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ALBEN 2016
1476 - Wildwood / The Nightside
25 Yard Screamer - Keep sending Signals
3rd Ear Experience - Stones Of A Feather
A Sense of Gravity - Atrament
Aavikko - Okeanos
Lee Abraham - The Seasons Turn
A.C.T - Trifles and Pandemonium
AeoS - Memories Of A Dead Man
Agitation Free - Last, Fragments & Live `74
Aican - Don't Go Deep Into The Forest
Airbag - Disconnected
Aisles - Hawaii
Aksak Maboul - 16 Visions of Ex-Futur
Akt - II (Binario)
Alarion - Waves Of Destruction
Alex’s Hand - Künstler Scheiße
Alfie Ryner - What's Wrong?
AltaVia - Kreosote
Michael Altenberger - Dark Matter
Aluk Todolo - Voix
Leon Alvarado - The Future left behind
Amoeba Split - Second Split
Amon Ra - We Never Said Good-Bye.
Ampledeed - Byob
An Endless Sporadic - Magic Machine
Anakdota - Overloading
The Anchoress - Confessions of a Romance Novelist
Anderson/Stolt - Invention of Knowledge
Anima Mundi - I me myself
Anima Tempo - Caged in Memories
Animals As Leaders - The Madness of Many
Anoraque - Disturbing Grace
Aperco - The Battle
ApOllonius AbRaham ScHwarz - ApOllonius AbRaham ScHwarz
April Fishes - Carpe d'Or
April Rain - Leave Me No Light
Aquaserge - Guerre EP
Martin Archer - Story Tellers
Architectural Metaphor - Galactus Interruptum
Archive - The False Foundation
Arctic Void - Entangled
Arena - XX
Art Against Agony - The Difference Between A Duck and A Lobster
ASS (Arbeit Schickert Schneider) - ASS
Astrakan - Hidden Agenda
Astrakhan - Adrenaline Kiss
Astral Son - Mind's Eye
Atlanter - Jewels of Crime
Atomine Elektrine - The Second Moon
The Aurora Project - World of Grey
AutorYno - Flauros: Book of Angels Volume 29
Autumnal Blossom - Spellbound
Awaiting Dawn - Leave no Trace
Axon-Neuron - Metamorphosis
Bad Dreams - Deja Vu
Bardo Pond - Acid Guru Pond
Barock Project - Vivo
Basta! (It.) - Elemento Antropico
Peter Baumann - Machines of Desire
BEAK> - Couple in a Hole
Beledo - Dreamland Mechanism
bensnburner - patternwirtschaft
Bent Knee - Say So
Eraldo Bernocchi, Prakash Sontakke - Invisible Strings
Betzler & Brückner - triplet
Jeffrey Biegel - Manhattan Intermezzo
Big Big Train - A Stone's Throw From The Line
Big Big Train - Folklore
Big Big Train - Stone & Steel
Bird on the Wire - Elephanta
Birdeatsbaby - Tanta Furia
Birth Control - Here And Now
Björk - Vulnicura Live
The Black Fall - The Time Traveler
Black Mountain - IV
Blacklands - Peaceful Shores
Sven Blau - Perspectives
Blind Ego - Liquid
Blue Mammoth - Stories of a King
Blueneck - The Outpost
La Bocca della Verità - Avenoth
Mark Bogert - Painting The World
BOL&Snah - So? Now?
David Bowie - Blackstar
Paul Bremner - The Witness
Michael Brückner - Hikari
Michael Brückner - Muzikhala
Michael Brückner - The Giant Illusion
Michael Brückner - trois briques
Bugenhagen - Bu:gen'Heigen
Dec Burke - Book of Secrets
Burnt Belief - Emergent
Kate Bush - Before The Dawn
Camera - Phantom of Liberty
The Ben Cameron Project - A Cycle Never Ending
Car Bomb - Meta
Alex Carpani - So Close, So Far
Il Castello di Atlante - Arx Atlantis
Causa Sui - Return To Sky
Cavern Of Anti-Matter - Void Beats/Invocation Trex
Chat Noir - Nine Thoughts for one World
öOoOoOoOoOo (Chenille) - Samen
Anthony Child - Electronic Recordings From Maui Jungle Vol. 2
Chromb! - 1000
Ciolkowska - Ciolkowska Showed Her Face
Circa: - Valley of the Windmill
Circles - Structures
Circuline - Counterpoint
Circus Maximus - Havoc
Cirrha Niva - Out of the Freakshow
The Claypool Lennon Delirium - Monolith Of Phobos
Cluster - 1971-1981
Cluster - Kollektion 06: Cluster 1971-1981
Colonel Petrov's Good Judgement - Moral Machine
Colossus Projects (Finnland) - Decameron – Ten days in 100 novellas – Part III
Consorzio Acqua Potabile & Alvaro "Jumbo" Fella - Coraggio e Mistero
Contact - Zero Moment
Corima - Amaterasu
Cosmic Fall - First Fall
cosmic ground - cosmic ground lll
Cosmograf - The Unreasonable Silence
Counter-World Experience - Pulsar
Ben Craven - Last Chance To Hear
Uwe Cremer & Thomas Rydell - Time Trilogy
Crippled Black Phoenix - Bronze
Cromwell - Black Chapter Red
David Cross - Sign of the Crow
Crystal Breed - Barriers
CTM - Suite for a Young Girl
Cure for Gravity - Cure for Gravity
Curved Air - Curved Space & Infinity
Curved Air - Tapestry of Propositions
Cyborg Octopus - Learning To Breathe
Cyril - Paralyzed
Dante - When We Were Beautiful
Dark Suns - Everchild
Das Blaue Palais - Blauer Regen
Das Blaue Palais - Welt am Draht
Daymoon - Cruz Quebrada
The Dear Hunter - Act V: Hymns With The Devil In Confessional
Decibel - Secuencias Genéticas
Defecto - Excluded
Desert Mountain Tribe - Either That Or The Moon
Deus Ex Machina - Devoto
Devin Townsend Project - Transcendence
Joe DeVita - Canyons
Different Light - The Burden Of Paradise
Disillusion - ALEA
Dissona - Paleopneumatic
Divine Realm - Tectum Argenti
Dolcetti - Arriver
Double Nelson - Un Sentiment Etrange
Downlouders - Arca
Dream Theater - The Astonishing
Dungen - Häxan
The Dwarfs of East Agouza - Bes
Dworniak Bone Lapsa - Fingers Pointing At The Moon
Earthling Society - Sweet Chariot
Eden Shadow - Melodies for Maladies
Edensong - Years in the Garden of Years
Edge of Reality - Vicious Circle
Efterklang - Leaves - The Colour of Falling
Electric Eye - Different Sun
Electric Orange - misophonia
Elephant Plaza - Momentum
Elephants Of Scotland - The Perfect Map
Eleven33 - Chasing Light
Emmett Elvin - Assault on the Tyranny of Reason
Emphasis - Revival
Endless - The Truth, The Chaos, The Insanity
The Enid - Dust
Brian Eno - The Ship
Ergo - As subtle as tomorrow
Esquire - III - No Spare Planet
Eternity's End - The Fire Within
Eveline's Dust - The Painkeeper
EXEC - The Limber Real
Expired Utopia - Expired Utopia
Expo '70 - America Here & Now Sessions
EYE - Vision And Ageless Light
Eyesberg - Masquerade
Eyevory - Inphantasia
The Far Meadow - Given The Impossible
Farmhouse Odyssey - Rise of the Waterfowl
F.A.T. - Animal
Fatal Fusion - Total Absence
Fates Warning - Theories Of Flight
Faun Fables - Born of the Sun
Favni - Windswept
Ali Ferguson - A Sequence of Moments
Christian Fiesel and Alien Nature - Geistertanz
Christian Fiesel & Jack Hertz - End of the Steam Age
Christian Fiesel & Jack Hertz - Fast Rails
Filter-Kaffee - 100
Fire Garden - Far and Near
Fish - The Moveable Feast
David Fiuczynski - Flam! Blam! Pan-Asian MicroJam!
The Flaming Lips - Oczy Mlody
Jeremy Flower - The Real Me
Flying Circus - Starlight Clearing - A Story - 25 Live Edition
Focus - Focus 8.5 / Beyond the Horizon
Fools & Kings - In Search of Balance
Forma - Physicalist
Fountainhead - Reverse Engineering
Free Human Zoo - Freedom, Now!
Free Salamander Exhibit - Undestroyed
Freedom To Glide - Fall
French TV - Ambassadors of Good Health and Clean Living
Frequency Drift - Last
Frohe Weihnachten - und ein gutes Prog-Jahr 2017
Frost - Falling Satellites
Fvnerals - Wounds
Mezz Gacano - Froka
Gandalf's Fist - The Clockwork Fable
Gaudi - EP
Gecko's Tear - Primati
Ghost Community - Cycle of Life
Ghost Medicine - Discontinuance
The Gift - Why The Sea Is Salt
Kristoffer Gildenlöw - The Rain
Eric Gillette - The Great Unknown
Glasgow Coma Scale - Enter Oblivion
Glass Hammer - Valkyrie
Glistening Leotard - GL5
Goat - Requiem
Goblin Rebirth - alive
Gösta Berlings Saga - Sersophane
Gojira - Magma
Golden Caves - Bring Me To The Water
Gong - Rejoice! I'm dead!
Gravitsapa - Demo-2
Greenslade - The Birthday Album - Live in Switzerland 1974
Grimény - Die große Enttäuschung
Grobschnitt - Solar Movie
Guru Guru - Live in Concert
Guru Guru - The Birth of Krautrock 1969
Gustavo Jobim - Dezoito
Steve Hackett - The Total Experience Live In Liverpool
Vasil Hadzimanov Band - Alive
Haken - Affinity
Half Past Four - Land of the Blind
Peter Hammill - Live at Rockpalast
Handwrist - Çatalhöyük
Hangar - Stronger than ever
Harmonia - Documents 1975
Hawkwind - The Machine Stops
Headspace - All That You Fear Is Gone
Heartfield - Follow
Heartscore - Heartscore
Hedersleben - Orbit
Heliopolis - Live at RoSFest
Hemina - Venus
Herd of Instinct - Manifestation
Heron Oblivion - Heron Oblivion
Jack Hertz - Red Planet
Hildegard von Binge Drinking - Hildegard von Binge Drinking
Hollow Water - Rainbow's End
Holon - The Time is Always Now
Hominido - Alados
Sebas Honing - The Big Shift
Horse Lords - Interventions
Höstsonaten - Symphony N. 1: Cupid & Psyche
Steve Howe - Homebrew 6
Steve Hughes - Once We Were - Part One
Steve Hughes - Once We Were - Part Two
Huis - Neither In Heaven
Huxley Would Approve - Grave New World - Part One
Hypno5e - Shores of the Abstract Line
iamthemorning - Lighthouse
ICSIS - Pierre Vide Eau
Ihsahn - Arktis.
Il Rumore Bianco - Antropocene
Ill Wicker - Untamed
In Love With - Axel Erotic
iNFiNiEN - Light at the Endless Tunnel
Ingranaggi Della Valle - Warm spaced blue
Iron Mountain - Unum
IZZ - Ampersand Vol. 2
Jack Dupon - Empty full circulation
Jack O'The Clock - Repetitions of the Old City - I
Jade Vine - Mind of a Man
Jadis - No Fear Of Looking Down
Jambinai - A Hermitage
Steve Jansen - Tender Extinction
Jean Michel Jarre - Electronica 2 - The Heart Of Noise
Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene Trilogy
Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side - Pathfinder
Jorge Arana Trio - Mammoth
JPL - Retrospections Volume II
Jusska - Tsuki
Jute Gyte - Perdurance
Juxtavoices - Warning: May Contain Notes
Kaipa Da Capo - Dårskapens Monotoni
Kansas - The Prelude Implicit
Marten Kantus - Refugi
Gadi Kaplan - Morning Sun
Karakal - Mirage
Karakorum - Karakorum
Karfagen - Spektra
Karibow - Holophinium
Karmakanic - DOT
Karmamoi - Silence between Sounds
Katatonia - The Fall of Hearts
Kayo Dot - Plastic House On Base Of Sky
Conrad Keely - Original Machines
Kellerkind Berlin - Songs for Traveling...
Mike Keneally - Scambot 2
Dave Kerzner - New World Live
Kiama - Sign of IV
King Crimson - Live in Toronto
King Crimson - Radical Action To Unseat The Hold Of Monkey Mind
King Crimson - Rehearsals & Blows (May - November 1983)
Klimaforandringer - Ånder
Knifeworld - Bottled Out Of Eden
Konchordat - Rise To Order
Kovlo - Timelapse
Kremlin - Kremlin
Kylver - The Island
Kyros - Vox Humana
Lazuli - Nos Âmes Saoules
Leprous - Live At Rockefeller Music Hall
Levin Minnemann Rudess - From The Law Offices Of Levin Minnemann Rudess
Long Distance Calling - Trips
Lost In Kiev - Nuit Noire
Lost World Band - Of Things and Beings
Lucid Dream - Otherworldly
Lunar Grave - Prismatic Earthship
Luz De Riada - Cuentos y Fabulas Vol. 3
Maat Lander - Dissolved in The Universe
Macroscream - Macroscream
Maelstrom (Kanada) - Maelstrom
Magenta - Chaos From The Stage
Maglev - Overwrite the Sin
Magnet Animals - Butterfly Killer
Mamiffer - the world unseen
Mamma Non Piangere - N. 3
Mantra Vega - The Illusion's Reckoning
Marillion - F*** Everyone And Run (F E A R)
Mars Red Sky - Apex III (Praise For The Burning Soul)
Maschine - Naturalis
Mech - Zjednoczone Siły Natury Mech
Meller Golyzniak Duda - Breaking Habits
Merzbow / Keiji Haino / Balázs Pándi - An Untroublesome Defencelessness
Meshuggah - The Violent Sleep of Reason
Meson - 5C4L3
Metamorphosis (CH) - The turning point
Marco Minnemann - Above the Roses
Marco Minnemann - Schattenspiel
MJ12 - MJ12
Molesome - Dial
Moloch - Moloch
Monkey3 - Astra Symmetry
MONO (Jp.) - Requiem for Hell
Monomyth - Exo
Moonwood - Hexplosion!
