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Close to the Edge. How Yes's Masterpiece defined Prog Rock (20.11.2017)
Orpheus Nine - Transcendental Circus
Jeffrey Biegel - Manhattan Intermezzo
Badger - One live Badger
Various Artists - AMIGA Electronics
Taylor's Universe - Almost Perfected
Hans-Hasso Stamer - Digital Life
French TV - Ambassadors of Good Health and Clean Living
Cluster - Cluster & Farnbauer Live in Vienna
Babils - The Joint Between
Reinhard Lakomy & Rainer Oleak - Zeiten
Deluge Grander - Oceanarium
Virgil & Steve Howe - Nexus
Sons of Apollo - Psychotic Symphony
Yurt - III - Molluskkepokk
The Gerald Peter Project - Incremental Changes, Pt. 1
Tohpati Ethnomission - Mata Hati
Dialeto - Bartók in Rock
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Band Album Jahr  Ø-Wertung # Rezis
Le Ton MitéPassé Composé Futur Conditionnel201712.001
Toby DriverMadonnawhore201711.001
Deep ImaginationCarefully Kept Secrets201710.001
AKPBreaking Free Tour Live20179.001
Yonder PondPondering Aloud201710.003
Ben Levin GroupPeople20179.002
Robert ReedVariations On Themes By David Bedford20176.001
Lothar-Michael Ernst & The Full Moon BandStranded on Inner Shores20179.002
SathönayLost a Home20178.001
22You are creating: Limb 1201710.001
Steve HackettThe Night Siren201712.002
The OrvaliansThe Great Filter201712.002
Steven WilsonTo the Bone20178.673
Richard BarbieriPlanets + Persona201710.001
Kim SeviourRecovery Is Learning20170.001
Emil AmosFilmmusik20178.502
Isildurs Bane & Steve HogarthColours Not Found In Nature201710.754
ElbowLittle Fictions201710.502
Hidden LandsHalcyon20179.001
GungflyOn her Journey to the Sun201712.001
Procol HarumNovum20176.001
White Moth Black ButterflyAtone201711.001
Nick Prol & The ProletariansLoon Attic201712.001
The Great DiscordThe Rabbit Hole20178.001
Violent Attitude If NoticedOurselves and Otherwise20178.001
Tim BurnessWhose Dream are you living?20179.001
Tori AmosNative Invader201711.001
UlverThe Assassination of Julius Caesar201710.001
AnubisThe Second Hand201710.001
Lunatic SoulFractured201713.001
SmalltapeThe Ocean201712.673
Band of RainThe Dust of Stars201711.001
Shadow RayEyes,Gleaming Through The Dark20176.001
Cheer-AccidentPutting Off Death201710.002
UnitopiaMore Than a Dream - The Dream Complete20177.001
Bent KneeLand Animal201711.003
Major ParkinsonBlackbox201712.502
Roger WatersIs This The Life We Really Want?201712.003
Suburban SavagesKore Wa!201711.001
Aquasergelaisse ça être201712.002
Virgil & Steve HoweNexus20174.001
Tim BownessLost in the Ghost Light201710.502
The Claypool Lennon DeliriumMonolith Of Phobos201612.001
AquasergeGuerre EP201610.001
Rikard SjöblomThe Unbendable Sleep201610.003
AktII (Binario)201611.001
Frequency DriftLast201611.333
Poor Genetic MaterialAbsence201612.502
Marco MinnemannAbove the Roses201612.001
Ray WilsonSong For A Friend20160.001
BirdeatsbabyTanta Furia201611.001
North Sea Radio OrchestraDronne201611.001
The EnidDust201611.001
Farmhouse OdysseyRise of the Waterfowl201612.001
Marco MinnemannSchattenspiel201612.001
The Raptor TrailNew World201610.001
Aksak Maboul16 Visions of Ex-Futur201612.001
Joe DeVitaCanyons20168.001
The Dear HunterAct V: Hymns With The Devil In Confessional201612.254
Finnegan ShanahanThe Two Halves201612.001
Jade VineMind of a Man201610.001
Joe VolkHappenings and Killings201611.001
EfterklangLeaves - The Colour of Falling20168.502
TheodoreIt is but it's not20168.001
BjörkVulnicura Live201612.001
The AnchoressConfessions of a Romance Novelist20166.673
Bent KneeSay So201613.003
Kate BushBefore The Dawn201612.002
Jeremy FlowerThe Real Me201613.001
Security ProjectLive 120160.001
öOoOoOoOoOo (Chenille)Samen201610.333
FrostFalling Satellites201610.502
HolonThe Time is Always Now201612.001
Huxley Would ApproveGrave New World - Part One20169.001
EsquireIII - No Spare Planet20168.001
The Rube Goldberg MachineFragile Times20169.001
