter Frohmader - Eismeer
Peter Frohmader - Gate
Peter Frohmader - Homunculus / Ritual
Peter Frohmader - Macrocosm
Peter Frohmader - Miniatures
Peter Frohmader - Musik aus dem Schattenreich
Peter Frohmader - Nekropolis 2
Peter Frohmader - Stringed Works
Peter Frohmader - Through Time and Mystery-Ending
Peter Frohmader & Richard Pinhas - Fossil Culture
From Monument To Masses - The Impossible Leap in One Hundred Simple Steps
From Mountains - From Mountains - Overlook - Quartus Artifactus - Seventh Story - Sodom and Gomorrah
FrontEra (Baffo Banfi & Matteo Cantaluppi) - FrontEra
Führs & Fröhling - Ammerland
Führs & Fröhling - Diary
Führs & Fröhling - Strings
Fun Machine - Beef Oven
Furyu - Cio che l'anima non dice
Fushitsusha - Allegorical Misunderstanding
Fushitsusha - The Caution Appears
Fusion - Fusion
Fusion - Paris 80
The Fusion Syndicate - The Fusion Syndicate
The Future Kings of England - The Future Kings of England
The Future Kings of England - The Viewing Point
The Future Sound Of London - Dead Cities
Claudio Gabbiani - Nightnursing
Peter Gabriel - Birdy (Soundtrack)
Peter Gabriel - Passion Sources
Galactic Explorers - Epithaph For Venus
Gambale Donati Fierabracci - Made in Australia
Gandalf - Echoes from ancient dreams
Gandalf - From Source To Sea
Gandalf - Invisible power - A symphonic prayer
Gandalf - Journey to an imaginary land
Gandalf - Magic Theatre
Gandalf - Tale From A Long Forgotten Kingdom
Gandalf - The Universal Play
Gandalf - To Another Horizon
Gandalf - Visions
Gargantua - koteGARDA
Gargle - Wading in Shallow Waters
Michael Garrison - Aurora Dawn
Michael Garrison - Images
Michael Garrison - In the Regions of Sunreturn
Michael Garrison - Prisms
Brett Garsed - Dark Matter
Gatto Marte - Marte Sulla Luna
Gaudi - EP
Gaudi - Magnetic
Patrick Gauthier - Bébé Godzilla
Genesis for two grand pianos - Genesis for two grand pianos
Genesis for two grand pianos - Genesis For Two Grand Pianos Vol. II
Christian Genet - Performances
Genet - Plouvier - Plaisirs et Pénitences
The Gerald Peter Project - Incremental Changes, Pt. 1
Gerard - Live in Marseille - Battle Triangle
German Oak - German Oak
Gespenst - Dogma
Ghost Island - Assimilation
Ghost Toast - Out of This World
Giant Hedgehog - Die Irrealität der Zeit
Giant Hedgehog - Giant Hedgehog
Giardini di Mirò - Il Fuoco
Il Giardino Onirico - Perigeo
Gila - Night works
The Michael Giles Mad Band - The Adventures of The Michael Giles Mad Band
Giles/Muir/Cunningham - Ghost Dance
Gilgamesh - Arriving Twice
Gordon Giltrap - Visionary
Gordon Giltrap / Ric Sanders - One to One
Frank Gingeleit - Lost In The Deep Blue
Frank Gingeleit - Megalopolis
Frank Gingeleit - Nightmares & Escapades
Frank Gingeleit - Toy Island
Marcello Giombini - Astromusic Synthesizer
Marcello Giombini - Computer Disco
Marcello Giombini - Synthomania
Glasgow Coma Scale - Apophenia
Glasgow Coma Scale - Enter Oblivion
Glass - Emergence
Glass - Illuminations
Glass - Live at Progman Cometh
Glass - No Stranger To The Skies
Glass - Palindrome
Glass - Spectrum Principle
Glen or Glenda - Goulita
Glen or Glenda - La Contrebande des Mouches
GlerAkur - The Mountains Are Beautiful Now
Glockenspiel - Dupleix
Thomas Glönkler - Auszeit
Goblin - Buio Omega
Goblin - Contamination
Goblin - Nonhosonno
Goblin - Patrick
Goblin - Phenomena
Goblin - Profondo Rosso
Goblin - Roller
Goblin - Suspiria
Goblin - Tenebre
Goblin - The Fantastic Journey Of Goblin - Best Of Vol. 1
Goblin - Zombi
Goblin Rebirth - alive
Goblin Rebirth - Goblin Rebirth
God Is An Astronaut - A Moment Of Stillness
God Is An Astronaut - Age Of The Fifth Sun
God Is An Astronaut - All Is Violent, All Is Bright
God Is An Astronaut - Far From Refuge
God Is An Astronaut - God Is An Astronaut
God Is An Astronaut - Helios | Erebus
God Is An Astronaut - Origins
Robert John Godfrey - 70th Birthday Concert with The Enid. Live at Union Chapel
Robert John Godfrey - The Art of Melody
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - 'Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress'
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - f#a#oo
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Lift yr. skinny fists like antennas to heaven
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Luciferian Towers
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - slow riot for new zero kanada
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Yanqui U.X.O.
Gösta Berlings Saga - Detta Har Hänt
Gösta Berlings Saga - Glue Works
Gösta Berlings Saga - Sersophane
Gösta Berlings Saga - Tid är ljud
Manuel Göttsching - Die Mulde
Manuel Göttsching - E2-E4
Golem - Orion Awakes
Farzad Golpayegani - One
Farzad Golpayegani - Two
Gong - Gazeuse!
Gong Expresso - Decadence
Pierre Moerlen's Gong - Downwind
Pierre Moerlen's Gong - Full Circle
Pierre Moerlen's Gong - Second wind
Pierre Moerlen's Gong - Time is the key
Gongzilla - East Village Sessions
Gongzilla - Live
Gongzilla - Suffer
Alain Goraguer - La Planète Sauvage
Gordian Knot - Emergent
Gordian Knot - Gordian Knot
Steve Gorn, Tony Levin, Jerry Marotta - From The Caves Of The Iron Mountain
Gotic - Escénes
Tadashi Goto - Innervisions
Takaakira "Taka" Goto - Classical Punk And Echoes Under The Beauty
Jean-Philippe Goude - Drones
Govea - Danca Urbana
Govea - Raíces
Grace Cathedral Park - In The Evenings of Regret
Grails - Burning Off Impurities
Grails - Chalice Hymnal
Grails - Deep Politics
Grails - Redlight
Grails - Take Refuge in Clean Living
Grails - The Burden of Hope
Gran Torino - grantorinoProg
Granada - España, año 1975
Granada - Valle del pas
Grand General - Grand General
Grand Stand - In the middle, On the edge
Graves And Orchestra Pits - Graves And Orchestra Pits
Gravitsapa - Demo-2
Gravity Adjusters Expansion Band - One
The Great Harry Hillman - Tilt
Dave Greenslade - From The Discworld
Dave Greenslade - The Pentateuch Of The Cosmogony
Jonny Greenwood - Bodysong
Jeff Greinke - Swimming
Grey Towers Stone Temples - Land Of Saturn
Grimény - Die große Enttäuschung
Ragnar Grippe - Sand
Harald Grosskopf - Oceanheart
Harald Grosskopf - Synthesist
Harald Grosskopf & Eberhard Kranemann - Krautwerk
Grotesk - Grotesk
Grotesk - Grotesk 2
The Group (Fin.) - The Group
Group 1850 - Live
Group 1850 - Live on tour
The Group (Ita.) - The Feed-Back
Group Therapy - Nightmare in the College
Sven Grünberg - Hingus
Sven Grünberg - OM
Piotrek Gruszka - Cosmogenesis
Gryphon - About As Curious As It Can Be
Gryphon - Red Queen To Gryphon Three
Vadim Gryzlov - Istereo
Guadalquivir - Camino Del Concierto
Guadalquivir - Guadalquivir
Gualberto - Vericuetos
Guapo - Black Oni
Guapo - Death Seed
Guapo - Five Suns
Guapo - Great Sage, Equal Of Heaven
Guapo - Hirohito
Guapo - History of the Visitation
Guapo - Obscure Knowledge
Guapo - The Ducks and Drakes of Guapo and Cerberus Shoal
Guapo - Twisted Stems
Shaun Guerin - Archives
Guillaume Perret & the Electric Epic - Guillaume Perret & the Electric Epic
Guillaume Perret & the Electric Epic - Open Me
Guitar Garden - Secret Space
Trey Gunn - Live Encounter
Trey Gunn - Modulator
Trey Gunn - Raw Power (Surfacings 1)
Trey Gunn - The Joy of Molybdenum
Trey Gunn - The Third Star
Trey Gunn - Untune The Sky
Gunnelpumpers - Montana Fix
Gunnelpumpers - Tritonium
Guru Freakout - Mothership
Guru Guru - 2000 Gurus
Guru Guru - Ufo
Gurumaniax - Psy Valley Hill
Gustavo Jobim - Dezoito
Gustavo Jobim - Meio-Dia
Gustavo Jobim - Trapped in a Day Job
Jukka Gustavson - ...jaloa ylpeyttä yletän... ylevää nöyryyttä nousen
Gutbucket - A Modest Proposal
Gutbucket - Dry Humping the American Dream
Gutbucket - Flock
John Hackett - Velvet Afternoon
John Hackett/Steve Hackett - Sketches of Satie
Steve Hackett - A Midsummer Night's Dream
Steve Hackett - Bay of Kings
Steve Hackett - Hungarian Horizons (Live in Budapest)
Steve Hackett - Live Archive 05
Steve Hackett - Live Archive 83
Steve Hackett - Metamorpheus
Steve Hackett - Momentum
Hadal Sherpa - Hadal Sherpa
Hagen von Bergen's Hargest Darken - Abschied ist ein schweres Schaf
Hagen von Bergen's Hargest Darken - Der Dauernde Fluss
Hal & Ring - Alchemy
Richard Hallebeek Project - Richard Hallebeek Project
Halma - Back to Pascal
Halma - Broad Peak
Halma - Dissolved Solids
Halma - Granular
Peter Michael Hamel - Bardo
Peter Michael Hamel - Colours Of Time
Peter Michael Hamel - Nada
Stuart Hamm - Radio Free Albemuth
Peter Hammill - Spur of the Moment (Peter Hammill & Guy Evans)
Peter Hammill - The Appointed Hour (Roger Eno & Peter Hammill)
Hamster Theatre - Carnival Detournement
Hamster Theatre - The Public Execution of Mister Personality / Quasi Day Room
Hangedup - Clatter For Control
Hangedup - Hangedup
Hangedup - Kicker in Tow
Bo Hansson - Attic Thoughts
Bo Hansson - Lord Of The Rings
Bo Hansson - Magician's Hat
Bo Hansson - Music Inspired By Watership Down
Hansson & Karlsson - Hansson & Karlsson
Happy Family - Happy Family
Happy Family - Minimal Gods
Happy Family - Toscco
Happy The Man - The Muse Awakens
Harant - Wordless
Harmonia - Documents 1975
Harmonia - Musik von Harmonia
Harmonia - Tracks & Traces
Don Harper - Cold Worlds
David Harrington - Procession
David Harrington - Rule 29
Michael Harris - Defense Mechanizms
Michael Harris - Distorted views
Michael Harris - Sketches from the thought chamber
George Harrison - Electronic Sound
Gavin Harrison - Cheating the Polygraph
Jon Hassell - Fascinoma
Jon Hassell - The Surgeon of the nightsky restores dead things by the power of sound
Jon Hassell/Brian Eno - Fourth World Vol.1,Possible Musics
The Hausfrauen of Death - Fegefeuer der Eitelkeiten
Glen Heald - Progressive Rock
The Healing Road - Backdrop
The Healing Road - Tales From The Dam
The Healing Road - Tímanfaya
Hectic Watermelon - The Great American Road Trip
Steve Hegede - A Door-Doom At Frodis-Water
Heights - Phantasia On The High Processions Of Sun, Moon And Countless Stars Above
Heinali - A Wave Crashes
Heirs - Hunter (EP)
heklAa - Songs In F
Heldon - Allez Teia
Heldon - Electronique Guerilla
Heldon - Heldon IV "Agneta Nilsson"
Heldon - Interface
Heldon - It's Always Rock'n'Roll
Heldon - Live Electronik Guerilla: Paris 1975-76
Heldon - Stand By
Heldon - Un Rêve Sans Consequence Spéciale
Heldon - Well And Live In France - Live In Nancy 1979
Jonas Hellborg - Abstract Logic
Jonas Hellborg - Art Metal
Jonas Hellborg - Jonas Hellborg Group
Jonas Hellborg - Temporal Analogues Of Paradise
Jonas Hellborg - Time Is The Enemy
Anders Helmerson - End of illusion
Anders Helmerson - Triple Ripple
Helmet of Gnats - Helmet Of Gnats
Henderson/Oken - Dream Theory in the IE
Pierre Henry - Messe pour le temps présent
Henry Cow - Western Culture
Henry Fool - Men Singing
Heon - Electro-acoustic Requiem
Herd of Instinct - Conjure
Herd of Instinct - Manifestation
Ed Macan's Hermetic Science - Crash course: a Hermetic Science primer
Ed Macan's Hermetic Science - Prophesies
Ed Macan's Hermetic Science - These fragments I have shored against my ruins
Heron - You Are Here Now
Jack Hertz - Red Planet
Heru Avenger - New Aeon
Klaus Hess - Sternentanz
Het PandoRra Ensemble - III
Hidden Orchestra - Dawn Chorus
Hidden Orchestra - Night Walks
Hidria Spacefolk - Astronautica
Hidria Spacefolk - Balansia
Hidria Spacefolk - HDRSF-1
Hidria Spacefolk - Live at Heart - Burg Herzberg Festival
Hidria Spacefolk - Live eleven am
Hidria Spacefolk - Symbiosis
Hidria Spacefolk - Symetria
Steve Hillage - Rainbow Dome Musick
Steve Hillman - Matrix
Steve Hillman - Riding the Storm
Hillmen - The Whiskey Mountain Sessions
Hillmen - The Whiskey Mountain Sessions Vol.II
Hills - Hills
Hippie Diktat - Black Peplum
Höhlenmusik Ensemble - Höhlenmusik Ensemble
Joel Hoekstra - The moon is falling
Michael Hoenig - Departure from the Northern Wasteland
Hoenig / Göttsching - Early water
Holding Pattern - Breaking The Silence
Holding Pattern - Holding Pattern
Lars Hollmer - Andetag
Lars Hollmer - Looping Home Orchestra Live 1992-1993
Lars Hollmer - Vendelmässa
Lars Hollmer - Vendeltid
Lars Hollmer - With Floury Hand (sketches) / Med Mjölad Hand (skisser)
Michael Holmes - Subterranea
Holosud - Fijnewas Afpompen
Honduras Libregrupo - Honduras 3
Honey Ride Me A Goat - s/t EP
Honey Ride Me A Goat / Mothguts - Split
Hooffoot - Hooffoot
Hugh Hopper & Alan Gowen - Improvisations
Hugh Hopper & Alan Gowen - Two rainbows daily
Hopper, Dean, Gowen, Sheen (Soft Head) - Rogue Element
Hugh Hopper - Hopper Tunity Box
Hugh Hopper - Monster Band
Hugh Hopper - The Gift of Purpose
Horizont - Summer In Town
Horse Lords - Hidden Cities
Horse Lords - Horse Lords
Horse Lords - Interventions
László Hortobágyi - 6th All-India Music Conference
László Hortobágyi - Aeon - Voice of Genesis - Genesis of Voice
László Hortobágyi - Fata-Organa
László Hortobágyi - Memesis - MêMRAGAS From Another 21st Century
László Hortobágyi - Ritual Music Of Fomal Hoot al-Ganoubî
László Hortobágyi - Sangeet Novus Sensus (Hungisthan-version)
László Hortobágyi - Songs From Hungisthan (Arqa version)
László Hortobágyi - Summa technologiae
László Hortobágyi - Terra Dei
László Hortobágyi - The Arcadian Collection
László Hortobágyi - The traditional music of Amygdala - A psychomusical expedition to the Archepelago in cooperation with the Computer Department of Ethnomusicology, Gayan Uttejak Society, Budapest
The Hosemobile - What Can & Can't Go On
Höstsonaten - Autumnsymphony
Höstsonaten - Springsong
Höstsonaten - Summereve
Höstsonaten - Symphony N. 1: Cupid & Psyche
Höstsonaten - Winterthrough
Steve Howe - Homebrew 5
Steve Howe - Motif Volume 1
Steve Howe - Natural Timbre
Steve Howe - Not Necessarily Acoustic
Steve Howe - Pulling strings
Steve Howe - Quantum Guitar
Steve Howe - Skyline
Steve Howe - Spectrum
Steve Howe - The Grand Scheme of Things
Steve Howe - The Steve Howe Album
Steve Howe - Turbulence
Steve Howe/Paul Sutin - Seraphim
Steve Howe/Paul Sutin - Voyagers
The Hub - Accident
The Hub - Light Fuse And Get Away
Dirk Hübner - II
Dirk Hübner - Triade
Jörg Hüttemann & Dieter Powalla - Between ambience and processing
Jörg Hüttemann & Dieter Powalla - one day after brain salad
Jörg Hüttemann & Friends - Fantasy Line 3
Human Factor - 4.Hm.F
Huminoita - All is Two
Humus - 4°
Humus - Humus
Humus - Malleus Crease
Humus - Tus oidos mienten
Michael Hunter - River
Gary Husband - Dirty & Beautiful Volume 1
Michel Huygen - Absence of Reality
Hyacintus - Elydian
Hyacintus - Fantasia en concerto
Hydravion - Hydravion
Hydravion - Stratos Airlines
Hypercolor - Hypercolor
i - i
i am no hero - Underwater Cities
i am no hero - Without Antennas
I Am Waiting For You Last Summer - Come Full Circle
I Am Waiting For You Last Summer - Edge Party
I Am Waiting For You Last Summer - I Am Waiting For You Last Summer
I Treni All'Alba - 2011 A.D.