Steve Moore - The Mind's Eye
Morning Mode - Short Story.
Yuri Morozov - Strange Angels: Experimental & Electronic Music
Neal Morse - Alive Again
Neal Morse - The Similitude Of A Dream
Mother Turtle - II
Motherdust - 1500
Mothertongue - Unsongs
Motorpsycho - Here Be Monsters
Multi-Story - Crimson Stone
Musique Noise - Dans le temps qui s’etire ...
The Mute Gods - Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me
Mythos - Jules Verne – Around the World in 80 Minutes
Nathan - Nebulosa
Necromonkey - The Shadow of the Blind Man
Nem-Q - Fault Lines (Subduction Zone)
Sarah Neufeld - The Ridge
Neurosenblüte - ganz frisch
Neuschwanstein - Fine Art
New Keepers of the Water Towers - Infernal Machine
The Night Watch (CAN) - Boundaries
Nine Stones Close - Leaves
Nomadic - 4
Erik Norlander - Surreal
North Sea Radio Orchestra - Dronne
Nosound - Scintilla
Novembre - Ursa
Noyades - Go Fast
Nth Ascension - In Fine Initium
N.y.X - The News
Obake - Draugr
Obscura (Dt.) - Akróasis
Obsidian Kingdom - A Year With No Summer
Oddland - Origin
Odin's Court - Deathanity (R3)
Öz Ürügülü - Fashion and Welfare
Offworld - Some Circles Are Square
Oh Hiroshima - In Silence We Yearn
Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation - Mirage
Oiseaux-Tempête - Unworks & Rarities
Okta Logue - Diamonds And Despair
Oktopus - Worlds Apart
Old Fire - Songs from the Haunted South
Onségen Ensemble - Awalaï
OP3 - Hope
Operation: Mindcrime - Resurrection
Opeth - Sorceress
Ordinary Brainwash - #I'mNotAddicted
Ornah-Mental - remix & outtake
Orphaned Land & Amaseffer - Kna'an
Oscillotron - Cataclysm
Otrovna Kristina - Otrovna Kristina
Owls Are Not - isnot
Paidarion - Two Worlds Encounter
Palindrome - Strange Patterns
Pan/Scan - Cinematic Lies
Pandora - Ten Years Like In A Magic Dream...
Panzerpappa - Pestrottedans
Matthew Parmenter - All Our Yesterdays
Pavlov's Dog - House Broken
Pelagic Zone - Latitudes
Les Penning - Belerion
Pentangle - Finale
Perihelion Ship - A Rare Thunderstorm in Spring
Periphery - Periphery III: Select Difficulty
Brian Pern - The Life of Rock with Brian Pern
Pervy Perkin - ToTeM
pg.lost - Versus
Phallus Dei - Black Dawn
The Pineapple Thief - Your Wilderness
Richard Pinhas & Barry Cleveland - Mu
Richard Pinhas / Tatsuya Yoshida / Masami Akita - Process and Reality
Pitts Minnemann Project - The Psychic Planetarium
Polyphia - Renaissance
Poor Genetic Material - Absence
Postures - Halucinda
Poverty's no crime - Spiral Of Fear
Preacher - Aftermath
Presence - Masters and Following
Bobby Previte - Mass
Profuna Ocean - In Vacuum
Projection (NL) - Relativity
Promenade - Noi Al Dir Di Noi
Protest the Hero - Pacific Myth
Pymlico - Meeting Point
Pyrior - Portal
Qluster - Echtzeit
Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool
Razorking - Somewhere
Red Bazar - Tales From The Bookcase
Redemption - The Art Of Loss
Robert Reed - Sanctuary II
Renaissance - Live at the Union Chapel
Riverside - Eye Of The Soundscape
Robb & Pott - Once upon the Wings
The Rome Pro(g)ject - Of Fate and Glory
David Rothenberg,Bernhard Wöstheinrich,Jay Nicholas - Cool Spring
RPWL - ...plays Pink Floyd's 'The Man And The Journey'
The Rube Goldberg Machine - Fragile Times
Sahara - Lost Tapes
Sailor Free - Spiritual Revolution Part 2
Michel Sajrawy - Floating City
Salva - Sigh of Boreas
The Samurai of Prog - Lost and Found
Sankt Otten - Männerfreundschaften und Metaphysik
São Paulo Underground - Cantos Invisíveis
Savoldelli Casarano Bardoscia - The Great Jazz Gig in the Sky
SBB - Hofors 1975
Conrad Schnitzler - Filmmusik 1
Klaus Schulze - Another Green Mile
J. Peter Schwalm - The Beauty of Disaster
Nerissa Schwarz - Playgrounds Lost
Second Relation - ENO
Secret Saucer - The Reset
Security Project - Live 1
Security Project - Live 2
Seeking Raven - The Ending Collage
September Code - III
Seti - Bold Travels
Seven Impale - Contrapasso
Seven Second Circle - Divide
Shamblemaths - Shamblemaths
Finnegan Shanahan - The Two Halves
Jason Sharp - A Boat Upon Its Blood
Sheik Anorak - Let’s just bullshit our way through
Sherpa - Tanzlinde
Billy Sherwood & Tony Kaye - Live in Japan
Shingetsu - The Best Of Album Outtakes 1976-1981
SikTh - Opacities
Silent Island - Equator
Sine Amplitude - Hypnotized
SIWA - AtavachroN
Rikard Sjöblom - The Unbendable Sleep
Skeptic Sense - Mind Versus Soul: The Anthology
Jakob Skøtt - All the Colours of the Dust
Judge Smith - Requiem Mass
Sølyst - The Steam Age
Soniq Theater - Globaliced
Sons Of Noel And Adrian - Turquoise Purple Pink
Sonus Umbra - Beyond the Panopticum
Nicklas Sørensen - Solo
Sounds Of New Soma - Moebius Tunnel
Southern Empire - Southern Empire
Space Invaders - Ayakashi
Sparkle in Grey - Brahim Izdag
Spirits Burning & Clearlight - The Roadmap in your Head
Starchitect - Shift
Starfish64 - An Altered State Of Joy
The Stargazer's Assistant - Remoteness Of Light
Starsabout - Halflight
Goetz Steeger - Nutzlose Zeugen
Stick Men - Midori
Stick Men - Prog Noir
Stratosphere - Rise
Submarine Silence - Journey Through Mine
Sula Bassana - Shipwrecked
Summer Effect - Afterlife
Sun Dial - Made in the Machine
Suuns - Hold/Still
Svin - Missionær
Swans - The Glowing Man
Synchronic - Hybrid
Syndone - Eros & Thanatos
Syrinx (70er) - Tumblers from the Vault
t - epistrophobia
Tangerine Dream - Palais de Congres, Paris March 1978 & Palast der Republik, East Berlin January 1980
TEE - Tales of Eternal Entities
TesseracT - Polaris/Errai
Thank You Scientist - Stranger Heads Prevail
The Great Cold - The Great Cold
The Mercury Tree - Permutations
The Raptor Trail - New World
The Re-Stoned - Reptiles Return
Theodore - It is but it's not
Third Voice - A Day like Today
Steve Thorne - Island of the imbeciles
Three Trapped Tigers - Silent Earthling
Tightland - Marmeladium
Tiles - Pretending 2 run
Tilt - Hinterland
The Keith Tippett Octet - The Nine Dances of Patrick O’Gonogan
Traumkraft - Seelenwanderer
Travis Larson Band - Anicca
Darrel Treece-Birch - No More Time
Trettioåriga Kriget - Seaside Air
Triangle - Alert & Alive
Trivalent - Norms And Values
Tusmørke - Ført Bak Lyset
Tussk - Tussk
UK - Ultimate Collectors Edition
Universal Totem Orchestra - Mathematical Mother
Unnatural Ways - We Aliens
Unprocessed - Perception
Utopianisti - The Third Frontier
Van der Graaf (Generator) - Do Not Disturb
Chuck Van Zyl - Recitals
Various Artists - Cologne Curiosities
Various Artists - Trip Wave 2
Vaults of Zin - Kadath
Vespero - Azmari: Abyssinian Liventure
Vespero - Lique Mekwas
Via Lactea - Daath
Vibravoid - Psychedelic Blueprints
Voices From The Fuselage - Odyssey - The Destroyer Of Worlds
Joe Volk - Happenings and Killings
Voyag3r - Are You Synthetic?
Rick Wakeman - The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and The Knights of the Round Table
Scott Walker - The Childhood of a Leader
David Wallimann - Evolving Seeds Of Glory
Wang Wen - Sweet Home, Go
Watchtower - Concepts of Math: Book One
Darryl Way - Myths, Legends and Tales
We Deserve This - Floating Colours
We Deserve This - Fusion
The Weever Sands - Keep Your Face Turned To The Light
John Wesley - A Way You'll Never Be...
Wet Rabbit - Of Clocks and Clouds
John Wetton - The Official Bootleg – Archive Vol.1
Damian Wilson & Adam Wakeman - Weir Keeper’s Tale
Ray Wilson - Song For A Friend
Steven Wilson - 4 1/2
Wings Of Destiny - Kings Of Terror
Witherscape - The Northern Sanctuary
Wolve - Lazare
Wolverine - Machina Viva
WorldService Project - For King & Country
X-Panda - Reflections
Yossi Sassi Band - Roots And Roads
Dennis Young - Wave
Yugen - Death by Water
Yurt - III - Molluskkepokk
Thierry Zaboïtzeff - Multiple Distortions
Zanov - Open Worlds
Zement - Werk
Zhaoze - Intoxicatingly Lost
Zhongyu - Finally
Ziguri - onetwothreefour
Zinkl & Nero - Kinder der Nacht
John Zorn - 49 Acts of Unspeakable Depravity in the Abominable Life and Times of Gilles de Rais
John Zorn - The Painted Bird
Zugzwang - Future Visions
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Alben aus dem Genre/mit dem Merkmal "RIO / Avant"

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Band  Album Jahr Ø-Wertung # Rezis
The 16 Deadly ImprovsThe Triumph of The 16 Deadly Improvs201012.001
19A.D.D.Dead River20109.502
22You are creating: Limb 1201710.001
4S'DMan or Muffin201711.001
5 UU'sAbandonship200211.001
5 UU'sCrisis in Clay199711.502
5 UU'sHunger´s Teeth199412.001
5 UU'sBel Marduk & Tiamat19849.001
5 UU'sElements198612.001
5 UU'sPoint Of Views19960.001
5 UU'sRegarding Purgatories200010.001
7CCompartment C201712.001
A ShapeInlands201710.001
Absolute ZeroCrashing Icons200311.002
Acid Mothers TempleSon of a Bitches Brew201211.001
Acid Mothers Temple41st Century Splendid Man200211.001
Acid Mothers TempleAre We Experimental?200911.001
Acid Mothers TempleRecurring Dream And Apocalypse Of Darkness200811.001
Acid Mothers TempleAcid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.19979.001
Add N to (X)Avant Hard199912.001
After DinnerParadise of Replica198915.001
After DinnerEditions198310.001
AfucheHighly Publicized Digital Boxing Match201111.001
Morgan Ågren, Henry Kaiser, Trey GunnInvisible Rays201112.001
Pekka AiraksinenMangala199712.001
AkatenAkaten I199511.001
AkercockeWords That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone200514.001
Akinetón RetardAkranania200112.001
Akinetón Retard21 Canapés200311.001
Akinetón RetardAkinetón Retard199910.673
Akinetón RetardAkinetón Ao Vivo200412.002
Akinetón RetardCadencia Urmana200610.502
Aksak MaboulOnze danses pour combattre la migraine19779.001
Aksak Maboul16 Visions of Ex-Futur201612.001
Aksak MaboulUn peu de l'âme des bandits198013.502
Aksak MaboulEx-Futur Album201412.001
Alamaailman VasaratHaudasta Lomilla (DVD)20090.001
Alamaailman VasaratMaahan200711.002
Alamaailman VasaratHuuro Kolkko200911.002
Alboth!Ecco la fiera200011.502
Rodolfo AlchourronTalismán19949.001
Alex’s HandRoaches201411.001
Alex’s HandKünstler Scheiße201612.001
Alex’s HandKaTaTaK201712.001
Alfie RynerBrain Surgery201411.001
Alfie RynerMemorial I201011.001
Alfie RynerII201212.001
Alfie RynerWhat's Wrong?201612.001
Allegri LeprottiAu Zulò200711.001
AlquimiaCoatlicue - Goddess of the Earth199211.001
Alquimia & José Luís Fernández LedesmaDead Tongues (Lenguas Muertes)199610.001
Altare ThotemicoSogno Errando201312.002
Altrock Chamber QuartetSonata Islands goes RIO201211.002
Aluk TodoloArchives Vol.1201711.001
Aluk TodoloVoix201612.001
Amoebic EnsembleLimbic Rage199512.001
Amoebic EnsembleAmoebiasis199711.001
AmpledeedA is for Ampledeed201311.001
Amygdalacomplex combat20089.001
Anderes HolzFermate201810.001
Laurie AndersonLife on a string200113.001
Ant-BeeElectronic Church Muzik20119.001
Anthurus d'ArcherMusique Verte200712.001
Anthurus d'ArcherFatalitas - Desperate Pinball200512.002
Anthurus d'ArcherPhallus Impudicus201211.673
Anthurus d'ArcherPlastofilène200712.001
AntiherøeEntretejido cosmico200810.502
AparecidosPalito Bombón Helado20129.333
a.P.A.t.T.FuN wITh MuSIc201712.001
ApOllonius AbRaham ScHwarzApOllonius AbRaham ScHwarz201611.001