Kayo DotPlastic House On Base Of Sky201612.002
Steve JansenTender Extinction201611.001
RadioheadA Moon Shaped Pool201611.001
David BowieBlackstar201613.003
BlueneckThe Outpost201612.001
The Mute GodsDo Nothing Till You Hear From Me20169.333
Steven Wilson4 1/220169.333
Autumnal BlossomSpellbound201611.001
ZugzwangFuture Visions20165.001
KanoiBuru Haze20159.502
3RDegreeOnes & Zeros : Volume 1201510.001
ArgosA Seasonal Affair201512.001
Opposite DaySpace Taste Race Part 2201511.001
nullHallo Boden201510.001
Umphrey's McGeeThe London Session201511.001
Level PiThis Burning Part of Me201510.001
Steven WilsonTransience20150.001
VLYI / [TIME]20158.502
ChristinaThe Light20150.001
PhaedraBlackwinged Night201510.001
Lithium DawnTearing Back The Veil I: Ascension201511.001
IZZEverlasting Instant201510.002
Steve HughesTales From The Silent Ocean201511.001
frostlakeWhite Moon, Black Moon201512.001
William D. DrakeRevere Reach201513.001
Nordic GiantsA Seance of Dark Delusions201510.001
CryptexMadeleine Effect201510.001
Anderson Ponty BandBetter Late Than Never20156.002
The Dear HunterAct IV: Rebirth in Reprise201512.502
Perfect beingsPerfect Beings II201511.001
MessengerIllusory Blues201510.001
A KEW’S TAGSilence of the Sirens20159.502
The Winter TreeEarth Below201510.001
Colin BassAt Wild End201511.001
Antony Kalugin Project (Sunchild)Synesthesia20158.502
Thieves' KitchenThe Clockwork Universe201511.001
Dweezil Zappavia zammata'201510.002
Vincenzo SalviaThe Volkswagen Of Death201510.001
Mike OldfieldThe Best of: 1992-200320158.001
MandalaMidnight Twilight201511.001
Shady Lane37 (EP)201510.001
The ReceiverAll burn20157.001
We Are KinPandora201510.001
Adrian BelewLive at the Paradise Theater Boston201510.001
Census Of HallucinationsNothing Is As It Seems20158.001
Tim BownessStupid Things that mean the World201510.002
BjörkVulnicura Strings201512.001
Sus DungoDown The River201514.001
Marco MinnemannCelebration201513.001
FjieriWords Are All We Have201510.502
ArmoniteThe Sun is New each Day201511.001
SupertrampLive In Paris '7920150.001
Pharaoh OverlordCircle201510.502
Blurred VisionOrganized Insanity20159.001
Standing OvationGravity Beats Nuclear201512.001
iamthemorningfrom the house of arts201512.001
IOEarthNew World201511.502
Suzanne'SilverLike Lazarus201510.001
The Black CodexThe Black Codex Box201511.502
bArtManLos Gigantes20158.001
The Dreaming TreeSilverfade201510.001
Destiny PotatoLUN201512.001
Tony BanksA Chord Too Far201513.001
Order of the LivingHeartwards201512.001
John WettonNew York Minute - John Wetton And Les Paul Trio201510.001
Steven WilsonCover Version201410.001
Tim BownessAbandoned Dancehall Dreams201410.001
GreenwallZAPPA ZIPPA ZUPPA ZEPPA!20147.001
Sleeping PulseUnder The Same Sky201411.001
Casualties Of CoolCasualties Of Cool20147.001
Captain CougarÅkerblomrörelsen201412.001
Eyevory & The Euphobia OrchestraA Symphonic Night of Prog Rock - Live at Schlachthof Bremen201410.001
Rick MillerHeart Of Darkness201410.001
EatlizAll Of It20147.002
LunocodeC'e vita intelligente sulla terra?201411.001
Dream The Electric SleepHeretics20149.502
ElbowThe Take Off and Landing of Everything201410.002
Freedom To GlideRain201411.001
MoeTarEntropy of the Century201411.001
Frequency DriftOver201412.002
Marco MinnemannEeps201412.001
Major ParkinsonTwilight Cinema201413.001
FreddeGreddeBrighter Skies201412.001
Perfect beingsPerfect beings201412.001
SchnauserProtein for Everyone201411.001
Chickencage ExperienceKamasutra Blackbelt201412.001
Alternative 4The Obscurants201411.502
Emmett ElvinBloody Marvels201411.001
BlueneckKing Nine201410.001
Glistening LeotardChanging Course201411.001
North Atlantic OscillationThe Third Day201410.001
Carla BozulichBoy201411.001
Kayo DotCoffins on Io201412.002
ToehiderWhat kind of Creature am I?201411.001
Mike OldfieldMan on the Rocks20146.003
Fractal MirrorGarden of Ghosts201411.001
