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Svin - Virgin Cuts
Marcello Giombini - Computer Disco
UFO över Lappland - UFO över Lappland
Mark Wingfield - Tales from the Dreaming City
Blackfield - Open Mind - The Best of Blackfield
Giant Hedgehog - Die Irrealität der Zeit
Ángel Ontalva & Vespero - Sea Orm Liventure
Finally George - Life is a Killer
Dai Kaht - Dai Kaht
OAK (Oscillazioni Alchemico Kreative) - Giordano Bruno
Antony Kalugin Project (Sunchild) - Messages from afar: The Division and Illusion of Time
London Underground - Four
Starfish64 - The Future in Reverse
The Aaron Clift Experiment - If All Goes Wrong
Le Mur - exorta
Anderes Holz - Fermate
stringmodulator - Manifesto: Noises made by Guitar and Bass
Monophonist - Über die Freiheit der praktischen Unvernunft
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Band Album Jahr Ø-Wertung  # Rezis
Clarion CallThe next big thing200015.001
ÄnglagårdMade In Norway (DVD/Bluray)201715.001
The BoxLe horla200914.003
Pekka PohjolaUrban Tango198214.001
Tristan DecampsLe Jouet200114.001
Steven WilsonGet All You Deserve201213.673
RadioheadKid A200013.504
Big Big TrainEnglish Electric: Full Power201313.001
Dry RiverCirco de la Tierra201113.002
Not A Good SignIcebound201813.001
Anima MundiI me myself201613.001
tanti-matter poetry201013.001
Stewart BellThe Antechamber Of Being Part I201413.002
Le OrmeLa Via Della Seta201113.001
Hypnos 69Legacy201013.001
Toxic SmileIn Classic Extension (DVD)200613.004
Lumb Nig KoeneeLow Power Fer200513.001
Banda Do SolTempo201013.001
Toxic SmileFarewell201513.001
Gleb KolyadinGleb Kolyadin201813.001
Barock ProjectSkyline201513.003
Steve WalshGlossolalia200013.001
ShiningLive Blackjazz201113.002
Jelly FicheTout Ce Que J'ai Rêvé200813.002
Outer LimitsMisty Moon198513.001
Pervy PerkinToTeM201613.001
The Psychedelic EnsembleThe dream of the magic jongleur201113.002
Okta LogueBallads of a burden201213.001
FinisterreIn Limine199613.001
Former LifeElectric Stillness201113.001
YsmaFourth Wall201413.002
iNFiNiENLight at the Endless Tunnel201613.001
Major ParkinsonTwilight Cinema201413.001
The TangentLe Sacre Du Travail201313.001
Monarch TrailSkye201413.001
The Healing RoadTales From The Dam200813.001
Regal WormUse And Ornament201313.001
Kiss of RealityKiss of Reality199313.001
TownscreamNagyvárosi Ikonok199713.001
La DesooordenCiudad De Papel200713.001
NilNil Novo Sub Sole200513.001
Dry River2038201813.002
TempanoChildhood's end (El fin de la infancia)199913.001
ThorkNula Jedan200713.002
NemoPrélude à la Ruine200413.001
Leviathan (US)At Long Last, Progress Stopped To Follow201113.001
Mr. SiriusBarren Dream198713.001
Eveline's DustThe Painkeeper201613.003
Fission TripVolume One200512.673
The Psychedelic EnsembleThe Myth of Dying201012.673
InquireThe Neck Pillow200012.502
Neal MorseSola Scriptura And Beyond (2DVD)200812.502
Big Big TrainThe Difference Machine200712.502
Parallel or 90 DegreesMore Exotic Ways To Die200212.502
Seven Steps To The Green DoorFetish201512.502
Zen CarnivalBardo200612.502
Echolynecholyn (The Window Album)201212.502
The Divine Baze OrchestraDead but dreaming201012.502
Seven ImpaleContrapasso201612.502
Gösta Berlings SagaGlue Works201112.502
YesterdaysColours Caffè201112.502
La Torre dell'AlchimistaNEO200712.502
Spock's BeardSnow200212.503
Höyry-KoneHuono Parturi199712.504
AreknamésLove Hate Round Trip200612.504
The Dear HunterAct IV: Rebirth in Reprise201512.502
Breznev Fun ClubL'Onda Vertebrata: Lost + Found Vol. 1201012.502
Mahogany FrogSenna201212.502
ThorkWe Ila200412.502
ÄnglagårdViljans Öga201212.333
HakenThe Mountain201312.333
UtopianistiUtopianisti II + Utopianisti meets Black Motor & Jon Ballantyne201412.333
KotebelConcerto for Piano and Electric Ensemble201212.333
EcholynStars And Gardens (DVD)200412.333
High WheelBack From The Void200212.333
Moon SafariThe Gettysburg Address201212.333
Mr. SiriusDirge199012.333
Hadal SherpaHadal Sherpa201712.333
Liquid ScarletLiquid Scarlet200412.333
Accordo dei ContrariAdC201412.254
HamadryadConservation Of Mass200112.254
WobblerFrom Silence To Somewhere201712.254
The Dear HunterAct V: Hymns With The Devil In Confessional201612.254
SomnambulistThe Paranormal Humidor200112.254
After CryingShow200312.205
Ske1000 Autunni201112.004
Mechanical ButterflyThe Irresistible Gravity201412.001
KalutaliksuakDeath of the Alpinist201412.001
Lars Boutrup's Music For KeyboardsThe symphonic dream201112.001
Aurora LunareAurora Lunare201312.001
Il Tempio delle ClessidreAlienatura201312.001
Robert ReedSanctuary Live201712.001
Neal MorseThe Similitude Of A Dream Live In Tilburg 2017201812.001
Subterranean MasqueradeThe Great Bazaar201512.001
Cheer-AccidentNo Ifs, Ands or Dogs201112.001
Shadow CircusOn A Dark And Stormy Night201212.001
No More PainThe Post Human Condition201512.001
Henry FoolMen Singing201312.001
maudlin of the Wellpart the Second200912.001
HandsCaviar Bobsled201512.001
MagentaI'm Alive (Single)200412.001
The TangentA Place On The Shelf201012.001
Barracuda TriangleElectro Shock Therapy201412.001
PraxisTransmutation (Mutatis Mutandis)199212.001
BeardfishSleeping In Traffic: Part One200712.001
HokrZahráté Brzdy Optimismu201212.001
The Night Watch (CAN)Boundaries201612.001
Salem HillMystery Loves Company (DVD)200612.001
GerardSighs of the Water200212.001
KBBProof Of Concept200712.001
Borja RuizBajo el Reino de la Luna201012.001
Malcolm SmithWe were here201412.002
A Piedi NudiEclissi199712.001
Karmic JuggernautThe Dreams That Stuff Are Made Of201812.001
BigelfCheat The Gallows200812.003
AmAndALa Maison de Flore200712.002
KvazarA Giant's Lullaby200512.001
Grand GeneralGrand General201312.001
King CrimsonThe Collectable King Crimson Volume 3 - Live at the Shepherds Bush Empire, London, 1996200812.001
HöstsonatenSymphony N. 1: Cupid & Psyche201612.002
MoeTarFrom These Small Seeds201012.003
Cell15Chapter One201412.001
Syrinx (Fra)Qualia200812.002
King CrimsonTHRAK199512.002
Dead Heroes ClubEverything Is Connected201312.001
The Andy TILLISON MULTIPLEXElectric Sinfonia No. 2201412.001
Ingranaggi Della ValleWarm spaced blue201612.003
GungflyOn her Journey to the Sun201712.001
Dai KahtDai Kaht201712.001
Discipline.Live - Into The Dream199912.001
Simeon Soul ChargerHarmony Square201212.001
Vienna CircleSilhouette Moon201312.001
YesterdaysHoldfénykert (Moonlit Garden)200612.003
DFADuty Free Area199912.003
The Flower KingsStardust We Are199712.004
Ángel Ontalva & VesperoSea Orm Liventure201812.001
Matthew ParmenterHorror Express200812.001
Glass HammerChronometree200012.004
Little AtlasAutomatic Day201312.001
French TVAmbassadors of Good Health and Clean Living201612.002
RashomonThe Finishing Line (Film Music Volume 2)201012.001
Ingranaggi Della ValleIn Hoc Signo201312.003
Nathan MahlLive at NEARfest 1999200312.001
Heart Of CygnusUtopia200812.002
DeWolffOrchards/ Lupine201112.001
EYEVision And Ageless Light201612.001
Farmhouse OdysseyRise of the Waterfowl201612.001
VangoughManikin Parade200912.001
Social TensionMacBethia198912.002
AriesDouble Reign201012.001
Ars NovaThe Book of the Dead199812.001
Big Big TrainA Stone's Throw From The Line201612.001
I and thouSpeak201212.002
Homunculus ResLimiti all'eguaglianza della Parte con il Tutto201312.002
Unit WailBeyond Space Edges201512.002
Tiger Moth TalesThe Depths of Winter201712.002
NemoLe ver dans le fruit201312.002
After CryingStruggle for life200012.003
The Grand AstoriaThe Mighty Few201512.001
HolonThe Time is Always Now201612.001
Thank You ScientistMaps of Non-Existent Places201412.001
El Doom & The Born Electricel doom & the born electric201212.002
ArgosCruel Symmetry201212.001
IluvatarFrom The Silence201412.001
Overheadof sun and moon201212.001
HourglassOblivious to the Obvious200912.002
CiccadaThe Finest of Miracles201512.003
Solar ProjectThe House Of S.Phrenia199412.001
elephant9silver mountain201512.002
Edge of RealityVicious Circle201612.001
The MuffinsPalindrome201012.001
The Ryszard Kramarski ProjectThe Little Prince201712.001
Anima MundiThe Way201012.002
Deus Ex MachinaEquilibrismo Da Insofferenza199812.001
Thieves' KitchenShibboleth200312.002
Martin C. HerbergEye-D: 29.3 Dreams199912.001
Rhys Marsh & The Autumn GhostThe Blue Hour201212.001
Tim MorseFaithscience201212.001
GalleryJas Gripen200712.001
Seeking RavenThe Ending Collage201612.001
Michael's StatementSilent Creatures201712.001
PlackbandAfter the battle200212.001
Gecko's TearContradiction200612.003
Angele tour de la question200712.001
Salem HillThe Robbery Of Murder199812.002
EcholynA Little Nonsense200212.002
The Night TerrorsBack To Zero200912.001
TusmørkeFørt Bak Lyset201612.002
Hypnos 69The Intrigue of Perception200412.001
Flaming BessDer gefallene Stern201312.002
LandberkRiktigt Äkta199212.001
The Psychedelic EnsembleThe Tale of The Golden King201312.003
The Psychedelic EnsembleThe Sunstone201512.003
Stewart BellThe Antechamber Of Being (Part 2) - Stories From The Antechamber201712.001
Prime MoverImperfekt200712.001
Homunculus ResDella stessa sostanza dei sogni201812.001
HokrHokrova Vila200412.001
OktopusWorlds Apart201612.001
The Flower KingsA Kingdom Of Colours201712.001
Nell JamesTempus200612.001
Talitha QumiDespre Cuvinte199612.001
NecromonkeyShow Me Where It Hertz201512.001
Amoeba SplitSecond Split201612.001
Vargton ProjectProgXprimetal201112.001
Ex-VagusÂmes Vagabondes200612.001
Fatal FusionLand of the Sun201012.001
Anima MundiLive in Europe201212.001
The StationSpeed of Sound200812.001
Hidria SpacefolkSymbiosis200212.001
Accordo dei ContrariViolato Intatto201712.002
SingularityOf All The Mysteries200712.001
Sky ArchitectA Billion Years of Solitude201312.001
Pixie NinjaUltrasound201712.001
Perfect beingsPerfect beings201412.001
My SoliloquyEngines of Gravity201712.001
Neal MorseMorsefest 2015201712.002
ShinsekaiAlice Through the Looking Glass200612.001
IonaAnother Realm201112.001
Happy FamilyMinimal Gods201412.002
ProgenesiUlisse: L'Alfiere Nero201312.001
Simon SaysSiren Songs201112.001
UserKurmuschels Verwandlung201412.001
Lobster NewbergVernal Equinox200712.001
ArgosA Seasonal Affair201512.001
GerardPower of Infinity200412.001
StandarteCurses and invocations199612.001
Poco LocoSulcu Porce200712.001
LamanaifL'Uomo Infinito201212.001
The Tea ClubGrappling201512.001
Ángel Ontalva & VesperoCarta Marina201812.001
Il Giardino OniricoPerigeo201212.001
GuapoFive Suns200412.005
Garden WallAssurdo201112.001
ProvidenceThere Once was a Night of "Choko-Muro" the Paradise199612.001
IonaThe river flows - Anthology Volume 1200212.001
The Samurai of ProgOn we Sail201712.002
Von Hertzen BrothersApproach200612.001
Big Big TrainThe Underfall Yard200912.004
Gösta Berlings SagaSersophane201612.001
FuocoA travelogue200612.001