April FishesCarpe d'Or20169.001
Aquasergelaisse ça être201712.002
Aquasergece très cher serge, spécial origines201011.002
AquasergeÀ l'Amitié201412.001
AquasergeUn & Deux200911.001
AquasergeTahiti Coco200811.001
AquasergeGuerre EP201610.001
AranisMade In Belgium201212.001
AranisMade In Belgium II201412.001
Arbete och FritidSe upp för livet197712.001
Arbete och FritidArbete och Fritid197311.001
Martin ArcherEnglish Commonflowers200312.001
Martin ArcherBad Tidings From Slackwater Drag201511.001
Martin ArcherSafety Signal From A Target Town201812.001
Martin ArcherWinter Pilgrim Arriving200013.001
Martin ArcherGhost lily cascade199512.001
Martin ArcherBlue Meat, Black Diesel & Engine Room Favourites20130.001
Martin ArcherHeritage and Ringtones200413.001
Martin ArcherIn stereo gravity200813.001
Martin ArcherStory Tellers201612.001
Martin Archer & Bo MesonEchoic Enchantment201512.001
The ArchestraArches201311.502
Luigi Archetti & Bo WigetLow Tide Digitals200111.001
Architeuthis RexUrania201112.001
AreaLive 2012201211.001
AreaThe Essential Box Set Collection201013.001
Areaevent '7619799.001
AreaChernobyl 799119979.001
Aria PrimitivaWork in Progress201811.001
ArmoniteAnd The Stars Above201811.001
Army of BriarsArmy of Briars200712.001
Art BearsThe Art Box200413.001
Art BearsHopes and Fears197811.001
Art BearsWinter Songs197913.001
Art BearsThe world as it is today198011.502
Art FleuryI luoghi del potere198012.502
Art ZoydPhase IV198214.001
Art ZoydLes Espaces Inquiets198314.001
Art ZoydSymphonie pour le Jour où Brûleront les Cités (Neueinspielung)198114.002
Art ZoydLe champ des larmes200613.001
Art ZoydMusique pour l'Odyssee197913.001
Art ZoydArmageddon201312.001
Art ZoydGénération Sans Futur198013.001
Art ZoydLe Marriage du Ciel et de l'Enfer198514.001
Art ZoydBerlin198713.001
Art ZoydMarathonnerre I & II199312.001
Art ZoydFaust199512.001
Art ZoydHäxan199713.001
Art ZoydMetropolis200214.001
Art ZoydPhase V201813.001
Art ZoydEyecatcher201113.001
Art ZoydLa Chute de la Maison Usher200814.001
Art ZoydSymphonie pour le Jour où Brûleront les Cités (Originalfassung)197612.001
Art Zoydu.B.I.Q.U.e200111.002
Art ZoydNosferatu198914.002
Art Zoyd Studio & Musiques Nouvelles EnsembleExperiences de vol # 1-2-320020.001
ArteriaCuatro Visiones201112.001
Masayo AsaharaSaint Agnes Fountain200311.001
Association P.C.Mama Kuku19749.001
Astma / MeanzaRaw Volumes201711.001
AstrakanComets & Monsters201210.001
At War With SelfActs of God200712.001
atelierThereminEmpfange neue Signale201412.001
AthanorVos cités sont des tombeaux201312.002
Atomic ApeSwarm201411.001
AutorYnoFlauros: Book of Angels Volume 29201612.001
BabilsThe Joint Between200712.001
Aram Bajakian's KefAram Bajakian's Kef201111.001
BaldruinVergessene Träume201811.001
Franck BalestracciModified Reality200612.001
Franck BalestracciExistences Invisibles200311.001
Jacques Barberi & Laurent PerniceL’Apocalypse des Oiseaux201510.001
Bardo PondAcid Guru Pond201611.001
Arrigo BarnabéGigante Negão199812.001
Arrigo BarnabéOrquestra À Base de Sopro de Curitiba201012.001
BarnaclesOne Single Sound201711.001
BarnaclesAir Skin Digger201811.001
BeardfishSleeping In Traffic: Part Two200811.405
Beat CircusRingleader's Revolt200410.001
Beat CircusDreamland200811.001
Adrian BelewSide Three200610.502
Stewart BellThe Antechamber Of Being Part I201413.002
Stewart BellThe Antechamber Of Being (Part 2) - Stories From The Antechamber201712.001
BelugaArchitecture of the Absurd201312.001
Bent KneeBent Knee201113.002
Bent KneeSay So201613.003
Bent KneeShiny Eyed Babies201413.673
Bent KneeLand Animal201711.003
Il BerlioneIl Berlione199211.001
Il BerlioneIn 453minutes Infernal Cooking199410.001
Tim BerneSanctified Dreams19879.001
Bernocchi, FM Einheit, Jo QuailRosebud201710.001
Philippe BesombesCesi est Cela197910.001
Besombes - RizetPôle197612.002
BetweenSilence beyond time198011.001
Bi Kyo RanGo-Un199510.001
Bi Kyo RanDeep Live!199510.001
Bratko Bibic & the MadleysBratko Bibic & The Madleys199511.001
BiotaObject Holder199511.001
BiotaBellowing Room / Tinct199012.001
BiotaFunnel to a thread201412.001
BiotaInvisible Map20019.001
BiotaAlmost Never199212.001
BiotaCape Flyaway201212.001
BiotaHalf a True Day200711.001
Birdsongs Of The MesozoicDancing on A'A199511.001
Birdsongs Of The MesozoicBirdsongs Of The Mesozoic (EP)19839.001
Birdsongs Of The MesozoicPetrophonics200010.001
Birdsongs Of The MesozoicMagnetic Flip198411.001
Birdsongs Of The MesozoicSonic Geology198811.001
Birdsongs Of The MesozoicFaultline198912.001
Birdsongs Of The MesozoicDawn of the Cycads200812.001
Birdsongs Of The MesozoicThe Iridium Controversy200311.002
Bise de buseJoue sa musique20069.001
Raoul BjörkenheimApocalypso200110.001
The Blessed BeatMiV201512.001
[bleu]clara altantsegtseg201212.001
Blue DogLurch199910.001
Blue DogWhat Is Anything?199412.001
The Blue ShipThe Executioner's Lover201411.502
Blue Touch PaperDrawing Breath201313.001
Boltzmann BrainSind die echt201712.001
Boltzmann BrainSentences201712.001
Bondage FruitIV19997.502
BoneUses Wrist Grab200310.002
The Book Of KnotsGarden of Fainting Stars201111.502
The Book Of KnotsThe Book Of Knots200412.001
The Book Of KnotsTraineater200712.001
BoredomsVision Creation Newsun199912.001
BoxStudio I200811.001
Carla BozulichEvangelista200612.001
Carla BozulichI'm Gonna Stop Killing200410.001
Brast BurnDebon197511.001
Sean Noonan's Brewed By NoonStories to Tell200712.001
Sean Noonan's Brewed By NoonTime at the End of the Day200910.001
Sean Noonan's Brewed By NoonSet The Hammer Free201011.001
Sean Noonan's Brewed By NoonBoxing Dreams200812.001
Breznev Fun Clubil misantropo felice201510.502
Brown vs BrownTwitch and Shout20079.001
Brown vs BrownOdds and Unevens201011.002
BubblemathEdit Peptide201712.002
Bushman's RevengeJitterbug201011.001
Butzmetz - LingerieZButzmetz "2" - Somewhere Between200611.001
Cabezas De CeraHermandad201312.001
Cabezas De CeraCabezas De Cera200012.001
Cabezas De CeraMetalmusica - Aleaciones Aleatorias200413.001
Cabezas De Cera...un segundo200212.001
Cabezas De CeraCDC Live USA201012.001
Cabezas De CeraHecho En México200712.001
J.A. Caesar & Tenjo SajikiShintokumaru197811.502
John Cale & Terry RileyChurch Of Anthrax197112.502
Call U.S LegionUpon The Ashes Of The Data Princess201310.001
CalomitoCane di schiena201111.502
Camberwell NowAll's Well199212.002
CamembertNegative Toe201712.001
CamembertClacosmique EP200911.001
CamembertSchnörgl Attahk201110.673
Capillary ActionSo Embarrassing200812.001
Captain BeefheartGrow Fins (Rarities 1965-1982)19990.001
Captain BeefheartStrictly Personal196810.502
Captain BeefheartI may be hungry but I sure ain't weird199211.001
Captain BeefheartDoc at the radar station198013.001
Captain BeefheartLick My Decals Off, Baby197014.001
Captain BeefheartLive from Vancouver 197320147.001
Captain BeefheartLive from Paris 197720149.001
Captain BeefheartMirror Man197111.001
Captain BeefheartTrout Mask Replica196914.001
Captain BeefheartThe Lost Broadcasts20129.001
Captain BeefheartThe Spotlight Kid19729.001
CassiberBeauty And The Beast198412.001
CassiberPerfect Worlds198611.001
CassiberA Face We All Know199012.001
CassiberMan Or Monkey198213.001
Cazuela de CondorPasion, Panico, Locura e Muerte200912.001
The Cellar and PointAmbit201410.001
CentrozoonBoner (Adrian Benavides-Version)201211.001
CentrozoonBoner (Marziano Fontana-Version)201212.001
Cerberus ShoalAn Ongoing DING20109.001
Cerberus ShoalChaiming the Knoblessone200312.001
Cerberus ShoalBastion of Itchy Preeves200412.001
Cerberus ShoalThe Land We All Believe In200511.001
Chance:RisikoSleep Talking200911.502
Charming HostessPunch200010.502
Charming HostessEat199812.001
Rhys ChathamGuitar Trio Is My Life200813.001
Rhys ChathamDie Donnergötter198710.001
Rhys ChathamAn Angel Moves Too Fast to See200610.001
Cheer-AccidentEnduring the American Dream19979.001
Cheer-AccidentSalad Days200011.001
Cheer-AccidentFear Draws Misfortune200911.673
Cheer-AccidentSever roots, tree dies198811.502
Cheer-AccidentPutting Off Death201710.002
Cheer-AccidentTrading Balloons199911.001
Cheer-AccidentBabies Shouldn't Smoke199312.001
Cheer-AccidentIntroducing Lemon200311.001
Cheer-AccidentNo Ifs, Ands or Dogs201112.001
Mikhail ChekalinSaturn. Izdelie No...200210.001
Mikhail ChekalinThe Symphony - Phonogram199112.001
Mikhail ChekalinConcerto Grosso No. 2199111.001
Mikhail ChekalinA Pagan Suite20049.001
Mikhail ChekalinBetween Spring and Autumn by Stealth199110.001
Guigou ChenevierLes Rumeurs de la Ville199811.001
öOoOoOoOoOo (Chenille)Samen201610.333
Child Abuse / ZsSplit200810.001
Chvad SBCrickets were the Compass201410.001
CiccadaA Child In The Mirror201011.254
CiccadaThe Finest of Miracles201512.003
CirePleasure Is Our Enemy200111.001
Claudia QuintetSemi-Formal200511.001
Claudia QuintetI, Claudia200410.001
Claudia QuintetThe Claudia Quintet with Gary Versace: Royal Toast201010.001
Les ClaypoolOf Whales And Woe200612.001
ClogsThom's Night Out20017.001
ClogsLullaby For Sue200311.001
Closure in MoscowPink Lemonade201411.001
Cloud ChamberDark Matter199811.001
Christiane Maria CohadeA voix basse199312.001
Jean Cohen-SolalFlutes Libres197112.001
Colonel Petrov's Good JudgementAmong Servants201812.001
Colonel Petrov's Good JudgementMoral Machine201611.001
Combat AstronomyThe Dematerialised Passenger200511.001
Combat AstronomyDreams No Longer Hesitate200811.001
Combat AstronomyEarth Divided By Zero201012.001
Combat AstronomyFlak Planet201112.002
Combat AstronomyTime Distort Nine201412.502
Combat AstronomySymmetry Through Collapse201712.001
Combat AstronomyKundalini Apocalypse201311.502
Combo FHSituace na strese19859.001
Combo FHVeci198012.001
Common Deflection ProblemsWe All Play Synth201210.001
Communio MusicaSpecial Alloy199811.001
Tony Conrad with FaustOutside the Dream Syndicate Alive200611.001
Tony Conrad with FaustOutside the Dream Syndicate197313.001
Consider the SourceF**k it! We'll do it live, volume 1201212.001
Consider the SourceThat's What's Up201012.001
ConventumLe bureau central des utopies197911.001
Cosa BravaRagged Atlas201012.001
Cosa BravaThe Letter201212.001
Cowboys From HellMonster Rodeo200811.001
Cowboys From HellBig Fish201211.502
Cro MagnonZapp!199212.001
Cro MagnonFloww...201712.001
Cro MagnonBull?199712.001
Cro MagnonBrosella Suite200412.001
Beppe CrovellaWhat's Rattlin' On The Moon?201011.001
ÇubMusique Actuelle201710.001
CucamongaAlter Huevo201211.502
Culto Sin NombreHallazgos Nervosios199410.001
Culto Sin NombreFracturas internas200211.001
Chris Cutler/Fred FrithLive in Moscow, Prague & Washington199012.001
Chris Cutler/Fred FrithLive in Trondheim, Berlin & Limoges Vol.2199411.001
Chris Cutler/Fred FrithTwo Gentlemen in Verona199911.001
CyclobeWounded Galaxies Tap at the Window201012.001
CyclobeSulphur - Tarot - Garden201211.001
CyclobeThe Visitors200111.001
Holger CzukayRome Remains Rome19879.001
The D ProjectMaking Sense201410.001
DaalDestruktive Actions Affect Livings201112.001
The Daedalus Spirit OrchestraTabula Rasa201211.001
