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ALBEN 1995
the 3rd and the mortal - Nightswan EP
Abiogenesi - Abiogenesi
Ageness - Rituals
Agitation Free - Fragments
Akaten - Akaten I
Aku-Aku - Mezi psem a vlkem
Albion - Albion
Alboth! - Ali
Algaravia - Breve E Interminável
Daevid Allen - Dreamin' a dream
Amoebic Ensemble - Limbic Rage
Amon Düül II - Nada Moonshine #
Anathema - The Silent Enigma
Ian Anderson - Divinities (Twelve Dances with God)
Jon Anderson - Angels Embrace
Laurie Anderson - The ugly one with the jewels and other stories
Anekdoten - Nucleus
Ange - Un p'tit tour et puis s'en vont
Ankh - Ziemia i slonce
Apocalypse - Perto Do Amanhecer
Apogee - The Border of Awareness
Aragon - Mouse
Martin Archer - Ghost lily cascade
Arena - Songs From the Lions Cage
Art Zoyd - Faust
Aufklärung - De'La Tempesta....L'Oscuro Piacere
Ayreon - The final experiment
Max Bacon - The Higher You Climb
Peter Banks - Self-contained
Tony Banks - Strictly inc.
Adrian Belew - The Guitar as Orchestra
Bi Kyo Ran - Deep Live!
Bi Kyo Ran - Go-Un
Bratko Bibic & the Madleys - Bratko Bibic & The Madleys
Rick Biddulph - Second nature
Biota - Object Holder
Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic - Dancing on A'A
Björk - Post
Bohren & der Club of Gore - Midnight Radio
Boud Deun - Fiction and several days
Brand X - Live at The Roxy LA
Jack Bruce - BBC Live in Concert
California Guitar Trio - Invitation
Can - The Peel Sessions
Caravan - The Battle Of Hastings
Tony Carnevale - La vita che grida
Cerberus Shoal - Cerberus Shoal
Cinema Show - Dança dos ventos
Cliffhanger - Cold Steel
Collage - Changes
Collage - Safe
Coltsfoot - A Winter Harvest
Conception - In Your Multitude
Ian Crichton - Welcome To The Boom Boom Room
Crucis - Kronologia
DarXtar - Sju
Death - Symbolic
Death Ambient - Death Ambient
Christian Décamps et fils - Vesoul
Derek and the Ruins - Saisoro
Deus Ex Machina - De Republica
Diabolos In Musika - Natural Needs
Divæ - Determinazione
Doctor Nerve - Skin
Dogma - Twin sunrise
Don Caballero - Don Caballero 2
Dream Theater - A Change Of Seasons
East - Live - Két Arc
Echo City - Sonic sport 83-88
Echolyn - As The World
Keith Emerson - Changing States
Empire - Empire Mark I
Die Engel des Herrn - Live! As: Hippie-Punks
Engel Wider Willen - Engel Wider Willen
England - The Last Of The Jubblies
The Enid - Sundialer
Eno/Wobble - Spinner
Eskape - Sharp bends sudden crests
Eternity X - Mind games
Europa String Choir - The Starving Moon
Everon - Flood
Fancyfluid - The Sheltering Sea
Farflung - 25,000 Feet Per Second
Faust - Rien
Fig Leaf - Plays Bob W. and other selections
Finisterre - Finisterre
Fish - Yang
Fish - Yin
The Flower Kings - Back in the world of Adventures
Chris(topher) Franke - Klemania
French TV - Intestinal Fortitude
Friends of Dean Martinez - The Shadow of Your Smile
Robert Fripp - A Blessing Of Tears
Edgar Froese - Beyond the Storm
Peter Frohmader - Gate
Peter Frohmader - Homunculus / Ritual
Fushitsusha - The Caution Appears