Lalle Larsson's WeaveworldNightscapes201212.001
EcholynSuffocating The Bloom199212.002
Discipline.Push & Profit199312.003
TusmørkeRiset Bak Speilet201412.001
Parallel or 90 DegreesAfterlifecycle199712.001
Hasse Fröberg & Musical CompanionPowerplay201212.001
GalaadPremier Fevrier199212.001
AquasergeÀ l'Amitié201412.001
The Flower KingsAlive on Planet Earth200012.002
MadrigalOn My Hands199612.002
Barock ProjectCoffee in Neukölln201212.002
ÄnglagårdProg på Svenska - Live in Japan201412.003
Battiato/Pinaxajoe patti's experimental group201412.001
Periferia Del MondoUn milione di voci200212.001
SquintalooÜber Bord!201712.001
UnitopiaThe Garden200812.002
Parallel or 90 DegreesThe Time Capsule199912.002
Seven ImpaleCity of the Sun201412.002
Orchestra of the Upper AtmosphereΘ4201812.001
AngeEscale à Ch'tiland201212.001
Regal WormDissecting The Worm (A Taste)201312.001
Ut GretRadical Symmetry201112.001
LazuliRéponse Incongrue à l'Inéluctable200912.004
District 97In Vaults201512.004
Gentle KnifeClock Unwound201712.003
HöstsonatenThe Rime Of The Ancient Mariner, Chapter One201212.001
Regal WormNeither Use Nor Ornament (A Small Collection Of Big Suites)201412.001
KensoUtsuroi Yuku Mono200612.001
TaalMister Green200012.001
KalutaliksuakLast Day of Sun200812.001
SyzygyCosmos & Chaos (2013)201412.001
VigorOut Of Habit201112.001
Inner Ear BrigadeRainbro201212.002
BlimZero / No Frills201312.001
GerardLive in Marseille - Battle Triangle199812.001
Las Orejas Y La LenguaError200312.001
VesperoBy the Waters of Tomorrow201012.001
Jane Getter PremonitionON201512.001
The OrvaliansThe Great Filter201712.002
KensoLive '92199312.001
Nathan MahlHeretik Volume III - The sentence200212.001
DruckfarbenSecond Sound201412.003
Castle CanyonCriteria Obsession201512.001
StrangefishFortune Telling200512.003
Von Hertzen BrothersLove Remains The Same200812.002
Steve MooreThe Mind's Eye201612.001
DaalDestruktive Actions Affect Livings201112.001
Brian EllisQuipu201112.001
CamelHarbour of Tears199612.001
BubblemathEdit Peptide201712.002
IZZCrush of Night201212.001
Sky ArchitectNomad201712.001
BigelfInto The Maelstrom201412.002
Steve HackettThe Night Siren201712.002
VitralEntre As Estrelas201712.001
Unit WailRetort201312.002
Henry FoolHenry Fool200112.001
The TangentThe Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery201712.002
CamelThe Paris Collection200112.001
French TVPardon Our French200412.002
Red BazarTales From The Bookcase201612.002
versus XDisturbance199712.003
Ars NovaAndroid Domina200112.002
Trojan HorseWorld Turned Upside Down201412.001
Black MountainIV201612.001
GlassSpectrum Principle201012.001
The MoorFlux199612.001
LazuliSix Frenchmen in Amsterdam : live at Paradiso (DVD)200912.002
KalutaliksuakSnow Melts Black201112.001
ProvidenceAnd I'll recite and old myth from...199012.002
LazuliNos Âmes Saoules201612.003
Lady LakeSupercleandreammachine200512.001
Alexander Kostarev GroupKostarev.Works 1978 - 2006200612.001
Spock's BeardThe Light199511.804
GuapoBlack Oni200511.754
Maxwell's DemonDiablo200911.754
versus XPrimordial Ocean200811.754
Fright PigOut of the barnyard201311.754
Glass HammerLive at NEARfest200411.754
Black BonzoSound of the Apocalypse200711.673
Seven Steps To The Green DoorStep in 2 my world200811.673
King Of AgogikExlex Beats201411.673
Discipline.To Shatter All Accord201111.673
Difícil EquilibrioSimétricanarquia200311.673
MotorpsychoThe Tower201711.673
Simon SaysTardigrade200811.676
Deus Ex Machinaimparis200811.673
Steven WilsonGrace For Drowning201111.676
October EquusOctober Equus200611.673
Parallel or 90 DegreesA Can Of Worms200811.673
IZZThe Darkened Room200911.673
Rene de VrengThe Sorceress200011.673
HamadryadThe Black Hole201711.673
Big Big TrainFar Skies Deep Time (EP)201011.673
White WillowSacrament200011.673
MoongardenA Vulgar Display Of Prog200911.673
Robert ReedSanctuary II201611.605
Discus...tot licht!200311.605
Kula ShakerPeasants, Pigs & Astronauts199911.504
Dave BainbridgeCelestial Fire201411.502
LazuliEn avant doute...200611.502
French TVThis is what we do200611.502
District 97Trouble With Machines201211.504
EclatLe cri de la terre200211.502
UlverChildhood's End201211.502
Violent SilenceViolent Silence200311.502
White WillowIgnis Fatuus199511.502
Dark SunsOrange201111.502
Distorted HarmonyUtopia201211.502
Universal Totem OrchestraMathematical Mother201611.502
KompendiumBeneath The Waves201211.502
Eggs & DogsYou Are200911.502
Moon SafariA Doorway To Summer200511.502
La Maschera di CeraPetali Di Fuoco201011.502
BeardfishDestined Solitaire200911.504
Parallel or 90 DegreesJitters200911.502
Toxic Smile7201311.502
AmarokSol De Medianoche200711.502
Arabs in AspicSyndenes Magi201711.502
Il Bacio della MedusaDiscesa agl'Inferi d'un Giovane Amante200811.502
Not A Good SignFrom A Distance201511.502
LandberkOne Man Tell's Another199411.502
Homunculus ResCome si diventa ciò che si era201511.502
Glass HammerThe Breaking Of The World201511.502
NemoLa Machine à Remonter les Temps201011.502
Steve HackettOut Of The Tunnel's Mouth200911.502
Barock ProjectDetachment201711.502
SaensProphet in a statistical World (plus Bonus: Dodecamania)200411.502
The Pineapple ThiefWhat we have sown200711.502
NecromonkeyA Glimpse of Possible Endings201411.502
BeardfishThe Sane Day200611.502
KBBAge of Pain201311.502
Magic PieMotions Of Desire200511.504
Eclipse Sol-AirBartók's Crisis201111.502
RitualThe Hemulic Voluntary Band200711.502
EcholynAs The World199511.504
The Underground RailroadThe Origin of Consciousness200511.502
Circles EndHang On To That Kite200411.502
Spoke of ShadowsSpoke of Shadows201411.502
QuidamThe Time Beneath The Sky/Pod Niebem Czas200211.502
Michael's StatementBeauty of Sadness201211.502
ZoltanSixty Minute Zoom201411.502
EcholynI Heard You Listening201511.502
SyzygyRealms of Eternity200911.502
White WillowStorm Season200411.502
The Black CodexThe Black Codex Box201511.502
WeserberglandSehr Kosmisch, Ganz Progisch201711.502
Anti-Depressive DeliveryFeel. Melt. Release. Escape.200411.502
versus XThe Turbulent Zone200011.502
Steven WilsonThe Raven That Refused To Sing And Other Stories201311.4410
Steven WilsonHand.Cannot.Erase.201511.437
BeardfishSleeping In Traffic: Part Two200811.405
The Flower KingsRetropolis199611.405
AnekdotenUntil All The Ghosts Are Gone201511.333
Il Tempio delle ClessidreIl Tempio Delle Clessidre201011.333
TraumhausHinaus EP200511.333
IZZSliver of a Sun199911.333
Magic PieThe Suffering Joy201111.333
NemoSi Partie I200611.333
Toxic SmileRetroTox Forte200411.333
Spock's BeardThe Kindness Of Strangers199811.333
Musica FictaA Child & A Well201211.333
SyzygyA Glorious Disturbance201211.333
RiversideOut Of Myself200411.333
Neal MorseMomentum201211.333
Space InvadersDreadnought201511.333
District 97Hybrid Child201011.333
October EquusSaturnal201111.333
GrattoAnakin Tumnus200211.254
CiccadaA Child In The Mirror201011.254
IZZMy River Flows200511.254
Accordo dei ContrariKinesis200711.254
Ed BernardPolydactyl201511.254
SmalltapeThe Ocean201711.254
The Flower KingsMeet the Flower Kings: live recording 2003200311.254
Deluge GranderAugust In The Urals200611.254
Spock's BeardBeware Of Darkness199611.254
Spock's BeardV200011.254
The TangentA Place In The Queue200611.257
OpethPale Communion201411.176
ZoltanFirst Stage Zoltan201211.002
TributeTerra Incognita199111.001
Kairon; IRSE!Ujubasajuba201411.001
Violette Soundsfeelin´ inside201211.001
La Maschera di CeraLe Porte Del Domani201311.001
GoblinFour Of A Kind201511.001
Gandalf's FistA Forest Of Fey201411.001
Il Tempio delle ClessidreIl-Lūdĕre201711.001
UKZRadiation (EP)200911.002
Peter Pankas JaneVoices200611.001
Lobate ScarpTime and space201311.001
Spock's BeardLive (DVD)200811.002
KarmakanicEntering the spectra200211.004
Jelly FicheSymbiose201111.002
The Prog World OrchestraA proggy Christmas201211.001
Kairon; IRSE!Ruination201711.002
Project: PatchworkRe/Flection201811.001
Neal MorseLIVE Momentum201311.001
CrematorClear Air Turbulence201411.001
The Samurai of ProgThe Imperial Hotel201411.002
NeedlepointThe Diary of Robert Reverie201811.001
Nevernesshorizonte de sucesos200211.001
Ars NovaThe Goddess Of Darkness199611.001
I Compagni Di BaalI Compagni Di Baal201211.001
Ère GAu-delà des ombres200211.003
UZVATammikuinen Tammela199911.001
Voyag3rDoom Fortress201411.001
Love de ViceSilesian Night 11.11.11 (DVD)201211.001
Elephants Of ScotlandGood Morning, Gettysburg - Live At RoSFest 2014201511.001
Hidria SpacefolkBalansia200411.002
AreknamésLive at Burg Herzberg Festival 2007200711.001
EphratNo One's Words200811.001
TEEThe Earth Explorer200911.001
MotorpsychoLet them eat cake199911.001
Levin Minnemann RudessL M R201311.001
TenhiFolk Aesthetic 1996-2006200711.001
CardiacsA Little Man And A Horse And The Whole World Window198811.001
Toxic SmileI'm your Saviour201111.002
SyndoneLa Bella è la Bestia201211.001
Rhys MarshSentiment201411.001
Barock ProjectRebus200911.001
ManningThe ragged curtain200211.001
ApercoThe Battle201611.001
The SilenceHark The Silence201511.001
Raimundo RodulfoMare et Terra200811.001
DakryaCrime Scene201011.001
I Am The Manic WhaleGathering The Waters201711.003
Beppe CrovellaWhat's Rattlin' On The Moon?201011.001
Paolo Siani & friends feat. Nuova IdeaCastles, Wings, Stories & Dreams201011.001
SalmonWhen the Dust Settles...200411.001
Dry RiverQuien Tenga Algo Que Decir...Que Calle para Siempre201411.001
La Maschera di CeraIn concerto200411.001
MachiavelVirtual sun199911.001
Box of ShamansBelief and Illusion201511.001
Ünder LindenÜnder Linden200711.001
3RDegreeThe Long Division201211.001
Voyag3rAre You Synthetic?201611.001
SoulengineMind Colors201211.001
elephant9Greatest show on earth201811.001
PhideauxNumber Seven200911.002
AudiacThank you for not discussing the outside world200311.001
TNR (The Noisy Room)The Chessboards199211.001
Pepe MainaImperceptible Details201111.001
La Curva di LesmoLa Curva di Lesmo201511.001
CosmografThe Hay​-​Man Dreams201711.002
District 97Live from WFPK201211.001
Glass HammerOde To Echo201411.002
Southern EmpireSouthern Empire201611.002
Johannes LuleyQitara201711.001
Stick MenAbsalom201111.001
ApocalypseThe 25th Anniversary Box Set201111.001
The Daedalus Spirit OrchestraTabula Rasa201211.001
DarediabloBedtime Stories200211.001
GoveaDanca Urbana200911.001
DanteNovember Red201311.001
Juha KujanpääKivenpyörittäjä / Tales and Travels201311.001
CitadelPluies Acides200611.001
ALT F4Urmuusig200911.001
Paramount GreyhoundCosmic Sleep201011.001
October EquusPermafrost201311.001
GerardThe Pendulum199611.001
Helmet of GnatsHelmet Of Gnats200411.001
Cheer-AccidentIntroducing Lemon200311.001
Parallel or 90 DegreesUnbranded200011.002
Stick MenLive in Buenos Aires 2011 (Official Bootleg)201111.001