DaimonjiInto a blind alley200511.002
DaimonjiI´m getting sentimental over you200611.001
DálavaThe Book of Transfigurations201711.001
Patricia DallioL´encre des voix secrètes200312.001
Patricia DallioChamps de Mars199311.001
Patricia DallioLa ronce n'est pas le pire199410.001
Patricia DallioD´ou vient l´eau des puits?199611.001
Patricia DallioBarbe Bleu199712.001
Patricia DallioProcession19929.001
Patricia DallioQue personne ne bouge199910.001
Dark RadishDark Radish201710.001
Hal DarlingD2R200311.002
Hal DarlingDarling199614.001
Das SimpleIn Girum Imus Nocte201312.001
Dave Tucker West Coast ProjectTenderloin20048.001
DaymoonFabric Of Space Divine201310.673
Deadburger FactoryPuro Nylon (100%)201311.001
Deadburger FactoryMicroonde/Vibroplettri20139.001
Deadburger FactoryLa Fisica delle Nuvole201311.001
Death AmbientDrunken Forest200714.001
Death AmbientDeath Ambient199512.001
Death AmbientSynaesthesia199911.001
Debile MentholEmile au jardin patrologique198112.001
Debile MentholBattre Campagne198413.001
DecibelSecuencias Genéticas201612.001
DecibelEl Poeta Del Ruido198011.001
DecibelFortuna Virilis200012.001
DedalusNomos Apache Alpha20036.001
Dedalusmateriale per tre esecutori e nastro magnetico19740.001
DeformicaEn Vivo - Auditorio Oeste - 31/5/2013201310.001
Donella del Monaco & Paolo Troncon, Opus Avantra ensembleVenetia & anima200411.001
Daniel DenisSirius And The Ghosts199111.001
Daniel DenisLes Eaux Troubles199311.001
Derby DerbyLove Dance20179.001
Derek and the RuinsTohjinbo199811.001
Derek and the RuinsSaisoro199510.001
Diablo Swing OrchestraSing Along Songs for the Damned & Delirious200910.502
Difícil EquilibrioFlood20065.502
The Dillinger Escape PlanCalculating Infinity199913.001
Dionne - Brégent... et le troisième jour197612.002
Dionne - Brégentdeux197711.502
Dirty Sound MagnetWestern Lies20179.001
DiscordiaSeason Changes201411.001
Discus...tot licht!200311.605
DjamraCircle of Circus201010.001
Tod Dockstader & David Lee MyersPond20040.001
Tod Dockstader & David Lee MyersBijou200512.001
Doctor NerveDid Sprinting Die?19908.001
Doctor NerveOut To Bomb Fresh Kings198411.001
Doctor NerveArmed Observation198712.001
Doctor NerveBeta 14 ok199111.001
Doctor NerveEreia200013.502
Doctor NerveSkin199514.002
Doctor NerveEvery Screaming Ear199713.001
Domácí KapelaNedele199212.002
Domácí KapelaKrajina mlci200811.001
Patrick DorobiszSneeuw201411.001
Double Handsome DragonsDouble Handsome Dragons (EP)201111.001
Double NelsonUn Sentiment Etrange20169.001
DoubleYouSee a.k.a. Warren Cuccurullo featuring Terry BozzioPlaying In Tongues200910.001
douBtMercy, Pity, Peace & Love201211.001
douBtnever pet a burning dog201012.001
Bob Drake13 Songs And A Thing20038.001
Bob DrakeWhat Day Is It?19949.001
DreadnaughtMusica en Flagrante200511.001
Jan DreesKaprizen201411.001
Toby DriverIn the L..L..Library Loft200511.002
Dunajpustit musis199613.001
The Dwarfs of East AgouzaBes201611.001
EatlizViolently Delicate200812.502
Echo CityLoss of the church (with Siren Project)199710.002
Echo CitySonic sport 83-88199511.001
Echo CityThe sound of music199211.001
EchotestFrom Two Balconies201710.001
Alain Eckert QuartetAlain Eckert Quartet198111.001
Eclectic Maybe BandThe Blind Night Watchers' Mysterious Landscapes201812.001
ELElectric Leak201012.001
El Sledge plusFletcher's last night (EP)200911.001
Eleanoora RosenholmHyväile minua pimeä tähti201112.001
Electric MasadaAt The Mountains Of Madness200514.001
Electric OrangeVolume 10201412.505
Electric TigerDian Hu200512.001
elephant9silver mountain201512.002
Emmett ElvinAssault on the Tyranny of Reason201610.333
English Boretape loops /// 140112201210.001
EnobLa Fosse Aux Débiles201810.001
Ensamble Dentro De La NadaCaceria De Brujas200712.001
Ensemble NimbusScapegoat19989.001
Ensemble NimbusGarmonbozia200011.001
L'Ensemble RayéMême en Hiver/Come un pinson dans l'eau198912.001
L'Ensemble RayéQuelques pièces détachées199311.001
L'Ensemble RayéThéâtre de la Poudrière200513.001
L'Ensemble RayéEin Fest für PU den Bären200010.001
L'Ensemble RayéLes contrepoints cardinaux20029.001
L'Ensemble RayéEn Frac!199611.001
L'Ensemble RayéVis-à-Vis200111.001
ErdenreichTai chi tu - Retrospect one201810.001
ErehiaManuzkRitoz ZE200011.001
ErgoMultitude, Solitude20099.001
ErgoIf Not Inertia201211.001
EskalationEskalation - music for basoon, wind synthesizer and sampled percussion200011.001
EstradasphereIts understood20009.001
EstradasphereBuck Fever200110.001
EstradaspherePalace of Mirrors200611.001
Et Cetera (Dt.)Et Cetera197114.001
Et Cetera (Dt.)Knirsch197211.001
Etron Fou LeloublanBatelanges19779.001
Etron Fou LeloublanLes Trois Fou's Perdégagnent (Au Pays Des...)197810.001
Etron Fou LeloublanLes Poumons Gonfles198211.001
Etron Fou LeloublanLes Sillons De La Terre19849.001
Etron Fou LeloublanFace Aux Eléments Déchainés198511.001
Etron Fou Leloublan43 Songs19910.001
EturiviYlhäisten Kastien Kelvottomat Jälkeläiset200212.001
EvangelistaIn Animal Tongue201111.001
EvangelistaPrince of Truth200912.001
EvangelistaHello, Voyager200811.001
Extra LifeRipped Heart EP20110.001
Extra LifeDream Seeds201212.502
Extra LifeSecular Works200812.333
Extra LifeMade Flesh201012.333
Eyes Of A Blue DogRise201311.003
Factor BurzacoFactor Burzaco200712.001
Factor Burzaco3201411.502
Factor Burzaco3.76201511.001
Factor BurzacoII201112.002
Fallen FowlDo They Love You Now ?20069.001
FantômasDelìrivm Còrdia20047.502
FantômasThe Director's Cut200113.001
FantômasSuspended Animation200513.002
Far CornerEndangered200712.003
Far CornerFar Corner200411.333
Patrizio Fariselli Projectlupi sintetici e strumenti a gas200110.502
Faustthe land of ukko & rauni200012.001
FaustFaust wakes Nosferatu199711.002
FaustEdinburgh 199719989.002
FaustKleine Welt200811.001
Faustj US t20149.502
Ferdinand & les philosophesEnclume199110.001
Ferdinand & les philosophesEnsableur de Portugaises19949.001
Stefano FerriandE-NOIZE #01201112.001
Stefano FerriandE-NOIZE #02 Lophophora201211.001
Christian FieselThis Is The Dark House201510.001
Christian Fiesel & Hagen von BergenSperrgut201712.001
Fifty Foot Hosesing like scaffold199713.001
Finnegans WakeBlue200812.001
Finnegans WakeRed20110.001
Finnegans WakeYellow19945.001
Finnegans WakeGreen19987.001
Finnegans WakePictures200111.001
Finnegans WakeThe Bird and the Sky Above201010.003
Finnegans Wake4th200410.502
Fire!you liked me five minutes ago200910.001
Fire! Orchestraexit!201314.001
FirebirdBonds of Life201411.001
David FiuczynskiFlam! Blam! Pan-Asian MicroJam!201612.002
Five-Storey EnsembleNight en Face201712.002
Five-Storey EnsembleNot That City201312.003
Flat Earth SocietyCheer Me, Perverts!200911.001
Flat Earth SocietyISMS200411.001
Flat Earth SocietyPsychoscout200611.001
Jeremy FlowerThe Real Me201613.001
The Flying Luttenbachers"...The Truth Is A Fucking Lie..."199912.001
The Flying LuttenbachersInfection and decline200213.001
The Flying LuttenbachersSystems Emerge from Complete Disorder200312.001
Food BrainSocial Gathering197010.001
Forces at WorkStraight201211.001
Förträngt HushållsarbeteOffret om att älska200213.001
Fred & FerdDropera199111.001
Fred Frith Guitar QuartetUpbeat199811.001
Fred Frith Guitar QuartetAyaya Moses199712.001
Free Salamander ExhibitUndestroyed201611.001
French TVPardon Our French200412.002
French TVAfter A Lengthy Silence198711.001
French TVThe Case Against Art200111.002
French TVAmbassadors of Good Health and Clean Living201612.002
French TVOperation: Mockingbird201711.002
French TVYoo-Hoo!!!19979.001
French TVThe Violence Of Amateurs199911.001
French TVIntestinal Fortitude199512.502
French TVI Forgive You for All My Unhappiness201010.502
French TVThis is what we do200611.502
Friendly BearsOn Oceans, Light, and Sleep200510.001
Fripp & EnoThe Essential Fripp and Eno199411.001
Fred FrithGravity198012.001
Fred FrithStep Across the Border199012.001
Fred FrithThe Technology Of Tears198813.001
Fred FrithClearing200113.001
Fred FrithAllies199611.001
Fred FrithMaybe Monday - "Digital Wildlife"200213.001
Fred FrithCheap At Half The Price198311.001
Fred FrithEye To Ear199713.001
Fred FrithPrints200312.001
Fred FrithEye To Ear II200412.001
Fred FrithGuitar solos197412.001
Fred FrithSpeechless198112.001
Fred FrithKeep the dog - that house we lived in200312.001
Fred FrithThe Happy End Problem200611.001
Fred Frith/Ensemble ModernTraffic Continues200013.001
Fred Frith, Bob Ostertag, Phil MintonVoice of America19820.001
Frogg CaféBateless Edge201012.805
Peter FrohmaderStringed Works199412.001
Peter FrohmaderHomunculus / Ritual199513.001
Peter FrohmaderNekropolis 219829.001
Peter FrohmaderArmorika199111.001
Peter Frohmader3rd Millennium´s Choice - Vol. 1199011.001
Peter Frohmader3rd Millennium´s Choice - Vol. 2199110.001
Peter FrohmaderMacrocosm199010.001
Peter FrohmaderMiniatures198910.001
Peter FrohmaderMusik aus dem Schattenreich19819.001
Peter FrohmaderNekropolis Live19838.001
Peter FrohmaderCultes des Goules198511.001
Peter FrohmaderAdvanced Alchemy Of Music199412.001
Peter FrohmaderGate199512.001
Peter FrohmaderThrough Time and Mystery-Ending198812.001
From.uzQuartus Artifactus201110.502
FushitsushaAllegorical Misunderstanding19939.001
FushitsushaThe Caution Appears19950.001
Claudio GabbianiNightnursing20009.001
Mezz GacanoFroka201613.001
Mezz Gacano & Self-Standing Ovation Boskàuz EnsembleKinderheim201711.001
Haxel GarbiniUri20159.001
Garden WallAssurdo201112.001
Gatto MarteMarte Sulla Luna20129.001
Ron Geesin & Roger WatersMusic from The Body19708.001
Geinoh YamashirogumiOsorezan - Dounokenbai197612.001
Christian GenetPerformances199711.001
Genet - PlouvierPlaisirs et Pénitences199011.001
GeysirGeysir (EP)201012.002
GhostSnuffbox Immanence199911.001
GhostTune in, turn on, free Tibet199912.001
Ghostin stormy nights200712.001
GhostTemple Stone199412.001
Stefano Giannotti / Salvo LazzaraLa vostra ansia di orizzonte201711.001
Giant HedgehogGiant Hedgehog20149.001
Giant HedgehogDie Irrealität der Zeit201812.001
The Michael Giles Mad BandThe Adventures of The Michael Giles Mad Band200911.001
Giles/Muir/CunninghamGhost Dance199512.001
Frank GingeleitNightmares & Escapades200211.001
Glen or GlendaGoulita200511.001
Glen or GlendaLa Contrebande des Mouches200611.002
Glistening LeotardGL5201611.001
Gösta Berlings SagaGlue Works201112.502
Golden Avant-GardeGolden Avant-Garde199413.001
Graves And Orchestra PitsGraves And Orchestra Pits201112.001
Gravity Adjusters Expansion BandOne197312.001
The Great TyrantThe Trouble With Being Born201511.001
John Greaves & Peter BlegvadKew. Rhone.197712.502
GreenwallZAPPA ZIPPA ZUPPA ZEPPA!20147.001
The Group (Ita.)The Feed-Back197011.001
GuapoBlack Oni200511.754
GuapoGreat Sage, Equal Of Heaven200112.002
GuapoFive Suns200412.005
GuapoHistory of the Visitation201312.003
GuapoDeath Seed20009.001
GuapoTwisted Stems20069.001
GuapoThe Ducks and Drakes of Guapo and Cerberus Shoal200311.001
GuapoObscure Knowledge201511.673
Guerilla TossGuerilla Toss20139.674
Guillaume Perret & the Electric EpicGuillaume Perret & the Electric Epic201212.002