David BowieNothing Has Changed.20140.001
MilleniumIn Search of the Perfect Melody20148.001
Electric LitanyEnduring Days you will overcome20149.001
Andy JacksonSignal To Noise201411.002
Delusion SquaredThe Final Delusion201410.002
Modest MidgetCrysis201410.001
A.C.TCircus Pandemonium20149.002
RenaissanceSymphony of Light201411.001
Eno • HydeHigh Life201410.001
Curved AirNorth Star201411.002
Salem HillThe Unseen Cord / Thicker than Water201410.002
Cirrus BayThe Search For Joy20149.001
HarvestNorthern Wind201410.001
Closure in MoscowPink Lemonade201411.001
Aksak MaboulEx-Futur Album201412.001
Eno • HydeSomeday World201410.001
Halo BlindOccupying Forces201410.001
Bent KneeShiny Eyed Babies201413.673
ATRINAIn Planetary Sugar201311.001
Judge SmithZoot Suit201312.001
King FridayLet the Song Begin20139.001
Mr. So & SoTruths, Lies & Half Lies201310.001
DreadnaughtHave a Drink with Dreadnaught201311.001
DaymoonFabric Of Space Divine201310.673
ConspiracyConspiracy Live20136.001
Fractal MirrorStrange Attractors20139.001
GodsticksThe Envisage Conundrum201310.673
Aisles4:45 AM20139.001
KingBathmatOvercoming The Monster20139.001
The Cosmic RemedyThe Cosmic Remedy201311.001
Thieves' KitchenOne For Sorrow, Two For Joy201310.003
Chris Evans & David HanselmannStonehenge - From Then Till Now20138.001
Rigna FolkSol20138.001
Martin HallPhasewide, Exit Signs201311.001
ProteoREPUBLIKFLUCHT!...facing east201311.001
Judy DybleFlow and Change20138.001
The Prog CollectiveEpilogue20137.502
Tristan BlaskowitzWinter20139.502
KarmamoiOdd Trip20139.502
TumbletownDone With The Coldness20138.502
After CryingXXV201311.001
Opus SymbiosisMonster20138.001
Hot Head ShowPerfect201312.001
Brother ApeForce Majeure20138.002
CanvasLong Way To Mars20138.001
The Low Frequency In StereoPop Obskura201310.001
bArtManJourney into the Dark20139.001
RenaissanceGrandine il Vento201310.333
Vincenzo SalviaAuto Radio20139.001
Autumnal BlossomAgainst the fear of death201311.001
CoarbeghThe Colour Of Happiness201310.001
Mike KeneallyYou Must Be This Tall201312.502
The Green ViolinistMore Thrill & Never Ending Blessings20139.001
Iain JenningsMy Dark Surprise20137.001
Rhys Marsh & The Autumn GhostTrio20139.001
Mr AverellGridlock20139.333
The Opium CartelArdor201310.502
Foyn Trio!Joy Visible201310.001
Kristoffer GildenlöwRust20139.001
RPWLA Show Beyond Man And Time201311.001
The Pineapple ThiefBuild a World201311.001
Poor Genetic MaterialA Day In June201312.001
KingBathmatTruth Button20139.502
Marco De AngelisThe River - Both sides of the story20138.001
Chrome HoofChrome Black Gold201311.001
Soma WhiteSoma White201311.001
Vienna CircleSilhouette Moon201312.001
CocoRosieTales Of A GrassWidow201310.001
Baby GuruPieces20129.001
Steve Hogarth / Richard BarbieriNot The Weapon But The Hand201212.002
RPWLBeyond Man And Time201211.002
Shattered SkiesPianomation201211.001
UlverChildhood's End201211.502
PadreFrom Faraway Island201210.001
Brother Sun, Sister MoonBrother Sun, Sister Moon201210.001
FuchsLeaving Home201210.001
Patrick Morazmoraz live / abbey road201211.001
Rhys Marsh & The Autumn GhostThe Blue Hour201212.001
Douze AlfonsoCharles Darwin20129.503
PlaygroundThe Strange Plot20127.001
David SylvianA Victim of Stars20120.001
Antony Kalugin Project (Sunchild)Isolation201211.001
GazpachoMarch of Ghosts201210.333
Mr GilI want you to get back Home201210.001
RiverseaOut Of An Ancient World201211.001
Frequency Drift...laid to rest201210.333
ChrisCity Of Light20129.502
VuvuzelaThe Hollow Choir20128.001
Enochian TheoryLIFE ...And All It Entails201211.001
AngeEscale à Ch'tiland201212.001
EyevoryThe True Bequest20129.001
Mike KeneallyWing Beat Fantastic201210.001
OSIFire Make Thunder201210.001
Alessandro FarinellaRoad To Damascus201210.001
10 ccTenology20120.001
The Samuel Jackson FiveThe Samuel Jackson Five201212.001
Ava LunaIce Level201212.001