The EnidJourney's End201011.002
Mars HollowWorld In Front Of Me201111.003
Proud PeasantFlight201411.001
ApogeeThe Garden Of Delights200311.001 dernier rang199811.001
Colossus Projects (Finnland)Decameron – Ten days in 100 novellas – Part III201611.001
Marten KantusCatwalk200711.001
Il Bacio della MedusaSeme201811.001
The OdysseysVoyagers200911.001
ArcaneChronicles of the Waking Dream200911.001
The Cosmic RemedyThe Cosmic Remedy201311.001
JetLagDelusione ottica200211.001
UnisphereLe voyage de l'enfant lune200411.001
OAK (Oscillazioni Alchemico Kreative)Giordano Bruno201711.001
Lobster NewbergActress200911.001
Sonus UmbraBeyond the Panopticum201611.001
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Dynamo Bliss21st Century Junk201011.001
Side CStati d'Alienazione200911.001
Mrs. KiteA Closer Inspection201311.002
NexusPerpetuum Karma200611.001
QuaserEssence - Remaster 94-03201011.001
Seven Steps To The Green DoorThe ? Book201111.006
Pär Lindh ProjectLive in Iceland200211.001
PandoraSempre e Ovunque Oltre Il Sogno201011.001
Thank You ScientistThe Perils Of Time Travel201111.001
King Of AgogikMorning Star201711.002
Dave KerznerStatic201711.001
Sezione FrenanteMetafora di Un Viaggio201411.001
Cryptic VisionLive At ROSFest 2005200511.001
HumulusReverently Heading Into Nowhere201711.001
TempanoSelective Memory200811.001
KotebelLive at Prog-Résiste 2013201411.001
The WatchVacuum200411.001
Orchestre CelestiThe Big Carrot (and misuse of it)201711.001
Mother TurtleZea Mice201811.001
AstraThe Black Chord201211.002
The Great TyrantThe Trouble With Being Born201511.001
Forever TwelveHome201711.002
Wyatt / WhitakerPedal giant animals200611.001
Il Ballo delle CastagneKalachakra201011.002
Frogg CaféFrogg Café200111.003
Umphrey's McGeeHall Of Fame: Class Of 2011201211.001
Space DebrisPhonomorphosis201411.002
The Nerve InstituteFictions201511.002
Milo's CravingThe More You Know200711.001
4/3 de TrioFaiblesse199911.001
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ÆtherInner Voyages Between Our Shadows200311.001
MaladyToinen toista201811.001
WillowglassBook of Hours200811.001
Brother ApeTurbulence200911.001
KBBFour Corner's Sky200311.001
La DesooordenEl Andarín201211.001
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Taylor's UniverseFrom Scratch201511.001
Colossus Projects (Finnland)Kalevala - A Finnish Progressive Rock Epic200311.001
CamelDust And Dreams199111.002
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HalloweenLe festin200111.001
White WillowTerminal Twilight201111.002
Nicklas BarkerEl último fin de semana201111.001
The EnidLive At Town Hall, Birmingham201011.001
Linear SphereReality Dysfunction200511.001
Nathan MahlExodus200811.001
CamelNever Let Go199311.001
DropshardAnywhere but home201111.001
StrattmanLie of the Beholder201411.001
Rendezvous PointSolar Storm201511.001
CarpetSecret Box201711.001
OverheadAnd We're Not Here After All200811.002
Mother TurtleII201611.001
Minimum VitalAu cercle de pierre199811.001
Anti-Depressive DeliveryChain of Foods200811.002
Anima MundiJagannath Orbit200811.002
Not A Good SignNot A GOOD Sign201311.003
NexusDetrás del Umbral199811.001
green carnationThe Quiet Offspring200511.001
Various ArtistsProgfest '97199711.001
Janos Varga ProjectThe wings of revelation II200211.001
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LazuliSaison 8201811.002
La Torre dell' know?200511.001
Universal Totem OrchestraRituale Alieno199911.003
Elephants Of ScotlandThe Perfect Map201611.002
Social TensionIt remainds me of those days199011.001
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Discipline.This One's for England201411.001
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The TangentGoing Off On One200711.002
Unit WailPangaea Proxima201211.001
green carnationA Blessing In Disguise200311.003
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Mars HollowMars Hollow201011.002
CryptexGood morning, how did you live?201111.001
EnneadeTeardrops In The Morning Dew201111.001
Circle of IllusionJeremias - Foreshadow of Forgotten Realms201311.004
KarfagenMagician's Theater201411.001
Cerebus EffectActs Of Deception200511.003
Jeavestone1 + 1 = OK201111.001
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PhideauxPhideaux & Mogon: Bloodfish Promotional Issue201811.001
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Fig LeafThe humble poet199711.001
DivertigoGentle Chaos200311.001
Kinetic ElementPowered by Light200911.001
Nine Stones CloseTraces201011.001
Arabs in AspicVictim of Your Father´s Agony201511.001
BelieveYesterday is a friend200811.002
Shaun GuerinBy the dark of light200211.002
Zion9P - Nove Pianeti201411.001
MangroveFacing the sunset200511.001
AngeSouffleurs de vers Tour200911.001
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CamelComing Of Age199811.001
Stick MenPower Play201411.001
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Robert BeriauSelfishness: Source of War & Violence200811.001
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KarciusThe First Day201211.001
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versus XLive at Maximal (DVD)201011.001
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ClearlightImpressionist Symphony201411.001
CosmopoliticsMental Hygiene201011.001
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King Of AgogikFrom A to A201111.003
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ChrisDays Of Summer Gone201311.001
Mahogany FrogMahogany Frog Vs Mabus200311.001
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OaksenhamConquest Of The Pacific200611.002
radio massacre internationaltime & motion201011.002
The Mars VoltaAmputechture200611.002
Social TensionIt reminds me of Macbethia200011.001
Black BonzoBlack Bonzo200411.001
Antony Kalugin Project (Sunchild)As Far As The Eye Can See201111.001
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Pelagic ZoneLatitudes201611.001
Freeway Jam"pensieri imperfetti"200211.001
Steve HackettWolflight201511.001
VesperoLique Mekwas201611.001
Accordo dei ContrariKublai201111.004
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MarginPsychedelic Teatime201411.003
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MagentaWe are legend201711.001
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KlotetEn Rak Höger200811.001
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Drifting SunTwilight201711.001
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The TangentGoing Off On Two201111.002
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After CryingXXV201311.001
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Mandrake ProjectA Miraculous Container200911.002
Nodo GordianoNous201411.001
Discipline.Unfolded Like Staircase199711.002
Lana LaneEl Dorado Hotel201211.001
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Evil WingsKaleidoscope201111.001
Arabs in AspicPictures In A Dream201311.001
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Solar Time199711.001
NiNi (2010)201011.001
DaalDances of the drastic Navels201411.002
Drahk von TripHeart & Consequence200511.002
AngeLe bois travaille, même le dimanche201011.003
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Syrinx (Fra)Reification200311.003
bArtManGoodbye Cruel World201811.001
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OvniHumanos pero no terrestres200411.001
La Maschera di CeraLuxAde200611.001
Bent KneeLand Animal201711.003
Adrian Belewe200911.003
Il Rumore BiancoMediocrazia201311.003
SchnauserProtein for Everyone201411.001
Perfect beingsPerfect Beings II201511.001
Trettioåriga KrigetI början och slutet200711.001
Solar ProjectFive200011.001
droga del espirituluces y sombras200911.001
UranianLa Ciudad de los Sueños201111.001
SuperdramaThe Promise201411.001
St. Elmo´s FireArtifacts Of Passion200111.001
I Cancelli Della MemoriaTributo Anni '70 A Franco Battiato201511.001
Colossus Projects (Finnland)The Spaghetti Epic 3: The Great Silence201011.001
The Rebel WheelWe are in the Time of Evil Clocks201011.001
District 97Live at CalProg201011.001
Gentle KnifeGentle Knife201511.002
TangekanicHotel Cantaffordit201811.001
Lalle Larsson's WeaveworldInfinity Of Worlds201011.002
EYESecond Sight201311.001
Flying CircusForth201011.001
Side CAndare Via...201111.001
KarmakanicWheel Of Life200411.002
Simeon Soul ChargerA Trick Of Light201511.001
Big Big TrainStone & Steel201611.001
William D. DrakeBriny Hooves200711.001
A Triggering MythForgiving Eden200211.002
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versus XLive at the Spirit200211.003
Ring Van MöbiusPast The Evening Sun201811.001
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Oozing GooOozing Goo Feat. Max-Appeal201011.001
Gandalf's FistThe Clockwork Fable201611.001
Fatal FusionTotal Absence201611.001
The Mars VoltaOctahedron200911.002
Nick Magnusn'monix201411.001
Goblin RebirthGoblin Rebirth201511.001
Various ArtistsProgfest '95199611.001
Umphrey's McGeeDeath By Stereo201111.001
Trey GunnUntune The Sky200311.002
I Am The Manic WhaleEverything Beautiful In Time201511.002
Giardini d autunnoFrammenti di idee perdute200211.001
Solution Science SystemsDaemon Ex Machina200311.001
Acid Mothers TempleCrystal Rainbow Pyramid Under The Sun200711.001
Underwater TrafficReturn to the Deep199711.001
TrespassMorning Lights200611.001
Lazuli(4603 battements)201111.004
Runaway TotemLe Roi du Monde201111.001
ZenitThe Chandrasekhar Limit201311.001
Flying CircusPomp200411.002
Causa SuiLive in Copenhagen201711.001
MangroveTouch Wood200411.001
EntityIl Falso Centro201311.001
Spock's BeardLive: The Beard Is Out There199811.001
Secret SaucerPhase Five201511.001
MysteryOne among the Living201011.001
Steve HackettTo Watch The Storms200311.004
RPWLBeyond Man And Time201211.002
SingularityBetween sunlight and shadow200211.001
Black MountainIn The Future200811.001
Zip TangFeed our heads201011.001
GodsticksSpiral Vendetta201011.001
Fabio ZuffantiLa Quarta Vittima201411.002
Emmett ElvinBloody Marvels201411.001
Thieves' KitchenThe Clockwork Universe201511.001
AnubisDifferent Stories201811.001
Unreal CityIl Paese Del Tramonto201511.001
Nathan MahlShadows unbound200311.001
Buddha SentenzaSemaphora201711.001
Taipuva Luotisuora8201311.001
Jakob SkøttAll the Colours of the Dust201611.001
Areknamésin case of loss...201011.002
Taylor's UniverseKind Of Red201211.001
TranscendThe Mind201311.001
Teru's SymphoniaEgg the Universe198811.001
London UndergroundThrough a glass darkly200311.001
Acid Mothers TempleHave You Seen The Other Side Of The Sky?200611.001
Damon ShulmanVultures and Sheep200811.001
Djam KaretThe Trip201311.001
The Far MeadowGiven The Impossible201611.001