Iasos - Inter-Dimensional Music
Ibliss - Supernova
ICCMS - In Stereo
Ice Blue Orchestra - Awake
Ice Blue Orchestra - Between Destinations
Iceberg - Arc-en-ciel
Iceberg - Coses Nostres
Iceberg - Sentiments
Ichthyander Dad's Only Dolphin - Playing Live at One Music Fest
I.E.M. - 1996-1999
If These Trees Could Talk - If These Trees Could Talk
Igzit-Nine - Igzit-Nine
Il Monstro - Bleu nuit et les silhuettes aux chapeaux
Ilitch - Periodik Mindtrouble
Illáchime Quartet - Illáchime Quartet
Yuji Imamura & Air - Air
Imperial Gates - The Sound Of Human Fate
Impuls - Impuls
Phil Miller - In Cahoots - Conspiracy Theories
In Lights - This Is How We Exist
In Spe - Typewriter Concerto in D
Inclusion Principle - Third Opening
indignu - Odyssea
Indricothere - Indricothere
Indukti - Idmen
Inhabitants - Inhabitants
Inkább Holnap - Tomorrow Instead
The Inner Road - Ascension
Insect Ark - Portal / Well
The Instigations - Soundtracks for Alternate Realities
Interkosmos - Hypnotizer
InterStatic - Arise
Intervals - The Way Forward
Into The Sky - Before the Storm
Inyaka - Erdaufgang
Ion Quest - Ion Quest
IQ - Re:Mixed
Iris - Crossing The Desert
Irmler/Liebezeit - Flut
Irmler/Oesterhelt - Formen
Iron Kim Style - Iron Kim Style
Iron Mountain - Unum
Isildurs Bane - Cheval - Volonté De Rocher
Isildurs Bane - Eight Moments Of Eternity
Isildurs Bane - MIND Volume 1
Isildurs Bane - MIND Volume 2 - Live
Isildurs Bane - MIND Volume 3
Isildurs Bane - Off the Radar
Isildurs Bane - Sea Reflections
Isildurs Bane - The Voyage - A Trip To Elsewhere
Isotope - Deep End
Isotope - Golden Section
Isotope - Isotope
Isotope - Live at the BBC
IWKC - Before We Disappear
IWKC - Evil Bear Boris
David Jackson & René van Commenée - Batteries included
David Jackson - Fractal Bridge
David Jackson - Guastalla - Live Tonewall & Soundbeam Italy 23.11.2002 (DVD)
David Jackson - The long hello Vol. III
Jade Warrior - At Peace
Jade Warrior - Breathing the Storm
Jade Warrior - Distant Echoes
Jade Warrior - Horizen
Jade Warrior - Kites
Jade Warrior - Waves
Jade Warrior - Way of the Sun
Jaga Jazzist - One-Armed Bandit
J.A.M. - J.A.M.
Jam Camp - Black Hills Jam - Preserves Vol. 2
Jam Camp - Live
Jam It! - Following the Unknown
Janel & Anthony - Where Is Home
Janne Persson - Mosaik
Steve Jansen - Richard Barbieri - Lumen
Steve Jansen - Richard Barbieri - stories across borders
Jansen Barbieri Karn - Seed
Steve Jansen - The Extinct Suite
Jardin de la Croix - 187 Steps To Cross The Universe
Jardin de la Croix - Ocean Cosmonauts
Jardin de la Croix - Pomeroy
Jean Michel Jarre - Aero
Jean Michel Jarre - Chronologie
Jean Michel Jarre - Deserted Palace
Jean Michel Jarre - Electronica 1 - The Time Machine
Jean Michel Jarre - Electronica 2 - The Heart Of Noise
Jean Michel Jarre - Equinoxe
Jean Michel Jarre - Geometry of Love
Jean Michel Jarre - Hong Kong
Jean Michel Jarre - Images - The Best of Jean Michel Jarre
Jean Michel Jarre - In Concert Houston-Lyon
Jean Michel Jarre - Les Granges Bruleés
Jean Michel Jarre - live
Jean Michel Jarre - Magnetic Fields
Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene
Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene Trilogy
Jean Michel Jarre - Paris Live "Electronic Night"
Jean Michel Jarre - Rendez-Vous
Jean Michel Jarre - Revolutions
Jean Michel Jarre - Sessions 2000
Jean Michel Jarre - Téo & Téa
Jean Michel Jarre - The concerts in China
Jean Michel Jarre - Waiting for Cousteau
Jean Michel Jarre - Zoolook
Ron Jarzombek - Solitarily Speaking of Theoretical Confinement
jayAge - 1st touch
jayAge - 2nd touch
jayAge - 3rd touch
jayAge - ADL (Agent des Lichts)
jayAge - Chemical Cafe
jayAge - Firefly / Blunas Revenge
jayAge - Goldland XT
jayAge - Ivory tower
jayAge - Klangraum Eins
jayAge - Moebius
jayAge - Tentative Version
jayAge - Warp 4
Jazz Q - Coniunctio
Jean Louis - Jean Louis
Jean Louis - Morse
Jean Louis - Uranus
Jeff Wayne, Rick Wakeman, Kevin Peek - Beyond The Planets
Jeremy & Progressor - The Pearl Of Great Price
Jet Plane - Loud to Sleep
Jet Plane - Shelled
Jethro Tull - A Classic Case - The London Symphony Orchestra Plays The Music Of
Dušan Jevtović - No Answer
Jitterbug - New Roses
Eddie Jobson - Theme of Secrets
John Petrucci - Suspended Animation
Richard Leo Johnson - Fingertip Ship
Richard Leo Johnson - Language
Richard Leo Johnson - Poetry of Appliance
Richard Leo Johnson - The Legend of Vernon McAlister
Richard Leo Johnson - Who Knew Charlie Shoe?
Steve Jolliffe - Escape
Steve Jolliffe - Japanese Butterfly
Jonathan - Jonathan
John Paul Jones - Zooma
Percy Jones, Scott McGill, Ritchie DeCarlo - Debut
Percy Jones, Scott McGill, Ritchie DeCarlo - Percy Jones, Scott McGill, Ritchie DeCarlo
Percy Jones, Scott McGill, Ritchie DeCarlo - Third Transmission
Percy Jones - Cape Catastrophe
Troy Jones - New Peace
Jono El Grande - Fevergreens
Jono El Grande - Neo Dada
Jorge Arana Trio - Mammoth
Jorge Arana Trio - Mapache
Christo Jota - Mantra
JPL - Retrospections Volume I
JST - Instrumental II
JT Bruce - Anomalous Material
JT Bruce - Universica
Jü - Summa
Robert Jürjendal - Source of Joy
Julian Julien - Terre II
Julverne - a neuf
Julverne - Coulonneux
Julverne - Le pavillon des passions humaines
K.Ostra - "... it´s out there"
Kada - Búcsúzás (Farewell)
Kada - Kada
Kada - Ohoáé
Kada ad libitum - approximationes
Kalles World Tour - In the streets
Kalman Filter - Exo-Oceans
Kalo - Spiral Dream
Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Absencen
Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Mäander
The Kandinsky Effect - Somnambulist
Marten Kantus - airframe
Marten Kantus - Apostle
Marten Kantus - Catwalk
Marten Kantus - Celluloid
Marten Kantus - Echology
Marten Kantus - elevator
Marten Kantus - Insomnia
Marten Kantus - Male
Marten Kantus - Necessary Music
Marten Kantus - Nimbus
Marten Kantus - Pulmonaire
Marten Kantus - Refugi
Marten Kantus - Rotorhead
Marten Kantus - Stratify
Kaoll - Sob os Olhos de Eva
Øystein Kapperud - 311/Amnesia
Karakal - II
Karakal - Karakal
Karcius - Kaleidoscope
Karcius - Sphere
Karda Estra - Constellations
Karda Estra - Eve
Karda Estra - The Age Of Science And Enlightenment
Karda Estra - Voivode Dracula
Karfagen - Continium
Karfagen - Lost Symphony
Karfagen - Magician's Theater
Karfagen - Messages from Afar: First Contact
Karfagen - Spektra
Karfagen - The Space Between Us
Jürgen Karg - Elektronische Mythen
Heinz Karlhausen & The Diatonics - Heinz Karlhausen & The Diatonics
Mick Karn - The Concrete Twin
Mick Karn - The Mick Karn Collector's Edition
Katre - Encounters
Makoto Kawabata - Hosanna Mantra
Makoto Kawabata - Hot Rattlesnakes
Makoto Kawabata - Jellyfish Rising
Kayanis - Machines And Dreams
Tony Kaye - End of Innocence
Kazutoki Umezu 'Kiki' Band - Alchemic Life
Kazutoki Umezu 'Kiki' Band - Dowser
KBB - Age of Pain
KBB - Four Corner's Sky
KBB - Lost and Found
KBB - Proof Of Concept
Kebnekajse - Elefanten
Kebnekajse - Idioten
Kebnekajse - Kebnekaise III
Kebnekajse - Kebnekajse
Kebnekajse - Kebnekajse (II)
Kedama - Live at Sunrise Studios
Kehell - Galileo
Keller & Schönwälder - Concerts
Keller & Schönwälder - Keller, Schönwälder & Friends
Keller & Schönwälder - More loops
Keller & Schönwälder - The liquid session
Keller & Schönwälder - The reason at the Jodrell Bank
Kellerkind Berlin - Colourful Thoughts
Kellerkind Berlin - Dreams
Kellerkind Berlin - Signs
Kellerkind Berlin - Sit down... and listen
Kellerkind Berlin - Songs for Traveling...
Kellerkind Berlin - …still walking
Mike Keneally - Nonkertompf
Mike Keneally - Parallel Universe
Mike Keneally - The Tar Tapes Vol. 1
Mike Keneally - The Tar Tapes Vol. 2
Mike Keneally - The Universe Will Provide
Mike Keneally - Vai Piano Reductions Vol. 1
Mike Keneally - Wooden Smoke Asleep
Mike Keneally Marco Minnemann - Evidence Of Humanity
Kennedy - Kennedy!
Kennedy - Twinkling NASA
Kenso - Esoptron
Kenso - Inei No Fue - Live Vol. 2
Kenso - Kenso II
Kenso - Live '92
Kenso - Sparta
Kenso - Yume no oka
Kerretta - Pirohia
Kerretta - Saansilo
Kettlespider - Kettlespider
Keyboards Triangle - Keyboards Triangle
Khara - There Were Heroes Amongst Us
Igor Khoroshev - Piano Works
Kickbit Information - Bitkicks
Carla Kihlstedt, Matthias Bossi, Dan Rathbun - Ravish - And Other Tales For The Stage (Music written for Dance and Theater)
Killflavour - Forest Mirror
Killflavour - The Flavour of 51 Golden Mandingos
King Crimson - Champaign-Urbana Sessions
King Crimson - Nashville Rehearsals
King Crimson - Rehearsals & Blows (May - November 1983)
King Crimson - The Vrooom Sessions
JD King & The Coachmen - American Mercury
King Of Agogik - Aleatorik System
King Of Agogik - Exlex Beats
King Of Agogik - From A to A
King Of Agogik - Membranophonic Experience
King Of Agogik - Morning Star
King Of Agogik - The Rhythmic Drawing Room
Kings of Belgium - Très fort
Kings of Belgium - Unchained Melodies
Kinky Wizzards - Quirky Musings
Scott Kinsey - Kinesthetics
Kinski - Airs Above Your Station
Kiruna - Irun
Kiruna - Tarasarus
Bernd Kistenmacher - Live + Studio Tapes '92
Bernd Kistenmacher - Un viaggio attraverso l'Italia
Makoto Kitayama - Practical Encyclopedia Of Kingdom Plantae
Kjetil Mulelid Trio - Not Nearly Enough To Buy A House
Das Klangwolken Quintett - Klangraum 3
Das Klangwolken Quintett - Klangraum 4 - Live X-trakte
Das Klangwolken Quintett - Studio TAN - Klangraum 5
Frank Klare - Memorial Dreams
Klaus König Orchestra - The H.E.A.R.T. Project
Klaus Wiese - Dunya
Klaus Wiese - El-Hadra (The Mystic Dance)
Klaus Wiese - Maquam
Klaus Wiese - Neptun
Klaus Wiese - Seed
Klavikon - Klavikon
Klotet - Det Har Aldrig Hänt Och Kommer Aldrig Hända Igen
Klotet - En Rak Höger
Kluster - Eruption
Kluster - Klopfzeichen
Knall - Knall
Peter Knodt - Klangspuren einer Metropole - Zyklus für Countertenor, 2 Trompeten und Tonband op. 1
Kodiak - Kodiak
Thomas Köner - Tiento de las nieves
David Kollar / Arve Henriksen - Illusion of a Separate World
Kollektiv - Kollektiv
Kollektiv - Live 1973
Kollektiv - SWF-Sessions
KoMaRa - KoMaRa
Kombinat M - Hybrid Beat
Kong - What It Seems Is What You Get
Kopecky - Blood
Kopecky - Kopecky
Kopecky - Sunset gun
Korai öröm - Korai öröm (1995)
Korai öröm - Korai öröm (1996)
Korai öröm - Korai öröm (1997)
Korekyojin - Arabesque
Korekyojin - Isotope
Korekyojin - Korekyojin
Kosmose - kosmic music from the black country
Kosmose - some little trips to our flourescent land
Alexander Kostarev Group - Kostarev.Works 1978 - 2006
Alexander Kostarev Group - Live@InProg
Kotebel - Concerto for Piano and Electric Ensemble
Kotebel - Cosmology
Kotebel - Live at Prog-Résiste 2013
Kotebel - Ouroboros
Esa Kotilainen - Ajatuslapsi
Kovlo - Hey Mom, Where's Timbuktu?
Kovlo - Timelapse
Kraftwerk - Kraftwerk 1
Kraftwerk - Kraftwerk 2
Kraftwerk - Ralf & Florian
Krakatau - Ritual
Krakatau (CH) - As...
Krakatoa - We Are The Rowboats
Elias Krantz - Island Rock
Krautzone - Kosmische Rituale
Krautzone - Spiritual Retreat
Krautzone - Superkraut
Krautzone - The Complete Works
krebszucht auf amrum - es ist nur so ein gefühl
Kreidler - Appearance And The Park
Kreidler - Den
Kreidler - European Song
Kreidler - Eve Future Recall
Kreidler - Tank
Kreidler - Weekend
Kroko - Furia
Kroko - Rabia
Krokofant - Krokofant
Krokofant - Krokofant II
Kromlech - La Soledad de los Sombras
Henry Krutzen - Imaginary Landscapes
Kshettra - i
KTU - 8 Armed Monkey
KTU - Quiver
Juha Kujanpää - Kivenpyörittäjä / Tales and Travels - Entropia
Kungens Män - Dag & Natt
Daisuke Kunita - Fuzzy Logic
Vitalij Kuprij - VK 3
Kvartetten Som Sprängde - Kattvals
Kylver - The Island
Kylver - The Mountain Ghost
La Musica de Erich Zann - La Musica de Erich Zann
La Théorie Des Cordes - Singes Electriques
Labirinto - Anatema
Labirinto - Gehenna
Labirinto - Masao
Labirinto Di Specchi - Hanblecheya
Laboratorium - Modern Pentathlon
Labradford - E Luxo So
Labradford - fixed::context
Lady Lake - No pictures
Lady Lake - Supercleandreammachine
Lady Lake - Unearthed
Reinhard Lakomy - Das Geheime Leben
Reinhard Lakomy - Der Traum von Asgard
Reinhard Lakomy & Rainer Oleak - Zeiten
Lalle Larsson's Weaveworld - Infinity Of Worlds
Lalle Larsson's Weaveworld - Nightscapes
Lambert - Drachenreise
Bernd-Michael Land - Transmitter 594kHz
Landforge - Servitude To Earth
Pete Laramee - Alone But Not Lonely
Lard Free - Gilbert Artman's Lard Free
Lard Free - I'm Around About Midnight
Lard Free - Lard Free (III)
Lard Free - Unnamed
Laren d'Or - Real Nord
Lalle Larsson - Seven Deadly Pieces
Lalle Larsson - Weaveworld
Larval - 2
Larval - Larval
Larval - Obedience
Larval - Predator or Prey
Larval - Surviving Death / Alive Why?
Las Orejas Y La Lengua - Error
Las Orejas Y La Lengua - La eminencia inobjetable
Le Mur - exorta
Le*Silo - 8.8
The League of Gentlemen - The League Of Gentlemen
The League of Gentlemen - Thrang Thrang Gozinbulx
Lebanon - Planet Rubble
Lebowski - Cinematic
Led Bib - Bring Your Own
Led Bib - Sensible Shoes
Leech - The Stolen View
Lehtisalofamily - Interplay
K. Leimer - A Period of Review
K. Leimer - Closed System Potentials
K. Leimer - Imposed Order
Lenin - Rio hecho caceria
The Lens - A word in your eye
The Lens - Regeneration
Lento - Anxiety Despair Languish
Lento - Live Recording 08.10.2011
Frédéric L'Epée - Le Mont Analogue
Frédéric L'Epée - Music For Lovers
Leprechaun - Leprechaun
Franco Leprino - Integrati...Disintegrati
Les Fragments de la Nuit - Musique de Crépuscule
Les Fragments de la Nuit - Musique de Nuit
Les Lekin - Died with Fear
Level Pi - Dunkelstunde
Level Pi - Electronic Sheep
Level Pi - Entrance
Leverton Fox - Country Dances
Ben Levin Group - Pulse of a Nation
Levin Minnemann Rudess - From The Law Offices Of Levin Minnemann Rudess
Levin Minnemann Rudess - L M R
Tony Levin - Pieces of the sun
Tony Levin - Waters of Eden
Tony Levin - World Diary
Levin Torn White - Levin Torn White
Libra - Schock
Francis Lickerish - Far And Forgot - From The Lost Lands
Lightbulb Sun - Hayshack
Ligro - Dictionary 3
Liliental - Liliental
Limbus 4 - Mandalas
Pär Lindh & Björn Johansson - Dreamsongs from Middle Earth
Pär Lindh Project - In Concert - Live in Poland (DVD)
Pär Lindh Project - Rondo
Link XII - Back Home
Liquid Tension Experiment - Liquid Tension Experiment
Liquid Trio Experiment 2 - When the Keyboard Breaks: Live in Chicago
LITE - Phantasia
Little Tragedies - Passions on Titanic
Little Tragedies - The Magic Shop
Kerry Livgren - One of several possible musiks
Lobster Newberg - Vernal Equinox
Local 7 - Substrat
Loch Ness - Drumnadrochit
Loch Ness - Öx
Loincloth - Iron Balls of Steel
Loincloth - Psalm of the Morbid Whore
London Underground - Four
Lone Empty Bed - same
Long Distance Calling - Avoid The Light
Long Distance Calling - Boundless
Long Distance Calling - Long Distance Calling
Long Distance Calling - Nighthawk
Long Distance Calling - Satellite Bay
Long Distance Calling | Leech - 090208
Alan Loo - Memories
Lord Gecko - The Judgement of Mister Minister
Jon Lord - Sarabande
Los Gauchos Alemanes - Little Beast
Losalios - Colorado Shit Dog
Losalios - The end of the beauty
Losalios - Yûrei senchô ga hanashite kureta koto
Lost Garden - Cotyledon
Lost In Kiev - Nuit Noire
Lost World Band - Awakening The Elements
Lotus - Lotus
Lotus - Vera O´Flera
Louis Minus XVI - Kindergarten
Louise Avenue - Let´s take one more
Low Flying Aircraft - Low Flying Aircraft
The Low Frequency In Stereo - Astro Kopp
The Low Frequency In Stereo - The Low Frequency In Stereo
Henry Lowther Band - Child Song
Lu7 - Efflorescence
Lu7 - L'esprit de l'exil
Lucien Dubuis Trio - Future Rock
Lucien Dubuis Trio - Sumo
Lucien Dubuis Trio - Tovorak
Lucifer - Black Mass
Lude - Herz
Lunar Grave - Prismatic Earthship
Lunatic Soul - Impressions
Lüüp - Distress Signal Code
Lux Nova Umbra Est - Light Is The New Dark
Luz De Riada - Cuentos y Fabulas Vol. 2
LWE - Lucas, White & Edsey
m00m - m00m
Maat Lander - Dissolved in The Universe
Maat Lander - Seasons of Space - Book #1
Maat Lander - The Birth Of Maat's Galaxy
Alex Machacek - 24 Tales
Alex Machacek - Machacek Sipe Fountain - The Official Triangle Sessions
Machine And The Synergetic Nuts - Leap Second Neutral
Machine And The Synergetic Nuts - Machine And The Synergetic Nuts
Machine Mass Trio - As Real As Thinking
Machine Mass Trio - plays Hendrix
Duncan Mackay - Visa
MacKenzie Theory - Out of the Blue
Made In Sweden - Live! At the "Golden Circle"
Másfél - Angyaltojás - Angel's Egg
Másfél - Katasztrófamámor
Másfél - Viperagarzon - Viperflat
Maggotapplewonderland - Six Hits of Sunshine... and the Bruises to Show
Magic Elf - Elf tales
Magic Elf - Heavy Meddle
Magnus Fra Gaarden - Magnus Fra Gaarden
Magyar Posse - We Will Carry You Over The Mountains
Mahavishnu Orchestra - The Complete Columbia Albums Collection
The Mahavishnu Project - Return to the Emerald Beyond
Mahogany Frog - DO5
Mahogany Frog - Mahogany Frog on Blue
Mahogany Frog - Mahogany Frog Vs Mabus
Mahogany Frog - Senna
Maïak - A Very Pleasant Way To Die
Majeure - Solar Maximum
Majeure - Termination Shock
Majeure - Timespan
Makajodama - Makajodama
M.A.L. - My Sixteen Little Planets
Didier Malherbe / Loy Ehrlich - Hadouk
Sean Malone - Cortlandt
Man - Back into the Future
Man - Live at the Padget Rooms, Penarth
Mandelbrot Set - All Our Actions Are Constantly Repeated
Mandibulbe - Praxis
Maneige - Les Porches Live
Maneige - Live à L'Évêché 1975
Maneige - Maneige
Maneige - Ni Vent...Ni Nouvelle
Matheus Manente - Illusions Dimension
Mantiquttair - Vogelgespräche
Mantric Muse - Mantric Muse
Many Arms - Many Arms
Many Arms - Suspended Definition
Mappe Nootiche - Cieli sotterranei
Marbin - The Third Set
Marco Manzella e Antonella Scalia - Oltre...