John GalganoReal Life is Meeting201210.001
Lee FletcherFaith in Worthless Things201212.001
NektarA Spoonful of Time20124.502
Arjen Anthony LucassenLost In The New Real201211.002
GathererSo be it201211.001
MuseThe 2nd Law20127.001
Strawberry FieldsLive20120.001
Talk TalkLive In Spain 1986201212.001
ArchiveWith Us Until You're Dead20129.333
MonjoieAffetto e Attrazione20126.001
Barrett ElmoreWoodlands201210.001
MavaraSeason of Salvation201210.001
ArgosCruel Symmetry201212.001
Phi Yaan-ZekDeeper with the Anima201210.001
MothliteDark Age201210.001
Opus SymbiosisNature's Choir201211.001
Notturno ConcertanteCanzoni allo specchio201211.502
Kuusumun ProfeettaHuutoja hiljaisesta huoneesta201211.001
Rags & RibbonsThe Glass Masses201211.001
Lo-Fi ResistanceChalk Lines201210.001
SinewPilots of a New Sky201210.001
Alias EyeIn-Between201210.254
IZZCrush of Night201212.001
Art of InfinityRaumwerk20129.001
The National Orchestra Of The United Kingdom Of GoatsVaaya And The Sea20127.502
Roxy MusicThe Complete Studio Recordings20120.001
17 PygmiesCIII: Even Celestina Gets The Blues (A Tale of Love and Quantum Physics)20129.001
Storm CorrosionStorm Corrosion201210.333
David KilminsterScarlet - The Director's Cut20128.001
NooumenaArgument With Eagerness201111.001
Cheer-AccidentNo Ifs, Ands or Dogs201112.001
TonbruketDig it to the end201112.001
YesterdaysColours Caffè201112.502
William D. DrakeThe Rising Of The Lights201110.001
AunPhantom Ghost20119.001
Eclipse Sol-AirBartók's Crisis201111.502
Bent KneeBent Knee201113.002
PaintboxThe Night20116.002
ToehiderThe First Six20110.001
RadioheadThe King Of Limbs20119.002
TravellersA Journey Into The Sun Within20117.001
ToehiderThe Last Six201112.001
ToehiderTo Hide Her201110.001
September MalevolenceOur Withers Unwrung20119.001
The Android MemeOrdo Ab Chao201110.001
The Beach BoysThe Smile Sessions201112.002
17 PygmiesCII: Second Son201110.001
DaymoonAll Tomorrows201110.333
FreddeGreddeThirteen Eight201111.001
Anyone's DaughterCalw Live201110.502
Stern-Combo MeissenLebensuhr201110.001
North Sea Radio OrchestraI am a Moon201111.001
MandalabandAD - Sangreal20119.001
Damian WilsonI Thought The World Was Listening 1997-201120110.001
Judge SmithOrfeas201111.502
Balloon AstronomyBalloon Astronomy20118.003
Mandrake ProjectTransitions20119.502
Peter GabrielNew Blood20119.002
Kate Bush50 Words For Snow201110.003
Sun DomingoSongs for end times201110.002
MangroveMore Or Less... an acoustic evening20118.002
Jeff GreenJessica20110.001
Goetz SteegerUser201112.001
Steve HackettLive Rails201110.002
NosoundThe northern religion of things20118.001
Blue Touch PaperStand Well Back201112.001
UlverThe Norwegian National Opera201111.001
ElbowBuild a Rocket Boys!201111.504
Steve HackettBeyond the Shrouded Horizon201110.502
RadioheadThe King Of Limbs - Live From The Basement (DVD)20110.001
Frequency DriftGhosts...201111.004
Birds of PassageWinter Lady20119.001
Sean FilkinsWar and Peace & other short stories201110.001
Man On FireChrysalis201111.003
Kate BushDirector's Cut20118.001
Cides & LeysLive Facebook & Myspace Concert201110.001
Andy SearsSouvenir20119.001
Tori AmosNight Of Hunters201110.001
William ShatnerSeeking Major Tom20110.001
UlverWars of the Roses201110.002
Jakszyk, Fripp, CollinsA King Crimson ProjeKct - A Scarcity of Miracles201111.004
TeTsuoTeTsuo Big Band20110.001
TeTsuo & L'OeillèreLos 3 Compañeros Desperdicios20110.001
Poor Genetic MaterialIsland Noises201113.001
Various ArtistsTrip Wave201111.002
Chrome HoofCrush Depth201010.001
Under ByenAlt Er Tabt201011.001
Mr GilLight And Sound20108.001
CocoRosieGrey Oceans201011.001
Minne GrawAusgeträumt20106.502
Acute MindAcute Mind201010.001
MoeTarFrom These Small Seeds201012.003
Czeslaw NiemenTerra Deflorata - Koncert201010.001
David BowieA Reality Tour201011.001
GazpachoA Night At Loreley (DVD/CD-Box)201012.001
tanti-matter poetry201013.001