Spock's BeardSnow Live201711.002
Chaos CodeA Tapestry of Afterthoughts199911.001
GodsticksGodsticks (EP)200911.001
StereokimonoIntergalactic Art Cafe201211.001
The Flower KingsScanning The Greenhouse199811.002
The Night TerrorsThe Night Terrors200211.001
Crystal BreedBarriers201611.001
Dead Heroes ClubA Time Of Shadow200911.001
Elephants Of ScotlandHome Away From Home201311.001
Minimum VitalAtlas200411.001
Umphrey's McGeeMantis200911.001
Janos Varga ProjectThe wings of revelation I200011.001
Dominik MüllerSturmweh (EP)200611.002
Herd of InstinctManifestation201611.001
Lalle LarssonWeaveworld200911.001
Frogg CaféCreatures200311.004
Deluge GranderHeliotians201411.001
Basta! (It.)Elemento Antropico201611.001
DreadnaughtThe american standard200111.001
Sophya BacciniAradia200911.001
elephant9walk the nile201011.001
SithoniaLa soluzione semplice201111.001
WobblerRites at Dawn201110.837
Neal MorseOne200410.806
TributeNew Views198410.805
The TangentThe Music That Died Alone200310.805
Frogg CaféFortunate Observer Of Time200510.754
The TangentNot as good as the Book200810.754
Neal Morse?200510.754
EcholynThe End Is Beautiful200510.754
GargamelWatch For The Umbles200610.754
Neal MorseThe Similitude Of A Dream201610.754
BeardfishThe Void201210.754
Alco FrisbassAlco Frisbass201510.673
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & HoweAn Evening Of Yes Music Plus... (Video/DVD)199310.673
The Flower KingsBack in the world of Adventures199510.673
Simon SaysParadise Square200210.673
GodsticksThe Envisage Conundrum201310.673
Morte MacabreSymphonic Holocaust199810.673
Moon Safari[blomljud]200810.673
Sensitive To LightAlmost Human200610.673
DaymoonFabric Of Space Divine201310.673
THEOThe Game Of Ouroboros201510.673
AnekdotenOfficial Bootleg - Live In Japan199810.673
Violent SilenceKinetic200510.673
CamembertSchnörgl Attahk201110.673
ManningAnser´s Tree200610.673
Solstice CoilA Prescription For Paper Cuts200510.673
La Maschera di CeraIl Grande Labirinto200310.673
After Crying6199710.673
Deluge GranderThe Form of the Good200910.673
King CrimsonThe ConstruKction of Light200010.606
Seven Steps To The Green DoorThe Puzzle200610.605
Birds And BuildingsBantam To Behemoth200810.605
Gösta Berlings SagaTid är ljud200610.502
Persona Non GrataThe Fine Art Of Living200410.502
The Black Noodle ProjectAnd Life goes on...200510.502
Orpheus NineTranscendental Circus201710.502
Hypnos 69The Eclectic Measure200610.502
Magic PieKing For A Day201510.502
Steve HackettBeyond the Shrouded Horizon201110.502
AlquilbencilFrom Serengethi to Taklamakan200210.502
TraumpfadDie Kreise schließen sich200610.502
LizardNoc zywych jaszczurów199910.502
The Gourishankar2nd Hands200710.502
Dworniak Bone LapsaFingers Pointing At The Moon201610.502
Alexander Kostarev GroupLive@InProg200310.502
October EquusCharybdis200810.502
Djam KaretA Night For Baku200310.502
ViimaAjatuksia Maailman Laidalta200610.502
Brother ApeA Rare Moment of Insight201010.502
Magic PieCircus of Life200710.502
EloyOcean 2 - The Answer199810.504
AnekdotenLive EP199710.503
Spock's BeardThe Oblivion Particle201510.502
Annot RhülLost in the woods200710.502
Circles EndIn Dialogue With The Moon200110.502
Colossus Projects (Finnland)Dante's Inferno - The Divine Comedy Part I200810.503
Deus Ex MachinaDevoto201610.504
Outer LimitsStromatolite200710.502
Neal MorseMorsefest 2014201510.502
Sensitive To LightFrom The Ancient World200810.502
MysteryThe World is a Game201210.502
InesEastern Dawning199610.502
Netherland DwarfMoi Moi201110.502
Ars NovaTransi199410.502
Book Of HoursArt To The Blind199910.502
Taylor's UniverseWorn Out201310.502
Discipline.Captives of the Wine Dark Sea201710.502
MagentaChaos From The Stage201610.502
Distillerie di MaltoIl manuale dei piccoli discorsi200110.502
Tomas BodinI AM200510.502
Glass HammerValkyrie201610.502
RPWLThe RPWL Experience (DVD)200910.502
Johannes LuleyTales from the Sheepfather's Grove201310.504
Flaming RowElinoire201110.504
Valinor's Treeand then there is silence200010.502
First Band From Outer SpaceImpressionable Sounds of the Subsonic200610.502
ÄnglagårdBuried Alive199610.502
DaymoonCruz Quebrada201610.502
Trettioåriga KrigetElden av år200410.502
Castle CanyonGods of 1973200910.502
Standing OvationThe Antikythera Mechanism201210.502
Colossus Projects (Finnland)Dante's Purgatorio - The Divine Comedy Part II200910.502
SyndoneEros & Thanatos201610.502
Panther & C.Il Giusto Equilibrio201710.502
AlgaraviaBreve E Interminável199510.502
Glass HammerThe Compilations 1996 - 2004200710.502
SalvaSigh of Boreas201610.502
TransatlanticWhirld Tour 2010 - Live From Shepherd's Bush Empire, London201010.502
AntiherøeEntretejido cosmico200810.502
The Underground RailroadThrough And Through200010.502
The Black Noodle ProjectGhosts & Memories201310.502
PromenadeNoi Al Dir Di Noi201610.502
The Flower KingsBetchaWannaDanceStoopid!!200410.503
Glass HammerPerilous201210.502
TrespassIn Haze Of Time200210.502
Solstice CoilNatural Causes201110.502
The Dear HunterAct I: The Lake South The River North200610.502
BaronessBlue Record200910.502
YesKeys To Ascension 2199710.504
Salem HillBe200310.502
Flying CircusOut Of The Waste Land200010.502
KaipaChildren Of The Sounds201710.502
French TVI Forgive You for All My Unhappiness201010.502
Abrete GandulEnjambre Sísmico201110.405
The Flower KingsUnfold the Future200210.3612
The TangentA Spark In The Aether - The Music That Died Alone - Volume Two201510.333
Robert ReedSanctuary III201810.333
FinisterreStorybook - Live at Progday '97200110.333
RiversideMemories In My Head201110.333
Spock's BeardBrief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep201310.333
Violent SilenceA Broken Truce201310.333
Neal MorseTestimony two201110.333
Frogg CaféThe Safenzee Diaries200710.333
AnekdotenFrom Within199910.333
GalleonIn the Wake of the Moon201010.333
The New Grove ProjectBrill200510.333
Steve HackettWild Orchids200610.333
DaymoonAll Tomorrows201110.333
Barock ProjectMisteriosevoci200710.333
NilQuarante Jours Sur Le Sinaï200310.333
The Flower KingsCarpe Diem200810.333
DiagonalThe Second Mechanism201210.333
MaxophoneLa Fabbrica Delle Nuvole201710.333
KnifeworldThe Unravelling201410.333
TraumhausDie andere Seite200810.333
Dream TheaterOctavarium200510.297
ScytheDivorced Land200110.254
GalleonFrom land to ocean200310.254
The WatchGhost200110.254
Deluge GranderOceanarium201710.254
AyreonThe Human Equation200410.206
Moth VellumMoth Vellum200810.205
The Flower KingsSpace Revolver200010.176
The Dear HunterAct II: The Meaning Of, & All Things Regarding Ms. Leading200710.003
Fibonacci SequenceNumerology201010.002
The Rising Sun ExperienceBeyond the oblivious Abyss201410.001
NemoEve Et Le Génie Du Mal (Single)200410.001
PandoraDramma Di Un Poeta Ubriaco200810.001
ManningThe Root, The Leaf & The Bone201310.001
NemoImmersion Publique - Live200510.001
FlagshipMaiden voyage200510.001
Urban TrapezeReactivated Tarkus (Rehearsal)200610.001
La Bocca della VeritàAvenoth201610.002
AufklärungDe'La Tempesta....L'Oscuro Piacere199510.001
HuneDe l'Autre Côté du Monde200910.001
Signs Of OneInnerlands200710.001
SunpathNight Dream Call200910.001
FicciónSobre el Abismo198610.002
IgnatiusLights From The Deep201110.001
Mind GalleryThe Lemmings Were Pushed199210.001
The Aaron Clift ExperimentOuter Light, Inner Darkness201510.002
USThe ghost of human kindness200410.001
Pan/ScanCinematic Lies201610.001
Twin AgeLialim High199710.002
Sombre ReptileLe repli des ombres200510.001
Taylor's UniverseReturn to Whatever200910.001
From.uzSeventh Story201010.001
Difícil EquilibrioTrayecto200010.002
Ginger TreesAlong with the tide201110.002
Gran Turismo VeloceDi Carne, Di Anima201110.002
Big Big TrainFolklore201610.003
FinisterreLa meccanica naturale200410.001
Bad DreamsDeja Vu201610.001
Neal MorseThe Transatlantic Demos200310.002
TinkickerThe Cup of the Lord and the Wine of Demons201410.001
MagentaAnother Time... Another Place...200410.001
The TangentCOMM201110.001
Robin TaylorDeutsche Schule200610.001
Cides & LeysLive Facebook & Myspace Concert201110.001
John GalganoReal Life is Meeting201210.001
ManticoreTime To Fly199310.001
NoekkThe Grimalkin200610.002
Ubi MaiorSenza Tempo200910.001
Various ArtistsThe Rome Pro(g)ject201210.001
The TangentL'Étagère Du Travail201310.002
Coheed And CambriaGood Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness200510.001
Monarch TrailSand201710.001
Arabs in AspicStrange Frame Of Mind201110.001
Steve HackettLive Rails201110.002
Apple PieCrossroad200710.001
4/3 de TrioErsatz200410.001
ZombiThe Zombi Anthology200510.001
LizardW galerii czasu199710.003
Grand StandTricks of time200210.001
The Flower KingsFan Club CD 2002200210.002
TransatlanticSMPTe - The Roine Stolt Mixes200310.002
L'ombra della seraL'ombra della sera201210.001
L'Albero Del VelenoLe Radici Del Male201310.001
XNAWhen we changed you201310.001
Pensiero NomadeDa Nessun Luogo201510.001
London UndergroundFour201810.001
MorpheliaWaken the Nightmare200910.003
TransatlanticBridge Across Forever200110.004
KummMoonsweat March200010.001
La Coscienza di ZenoLa Notte anche di Giorno201510.002
Ie Rai ShanIe Rai Shan199410.001
Chaos CodeThe Tragedy of Leaps and Bounds200210.001
BigelfMoney Machine200010.003
Il Cerchio d'OroDedalo e Icaro201310.002
The SpurRebirth201710.001
Finneus GaugeMore Once More199710.001
Elysium TheoryModern Alchemy201010.001
3RDegreeOnes & Zeros : Volume 1201510.001
SplinterDevil's Jigsaw200410.001
ContactZero Moment201610.001
Runaway TotemManu Menes - L'intelligenza Cosmica200910.001
Marge LitchThe Ring of Truth199210.001
Meller Golyzniak DudaBreaking Habits201610.002
AkaciaThis Fading Time200610.001
PB IIPlastic Soup201010.001
TusmørkeUnderjordisk Tusmørke201210.002
Causa SuiEuporie Tide201310.002
IZZEverlasting Instant201510.002
The Samurai of ProgArchiviarum201810.001
PB II1000 Wishes201310.002
Phoenix againUnexplored201710.001
New Eden OrchestraVikings201210.001
Spock's BeardThe First Twenty Years201510.002
Pi2The Endless Journey200510.001
Jack O'The ClockAll My Friends201310.001
Flaming RowMirage - A Portrayal of Figures201410.002
Tacita IntesaTacita Intesa201410.001
King Of KingsKing Of Kings199010.001
CafeïneLa citadelle199410.002
Djam KaretSonic Celluloid201710.001
NevernessIII: The Measure Of Time200910.001
MavaraSeason of Salvation201210.001
Simon McKechnieClocks And Dark Clouds201310.001
The SurgeryHoly umbrella199410.001
Consorzio Acqua Potabile & Alvaro "Jumbo" FellaCoraggio e Mistero201610.001
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Liquid ScarletII200510.003
Jeff Green ProjectElder Creek201410.001
Cryptic VisionMoments Of Clarity200310.001
RC 2Future Awaits200810.001
Mars HollowLive at RoSfest 2011201210.002