Markus Steffen - Unsheltered Places
Martin Maheux Circle - Requiem Pour Un Vivant
Martin Maheux Circle - Sibylle
Jasun Martz - The Pillory
Jasun Martz - The Pillory/The Battle
Le Maschere di Clara - Lynch
Maserati - Inventions for the new season
Maserati - The language of cities
Massacre - Funny Valentine
Massacre - Killing Time
Massacre - Lonely Heart
Massacre - Love Me Tender
Massacre - Meltdown
Mastelotto/Kurstin - Tunisia
Pat Mastelotto Tobias Ralph - ToPaRaMa
Mastermind - Excelsior!
Mastica - MasTicAttacK
Matching Mole - BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert
Matching Mole - March
Jim Matheos - Away With Words
Mats / Morgan - Live
Mats / Morgan - On Air With Guests
Mats / Morgan - Thanks For Flying With Us
Matterhorn - Vol. 1. The World Began Without Man...
Matterhorn - Vol. 2 ...And It Will Resolve Itself Without Him
Matushka - II
Maxwell's Demon - Diablo
Maxwell's Demon - Prometheus
Maxxess - Authenticity
Maxxess - Electrixx
Maxxess - Green Fairy
Maxxess - Offroad
Maxxess - The Sequel
Maxxess - Ultra
Nick May - Whimwise
Scott McGill, Ritchie DeCarlo, Dave Kloss - McGill DeCarlo Kloss
McGill/Manring/Stevens - Addition by Subtraction
McGill/Manring/Stevens - Controlled by Radar
McGill/Manring/Stevens - What We Do
Scott McGill - Awareness
John McLaughlin - Extrapolation
John McLaughlin Trio - Que Alegria
Rodolfo Mederos - De todas maneras
Rodolfo Mederos - Todo hoy
Mehliana - Taming the Dragon
Mekong Delta - Pictures at an exhibition
Melting Euphoria - Inside the Gardens of the Mind
Meniscus - War of Currents
Peter Mergener - Lounge Control
Enrico Merlin Valerio Scrignoli - Maledetti [Area Music]
Merme - Live in Singakong
Merzbow/Gustafsson/Pandi/Moore - Cuts of Guilt/Cuts Deeper
Merzbow / Keiji Haino / Balázs Pándi - An Untroublesome Defencelessness
Metaconciencia - Bestiario
Metallic Taste Of Blood - Doctoring The Dead
Metallic Taste Of Blood - Metallic Taste Of Blood
Metamorphosis (CZ) - LUFF
Pat Metheny - One Quiet Night
Pat Metheny - Tap: Book of Angels Volume 20
MIA - Cornonstipicum
MIA - Transparencias
Miasma & the carousel of headless horses - Manfauna
Miasma & the carousel of headless horses - Perils
Manfred Miersch - Das Subharchord - The Subharchord
Might Could - all intertwined
Eugen Mihăescu - Guitaromania Part Two
Piero Milesi - Modi
Piero Milesi - Within Himself
Piero Milesi & Daniel Bacalov - La Camera Astratta
Mind Gallery - The Lemmings Were Pushed
Mindflowers - Improgressive
Mindflowers - Nuances
Mindmovie - An Ocean of Dreams
Mindmovie - Happiness And Tears
The Ministry of Inside Things - Ambient Elsewhere
The Ministry of Inside Things - Contact Point
Minoke? - Sangaky
Minot - Equal/Opposite
Miriodor - 3rd Warning
Miriodor - avanti!
Miriodor - Cobra Fakir
Miriodor - Jongleries Elastiques
Miriodor - Live 89
Miriodor - Mekano
Miriodor - Miriodor
Miriodor - Parade
Miriodor - Signal 9
miRthkon - The Illusion of Joy
Missus Beastly - Dr. Aftershave And The Mixed-Pickles
Missus Beastly - Missus Beastly
Missus Beastly - Spaceguerilla
Kimio Mizutani - A Path Through Haze
Mkwaju Ensemble - KI-Motion
Mnemonists - Biota
Mnemonists - Gyromancy
Mnemonists - Horde
Modry Efekt - Coniunctio
Moebius & Beerbohm - Double Cut
Moebius & Beerbohm - Strange Music
Dieter Moebius - Blotch
Dieter Moebius - Blue Moon - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Dieter Moebius - Ding
Dieter Moebius - Kram
Dieter Moebius - Musik für Metropolis
Dieter Moebius - Nurton
Moebius/Neumeier/Engler - Another Other Places
Moebius/Neumeier/Engler - Cosmic Couriers 1 - Other Places
Moebius & Plank - Material
Moebius/Plank/Neumeier - Zero Set
Moebius Story Leidecker - Familiar
Moebius Story Leidecker - Snowghost Pieces
Möbius Strip - Möbius Strip
Moebius + Tietchens - Moebius + Tietchens
Mörglbl - Grötesk
Mörglbl - Jäzz For The Deaf
Mörglbl - Tea Time for Pünks
Mörglbl - Toons Tunes from the Past
Mogwai - Come On Die Young
Mogwai - EP
Mogwai - EP+6
Mogwai - Government Commissions - BBC Sessions 1996-2003
Mogwai - Mr. Beast
Mogwai - My Father My King
Mogwai - No Education = No Future (Fuck the Curfew)
Mogwai - Ten Rapid (Collected Recordings 1996-1997)
Mogwai - The Hawk Is Howling
Mogwai - Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait
Moholy-Nagy - Like Mirage
Moira - Crazy Countdown
Moira - Moira
Molca - Super Ethnic Flavor
Molesome - Dial
Molesome - Songs for Vowels and Mammals
Mona De Bo - Nekavejies Sis Ir Speles Ar Tevi
Mona De Bo - pag pag
Mongol - Doppler 444
Monkey Diet - Inner Gobi
Monkey3 - 39 Laps
Monkey3 - Beyond The Black Sky
Monkey3 - The 5th Sun
Francis Monkman - Energism
Francis Monkman - Jam
Lorenzo Monni - Grey Swans of Extremistan
MONO (Jp.) - Requiem for Hell
Monochromie - Colors In The Dark
Monochromie - Enlighten Yourself While You Sleep
Monochromie - Winter
Monoglot - Wrong Turns and Dead Ends
Monomyth - Exo
Monomyth - Further
Monomyth - Monomyth
Moon Men - Amazing Science Fiction Stories
Moon of Ostara - The Star Child
Moonwood - Trans Lunar Express
Moonwood - Trans Martian Express
Moonwood - Trans Venus Express
Moonwood - Trans Wasteland Express
Moop - Moop
Moorder - Moorder II
Kevin Moore - Memory Hole 1
Kevin Moore - Shine / Soundtrack to the Film "Küçük Kiyamet"
Steve Moore - Cub
Steve Moore - Gutterballs: Original Motion Picture Score
Steve Moore - Light Echoes
Steve Moore - Mayhem
Steve Moore - Pangaea Ultima
Steve Moore - Primitive Neural Pathways / Vaalbara
Steve Moore - The Henge
Steve Moore - The Mind's Eye
Moraine - Groundswell
Moraine - manifest deNsity
Moraine - Metamorphic Rock
Moraz Alban Project - MAP
Moraz/Bruford - Flags
Moraz/Bruford - In Tokyo
Moraz/Bruford - Music for piano and drums
Moraz/Bruford - Music for Piano and Drums: Live in Maryland
Patrick Moraz - ESP
Patrick Moraz - Future Memories II
Patrick Moraz - Future Memories live on TV (DVD)
Patrick Moraz - Human Interface
Patrick Moraz - moraz live / abbey road
Patrick Moraz - Pianissimoraz
Patrick Moraz - PM In Princeton
Patrick Moraz - PM In Princeton (DVD)
Patrick Moraz - Resonance
Patrick Moraz - Windows of Time
Keith More - Guitar stories
Morgaua Quartet - 21st Century Non-Schizoid Men
Morgaua Quartet - Atom Heart Mother is on the Edge
Morning Mode - Short Story.
Alan Morse - four o'clock & hysteria
Steve Morse - Cruise Control (DVD)
Steve Morse - High Tension Wires
Steve Morse - Major impacts
Steve Morse - Steve Morse Prime Cuts
Morsof - Heap
Morte Macabre - Symphonic Holocaust
Scott Mosher - Ambient Earth
Møster - Edvard Lygre Møster
Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co. - 1970-1973
Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co. - Like a duck to water
Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co. - Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co.
Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co. - Music by David Borden
Mother Turtle - Zea Mice
Motionless - Motionless
Motor Humming - Musical Aluminium
Mouse on the Keys - An Anxious Object
Mouse on the Keys - Machini Phylum - EP
Mouse on the Keys - Sezession - EP
Mr. Fastfinger - In Motion
Mr. Gutter - Haunted Cobblestone Series #1
Dominik Müller - Levellym
Mueller_Roedelius - Imagori
The Muffins - Bandwidth
The Muffins - Chronometers
The Muffins - Double Negative
The Muffins - Secret Signals 1
The Muffins - Secret Signals 2
Multitudes - Ontogeny
Mumpbeak - Mumpbeak
Mumpbeak - Tooth
Munju - High-Speed Kindergarten
Munju - Moon You
Jonas Munk - Pan
Murder and Parliament - Murder and Parliament
Roberto Musci & Giovanni Venosta - Vampyr And Other Stories
Music For No Movies - Violent Zen
Música Urbana - Banda Sonora de la Pelicula: Primera Aventura de Pepe Carvalho: Tatuaje
Música Urbana - Música Urbana
Mute Socialite - More Popular Than Presidents And Generals
Muvovum - Xox Alekwrt
My Brother The Wind - I Wash My Soul In The Stream Of Infinity
My Brother The Wind - Twilight In The Crystal Cabinet
My Education - Sunrise
My Sleeping Karma - Moksha
My Sleeping Karma - Tri
Mythos - Jules Verne Forever
Mythos - Jules Verne – Around the World in 80 Minutes
N-1 - macht ihr mal, ich hab schon
N-1 - Nomma
Nadavati - Le vent de l'esprit souffle où il veut
Nadja - Desire in Uneasiness
Naikaku - Shell
Naked City - Complete Studio Recordings
Naked City - Grand Guignol
Naked elf - Yi
Naked Truth - Avian Thug
Naked Truth - Ouroboros
Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze - The Dark Side of the Moog IV
Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze - The Dark Side Of The Moog IX
Naoki Ishida - Fazing Redust
Nathan Frost - Synecron
Nattefrost - Different Stages
Nattefrost - Skaldic Themes
Nautilus - Along the winding road
Nautilus - In Search Of Castaways
Nautilus (GB) - What Colours The Sky In Your World?
Nazca - En Vivo
Nazca - Estacion De Sombra
Nazca - Nazca
The Nazgûl - The Nazgûl
Ndio - Airback
Necromonkey - A Glimpse of Possible Endings
Necromonkey - Live at Pianos, NYC
Necromonkey - Necroplex
Necromonkey - Show Me Where It Hertz
Ned Lagin - Seastones
Neil On Impression - L'oceano delle onde che restano onde per sempre
Nekropolis 23 - Tidal Shift (DVD)
Nekropolis 23 - Vol. 1
Paul Nelson - Look
Neo (Fr.) - Neo
Neptune Towers - Caravans To Empire Algol
Netherland Dwarf - Moi Moi
Neue Aera - Promo-EP
Sarah Neufeld - Hero Brother
Mani Neumeier & Kawabata Makoto - Samurai Blues
Mani Neumeier & Keiichi Miyashita - Echoshock Krautorock
Neuronium - Chromium Echoes
Neuronium - Digital Dream
Neuronium - Invisible Views
Neuronium - Quasar 2C361
Neurosenblüte - Displizin AKUT
Neuschwanstein - Fine Art
Nevärlläjf - Klusterfloristen
New Trolls - Tempi Dispari
Tom Newman - Faerie Symphony
Nheap - Flying And The Silence
Ni - Les Insurgés de Romilly
Ni - Ni (2010)
Ni - Ni (2012)
Niacin - Blood, sweat and beers
Niacin - High Bias
Niacin - Krush
Niacin - Niacin
Niacin - Organik
Niacin - Time Crunch
Niagara - Afire
Niagara - Niagara
Niagara - S.U.B.
The Night Patrol - Lost Voice
The Night Patrol - The Path
Night Terror - Night Terrors
The Night Terrors - Back To Zero
The Night Terrors - lightless
The Night Terrors - Spiral Vortex
The Night Terrors - The Night Terrors
The Night Watch (CAN) - Boundaries
The Nightcrawlers - The Biophonic Boombox Recordings
The Nightcrawlers - Travelling Backwards
Nightsatan - Midnight Laser Warrior
Nightsatan - Nightsatan And The Loops Of Doom
Nnecra Packê - Paracelse
no-man - Heaven Taste
No-Neck Blues Band - Letters from the Earth
NOA (Jp.) - Tri-Logic
Node - Node 2
Node - Node Live
Nodo Gordiano - Alea
Noetra - Neuf Songes
Sean Noonan - A Gambler's Hand
Erik Norlander - Seas of Orion
Erik Norlander - The Galactic Collective
Notopia - Celebrating Life
Nova Collective - The Further Side
Noveller - Desert Fires
Noyades - Go Fast
NU & Apa Neagra - Descantecul Apei Negre (Black Water Incantation)
NU & Apa Neagra - Omag
Nucleus - Alleycat
Nucleus - Awakening
Nucleus - Belladonna
Nucleus - Elastic Rock
Nucleus - Hemispheres
Nucleus - In Flagrante Delicto
Nucleus - Labyrinth
Nucleus - Live In Bremen
Nucleus - Out Of The Long Dark
Nucleus - Roots
Nucleus - Snakehips Etcetera
Nucleus - Solar Plexus
Nucleus - UK Tour ´76
Nucleus - Under The Sun
AJ Nutter - The Birds
Nyl - Nyl
Oaksenham - Conquest Of The Pacific
Obstacles - Decomposition of Movement
Ocarinah - Première Vision De L'Etrange
The Ocean - Fogdiver
Octafish - Doktor Fleisch
Octafish - HAI Girls
Octafish - Land Unter
October Equus - Charybdis
October Equus - October Equus
October Equus - Saturnal
October Equus Quartet - Isla Purgatorio
Odyssice - Impression
Odyssice - Moon Drive
Odyssice - Secret Showcase. Live in Amsterdam 2006
Odyssice - Silence
Öz Ürügülü - Fashion and Welfare
Offworld - Some Circles Are Square
Patrick O'Hearn - Ancient Dreams
OHMphrey - Posthaste
Oiseaux-Tempête - Oiseaux-Tempête
Oiseaux-Tempête - Ütopiya?
Ryo Okumoto - Coming Through
Mike Oldfield - Amarok
Mike Oldfield - Exposed (DVD)
Mike Oldfield - Guitars
Mike Oldfield - Incantations
Mike Oldfield - Light + Shade
Mike Oldfield - Live at Montreux 1981 (DVD)
Mike Oldfield - Music of the Spheres
Mike Oldfield - Return to Ommadawn
Mike Oldfield - The Best of: 1992-2003
Mike Oldfield - The Complete Mike Oldfield
Mike Oldfield - The Killing Fields - Soundtrack
Mike Oldfield - The Orchestral Tubular Bells
Mike Oldfield - Tres Lunas
Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells
Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells 2003
Luca Olivieri - La quarta dimensione
Omega Massif - Karpatia
ominoX - Contemporary Past
Omni - Mermaids
On Your Horizon - In, Empty
One Shot - Ewaz Vader
One Shot - Live In Tokyo
One Shot - One Shot
One Shot - reforged
Oneirogen - Kiasma
Ángel Ontalva - Mundo Flotante
Ángel Ontalva - Tierra Quemada
Ángel Ontalva & Vespero - Carta Marina
Ángel Ontalva & Vespero - Sea Orm Liventure
Oozing Goo - Oozing Goo Feat. Max-Appeal
OP3 - Hope
Opabinia - Opabinia
Orange Tulip Conspiracy - Orange Tulip Conspiracy
Oranzada - Once upon a Train
L'Orchestre Sympathique - En Concert à La grande Passe
Øresund Space Collective - Entering Into The Space Country/Phaze Your Fears
Øresund Space Collective - Good Planets are Hard to Find
Øresund Space Collective - Inside your head
Øresund Space Collective - It's all about delay
Øresund Space Collective - Music for Pogonologists
Øresund Space Collective - Øresund Space Collective
Øresund Space Collective - Slip into the Vortex
Øresund Space Collective - The Black Tomato
Organisation - Tone Float
Origamibiro - Collection
Origamibiro - Odham's Standard
Ornah-Mental - Excursions
Ornah-Mental - Heliopolis
Ornah-Mental - Testimony
Ornah-Mental - The Maya Incident
The Orphic Salvation - Orphic Salvation
Oscillotron - Cataclysm
Oscillotron - Eclipse
Ose - Adonia
Willie Oteri - Spiral Out
Otolithen - S.O.D.
