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Expo '70 - animism
Scherzoo - 04
Riverside - Wasteland
Crippled Black Phoenix - Great Escape
The Alan Parsons Project - On Air
Lumerians - Call Of The Void
VAK - Budo
Time Collider - Travel Conspiracy
Regal Worm - Pig Views
Tri Atma - Tri Atma
Jean Michel Jarre - Planet Jarre
42DE - Fall of the Moon
Yes Featuring Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Rick Wakeman - Live at the Apollo
Aaron Brooks - Homunculus
Svin - Virgin Cuts
Marcello Giombini - Computer Disco
UFO över Lappland - UFO över Lappland
Mark Wingfield - Tales from the Dreaming City
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Band  Album Jahr Ø-Wertung # Rezis
Alex’s HandRoaches201411.001
Ant-BeeElectronic Church Muzik20119.001
Anthurus d'ArcherPhallus Impudicus201211.673
Anthurus d'ArcherFatalitas - Desperate Pinball200512.002
Anthurus d'ArcherPlastofilène200712.001
Anthurus d'ArcherMusique Verte200712.001
AreaThe Essential Box Set Collection201013.001
The AristocratsThe Aristocrats201111.001
BeardfishDestined Solitaire200911.504
BeardfishSleeping In Traffic: Part Two200811.405
BelugaArchitecture of the Absurd201312.001
BirdeatsbabyTanta Furia201611.001
Birds And BuildingsMultipurpose Trap201311.504
CamembertSchnörgl Attahk201110.673
CamembertNegative Toe201712.001
CamembertClacosmique EP200911.001
Capillary ActionSo Embarrassing200812.001
Captain BeefheartLick My Decals Off, Baby197014.001
Captain BeefheartSafe As Milk19678.333
Chato!So und nicht anders201712.001
Chato!Prog Fusion with Balls201511.001
Roberto ColomboSfogatevi Bestie197611.333
Roberto ColomboBotte da Orbi197710.002
Cowboys From HellBig Fish201211.502
Hal DarlingD2R200311.002
Hal DarlingDarling199614.001
Joe Deninzon & StratospheeriusThe Adventures Of Stratospheerius20029.001
Joe Deninzon & StratospheeriusHeadspace200712.001
Joe Deninzon & StratospheeriusLive Wires200411.001
Different TrainsOn The Right Track19948.001
Discus...tot licht!200311.605
DoubleYouSee a.k.a. Warren Cuccurullo featuring Terry BozzioPlaying In Tongues200910.001
DreadnaughtMusica en Flagrante200511.001
Ed Palermo Big BandThe Great Un-American Songbook Volumes 1 & 2201710.001
Ed Palermo Big BandTake Your Clothes Off When You Dance200611.001
Ed Palermo Big BandThe Adventures of Zodd Zundgren201712.001
Mattias IA EklundhFreak Guitar199910.001
Ensemble NimbusGarmonbozia200011.001
Patrizio Fariselli Projectlupi sintetici e strumenti a gas200110.502
FarquharFarquhar 2200211.001
FIDOplaysZAPPAFiDO wird 10 und feiert - Live at Gare du Nord & More201410.001
FIDOplaysZAPPAToo Big To Fail20110.001
French TVThis is what we do200611.502
French TVAfter A Lengthy Silence198711.001
French TVPardon Our French200412.002
Frogg CaféCreatures200311.004
Frogg CaféThe Safenzee Diaries200710.333
Frogg CaféFortunate Observer Of Time200510.754
Frogg CaféBateless Edge201012.805
Mezz GacanoFroka201613.001
Mezz Gacano & Self-Standing Ovation Boskàuz EnsembleKinderheim201711.001
GodsticksGodsticks (EP)200911.001
GodsticksSpiral Vendetta201011.001
Grünlich GrauNiederstes Gewänz201511.001
GutbucketA Modest Proposal200811.502
Half Past FourRabbit In The Vestibule20089.002
Half Past FourGood Things201312.001
HardscoreSurf, Wind & Desire199910.001
Gavin Harrison & Ø5RicThe Man Who Sold Himself201210.001
Hot FurHot Fur200510.002
Hot Head ShowPerfect201312.001
Humble GrumbleFlanders Fields201111.002
Humble GrumbleThe Face Of Humble Grumble200811.001
Idiot FleshTales Of Instant Knowledge And Sure Death199011.001
iNFiNiENLight at the Endless Tunnel201613.001
Isildurs BaneCheval - Volonté De Rocher19898.673
Isildurs BaneMIND Volume 1199714.004
Jaga JazzistOne-Armed Bandit201012.001
JeavestoneSpices, Species And Poetry Petrol200812.001
Jono El GrandeNeo Dada200912.001
Jono El GrandePhantom Stimulance201010.001