Riding The ScreeInfinite201510.001
AstrakhanAdrenaline Kiss201610.001
A.C.TTrifles and Pandemonium201610.001
Shadow CircusWelcome to the Freakroom200710.001
Detlev SchmidtchenThe Last Planet - Chapter II 'Challenges'200810.001
ProductOn Water200010.002
EGOEvoluzione Delle Forme201110.001
Five FifteenAlcohol200710.001
Flor De LotoMundos bizarros200910.001
OdyssiceSecret Showcase. Live in Amsterdam 2006201310.001
High Wheel1910199310.001
ZombiShape Shift201510.001
JaculaPre Viam201110.001
ContraluzEl Pasaje200010.001
Xing SaCréation de l'univers201010.002
A Piedi NudiA Piedi Nudi199410.001
YacobsTime Machine201110.001
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Not Otherwise SpecifiedProjective Instruments201410.002
Yoke ShireThe witching hour200710.001
Negative ZoneNegative Zone200510.001
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After CryingFöld És Ég199410.005
The D ProjectMaking Sense201410.001
Carol Of HarvestTy i Ja200910.001
Trettioåriga KrigetWar years200810.001
Fleeman, AlThe Water is Wide201110.001
Il Ballo delle CastagneSurpassing all other Kings201210.001
Nathan MahlJustify201410.001
The Ben Cameron ProjectA Cycle Never Ending201610.001
Ancient VeilRings of earthly...Live201810.001
Secret SaucerElement 115200510.001
VIII StradaBabylon201510.002
Forever TwelveTaking Forever201010.001
HuisDespite Guardian Angels201410.001
Various ArtistsSchizoid dimension - A Tribute to King Crimson199710.002
Penny's Twisted FlavourSketches201010.001
GreenwallFrom The Treasure Box200510.001
Thieves' KitchenOne For Sorrow, Two For Joy201310.003
LandberkJag är tiden (EP)199410.001
Starglow EnergyGates to Celdan199810.001
The TangentDown And Out In Paris And London200910.002
Fabio ZuffantiIl Mondo Che Era Mio - Live in Studio 2014201410.001
RhetoricaGanduri (Thoughts)200510.002
MagentaThe Gathering (DVD)200510.001
HeliopolisCity of the Sun201410.001
In Search ForFaith200910.001
Steam TheoryEnduring Delirium201010.001
Nathan FrostSynecron201310.001
Active HeedHigher Dimensions201410.002
Nodo GordianoNodo Gordiano199910.001
Red Star RevoltRed Star Revolt200810.001
Mostly AutumnPassengers200310.002
Salem HillThe Unseen Cord / Thicker than Water201410.002
Deus Ex MachinaDeus Ex Machina199410.001
Qumma ConnectionArabesque200810.001
CryptexMadeleine Effect201510.001
Rikard Sjöblom's GungflyRumbling Box (2006-2016)201810.001
Fig LeafPlays Bob W. and other selections199510.001
SeidMagic Handshake201210.001
MysterySecond Home - Live at the ProgDreams V (DVD)201710.001
USThe young and restless200610.002
Roland EndersAbout Angst | Daydreamer200910.001
SinkadusLive at Progfest '97199810.001
The Night PatrolThe Path200810.001
Big Big TrainGrimspound201710.004
Periferia Del MondoPerif3ria Del Mondo200610.002
La Dottrina degli OppostiArrivederci sogni201810.001
Anima MorteThe Nightmare Becomes Reality201110.002
PymlicoGuiding Light201410.001
TEETales of Eternal Entities201610.001
Marchesi ScamorzaGemini201810.001
SeidAmong The Monster Flowers Again200210.002
Ali FergusonA Sequence of Moments201610.001
OpramMon Temps Mon Espace200510.001
Submarine SilenceJourney Through Mine201610.001
Colossus Projects (Finnland)The Spaghetti Epic 2: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly200910.001
Eris PluviaThird Eye Light201010.001
Presto BalletRelic Of The Modern World201210.001
Neal MorseAlive Again201610.002
Taylor's UniverseOyster's apprentice200510.001
London UndergroundHoney drops201010.001
Paul ClarkShredz At An Exhibition200610.001
Ex-VagusDream Object 5200910.001
Nathan MahlThe Clever Use of Shadows199910.001
Three MonksThe Legend of the Holy Circle201310.003
The Rome Pro(g)jectIII: Exegi Monumentum Aere Perennius201710.001
Narrow PassA Room Of Fairy Queen's200610.001
Premiata Forneria MarconiA.D.2010-La Buona Novella201010.001
Bi Kyo RanGo-Un199510.001
CCLRCavalli Cocchi Lanzetti Roversi201110.001
Carpe Notacarpe nota201210.001
Death Organ9 to 5199410.001
CastPower And Outcome201710.001
The Red MasqueVictoria and the Haruspex200210.001
HeartscoreMany Directions200710.001
Pierrot LunaireTre201110.001
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SfumatoDemo 1999199910.001
guess that mess!dis-/order (a mind in mess)201110.001
Bi Kyo RanDeep Live!199510.001
Mater ThalliumAbandoned By The Sun201410.001
Death OrganUniversal stripsearch199710.001
Lac PlacideCloser200610.002
Flying CircusOnes and Zeros - The EP201310.001
Il Rumore BiancoAntropocene201610.002
An Endless SporadicAn Endless Sporadic200910.002
Oblivion SunOblivion Sun200710.001
Kosmos (FI)Vieraan Taivaan Alla200910.001
EcholynJersey Tomato Vol.2200310.003
Supernal EndgameTouch the Sky Volume II201410.001
Okta LogueDiamonds And Despair201610.001
Taylor's UniverseAcross the Universe201510.001
The Perotic TheatreDryve199610.001
Colossus Projects (Finnland)Colossus Of Rhodes200510.001
BrainticketPast, Present & Future201510.001
WintherStormerGround Connection201110.001
Sea VineSea Vine201310.001
Eyevory & The Euphobia OrchestraA Symphonic Night of Prog Rock - Live at Schlachthof Bremen201410.001
MessengerIllusory Blues201510.001
Thomas KonderLabyrinth201810.001
The Flower KingsLive in New York - official bootleg200210.002
2KXSussuration (EP)201410.001
Sinagoga ZenSinagoga Zen201410.001
NotabeneSei lacrime d'ambra200710.001
SequoyaJulia On The Tree200010.001
Difícil EquilibrioLa Pèrdua201310.001
Minimum VitalSarabandes199010.001
Outer LimitsThe Silver Apples on the Moon198910.001
The Dark Aether ProjectThe gentle art of firewalking200210.001
Mind FurnitureHoop Of Flame200710.001
The WatchPlanet Earth?201010.001
The WatchTimeless201110.003
Master ExperienceBillions Of Grains201210.002
The WatchTracks from the Alps201410.001
USEamon's day200310.001
Agents Of MercyDramarama201010.002
Amadeus AwadDeath Is Just A Feeling201510.001
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MysteryLies and Butterflies201810.001
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Eclipse Sol-AirSchizophilia201310.003
Minimum VitalLa source199310.001
Circus BrimstoneLive - BrimStoned In Europe200510.002
Pekka PohjolaPewit199710.001
CálixA Roda200310.001
CirculusThe Lick on the Tip of an Envelope Yet to be Sent200510.001
Unified PastObservations201110.001
PandoraAlibi Filosofico201310.002
QophKalejdoskopiska aktiviteter199810.001
David CrossSign of the Crow201610.001
Minimum VitalEsprit d'amor199710.001
Okta LogueTales of Transit City201310.001
Maxwell's DemonPrometheus200110.004
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The Night TerrorsSpiral Vortex201410.001
NoekkThe Water Sprite200510.003
Doug RauschBook II201810.001
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Universal Totem OrchestraThe Magus200810.002
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Mind SkyTimewise200510.001
Fernando PerdomoOut to Sea201810.001
Parallel or 90 DegreesThe Corner of My Room199610.001
ZReal Life Never Stops201510.001
StrangefishThe Spotlight Effect201810.001
Flaming BessWächter des Lichts200810.002
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ShamallTurn Off201310.001
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Add N to (X)Add Insult to Injury200010.001
HällasExcerpts From A Future Past201710.002
GlassLive at Progman Cometh200710.001
My Brother The WindI Wash My Soul In The Stream Of Infinity201110.001
La Coscienza di ZenoLa Coscienza di Zeno201110.001
Consorzio Acqua Potabile (CAP)Robin Delle Stelle199810.002
Vincenzo SalviaThe Volkswagen Of Death201510.001
White WillowFuture Hopes201710.001
radio massacre internationalrain falls in gray200710.001
The Stationall that lies between...200410.001
Ephemeral SunHarvest Aorta200910.001
The Worm OuroborosOf Things That Never Were201310.003
Circa:Valley of the Windmill201610.002
MangroveLive Beyond Reality (DVD)201110.001
Ring Of MythWeeds200510.001
Aardvark'Tuntematon Sotilas200610.001
KaollSob os Olhos de Eva201710.001
CourtTwenty Flying Kings201210.001
EYECenter of the Sun201110.001
NightsatanMidnight Laser Warrior201010.001
In The LabyrinthOne Trail To Heaven201110.001
Le Porte Non AperteGolem201310.001
Wappa GappaA Myth199810.002
PyrophoricDespair in Control (EP)201110.001
Barrett ElmoreWoodlands201210.001
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Visible WindNarcissus goes to the moon199710.001
ProductThe fire200510.001
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DrivebyProgressing Decay200710.001
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PhideauxGhost Story200410.001
ManningSongs from the Bilston House200710.001
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FungusThe Face Of Evil201310.001
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The Night Terrorslightless200310.001
The Flower KingsInstant Delivery (DVD)200610.002
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HyacintusFantasia en concerto200310.001
pArAdOx OnEEscalators To Mars200310.001
Divine In SightSorrow And Promise200110.001
Monkey DietInner Gobi201710.001
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Visible WindBarb-à-Baal-a-Loo200010.001
Kalman FilterExo-Oceans201810.001
Soniq TheaterUnknown Realities201010.001
Werner Nadolnys JaneEternity201110.001
Spirits Burning & ClearlightThe Roadmap in your Head201610.001
RavanaCommon daze199610.001
Alex Carpani4 Destinies201410.001
La Torre dell'AlchimistaLa Torre dell'Alchimista200110.001
Sky ArchitectExcavation of The Mind201010.002
Sonus UmbraWinter Soulstice201310.001
New Keepers of the Water TowersCosmic Child201310.001
NemoLes Enfants Rois (Single)200710.001
Tim BurnessVision On200710.001
The Winter TreeEarth Below201510.001
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Rich CaseyShadowblack200810.001
Reform (Swe)Reveries of Reform201110.001
Robert JürjendalSource of Joy201310.001
Sweatin' Like NixonSweatin' Like Nixon200510.001
Robert BeriauFalling back to where I began200510.001
Modest MidgetThe Great Prophecy of a Small Man201010.001
CamelA Nod And A Wink200210.003
Brighteye BrisonThe Magician Chronicles Part 1201110.003
IZZampersand volume 1200410.001
MaglevOverwrite the Sin201610.001
Nuova EraIl passo del soldato199510.001
Soniq TheaterSquaring the Circle201810.001
IZZLive at NEARfest200710.001
Colossus ProjectThe Empire & The Rebellion200810.001
QuaserDelta Flux201110.001
AmarokMujer luna200210.001
Soniq TheaterForce Majeure201110.001
ApogeeThe Border of Awareness199510.001
LazuliLive @ l'Abeille rôde (DVD)201310.001
MongolDoppler 444199710.001
ALT F4Live200710.001
The Daedalus Spirit OrchestraAmpulla Magnifying200910.001
Secret SaucerNachvollziehens201410.001
Nuova EraIo e il tempo199210.001
SenseGoing Home200710.001