Outrun the Sunlight - Terrapin
OVRFWRD - Fantasy Absent Reason
Owane - Yeah Whatever
Ozone Quartet - Cloud Nineology
Ozone Quartet - Nocturne
Ozric Tentacles - Afterswish
Ozric Tentacles - Arborescence
Ozric Tentacles - Curious corn
Ozric Tentacles - Erpsongs
Ozric Tentacles - Eternal wheel (The best of)
Ozric Tentacles - Jurassic shift
Ozric Tentacles - Live At The Pongmasters Ball
Ozric Tentacles - Live underslunky
Ozric Tentacles - Paper monkeys
Ozric Tentacles - Strangeitude
Ozric Tentacles - Sunrise Festival
Ozric Tentacles - Swirly termination
Ozric Tentacles - Technicians of the Sacred
Ozric Tentacles - The floor's too far away
Ozric Tentacles - The hidden step
Ozric Tentacles - The Yumyum Tree
Pabst - Bowdlerized Music
Mauro Pagani - Mauro Pagani
Painkiller - Guts of a Virgin
PAK - Secret Curve
Palefeather - Palefeather
Palinckx - Border - Live in Zürich
Carl Palmer - The Carl Palmer Band in Concert: Carl Palmer plays the Music of ELP (DVD)
Carl Palmer - Working Live - Volume 1
Carl Palmer - Working Live - Volume 2
Carl Palmer - Working Live - Volume 3
Pan & Me - Paal
Pan/Scan - Cinematic Lies
Panabrite - The Baroque Atrium
Pangée - Hymnemonde
Panta Rhei (Ungarn) - p.r. computer
Panzerballett - Breaking Brain
Panzerballett - Live at Backstage Munich 2006 (DVD)
Panzerballett - Panzerballett
Panzerballett - Starke Stücke
Panzerpappa - Astromalist
Panzerpappa - Farlig Vandring
Panzerpappa - Koralrevens Klagesang
Panzerpappa - Pestrottedans
Papir - III + IIII
Papir - Stundum
Papir - V
Papir meets Electric Moon - The Papermoon Sessions
Papir meets Electric Moon - The Papermoon Sessions Live at Roadburn 2014
pArAdOx OnE - Alternative Reality
pArAdOx OnE - Dimension of Miracles
PaRaLLaXe - Soundtrack
Parallel Mind - Colossus ADEA
Parhelia - First Light (EP)
Parhelia - Oceans Apart (EP)
Bernard Parmegiani - Chants Magnetiques
Stephen Parsick - Höllenengel
Stephen Parsick - Traces of the past
Pataphonie - Le matin blanc
Stefan Paulus - Becoming-Dissolve
Stefan Paulus - Salt Sea Island
Pavlov3 - Curvature​-​Induced Symmetry​.​.​. Breaking
Jean-Luc Payssan - Pierrots & Arlequins
Peff - Pleasing the Neighbourhood with Electrifying Dadaism
Pell Mell - Moldau
Ian Pellow - Fruit Allures
Les Penning - Belerion
Pepe Maina - Canto dell'arpa e del flauto
Pepe Maina - Il Santo dell'Arca e del Crauto
Pepe Maina - Imperceptible Details
Fernando Perdomo - Out to Sea
Perigeo - Genealogia
Pet Bottle Ningen - Non-Recyclable
Pet Bottle Ningen - Pet Bottle Ningen
Finn Peters - Music Of The Mind
Finn Peters - Purple & Yellow
Philippe Petit - Buzzing but not hung up on Hip
Petrels - Haeligewielle
John Petrucci & Jordan Rudess - An Evening with John Petrucci & Jordan Rudess
P'faun - sp'roque
PFS - 279
pg.lost - Versus
Phallus Dei - Black Dawn
Pharaoh Overlord - Circle
Pharaoh Overlord - Siluurikaudella
Phase - Midnight Madness
Philharmonie - Les Éléphants Carillonneurs
Philharmonie - Nord
Philharmonie - Rage
Anthony Phillips - 1984
Anthony Phillips - Field Day
Anthony Phillips - Missing Links Volume 1 - Finger painting
Anthony Phillips - Private Parts & Pieces
Anthony Phillips - Private Parts & Pieces II - Back to the Pavilion
Anthony Phillips - Private Parts & Pieces III - Antiques
Anthony Phillips - Private Parts & Pieces IV - A Catch At The Tables
Anthony Phillips - Private Parts & Pieces IX - Dragonfly Dreams
Anthony Phillips - Private Parts & Pieces V - Twelve
Anthony Phillips - Private Parts & Pieces VI - Ivory Moon
Anthony Phillips - Private Parts & Pieces VII - Slow Waves,Soft Stars
Anthony Phillips - Private Parts & Pieces VIII - New England
Anthony Phillips - Private Parts & Pieces X - Soiree
Anthony Phillips - Sail the World
Anthony Phillips - Slow Dance
Anthony Phillips & Joji Hirota - Missing Links Volume 3 - Time and Tide
Anthony Phillips & Harry Williamson - Gypsy Suite
Anthony Phillips & Harry Williamson - Tarka
Simon Phillips - Another Lifetime
Simon Phillips - Protocol
Simon Phillips - Protocol 4
Phlox - Keri
Phlox - Rebimine + Voltimine
Phlox - Talu
Phonophani - Genetic engeneering
Phonophani - Oak or rock
Phonophani - Phonophani
Piano meets Vibes - Traumgänger
Picchio Dal Pozzo - Pic_nic@Valdapozzo
Pictures From Nadira - Nadira
Pienza Ethnorkestra - Indiens d'Europe
Fredrik Pihl - Silhouettes
Lars Bech Pilgaard - I want you to be around me
Lars Bech Pilgaards Slowburn - Freiheit
Richard Pinhas & Oren Ambarchi - Tikkun
Richard Pinhas - Chronolyse
Richard Pinhas - Desolation Row
Richard Pinhas - dww
Richard Pinhas - Event and Repetitions
Richard Pinhas - Iceland
Richard Pinhas - L'Éthique
Richard Pinhas - Metal/Crystal
Richard Pinhas - Metatron
Richard Pinhas - Reverse
Richard Pinhas - Rhizosphère
Richard Pinhas - Rhizosphère / Live, Paris 1982
Richard Pinhas - Tranzition
Richard Pinhas & Barry Cleveland - Mu
Richard Pinhas and Merzbow - Keio Line
Richard Pinhas and Merzbow - Paris 2008
Richard Pinhas and Merzbow - Rhizome
Richard Pinhas & Yoshida Tatsuya - Welcome in the Void
Richard Pinhas / Tatsuya Yoshida / Masami Akita - Process and Reality
Pink Floyd - London '66-'67
Pink Floyd - London 1966/1967 (DVD)
The Pink Mice - in action
The Pink Mice - in Synthesizer Sound
Michael Pinnella - Enter Through The Twelfth Gate
Anthony Pirog - Palo Colorado Dream
Bruno Pitch - Crystal Garden
Pitts Minnemann Project - 2 L 8 2 B NORMAL
Pitts Minnemann Project - The Psychic Planetarium
Pixie Ninja - Ultrasound
Placebo - 1973
Placebo - Placebo
Planet X - Live From Oz
Planet X - Quantum
Planet X - Universe
Planeta Imaginario - Biomasa
Planeta Imaginario - Optical Delusions
Planeta Imaginario - Qué Me Dices?
Planetarium - Infinity
Plank! - Animalism
Plank! - Hivemind
Plini - Trilogy
The Pneumatic Transit - Concerto for Double Moon
Pochakaite Malko - Doppelgänger
Pochakaite Malko - Laya
Pochakaite Malko - Pochakaite Malko
Pocket Orchestra - Knêbnagäuje
Pocket Orchestra - Phoenix
Pekka Pohjola - Changing Waters
Pekka Pohjola - Harakka Bialoipokku
Pekka Pohjola - Kätkävaaran Lohikäärme
Pekka Pohjola - Keesojen lehto
Pekka Pohjola - Pewit
Pekka Pohjola - Pihkasilmä Kaarnakorva
Pekka Pohjola - Visitation
Kimmo Pohjonen - Kluster
Points North - Road Less Traveled
Polite Force - Canterbury Knights
Polyphia - Renaissance
Polytoxicomane Philharmonie - Psycho Erectus
Pomegranate Tiger - Entities
pommelHORSE - Winter Madness
Pond - Bilder einer Ausstellung + Die größten Hits
Pond - Gemälde einer Vernissage
Pond - Planetenwind
Ponga - Ponga
Jean-Luc Ponty - Aurora
Jean-Luc Ponty - Individual Choice
Guido Ponzini - Twilight Town
Poor Genetic Material - Free To Random
Poor Genetic Material - Free to random Vol. 1
Poor Genetic Material - Free to random Vol. 2: Modern Myths
Popol Vuh (Dt.) - Affenstunde
Popol Vuh (Dt.) - Brüder des Schattens - Söhne des Lichts
Popol Vuh (Dt.) - Coer De Verre (Herz aus Glas) - Soundtrack
Popol Vuh (Dt.) - Das Hohelied Salomons
Popol Vuh (Dt.) - In den Gärten Pharaos
Popol Vuh (Dt.) - Kailash - Pilgerfahrt zum Thron der Götter (VHS)
Popol Vuh (Dt.) - Letzte Tage - letzte Nächte
Popol Vuh (Dt.) - Revisted & Remixed 1970 - 1999
Popol Vuh (Dt.) - Yoga
Poppy Ackroyd - Escapement
Porcupine Tree - Metanoia
Porcupine Tree - Moonloop EP
Potemkine - Triton
Nic Potter - Dreams in View 81-87
Nic Potter - Dreamworld
Nic Potter - Mountain Music
Nic Potter - New Europe - Rainbow Colours
Nic Potter - Self Contained
Nic Potter - Sketches in Sound
Nic Potter - The Blue Zone
Nic Potter - The Long Hello Vol. II (mit Guy Evans)
Povarovo - Tchernovik
Powder! Go Away - we don't know when it has begun, but we know that it will never end
Roger Powell - Fossil Poets
Praxis - Metatron
Praxis - Transmutation (Mutatis Mutandis)
Praxis - Warszawa
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Stati di immaginazione
Present - Barbaro (ma non troppo)
Present - High Infidelity
Present - Le poison qui rend fou
Present - No.6
Present - Triskaïdékaphobie
Present - Triskaïdékaphobie / Le Poison Qui Rend Fou
Priestbird - Season Of The Sun (Vinyl Single)
Prism (Jap.) - Blue... (CD/DVD)
David Pritchard - Nocturnal Earthworm Stew
Process of Illumination - Radiant Memory
Progenesi - Ulisse: L'Alfiere Nero
Programme D'Experience - ThOUgHT MoLeCULeS
Progression - The Dream Of Cecilia
ProjeKcts - ProjeKct Four: The Roar of P4, Live in San Francisco
ProjeKcts - ProjeKct One: Jazz Cafe Suite
ProjeKcts - ProjeKct six: East Coast Live
ProjeKcts - ProjeKct Three: Live in Austin, TX, 1999
ProjeKcts - ProjeKct Two: Live in Northampton 1998
ProjeKcts - ProjeKct Two: Space Groove
ProjeKcts - ProjeKct X: Heaven And Earth
Protogonos - Strange Geographie
Pryapisme - Diabolicus Felinae Pandemonium
Pryapisme - Futurologie
Pryapisme - Hyperblast Supercollider
Pryapisme - Rococo Holocaust
PSI - Horizonte
Pulsar - Bienvenue au conseil d'administration
pulsoptional - pulsoptional
Puppenhaus - Jazz macht Spazz
Pip Pyle - Equipe Out
Pymlico - Guiding Light
Pymlico - Meeting Point
Pyramaxx - Move
Pyramid - Pyramid
Pyramid Peak - Roots
Pyrior - Oceanus Procellarum
Pyrior - Portal
Pyrolator - Inland
Pythagoras - After The Silence
Pythagoras - Journey to the Vast Unknown
Qluster - Antworten
Qluster - Echtzeit
Qluster - Fragen
Qluster - Lauschen
Qluster - Rufen
Qluster - Tasten
Quad - Quad
Quaeschning & Schnauss - Synthwaves
quaker - Autocritica
Quantum Fantay - Agapanthusterra
Quantum Fantay - Bridges of Kukuriku
Quantum Fantay - Bridges Of The Old Fishingmine
Quantum Fantay - Dancing In Limbo
Quantum Fantay - From Herzberg To Livingroom
Quantum Fantay - Kaleidothrope
Quantum Fantay - Terragaia
Quantum Fantay - Tesselation of Euclidean Space
Quantum Sphere - The Space Adventures Of Pyjama Boy
Quarkspace - Live Orion
Quarkspace - Node In Peril
Quarkspace - Spacefolds 7
Quaterna Réquiem - Quasimodo
Quaterna Réquiem - Velha gravura
Qui - Prelude
Qui - Qui
Qumma - Message from stardust
Qumma Connection - Arabesque
R-11 - Lupus in trio
R-11 - Waschmaschine
Rachel's - Full on Night
Rachel's - Handwriting
Rachel's - Music For Egon Schiele
Rachel's - Systems/Layers
Rachel's - The Sea and the Bells
Radare - Im Argen
radio massacre international - borrowed atoms
radio massacre international - emissaries
radio massacre international - frozen north
radio massacre international - organ harvest
radio massacre international - people would really like space rock if they would only give it a try
radio massacre international - rain falls in gray
radio massacre international - republic
radio massacre international - the god of electricity
radio massacre international - time & motion
radio massacre international - zabriskie point
Radio Noisz Ensemble - Odiszée-Parck
Radio Noisz Ensemble - Yniverze
radio.string.quartet.vienna - celebrating the mahavishnu orchestra
Radius - Elevation
Ragnarök - Fata Morgana
Ragnarök - Fjärilar I Magan
Ragnarök - Path
Ragnarök - Ragnarök
Rahmann - Rahmann
Lutz Rahn - Solo Trip
Rainbow Serpent - The 8th nerve
['ramp] - frozen radios
['ramp] - no sleep 'till wilmersdorf
['ramp] - nodular
['ramp] - Oughtibridge
['ramp] - steel and steam
['ramp] - synchronize or die
Random Touch - A Box and a Word
Random Touch - A Way from the Heard
Random Touch - Alchemy
Random Touch - Duologue
Random Touch - Through the lens of the other dimension
Random Touch - Tributary
Random (USA) - Nothin' Tricky
Rangda - False Flag
Ranta Lewis Plank - Mu
Rare Blend - Sessions
Rascal Reporters - The Foul-Tempered Clavier
Rashanim - Shalosh
Rashomon - Ashcan Copy (Film Music Volume 3)
Rashomon - The Finishing Line (Film Music Volume 2)
Rashomon - The Ruined Map (Film Music Volume 1)
Ravermen - Ravermen
Razor Wire Shrine - Going Deaf for a Living
Razor Wire Shrine - The Power Of Negative Thinking
Zozimo Rech - The Life of a Star
Reckoning Storm - The Storm Engine
Recordando O Vale Das Macas - As Criancas Da Nova Floresta II
Recreation - Music Or Not Music
Recreation - Recreation
Rectus - Evghenebur N'Ebenok Nef
Red Sparowes - At The Soundless Dawn
Red Sun - The Wind, The Waves, The Clouds
The Red Zen - Void
Redshift - Faultline
Redshift - life to come
Redshift - Redshift
Redshift - turning towards us
The Redundant Rocker - Heart
Robert Reed - Sanctuary II
Robert Reed - Sanctuary Live
Reflections in Cosmo - Reflections in Cosmo
Regency - Awakening
Hans Reichel & Eroc - The Return of Onkel Boskopp
Reid Sharp Torn - GTR OBLQ
Release Music Orchestra - Life
Release Music Orchestra - News
Relocator - Relocator
Os Relogios de Federico - Faskner
Requiem - For A World After
The Research Institute - Universum
Retrovertigo - idejala! ...está triste
Return To Forever - Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy
Return To Forever - Returns
Return To Forever - Romantic Warrior
Return To Forever - Where Have I Known You Before
Markus Reuter - Sultry Kissing Lounge
Markus Reuter - Taster
Markus Reuter - The longest in terms of being
Markus Reuter - Todmorden 513
Markus Reuter & Robert Rich - Eleven Questions
Le Reveil des Tropiques - Big Bang
Le Reveil des Tropiques - Le Reveil des Tropiques
Revival - Revival
Les Rhinocéros - II
Les Rhinocéros - III
Rhythm Buddies - Thunderbird Suite
Marc Ribot - Asmodeus: Book of Angels Volume 7
Wolfgang Riechmann - Wunderbar
Rieflin, Fripp, Gunn - The Repercussions of Angelic Behavior
Rien - 1
Rien - 2
Rien - 3
Rien - Il Ne Peut Y Avoir De Prédiction Sans Avenir
Rien - Requiem Pour Des Baroqueux
Alberto Rigoni - EvoRevolution
Alberto Rigoni - Overloaded
Terry Riley - A Rainbow in Curved Air
Ringhausen - Lumen
Ringhausen - More
RMP (Rozmainsky & Mikhaylov Project) - For the Light
Steve Roach & Jeffrey Fayman - Trance spirits
Robert Cohen-Solal - Les Shadoks
Dante Roberto - The Circle
Robin and the Modest - Eftychia
Rockenfield Speer - Hells Canyon
Hans-Joachim Roedelius - Aquarello
Hans-Joachim Roedelius - Durch die Wüste
Hans-Joachim Roedelius - Ex Animo
Hans-Joachim Roedelius - Geschenk des Augenblicks/Gift of the moment
Hans-Joachim Roedelius - Global Trotters Project, Vol. I: Drive
Hans-Joachim Roedelius - Jardin au Fou
Hans-Joachim Roedelius - Kollektion 02 (electronic music)
Hans-Joachim Roedelius - Lustwandel
Hans-Joachim Roedelius - Offene Türen
Hans-Joachim Roedelius - Plays Piano
Hans-Joachim Roedelius - Roedeliusweg
Hans-Joachim Roedelius - Selbstportrait
Hans-Joachim Roedelius - Selbstportrait - Vol. II
Hans-Joachim Roedelius - Selbstportrait Vol. III "Reise durch Arcadien"
Hans-Joachim Roedelius - Tape Archive 1973 - 1978
Hans-Joachim Roedelius - Wasser im Wind
Hans-Joachim Roedelius - Wenn der Südwind weht (Selbstportrait IV)
Roedelius Schneider - Stunden
Roedelius Schneider - Tiden
Roedelius/Schnitzler - Acon 2000/1
The Rome Pro(g)ject - III: Exegi Monumentum Aere Perennius
The Rome Pro(g)ject - Of Fate and Glory
Patrick Rondat - Amphibia
Patrick Rondat - On the edge
Rosæ - The incredible journey
David Rose - Live
Mathew Roth - Immersion
Uli Jon Roth - Metamorphosis
David Rothenberg,Bernhard Wöstheinrich,Jay Nicholas - Cool Spring
Michael Rother - Esperanza
Michael Rother - Fernwärme
Michael Rother - Flammende Herzen
Michael Rother - Katzenmusik
Michael Rother - Lust
Michael Rother - Sterntaler
Michael Rother - Süßherz und Tiefenschärfe
Michael Rother - Traumreisen
Steve Rothery Band - Live in Plovdiv
Steve Rothery Band - Live in Rome
Steve Rothery - The Ghosts Of Pripyat
Rotor - 3
Rotor - 4
Rotor - fünf
Rouge Ciel - Rouge Ciel
Rouge Ciel - Veuillez procéder
Round House - 3-D
Round House - Jin Zo-Ni N Gen
Andrew Roussak - Blue Intermezzo
Rousseau - Flower In Asphalt
Cristiano Roversi - The Park
Rovo - FLAGE
Rovo - MON
Rovo - NUOU
Rovo - PHASE
Rovo - PICO!