Galahad - Sleepers
Galleon - King of Aragon
Gandalf - Echoes from ancient dreams
The Gathering - Mandylion
The Gathering - Strange machines (Single)
Ax Genrich - Wave Cut
Giles/Muir/Cunningham - Ghost Dance
Michael Gira - Drainland
Glass Hammer - Perelandra
Goethes Erben - Goethes Erben
Gong - Camembert Eclectique
Gong - Paragong Live ´73
Gongzilla - Suffer
Grey Lady Down - Forces
Guru Guru - Guru Guru & Uli Trepte (Live & Unreleased)
Guru Guru - Wah Wah
Steve Hackett - Blues with a Feeling
Haco - Haco
Haji's Kitchen - Haji's Kitchen
Peter Hammill - The Peel Sessions
Peter Hammill - X My Heart
Happy Family - Happy Family
Hieronymus Bosch - The Human Abstract
László Hortobágyi - 6th All-India Music Conference
Steve Howe - Not Necessarily Acoustic
Steve Howe/Paul Sutin - Voyagers
Höyry-Kone - Hyönteisiä voi rakastaa
Michael Hunter - River
ICU - Now and here
Iluvatar - Children
In The Name - In The Name
Iona - Journey Into The Morn
Ivanhoe - Symbols of time
Steve Jansen - Richard Barbieri - Stone to Flesh
Jason Willett and Ruins - Jason Willett and Ruins
Jethro Tull - In Concert
Jethro Tull - Roots To Branches
Jump - The myth of independence
Kansas - Freaks Of Nature
Mick Karn - The Tooth Mother
Kenso - Inei No Fue - Live Vol. 2
King Crimson - B'Boom
King Crimson - THRAK
Korai öröm - Korai öröm (1995)
Labradford - A Stable Reference
Greg Lake - In Concert
Landberk - Dream dance (EP)
Landberk - Unaffected
Landmarq - The vision pit
Lands End - Terra Serranum
Lana Lane - Love Is An Illusion
Leger De Main - The concept of our reality
Lemur Voice - Insights
Tony Levin - World Diary
Pär Lindh Project - Rondo
The Load - Load Have Mercy
Lorian - Virginal Mind
Didier Malherbe / Loy Ehrlich - Hadouk
Marge Litch - Crystal heart in the fountain
Marillion - Afraid of sunlight
Marillion - Brave - The Film (DVD)
Mastermind - Tragic Symphony
Mayfair - Die Flucht
Meshuggah - Destroy Erase Improve
Mess - Mess
Mike & The Mechanics - Beggar On A Beach Of Gold
Miriodor - Jongleries Elastiques
The Mistakes - The Mistakes
Moongarden - Brainstorm of Emptyness
Kevin Moore - Music meant to be heard
Patrick Moraz - PM In Princeton
Mr. Bungle - Disco Volante
Mystery - Theatre of the mind
Naked Sun - Wonderdrug
Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze - The Dark Side of the Moog II
Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze - The Dark Side of the Moog III
Neu! - Neu! 4
no-man - Flowermix
no-man - Heaven Taste
No Name - The Secret Garden
Node - Node
Non Credo - Happy Wretched Family
Nuova Era - Il passo del soldato
Octafish - Land Unter
Opeth - Orchid
Opus Avantra - Lyrics
The Other Side - In The Shadows
Ovni - En algun reino
Ozric Tentacles - Become the other
Pangée - Hymnemonde
Payne's Gray - Kadath decoded
Pendragon - Utrecht...The final frontier
Pere Ubu - Ray Gun Suitcase
The Perotic Theatre - Prometheused
Anthony Phillips - Anthology
Anthony Phillips - The "Living Room" Concert
Pink Floyd - London '66-'67
Pink Floyd - P.U.L.S.E.