Trettioåriga KrigetSeaside Air201610.001
Yuka & ChronoshipShip201810.001
GalapagosDesierto Avant Garde201010.001
MagentaBroken (Single)200410.001
Dweezil Zappavia zammata'201510.002
AeolusDust on the mirror200310.001
Spock's BeardDon't Try This At Home (DVD)200210.001
NexusLive at Nearfest 2000200010.001
Djam KaretLive At NEARFest 2001200410.001
ProgressionThe Dream Of Cecilia200710.001
CodaSounds Of Passion198610.001
JPLRétrospections Volume III201810.001
Zip TangPank200810.002
Djam KaretThe Heavy Soul Sessions201010.001
ZaalLa Lama Sottile200410.001
Citizen CainSkies Darken201210.002
Ángel OntalvaMundo Flotante201210.001
Salem HillPuppet Show200310.003
Leviathan (US)Riddles Questions Poetry & Outrage199610.001
Buddha SentenzaSouth Western Lower Valley Rock201310.001
Rikard SjöblomThe Unbendable Sleep201610.003
Magic BusPhillip The Egg201710.001
Lux Nova Umbra EstLight Is The New Dark200410.001
Osanna and David JacksonProg Family200910.001
The Future Kings of EnglandWho is This Who is Coming?201110.002
WillowglassThe Dream Harbour201310.001
Danny BrillBetter late than never200810.002
Kula ShakerK199610.002
Doug RauschRausch200910.001
BAKUSequences Of My Bequest199410.001
PhiYears of Breathing201310.001
Persona GrataReaching Places High Above201310.002
HagenCorridors of time200110.001
Ichthyander Dad's Only DolphinPlaying Live at One Music Fest201510.001
Ars NovaChrysalis - Force For The Fourth200610.002
ClearlightInfinite Symphony200310.001
Little TragediesThe Sun Of Spirit199910.001
DeformicaEn Vivo - Auditorio Oeste - 31/5/2013201310.001
Anima MorteUpon Darkened Stains201410.001
The WatchPrimitive200710.002
CálixVentos de outono - Ao vivo200710.001
ToehiderTo Hide Her201110.001
Secret SaucerFour On The Floor201110.001
GungflyPlease Be Quiet200910.001
Thomas GlönklerGoldstadt20109.836
Anderson/StoltInvention of Knowledge20169.754
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Glass HammerShadowlands20049.754
KiamaSign of IV20169.673
Wappa GappaGappa20049.673
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EcholynCowboy Poems Free20009.673
Mangala VallisLycanthrope20059.673
LandberkLonely land19929.673
La Forza Elettro MotriceSulla Bolla di Sapone20149.673
Eccentric OrbitAttack of the Martians20049.673
KnifeworldBottled Out Of Eden20169.673
Zen Rock and RollEnd of the Age20029.673
Neal MorseThe Grand Experiment20159.673
MysteryBeneath the Veil of Winter's Face20079.673
Franck CarducciOddity20119.673
Puppet ShowThe Tale of Woe20079.605
RAKLepidoptera II - The Book of Flight20129.605
AnkhExpect Unexpected20039.502
The Rebel Wheeldiagramma20079.502
JPLLe Livre Blanc20179.502
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MangroveBeyond Reality20099.502
Kerrs PinkTidings20029.502
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La Coscienza di ZenoSensitività20139.502
Douze AlfonsoCharles Darwin20129.503
CastImaginary Window19999.502
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & HoweAn Evening Of Yes Music Plus...19939.503
In Morpheus' ArmsDistrust The Mantra20099.502
Book Of The Dead20059.502
Brother ApeIII20089.502
David CrossCloser Than Skin20059.502
WolfspringWho's Gonna Save The World?20139.502
Bi Kyo RanA Violent Music19989.502
Agents Of MercyThe Black Forest20119.502
A Triggering MythThe Remedy Of Abstraction20069.502
The D ProjectThe Sagarmatha Project20089.502
MastermindTragic Symphony19959.502
CirculusClocks Are Like People20069.502
WitsendCosmos and Chaos19939.502
Deadwood ForestMellodramatic20009.502
Flying ColorsSecond Nature20149.502
Marten Kantuselevator20129.502
Tea in the SaharaBoomerang19969.502
ChrisCity Of Light20129.502
Causa SuiReturn To Sky20169.502
Happy The ManThe Muse Awakens20049.502
FinisterreLive...Ai margini della terra fertile19989.502
Tristan BlaskowitzWinter20139.502
Discipline.Live Days20109.502
Heart Of CygnusThe Voyage of Jonas20129.502
The Mars VoltaFrances The Mute20059.506
RPWLThe RPWL Experience20089.504
ViimaKahden Kuun Sirpit20099.502
Valinor's TreeKindom Of Sadness19989.502
Pär Lindh ProjectIn Concert - Live in Poland (DVD)20089.502
AnubisHitchhiking to Byzantium20149.502
CrossThe Thrill of Nothingness20099.502
Ryan ParmenterOne of a different Color20189.502
VillebrådAlla är här utom jag20069.502
CliffhangerNot To Be or Not To Be!19969.502
CliffhangerCold Steel19959.502
RiversideShrine Of New Generation Slaves20139.437
The Sea WithinThe Sea Within20189.333
NordagustIn The Mist Of Morning20109.333
The Psychedelic EnsembleThe Art of Madness20109.333
Spock's BeardNoise Floor20189.333
MogadorAll I Am Is Of My Own MaKing20109.333
Salem HillNot Everybody's Gold20009.333
The Mute GodsDo Nothing Till You Hear From Me20169.333
HamadryadLive in France 200620079.254
KaipaIn the Wake of Evolution20109.254
The Flower KingsThe Sum of no Evil20079.205
EloyThe Tides Return Forever19949.205
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The Tangentii: The World That We Drive Through20049.148
ApocalypseLive USA20009.001
Violeta De OutonoVolume 720079.001
Charles BrownStorm Rising20119.001
The Last Placid Days Of PlentyHeadphone Gallery20079.001
AyreonInto The Electric Castle19989.005
NautilusIn Search Of Castaways20049.001
RitualDid I go wrong (EP)19999.001
WyzardsThe final catastrophe19979.001
Spirits BurningAlien Injection20089.001
Paul BremnerThe Witness20169.001
London UndergroundLondon Underground20009.001
Mario Cottarelliprodigiosa macchina20079.001
Various ArtistsThousand days of yesterdays - A tribute to Captain Beyond19999.001
AdventCantus Firmus20069.001
MangroveComing Back To (Live)20069.003
ZauberDraghi & Vampiri20069.001
TransatlanticThe Whirlwind20099.002
InquireDas Auge ist der erste Kreis20019.001
Fractal MirrorStrange Attractors20139.001
Il Cerchio d'OroIl Fuoco sotto la Cenere20179.001
KBBLive 200420059.001
HamadryadSafe In Conformity20059.003
FonyaIn Flux19949.001
The WatchSeven20179.001
Neal MorseTestimony20039.006
Runaway TotemEsameron20079.001
The Samurai of ProgUndercover20119.001
Solar ProjectChromagnitude20079.002
NexusBuenos Aires free experience Volumen 220079.001
Alex CarpaniWaterline20079.002
Ancient Oak consortThe Acoustic Resonance of Soul20079.001
PangaeaThe Rite of Passage19969.001
Il Castello di AtlanteCapitolo 7 - Tra le antiche mura20099.001
AkaciaAn Other Life20039.003
PanglossJoe Barr20029.001
AbiogenesiIl giocoscuro19979.001
ARZTurn Of The Tide20119.002
The Rube Goldberg MachineFragile Times20169.001
OverheadLive After All20099.001
Din WithinAwaken the Man20079.001
MikromidasBrennende drommer20019.002
Knight AreaNine paths20119.001
MastermindVolume Two "Brainstorm"19919.003
Lucifer WasBlues from Hellah20049.001
Antony Kalugin Project (Sunchild)Messages from afar: The Division and Illusion of Time20189.001
KayakMerlin - Bard of the unseen20039.002
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MagentaThe singles20079.001
Finneus GaugeOne Inch Of The Fall19999.001
The Hadron Big BangersStrange Beauty Decays20139.001
KotebelMysticae Visiones20019.001
King CrimsonVrooom19949.002
Camelias GardenYou Have a Chance20139.002
Wicked MindsVisioni, Deliri e Ilusioni20119.001
Ars NovaFear & anxiety19929.002
IsprojectThe Archinauts20179.001
Ako DomaAliens Are Good For Sale20039.001
The Crystal CaravanThe Crystal Caravan20099.001
Supernal EndgameTouch The Sky20109.001
KlotetDet Har Aldrig Hänt Och Kommer Aldrig Hända Igen20109.001
RinotopíaRinotopía I20179.001
MidasBeyond The Clear Air19889.002
NoekkThe Minstrel's Curse20089.002
TangerMundos Paralelos20089.001
Hidden LandsLycksalighetens Ö20149.001
Björn JohanssonDiscus Ursi19989.001
Osada VidaThe Body Parts Party20089.002
LogosL'enigma della vita20149.001
Isildurs BaneLost Eggs19949.001
Brian EllisCosmic Perspective20069.001
Land Of ChocolateUnikorn On The Cob20019.002
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DeliriumIl Viaggio Continua: la Storia 1970-201020109.001
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Bi Kyo RanBi Kyo Ran19829.001
Ain SophMarine Menagerie19919.001
Tomas BodinAn Ordinary Night In My Ordinary Life19969.002
Odd UdderOdd Udder20049.001
Anima MundiSeptentrion20029.001
AshlandYin & Yang19999.001
MysteryTheatre of the mind19959.001
Martin BarreAway With Words20139.001
7 OceanDiapause20149.001
Al-BirdSodom & Gomorra XXI20029.001
Big Big TrainThe Second Brightest Star20179.001
ApogeeConspiracy Of Fools20189.001
Mario CottarelliUna strana commedia20119.001
DissonatiReductio Ad Absurdum20129.001
Djam KaretAscension20019.001
Fallen FowlDo They Love You Now ?20069.001
MysteryDelusion Rain20159.001
Black BonzoGuillotine Drama20099.002
Love de ViceNumaterial20109.001
PingvinorkesternLook - No Hands!20179.001
Jam CampBlack Hills Jam - Preserves Vol. 220049.001
AyreonAyreonauts only20009.001
Quaterna RéquiemVelha gravura19909.001
Hidden LandsHalcyon20179.001
CosmografThe Man Left in Space20139.001
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Half Past FourRabbit In The Vestibule20089.002
OVRFWRDFantasy Absent Reason20159.001
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CliffhangerMirror site19989.001
VolaréThe Uncertainty Principle19979.001
Dominik MüllerVagabond's View20039.001
Detlev SchmidtchenThe Last Planet - Chapter I 'Impressions'20079.001
Nodo GordianoFlektogon20099.001
The Divine Baze OrchestraOnce we were born...20089.001
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MagentaLive: On Our Way To Who Knows Where20129.001
Seasons Of TimeClosed Doors to Open Plains20149.001
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When Day DescendsTranscend20059.001
Giorgio C. NeriLogos20099.001
Clay Green's Polysorbate Masquerade BandChronicles of Bubbledroid20129.001
Blank ManuskriptThe Waiting Soldier20159.001
BonebagNoli Me Tangere20079.001
MetaphorEntertaining Thanatos20049.005
QuarkspaceSpacefolds 720019.001
GoadThe Wood20069.001
Robin TaylorIsle of Black20089.001
Hidden LandsIn Our Nature20129.001
Combination HeadCombination Head20069.001
Presto BalletThe Lost Art Of Time Travel20089.001
Mispel BellyfulMispel Bellyful20049.001
Kinetic ElementTravelog20159.002
Ancient VisionThe Vision19919.001
Imagin'AriaLa tempesta19999.001
Djam KaretThe Ritual Continues19939.001
Cryptic VisionIn a world20069.002
Ed Macan's Hermetic ScienceCrash course: a Hermetic Science primer20069.001
HakenEnter The 5th Dimension20089.001
M-Opus1975 Triptych20159.001
Milleniumdeja vu20049.001
La Pietra LunareLa Pietra Lunare20159.001
versus Xversus X19949.002
Rick WakemanRetro20069.002
MalaaviaFrammenti Compiuti20149.001
Cheer-AccidentDumb Ask19919.001
Soniq TheaterHeroes of the Past20149.001
17 PygmiesIsabel20139.001
ChrisMaking Sense20109.001
BolusWatch your step20119.001
Dura MaterDura Mater20049.001