EatlizDelicately Violent (E.P.)201010.001
The Pineapple ThiefSomeone here is missing201011.002
AngeLe bois travaille, même le dimanche201011.003
EfterklangMagic Chairs201010.001
Peter GabrielScratch My Back201011.333
The Black Noodle ProjectReady To Go20107.001
Echo UsTomorrow Will Tell the Story201011.001
Alan ParsonsEye 2 Eye - Live in Madrid20105.001
GazpachoMissa Atropos20109.754
Capillary ActionCapsized201013.001
Charming HostessThe Bowls Project201011.001
Mr GilSkellig20109.001
Pure Reason RevolutionHammer and Anvil20109.503
Major ParkinsonSongs From A Solitary Home201012.001
All Over EverywhereInner Firmaments Decay201010.333
Tangerine DreamUnder Cover. Chapter One20100.001
GodsticksSpiral Vendetta201011.001
Barbara RubinUnder The Ice20105.001
Finn ArildTestament20107.003
Modest MidgetThe Great Prophecy of a Small Man201010.001
Nicolas JohnThe Irrevocable Need To Have Dreams20107.001
SteinwolkeDie frühen Jahre20108.001
Yogi LangNo Decoder20108.001
RPWLThe Gentle Art of Music201011.002
ChrisMaking Sense20109.001
Stefano Panunzia Rose201012.001
Dynamo Bliss21st Century Junk201011.001
Nick MagnusChildren Of Another God201010.502
Midas FallEleven. Return and Revert201013.001
MandalabandResurrection - Mandalaband I & II201011.001
The Moody BluesThreshold of a Dream - Live at the Isle of Wight Festival20107.001
ShearwaterThe Golden Archipelago201013.001
Electric Light OrchestraLive: The Early Years20109.001
AriesDouble Reign201012.001
Panic RoomSatellite20109.001
EatlizTeasing Nature201011.001
AnathemaWe're here because we're here20108.673
Jan Dukes de GreyStrange Terrain20106.001
NosoundA Sense of Loss20098.502
Mandrake ProjectA Miraculous Container200911.002
Tori AmosAbnormally Attracted To Sin200910.002
The Void's last StandA Sun by Rising Set20099.002
Tori AmosMidwinter Graces20096.001
Orchestre National de JazzAround Robert Wyatt200913.001
GodsticksGodsticks (EP)200911.001
Sophya BacciniAradia200911.001
Sun DomingoLive In Montreal - Marillion Weekend 09200910.001
MarillionLess Is More20098.001
HeartscoreTouch Me20099.001
The UniverzalsOcean of Light20099.001
MandalabandBC - Ancestors20099.001
Yosemite RainJourney20099.002
The SynBig Sky (a chance to get it right)20094.001
Being & TimeBeing & Time20097.001
Barclay James HarvestSea of Tranquility. The Polydor Years 1974-1997200911.001
Yoshi HamplWater Dealer200910.001
AngeSouffleurs de vers Tour200911.001
Lee AbrahamBlack & White20097.001
Taras BulbaThe Best Of Now & Zen20099.001
The Redundant RockerHeart20099.001
Glass HammerThree Cheers For The Broken Hearted20094.002
SBBIron Curtain20098.502
Dice (Dt)Versus without versus - End Part20099.001
Flavio MezzodiElements200910.001
Ex-VagusDream Object 5200910.001
Strawberry FieldsRivers Gone Dry20090.001
MoongardenA Vulgar Display Of Prog200911.673
Steve HackettOut Of The Tunnel's Mouth200911.502
Patrick MorazChange of Space20092.502
IZZThe Darkened Room200911.673
Gavin CastletonHome200912.001
HarvestUnderground Community20099.002
Steve ThorneInto The Ether20098.001
Pure Reason RevolutionAmor Vincit Omnia20096.673
Side CStati d'Alienazione200911.001
TiltMillion Dollar Wound E.P.200911.002
Gugu FluxSatellitenavigation20099.001
TeTsuoCousu Main200912.001
CentenaireII - The Enemy200911.001
Carol Of HarvestTy i Ja200910.001
Kiss KissThe Meek Shall Inherit What's Left200913.001
At War With SelfA Familiar Path200910.001
Agents Of MercyThe Fading Ghosts Of Twilight20097.254
Sky Cries MarySpace between the drops200911.001 one flies around the sun200910.001
The Setting SonSpring of Hate20097.001
Rosa LuxemburgRosa Luxemburg I & II200911.001
Roland EndersAbout Angst | Daydreamer200910.001
My Baby wants to eat your pussyIgnorance & Vision200811.001
MoongardenSongs From The Lighthouse200810.333
Flaming BessWächter des Lichts200810.002
Jack BruceSpirit - Live At The BBC 1971 - 1978200811.001
Roxy MusicLive at Rainbow Music Hall, Denver, Colorado, USA200810.001