Podsdarapomuk - On pasewolk again
Popol Vuh (Dt.) - Kailash - Pilgerfahrt zum Thron der Götter (VHS)
Porcupine Tree - The Sky Moves Sideways
Primus - Tales from the punchbowl
Rachel's - Handwriting
radio massacre international - frozen north
Radiohead - The Bends
Raison de Plus - Au bout du couloir
Renaissance - Da Capo
Happy Rhodes - The Keep
Ritual - Ritual
Rocket Scientists - Brutal Architecture
Roxy Music - The Thrill of it All
Ruins - Hyderomastgroningem
Runaway Totem - Trimegisto
Saga (Kan.) - Generation 13
Lee Saunders - A promise of peace
Savatage - Dead Winter Dead
Günter Schickert - Somnambul
Johannes Schmoelling - Songs no words (Lieder ohne Worte)
Conrad Schnitzler - Charred Machinery
Conrad Schnitzler - Electronegativity
Klaus Schulze - In Blue
Shadow Gallery - Carved in stone
Shadowfax - Shadowfax live
Shingetsu - Kagaku No Yoru
Jane Siberry - Maria
Sieges Even - Sophisticated
Simon Says - Ceinwen
The Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
Soft Heap - A Veritable Centaur
Soft Machine - Live At The Paradiso 1969
Solaris - Live in Los Angeles
Soma - Dreamtime
Spiritualized - Pure Phase
Spock's Beard - The Light
Standarte - Standarte
Simon Steensland - The Zombie Hunter
Stormy Six - Un concerto
Swans - The Great Annihilator
Symphony X - The damnation game
Tangerine Dream - Book of Dreams
Tangerine Dream - Dream mixes one
Tangerine Dream - Tyranny of beauty
Telaio Magnetico - Live 1975
The Perc - Worldlooker
Threshold - Livedelica
Time Machine - Act II: Galileo
Timothy Pure - The fabric of betrayal
David Torn - Tripping Over God
A Triggering Myth - Between Cages
Rolf Trostel - Narrow Gate To Life
Chuck Van Zyl - The Relic
Vangelis - Voices
Various Artists - Supper's Ready
Various Artists - Tales From Yesterday
Various Artists - This Is An Orange - A compilation of Scandinavian Progressive Rock
Various Artists - Variaciones en la cuerda Vol.1
Vezhlivy Otkaz - 1985-1995
Voivod - Negatron
Volapük - Le feu du tigre
Vulgar Unicorn - Under the Umbrella
Rick Wakeman - In Concert
Rick Wakeman - The New Gospels
Rick Wakeman - The Seven Wonders of the World
Rick Wakeman - Visions
Scott Walker - Tilt
Kit Watkins - Holographic Tapestries
Carl Weingarten - The Acoustic Shadow
John Wetton - Chasing the Dragon
White Willow - Ignis Fatuus
World Trade - Euphoria
X-Legged Sally - The Land Of The Giant Dwarfs
Xaal - Second Ere
Ywis - Leonardo's Dream
Frank Zappa - Does humor belong in music?
Frank Zappa - London Symphony Orchestra, Vol. I & II
Frank Zappa - Strictly Commercial
Michael Zentner - Playtime
Zinkl - Lovely Night Creatures
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Band  Album Rezensent Ø-Wertung # Rezis
26SolipsissimusJochen Rindfrey7.001
the 3rd and the mortalTears Laid In EarthAchim Breiling8.605
3RDegreeNarrow-CasterNik Brückner8.502
417.3_(-_-)_Jörg Schumann8.502
Aalfang mit PferdekopfIch habe nur noch 12 Seepferdchen in meinem TempelJochen Rindfrey7.001
The Aaron Clift ExperimentIf All Goes WrongMarc Colling7.001
AbacusDestinyWolfram Ehrhardt7.001
AbaraxCrying of the whalesAndreas Kiefer6.502
AbiogenesiLe notti di SalemKristian Selm7.001
Lee AbrahamBlack & WhiteWolfram Ehrhardt7.001
AchePictures From Cyclus 7Achim Breiling7.001
AcintyaIn LiveAchim Breiling7.001
A.C.TSilenceMichael Hirle7.001