Guillaume Perret & the Electric EpicOpen Me201411.001
GunnelpumpersMontana Fix201312.001
GutbucketDry Humping the American Dream200311.001
GutbucketA Modest Proposal200811.502
Hagen von BergenEi Allemol201411.001
Hagen von Bergen's Hargest DarkenAbschied ist ein schweres Schaf201011.001
Haino Keiji and Yoshida TatsuyaUHRFASUDHASDD200810.001
Haino Keiji and Yoshida TatsuyaNew Rap200612.001
Half Past FourRabbit In The Vestibule20089.002
Martin HallPhasewide, Exit Signs201311.001
Hamster TheatreCarnival Detournement200111.001
Hamster TheatreThe Public Execution of Mister Personality / Quasi Day Room200612.001
Happy FamilyMinimal Gods201412.002
Happy FamilyHappy Family199510.001
Happy FamilyToscco199711.001
David HarringtonProcession200610.001
David HarringtonRule 2920037.001
Gavin Harrison & Ø5RicThe Man Who Sold Himself201210.001
Hazel-RahThe Africantape EP20120.001
Glen HealdProgressive Rock201010.001
Heaven in her armsParaselene201011.001
Steve HegedeA Door-Doom At Frodis-Water19998.001
Heldononly chaos is real19987.001
HelleboreIl y a des jours19859.001
Henry CowUnrest197412.002
Henry CowIn Praise Of Learning197512.001
Henry CowConcerts197513.002
Henry CowWestern Culture197812.001
Henry CowLegend197312.673
Hesus AttorSonic Gastronomy Volume 120089.002
Tim HodgkinsonEach in our own thoughts199412.001
Höhlenmusik EnsembleHöhlenmusik Ensemble201112.001
Höhlenmusik EnsembleII201412.001
HokrZahráté Brzdy Optimismu201212.001
HokrHokrova Vila200412.001
Lars HollmerLooping Home Orchestra Live 1992-1993199312.001
Lars HollmerWith Floury Hand (sketches) / Med Mjölad Hand (skisser)20120.001
Lars HollmerVendeltid198712.001
Lars HollmerViandra200811.001
Lars HollmerFrån Natt Idag198311.001
Lars HollmerTonöga198510.001
Lars HollmerSola200213.001
Lars HollmerVendelmässa19969.001
Lars HollmerXII Sibiriska cyclar198112.001
Lars HollmerVill Du Höra Mer?198211.001
Honduras LibregrupoLa Única Posición Es La Oposición200812.002
Honduras LibregrupoHonduras 3200911.001
Honduras LibregrupoCelula Dormida201013.001
Honduras LibregrupoCinco201411.001
Honey Ride Me A Goat / MothgutsSplit200610.001
Hugh Hopper1984197312.001
Hugh HopperThe Gift of Purpose201011.001
HorizontThe Portrait Of A Boy198910.001
HorizontSummer In Town198511.002
Horse LordsHidden Cities201411.001
Horse LordsHorse Lords201211.001
Hot FurHot Fur200510.002
Hot Head ShowPerfect201312.001
Percy Howard, Charles Hayward, Fred Frith, Bill LaswellMeridiem199812.001
The HubAccident200111.001
The HubLight Fuse And Get Away200612.001
ICSISPierre Vide Eau201610.001
Idiot FleshTales Of Instant Knowledge And Sure Death199011.001
Idiot FleshThe Nothing Show199414.001
IgorrrSavage Sinusoid201713.002
IgorrrPoisson Soluble200612.001
Il MonstroBleu nuit et les silhuettes aux chapeaux200012.001
IlitchPeriodik Mindtrouble197812.001
Illáchime QuartetIlláchime Quartet200311.001
Illáchime QuartetI'm Normal, My Heart Still Works200911.001
In Love WithAxel Erotic201611.001
Inclusion PrincipleThird Opening201512.001
Indian Summer (Dt.)Blue Leaves199210.001
Infinite Light Ltd.Infinite Light Ltd.201111.001
Inner Ear BrigadeDromology201712.502
Inner Ear BrigadeRainbro201212.002
The Inner SpaceAgilok & Blubbo200910.001
Insect ArkPortal / Well201510.001
InSonarL'Enfant et le Ménure201314.001
Isildurs BaneMIND Volume 320038.754
Isildurs BaneOff the Radar201712.002
iXOra pro nobis20078.001
Ixt AduxBrainstorm198213.001
Jack DuponJésus l'aventurier201311.502
Jack DuponBascule à vif201211.333
Jack DuponL'Echelle du Désir200811.001
Jack DuponDémon Hardi201111.003
Jack DuponDVD Jack Dupon201210.001
Jack DuponTête De Chien201411.001
Jack DuponEmpty full circulation201611.002
Jack DuponLes ronfleurs dorment "le film"201411.001
Jack O'The ClockRepetitions of the Old City - I201612.001
Jack O'The ClockRepetitions Of The Old City II201812.001
Jack O'The ClockAll My Friends201310.001
Jack O'The ClockNight Loops201412.001
Jakko M. JakszykThe Bruised Romantic Glee Club200610.001
Jason Willett and RuinsJason Willett and Ruins199511.001
jayAgeChemical Cafe200612.001
Jean LouisUranus201312.001
Jean LouisMorse201011.504
Jean LouisJean Louis200812.001
Richard Leo JohnsonWho Knew Charlie Shoe?200710.001
Richard Leo JohnsonThe Legend of Vernon McAlister200611.001
Percy JonesCape Catastrophe19909.001
Jono El GrandeFevergreens20039.001
Jono El GrandeNeo Dada200912.001
Jono El GrandePhantom Stimulance201010.001
Jono El GrandeMelody of a Muddled Mason201512.001
Lach'n JonssonSongs From Cities Of Decay198913.001
Lach'n JonssonMusic For The Dying Forest198512.001
Jorge Arana TrioMammoth201612.001
Jorge Arana TrioMapache201212.001
Julian JulienTerre II201512.001
Julian JulienStrange200710.001
Julvernea neuf198012.001
JulverneLe pavillon des passions humaines200012.001
JulverneLe retour du Captain Nemo19929.001
JuxtavoicesWarning: May Contain Notes20160.001
JuxtavoicesJuxtanother antichoir from Sheffield20130.001
KadaBúcsúzás (Farewell)20019.502
Kada ad libitumapproximationes200610.001
KalutaliksuakSnow Melts Black201112.001
KalutaliksuakDeath of the Alpinist201412.001
KalutaliksuakLast Day of Sun200812.001
Øystein Kapperud311/Amnesia201110.001
Karda EstraStrange Relations201511.001
Heinz Karlhausen & The DiatonicsHeinz Karlhausen & The Diatonics201111.001
Karuna KhyalAlomoni 1985197612.001
Kayo DotHubardo201311.001
Kayo DotDowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue200610.001
Kayo DotGamma Knife201211.502
Kayo DotCoyote201012.002
Kayo DotStained Glass201011.001
Mike KeneallyWooden Smoke Asleep20079.001
Mike KeneallyThe Scambot Holiday Special20080.001
Mike KeneallyScambot 1200914.001
Mike KeneallyParallel Universe200411.001
Mike KeneallyWine And Pickles200811.001
Mike Keneallybakin' @ the potato201112.001
Mike KeneallySluggo!199711.001
Mike KeneallyScambot 2201612.003
Mike KeneallyThe Tar Tapes Vol. 119970.001
Mike KeneallyThe Tar Tapes Vol. 219980.001
KeuhkotMitä otat mukaan muistoksi sivistyksestä199611.001
KeuhkotPeruskivi Francon Betonia200211.001
KeuhkotToimintatapoja Olioille200511.001
KeuhkotRuskea aikakirja199812.001
KeuhkotMinun käy sääliksi bilharzialoista200011.001
Carla Kihlstedt, Matthias Bossi, Dan RathbunRavish - And Other Tales For The Stage (Music written for Dance and Theater)200913.001
Carla Kihlstedt & Matthias BossiStill You Lay Dreaming: Tales for the Stage, II20116.001
King CrimsonRehearsals & Blows (May - November 1983)201612.001
JD King & The CoachmenAmerican Mercury200511.001
Kingdom ComeGalactic Zoo Dossier197112.002
Kings of BelgiumTrès fort201112.001
Kings of BelgiumUnchained Melodies200912.001
Kiss KissThe Meek Shall Inherit What's Left200913.001
Kjetil Mulelid TrioNot Nearly Enough To Buy A House201712.001
KlusterCMO 2009 bla bla bla Three Voices (germany-usa-japan)200910.001
KnifeworldClairvoyant Fortnight201111.001
KnifeworldDear Lord, No Deal20119.001
KOKOKOKO EP201311.001
Kokonino KountyTrip to Kokonino Kounty201512.001
Kolkhöze PrintaniumVol. 1 Kolkhöznitsa200811.001
Kombinat MHybrid Beat199312.001
Alexander Kostarev GroupLive@InProg200310.502
Takehisa KosugiCatch Wave197512.001
Boris KovacRitual Nova I & II199312.001
KrokofantKrokofant II201511.001
Henry KrutzenImaginary Landscapes201111.001
Henry KrutzenPlay la chance200011.001
KTU8 Armed Monkey200511.002
K.U.K.L.The Eye19849.502
L A N DNight Within201212.001
La 1919Giorni Felici19978.001
La 1919Jouer . Spielen . To Play199413.001
La DesooordenEl Andarín201211.001
La Musica de Erich ZannLa Musica de Erich Zann199711.001
LacrymosaJoy of the Wrecked Ship199414.001
Lard FreeI'm Around About Midnight197510.001
Lard FreeUnnamed199710.502
Lard FreeGilbert Artman's Lard Free197311.001
Larsen RupinProcès Verbal200612.001
Larsen RupinA Ban199111.001
Larsen RupinContredanses200312.001
LarvalSurviving Death / Alive Why?200711.001
LarvalPredator or Prey200011.001
Las Orejas Y La LenguaLa eminencia inobjetable200210.502
Las Orejas Y La LenguaError200312.001
Le Ton MitéPassé Composé Futur Conditionnel201712.001
Led BibBring Your Own201111.001
Led BibSensible Shoes200910.001
José Luis Fernándes LedesmaLa paciencia de Job200513.001
José Luis Fernándes LedesmaHibridos200712.001
José Luis Fernándes LedesmaSol Central200012.001
José Luis Fernándes LedesmaAl Filo200210.502
LeninRio hecho caceria201011.001
Les boucles absurdesUn nouveau pied pour Noël201711.001
Les Fragments de la NuitMusique de Crépuscule20089.001
Leverton FoxCountry Dances200912.001
Ben Levin GroupFreak Machine201513.002
Ben Levin GroupPulse of a Nation201013.001
Ben Levin GroupInvisible Paradise201211.001
LigroDictionary 3201512.001
Liir Bu Fer3juno201011.502
Little WomenThroat201015.001
Little Womenteeth200713.001
Loch NessÖx199012.001
LoomingsEveryday Mythology201511.502
LosaliosSekai chizu wa chi no seki199911.001
LosaliosYûrei senchô ga hanashite kureta koto200511.001
LosaliosColorado Shit Dog200210.001
LosaliosThe end of the beauty200312.001
Lost GardenCotyledon20159.001
Louis Minus XVIKindergarten201511.001
Louise AvenueLet´s take one more199312.001
Lucien Dubuis TrioFuture Rock201211.001
Lucien Dubuis TrioTovorak200512.001
Luz De RiadaCuentos y Fabulas Vol. 2201412.001
Luz De RiadaCuentos y Fabulas201112.001
Machine Mass Trioplays Hendrix201713.001
Machine Mass TrioAs Real As Thinking201112.001
The Mad ScientistsGeoparasitism200510.001
MásfélAngyaltojás - Angel's Egg200010.001
MásfélViperagarzon - Viperflat199610.001
Magical Power MakoMagical Power197412.001
Magical Power MakoHapmoniym 1972-1975200411.001
Magnet AnimalsButterfly Killer201611.002
Magnus Fra GaardenMagnus Fra Gaarden200911.001
Mahogany FrogDO5200811.002
Make A RisingInfinite Ellipse and Head With Open Fontanel200813.001
Make A RisingNew I Fealing20110.001
Make A RisingRip Through the Hawk Black Night200511.002
Mamiffer & CircleEnharmonic Intervals (For Paschen Organ)201312.502
Mamma Non PiangereN. 3201611.333
Many ArmsMany Arms201212.002
Many ArmsSuspended Definition201412.001
Marc Ribot's Ceramic DogParty Intellectuals200811.001
Albert MarcoeurCelui où y'a Joseph198411.001
Albert MarcoeurL'Apostrophe200512.001
Albert MarcoeurAlbert Marcoeur197411.001
Albert MarcoeurAlbum a colorier197611.001
Albert MarcoeurArmes & Cycles197912.001
The MarigoldKanaval201512.001
Jasun MartzThe Pillory/The Battle200511.002
Jasun MartzThe Pillory197811.001
Le Maschere di ClaraL'alveare201312.502
Le Maschere di Clara23201011.001
Le Maschere di ClaraLynch201512.001
Le Maschere di ClaraAnamorfosi201112.004
Gigi MasinWind198612.001
Gigi MasinThe Wind Collector199112.001
Gigi MasinTalk To The Sea201412.001
MassacreLonely Heart200712.001
MassacreKilling Time198113.002
MassacreFunny Valentine199814.002
MassacreLove Me Tender201312.001
Pat Mastelotto Tobias RalphToPaRaMa201410.001
Meandering MineNeanderthal Nein201512.002
MediaBandaBombas En El Aire201714.001
André MergenthalerMusik für einen Engel19938.001
Merzbow/Gustafsson/Pandi/MooreCuts of Guilt/Cuts Deeper201510.001
Metallic Taste Of BloodDoctoring The Dead201511.002
Metallic Taste Of BloodMetallic Taste Of Blood201212.001