Rovo - Ravo
Rovo - SAI
Rovo - Tonic 2001
Rovo and System 7 - Phoenix Rising
Row Boat - Romance
Roz Vitalis - Compassionizer
Roz Vitalis - Das Licht der Menschen (The Threesunny Light Superpower)
Roz Vitalis - Enigmarden
Roz Vitalis - Lavoro d'Amore
Roz Vitalis - Live Autumn '05 In the Ad Lucem Studio
Roz Vitalis - Patience of Hope
Roz Vitalis - Revelator
Roz Vitalis - The Hidden Man of the Heart
Jason Rubenstein - New Metal From Old Boxes
Jordan Rudess - 4NYC
Jordan Rudess - Explorations
Jordan Rudess - Feeding the Wheel
Jordan Rudess - Rhythm of time
Rudess Morgenstein Project - Rudess Morgenstein Project
Ruins - Ruins
Ray Russell - Goodbye Svengali
Russian Circles - Geneva
Terje Rypdal - Double Concerto / 5th Symphony
Jordi Sabatés - Ocells del més enlla
Sabot - Mission: Superstition
Sabracadabra - Demo 2001
Jason Sadites - Tales
Jason Sadites - WEVE
Jason Sadites . Marco Minnemann - behind the laughter
SADO - Holzwege
Salim Ghazi Saeedi - Human Encounter
Salim Ghazi Saeedi - Iconophobic
Salim Ghazi Saeedi - namoWoman
Saffronkeira - Tourette
Sairen - Ultima Lux
Sajjanu - CalifornicationII
Sajjanu - Pechiku!!
Michel Sajrawy - Arabop
Michel Sajrawy - Yathrib
Ryūichi Sakamoto - Thousand Knifes of
Motoi Sakuraba - Gikyokuonsou
Salvatore - Clingfilm
Salvatore - Days of Rage
Salvatore - fresh
Salvatore - Luxus
Salvatore - Tempo
Vincenzo Salvia - Atlantis
Vincenzo Salvia - The Volkswagen Of Death
SAM - Slick Alexius Mennigmann - Another Life
Samarbeta - Anonymous Bash
Samla Mammas Manna - Snorungarnas Symphoni
David Sancious - Forest Of Feelings
Jörg Sandner - Donut Desaster
Sangiuliano - Take Off
Sanhedrin - Ever After
Sankt Otten - Engtanz Depression
Sankt Otten - Männerfreundschaften und Metaphysik
Sankt Otten - Messias Maschine
Sankt Otten - Morgen wieder lustig
Sankt Otten - Sequencer Liebe
Sankt Otten - Wunden gibt es immer wieder
Sankt Otten - Zwischen Demut und Disco
São Paulo Underground - Beija Flors Velho e Sujo
São Paulo Underground - Três cabeças loucuras
SBB - Live in Köln 1979. In the shadow of the Dom
SBB - Live in Marburg 1980. The Final Concert
Scale the summit - Carving Desert Canyons
Scale the summit - In a World of Fear
Scale the summit - The Migration
Scarlet Thread - Valheista Kaunein
Scattered Purgatory - Sua-Hiam-Zun
Scavenger Quartet - We Who Live On Land
Luca Scherani - Everyday's Life
Scherzoo - 01
Scherzoo - 02
Scherzoo - 03
Schicke Führs Fröhling - Live 1975
Schicke Führs Fröhling - Sunburst
Schicke Führs Fröhling - Symphonic Pictures
Günter Schickert - Somnambul
Schlammpeitziger - Spacerokkmountainrutschquartier
Irmin Schmidt & Kumo - Masters of confusion
Irmin Schmidt & Bruno Spoerri - Toy planet
Johannes Schmoelling - Songs no words (Lieder ohne Worte)
Johannes Schmoelling - The Zoo of Tranquillity
Johannes Schmoelling - The Zoo of Tranquillity (Original version)
Johannes Schmoelling - White out (Original version)
Johannes Schmoelling - Wuivend Riet
SchnAAk - Spa
SchnAAk - women on ships are bad luck e.p.
SchnAAk and the Rundu Choir - No Security through Numbers
Schneider Kacirek - Shadows Documents
Schnellertollermeier - Rights
Schnellertollermeier - X
Schnellertollermeier - Zorn Einen Ehmer Üttert Stem!!
Conrad Schnitzler - 00/44
Conrad Schnitzler - Blau
Conrad Schnitzler - Blue Glow
Conrad Schnitzler - Charred Machinery
Conrad Schnitzler - Con (Ballet Statique)
Conrad Schnitzler - Electronegativity
Conrad Schnitzler - Endtime
Conrad Schnitzler - Filmmusik 1
Conrad Schnitzler - Filmmusik 2
Conrad Schnitzler - Gold
Conrad Schnitzler - Grün
Conrad Schnitzler - Klavierhelm
Conrad Schnitzler - Rot
Conrad Schnitzler - Silver
Eberhard Schoener - Bali Agúng
Eberhard Schoener - Meditation
Eberhard Schoener - Namaste-Puja
Eberhard Schoener - Sky Music / Moutain Music
Mario Schönwälder - Traum & Trauma
Robert Schroeder - Cygnus-A
Robert Schroeder - D.MO Vol.4 - Harmonic Decadence
Robert Schroeder - Driftin'
Robert Schroeder - Harmonic Ascendant
Robert Schroeder - Mosaique
Robert Schroeder - Pegasus
Robert Schroeder - TimeWaves
Kristian Schultze - Expedition Extra
Klaus Schulze - 2001
Klaus Schulze - Are you sequenced?
Klaus Schulze - Audentity
Klaus Schulze - Ballett 1
Klaus Schulze - Ballett 2
Klaus Schulze - Ballett 4
Klaus Schulze - Body Love
Klaus Schulze - Cyborg
Klaus Schulze - Das Wagner Desaster - Live
Klaus Schulze - Dig It
Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard - Dziekuje Bardzo (DVD)
Klaus Schulze - Dziekuje Poland
Klaus Schulze - En=Trance
Klaus Schulze - Goes Classic
Klaus Schulze - In Blue
Klaus Schulze - Irrlicht
Klaus Schulze - Jubilee Edition Second Part
Klaus Schulze - Jubilee Edition Third Part
Klaus Schulze - Kontinuum
Klaus Schulze - La Vie Electronique 1
Klaus Schulze - La Vie Electronique 2
Klaus Schulze - La Vie Electronique 3
Klaus Schulze - La Vie Electronique 4
Klaus Schulze - La Vie Electronique 6
Klaus Schulze - La Vie Electronique 9
Klaus Schulze - Le Moulin De Daudet
Klaus Schulze - Live @ Klangart 1 + 2
Klaus Schulze - Miditerranean Pads
Klaus Schulze - Mirage
Klaus Schulze - Moondawn
Klaus Schulze - Moonlake
Klaus Schulze - Picture Music
Klaus Schulze - The Dresden Performance
Klaus Schulze - The Ultimate Edition
Klaus Schulze - Trancefer
Klaus Schulze - Vanity of Sounds
Klaus Schulze - X
J. Peter Schwalm - How We Fall
J. Peter Schwalm - The Beauty of Disaster
Nerissa Schwarz - Playgrounds Lost
Scorch Trio - Brolt
Scorch Trio - Luggumt
Scorch Trio - Melaza
Sczepanski - B-Injection
Sczepanski - B-Transfusion
SEAGALL - Hidden Ego
Secoya - Ghosts
Secret Chiefs 3 - Book M
Secret Chiefs 3 - Book of Horizons
Secret Chiefs 3 - Book of Souls: Folio A
Secret Chiefs 3 - Eyes of Flesh, Eyes of Flame
Secret Chiefs 3 - Le Mani Destre Recise degli Ultimi Uomini
Secret Chiefs 3 - Live at the Great American Music Hall
Secret Chiefs 3 - Path of Most Resistance
Secret Chiefs 3 - Perichoresis
Secret Chiefs 3 - Satellite Supersonic Vol. 1
Secret Chiefs 3 - Second Grand Constitution and Bylaws: Hurqalya
Secret Chiefs 3 - Xaphan: Book of Angels Volume 9
Secret Oyster - Sea Son
Secret Oyster - Secret Oyster
Secret Oyster - Straight to the Krankenhaus
Secret Oyster - Vidunderlige kælling
Secret Saucer - Element 115
Secret Saucer - Nachvollziehens
Secret Saucer - Phase Five
Secret Saucer - Second Sighting
Secret Saucer - The Reset
Secret Saucer - Tri-Angular Waves
Seeming Emptiness - Conversion
Seesselberg - Synthetik 1
Sendelica - The Kaleidoscopic Kat and it's Autoscopic Ego
Senogul - Concierto De Evocación Sonora Para Conjunto Instrumental
Senogul - Senogul
Septimania - Coachmania! The Coachmen on Holiday in Septimania!
Serious Beak - Ankaa
Serpentina Satelite - Nothing to say
Servi - Rückkehr aus Ithaka
set fire to flames - sings reign rebuilder
set fire to flames - telegraphs in negative / mouths trapped in static
Seven That Spells - Superautobahn
Seven That Spells - The Death And Resurrection Of Krautrock: Aum
sgt. - Capital of Gravity
sgt. - Perception of causality
sgt. - Stylus Fantasticus
Shadowfax - Folksongs For A Nuclear Village
David Shamrock - Thin Pillow
Shardik - Shardik
Jason Sharp - A Boat Upon Its Blood
Sha's Feckel - Greatest Hits
Derek Sherinian - Blood of the Snake
Derek Sherinian - Molecular Heinosity
Derek Sherinian - Oceana
Derek Sherinian - Planet X
Shining - Sweet Shanghai Devil
Shinsekai - Shinsekai
Ship Of Fools - Close Your Eyes (Forget The World)
Ship Of Fools - Let's get this mother outta here
Ship Of Fools - Out There Somewhere
Sh'mantra - Sub_floating
Shora - Malval
Show-Yen - II
Show-Yen - Show-Yen
Michael Shrieve with Kevin Shrieve and Klaus Schulze - Transfer Station Blue
The Shy Trafficker - Hurt Seconds
Shylock - Gialorgues
Shylock - Ile De Fièvre
Sicher - Sicher
Side Steps - Alive II
Side Steps - Out-And-Out
Side Steps - Points of view
Side Steps - Steps On Edge
Side Steps - Verge Of Reality
Signal/// - Echoes
Siinai - Sykli
Silent Island - Equator
Silo 10 - Silo 10
simakDIALOG - Demi Masa
simakDIALOG - Live at Orion
Carsten Sindvald - The King´s Chamber
Sine Amplitude - Hypnotized
Siniaalto - Kuolema
Siniaalto - Siniaalto
Rikard Sjöblom - Cyklonmannen
Ske - 1000 Autunni
Skeletonbreath - Eagle's Nest, Devil's Cave
Skeletonbreath - Louise
Skeleton$ - Diety of Hair
Skewed Skies - A Seaman's Journey
Alan Skidmore, Mike Osborne, John Surman - Looking For The Next One
Alan Skidmore, Mike Osborne, John Surman - SOS
Jakob Skøtt - All the Colours of the Dust
Jakob Skøtt, Rasmus Rasmussen, Jonas Munk - September
Sky - Cadmium
Sky - Mozart
Sky - Sky 3
Sky - Sky 4 Forthcoming
Sky - Sky Five Live
Sky - The Great Balloon Race
Sky Flying By - Miscellany
Sleeping Horses - Sleeping Horses
Sleeping Horses - Water for Air
Sleeping Pandora - From Above
Sleeping Pandora - Quiet Pass
Sleeping People - Growing
Sleeping People - Notruf
Sleeping People - Sleeping People
Sleepmakeswaves - ...and so we destroyed everything
Sleepmakeswaves - Made of Breath Only
Sleepstream - They flew in censored skies
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - The Face (DVD)
Julie Slick - Julie Slick
Julie Slick - Terroir
Julie Slick / Marco Machera - Fourth Dementia
Slivovitz - All you can eat
Sloche - Stadaconé
SLP - Perception
Smiling Eye - Travels Within
Judge Smith - The Garden Of Fifi Chamoix
Malcolm Smith - We were here
Smoking The Century Away - Animated Weightlessness
Jeffrey Ryan Smoots - Loss for words
Snarling Adjective Convention - Bluewolf Bloodwalk
Soft Heap - A Veritable Centaur
Soft Heap - Al Dente
Soft Heap - Soft Heap
Soft Machine - Alive & Well - Recorded in Paris
Soft Machine - as if...
Soft Machine - BBC In Concert 1971
Soft Machine - BBC Radio 1971-1974
Soft Machine - Breda Reactor
Soft Machine - British Tour '75
Soft Machine - Drop
Soft Machine - Floating World Live
Soft Machine - Fourth
Soft Machine - Land of Cockayne
Soft Machine - Live at Henie Onstad Art Centre 1971
Soft Machine - Live In Paris
Soft Machine - NDR Jazz Workshop
Soft Machine - Noisette
Soft Machine - Rubber Riff
Soft Machine - Seven
Soft Machine - Six
Soft Machine - Softs
Soft Machine - Softstage - BBC In Concert 1972
Soft Machine - somewhere in Soho
Soft Machine - Spaced
Soft Machine - Third
Soft Machine - Virtually
The Soft Machine Legacy - Burden of Proof
The Soft Machine Legacy - Live In Zaandam
The Soft Machine Legacy - Soft Machine Legacy
The Soft Machine Legacy - Steam
Soft Mountain - Soft Mountain
Soft Works - Abracadabra
Software - Chip Meditation Part I
Solaris - 1990
Solaris - Live in Los Angeles
Solaris - Marsbéli Krónikák
Solaris - NOAB - Solaris Archive 2
Solis Lacus - Solis Lacus
Sølyst - Lead
Sølyst - The Steam Age
Sombre Reptile - In Strum Mental
Sombre Reptile - Le repli des ombres
Sonar - A Flaw Of Nature
Sonar - Black Light
Sonar - Static Motion
Sonar - Vortex
Sonata Islands - Meets Mahler
Soniq Theater - a SECOND of ACTion
Soniq Theater - Enchanted
Soniq Theater - Force Majeure
Soniq Theater - Globaliced
Soniq Theater - Guitarissimo
Soniq Theater - Heroes of the Past
Soniq Theater - Overnight Sensation
Soniq Theater - Pandromania
Soniq Theater - Soniq Theater
Soniq Theater - Squaring the Circle
Soniq Theater - The Journey
Soniq Theater - The Third Eye
Soniq Theater - This Mortal Coil
Soniq Theater - Unknown Realities
Soniq Theater - Vision Quest
Sons of Alpha Centauri - Continuum
Sonson - A Shine Below the Mound
Sonson - Sonson
Nicklas Sørensen - Solo
Nicklas Sørensen - Solo 2
SOT - Kind of Saltz
SOT - Redwings Nest
Sotos - Platypus
Sotos - Sotos
Soulitude - So came restless Night
Sounds Of New Soma - Moebius Tunnel
Space Debris - Archive Volume 2: All Man
Space Debris - Archive Volume 3: Deepest View
Space Debris - At Finkenbach 2012
Space Debris - Back to Universe. Archive Volume 4
Space Debris - Behind the Gate
Space Debris - Elephant Moon
Space Debris - Into the Sun. Live at Burg Herzberg Festival 2006 (DVD)
Space Debris - Kraut Lok
Space Debris - Krautrock-Sessions 1994-2001
Space Debris - Live Ghosts
Space Debris - Mountain Ultimate
Space Debris - Phonomorphosis
Space Debris - She's a Temple
Space Debris - Three
Space Explosion - Space Explosion
Space Invaders - Ayakashi
Space Invaders - Dreadnought
Space Machine - 3
Spacecraft - Paradoxe
Spaced Out - Eponymus II
Spaced Out - Evolution
Spaced Out - Live At The Crescendo Festival
Spaced Out - Live in 2000 (DVD)
Spaced Out - Slow Gin
Spaced Out - Spaced Out
Spaced Out - Unstable Matter
The Spacelords - Synapse
The Spacious Mind - Rotvälta
Tony Spada - Human Element
Spaltklang - Alpenglühen
Spaltklang - en Suite
Spaltklang - Lontano
Spaltklang - Surprise
Sparkle in Grey - The Calendar
Spastic Ink - Ink Complete
Special Providence - Essence of Change
Special Providence - Labyrinth
Special Providence - Something Special (DVD)
Special Providence - Soul Alert
Special Providence - Will
Specimen13 - Echosystem EP
Speechless - Time Out Of Mind
Speed Limit - Speed Limit (I)
Spheroe - Primadonna
Sphincter Ensemble - Harrodian Event #1
Spin Marvel - Infolding
Spinifex - Hipsters Gone Ballistic
Spinifex - Veiled
Spoke of Shadows - Spoke of Shadows
Sproingg - Sproingg
Spyra - Headphone Concert - Little Garden Of Sounds II (Documenta 11)
Spyra - Meditationen
Spyra - Staub
Squadra Omega - Squadra Omega (LP+7")
Squartet - Adplicatio Minima
Squartet - Uwaga!
Squat Club - Corvus
Squintaloo - Squintaloo
Squintaloo - Über Bord!
st.ride - piume che cadano
Stabat Akish - Stabat Akish
Stackridge - Extravaganza
Arturo Stalteri - André sulla luna
Arturo Stalteri - Early Rings: Compositions 1974-1975
Hans-Hasso Stamer - Digital Life
Mark Stanley - Mark Stanley presents Denis Chambers, Mark Egan, Sean Rickman, Mark Smoot and Kyle Coughlin in a Sir Eel Records production "Insect Warriors"
Star FK Radium - Blue Siberia
Star FK Radium - Solitude Rotation
Stardrive - Intergalactic Trot
Stardrive - Stardrive
The Stargazer's Assistant - Remoteness Of Light
The Stargazer's Assistant - Shivers And Voids
The Stargazer's Assistant - The Other Side Of The Island
The Static Rising - Change Everything
Markus Stauss Artgenossen - Treasures of Light
Markus Stauss - Echoes
Markus Stauss - Neolithicum (Bass Saxophon Solo & Extras)
Steam Theory - Enduring Delirium
Steamboat Switzerland - Get Out Of My Room
Steamboat Switzerland - Zeitschrei
Steamhammer - Speech
Simon Steensland - Led Circus
Simon Steensland - Simon Steensland's Kamikaze United - Live Gang-Gang
Simon Steensland - The Simon Lonesome Combat Ensemble
Stems - Polemics
Stereokimono - Ki
Stereokimono - Prismosfera
Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld - Never Were The Way She Was
Steve Howe Trio - The Haunted Melody
Steve Howe Trio - Travelling
Steve Morse Band - Coast to Coast
Steve Morse Band - Out Standing In Their Field
Steve Morse Band - Southern Steel
Steve Morse Band - The Introduction
Stevegane Project - When the time is a present
Clive Stevens - Atmospheres
Matt Stevens - Echo
Matt Stevens - Ghost
Matt Stevens - Lucid
Stick & String Quartet - The Stick & String Quartet
Stick Men - Open
Stick Men - Roppongi
Stick Men - Soup
Roine Stolt - Hydrophonia
Stone from the Sky - Fuck the Sun
Stop Motion Orchestra - Instant Everything!