A.C.TImaginary FriendsRalf J. Günther7.001
A.C.TToday's ReportRalf J. Günther7.502
A.C.TCircus PandemoniumRalf J. Günther9.002
Active HeedVisions from RealitiesHarald Schmidt8.333
AëdonLeaves Turning RedMarc Colling7.001
AffectorHarmagedonGunnar Claußen8.002
After CryingElsö ÉvtizedJörg Schumann7.002
After CryingElsö ÉvtizedRalf J. Günther7.002
AgartaUnder The Same SkyAchim Breiling7.001
AgenessSongs from the Liar's LairMichael Büttgen8.502
Agent CooperFrom The AshesGunnar Claußen8.002
Agents Of MercyThe Fading Ghosts Of TwilightWolfram Ehrhardt7.254
Agents Of MercyThe Fading Ghosts Of TwilightThomas Kohlruß7.254
Agitation Free2ndAchim Breiling9.002
Ain Soph5 or 9 - Five Evolved From NineUdo Gerhards7.002
AirbagSounds That I HearThomas Schüßler7.001
AirbridgeParadise MovesGünter Schote7.001
AjalonThis good placeKristian Selm7.001
AkaciaAn Other LifeJörg Schumann9.003
AkaciaThe brass serpentHenning Mangold6.002
Aku-AkuMezi psem a vlkemKristian Selm6.502
AlamedaMisterioso manantialKristian Selm7.001
Jean-Pierre AlarcenJean Pierre AlarcenAchim Breiling7.001
Jean-Pierre AlarcenTableau No.1Udo Gerhards7.001
Älgarnas TrädgårdFramtiden Är Ett Svävande Skepp, Förankrat I ForntidenAchim Breiling6.002
Daevid AllenBanana MoonAchim Breiling7.502
AlphataurusDietro L´uraganoHorst Straske7.001
AlturaMercyKristian Selm7.001
Amaran's PlightVoice in the LightThomas Kohlruß7.001
Amon DüülParadieswärts DüülAchim Breiling9.002
Amon Düül IIAlmost AliveAndreas Pläschke6.502
Amon Düül IIBee As SuchUdo Gerhards7.001
Amon Düül IIOnly HumanUdo Gerhards5.002
AmorphisAm UniversumGunnar Claußen7.001
AmyrisDesire for justiceGeorg Heep7.001
AnabisHeaven On EarthJochen Rindfrey7.673
AnathemaThe OptimistPeter Meyer7.673
AnathemaWeather SystemsMalte Krosse9.673
AnathemaFalling DeeperSebastian Hauck7.001
AnathemaDistant SatellitesMarc Colling10.405
Ancient VisionLost at SeaDennis Egbers7.001
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & HoweLive at the NECThorsten Gürntke9.003
Ian AndersonHomo erraticusMarc Colling8.254
Jon AndersonEarth Mother EarthJochen Rindfrey6.502
Jon AndersonSurvival & other storiesKristian Selm7.001
Jon AndersonLive in Sheffield 1980Siggy Zielinski7.001
Anderson/StoltInvention of KnowledgeChristian Rode9.754
AnekdotenGravityJörg Schumann9.336
AnekdotenGravityUdo Gerhards9.336
AnekdotenA Time Of DayJörg Schumann8.673
AngeLe Cimitière Des ArlequinsJörg Schumann9.002
AngeVu d'un chienJürgen Meurer7.001
AngulartDonde renacen las horasKristian Selm7.001
ApogeeOn The AftertasteHorst Straske8.002
ApogeeMystery RemainsDennis Egbers8.502
Arca ProgjetArca ProgjetNik Brückner7.001
ArchiveYou All Look The Same To MeThorsten Gürntke9.805
ArchiveNoiseSal Pichireddu9.333
Arctic VoidEntangledGunnar Claußen7.001
ArenaImmortal?Jochen Lohr6.254
ArenaThe Seventh Degree Of SeparationJörg Schumann8.002
ArenaContagionJörg Schumann8.003
Finn ArildTestamentWolfram Ehrhardt7.003
ArkCover Me With RainGünter Schote7.001
Ark (Norw.)Burn the sunThorsten Gürntke8.002
Armed CloudObsidian DesertGunnar Claußen7.001
Arret's OdysseyArret's OdysseyDennis Egbers7.001
Ars Nova (US)Sunshine & ShadowsNik Brückner7.001
ArtensionInto The Eye Of The StormGunnar Claußen7.001
AsgardEsoteric PoemJochen Rindfrey4.502
Ash Ra TempelStarring RosiAndreas Pläschke7.001