Metamorphosis (CZ)Metamorphosis199911.002
Metamorphosis (CZ)LUFF200610.001
Metamorphosis (CZ)DIP200212.001
Pat MethenyTap: Book of Angels Volume 20201311.001
Miasma & the carousel of headless horsesManfauna200714.001
Miasma & the carousel of headless horsesPerils200511.003
Michael MantlerLive198712.001
Michael's StatementBeauty of Sadness201211.502
Michael's StatementSilent Creatures201712.001
Manfred MierschDas Subharchord - The Subharchord201510.502
Claudio Milano, Erna Franssens aka KasjanoovaAdython20120.001
MinikuiFaites donc le pigeon200312.001
Marco MinnemannBorrego201711.001
Marco MinnemannEeps201412.001
MiriodorCobra Fakir201312.502
MiriodorJongleries Elastiques199512.001
MiriodorLive 8920099.001
Miriodor3rd Warning19919.001
MiriodorSignal 9201713.002
miRthkonThe Illusion of Joy200611.001
Modest MidgetCrysis201410.001
Moebius/Neumeier/EnglerAnother Other Places201412.001
MonoglotWrong Turns and Dead Ends201711.001
MonophonistÜber die Freiheit der praktischen Unvernunft201812.001
Moon MenAmazing Science Fiction Stories201713.001
The MoorFlux199612.001
MoorderMoorder II201411.001
MoraineMetamorphic Rock201111.001
Morainemanifest deNsity200910.001
Moraz & FriendsRandom Kingdom201812.001
Yuri MorozovStrange Angels: Experimental & Electronic Music201612.001
Mosaïc (Fra.)Ultimatum197812.001
Moss ProjectWhat Do You See When You Close Your Eyes?201311.001
MothliteThe Flax of Reverie200812.001
Motor HummingMusical Aluminium199910.001
Motor Totemist GuildArchive One199612.001
Motor Totemist GuildArchive Two199612.001
Motor Totemist GuildCity Of Mirrors199910.001
Mouse on the KeysSezession - EP200710.002
Mouse on the KeysAn Anxious Object200910.001
Mouse on the KeysMachini Phylum - EP201210.001
Mr AverellGridlock20139.333
Mr. BungleDisco Volante199512.002
Mr. BungleMr. Bungle199113.001
Mr. SiriusBarren Dream198713.001
The MuffinsPalindrome201012.001
The MuffinsOpen City198513.001
The Muffins<185>198114.001
The MuffinsSecret Signals 2199210.001
The MuffinsDouble Negative200410.502
The MuffinsManna/Mirage197812.001
The MuffinsSecret Signals 1198911.002
Sir Millard MulchHow to sell the whole f#@!ing universe to everybody...once and for all!20058.001
Roberto Musci & Giovanni VenostaMessages & Portraits199011.001
Roberto Musci & Giovanni VenostaVampyr And Other Stories201512.001
Roberto Musci & Giovanni VenostaA Noise, A Sound199212.001
Música UrbanaBanda Sonora de la Pelicula: Primera Aventura de Pepe Carvalho: Tatuaje197811.001
Mute SocialiteMore Popular Than Presidents And Generals200811.001
MuvovumXox Alekwrt200114.001
MyrbeinMyrornas Krig198112.002
Naked CityLeng Tch'e199210.001
Naked CityRadio199312.001
Naked CityComplete Studio Recordings200513.001
Naked CityNaked City19899.673
Naked CityGrand Guignol199211.002
Naked CityHeretic199211.001
Naked TruthOuroboros201212.001
Naked TruthAvian Thug201511.502
Naked WolfNaked Wolf201411.001
NarajamaVytancuj chmury199611.001
NarajamaV tom vínì je nalháno199712.001
Nascita della sferaPer una scultura di Ceschia19788.001
NazcaEn Vivo198810.001
NazcaEstacion De Sombra198612.001
The NazgûlThe Nazgûl199710.001
nema nikoNo Zeit 7905200512.001
Mani Neumeier & Kawabata MakotoSamurai Blues201112.001
NeurosenblüteDisplizin AKUT201812.001
Neurosenblüteganz frisch201611.001
News From BabelLetters Home198611.502
News From BabelComplete200611.001
News From BabelWork Resumed On The Tower/Sirens & Silences198411.002
NiLes Insurgés de Romilly201512.001
NiNi (2010)201011.001
NiNi (2012)201211.001
Ni (AT)Dedoda201711.001
NichelodeonNo (at Bloom 2011)201212.001
NichelodeonCome sta Annie?201013.001
NichelodeonBath Salts201313.001
NichelodeonIl gioco del silenzio201012.002
NichelOdeon/InSonarUkiyoe (Mondi Fluttuanti)201413.001
NimalVoix De Surface199012.001
NimalDis tanz199210.001
No SafetySpill199210.001
No SafetyLive at the Knitting Factory199311.001
No Secrets in the FamilyIn a certain Light we all appear green198712.001
Non CredoImpropera200612.001
Non CredoHappy Wretched Family199512.001
Non CredoReluctant Hosts198811.001
Sean NoonanA Gambler's Hand201212.001
Sean NoonanIn the Ring201411.001
NooumenaArgument With Eagerness201111.001
Normal LoveNormal Love200713.001
Normal LoveSurvival Tricks201212.001
Not A Good SignIcebound201813.001
NotopiaCelebrating Life201710.001
NoyadesGo Fast201610.001
Nucleus TornNeon Light Eternal201512.001
Nucleus TornBlowing Up The Entire World (Explosions 1997 - 2015)20150.001
Nucleus TornAndromeda Awaiting201013.001
Nucleus TornStreet Lights Fail201412.001
Nucleus TornGolden Age201112.001
Nurse with woundThunder Perfect Mind19920.001
Nurse with woundChance Meeting on a Dissecting Table of a Sewing Machine and an Umbrella198010.001
Oblivion SunOblivion Sun200710.001
October EquusOctober Equus200611.673
October EquusPermafrost201311.001
October EquusSaturnal201111.333
Ole LukkøyeDream of the wind20038.001
Omoide HatobaDai-ongaku199011.001
Ángel OntalvaTierra Quemada201511.001
Ángel Ontalva & VesperoSea Orm Liventure201812.001
Opus AvantraViaggio immaginario200910.001
Opus AvantraLyrics199513.001
Opus AvantraIntrospezione197412.002
Opus AvantraOpus Magnum200313.001
Opus AvantraStrata198913.001
Opus AvantraLord Cromwell (plays suite for seven vices)19759.001
Orange the JuiceRomanian Beach (EP)20110.001
Orchestra NjervudarovCon le orecchie di eros197913.001
Orchestra of the Upper AtmosphereΘ3201713.001
Orchestra of the Upper AtmosphereΘ4201812.001
Orchestra of the Upper AtmosphereΘ1201214.002
Orchestra of the Upper AtmosphereΘ2201413.001
Order of the LivingHeartwards201512.001
Orfeo 5In The Green Castle20170.001
O.R.kInflamed Rides201512.002
The OrvaliansThe Great Filter201712.002
OTEME (Osservatorio delle Terre Emerse)Il Corpo nel Sogno201811.001
OTEME (Osservatorio delle Terre Emerse)L’agguato, l’abbandono, il mutamento201511.502
OTEME (Osservatorio delle Terre Emerse)Il Giardino Disincantato201310.502
Owls Are Notisnot201611.001
OxomaxomaEspiritus en Rojo y Negro200211.001
OxomaxomaSin Boca Con Los Ojos Negros199711.001
PainkillerGuts of a Virgin19918.001
PAKSecret Curve201112.001
PalinckxThe Psychedelic Years199613.001
PalinckxBorder - Live in Zürich199611.001
Pan & MePaal201211.001
pArAdOx OnEEscalators To Mars200310.001
Ryan ParmenterOne of a different Color20189.502
PataphonieLe matin blanc197810.001
Pavees DanceThere's Always the Night201411.001
Annette PeacockI'm the one197211.001
PeffPleasing the Neighbourhood with Electrifying Dadaism20139.001
Pere Ubu20 Years in a Montana Missile Silo201711.001
Pere UbuCarnival of Souls201412.001
Pere UbuSong Of The Bailing Man198212.001
Pere UbuPennsylvania199811.001
Pere UbuApocalypse Now19997.001
Pere UbuWhy I Hate Women200610.001
Pere UbuThe Tenement Year198810.001
Pere UbuLady From Shanghai201312.001
Pere UbuNew Picnic Time197911.001
Pere UbuDub Housing197810.001
Pere UbuSt. Arkansas200210.001
Pere UbuThe Art of Walking198012.001
Pere Ubu"Long Live Père Ubu!"200911.001
Pere UbuRay Gun Suitcase199510.001
Pere UbuDatapanik in the Year Zero200912.001
Perfume De Mujerél monólogo de él caracol20009.002
Perfume De MujerPollos d'Granja199810.001
Pet Bottle NingenPet Bottle Ningen201111.001
Pet Bottle NingenNon-Recyclable201311.001
Philippe PetitBuzzing but not hung up on Hip201711.001
Der Petunienmann von Metaluna VierMagnetbandaufzeichnung20146.002
PhilharmonieLe dernier mot199810.001
Pholas DactylusConcerto Delle Menti197312.805
Picchio Dal PozzoPic_nic@Valdapozzo200412.001
Picchio Dal PozzoAbbiamo Tutti I Suoi Problemi198012.502
Picchio Dal PozzoA_live201011.002
Picchio Dal PozzoCamere Zimmer Rooms200112.502
Pikapika TeartMoonberry201012.003
Lars Bech PilgaardI want you to be around me201410.001
Lars Bech Pilgaards SlowburnFreiheit201310.001
Pin-Up Went Down342201012.001
Pin-Up Went Down2 Unlimited200811.001
Richard Pinhas & John LivengoodCyborg Sally199412.001
Richard PinhasMetatron200611.002
Richard PinhasSingle Collection 1972-1980200610.001
Richard Pinhas / Tatsuya Yoshida / Masami AkitaProcess and Reality201612.001
PiniolBran Coucou201813.002
Pink FloydUmmagumma196911.334
Pinkish BlackRazed To The Ground201311.001
PirateLeft of Mind201112.001
PlutoPavel Fajt & Pluto199612.001
The Pneumatic TransitConcerto for Double Moon201512.001
Pochakaite MalkoDoppelgänger200612.002
Pocket OrchestraPhoenix201112.001
Pocket OrchestraKnêbnagäuje200512.002
Poco LocoSulcu Porce200712.001
Kimmo PohjonenKluster200211.001
PraxisTransmutation (Mutatis Mutandis)199212.001
PresentLe poison qui rend fou198514.002
PresentC.O.D. Performance199311.001
PresentTriskaïdékaphobie / Le Poison Qui Rend Fou198914.002
PresentA Great Inhumane Adventure20059.001
PresentHigh Infidelity200113.502
PresentBarbaro (ma non troppo)200912.502
Bobby PreviteRhapsody201810.001
Bobby PreviteMass201611.001
ProjeKctsProjeKct six: East Coast Live20068.001
Nick Prol & The ProletariansLoon Attic201712.001
PryapismeHyperblast Supercollider201310.001
PryapismeDiabolicus Felinae Pandemonium201712.001
PryapismeRococo Holocaust201013.001
The Psychedelic EnsembleThe Myth of Dying201012.673
PsykupL'ombre et la Proie200511.001
PsyopusOdd Senses200912.001
PsyopusOur puzzling encounters considered200712.002
Purple TrapDecided...Already The Motionless Heart Of Tranquility, Tangling The Prayer Called "I"199912.001
Purpose effectPFX (EP)200912.001
Radar FavouritesRadar Favourites20109.001
Radio Noisz EnsembleOdiszée-Parck198311.001
Rättö ja LehtisaloKovaa Kamaa - Rättö Ja Lehtisalon Parhaat 2003-2018201812.001
Random TouchAlchemy20079.001
Random TouchFlock201212.001
Random TouchTributary201112.001
Random (USA)Nothin' Tricky197711.001
RangdaFalse Flag201010.001
Ranta Lewis PlankMu201013.001
Rascal ReportersThe Foul-Tempered Clavier20019.001
Rascal ReportersRidin' On A Bummer198410.001
Rascal ReportersHappy Accidents19889.001
RashomonThe Ruined Map (Film Music Volume 1)200712.001
RashomonThe Finishing Line (Film Music Volume 2)201012.001
RashomonAshcan Copy (Film Music Volume 3)201111.502
Rational DietRational Diet200712.673
Rational DietOn Phenomena And Existences201012.002
Rational DietAt Work200813.003
Dennis ReaViews from Chicheng Precipice201012.001
RecreationMusic Or Not Music197212.001
RectusEvghenebur N'Ebenok Nef200711.001
The Red KrayolaGod Bless the Red Krayola and All Who Sail With It19689.001
The Red KrayolaThe Parable Of Arable Land196713.001
The Red MasqueFeathers For Flesh200410.333
The Red MasqueDeath of the Red Masque (EP)20019.001
The Red MasqueFossileyes20089.001
The Red MasqueVictoria and the Haruspex200210.001
Red NoiseSarcelles - Lochères197011.001
Alec K. Redfearn and The EyesoresThe Smother Party200612.001
Alec K. Redfearn and The EyesoresEvery Man For Himself & God Against All200311.001
Alec K. Redfearn and The EyesoresSister Death20129.002
Alec K. Redfearn and The EyesoresBent At The Waist200210.001
Alec K. Redfearn and The EyesoresThe Quiet Room200511.001
Alec K. Redfearn and The EyesoresThe Blind Spot200711.001
Alec K. Redfearn and The SeizuresExterminating Angel200811.001