Stories From The Lost - For Clouds
Storms - We Are Storms
Stratosphere - Rise
Strave - Vision
Strawberry Girls - American Graffiti
stringmodulator - Manifesto: Noises made by Guitar and Bass
stringmodulator - stringmodulator
Strings Argument - The Encounter
Pauline Anna Strom - Trans-Millenia Music
STS - live 2000
STS - Paris 98
Daryl Stuermer - Go
Daryl Stuermer - Rewired - The Electric Collection
Daryl Stuermer - Steppin' Out
The Styrenes - In C
SubArachnoid Space - Ether Or
Submarine Silence - Submarine Silence
Subtilior - absence upon a ground
The Suite Unraveling - The Suite Unraveling
Sula Bassana - Dreamer
Sula Bassana - Kosmonauts
Sula Bassana - Live at Roadburn Festival 2014
Sula Bassana - Shipwrecked
Sula Bassana - Silent Music
Sula Bassana - the ape regards his tail
Sula Bassana & Modulfix - Half past six
Sum of R - Orga
Summer Effect - Afterlife
Summer Effect - Nothing But Hope
Summer Effect - Reverie
Summer Effect - Starting Over
Andy Summers, Robert Fripp - Bewitched
Andy Summers, Robert Fripp - I Advance Masked
Sun Dial - Mind Control
Sun Dial - Science Fiction, a Compendium of Space Soundtrax
Sunbirds - Sunbirds
Sunbirds - Zagara
Sunn O))) - ØØ Void
Sunn O))) & Ulver - Terrestrials
Sunrise Auranaut - The First Cosmic
Sunset in the 12th house - Mozaic
Sunswitch - Totality
Survival - Crusader
Hiromasa Suzuki - Rock Joint Biwa - Kumikyoku Furukotohumi
Hiromasa Suzuki - Rock Joint Cither - Kumikyoku Silk Road
Yoshio Suzuki - Morning Picture
Svin - Heimat
Svin - Missionær
Svin - Secretly we are gay
Svin - Svin
Swanusurpation - Schabernack
Swedish Family - Vintage Prog
Mateusz Święcicki - Halo Wenus
Swung - Swung Vol.1 & 2
Swunk - Soundscapes
David Sylvian - Alchemy - An Index of Possibilities
David Sylvian - Approaching Silence
David Sylvian - Camphor
David Sylvian & Holger Czukay - Flux + Mutability
David Sylvian & Holger Czukay - Plight & Premonition
David Sylvian & Russell Mills - Ember Glance: The Performance of Memory
Symphonic Theater of Dreams - A Symphonic Tribute To Dream Theater
Sympozion - Kundabuffer
Synchronous Yawn - Cracks
Syncromind Project - Second
Syncromind Project - Syncronized
Synergy - Audion
Synergy - Computer Experiments, Volume One
Synergy - Cords
Synergy - Electronic Realizations for Rock Orchestra
Synergy - Games
Synergy - Metropolitan Suite
Synergy - Reconstructed Artifacts
Synergy - Sequencer
Synergy - The Jupiter Menace
Syntony - Scavenger
Syntony - White Fly
Syrinx (Fra) - Qualia
Systems Theory - Demos 1999-2000
Systems Theory - Demos 2001-2002
Systems Theory - Soundtracks For Imaginary Movies
Syzygy - Cosmos & Chaos (2013)
Bernard Szajner - Some Deaths Take Forever
Bernard Szajner - Superficial Music
Bernard Szajner - Visions of Dune
Hermann Szobel - Szobel
T3AFO - Welcome To The Fine Machine (CD+DVD)
Taal - Mister Green
Taipuva Luotisuora - 8
Taipuva Luotisuora - IV
Midori Takada - Through The Looking Glass
Tako - U Vreci Za Spavanje
tale of diffusion - Adventures Of Mandorius (The Bird)
Talisma - Chromium
Talisma - Corpus
Talisma - Quelque Part
Tanger - Ciudad
Tanger - La otra cara
Tanger - Mundos Paralelos
Tangerine Dream - 220 Volt Live
Tangerine Dream - Ambient Monkeys
Tangerine Dream - Antique Dreams
Tangerine Dream - Atem
Tangerine Dream - Atlantic Bridges (1988-98)
Tangerine Dream - Atlantic Walls (1988-98)
Tangerine Dream - Book of Dreams
Tangerine Dream - Booster V
Tangerine Dream - Canyon Dreams
Tangerine Dream - Catch me if you can
Tangerine Dream - Destination Berlin
Tangerine Dream - Dream Encores
Tangerine Dream - Dream mixes one
Tangerine Dream - Dream Mixes Three
Tangerine Dream - Dream Sequence
Tangerine Dream - East - Live
Tangerine Dream - Edgar Allan Poe's The Island of the Fay. A Nonverbal Musical Translation
Tangerine Dream - Encore
Tangerine Dream - Exit
Tangerine Dream - Firestarter
Tangerine Dream - Goblins Club
Tangerine Dream - Great Wall Of China
Tangerine Dream - Green Desert
Tangerine Dream - Heartbreakers
Tangerine Dream - Hyperborea
Tangerine Dream - Light Flux
Tangerine Dream - Lily on the beach
Tangerine Dream - Live - Arizona '92
Tangerine Dream - Live Brighton - March 25th 1986
Tangerine Dream - Live Miles
Tangerine Dream - Logos Live
Tangerine Dream - Mars Polaris - Deep Space Highway To Red Rocks Pavilion
Tangerine Dream - Mona Da Vinci
Tangerine Dream - Mota Atma
Tangerine Dream - One Night in Africa
Tangerine Dream - Palais de Congres, Paris March 1978 & Palast der Republik, East Berlin January 1980
Tangerine Dream - Pergamon
Tangerine Dream - Poland (The Warsaw Concert)
Tangerine Dream - Quantum Gate
Tangerine Dream - Quantum Key
Tangerine Dream - Reims Cathedral December 1974 & Mozartsaal, Mannheim October 1976
Tangerine Dream - Ricochet
Tangerine Dream - Rockface. Live at Berkeley
Tangerine Dream - Sohoman
Tangerine Dream - Sorcerer
Tangerine Dream - Soundmill Navigator
Tangerine Dream - Stratosfear
Tangerine Dream - Tangram
Tangerine Dream - The Bootleg Box Set Vol.1
Tangerine Dream - The Bootleg Box Set Vol.2
Tangerine Dream - The Collection
Tangerine Dream - The Hollywood Years Vol.1
Tangerine Dream - The Hollywood Years Vol.2
Tangerine Dream - The Seven Letters From Tibet
Tangerine Dream - Thief
Tangerine Dream - TimeSquare-Dream Mixes 2
Tangerine Dream - Tournado
Tangerine Dream - Transsiberia
Tangerine Dream - Turn of the tides
Tangerine Dream - Tyranny of beauty
Tangerine Dream - Valentine Wheels
Tangerine Dream - Wavelength
Tangerine Dream - White Eagle
Tangerine Dream - Zeit
Tangerine Dream - Zoning
Tangled Thoughts of Leaving - Yield to Despair
Tante Félipé - Point de croix
Tapetto Traci - Neurula
Tarantula A.D. - Atlantic E.P.
Tarantula A.D. - Book of Sand
Tarantula A.D. - Tarantula E.P.
Tarantula Hawk - Tarantula Hawk
Tarantula Hawk - Tarantula Hawk (2)
Taras Bul'ba (IT) - Amur
Tarentel - From Bone To Satellite
Tatran - Shvat
Tatvamasi - Amor Fati
Tatvamasi - Parts of the Entirety
Taurus (Chi.) - Opus 1 - Dimensions
Robin Taylor - Cloze test terror
Robin Taylor - Edge Of Darkness
Robin Taylor - Heart Disc
Robin Taylor - November
Robin Taylor - Samplicity
Robin Taylor - Two-Pack
Robin Taylor - X Position Vol. 1
Taylor's Free Universe - 9 Eleven
Taylor's Free Universe - Family Shot
Taylor's Free Universe - File Under Extreme
Taylor's Free Universe - Manipulated by Taylor
Taylor's Free Universe - On-Plugged In Elsinore
Taylor's Universe - Across the Universe
Taylor's Universe - Almost Perfected
Taylor's Universe - Certain Undiscoveries
Taylor's Universe - Evidence
Taylor's Universe - Experimental Health (with Karsten Vogel)
Taylor's Universe - From Scratch
Taylor's Universe - Kind Of Red
Taylor's Universe - Once again
Taylor's Universe - Oyster's apprentice
Taylor's Universe - Pork
Taylor's Universe - Return to Whatever
Taylor's Universe - Soundwall
Taylor's Universe - Taylor's Universe
Taylor's Universe - Terra Nova
Taylor's Universe - Worn Out
T-Bo - We Stay Together
TEE - Tales of Eternal Entities
TEE - The Earth Explorer
TEE - Trans Europe Expression
Terpandre - Terpandre
Tesis Arsis - Estado de alerta máximo
Tesis Arsis - Ilusões
Tetragon - Stretch
Tetragrammaton - Elegy for Native Tongues
Thalija - Thalija
The Evpatoria Report - Maar
The Eye Of Time - The Eye of Time
The Great Cold - The Great Cold
The High Fidelity Orchestra - The High Fidelity Orchestra
The Man from RavCon - The Puzzle Master
The Pirate Ship Quintet - The Pirate Ship Quintet
The Slowmovies - Egocaine / Hits 1920 / 1933
The Spanish Donkey - Raoul
The Viola Crayola - Music: Breathing of Statues
The Winter Tree - Twilight of the Magicians
Laurent Thibault - Mais On Ne Peut Pas Rever Tout Le Temps
Third Ear Band - Abelard and Heloise
Third Ear Band - Alchemy
Third Ear Band - Hymn to the Sphynx
Third Ear Band - Live
Third Ear Band - Live Ghosts
Third Ear Band - Magic Music
Third Ear Band - Magic Music (New Age Magical Music)
Third Ear Band - Music from Macbeth
Third Ear Band - Third Ear Band
Thirsty Moon - Blitz
This Harmony - Leila Saida
This Heat - Health & Efficiency (EP)
This Heat - Repeat
This Makes Us Human - This Makes Us Human
Thisquietarmy - Resurgence
François Thollot - Ceux d'en face
François Thollot - Contact
Jacques Thollot - Quand Le Son Devient Aigu, Jeter La Girafe A La Mer
Chester Thompson - A Joyful Noise
Thonk - earth vision impact
Three Monks - Neogothic Progressive Toccatas
Three Monks - The Legend of the Holy Circle
Three Trapped Tigers - Silent Earthling
THTX - The Flickering Sky
Steve Tibbetts - Steve Tibbetts
Steve Tibbetts - Yr
Tiemko - Océan
Tiemko - Parade
Asmus Tietchens - AK7+
Asmus Tietchens - Nachtstücke
Andy Tillison Diskdrive - Fog
Andy Tillison Diskdrive - MURK
Time Traveller - Chapters I&II
Time Zero - Outcasts of Civilization
Tin Hat (Trio) - Book of Silk
Tin Hat (Trio) - Foreign Legion
Tin Hat (Trio) - The Rodeo Eroded
Tin Hat (Trio) - The Sad Machinery Of Spring
Tipographica - God Says I Can't Dance
The Keith Tippett Group - Dedicated To You, But You Weren't Listening
The Keith Tippett Octet - The Nine Dances of Patrick O’Gonogan
Titan - A Raining Sun of Light and Love For You and You and You
Titan - Pacific Living
Titan - Titan
Todd Grubbs - Time, Space And The Electric
Tohpati - Tribal Dance
Tohpati Bertiga - Riot
Tohpati Ethnomission - Mata Hati
Tohpati Ethnomission - Save The Planet (Selamatkan Bumi)
Tom Moto - Allob Allen
Tomita - Cosmos
Tomita - Firebird
Tomita - Pictures At An Exhibition
Tomita - Snowflakes Are Dancing
Tomita - Space Fantasy
Tomita - The Bermuda Triangle
Tomita - The Planets
Tomita - The Ravel Album
Tomorrow at Dawn - From Diablo to Devereux
Tomorrow's Gift - Goodbye Future
Tømrerclaus - En Spade Er En Spade
Tonbruket - Dig it to the end
Tonbruket - Nubium Swimtrip
Tönen - Long-Term-Stasis-Music
Tonto's Expanding Head Band - Tonto rides again
Tonto's Expanding Head Band - Tonto's Expanding Head Band
Jannick Top - Infernal Machina
David Torn - Cloud About Mercury
David Torn - only sky
David Torn - Prezens
David Torn - What means solid, traveller?
David Torn, Mick Karn & Terry Bozzio - Polytown
Tortoise - It's All Around You
Tortoise - Millions now living will never die
Tortoise - Standards
Toundra - II
Toundra - III
Toundra - IV
Toundra - Vortex
Trace - Trace
T.R.A.M. - Lingua Franca
Trank Zappa Grappa in Varese? - Cryptic Echoes. Live in Belgium
Trank Zappa Grappa in Varese? - More Light
Trank Zappa Grappa in Varese? - Play Zappa Live In Waremme 08
Transient v Resident - Electrical Shrouds
Transient v Resident - Medulla
Transit Express - Couleurs Naturelles
Transit Express - Opus Progressif
Transit Express - Priglacit
Transport - Milchreise
Trap - Insurrection
Traumkraft - Seelenwanderer
Travis & Fripp - Live at Coventry Cathedral
Travis & Fripp - Thread
Travis Larson Band - Anicca
Travis Larson Band - rate of change
Travis Larson Band - Rate Of Change live
Theo Travis - Slow life
Tree of Life - Awakening Call
Tribal Tech - Face First
Tribal Tech - Rocket Science
Tribal Tech - Thick
A Triggering Myth - Between Cages
A Triggering Myth - Forgiving Eden
A Triggering Myth - The Remedy Of Abstraction
Trigon - 2011
Trigon - Beschränkte Haftung
Trigon - Burg Herzberg Festival 2002
Trigon - Continuum
Trigon - Das UMO-Mandat
Trigon - Emergent
Trigon - HeiZEN
Trigon - Herzberg 2004
Trigon - Live 2007 (DVD)
Trigon - Live im Schlachthof Lahr, 16.10.2004
Trikolon - Cluster
Trilogy - Here it is
Trinity Xperiment - Anaesthesia
Trio of Doom - Trio of Doom
Triode - On n'a pas fini d'avoir tout vu
Trion - Funfair Fantasy
Trion - Tortoise
Trioscapes - Digital Dream Sequence
Trioscapes - Seperate Realities
Trivalent - Norms And Values
The Tronosonic Experience - The Tronosonic Experience
Rolf Trostel - Der Prophet
Rolf Trostel - Inselmusik
Rolf Trostel - Two Faces
TRY - Just a try
Tryo - Patrimonio
Tryo - Tryo
TU - Official Bootleg
Tuesday the Sky - Drift
Tuner - Totem
Nik Turner - Space Fusion Odyssey
Turning Point - Silent Promise
Twangorama - Twangorama
Twelfth Night - A Midsummer Night's Dream
Twelfth Night - Entropy
Twelfth Night - Live at the Target
Twin Tail - Everything is permitted - Subete Ha Yurusarete Iru
Twinesuns - The Empire Never Ended
Two Separate Gorillas - Two Separate Gorillas
Tyndall - Durch die Zeiten
Tyndall - Sonnenlicht
Tyndall - Traumland
Nik Tyndall - Entspannung
Ünder Linden - Ünder Linden
Ueno Park - Dix-Mille Yeux
Ufomammut - Eve
Uhl - Discoboys
Ukab Maerd - the waiting room
Ulan Bator - OK:KO
Lutz Ulbrich - Kurzmusiken
Ulterior Lux - Adventures
Ultralyd - Conditions For A Piece Of Music
Ultralyd - Inertiadrome
Ulver - Lyckantropen Themes
Ulver - Svidd Neger
Piero Umiliani - Synthi Time
Piero Umiliani - Tra scienza e fantascienza
Ümit - The Spirit of Ümit
Uncle Moe's Space Ranch - Garsed Helmerich Chambers Kinsey Willis: Uncle Moe's Space Ranch
Uncle Moe's Space Ranch - Moe's Town
Unearth Noise - Another Dimension
Unearth Noise - Spirit Guitar
U-Ni - Samadhi
UnicaZürn - Temporal Bends
Unimother 27 - Acidoxodica
Unimother 27 - Fiore Spietato
Unimother 27 - Frozen Information
Unimother 27 - Grin
Unisono - Unisono
Unit Wail - Beyond Space Edges
Unit Wail - Pangaea Proxima
Unit Wail - Retort
Univers Zero - Ceux Du Dehors
Univers Zero - Clivages
Univers Zero - Crawling Wind
Univers Zero - Heatwave
Univers Zero - Heresie
Univers Zero - Implosion
Univers Zero - Live
Univers Zero - Phosphorescent Dreams
Univers Zero - Relaps - Archives 1984 - 1986
Univers Zero - rhythmix
Univers Zero - The Hard Quest
Univers Zero - Uzed
Unnatural Ways - We Aliens
Unoma - Croma
Upright - Opinion
Upsilon Acrux - Galapagos Momentum
Upsilon Acrux - In The Acrux Of The Upsilon King
Upsilon Acrux - Last Pirates of Upsilon
Upsilon Acrux - Last Train out
Upsilon Acrux - Radian Futura
Upsilon Acrux - Sun Square Dialect
Upsilon Acrux - Upsilon Live
Upsilon Acrux - Volucris Avis Dirae-Arum
Upsilon Acrux / Honey Ride Me A Goat - White LP
Uran - Uran
Uranian - La Ciudad de los Sueños
Michal Urbaniak - Atma
Michal Urbaniak - Inactin
User - Kurmuschels Verwandlung
Ut Gret - Recent Fossils
Adrian Utley's Guitar Orchestra - In C
Utopianisti - Utopianisti II + Utopianisti meets Black Motor & Jon Ballantyne
Utopic Sporadic Orchestra - Nancy 75
UZEB - Club
UZEB - Fast Emotion
Üzgin Üver - 99
Uzumaki - Join Us
VagusNerve - Lo Pan
Steve Vai - Sound Theories Vol. I & II
Van der Graaf (Generator) - ALT
Van der Graaf (Generator) - Present
Van der Graaf (Generator) - The long hello Vol. I
Van Zyl - Gulsh - Rath - The Sound Museum
Chuck Van Zyl - Celestial Mechanics
Chuck Van Zyl - MemorySpace
Chuck Van Zyl - Recitals
Chuck Van Zyl - Recitals 2
Chuck Van Zyl - Rituals
Chuck Van Zyl - The Relic
Chuck Van Zyl - The Xyl File
Laurence Vanay - Evening Colours
Christian Vander - Korusz - A la recherche du chorus supreme
Joël Vandroogenbroeck - Biomechanoid
Vangelis - Albedo 0.39
Vangelis - Antarctica
Vangelis - Beaubourg
Vangelis - Chariots of fire
Vangelis - China
Vangelis - Hypothesis
Vangelis - Ignacio
Vangelis - Invisible Connections
Vangelis - L'Apocalypse des Animaux
Vangelis - La fête sauvage
Vangelis - Oceanic
Vangelis - Opera Sauvage
Vangelis - Sex Power
Vangelis - Soil Festivities
Vangelis - Spiral
Vangelis - The City
Vangelis - The Dragon
Vangelis - Themes
Vangough - Game On!