WaterclimeThe Astral Factor20059.001
Tomas BodinCinematograaf20089.001
Gavin Harrison & Ø5RicCircles20099.001
LightnessLightness 220049.001
Marco De AngelisNext Station20179.001
ProjectionA Brief History 1999 - 200520059.001
RanestRaneNosferatu Il Vampiro20069.002
KarfagenSolitary Sandpiper Journey20109.001
Unified PastSpots20139.001
QuandaryReady To Fail20109.001
Soniq TheaterVision Quest20099.001
Tea in the SaharaBehind the Door19949.001
NecromonkeyThe Shadow of the Blind Man20169.001
Salem HillCatatonia19979.001
NitewalkDarker Shade Of Gray20119.001
Rick WakemanRetro 220079.001
AltairLa Esencia del Tiempo20109.001
Brighteye BrisonBrighteye Brison20039.001
BreezeThe King of the Forest20159.001
Periferia Del MondoIn ogni luogo, in ogni tempo20009.001
Single Celled OrganismSplinter in the Eye20179.002
Shadow CircusWhispers and Screams20099.001
KopeckySerpentine kaleidoscope20009.001
The Weever SandsKeep Your Face Turned To The Light20169.001
Visible WindA moment beyond time19919.001
Fear Of FlyingFear Of Flying20089.001
Big Big TrainGathering Speed20049.001
17 PygmiesCelestina20089.001
Forgas Band PhenomenaRoue Libre19979.001
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & HoweBrother Of Mine19899.002
Pekka PohjolaChanging Waters19929.001
Vincenzo SalviaAuto Radio20139.001
Twin AgeMonth of the year19969.001
Colossus Projects (Finnland)The Spaghetti Epic - Six Modern Prog Bands For Six ´70 Prog Suites20049.001
Lothar-Michael Ernst & The Full Moon BandStranded on Inner Shores20179.002
Roine StoltThe Flower King19949.003
The MorriganHidden agenda20029.001
Soniq CircusSoniq Circus20079.001
Thieves' KitchenHead20009.001
Spock's BeardDay For Night19999.002
Karda EstraThe Age Of Science And Enlightenment20069.001
Brighteye BrisonBelievers & Deceivers20089.002
Mabel Greer's ToyshopThe Secret20179.001
Deus Ex MachinaGladium Caeli19919.002
Antonius RexSwitched On Dark20069.001
Blue MammothStories of a King20169.001
ManningNumber Ten20099.002
UnitopiaOne Night in Europe (DVD)20119.001
Ubi MaiorNostos20059.001
Conqueror74 Giorni20079.001
Solution Science SystemsEponymous EP20029.001
ApogeeWaiting For The Challenge20129.001
KingBathmatOvercoming The Monster20139.001
A Silent SoundCompass20179.001
Pris'n StyleWait For Colours20079.001
King FridayLet the Song Begin20139.001
Six ElementsPrimary Elements20129.001
Various ArtistsProg Rock Festival GouveiaArtrock2003 (DVD)20039.002
Spock's BeardGluttons For Punishment - Live in '0520059.002
Anton RoolaartDreamer20079.001
Submarine SilenceThere's Something Very Strange In Her Little Room20139.003
Patrik Skantze and the Free Souls SocietyFiction at first view20069.002
Sergio AlvarezPasaje a la revelación19999.001
Huxley Would ApproveGrave New World - Part One20169.001
The GourishankarClose Grip20089.001 1995 (DVD)20059.001
David WallimannEvolving Seeds Of Glory20169.001
EkosLuz Interna20139.001
Autumn WhispersCry of Dereliction Vol. II20139.001
Colossus Projects (Finnland)Odyssey - The Greatest Tale20059.001
Free LoveApocalypse20069.002
AKPBreaking Free Tour Live20179.001
Pig Farm On The MoonOrbital20029.002
East Wind PotEast Wind Pot20069.002
CourtFrost of watermelon20079.001
Secret SaucerTri-Angular Waves20099.001
Crippled Black PhoenixNew Dark Age20159.001
Various ArtistsThis Is An Orange - A compilation of Scandinavian Progressive Rock19959.001
Oblivion SunThe High Places20129.002
Dante RobertoThe Circle20179.001
bArtManJourney into the Dark20139.001
Emerson, Lake & Palmer...welcome back my friends High Voltage Festival 2010 40th Anniversary20119.001
C-SidesWe Are Now20179.001
My Sleeping KarmaMoksha20159.001
Kaipa Da CapoDårskapens Monotoni20169.001
Roine StoltWall Street Voodoo20058.836
ManningOne Small Step...20058.805
Glass HammerCulture of Ascent20078.805
LazuliTant que l'herbe est grasse20148.754
Spock's BeardSpock's Beard20068.754
Big Big TrainEnglish Electric Part Two20138.754
Darwin's RadioTemplate For A Generation20098.673
AnekdotenA Time Of Day20078.673
FinisterreIn Ogni Luogo19998.673
TaprobanOgni Pensiero Vola20028.673
Grand StandIn the middle, On the edge19988.673
Maze Of TimeLullaby For Heroes20088.673
NemoSi Partie II - L'Homme Idéal20078.673
Spock's BeardOctane20058.577
GerardIrony of fate19918.502
Jethro TullRoots To Branches19958.502
Anima MundiThe Lamplighter20138.502
Maze Of TimeTales From The Maze20068.502
Salem HillMimi's Magic Moment20058.504
The Flower KingsFan Club CD 2005 (Harvest)20058.502
José Luis Fernándes LedesmaDesignios20038.502
Unified PastShifting the Equilibrium20158.502
TransatlanticBuilding the Bridge and Live in America (DVD)20068.502
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & HoweAnderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe19898.504
Pär Lindh ProjectMundus Incompertus19988.502
Knight AreaThe sun also rises20048.502
ProjectName stolen20068.502
Magdalena (Jap.)Magdalena19878.502
Big Big TrainWassail EP20158.502
Shades Of DawnThe Dawn Of Time19988.502
TangerLa otra cara20028.502
Spock's BeardLive at the Whisky and Nearfest19998.502
Nuova EraDopo l'infinito19888.502
Glass HammerThe Inconsolable Secret20058.504
SilhouetteAcross the Rubicon20128.502
The Flower KingsParadox Hotel20068.506
AgenessSongs from the Liar's Lair20098.502
Parallel or 90 DegreesNo More Travelling Chess19928.502
AnekdotenWaking The Dead - Live In Japan 200520058.502
Lukas Tower BandAlbedo20108.502
Spock's BeardDon't try this at home20008.502
White WillowSignal To Noise20068.502
E MotiveE Motive19988.502
ArchangelThe Akallabeth20098.502
Rocket ScientistsOblivion Days19998.502
Michael AltenbergerElf Entdecker/Eleven Explorers20118.502
White WillowEx Tenebris19988.502
ApogeeMystery Remains20098.502
Hidria SpacefolkSymetria20078.502
The Amber LightAs they came they slightly disappeared20028.502
The Flower KingsThe Rainmaker20018.405
Holding PatternBreaking The Silence20078.333
Pär Lindh ProjectGothic Impressions19948.333
Active HeedVisions from Realities20138.333
Glass HammerIF20108.336
The Flower KingsMeet the Flower Kings: live recording 2003 (DVD)20038.333
Glass HammerOn To Evermore - The Story Of Ariana And The Sculptor19988.333
Tomas BodinSonic Boulevard20038.333
The Flower KingsAdam & Eve20048.258
Thieves' KitchenThe Water Road20088.255
The Flower KingsFlowerpower19998.206
The WindmillThe Continuation20138.001
TirillUm Himinjodur20148.001
The Night WatchTwilight19978.001
Dominik MüllerLevellym20048.002
Flamborough HeadLooking for John Maddock20098.001
SBBBlue Trance20108.001
Lucifer WasThe crown of creation20108.001
Robert BerryPilgrimage To A Point19938.002
The Carpet KnightsAccording To Life20098.001
Detlev SchmidtchenVanthasia20138.001
ConquerorStorie fuori dal tempo20058.001
Indrek PatteCelebration20118.001
Steve AdamsMaiden voyage19978.001
Black MountainWilderness heart20108.002
Knight AreaUnder a New Sign20078.003
Glass HammerLive At The Tivoli (DVD)20088.001
Rocket ScientistsEarth below and sky above19988.001
CrossWake up Call20128.001
Land Of ChocolateAssorted Nonpareils EP20038.001
Ankh....bedzie tajemnica19988.001
The GiftLand of Shadows20148.001
Guitar GardenSecret Space20068.001
The WindmillTo be continued...20108.001
Anders HelmersonFields Of Inertia20028.001
Erik NorlanderHommage symphonique20068.002
Magnetic Sound MachineInspired By... Magnetic Sound Machine Plays The Snow Goose20138.001
Andrea OrlandoDalla vita autentica20178.001
Moving Gelatine PlatesRemoving20068.001
Oliver WakemanComing to Town. Live in Katowice (DVD)20088.002
Jean Pascal BoffoInfini20048.001
Kaos MoonThe Circle Of Madness20048.001
Instant FlightEndless Journey20088.001
FicciónSobre La Cresta De La Ola20068.002
Seven Second CircleDivide20168.001
The GiftWhy The Sea Is Salt20168.001
Teru's SymphoniaClockworked Earth19938.002
MugenLéda et le cygne19948.001
Lost World BandAwakening The Elements20068.001
KarfagenMessages from Afar: First Contact20178.001
therhythmisoddFrom nowhere to eternity20088.001
Midas25th Anniversary Concert & Early Rare Tracks20088.001
DanteThe Inner Circle20088.001
SilhouetteBeyond The Seventh Wave20148.001
The Research InstituteFlies20038.001
House Of UsherBody of mind19988.001
Runaway TotemPleroma20048.001
Mostly AutumnGo well Diamond Heart20108.001
ApogeeOn The Aftertaste20018.002
OHOBricolage (CD+DVD)20088.001
GaladrielMuttered Promises From An Ageless Pond19888.001
Violeta De OutonoIlhas20058.001
Boud DeunThe stolen bicycle19988.001
Soniq TheaterGlobaliced20168.001
PandoraTen Years Like In A Magic Dream...20168.001
ArcansielNormality of Perversion19948.001
Solar ProjectUtopia20188.001
Ed Macan's Hermetic ScienceThese fragments I have shored against my ruins20088.001
The Flower KingsBanks Of Eden20128.004
Boud DeunA general observation19988.001
Quaterna RéquiemQuasimodo19948.001
ArtlandBetween the sky and earth20018.001
FruitcakePower structure19988.001
Liquid ScarletKiller Couple Strikes Again (EP)20058.003
EsquireIII - No Spare Planet20168.001
Dice (Dt)Dreamland20018.001
Joe DeVitaCanyons20168.001
PhiHalf Hour Universe20088.001
Pink MercuryBleeding Heart (EP)20108.001
Marge LitchCrystal heart in the fountain19958.001
Lands EndTerra Serranum19958.001
TCPFantastic dreamer20118.001
KayakClose to the fire20008.001
David MinasianRandom Acts Of Beauty20108.001
LandberkDream dance (EP)19958.001
CosmografWhen Age Has Done Its Duty20118.003
MilleniumThree brothers' epilogue20088.001
Guy LeBlancSubversia19998.002
Centric JonesThe Antikythera Method20128.001
KayanisMachines And Dreams19988.001
Rick WakemanFields of green19968.001
Seasons Of TimeWelcome To The Unknown20188.001
Census Of HallucinationsNothing Is As It Seems20158.001
Flamborough HeadUnspoken Whisper19988.002
TrionFunfair Fantasy20138.001
Motoi SakurabaGikyokuonsou19908.001
Il Ballo delle CastagneSoundtrack For An Unreleased Herzog Movie20158.001
Bruce MainElements20068.001
MogadorAbsinthé Tales Of Romantic Visions20128.002
PaidarionTwo Worlds Encounter20168.001
FruitcakeOne more slice19978.001
Soniq TheaterLife Seeker20088.001
North StarExtremes20048.001
Boud DeunAstronomy Made Easy19978.001
Maze Of TimeMasquerade Show20128.002
Franck CarducciTorn Apart20158.001
Nodo GordianoAlea20058.001
OdyssiceMoondrive Plus20038.001
FocusFocus 9 / New Skin20068.001
CastLaguna de volcanes20008.001
SinkadusAurum Nostrum19968.002
Aku-AkuCekání na slunce20038.001
AbacabMal de terre20098.001
Corvus StoneCorvus Stone20128.001
CódiceAlba y Ocaso19998.001
MarygoldOne Light Year20178.001
The Life Line ProjectDistorted Memories20108.001
EyestringsBurdened Hands20048.001
Elysium TheoryEvent Horizon20138.002
Lucifer WasIn Anadi's Bower20008.003
Soniq TheaterStardust Memories20138.001
Yolk (SUI)Fuenftens20038.001