Ash Ra TempelSeven upAchim Breiling8.333
AsiaXXXNik Brückner5.333
AsiaAlphaThomas Kohlruß4.805
AsiaAlive in Hallowed HallsNik Brückner7.001
AsiaAstraNik Brückner4.333
AsiaLive Mockba 09-XI-90Jörg Schumann8.333
AsiaAsiaJörg Schumann7.405
AsiaLong Way From Home (Single)Thomas Kohlruß7.001
AsiaLive in Massachussettes '83Nik Brückner7.001
AsiaAuraThomas Kohlruß5.754
AtollMusiciens-MagiciensHorst Straske8.002
Atomic RoosterDeath Walks Behind YouAchim Breiling7.001
Atomic RoosterHeadline NewsThomas Kohlruß7.001
Atomo PermanenteProjeçãoJürgen Meurer7.001
AudienceLunchAchim Breiling7.001
Aunt MaryJanusHorst Straske7.001
AuraDeliveranceGunnar Claußen7.001
AwacksThe Third WayThorsten Gürntke7.001
Kevin AyersBananamourAchim Breiling7.001
AyreonDay eleven: Love (Single)Kristian Selm7.001
AyreonThe final experimentMarkus Peltner8.255
AyreonThe Human EquationHenning Mangold10.206
AyreonLoser (Single)Henning Mangold7.502
AzazelloBlack DayAchim Breiling6.502
Aztec JadeFrames of mindKristian Selm7.001
AzurethThe Promethean SyndromeThomas Kohlruß6.673
BadgerOne live BadgerNik Brückner8.003
Ken BairdFurther OutWolfram Ehrhardt7.001
Il Balletto Di BronzoTrysKristian Selm7.001
Balloon AstronomyBalloon AstronomyJörg Schumann8.003
Banco del Mutuo SoccorsoCapolineaHorst Straske6.502
Banco del Mutuo SoccorsoPapagayo Club 1972Kristian Selm8.002
BandvivilJunaokisseiDennis Egbers7.001
Barclay James HarvestCaught In The LightThomas Schüßler7.001
Barclay James HarvestEyes of the UniverseKristian Selm6.673
Barclay James HarvestBarclay James HarvestThomas Schüßler6.673
Barclay James HarvestBaby James HarvestMarkus Peltner8.333
Barclay James HarvestEyes of the UniverseChristian Rode6.673
Barclay James HarvestBarclay James HarvestMarkus Peltner6.673
Barclay James HarvestXIIThomas Schüßler8.754
Peter BardensWater ColorsJochen Rindfrey7.001
The Barstool PhilosophersSparrowsWolfram Ehrhardt7.001
Peter BaumannTrans Harmonic NightsGunnar Claußen8.502
BayonFirst recordings 1971-1973Kristian Selm7.001
Beaver & KrauseIn A Wild SanctuaryJochen Rindfrey7.001
Beggar's OperaPathfinderJochen Rindfrey7.001
Being & TimeBeing & TimeNik Brückner7.001
Adrian BelewThe acoustic Adrian BelewSiggy Zielinski7.001
Adrian BelewHereUdo Gerhards5.673
BellaphonFireflyKristian Selm7.001
Bi Kyo RanWho Ma - Live Vol.2Kristian Selm7.001
Big Big TrainEnglish Electric Part TwoMarc Colling8.754
Big Big TrainGoodbye to the Age of SteamJörg Schumann8.004
Big Big TrainEnglish boy wondersJörg Schumann7.502
Big Big TrainWassail EPNik Brückner8.502
Big Big TrainEnglish Electric Part OneMarc Colling9.176
Biglietto per L'InfernoIl Tempo Della SeminaHorst Straske7.001
Birth ControlRebirthMarkus Peltner7.502
Birth ControlHoodoo ManAchim Breiling9.673
Birth ControlBackdoor possibilitiesJürgen Gallitz-Duckar8.754
BishopsplaceSignals From The Harbour SideHorst Straske7.001
BittertownScenes From The BoxThomas Schüßler6.673
BittertownScenes From The BoxWolfram Ehrhardt6.673
Black JesterWelcome to the moonlight circusJochen Lohr5.502
Black MountainWilderness heartMarc Colling8.002
The Black Noodle ProjectReady To GoWolfram Ehrhardt7.001
The Black Noodle ProjectDark & Early SmilesJochen Rindfrey8.502
Black WidowReturn to the SabbatAchim Breiling7.001
Black WidowSee's the light of dayAchim Breiling7.001