Reflections in CosmoReflections in Cosmo201711.001
Reid Sharp TornGTR OBLQ199811.001
Os Relogios de FedericoQuatro centésimos de semitom200010.001
Os Relogios de FedericoChumbo Rosso20039.001
Os Relogios de FedericoFaskner200611.001
The Research InstituteUniversum199812.001
The ResidentsDemons Dance Alone200210.001
The ResidentsEskimo197912.001
Rêve GénéralHowl201512.002
Revolutionary Army of the Infant JesusThe Gift of Tears198712.001
Les RhinocérosIII201512.001
RhùnFanfare du Chaos200911.001
Marc RibotAsmodeus: Book of Angels Volume 7200712.001
RMP (Rozmainsky & Mikhaylov Project)For the Light201710.001
Roedelius/SchnitzlerAcon 2000/1200112.001
Rosa LuxemburgChapitre lll: Seuls, Chapitre IV: Ensemble201412.001
Rouge CielRouge Ciel200112.001
Rouge CielBryologie201012.001
Rouge CielVeuillez procéder200511.001
Roz VitalisEnigmarden20059.001
Roz VitalisCompassionizer200712.001
Roz VitalisLive at Mezzo Forte Moscow September '09200910.001
Roz VitalisThe Threesunny Light Power (EP)200410.001
Roz VitalisPainsadist (EP)20038.001
Roz VitalisThe Hidden Man of the Heart201812.001
Roz VitalisPatience of Hope201212.001
Roz VitalisLavoro d'Amore201511.001
Roz VitalisDas Licht der Menschen (The Threesunny Light Superpower)20048.502
Roz VitalisRevelator201112.001
RuinsFirst Gig198710.001
RuinsBurning Stone199211.001
RuinsRefusal Fossil199711.001
RuinsMar-Oct '97199712.001
RuinsMandala 2000 / Live at the Kichijoji Mandala II200111.001
RuinsRuins II198711.001
RuinsII & 19 Numbers199311.001
RuinsHigh on Fire/Ruins20057.001
RuinsEarly Works: Live & Unreleased Tracks199110.001
Ruins + Kazuhisa UchihashiRuins + Kazuhisa Uchihashi20029.001
RuinzhatovaClose to the RH200312.001
Runaway TotemPleroma20048.001
Runaway TotemLe Roi du Monde201111.001
Runaway TotemAfreschi e Meditazione201210.001
Runaway TotemViaggio Magico201411.001
Runaway TotemEsameron20079.001
Runaway TotemManu Menes - L'intelligenza Cosmica200910.001
Ray RussellGoodbye Svengali200613.001
Salim Ghazi SaeedinamoWoman201211.001
Salim Ghazi SaeediIconophobic201011.001
Salim Ghazi SaeediHuman Encounter201110.001
SaffronkeiraA New Life201212.001
SAM - Slick Alexius MennigmannAnother Life201312.001
SamarbetaAnonymous Bash201412.001
Samla Mammas MannaKlossa Knapitatet197411.001
Samla Mammas MannaSamla / Zamla Box200713.001
Samla Mammas MannaSamla Mammas Manna19719.001
Samla Mammas MannaMåltid197311.001
Sten Sandell + Simon SteenslandUnder Öknar (Rankö Rednu)199610.001
São Paulo UndergroundTrês cabeças loucuras201111.001
São Paulo UndergroundCantos Invisíveis201611.001
São Paulo UndergroundBeija Flors Velho e Sujo201311.001
SathönayLost a Home20178.001
Masahiko Satoh & SoundbreakersAmalgamation197111.001
Savoldelli Casarano BardosciaThe Great Jazz Gig in the Sky201610.502
Boris Savoldelli & Elliot SharpProtoplasmic20090.001
Jack SayreNap of Earth200711.001
Schizoid LloydThe Last Note In God's Magnum Opus201413.001
SchnAAkCool Drink Town EP20120.001
SchnAAkWake up Colossus201113.002
SchnAAkwomen on ships are bad luck e.p.200912.001
SchnAAk and the Rundu ChoirNo Security through Numbers20130.001
SchnellertollermeierZorn Einen Ehmer Üttert Stem!!201011.001
Conrad SchnitzlerGold200313.001
Conrad SchnitzlerCon 3198111.001
Conrad SchnitzlerBlue Glow199412.001
Conrad SchnitzlerAuf dem Schwarzen Kanal (Con 2+)198012.001
Conrad SchnitzlerElectronegativity199511.001
Conrad SchnitzlerSchwarz197112.001
Conrad SchnitzlerKlavierhelm200611.001
Conrad Schnitzler00/44199711.001
J. Peter SchwalmHow We Fall201811.001
The Science GroupSpoors200311.001
The Science GroupA Mere Coincidence199912.001
Scorch TrioBrolt20088.003
Scorch TrioMelaza201010.001
SeamusZealotry Sterblichen Schizophrenia20063.001
Sebkha-ChottNagah-Mahdi - Opuscrits En Quarante-Huit Rouleaux20069.254
Sebkha-ChottNigla(h) - Tapisseries Fines en XXX Scripts et LXX/X Trompettes200812.001
Secret Chiefs 3Book of Horizons200410.001
Secret Chiefs 3Book M200111.001
Secret Chiefs 3Satellite Supersonic Vol. 120109.001
Secret Chiefs 3Book of Souls: Folio A201312.001
Secret Chiefs 3First Grand Constitution and Bylaws19968.001
Secret Chiefs 3Xaphan: Book of Angels Volume 9200811.001
Secret Chiefs 3Le Mani Destre Recise degli Ultimi Uomini200910.001
Secret Chiefs 3Second Grand Constitution and Bylaws: Hurqalya19989.001
Secret Chiefs 3Path of Most Resistance200710.001
SenogulConcierto De Evocación Sonora Para Conjunto Instrumental200912.001
SeptimaniaCoachmania! The Coachmen on Holiday in Septimania!200711.001
SeptimaniaWelcome To Septimania200211.001
Seven IndiesSomeone Hears Your Prayer201512.001
Shadow RayEyes,Gleaming Through The Dark20176.001
David ShamrockThin Pillow20039.001
Shaolin Death SquadFive Deadly Venoms201012.001
Sha's FeckelGreatest Hits201211.001
Sheik AnorakLet’s just bullshit our way through20168.001
ShiningOne One One20138.003
Shiningin the kingdom of kitsch you will be a monster200512.001
ShiningLive Blackjazz201113.002
Shub NiggurathIntroduction200912.001
Shub NiggurathLes Morts Vont Vite198612.502
Shub NiggurathTestament20036.503
Shub NiggurathC'etaient de trés grands vents199110.001
Ske1000 Autunni201112.004
Skeleton CrewLearn To Talk.The Country of Blinds200513.001
Skeleton CrewLearn to talk198412.001
Skeleton CrewThe Country of Blinds198612.001
Skeleton$Diety of Hair20108.001
Skeleton$I'm At The Top Of The World20047.001
Skeleton$Life and the Afterbirth20039.001
Skeleton$ Big BandThe Bus201210.001
Skeleton$ Big BandChicago to Elyria201210.001
Slapp Happy/Henry CowDesperate Straights197511.001
Slede, Zivé SledeRostliny! Rostliny!200011.001
Slede, Zivé SledeMilácek Vytvárí Krajinu199812.001
Sleepytime Gorilla MuseumGrand Opening And Closing200112.003
Sleepytime Gorilla MuseumIn Glorious Times200711.254
Sleepytime Gorilla MuseumOf Natural History200412.004
Sleepytime Gorilla MuseumThe Bowery Ballroom (DVD)20070.001
Sleepytime Gorilla MuseumThe Face (DVD)20050.001
Sleepytime Gorilla MuseumLive20037.001
Slow Music ProjectAladdin Theater, Portland, OR, May 05, 2006200810.001
Smoking The Century AwaySmoking The Century Away199711.001
Smoking The Century AwayAnimated Weightlessness200111.001
Snack FamilyPokie Eye201410.001
Snack FamilyBelly201411.001
Snarling Adjective ConventionBluewolf Bloodwalk200812.003
La Société des Timides à la Parade des OiseauxTranches de Temps Jeté200612.502
La Société des Timides à la Parade des OiseauxLe Combat Occulté200212.001
La Société des Timides à la Parade des OiseauxL'imparfait multiple de dieu201512.002
Soft HeapA Veritable Centaur199510.001
Soft MountainSoft Mountain200713.001
Solid Gold CadillacSolid Gold Cadillac197210.502
SonarA Flaw Of Nature201212.001
SonarStatic Motion201412.001
SonarBlack Light201511.333
Sonata IslandsMeets Mahler201311.002
SOTRedwings Nest201412.001
SOTKind of Saltz201112.001
Spaltklangen Suite200912.004
Spaltklangin between201311.254
Specimen13Echosystem EP201212.001
Spezza RottoTredici canzoni200612.002
Sphincter EnsembleHarrodian Event #120139.001
SpinifexHipsters Gone Ballistic201312.001
Spirits BurningCrazy Fluid201011.001
Squadra OmegaSquadra Omega (LP+7")201011.001
SquartetAdplicatio Minima201512.001
Squat ClubCorvus201112.001
SquintalooLatantriga, latantriga!199811.002
st.ridepiume che cadano200510.001
Stabat AkishNebulos20129.002
Stabat AkishStabat Akish200910.001
The Stargazer's AssistantThe Other Side Of The Island200711.001
The Stargazer's AssistantShivers And Voids200811.001
The Stargazer's AssistantRemoteness Of Light201612.001
StarringWife of God201012.001
StarringStarring CS20100.001
Markus Stauss ArtgenossenTreasures of Light201711.754
Markus StaussNeolithicum (Bass Saxophon Solo & Extras)200411.002
Markus StaussEchoes199911.002
Steamboat SwitzerlandZeitschrei201313.002
Goetz SteegerUser201112.001
Simon SteenslandThe Simon Lonesome Combat Ensemble199310.001
Simon SteenslandThe Zombie Hunter199510.001
Simon SteenslandSimon Steensland's Kamikaze United - Live Gang-Gang200411.001
Simon Steensland25 Years of Minimum R&B201711.001
Simon SteenslandFat Again200911.001
Simon SteenslandThe Phantom of the Theatre200111.001
Simon SteenslandLed Circus199911.001
Simon SteenslandA Farewell To Brains201512.001
Stick & String QuartetThe Stick & String Quartet19929.001
Stormy SixMegafono199910.001
Stormy SixAl Volo198211.001
Stormy SixUn concerto19959.001
Stormy SixL'Apprendista197711.001
Stormy SixMacchina Maccheronica198012.001
Strange AttractorEverything Is Closer200610.001
Demetrio StratosRecitarcantando198011.001
Subtiliorabsence upon a ground201212.002
Suburban SavagesKore Wa!201711.002
The Suite UnravelingThe Suite Unraveling201411.001
Sum of ROrga201711.001
Sunn O))) & BorisAltar200611.001
Suzanne'SilverLike Lazarus201510.001
Damo Suzuki's NetworkHollyaris200510.001
SvinSecretly we are gay201311.001
SvinVirgin Cuts201812.001
SwansThe Seer201213.502
SwitchbladeSwitchblade [2012]201210.001
David SylvianBlemish200312.003
SyntonyWhite Fly201111.001
Syrinx (70er)Long Lost Relatives197111.001
Syrinx (70er)Tumblers from the Vault201612.001
Syrinx (Fra)Qualia200812.002
Systems TheorySoundtracks For Imaginary Movies20048.673
T3AFOWelcome To The Fine Machine (CD+DVD)201110.001
Taj Mahal TravellersLive Stockholm July 1971199812.001
Taj Mahal TravellersJuly 15, 1972197213.001
Taj Mahal TravellersAugust 1974197512.002
Midori TakadaThrough The Looking Glass198312.001
TalvihorrosAnd It Was So20129.001
Tangled Thoughts of LeavingYield to Despair201511.001
Tante FélipéPoint de croix200612.001
Tapetto TraciNeurula200911.001
Tarantula A.D.Atlantic E.P.200510.001
TatvamasiAmor Fati201711.001
Robin TaylorX Position Vol. 120049.001
Robin TaylorThe Båndbix Tapes200010.001
Robin TaylorTwo-Pack201011.001
Robin TaylorX Position Vol. 2200510.001
Robin TaylorEdge Of Darkness200012.001
Taylor's Free UniverseManipulated by Taylor200611.001
Taylor's Free UniverseOn-Plugged In Elsinore200310.502
Taylor's Free UniverseFamily Shot200512.001
Taylor's Free UniverseFile Under Extreme200211.001
Mama Béa TékielskiLa Folle197612.001
Telaio MagneticoLive 1975199512.001
TetragrammatonElegy for Native Tongues200812.001
TeTsuoCousu Main200912.001
TeTsuoTeTsuo Big Band20110.001
TeTsuo & L'OeillèreLos 3 Compañeros Desperdicios20110.001
TeTsuoBetween Earth & Moon200610.001
The Bad MexicanThis is the first attempt of a band called201212.001
The Bad MexicanDue201412.001
The End (NOR/SWE/US)Svårmod Och Vemod Är Värdesinnen201812.001
The Eye Of TimeThe Eye of Time201212.001
The Hadron Big BangersStrange Beauty Decays20139.001
The High Fidelity OrchestraThe High Fidelity Orchestra198311.001
The LivingThe Jungle is dark but full of Diamonds201211.001
The Mount Fuji Doomjazz CorporationEgor201212.001
The Nerve InstituteArchitects of Flesh-Density201112.003
The Nihilist Spasm BandNo Record196812.001
The Peeni Waali All StarsShab Tab201212.001
The SlowmoviesEgocaine / Hits 1920 / 1933200111.502
The Spanish DonkeyRaoul201510.001
Thinking PlagueEarly Plague Years20000.001
Thinking PlagueIn This Life198913.001
Thinking PlagueIn Extremis199811.502