Jono El GrandeMelody of a Muddled Mason201512.001
Jono El GrandeFevergreens20039.001
Jorge Arana TrioMapache201212.001
Hoppy KamiyamaA meaningful meaningnessless200511.001
Mike KeneallyWine And Pickles200811.001
Mike KeneallySluggo!199711.001
Mike KeneallyDancing With Myself200012.001
Mike KeneallyGuitar Therapy Live200610.673
Mike KeneallyPup.20040.001
Mike KeneallyWooden Smoke Asleep20079.001
Mike KeneallyThe Tar Tapes Vol. 219980.001
Mike Keneallybakin' @ the potato201112.001
Mike KeneallyHat199210.002
Mike KeneallyScambot 1200914.001
Mike KeneallyThe Scambot Holiday Special20080.001
Mike KeneallyDancing200011.001
Mike KeneallyParallel Universe200411.001
Mike KeneallyWing Beat Fantastic201210.001
Mike KeneallyHalf Alive In Hollywood199711.001
Mike KeneallyScambot 2201612.003
Mike KeneallyDog200411.001
Mike KeneallyNonkertompf199911.001
Mike KeneallyThe Universe Will Provide20047.502
Mike KeneallyYou Must Be This Tall201312.502
Mike KeneallyBoil that Dust Speck199411.002
Mike KeneallyThe Tar Tapes Vol. 119970.001
Mike Keneally Marco MinnemannEvidence Of Humanity201012.001
Kingdom ComeKingdom Come197312.001
KnifeworldClairvoyant Fortnight201111.001
KnifeworldDear Lord, No Deal20119.001
Lalle LarssonSeven Deadly Pieces200812.001
LoomingsEveryday Mythology201511.502
Marc Ribot's Ceramic DogParty Intellectuals200811.001
Mats / MorganTrends And Other Diseases199610.001
Mats / MorganLive200112.002
Mats / MorganRadio Dada199810.001
Mats / MorganOn Air With Guests200211.333
Mats / MorganThe Music Or The Money199711.001
MediaBandaBombas En El Aire201714.001
MinikuiFaites donc le pigeon200312.001
Marco MinnemannEeps201412.001
Marco MinnemannBorrego201711.001
Marco MinnemannCelebration201513.001
Marco MinnemannSchattenspiel201612.001
The MistakesThe Mistakes199510.001
Modest MidgetCrysis201410.001
Modest MidgetThe Great Prophecy of a Small Man201010.001
MörglblToons Tunes from the Past200811.001
Mr. BungleMr. Bungle199113.001
Sir Millard MulchHow to sell the whole f#@!ing universe to everybody...once and for all!20058.001
My Baby wants to eat your pussyIgnorance & Vision200811.001
The NiceBBC Sessions20027.001
NichelodeonNo (at Bloom 2011)201212.001
NichelodeonIl gioco del silenzio201012.002
Nick MasonNick Mason’s Fictitious Sports198111.001
OctafishHAI Girls199910.001
OctafishDoktor Fleisch200911.001
Mats Öberg & G.U.B.B.Välling & Fotogen199810.001
Chris OppermanOppy Music Vol.1: Purple Crayon199811.001
PabstBowdlerized Music199311.001
PalinckxThe Psychedelic Years199613.001
Pere UbuThe Modern Dance197812.002
Pochakaite MalkoPochakaite Malko200111.002
Jean-Luc PontyKing Kong19708.001
Nick Prol & The ProletariansLoon Attic201712.001
PryapismeDiabolicus Felinae Pandemonium201712.001
The Research InstituteUniversum199812.001
Jason Sadites . Marco Minnemannbehind the laughter201012.001
Samla Mammas MannaKaka199912.001
Sebkha-ChottNigla(h) - Tapisseries Fines en XXX Scripts et LXX/X Trompettes200812.001
Sebkha-ChottNagah-Mahdi - Opuscrits En Quarante-Huit Rouleaux20069.254
Secret Chiefs 3Book of Horizons200410.001
Julie SlickJulie Slick201011.002
Sort of QuartetVictim a la mode199911.001
Stabat AkishNebulos20129.002
Stabat AkishStabat Akish200910.001
Simon SteenslandThe Zombie Hunter199510.001
Roine StoltWall Street Voodoo20058.836
Stop Motion OrchestraInstant Everything!201412.001
Sweatin' Like NixonTunes For Young People To Enjoy200212.001
Sweatin' Like NixonExamining the Rubicon201111.001
Sweatin' Like NixonFishing In Political Sewers19988.001
Hermann SzobelSzobel197612.673
Thank You ScientistThe Perils Of Time Travel201111.001
Thank You ScientistMaps of Non-Existent Places201412.001
Thank You ScientistStranger Heads Prevail201613.001
The Grandmothers of InventionLive in Bremen201810.001
The LivingThe Jungle is dark but full of Diamonds201211.001