Jean-Claude Vannier - L'enfant assassin des mouches
Janos Varga Project - The wings of revelation I
Janos Varga Project - The wings of revelation II
Various Artists - AMIGA Electronics
Various Artists - assorted [progrock-dt] music vol. 1
Various Artists - Drum Nation Volume Two
Various Artists - Kinections: The Progday Support CD
Various Artists - Steinway to Heaven
Various Artists - The Rome Pro(g)ject
Various Artists - Trip Wave
Various Artists - Un Voyage en Progressif - Volume 2
Venegoni & Co. - Planetarium
Venegoni & Co. - Sarabanda
Verde - Petoviha
Vermont - Vermont
Verto - Krig/Volubilis
Pierre Vervloesem - Grosso Modo
Pierre Vervloesem - Rude
VeryShortShorts - Background Music for Bank Robberies
VeryShortShorts - Minimal Boom!
Vesala/Sermilä/Hauta-aho/Honkanen/Helasvuo - Ode to Marilyn
Vespero - Azmari: Abyssinian Liventure
Vespero - Fitful Slumber until 5 A.M.
Vespero - Lique Mekwas
Vespero - Shum-Shir
Vespero - Subkraut: U-Boats Willkommen Hier
Via Lactea - Daath
Via Lactea - Via Lactea
Patrick Vian - Bruits et temps analogues
Vidavox - Vidavox
Kalle Vilpuu - Silver Lining
Richard Vimal - Aquarythmies
Richard Vimal - Migrations
Vintage Cucumber - Jup's Chillout Lounge Style
Vintage Cucumber - Mc Goyl Style
Vintage Cucumber - Tagesgestirn & Nachtgestirn EP
Vintage Cucumber - Tom mit de Bon Style
Vintage Cucumber - Yoki Style
Virgil & Steve Howe - Nexus
Visual Cliff - Key To Eternity
Vitamin String Quartet - Tribute to Pink Floyd´s Dark Side of the Moon
Vitral - Entre As Estrelas
V.Majestic - Dynamic Alloy
V.Majestic - For Educational Use Only
V.Majestic - V.Majestic
Vogel Stauss und seine Artgenossen - En Route
Volapük - Polyglöt
Vole - The Hillside Mechanisms
Volkor - Volkor
Il Volo - Essere o non essere? Essere, Essere, Essere!
Volte Face / Corbeaux - The Meeting Point
Volto! - Incitare
Adelbert von Deyen - Atmosphere
Adelbert von Deyen - Nordborg
Adelbert von Deyen - Sternzeit
von Haulshoven - Der Weg des Geistes
von Haulshoven - Hovenstein - the castle in space
von Haulshoven - Kiko And The Ancient Astronaut
von Haulshoven - Planet Of The Northern Wind
Von Zamla - No Make Up!
VonFrickle - Arrhythmia
VonFrickle - feeding the organic computer
Vortex - Les Cycles De Thanatos
Vortex - Vortex
Voyag3r - Are You Synthetic?
Voyag3r - Doom Fortress
Rene de Vreng - Pandora
Cédric Vuille - des pas rayé
Cédric Vuille et Jean 20 Huguenin - Un royaume, une espèce de vide ...
Adam Wakeman - Real World Trilogy
Oliver Wakeman - Heaven's Isle
Oliver Wakeman with Steve Howe - The 3 ages of magick
Rick Wakeman - 2000 A.D. Into the Future
Rick Wakeman - Aspirant Sunrise
Rick Wakeman - Aspirant Sunset
Rick Wakeman - Aspirant Sunshadows
Rick Wakeman - Christmas Variations
Rick Wakeman - Chronicles of Man
Rick Wakeman - Classical Variations
Rick Wakeman - Country airs (1986)
Rick Wakeman - Country Airs (1992)
Rick Wakeman - Criminal Record
Rick Wakeman - G'ole!
Rick Wakeman - Greatest Hits
Rick Wakeman - Heritage Suite
Rick Wakeman - Medium rare
Rick Wakeman - Night Airs
Rick Wakeman - Preludes to a century
Rick Wakeman - Rhapsodies
Rick Wakeman - Sea Airs
Rick Wakeman - Songs of Middle Earth
Rick Wakeman - The Art In Music Trilogy
Rick Wakeman - The Burning
Rick Wakeman - The Classical Connection
Rick Wakeman - The Classical Connection 2
Rick Wakeman - The Family Album
Rick Wakeman - The Natural World Trilogy
Rick Wakeman - The Oscar Concert
Rick Wakeman - The Seven Wonders of the World
Rick Wakeman - The Six Wives Of Henry VIII
Rick Wakeman - Themes
Rick Wakeman - Tribute
Rick Wakeman - Visions
Rick Wakeman - White Rock
Rick Wakeman - Zodiaque
Rick Wakeman & Adam Wakeman - Romance Of The Victorian Age
Rick Wakeman & Adam Wakeman - Tapestries
Rick Wakeman & Adam Wakeman - The Official Bootleg
Rick Wakeman & Adam Wakeman - Wakeman with Wakeman
Igor Wakhevitch - Let's start
Igor Wakhevitch - Nagual (les ailes de la perception)
Scott Walker - And Who Shall Go To The Ball? And What Shall Go To The Ball?
Scott Walker - The Childhood of a Leader
David Wallimann - Evolving Seeds Of Glory
Walrus - Walrus
Wang Wen - Sweet Home, Go
Wapassou - Ludwig - Un Roi pour l´Eternité
Wapassou - Salammbô
Kit Watkins - Azure
Kit Watkins - Holographic Tapestries
Kit Watkins - Labyrinth
Kit Watkins - SunStruck
Darryl Way - Concerto for Electric Violin
Darryl Way - Ultra Violins
Darryl Way - Vivaldi’s Four Seasons In Rock
We Deserve This - Floating Colours
We Deserve This - Fusion
We Deserve This - Smile
We Deserve This - Tearing
We Stood Like Kings - Berlin 1927
We Stood Like Kings - USSR 1926
Weather Report - 8:30
Weather Report - Black Market
Weather Report - I Sing The Body Electric
Weather Report - Live in Tokyo
Weather Report - Mysterious Traveller
Weather Report - Night Passage
Weather Report - Procession
Weather Report - Sweetnighter
Weather Report - Tale Spinnin'
Weather Report - Weather Report
Weather Report - Weather Report (1982)
Weavels - The Living Puzzle
Weedpecker - Weedpecker
Carl Weingarten - Blue Faith
Carl Weingarten - The Acoustic Shadow
Weltraum - Feuer
Weltraum - LesGolax
Weltraum - Magnolia
Weltraum - Sweet Valentine
Weserbergland - Sehr Kosmisch, Ganz Progisch
Gerd Weyhing - Journeys to Impossible Places
Gerd Weyhing - The Hidden Symmetry
Gerd Weyhing - The Inside World / Soundscapes III
When Day Descends - Transcend
Michael White & Michael Lambert with David Torn & Mick Karn - Lonely Universe
The White Noise - 5.5. White Label
The White Noise - Inferno
The White Noise - Re-entry
The White Noise - V
The White Noise - White Noise 2 - Concerto for synthesizer
Widek - Dream Reflection
Widek - Journey To The Stars
Benoît Widemann - Stress!
Benoît Widemann - Tsunami
Wilburn Burchette - Opens The Seven Gates Of Transcendental Consciousness
Willowglass - Book of Hours
Willowglass - The Dream Harbour
Willowglass - Willowglass
Mark Wingfield - Proof of Light
Mark Wingfield - Tales from the Dreaming City
Wingfield Reuter Sirkis - Lighthouse
Wingfield Reuter Stavi Sirkis - The Stone House
WintherStormer - Electric Fairytales
WintherStormer - Ground Connection
WintherStormer - Woodwork
Wlud - Carrycroch
Wlud - Second
WMWS - One Night Stand
Wobbler - Afterglow
Erik Wøllo & Bernhard Wöstheinrich - Weltenuhr
Woodenhead - Music From The Big Green Warehouse
Woodenhead - Perseverance
WorldService Project - Fire in a Pet Shop
Rick Wright - Broken China
Rick Wright - Wet Dream
The Wrong Object - After The Exhibition
The Wrong Object - Live At Zappanale 2004 (feat. Ed Mann)
The Wrong Object - Live At Zappanale 2008
The Wrong Object - Platform One
The Wrong Object - Stories from the Shed
The Wrong Object - The Unbelievable Truth
Wrupk Urei - Kõik saab korda
Matze Wurm - Truth is stranger than Fiction
Wurtemberg - Rock Fantasia Opus 9
X-Legged Sally - Bereft of a Blissful Union
X-Legged Sally - Slow Up
Xaal - En Chemin
Xaal - Second Ere
Xadu - Random/Abstract
Xang - Destiny of a Dream
Xang - The Last Of The Lasts
Xeno - Moving to Town...
Xhol (Caravan) - Altena 1970
Xhol (Caravan) - Essen 1970
Xing Sa - Création de l'univers
Xolotl - Procession
Xordox - Neospection
Phi Yaan-Zek - Dance With The Anima
Phi Yaan-Zek - Deeper with the Anima
Yagull - Films
Yagull - Kai
Yak - Journey of the Yak
Stomu Yamashta - Floating Music
Stomu Yamashta - Freedom is frightening
Stomu Yamashta - Red Buddha
Stomu Yamashta - Sea & Sky
Stomu Yamashta - The Man From The East
Yang - A Complex Nature
Yang - Machines
Yeti - Things To Come
Yeti - Volume Obliteration Transcendence
Yeti Rain - Discarnate
Les Yeux de la Tête - Nerf
Yonhosago - Album 1 (descuento)
Otomo Yoshihide, Bill Laswell, Yoshida Tatsuya - Episome
YOU - Electric Day
YOU - Laserscape
YOU - Time Code
Dennis Young - Synthesis
Dennis Young - Wave
Ysma - Carrots and Candles
Ysma - Fourth Wall
Ysma - Memoirs In Monochrome
Ysma - Vagrant
Yugen - Labirinto d'acqua
Yugen - Yugen Plays Leddi - Uova Fatali
Yuri Gagarin - At the Center of all Infinity
Z - Real Life Never Stops
Zaal - La Lama Sottile
Zaal - Onda Quadra
Zaar - Zaar
Thierry Zaboïtzeff - Aria Primitiva
Thierry Zaboïtzeff - Dr. Zab & his robotic strings orchestra
Thierry Zaboïtzeff - Dr. Zab Vol. 2
Thierry Zaboïtzeff - Multiple Distortions
Thierry Zaboïtzeff - Nebensonnen
Thierry Zaboïtzeff - Prométhée
Zakarya - 413 A
Zakarya - Something Obvious
Zanov - Green Ray
Zanov - In Course of Time
Zanov - Moebius 256 301
Zantilla - Encounters
Zao - Kawana
Zao - Live!
Zao - Osiris
Zao - Shekina
Zao - Typhareth
Frank Zappa - Civilization Phaze III
Frank Zappa - Francesco Zappa
Frank Zappa - Guitar
Frank Zappa - Hot Rats
Frank Zappa - Imaginary Diseases
Frank Zappa - Jazz from Hell
Frank Zappa - London Symphony Orchestra, Vol. I & II
Frank Zappa - Orchestral Favorites
Frank Zappa - Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar
Frank Zappa - Trance-Fusion
Riccardo Zappa - Celestion
Zarboth - Kwakiutls
Zauss - Neulich neben der Grenze
Zauss - Trittico Immer All Over
Zauss - überall in terra straniera borders beyond
Zebulon - Zebulon
ZED - Visions of Dune
Zeit - Waves from the Sky
Zeitloop - Stone Age
Zelinka - Zelinka
Zement - Werk
Zero Zero Zero - Crypto Sensus
ZET - Comandante Beat
Zevious - After the Air Raid
Zevious - Passing Through The Wall
Zhaoze - Intoxicatingly Lost
Zhongyu - Finally
Barbara Zielinska-Van - Secret Garden
Zinkl - Circus Maximus
Zinkl - Cockaigne
Zinkl - Dance music for insects
Zinkl - Lovely Night Creatures
Zinkl - Plexus Andromeda
Zinkl - The Temptations of St.Anthony
Hartmut Zinn - Gipfelstürmer
Hartmut Zinn - Heiles Land
Zita Ensemble - Quintet Sessions
Zita Ensemble - Volume 1
Zita Ensemble - Volume 2
ZNR - Traité de mécanique populaire
Zodiak Trio - Acid
Zodiak Trio - Zodiak Trio
Zoltan - First Stage Zoltan
Zoltan - Sixty Minute Zoom
Zombi - Escape Velocity
Zombi - Shape Shift
Zombi - Spirit Animal
Zombi - The Zombi Anthology
Zone Six - Any Noise is intended
Zone Six - Forever Hugo
Zone Six - Live at Space farm Ahoi Festival 2007
Zone Six - Love Monster
Zone Six - Zone Six
Zone Six / Vespero - The Split Thing
John Zorn - 49 Acts of Unspeakable Depravity in the Abominable Life and Times of Gilles de Rais
John Zorn - Inferno
John Zorn - Insurrection
John Zorn - Psychomagia
John Zorn - Simulacrum
John Zorn - The Garden of Earthly Delights
John Zorn - The Painted Bird
John Zorn - The True Discoveries of Witches and Demons
John Zorn - Valentine's Day
The Zorn Trio - The Zorn Trio plays Mats Johansson
Zs - Grain
Zs - New Slaves II: Essence Implosion!