Black WidowBlack Widow IIIAchim Breiling7.001
BlackfieldWelcome to my DNAJürgen Wissing7.004
BlackfieldWelcome to my DNAMarc Colling7.004
BlackfieldIVThomas Kohlruß7.001
Serge BlennerMusique EsthétiqueJochen Rindfrey7.001
Blezqi ZatsazRise And Fall Of Passional SanityThomas Schüßler6.502
Blezqi ZatsazThe tide turnsHenning Mangold7.502
Tomas BodinSonic BoulevardJörg Schumann8.333
Tomas BodinSonic BoulevardThorsten Gürntke8.333
Jean Pascal BoffoJeux De NainsGünter Schote7.001
Mark BogertA Story in PartsSiggy Zielinski7.001
Eduardo BortEduardo BortUdo Gerhards7.502
Boud DeunFiction and several daysKristian Selm7.001
Christian BouleNon-FictionAchim Breiling7.001
David BowieDiamond DogsMarc Colling8.333
David BowieRealityMarc Colling9.254
The BoxBlack Dog ThereThorsten Gürntke7.001
BraggpeakThe ShootSiggy Zielinski7.001
Brainstorm (Aus.)Brainstorm Two - Earth ZeroSal Pichireddu7.502
BrainticketCottonwoodhillAchim Breiling10.504
Brand XIs there anything about?Achim Breiling6.502
Braver Since ThenAdorned WeaknessAchim Breiling7.001
Breathing SpaceComing Up For AirThomas Kohlruß7.001
BremenBremenGunnar Claußen7.001
Michael BrücknerNauraGunnar Claußen7.001
Kate BushThe Kick InsideJochen Rindfrey10.003
Kate BushThe Red ShoesJochen Rindfrey6.673
CaamoraSheSiggy Zielinski7.673
CaamoraWalk On WaterHorst Straske7.001
CairoConflict and DreamsJörg Schumann7.001
CairoTime of legendsKristian Selm7.333
CairoTime of legendsJörg Schumann7.333
Calm WizardryPoems From The PastThomas Schüßler7.001
CamelNudeHenning Mangold8.502
CanOut Of ReachJochen Rindfrey8.002
Capsicum RedAppunti per un'idea fissaAchim Breiling6.002
Captain BeefheartLive from Vancouver 1973Achim Breiling7.001
Captain BeefheartSafe As MilkJochen Rindfrey8.333
CaravanEther WayJochen Rindfrey7.001
CaravanParadise FilterRoland Heil8.002
The Carpet KnightsLost and so strange is my mindHenning Mangold8.002
CastanarcJourney To The EastKristian Selm7.001
Il Castello di AtlanteCome il seguitare delle stagioniKristian Selm7.001
Casualties Of CoolCasualties Of CoolGunnar Claußen7.001
Central ParkreflectedAndreas Kiefer9.002
ChandelierFacing GravityJörg Schumann10.673
Changing ImagesThe CastleHorst Straske7.001
ChrisCity Of LightJürgen Wissing9.502
Cinderella SearchStories of luminous gardenKristian Selm7.001
Cinema ShowDança dos ventosJürgen Meurer7.001
Circa:Live from Here There & EverywhereNik Brückner8.333
Circle of IllusionJeremias - Foreshadow of Forgotten RealmsNik Brückner11.004
Citizen CainRaising the stonesGünter Schote5.502
Clear Blue SkyClear Blue SkyAchim Breiling7.001
ClepsydraFly man EPKristian Selm7.001
ClepsydraHologramHenning Mangold7.001
ClockworkSurface tensionKristian Selm7.001
ClogsThom's Night OutJochen Rindfrey7.001
CogSharing SpaceJochen Rindfrey7.001
Coheed And CambriaYear of the Black RainbowNik Brückner9.002
CollageLiving in the moonlight (DVD)Henning Mangold7.001
CollageBasnieHenning Mangold7.001
Collapse.Rebuild.Fail Again, Fail BetterGunnar Claußen8.002
ColorStarVia la MusicaSiggy Zielinski8.002
ColosseumDaughter Of TimeUdo Gerhards8.502
Colossus Projects (Finnland)The 7 Samurai - The Ultimate EpicHorst Straske8.502
Colourful SeasonsOn Through The YearThorsten Gürntke7.001
ColtsfootA Winter HarvestGünter Schote7.001
Comedy Of ErrorsSpiritHarald Schmidt7.754