The Universe By EarThe Universe By Ear201713.001
TipographicaGod Says I Can't Dance199611.001
Trank Zappa Grappa in Varese?Cryptic Echoes. Live in Belgium20060.002
Trank Zappa Grappa in Varese?Play Zappa Live In Waremme 08200911.002
Trank Zappa Grappa in Varese?More Light200811.504
Two Separate GorillasTwo Separate Gorillas20048.001
Umphrey's McGeeAnchor Drops200511.333
UnexpectIn A Flesh Aquarium200612.001
UtopianistiUtopianisti II + Utopianisti meets Black Motor & Jon Ballantyne201412.333
Steve VaiSound Theories Vol. I & II200712.001
Steve VaiFlexable198412.001
Pierre VervloesemHome Made19949.002
Pierre VervloesemGrosso Modo200211.002
WorldService ProjectServe201812.002
WorldService ProjectFor King & Country201612.001
The Wrong ObjectLive At Zappanale 2004 (feat. Ed Mann)200410.001
The Wrong ObjectLive At Zappanale 2008200910.002
The Wrong ObjectPlatform One200712.001
The Wrong ObjectAfter The Exhibition201312.001
Yolk (SUI)Die Dritte199710.001
Yolk (SUI)Die Vierte200312.001
Dweezil ZappaAutomatic20009.001
Dweezil Zappavia zammata'201510.002
Dweezil ZappaReturn of the Son of...20100.002
Frank ZappaThe Man From Utopia198310.001
Frank ZappaJoe's Garage197911.001
Frank ZappaFreak out!19667.001
Frank ZappaGuitar19889.001
Frank ZappaLumpy Gravy196812.001
Frank ZappaStrictly Commercial19950.001
Frank ZappaThing-Fish19840.001
Frank ZappaUncle Meat196913.001
Frank ZappaHot Rats196911.001
Frank ZappaShip arriving too late to save a drowning witch19829.502
Frank ZappaBurnt Weeny Sandwich197010.001
Frank ZappaFillmore East, June 197119719.001
Frank ZappaWeasels Ripped My Flesh197011.001
Frank ZappaAbsolutely Free196713.001
Frank ZappaJust Another Band From L. A.197210.001
Frank ZappaChunga's Revenge19708.001
Frank ZappaTinseltown Rebellion19816.502
Frank Zappa200 Motels197111.001
Frank ZappaTrance-Fusion20069.001
Frank ZappaWaka/Jawaka19729.001
Frank ZappaThe Grand Wazoo197212.001
Frank ZappaOvernite Sensation19739.001
Frank ZappaBaby Snakes (DVD)200411.001
Frank ZappaApostrophe'19749.001
Frank ZappaRoxy & Elsewhere197411.502
Frank ZappaOrchestral Favorites197911.001
Frank ZappaDoes Humor Belong in Music? (DVD)20037.001
Frank ZappaOne Size Fits All197512.001
Frank ZappaLondon Symphony Orchestra, Vol. I & II199513.001
Frank ZappaThe Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life19917.001
Frank ZappaZoot Allures19767.001
Frank ZappaThe Yellow Shark199313.001
Frank ZappaShut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar19819.001
Frank ZappaEnsemble Modern Play Frank Zappa - Greggery Peccary & Other Persuasions200311.502
Frank ZappaYou Can't Do That On Stage Anymore, Vol.2 (The Helsinki Concert)198811.001
Frank ZappaClassic Albums: Apostrophe ('), Over-Nite Sensation (DVD)200710.001
Frank ZappaSon of Cheep Thrills199911.001
Frank ZappaCivilization Phaze III199413.001
Frank ZappaBroadway The Hard Way198910.001
Frank ZappaLäther199614.002
Frank ZappaWe're only in it for the money196812.502
Frank ZappaStudio Tan197812.001
Frank ZappaMake A Jazz Noise Here199111.001
Frank ZappaThe Dub-Room Special (DVD)200511.001
Frank ZappaZappa In New York197813.001
Frank ZappaYou Are What You Is198110.001
Frank ZappaThem or us198411.001
Frank ZappaSleep Dirt197910.001
Frank ZappaBongo Fury19759.001
Frank ZappaSheik Yerbouti197912.502
Frank ZappaCruising with Ruben & the Jets19686.001
Frank ZappaYou Can't Do That On Stage Anymore, Vol.6199210.001
Frank ZappaImaginary Diseases20069.001
Frank ZappaThe Lost Episodes199610.001
Zappa´s UniverseA Celebration of 25 Years of Frank Zappa´s Music (VHS)19939.001
Zappa´s UniverseA Celebration of 25 Years of Frank Zappa´s Music19939.001
ZETComandante Beat201713.001
Zip TangDas Reboot201311.002
Zoogz RiftIdiots on the Miniature Golf Course197910.001

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