Thinking PlagueA Thinking Plague198411.001
Thinking PlagueMoonsongs198713.001
Thinking Plaguehoping against hope201712.502
Thinking PlagueA History Of Madness200311.502
Thinking PlagueUpon Both Your Houses200410.001
Thinking PlagueDecline And Fall201212.333
Third Ear BandMagic Music (New Age Magical Music)199712.001
Third Ear BandBrain Waves199311.001
Third Ear BandMagic Music199011.001
Third Ear BandLive199610.001
Third Ear BandSongs From The Hydrogen Jukebox19986.001
Third Ear BandMusic from Macbeth197211.001
This HeatMade Available - John Peel Sessions199612.001
This HeatThis Heat197914.002
This HeatRepeat19936.001
This HeatHealth & Efficiency (EP)19809.001
This HeatDeceit198115.001
Jacques ThollotCinq Hops197812.001
Jacques ThollotQuand Le Son Devient Aigu, Jeter La Girafe A La Mer197111.001
Jacques ThollotRésurgence19779.001
Jacques Thollot"watch devil go"197512.001
David Thomas & ForeignersBay City200010.001
David Thomas & His LegsWinter Comes Home19830.001
David Thomas & The Pale OrchestraMirror Man - Act 1: Jack & The General199911.001
David Thomas & The Pale OrchestraMirror Man - Act 2: Bay City20099.001
David Thomas & Two Pale Boys18 Monkeys On A Dead Man's Chest200411.001
David Thomas & Two Pale BoysErewhon199611.001
David Thomas & Two Pale BoysSurf's Up!200111.001
Time of OrchidsSarcast While200512.001
Time of OrchidsEarly As Seen in Pace200312.001
Time of OrchidsNamesake Caution200712.003
Time of OrchidsMelonwhisper200111.001
Time of OrchidsMuch Too Much Fun200210.001
Tin Hat (Trio)The Rain is a Handsome Animal201212.001
Tin Hat (Trio)Book of Silk200410.001
Tin Hat (Trio)Foreign Legion201011.001
Tin Hat (Trio)The Sad Machinery Of Spring200711.001
TipographicaGod Says I Can't Dance199611.001
Julie Tippetts & Martin ArcherVestigium201513.001
Keith Tippett's ArkFrames197812.001
Alfredo TisoccoKatharsis197512.001
Die Tödliche DorisOhne Titel198113.001
Tom MotoAllob Allen201412.001
David TornWhat means solid, traveller?199611.001
David TornThe Order (The Sin Eater)200311.001
David TornPrezens200712.502
Trank Zappa Grappa in Varese?More Light200811.504
Transient v ResidentMedulla200112.001
TrinacriaTravel Now Journey Infinitely200813.001
TrioscapesSeperate Realities201211.001
TrioscapesDigital Dream Sequence201412.001
TroissoeurTrah Njim200012.001
TrunksOn the Roof201110.001
TUOfficial Bootleg200410.001
TUTrey Gunn & Pat Mastelotto200312.001
Turbine StollpronaTurbine Stollprona201310.001
U TotemStrange attractors199411.001
U TotemU Totem199012.001
Ulan BatorStereolith201711.502
Ulan Batorego:echo200011.001
Ulan BatorVégétale199712.001
Ulan BatorOK:KO20028.001
Ulterior LuxThe Dancing Man199010.673
UlverBlood Inside200512.002
UnexpectFables of the Sleepless Empire201112.502
UnexpectIn A Flesh Aquarium200612.001
UnicaZürnTemporal Bends200912.001
Unit WailRetort201312.002
Unit WailPangaea Proxima201211.001
Unit WailBeyond Space Edges201512.002
Univers ZeroPhosphorescent Dreams201412.001
Univers ZeroImplosion200410.502
Univers ZeroUnivers Zero (1313)197713.002
Univers ZeroRelaps - Archives 1984 - 1986200911.254
Univers ZeroHeatwave198611.502
Univers ZeroUzed198413.001
Univers ZeroLive200612.504
Univers Zerorhythmix200212.001
Univers ZeroClivages201012.002
Univers ZeroHeresie197912.002
Univers ZeroCeux Du Dehors198112.003
Univers ZeroThe Hard Quest199910.002
Univers ZeroCrawling Wind200110.001
Universal Totem OrchestraRituale Alieno199911.003
Unnatural WaysWe Aliens201611.001
Upsilon AcruxSun Square Dialect201513.001
Upsilon AcruxUpsilon Live20100.001
Upsilon AcruxLast Train out200112.001
Upsilon AcruxIn The Acrux Of The Upsilon King19999.001
Upsilon AcruxLast Pirates of Upsilon199910.001
Ur KaosAv Sprucket Ut Är Valt Ett Inuiti199814.001
Ur KaosUr Kaos198712.001
Ut GretAncestors' Tale201410.673
Ut GretTime Of The Grets198810.001
Ut GretRadical Symmetry201112.001
Ut GretRecent Fossils200611.001
UtopianistiUtopianisti II + Utopianisti meets Black Motor & Jon Ballantyne201412.333
Uz Jsme DomaV Tokiu - Live in Tokyo 2003 (DVD)200610.502
Uz Jsme DomaCaves - Jeskyne201011.001
Uz Jsme DomaPatnáct Kapek Vody - Fifteen Drops of Water (Best of)200012.001
Uz Jsme DomaUz Jsme Doma + Martin Velisek: Jaro, Peklo, Podzim, Zima/Spring, Hell, Fall, Winter199610.001
Uz Jsme DomaUprostred slov199010.502
Uz Jsme DomaNemilovaný svìt199210.002
Uz Jsme DomaHollywood19938.001
VagusNerveLo Pan200913.001
VagusNerveGo Back To The Sirius201212.001
VampilliaRule The World/Deathtiny Land201112.001
VampilliaAlchemic Heart201111.001
VangelisInvisible Connections198511.001
Jean-Claude VannierL'enfant assassin des mouches197212.001
Various ArtistsKinections: The Progday Support CD200510.001
Various ArtistsRomantic Warriors II - A Progressive Music Saga - About Rock In Opposition201212.502
Various ArtistsVariaciones en la cuerda Vol.119956.001
Various ArtistsRock is Hell 8x7" Boxset20080.002
Various ArtistsTrip Wave201111.002
Various Artistsgot RIO?20130.001
Various ArtistsCanterbury and beyond - Selected Runes from the Cuneiform Catalogue20000.002
Various ArtistsLet's Dance With Irregular Rhythms (DVD)200210.001
Vector EscoploRepresion199111.001
Pierre VervloesemGrosso Modo200211.002
VeryShortShortsMinimal Boom!201111.001
VeryShortShortsBackground Music for Bank Robberies201011.001
Vesala/Sermilä/Hauta-aho/Honkanen/HelasvuoOde to Marilyn197412.001
Vezhlivy OtkazGo to it!..199211.001
Vezhlivy OtkazEthnic Experiences199011.001
Vezhlivy OtkazGeranium200211.002
Vezhlivy OtkazSteel on Stone199712.001
Vezhlivy Otkaz1985-1995199511.002
Vezhlivy OtkazGusi-Lebedi201012.002
VHK (Vágtázó HalottKémek)A Halál Móresre Tanítása - A Világösztön Kiugrasztása199711.001
Via LacteaVia Lactea198012.001
Via LacteaDaath201613.001
The Void's last StandA Sun by Rising Set20099.002
VolapükLe feu du tigre19959.001
Volapükwhere is Tamashii?20038.001
Volcano the Bear / La Société des Timides à la Parade des OiseauxThe Shy Volcanic Society at the Bear and Bird Parade200913.001
VoleThe Hillside Mechanisms201312.001
Vom Fetisch der UnbeirrtheitVertilger201310.002
Von Zamla1983199913.001
Von ZamlaZamlaranamma198212.001
Von ZamlaNo Make Up!198410.001
VortexLes Cycles De Thanatos197912.673
Cédric Vuilledes pas rayé200410.001
Cédric Vuille et Jean 20 HugueninUn royaume, une espèce de vide ...199810.001
Igor WakhevitchLogos197012.001
Igor WakhevitchDocteur Faust197113.001
Igor WakhevitchHathor197312.001
Igor WakhevitchLes Fous d'Or19759.001
Igor WakhevitchNagual (les ailes de la perception)197711.001
Scott WalkerBish Bosch201213.001
Scott WalkerThe Drift200613.502
Scott Walker + Sunn O)))Soused201412.001
Stian Westerhus & Pale HorsesMaelstrom201414.001
White DarknessTokage201111.001
Dave Willey & FriendsImmeasurable Currents201111.673
Wingfield Reuter Stavi SirkisThe Stone House201712.002
World Sanguine ReportThird One Rises200912.001
WorldService ProjectFor King & Country201612.001
WorldService ProjectFire in a Pet Shop201311.001
WorldService ProjectServe201812.002
The Wrong ObjectStories from the Shed200811.001
The Wrong ObjectThe Unbelievable Truth200711.502
The Wrong ObjectAfter The Exhibition201312.001
The Wrong ObjectLive At Zappanale 2008200910.002
Robert WyattComicopera200712.001
Robert Wyattradio experiment rome, february 1981200911.001
X-Legged SallySlow Up199112.001
X-Legged SallyKilled By Charity199313.001
X-Legged SallyEggs and Ashes199413.001
X-Legged SallyThe Land Of The Giant Dwarfs199510.001
Stomu YamashtaRed Buddha197111.001
Les Yeux de la TêteNerf201012.002
Yolk (SUI)Die Dritte199710.001
Yolk (FR)Yolk200611.001
Yolk (SUI)Fuenftens20038.001
Yolk (SUI)Die Vierte200312.001
YonhosagoAlbum 1 (descuento)200510.673
Tatsuya YoshidaA Million Years199711.502
Otomo Yoshihide, Bill Laswell, Yoshida TatsuyaEpisome20069.001
Dennis YoungReel to Real201510.001
YugenYugen Plays Leddi - Uova Fatali200811.254
YugenLabirinto d'acqua200612.333
YugenDeath by Water201612.002
Za!Macumba o Muerte200911.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffSixteenth201211.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffAlice19998.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffMiniaturen200012.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffVoyage au centre de la terre200812.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffIndia19989.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffMultiple Distortions201611.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffMïssa Furïosa200411.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffThe Cabinet of Dr.Caligari (DVD)201410.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffIva Lirma200711.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffDr. Zab & his robotic strings orchestra199210.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffDr. Zab Vol. 220019.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffAria Primitiva201411.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffHeartbeat199710.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffPlanet Luvos201311.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffProméthée19849.001
Zakarya413 A200611.001
ZakaryaSomething Obvious200312.001
Zamla Mammaz MannaFör Äldre Nybegynnare / Schlagerns Mystik197710.001
Zamla Mammaz MannaFamiljesprickor198012.001
Frank ZappaUncle Meat196913.001
Frank ZappaWeasels Ripped My Flesh197011.001
Frank ZappaStudio Tan197812.001
Frank ZappaLumpy Gravy196812.001
ZaussNeulich neben der Grenze200611.502
ZaussTrittico Immer All Over201711.675
Zaussüberall in terra straniera borders beyond201111.673
Michael ZentnerPresent Time198311.001
Zero PopGlows in the dark / All the big mystics199211.001
Zero Zero ZeroCrypto Sensus200011.001
ZETComandante Beat201713.001
ZeviousPassing Through The Wall201311.502
Zita EnsembleQuintet Sessions200710.002
ZNRBarricade 3197610.001
ZNRTraité de mécanique populaire197811.001
John ZornThe Painted Bird201612.001
John ZornValentine's Day201413.001
John ZornThe True Discoveries of Witches and Demons201513.001
John ZornInferno201512.001
John ZornPsychomagia201412.001
John Zorn49 Acts of Unspeakable Depravity in the Abominable Life and Times of Gilles de Rais201612.001
John ZornSimulacrum201511.333
John ZornThe Garden of Earthly Delights201712.001
John ZornInsurrection201811.001
John Zorn's Moonchild TrioIpsissimus201012.001
John Zorn's Moonchild TrioSix Litanies For Heliogabalus200713.002
John Zorn's Moonchild TrioThe Crucible200813.001
John Zorn's Moonchild TrioThe Last Judgment201412.001
John Zorn's Moonchild TrioTemplars - In Sacred Blood201211.001
John Zorn's Moonchild TrioMoonchild: Songs Without Words200612.002
John Zorn's Moonchild TrioAstronome200612.002
ZsB Is For Burning20087.001
ZsThe Hard EP200814.001
ZsMusic Of The Modern White200911.001
ZsNew Slaves201011.502
ZsKarate Bump200511.001
ZsNew Slaves II: Essence Implosion!201111.001
ZuThe way of the animal powers200512.001
ZuCortar Todo201512.001
ZuGoodnight Civilization201411.001
Zut Un Feu RougeExplain this country200610.001

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