Damon ShulmanVultures and Sheep200811.001
Lee Abraham Steve Kingmanidle Noise20088.002
Jane RelfJane's Renaissance. The Complete Jane Relf Collection: 1969 - 199520080.001
DeeExpusHalf Way Home20088.001
Domácí KapelaKrajina mlci200811.001
Barrskogsbo is the place200810.001
EatlizHey/Big Fish20089.001
David BowieDavid Bowie Box20080.001
SpiralingTime Travel Made Easy200811.001
MarillionHappiness is the Road - Essence20088.502
BeardfishSleeping In Traffic: Part Two200811.405
MarillionHappiness is the Road - The Hard Shoulder20086.502
Matthew ParmenterHorror Express200812.001
ElbowThe Seldom Seen Kid200810.004
Paintboxbright gold and red20089.001
Robert BeriauSelfishness: Source of War & Violence200811.001
The Marble Faun[disappearer]20089.001
Hello MadnessLight and Life after Dusk20089.001
David BowieLive Santa Monica '72200811.001
Hinn Islenski ÞursaflokkurinnÓkomin forneskjan20080.002
Fun MachineSonnenhuhn200812.001
Major ParkinsonMajor Parkinson200810.001
Mike KeneallyWine And Pickles200811.001
KayakComing Up For Air200810.001
CCANot Different But Not The Same200811.001
Marc Ribot's Ceramic DogParty Intellectuals200811.001
Pattern Is MovementAll Together200812.001
Richard BarbieriStranger Inside20088.502
RPWLThe RPWL Experience20089.504
Art CinemaArt Cinema200810.502
EatlizViolently Delicate200812.502
Brian Eno & David ByrneEverything That Happens Will Happen Today20086.001
OverheadAnd We're Not Here After All200811.002
Moon Safari[blomljud]200810.673
Conqueror74 Giorni20079.001
2 Foot YardBorrowed Arms200711.001
Tori AmosAmerican Doll Posse200711.001
Anton RoolaartDreamer20079.001
Breathing SpaceComing Up For Air20077.001
Pure Reason RevolutionThe Dark Third200711.002
Poor Genetic MaterialParadise Out Of Time200710.502
Roxy MusicOn the Road. Live. 197920079.001
Roxy MusicThe Thrill of it All. A Visual History 1972-1982 (DVD)200711.001
CinnamoniaSongs in the Trees200711.001
William D. DrakeBriny Hooves200711.001
Peter GabrielThe Warm Up Tour Summer 2007 - 14.06.2007 Gelsenkirchen200712.001
Steve JansenSlope200711.502
BlackfieldBlackfield II20078.504
Nine HorsesMoney For All200711.001
Chris SquireChris Squire's Swiss Choir20070.001
The Moody BluesLive at the BBC 1967-197020078.001
Roger HodgsonTake the Long Way Home. Live in Montreal (DVD)200712.001
Gavin CastletonA Bullet, A Lever, A Key20070.001
Abigail's GhostSelling insincerity200711.002
Officina MeccanicaLa Follia Del Mimo Di Fuoco200710.001
Milo's CravingThe More You Know200711.001
Steve Thornepart two: emotional creatures200710.502
AngeSouffleurs de vers20079.001
The Dear HunterAct II: The Meaning Of, & All Things Regarding Ms. Leading20079.502
Godley & GouldmanGG06200711.001
HeartscoreMany Directions200710.001
The PhaseReviews20078.001
MagentaThe singles20079.001
Umphrey's McGeeThe Bottom Half20079.001
Alan Morsefour o'clock & hysteria20079.502
TouchstoneDiscordant Dreams20076.002
Barclay James HarvestLegacy - Live at The Shepherd´s Bush Empire20078.001
The Gourishankar2nd Hands200710.502
The Neil Campbell CollectiveParticle Theory200714.001
It BitesWhen The Lights Go Down200710.001
A Mountain Of OneCollected Works200710.001
Robert WyattComicopera200712.001
Combination HeadProgress?200711.001
Alias EyeIn Focus200711.002
Various ArtistsThe Bearded's Project - Hope | Omid200711.001
Tim BurnessVision On200710.001
Happy RhodesFind Me200711.001
Angele tour de la question200712.001
AngeZénith an II200712.001
Umphrey's McGeeLive At The Murat200711.001
Kevin AyersThe Unfairground200710.001
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Accept (Jap.)Silver Moon20075.002
UniverveTimeless Space200710.001
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BoltMovement and Detail20069.001
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chimpan Achimpan A20063.002