ComusTo Keep From CryingAchim Breiling5.502
ComusFirst UtteranceGünter Schote9.504
ContraluzRamos GeneralesHorst Straske7.001
conXiousNever before / Never againGeorg Heep7.001
CornucopiaFull HornAchim Breiling8.002
Corte Dei MiracoliDimensione OniricaHorst Straske5.502
Cosmic JokersGalactic SupermarketAchim Breiling7.001
CosmosDifferent FacesChristian Rode7.001
CourtAnd you'll Follow the Winds' Rush 'till their Breath DwellsGünter Schote7.001
Ben CravenTwo False IdolsGunnar Claußen7.001
Robert CreeleyHave we told you all you´d thought to know?Ralf J. Günther7.001
CrépusculeVirrHarald Schmidt10.002
Crime in ChoirCrime in ChoirAndreas Hofmann7.001
Crippled Black Phoenix(Mankind) The Crafty ApeNik Brückner10.333
CrucibleCurtainsJochen Lohr7.002
CrucibleCurtainsKristian Selm7.002
Cruz de HierroCruz de HierroDennis Egbers7.001
Crystal PalaceresetNik Brückner7.001
Culpeper's OrchardSecond SightAchim Breiling7.001
Curved AirAirborneAndreas Pläschke7.001
Curved AirLive AtmosphereHarald Schmidt7.001
Curved AirAir CutHenning Mangold8.003
Chris CutlerSoloRalf J. Günther7.001
CyanEchoesKristian Selm7.001
Dali's DilemmaManifesto For FuturismJochen Lohr6.333
DaltonArgitariAchim Breiling7.001
Hal DarlingD2RAchim Breiling11.002
Darwin's RadioTemplate For A GenerationMichael Büttgen8.673
DarXtarSjuKristian Selm7.001
DawnLonelinessJochen Rindfrey10.673
Dead Can DanceInto the LabyrinthMichael Hirle7.001
A Dead End SocietyThe Urns In Our HandsGunnar Claußen7.001
Deadsoul TribeThe Dead WordThorsten Gürntke7.673
Death & Taxe$The Alaska 12 ExpeditionsThorsten Gürntke10.673
The Declining WinterOfficial World Cup Theme 2010Jochen Rindfrey7.001
Deep ThoughtSomewhere In The DarkThorsten Gürntke7.502
Deep ThoughtShadows Of The PastThorsten Gürntke7.001
Deer Park RangerEverything All The TimeMarc Colling8.502
Deja Vu (Jp)Baroque In The FutureHorst Straske8.502
DeliriumIII (Viaggio negli Arcipelaghi del Tempo)Achim Breiling8.002
Delta Cyphei ProjectVirtual WorldHorst Straske7.001
Deluge GranderOceanariumVolkmar Mantei10.254
DelvoidSereneGunnar Claußen7.001
DemiansBuilding An EmpireJochen Rindfrey7.001
Deus X MachinaXGunnar Claußen7.001
Devin Townsend ProjectAddictedMichael Büttgen7.001
Devin Townsend ProjectKiAndreas Hofmann7.001
DeyssAt KingHorst Straske7.001
Dice (Dt)If The Beatles Were From Another GalaxyHorst Straske7.502
Dice (Dt)Cosmic Prog LiveAndreas Kiefer7.001
Dice (Dt)TwentaurusChristian Rode7.001
Difícil EquilibrioFloodThorsten Gürntke5.502
Dimension XImplications of a Genetic DefenceThorsten Gürntke8.002
Klaus Dinger + Rheinita Bella DüsseldorfNéondianJochen Rindfrey7.001
DirectionEstHorst Straske6.502
DirtboxUneasy listeningKristian Selm7.001
Djam KaretNew Dark AgeRalf J. Günther8.673
DoracorEvanescenzeDennis Egbers7.002
DoracorEvanescenzeJürgen Meurer7.002
Douze AlfonsoThe lost frontierThomas Schüßler8.002
Douze AlfonsoUnderJörg Schumann7.001
DracmaA fine stormy weatherKristian Selm7.001
DracmaLimitsKristian Selm7.001
Dream AriaIn the WakeHenning Mangold7.333
Dream AriaIn the WakeAndreas Pläschke7.333
Dream TheaterSystematic ChaosJan Hamm8.004
Dream TheaterDream TheaterHarald Schmidt8.673
Dream TheaterThe AstonishingPiotre Walter8.503
Dream TheaterA Change Of SeasonsJörg Schumann9.502
Dream TheaterOnce In a LIVEtimeJörg Schumann7.673