Balloon AstronomyBalloon Astronomy20118.003
The New Grove ProjectFool's Journey19968.001
Visible WindEmergence19948.001
Karda EstraConstellations20038.002
ZombiSpirit Animal20098.002
Isildurs BaneSagan Om Ringen19888.001
Atmosphera (BRA)Fogo e Ar19988.001
Phoenix againLook Out20148.001
Kerrs PinkArt of Complex Simplicity19978.002
Blue MammothBlue Mammoth20118.001
PPRYRaising the Skeletons of Fire by Hand20088.001
KhatsaturjanDisconcerto Grosso20108.001
MagentaThe Twenty Seven Club20138.001
Port MahadiaEchoes In Time20078.002
The FyreworksThe Fyreworks19978.001
FonyaWanderers of the Neverending Night19928.001
Tony CarnevaleLa vita che grida19958.001
Explorers ClubRaising The Mammoth20028.003
Lucifer WasDiesGrows20148.001
New Eden OrchestraanyMAN20038.001
The Carpet KnightsLost and so strange is my mind20058.002
HeadspaceI Am20078.001
Verbal DeliriumSo Close & Yet So Far Away20108.001
Mirage (Fra)A secret place20008.001
GerardEvidence of true love19978.001
Ed Macan's Hermetic ScienceEn route20018.001
IZZIZZ LiVE20118.001
ApocalypsePerto Do Amanhecer19958.001
Catafalchi Del CyberBenediktus und Vobis Quoque Catafalcus Est Tu20118.002
Blank ManuskriptTales from an Island - Impressions from Rapa Nui20088.001
YesKeys To Ascension19968.004
NowNow (Mini EP)19908.001
PresenceEvil Rose20088.002
Pär Lindh ProjectTime Mirror20118.001
bArtManLos Gigantes20158.001
Elegant SimplicityAnhedonia20048.001
Citizen CainPlaying dead20038.001
Il Giardino Delle DelizieLavori in Corso20078.001
21st Century Schizoid BandLive In Japan (DVD)20038.001
Abel GanzAbel Ganz20148.004
FuchsStation Songs20188.001
StarcastleSong of Times20077.754
King Of AgogikAleatorik System20087.754
Explorers ClubAge of Impact19987.673
Glass HammerPerelandra19957.673
Rocket ScientistsRevolution Road20067.673
The Flower KingsThe Road Back Home20077.674
The Tangentii(.v) :pyramids and stars. an official live bootleg from aschaffenburg colos-saal 3/11/0420057.673
Glass HammerCor Cordium20117.673
KaipaNotes from the Past20027.605
EtceteraTales of Ardour & Deceit20037.502
Solar ProjectForce Majeure20047.502
The SourcePrickly Pear20097.502
Nuova EraL´ultimo viaggio19887.502
The Rome Pro(g)jectOf Fate and Glory20167.502
Steve HughesTales From The Silent Ocean20157.502
The Prog CollectiveEpilogue20137.502
Blezqi ZatsazThe tide turns20027.502
Ancient VisionFocus or Blinders19947.502
Ten JinnAs On A Darkling Plain19997.502
The Aaron Clift ExperimentIf All Goes Wrong20187.502
Sky ArchitectA Dying Man's Hymn20117.502
Fabio Zuffanti and Victoria Heward / Project MerlinMerlin - The Rock Opera20007.502
EpidermisFeel Me II19937.502
Neal MorseLifeline20087.405
MastermindVolume One19907.333
Steve Howe's RemedyElements20037.333
MetaphorThe Sparrow20077.333
CairoTime of legends20017.333
Agents Of MercyThe Fading Ghosts Of Twilight20097.254
AstraThe Weirding20097.254
Spock's BeardFeel Euphoria Ltd. Edition20037.205
The Flower KingsDesolation Rose20137.205
Felix StefanoffThe Mintgreen EP20127.001
Various ArtistsThe Alien Killer Orange - A compilation of Scandinavian Progressive Rock19977.001
IndisciplineA non-obvious ride19947.001
Agent CooperBeginner's Mind20057.002
Ferris MuddFerris Mudd20067.002
Various ArtistsBaja Prog 9819997.001
KaipaAngling Feelings20077.004
Presto BalletInvisible Places20117.001
Pervy PerkinInk20147.001
PlatypusIce Cycles20007.001
AbiogenesiLe notti di Salem20007.001
Solar ProjectAquarmada20147.001
Jeronimo ProjectThe Doors of Perception20137.002
Ed Macan's Hermetic ScienceProphesies19997.001
UnitopiaOne Night in Europe20117.001
Nik TurnerSpace Fusion Odyssey20157.001
CairoConflict and Dreams19987.001
Tesis ArsisIlusões20027.001
AjalonThis good place20097.001
KhatsaturjanAramed Forces of Simantipak20067.001
CourtAnd you'll Follow the Winds' Rush 'till their Breath Dwells19937.001
Soniq TheaterOvernight Sensation20127.001
Spleen ArcanaThe Field Were She Died20097.001
ThreeTo the Power Of 319887.001
Boud DeunFiction and several days19957.001
Soniq TheaterThe Journey20177.001
Last KnightTalking To The Moon20177.001
Isildurs BaneSagan Om Den Irländska Älgen19847.001
Outer LimitsA Boy Playing The Magical Bugle Horn19867.001
OctohperaBons amigos20027.001
Mostly AutumnGlass Shadows20087.002
Bi Kyo RanWho Ma - Live Vol.219937.001
Tesis ArsisEstado de alerta máximo20057.001
Love de ViceDreamland20097.001
AirbagSounds That I Hear20067.001
DulcamaraThe Sea's Stones Collection20017.001
SunpathAcoustic Aphasia20077.001
GreenwallZAPPA ZIPPA ZUPPA ZEPPA!20147.001
TransatlanticLive In America20017.002
Imagin'AriaIn un altro quando19967.001
The Flower KingsFan Club CD 200020007.002
Ancient VisionLost at Sea20087.001
Soniq TheaterSeventh Heaven20077.001
ChanetonThe First Lights Of The Century20047.002
Tim MorseTransformation20057.001
North StarPower19927.001
GerardRing of Eternity20107.001
DreamshipAncestral Voyage20027.001
Elegant SimplicityMoments of clarity19997.001
Madame Blavatsky OverdriveIdiot Jones Will Have His Day20067.001
Steve AdamsCamera Obscura20047.002
Cinema ShowDança dos ventos19957.001
The Flower KingsEdition limitée Québec 199819987.002
AyreonDay eleven: Love (Single)20047.001
StarlessSong of Silence/Wish19997.001
Nuovo ImmigratoNuovo Immigrato19977.001
Il Castello di AtlanteCome il seguitare delle stagioni20017.001
Erik NorlanderLive in St. Petersburg (DVD)20067.001
Stevegane ProjectWhen the time is a present20117.001
USA sorrow in our hearts20027.002
UnitopiaMore Than a Dream - The Dream Complete20177.001
Atomo PermanenteProjeção19937.001
Nick MagnusInhaling green19997.001
NektarTime Machine20137.002
GreensladeLive 200120027.002
Time TravellerChapters I&II20087.001
Spock's BeardThere & here (The "from the vaults" series vol.4)20017.001
Fossil EvolutionWorld In Motion20147.001
Ring Of MythUnbound19967.002
FruitcakeA battle a day...20017.001
Zen Rock and RollThe Birthright Circle20047.002
Runaway TotemTep Zepi (L'Era Degli Dei)20027.001
Glass HammerLex Live (DVD)20047.001
Jaime Rosas TrioExtremos20047.001
Land Of ChocolateRegaining The Feel20047.001
Leah WaybrightBeauty gone wild19997.001
Jinetes NegrosChronos20047.001
Glass HammerLive At Belmont (DVD)20067.002
OrneThe Tree of Life20116.673
AzurethThe Promethean Syndrome20076.673
Pictorial WandA Sleeper's Awakening20066.502
Rick WakemanOut There20036.504
TributeBreaking Barriers19866.502
Pär Lindh ProjectRondo19956.502
Shades Of DawnFrom Dusk Till Dawn20076.502
Casual SilenceLost In Life20076.502
GaladrielCalibrated Collision Course20086.502
Ed Macan's Hermetic ScienceEd Macan's Hermetic Science19976.502
InquireInquire Within19996.502
Neal Morse? Live20076.333
Rick WakemanReturn To The Centre Of The Earth19996.333
Unreal CityLa Crudeltà di Aprile20136.001
Various ArtistsThe Good, The Bad And The Orange - A compilation of Scandinavian Progressive Rock19976.001
After Crying198919896.001
Atraxymoonlight-drunken eyes20026.001
Pär Lindh & Björn JohanssonBilbo19966.002
Michael AltenbergerDark Matter20166.001
WitchwoodLitanies From The Woods20156.001
Atavism Of TwilightAtavism Of Twilight19926.001
Blazing BronzeDominion Of The East20016.002
AcidenteQuebre este disco20006.001
Deadwood ForestDeadwood Forest19986.001
FruitcakeMan Overboard20046.002
The SourceAll Along This Land20066.001
Alex CarpaniThe Sanctuary20106.001
Proximal DistanceProximal Distance20106.001
MonjoieAffetto e Attrazione20126.001
Elegant SimplicityPalindrome20016.001
Magna ViceSerpent Of Wisdom20136.001
Minimum VitalEnvol Triangles / Les Saisons Marines19926.001
RosaliaZillion Tears19906.001
Vertical AlignmentSignposts20076.002
AkaciaThe brass serpent20056.002
MarygoldThe Guns of Marygold20066.002
Spock's BeardDon't Try This @ Home Either (The "from the vaults" series vol.3)20006.002
Scenery ChannelPremiere20066.001
Various ArtistsVariaciones en la cuerda Vol.119956.001
TalismaQuelque Part20086.001
Urban SpacemenPlainsongs20046.001
AdventureBeacon of Light20096.001
OntofieldSleeping With Fractals20136.001
Leviathan (IT)Volume19976.001
The Guardian's OfficeThe Guardian's Office20026.002
Elegant SimplicityToo many goodbyes20076.001
The YleclipseOpus20056.001
Ad InfinitumAd Infinitum19985.673
Cirrus BayWhimsical Weather20125.502
Difícil EquilibrioFlood20065.502
Glass HammerLive And Revived19975.502
SquackettA Life Within A Day20125.502
17 PygmiesIsabel II: Abaddon Rising20155.003
Oliver Wakeman with Steve HoweThe 3 ages of magick20015.001
The Anagram PrincipleInventor20155.001
After the FallEarly Light20185.001
Harrison, Panka & NadolnySkin Deep20065.001
Various ArtistsSupper's Ready19955.002
Jaugernaut (a.d.)Contra-Mantra20055.001
Erik NorlanderInto The Sunset20005.002
Cactus PeyoteCactus Peyote20015.001
Project CreationDawn on Pyther20075.001
Glass HammerJourney of the Dunadan19935.002
Pär Lindh & Björn JohanssonDreamsongs from Middle Earth20035.002
Bi Kyo RanRan - Live Vol.319935.001
Red SandMusic for Sharks20095.001
Mike VisaggioStarship Universe20065.001
GolgothaUnmaker of Worlds19905.001
Always AlmostGod Pounds His Nails19975.001
Lucifer WasUnderground And Beyond19975.002
Luca ScheraniEveryday's Life20075.001
TCPThe Way20095.001
GoadIn the house of the dark shining dreams20075.001
Holy LambSalt of the earth20005.001
Nth AscensionIn Fine Initium20165.001
Little TragediesThe Magic Shop20094.001
Glass HammerThree Cheers For The Broken Hearted20094.002
The OdysseysThe Odysseys20064.001
InterfaceInterface III20004.001
North StarTempest20004.001
Erik NorlanderThreshold19974.001
ContraluzNovus Orbis20114.001
The Bollenberg ExperienceIf only stones could speak20034.001
Bel AirThe Sleeping Beauty19884.001
Spock's BeardFrom the vault19984.001
Presto BalletPeace Among the Ruins20054.001
AjalonOn The Threshold Of Eternity20053.673
Zhornz comes first20033.001
Andy John Bradford's Oceans 5Return to Mingulay20143.003
NarrOxymore Dans La Chrysalide Des Rêves20093.001
UnitopiaCovered Mirror Vol. 1 Smooth As Silk20123.001
Indrek PatteThank And Share20143.001
Spock's BeardSkin (Single)19993.002
USClimbing Mount Improbable20082.333
USEverything Changes20092.002
Little TragediesReturn20032.002
PhideauxWe Only Have Eyes for You20180.001
HöstsonatenThe Rime of the Ancient Mariner - Chapter One - Alive in Theatre20130.001
Flaming BessFata Morgana19960.001
Spock's BeardThe Making of Snow20040.001
Bi Kyo RanMadoromi - Live Vol.419940.002
Various Artistsassorted [progrock-dt] music vol. 120040.001
TransatlanticMore Never Is Enough - Live @ Manchester & Tilburg 201020110.001
Ray WilsonGenesis vs Stiltskin20110.001
ToehiderThe First Six20110.001
TransatlanticThe Official Bootleg DVD20100.001
King CrimsonTHRAK Box - King Crimson Live and Studio Recordings 1994 - 199720150.001

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