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Fond of MusicJunk Shop / Italian Cemetery200610.001
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The Dear HunterAct I: The Lake South The River North200611.001
GreylevelOpus One20069.001
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Umphrey's McGeeSafety in Numbers200610.001
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JeboSinking Without You200612.001
Porcupine TreeArriving Somewhere... (DVD)200612.673
on trialForever200610.502
VillebrådAlla är här utom jag20069.502
Tea For TwoTwisted200610.001
Electric Light OrchestraOut of the Blue • Live at Wembley (DVD)20068.001
La Tulipe NoireNostimon Hemar20066.001
MagentaHome / The New York Suite: Special Edition20069.673
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Compáshalb nachts 320069.001
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Marco GallettiLa luce che illumina i sogni20056.001
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After...Endless Lunatic20058.001
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YesThe ultimate Yes200410.002
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The Psychedelic Avengers...and the curse of the universe200411.502
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AudiacThank you for not discussing the outside world200311.001
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Charming HostessPunch200010.502
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The Wishing TreeCarnival of Souls19966.001
EmpireEmpire Mark III19967.001
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YesOwner Of A Lonely Heart19910.001
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Rain Tree CrowRain Tree Crow199113.001
CelesteSecond Plus19915.001
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Talk TalkHistory revisited19910.001
Tony BanksStill19915.333
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Pere UbuWorlds in Collision19917.001
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VangelisThe City19908.001
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The Perc Meets The Hidden GentlemanThe Fruits of Sin & Labor199010.001
Dead Can DanceAion199012.001
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YesBig Generator19876.676
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TributeBreaking Barriers19866.502
Happy RhodesRhodes II19869.001
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SupertrampBrother Where You Bound198512.001
Combo FHSituace na strese19859.001
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Islo Mobwir sind das Abendland19858.002
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Mike OldfieldDiscovery19846.754
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Talk TalkIt's My Life19849.002
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The Moody BluesThe Present19834.502
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JapanOil On Canvas198312.001
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Peter GabrielIV198212.333
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Jon and VangelisShort Stories19806.333
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Godley & CremeFreeze Frame197912.001
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David BowieStage197810.502
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WigwamDark Album19776.001
OmegaIdorablö (Timerobber)197710.001
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Brian EnoBefore And After Science197712.254
801Listen now!197715.001
The Moody BluesCaught Live + 519777.001
Procol HarumSomething Magic19779.502
Jack BruceHow's Tricks19779.001
Quantum JumpBarracuda19779.502
David BowieLow19779.502
David BowieHeroes197713.001
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Daevid AllenGood Morning19769.001
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10 ccHow dare you!197614.001
Quantum JumpQuantum Jump197612.002