Zs - Xe
Zu - Cortar Todo
Zu - Jhator
Zu - The way of the animal powers
Zundapp - Sotèro
Zweiton - Form
Zypressen - Zypressen
24903 Rezensionen zu 17072 Alben von 6653 Bands.

Alben aus dem Genre/mit dem Merkmal "Moderne Electronica"

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Band  Album Jahr Ø-Wertung # Rezis
2 Foot YardBorrowed Arms200711.001
65daysofstaticWild Light201310.001
A Prison Called EarthThe Ivory Miracle201311.001
Abarico Loop ProjectAbarico Loop Project201410.001
Ako DomaAliens Are Good For Sale20039.001
Laurie AndersonUnited States Live198412.001
Laurie AndersonHome of the brave19869.001
Laurie AndersonBright red - Tightrope199412.001
Laurie AndersonLife on a string200113.001
Laurie AndersonLive at Town Hall New York City September 19-20,2001200214.001
Laurie AndersonStrange Angels198910.001
AngeLe bois travaille, même le dimanche201011.003
Animals As LeadersWeightless201112.333
AnkhExpect Unexpected20039.502
AntethicGhost Shirt Society201711.001
Antonius RexSwitched On Dark20069.001
Antony Kalugins Kinematics OrchestraAKKO I20138.001
Luigi Archetti & Bo WigetLow Tide Digitals200111.001
ArchiveWith Us Until You're Dead20129.333
ArchiveControlling Crowds200911.004
ArchiveLive at the Zenith20079.001
ArchiveMichel Vaillant20038.001
ArchiveControlling Crowds Part IV20098.502
ArcturusLa Masquerade Infernale199711.002
ArcturusDisguised Masters199911.001
Aria PrimitivaWork in Progress201811.001
AriesDouble Reign201012.001
Art Zoydu.B.I.Q.U.e200111.002
Ashra@shra Vol. 2200211.502
The Astronaut's ReturnNow Then Waves201411.001
At War With SelfActs of God200712.001
Auxilium-TekCascadin EP201110.001
AzurethThe Promethean Syndrome20076.673
Richard Barbieri/Tim BownessFlame199411.001
Karl BartosOff the record20138.502
Karl BartosCommunication20038.001
Battiato/Pinaxajoe patti's experimental group201412.001
Adrian BelewSide Two200511.002
Beneath The Watchful EyesWe Held Our Breath Until Our Hearts Exploded201410.001
Robert BeriauSelfishness: Source of War & Violence200811.001
Bernocchi, FM Einheit, Jo QuailRosebud201710.001
Bersarin QuartettII201211.001
Beyond TwilightFor The Love Of Art And The Making200612.001
BjörkThe Music From Drawing Restraint 9200412.001
BjörkVespertine live at the Royal Opera House 2001 (DVD)200214.333
Tristan BlaskowitzWinter20139.502
The Blessed BeatMiV201512.001
[bleu]Sincère autopsie de la Finesse200911.001
BOL&SnahSo? Now?201612.001
The Book Of KnotsTraineater200712.001
David BordenAnatidae198513.001
David BordenMigration198812.001
David BordenThe continuing story of Counterpoint 1 - 4 + 8 (complete)199112.001
David BordenPlaces, Times & People199413.002
BowMan In The Machine201210.001
David BowieDavid Bowie Box20080.001
David BowieThe Buddha Of Suburbia199312.001
BoxStudio I200811.001
Carla BozulichBoy201411.001
BPM&MXtraKcts & ArtifaKcts200110.001
BrackenWe Know About the Need200710.001
Broadcast and The Focus GroupBroadcast and The Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age200912.001
Brother ApeForce Majeure20138.002
Brother Sun, Sister MoonBrother Sun, Sister Moon201210.001
Bruce Soord with Jonas RenskeWisdom of Crowds201311.502
Michael BrücknerMovies Moving In My Head20179.001
Michael BrücknerDrones201710.001
Michael Brückner ProjectMole200310.001
Call U.S LegionUpon The Ashes Of The Data Princess201310.001
Camp HansenKeep Music Progressive20049.001
Alex CarpaniWaterline20079.002
Catafalchi Del CyberBenediktus und Vobis Quoque Catafalcus Est Tu20118.002
CentrozoonBigger space (DVD)200410.001
CentrozoonBoner (Adrian Benavides-Version)201211.001
CentrozoonBoner (Marziano Fontana-Version)201212.001
Centrozoonthe cult of: bibbiboo200013.001
Chaos Venture1.0201311.001
Cheer-AccidentFear Draws Misfortune200911.673
Mikhail ChekalinNight Pulsation199311.001
Mikhail ChekalinAvoiding the desire for cutting and piercing objects19999.001
chimpan Achimpan A20063.002
Chroma KeyGraveyard Mountain Home200412.002
Chrome HoofCrush Depth201010.001
Chrome HoofChrome Black Gold201311.001
Cinema by PöngseLoopings20149.001
Cinema (DE)The Discovering of Time20179.001
ClandestineThe Invalid200911.001
ClearlightInfinite Symphony200310.001
Collapse Under The EmpireFind A Place To Be Safe200910.001
Collapse Under The EmpireShoulders & Giants201110.001
Collapse Under The EmpireThe Sirens Sound201010.001
ColorStarVia la Musica20018.002
CorneliusPOINT - from Nakameguro to Everywhere200213.001
CosmopoliticsMental Hygiene201011.001
Mario Cottarelliprodigiosa macchina20079.001
Crippled Black PhoenixWhite Light Generator201411.001
ÇubMusique Actuelle201710.001
Cyborg OctopusLearning To Breathe201611.001
István CziglánSeven Gates Of Alhambra19995.002
Holger CzukayLinear City20019.001
Holger CzukayGood Morning Story199911.001
DaalDances of the drastic Navels201411.002
Dave CorpThe Sweet Life200711.001
Dave Tucker West Coast ProjectTenderloin20048.001
Dead Can DanceWithin the Realm of a dying Sun198712.001
Deadburger FactoryPuro Nylon (100%)201311.001
Tristan DecampsLe Jouet200114.001
Destiny PotatoLUN201512.001
Diablo Swing OrchestraThe Butcher's Ballroom200711.002
Diamond GlossBears20119.001
DiefenbachRun Trip Fall20039.001
Djam KaretThe Heavy Soul Sessions201010.001
Djam KaretCollaborator19946.001
Djam KaretAscension20019.001
Dol TheetaThe Universe Expands20089.001
Patrick DorobiszSneeuw201411.001
Double Handsome DragonsDouble Handsome Dragons (EP)201111.001
Double NelsonUn Sentiment Etrange20169.001
DreadnaughtMusica en Flagrante200511.001
Echo UsThe Tide Decides20099.001
EfterklangPerforming Parades200911.001
EfterklangUnder Giant Trees200711.001
ELElectric Leak201012.001
Electric MasadaAt The Mountains Of Madness200514.001
elephant9walk the nile201011.001
elephant9silver mountain201512.002
Emerson, Lake & PalmerRe-Works20027.001
The EnidThe Seed and the Sower19886.001
Brian EnoSmall Craft on a Milk Sea201011.001
Brian EnoDrums Between the Bells201110.001
Brian EnoPanic of Looking201110.001
Brian EnoThe Drop199712.001
Brian EnoBefore And After Science197712.254
Brian Eno & John CaleWrong Way Up199010.001
Eno • HydeHigh Life201410.001
Eno • HydeSomeday World201410.001
Expanding WaterThe space around us200310.001
Eyes Of A Blue DogRise201311.003
Fanger & KerstenSplashdown200010.001
Gianluca FerroUnheimlich201010.001
Christian FieselOde To AEM201211.001
Christian FieselAnalogy201810.001
Christian FieselTransform To Dust20178.001
Fire!you liked me five minutes ago200910.001
FishmoonTwo Moon Music200711.001
Flaming BessWächter des Lichts200810.002
Flaming BessDer gefallene Stern201312.002
The Flaming LipsEmbryonic200911.001
The Flaming LipsOnboard the International Space Station Concert for Peace201710.001
The Flaming LipsOczy Mlody201611.002
The Flaming LipsThe Terror201311.001
Lee FletcherFaith in Worthless Things201212.001
Frequency DriftSummer20149.502
Frohmader/Fuchs-GamböckDas ist alles (Das fahle Licht am Ende des Zimmers...)200011.001
Peter FrohmaderAnubis Dance200312.001
Peter Frohmader2001200112.001
Peter FrohmaderEismeer200213.001
The Future Sound Of LondonLifeforms199413.001
The Future Sound Of LondonPaths 1-7:Lifeforms199412.001
The Future Sound Of LondonDead Cities199612.001
FvneralsThe Light201410.001
Claudio GabbianiNightnursing20009.001
The Gabriel ConstructInterior City201312.001
GalahadWhen Worlds Collide201512.001
The GatheringHome200611.001
The GatheringDisclosure201212.001
The GatheringAfterwords201313.001
Giardini di MiròPunk... Not Diet!20039.001
Il Giardino OniricoPerigeo201212.001
Frank GingeleitToy Island200310.001
Frank GingeleitNightmares & Escapades200211.001
Frank GingeleitLost In The Deep Blue200310.001
God Is An AstronautOrigins201311.001
Godley & CremeMusic from Consequences197910.001
Godley & GouldmanGG06200711.001
Gran Turismo VeloceDi Carne, Di Anima201110.002
GreenwallFrom The Treasure Box200510.001
Trey GunnModulator201012.001
Guru Guru2000 Gurus20009.001
Gustavo JobimDezoito201612.001
Gustavo JobimMeio-Dia201711.001
Gustavo JobimTrapped in a Day Job201112.001
Gustavo Jobim & VisszajáróArrival201412.001
Gut und Irmler500m201411.001
Martin HallPhasewide, Exit Signs201311.001
Yoshi HamplWater Dealer200910.001
HannaHA Life In Rock Minor200811.001
Paul HaslingerFuture Primitive19949.001
Jon HassellThe Surgeon of the nightsky restores dead things by the power of sound19870.001
HattlerSurround Cuts (DVD)20058.001
Anna von HausswolffThe Miraculous201513.001
Anna von HausswolffDead Magic201812.002
Head From BehindInside Head200610.502
HeonElectro-acoustic Requiem20039.001
Hidden OrchestraNight Walks201012.001
Hildegard von Binge DrinkingTour de Farce Soundtracks201810.001
HipgnosisSky Is The Limit200611.001
HipgnosisStill Ummadelling200710.001
Steve Hogarth / Richard BarbieriArc Light201411.001
Steve Hogarth / Richard BarbieriNot The Weapon But The Hand201212.002
HoodSilent '8819967.001
HoodCold House200110.001
HoodCabled Linear Traction19948.001
HoodOutside Closer200510.001
László HortobágyiFata-Organa199712.002
Huxley Would ApproveGrave New World - Part One20169.001
HyacintusFantasia en concerto200310.001
I Am Waiting For You Last SummerEdge Party20129.001
I Am Waiting For You Last SummerIn Eternal Lines201310.001
Illáchime QuartetI'm Normal, My Heart Still Works200911.001
Inner TripInitiate201210.001
Insect ArkPortal / Well201510.001
InSonarL'Enfant et le Ménure201314.001
The InstigationsSoundtracks for Alternate Realities20081.001
Isildurs BaneOff the Radar201712.002
It's the EndIt´s the End200911.001
iXOra pro nobis20078.001
Andy JacksonSignal To Noise201411.002
Jaga JazzistOne-Armed Bandit201012.001
Steve JansenSlope200711.502
Jean Michel JarreTéo & Téa20070.001
Jean Michel JarreElectronica 1 - The Time Machine20150.001
Jean Michel JarreZoolook19847.673
Jean Michel JarreElectronica 2 - The Heart Of Noise20160.001
jayAgeChemical Cafe200612.001
Jack JefferyEnlightened Horizon20148.001
JollyThe Audio Guide To Happiness (Part 2)201311.673
Troy JonesNew Peace201310.001
JT BruceUniversica200811.001
Julian JulienStrange200710.001
Jupiter SocietyFirst Contact // Last Warning20087.673
Kammerflimmer KollektiefMäander199911.003
Kammerflimmer KollektiefAbsencen200513.001
The Kandinsky EffectSomnambulist201510.001
Karda EstraStrange Relations201511.001
Mick KarnThe Concrete Twin201010.001
Mike KeneallyYou Must Be This Tall201312.502
Mike Keneally Marco MinnemannEvidence Of Humanity201012.001
King CrimsonLevel Five200111.001
Das Klangwolken QuintettStudio TAN - Klangraum 5200511.001
Thomas KönerTiento de las nieves201412.001
KOKOKOKO EP201311.001
KongWhat It Seems Is What You Get200912.001
Korai örömVolume Zero20070.001
Alexander Kostarev GroupKostarev.Works 1978 - 2006200612.001
KotebelLive at Prog-Résiste 2013201411.001
KraftwerkExpo 2000 (Single)19997.001
KraftwerkAerodynamik (Single)20040.001
KraftwerkElectric Cafe19868.002
KraftwerkTour de France Soundtracks20038.001
KreidlerAppearance And The Park19989.502
KTU8 Armed Monkey200511.002
Laren d'OrReal Nord200011.001
Lis Er StilleEmpirical Ghost201512.002
Long Distance CallingNighthawk201411.001
Lunatic SoulImpressions20119.001
Lunatic SoulWalking on a Flashlight Beam201411.673
Lux Nova Umbra EstLight Is The New Dark200410.001
Alex MachacekMachacek Sipe Fountain - The Official Triangle Sessions20089.001
Alex Machacek24 Tales201010.001
Machine Mass TrioAs Real As Thinking201112.001
Mahogany FrogSenna201212.502
Major ParkinsonBlackbox201713.002
The Marble Faun[disappearer]20089.001
Pat Mastelotto Tobias RalphToPaRaMa201410.001
Meandering MineNeanderthal Nein201512.002
Metallic Taste Of BloodMetallic Taste Of Blood201212.001
Metallic Taste Of BloodDoctoring The Dead201511.002
Metamorphosis (CH)Dark20087.004
David Maxim MicicEGO201512.001
Mike & The MechanicsRewired20048.001
MindmovieAn Ocean of Dreams20099.673
Dieter MoebiusDing201110.502
MonochromieAngels And Demons20129.001
MonophonistÜber die Freiheit der praktischen Unvernunft201812.001
MoongardenA Vulgar Display Of Prog200911.673
MoonlightIntegrated in the system of guilt200610.502
MoonriseSoul's inner Pendulum20098.001
Steve MooreMayhem20179.001
Steve MooreGutterballs: Original Motion Picture Score20099.001
Patrick Morazmoraz live / abbey road201211.001
Scott MosherInferno20048.002
Scott MosherVirtuality20017.001
Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co.Music by David Borden200310.002
Motorpsycho and Ståle StorløkkenThe Death Defying Unicorn201212.805
MythosGrand Prix19819.001
Naked LunchSongs for the Exhausted200410.001
Naked TruthAvian Thug201511.502
Naked TruthOuroboros201212.001
Pete Namlook & Klaus SchulzeThe Dark Side of the Moog I199410.001
Pete Namlook & Klaus SchulzeThe Dark Side Of The Moog VIII199911.001
NecromonkeyThe Shadow of the Blind Man20169.001
Giorgio C. NeriLogos20099.001
Nine HorsesMoney For All200711.001
Nine HorsesSnow Borne Sorrow200511.001
no-manReturning Jesus200112.002
no-manTogether we're stranger200312.673
no-manDry cleaning Ray199710.001
Erik NorlanderSeas of Orion20049.001
NU & Apa NeagraOmag200811.001
NU & Apa NeagraDescantecul Apei Negre (Black Water Incantation)201112.001
N.y.XDown In Shadows200910.001
OceansizeFeed To Feed200912.001
OctafishDoktor Fleisch200911.001
Ole LukkøyeCrystal crow-bar200011.001
Ole LukkøyeRelax in your dream200010.002
Ole LukkøyeDyatly201510.001
Ole LukkøyeDoo-Doo-Doo (or Remedy for a dwarf)199711.502
Ole LukkøyeHorse-Tiger200211.002
Luca OlivieriLa quarta dimensione20083.001
L'ombra della seraL'ombra della sera201210.001
The Opium CartelArdor201310.502
Ordinary Brainwash#I'mNotAddicted201613.001
Ordinary BrainwashLabeled Out Loud20109.001
Ordinary BrainwashDisorder In My Head20099.001
O.R.kInflamed Rides201512.002
Ornah-MentalA to Z200111.001
Ornah-MentalThe Maya Incident201112.001
Ornah-Mentalremix & outtake20160.001
OSIOffice Of Strategic Influence200312.003
OSIFire Make Thunder201210.001
Owls Are Not220159.001
Owls Are Notisnot201611.001
Ozric TentaclesTechnicians of the Sacred201511.001
PaintboxThe Night20116.002
Stefano Panunzia Rose201012.001
Stefano PanunziTimelines200510.002
pArAdOx OnEDimension of Miracles200211.001
Alan ParsonsA valid path20048.502
Pavlov3Curvature​-​Induced Symmetry​.​.​. Breaking201512.001
Harry PayutaBetween A Rock and Hard Place20139.001
PeffPleasing the Neighbourhood with Electrifying Dadaism20139.001
Pere UbuLady From Shanghai201312.001
Pere UbuCarnival of Souls201412.001
Pere Ubu"Long Live Père Ubu!"200911.001
Philippe PetitBuzzing but not hung up on Hip201711.001
The Pineapple ThiefLittle Man200612.002
Richard Pinhas & John LivengoodCyborg Sally199412.001
PirateLeft of Mind201112.001
Pitts Minnemann Project2 L 8 2 B NORMAL201211.001
Plasmic OceanHaptic Trips200710.001
PlaygroundedIn Time with Gravity201711.001
The Pneumatic TransitConcerto for Double Moon201512.001
Kimmo PohjonenKluster200211.001
Guido PonziniTwilight Town200612.001
Popol Vuh (Dt.)Revisted & Remixed 1970 - 199920110.001
Roger PowellFossil Poets20069.001
Progenie Terrestre PuraU.M.A.201310.001
ProjeKctsProjeKct Two: Space Groove19987.003
ProjeKctsProjeKct X: Heaven And Earth200012.001
ProjeKctsProjeKct Three: Live in Austin, TX, 1999200411.001
PryapismeRococo Holocaust201013.001
PryapismeHyperblast Supercollider201310.001
PryapismeDiabolicus Felinae Pandemonium201712.001
Pure Reason RevolutionHammer and Anvil20109.503
Quantum FantayTesselation of Euclidean Space201711.001
RadioheadThe Best Of20080.002
RadioheadKid A200013.504
Random TouchAlchemy20079.001
The Red MasqueFossileyes20089.001
Red Seas FireRed Seas Fire (EP)201111.001
The Redundant RockerHeart20099.001
Reid Sharp TornGTR OBLQ199811.001
Return to EarthAutomata201012.001
R-Evolution BandThe Dark Side of the Wall 1979-2013201311.001
Happy RhodesWarpaint199110.001
Happy RhodesFind Me200711.001
Happy RhodesMany Worlds Are Born Tonight199812.001
RiversideEye Of The Soundscape20166.502
Kurt RongeyBook in Hand19919.001
Rosa LuxemburgChapitre lll: Seuls, Chapitre IV: Ensemble201412.001
Rovo and System 7Phoenix Rising20139.001
Roz VitalisDas Licht der Menschen (The Threesunny Light Superpower)20048.502
Roz VitalisPainsadist (EP)20038.001
Roz VitalisThe Threesunny Light Power (EP)200410.001
Roz VitalisLavoro d'Amore201511.001
Jason RubensteinNew Metal From Old Boxes201411.001
Jason Sadites . Marco Minnemannbehind the laughter201012.001
SAM - Slick Alexius MennigmannAnother Life201312.001
Sankt OttenEine kleine Traurigkeit20008.001
Sankt OttenWir können ja Freunde bleiben200611.001
Sankt OttenWunden gibt es immer wieder200710.001
Sankt OttenMorgen wieder lustig20107.001 one flies around the sun200910.001
SaturniaThe Glitter Odd200111.001
Savoldelli Casarano BardosciaThe Great Jazz Gig in the Sky201610.502
Luca ScheraniEveryday's Life20075.001
Conrad Schnitzler & PoleCon-Struct20177.001
Eberhard SchoenerMeditation19739.001
Eberhard SchoenerBon voyage198711.001
Klaus SchulzeAnother Green Mile20167.002
Klaus SchulzeAre you sequenced?19967.333
Klaus SchulzeBallett 3&420176.001
The Season StandardSqueeze Me Ahead Of Line200811.333
Secret Chiefs 3Second Grand Constitution and Bylaws: Hurqalya19989.001
Shiva's QuintessenceCosmic Surfer200510.001
Sleeping PulseUnder The Same Sky201411.001
SleepstreamThey flew in censored skies201411.001
Judge SmithOrfeas201111.502
SølystThe Steam Age201612.001
Soniq TheaterOvernight Sensation20127.001
Specimen13Echosystem EP201212.001
Spin MarvelInfolding201511.001
Stella MarisTo The Promised Land200510.001
Stick MenOpen201210.001
Stick MenPower Play201411.001
Stille OpprörS.o2200811.002
Strange AttractorEverything Is Closer200610.001
Sula BassanaDark Days201210.502
Sula Bassana & ModulfixHalf past six200711.001
David SylvianA Victim of Stars20120.001
David SylvianBlemish200312.003
David Sylvian & Ryuichi SakamotoWorld Citizen (Single)200311.001
SyntonyWhite Fly201111.001
Systems TheorySoundtracks For Imaginary Movies20048.673
tanti-matter poetry201013.001
T3AFOWelcome To The Fine Machine (CD+DVD)201110.001
Taipuva Luotisuora8201311.001
Tangerine DreamTangram 2008200811.001
Tangerine DreamLive Brighton - March 25th 1986200510.001
Tangerine DreamRockface. Live at Berkeley200310.001
Tangerine DreamEast - Live20048.001
Tangled Thoughts of LeavingYield to Despair201511.001
Taras BulbaThe Best Of Now & Zen20099.001
The Eye Of TimeThe Eye of Time201212.001
The Man from RavConThe Puzzle Master20153.001
The Mercury TreePermutations201612.001
The Winter TreeTwilight of the Magicians20149.001
TheodoreIt is but it's not20168.001
Three Trapped TigersSilent Earthling201611.333
TonbruketDig it to the end201112.001
David TornPrezens200712.502
David Torndoor X199010.001
David TornWhat means solid, traveller?199611.001
David TornThe Order (The Sin Eater)200311.001
David TornTripping Over God19959.502
Transport AerianDarkblue20157.001
TravellersA Journey Into The Sun Within20117.001
TrioscapesSeperate Realities201211.001
TrivalentNorms And Values20169.001
TUTrey Gunn & Pat Mastelotto200312.001
TUOfficial Bootleg200410.001
UKZRadiation (EP)200911.002
UltralydConditions For A Piece Of Music200710.001
UlverLyckantropen Themes20029.001
UlverBlood Inside200512.002
UlverThemes From William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell199814.001
UlverA Quick Fix Of Melancholy20037.001
UlverChildhood's End201211.502
UlverThe Norwegian National Opera201111.001
UlverPerdition City20008.002
Unearth NoiseThe Long Count201410.001
Unimother 27Grin200811.001
Univers ZeroRelaps - Archives 1984 - 1986200911.254
Various ArtistsCan: Sacrilege199712.001
Various ArtistsOperation Stardust. 45 Years of Perry Rhodan. An Interstellar Song Collection20060.001
Various ArtistsThere Is More...20170.001
VibravoidVoid Vibration200212.001
Violent SilenceKinetic200510.673
Vom Fetisch der UnbeirrtheitVertilger201310.002
VonFricklefeeding the organic computer200111.001
(Richard) WahnfriedTrancelation19946.001
Stian Westerhus & Pale HorsesMaelstrom201414.001
Wet RabbitOf Clocks and Clouds20167.001
When MaryTainted20179.001
Steven WilsonUnreleased Electronic Music200410.001
Steven WilsonNSRGNTS RMXS20090.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffMïssa Furïosa200411.001
ZëroJoke Box200811.001
ZETComandante Beat201713.001
Zita EnsembleQuintet Sessions200710.002
Fabio ZuffantiFabio Zuffanti20099.001
ZugzwangFuture Visions20165.001

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