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TraceThe White Ladies19769.001
Alan WhiteRamshackled19768.001
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Brian EnoAnother Green World197511.001
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KayakKayak (2nd album)197410.001
Kevin AyersThe Confessions Of Dr Dream And Other Stories19749.001
SupersisterSpiral Staircase19749.001
Barclay James HarvestEveryone Is Everybody Else197410.502
QueenSheer Heart Attack19749.001
10 ccSheet Music197413.001
Manfred Mann's Earth BandThe Good Earth197412.001
David BowieDiamond Dogs19748.333
QueenQueen II197410.002
David BowieDavid Live197411.001
Brian EnoTaking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)197410.002
Laser PaceGranfalloon197411.001
Seventh WaveThings To Come197410.002
Jack BruceOut of the Storm197410.001
Laurence VanayGalaxies197411.001
Electric Light OrchestraEldorado19749.673
Electric Light OrchestraThe Night the Light Went on in Long Beach19749.502
Procol HarumExotic Birds and Fruit19748.002
SupertrampCrime of the Century197412.333
The Moody BluesThis Is The Moody Blues19740.002
Roxy MusicCountry Life19749.502
Kevin AyersBananamour19737.001
Peter SinfieldStill19739.001
Brian EnoHere Come The Warm Jets197311.502
Rupert HineUnfinished picture197311.001
10 cc10 cc197312.001
Roxy MusicStranded19739.002
Todd RundgrenA Wizard, A True Star197312.001
Procol HarumGrand Hotel19738.673
Electric Light OrchestraE.L.O. 2197310.673
Pink FloydThe Dark Side of the Moon197312.297
Electric Light OrchestraOn the Third Day197310.002
Solid Gold CadillacBrain Damage197311.001
Manfred Mann's Earth BandMessin'19739.001
Roxy MusicFor Your Pleasure197310.502
Roxy MusicRoxy Music197211.673
Il Paese dei BalocchiIl Paese dei Balocchi197210.002
David BowieThe Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars197212.001
Todd RundgrenSomething/Anything197212.001
Solid Gold CadillacSolid Gold Cadillac197210.502
Piero e i CottonfieldsIl viaggio, la donna, un'altra vita19722.001
The Moody BluesSeventh Sojourn19727.502
Procol HarumLive In Concert With The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra197211.002
Manfred Mann's Earth BandGlorified Magnified19729.001
John CaleThe Academy In Peril19725.502
SupertrampIndelibly Stamped19717.001
The Moody BluesEvery Good Boy Deserves Favour19717.003
Samla Mammas MannaSamla Mammas Manna19719.001
Rupert HinePick up a bone197110.001
Electric Light OrchestraNo Answer (a.k.a The Electric Light Orchestra)197110.002
Colin ScotColin Scot & Friends19718.002
Jack BruceHarmony Row197112.001
Guy SkornikPour Pauwels19719.001
Peter HammillFool's Mate19719.605
David BowieHunky Dory197113.002
Procol HarumBroken Barricades19718.002
Procol HarumHome19708.002
G.F. Fitz-GeraldMouseproof197010.001
The Moody BluesA Question of Balance19709.002
Pete Brown & Piblokto!Things May Come And Things May Go, But The Art School Dance Goes On Forever197010.001
Pete Brown & Piblokto!Thousands On A Raft197010.001
Procol HarumA Salty Dog19696.001
Jack BruceSongs For A Tailor196912.502
The BeatlesAbbey Road196915.001
David BowieSpace Oddity196911.001
The Moody BluesTo Our Children's Children's Children19699.001
The Moody BluesOn the Threshold of a Dream196910.001
Kevin AyersJoy of a toy196911.001
Ars Nova (US)Sunshine & Shadows19697.001
Ars Nova (US)Ars Nova196811.001
Procol HarumShine On Brightly196810.333
The BeatlesThe Beatles ("White Album")196812.002
Giles, Giles & FrippThe cheerful Insanity of Giles, Giles & Fripp19687.001
The Moody BluesDays of Future Passed19679.254
Procol HarumProcol Harum196710.002
The BeatlesMagical Mystery Tour196713.001
Captain BeefheartSafe As Milk19678.333
The BeatlesSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band196714.333
The Beach BoysPet Sounds196614.001
The BeatlesRevolver196612.002

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