Dream TheaterFalling Into InfinityThorsten Gürntke6.002
Dream TheaterLive at the MarqueeJörg Schumann7.001
Dream TheaterScore - 20th Anniversary World TourMarcus Kästner7.001
Dream TheaterSystematic ChaosJörg Schumann8.004
DreamshipAncestral VoyageThomas Kohlruß7.001
DulcamaraThe Sea's Stones CollectionThomas Kohlruß7.001
DzyanDzyanAchim Breiling7.001
Earth & FireSong Of The Marching ChildrenGünter Schote8.002
Earth & FireEarth & FireHorst Straske7.502
EarthworksLive - Stamping GroundUdo Gerhards7.001
EarthworksDig?Ralf J. Günther7.001
EastLive - Két ArcKristian Selm7.001
EatlizAll Of ItNik Brückner7.002
EcholynCowboy Poems FreeJürgen Gallitz-Duckar9.673
Egdon HeathThe Killing SilenceGünter Schote5.002
EidôlonDreamlandWolfram Ehrhardt7.001
El ShalomFrostAchim Breiling7.001
ElaraIn the Depths of Time, in an Ocean Made of StarsThomas Kohlruß7.001
Electric Light OrchestraSecret messagesMarkus Peltner7.002
Electric Light OrchestraA New World RecordJochen Rindfrey9.003
Electric Light OrchestraZoomMarkus Peltner7.001
Electric Light OrchestraSecret messagesKristian Selm7.002
Electric OrangeKrautrock from HellRalf J. Günther10.003
Elegant SimplicityMoments of clarityKristian Selm7.001
EloyDestinationChristian Rode6.002
EloySilent Cries & Mighty EchoesMarkus Peltner10.605
EloyPower and the PassionAndreas Pläschke8.605
EloyRaGünter Schote6.504
EloyOceanAchim Breiling11.676
EloyEloySiggy Zielinski7.502
EmbryoSurfin'Jochen Rindfrey7.502
Keith EmersonBest RevengeSiggy Zielinski8.002
Keith EmersonThe Christmas AlbumSiggy Zielinski6.002
Emerson, Lake & PalmerWorks, Volume 2Nik Brückner5.119
Emerson, Lake & PalmerLove BeachJürgen Gallitz-Duckar6.437
Emerson, Lake & PalmerWorks, Volume 2Siggy Zielinski5.119
Emerson, Lake & PalmerLove BeachNik Brückner6.437
Emerson, Lake & PalmerRe-WorksSiggy Zielinski7.001
EmpireEmpire Mark IIIAndreas Pläschke7.001
EnchantWoundedJörg Schumann7.001
EnchantTug Of WarThorsten Gürntke9.205
EnchantBlink of an eyeThorsten Gürntke7.003
EnchantA Blueprint Of The WorldThomas Thielen7.003
EndlessThe Truth, The Chaos, The InsanityGunnar Claußen7.001
Johnny Engstrom BandMagnetic ForceSiggy Zielinski7.001
The EnidTripping The Light FantasticThomas Schüßler7.001
The EnidSundialerThomas Schüßler7.001
Ephel DuathOn Death And CosmosFlorian Dietmaier7.001
EpidermisFeel Me IINik Brückner7.502
ErlkoenigErlkoenigAchim Breiling7.001
EskapeSharp bends sudden crestsSal Pichireddu7.001
EtceteraTales of Ardour & DeceitChristian Rode7.502
Ethereal ArchitectMonolithThorsten Gürntke5.002
EurekaSilverware - The Best of EUREKA 1997 - 2010Andreas Kiefer7.502
EvergreyTornSiggy Zielinski5.502
EveronVenusHenning Mangold9.002
EveronFloodSebastian Mack9.502
EveronParadoxesHenning Mangold8.002
EvolucionUmbralesThomas Kohlruß7.001
Exhibit AMake Mine A LobsterWolfram Ehrhardt7.001
Explorers ClubAge of ImpactDaniel Bosen7.673
Explorers ClubAge of ImpactUdo Gerhards7.673
Explorers ClubRaising The MammothThorsten Gürntke8.003
Explorers ClubRaising The MammothJörg Schumann8.003
Fading HazeNature's Boy Meets City GnomeThomas Kohlruß7.001
Faithful BreathBack on my hillHorst Straske8.502
FamilyIt's only a movieAndreas Pläschke7.001
Far East Family BandTenkujinAchim Breiling7.502
Fates WarningParallelsPiotre Walter8.504
Fates WarningDisconnectedJörg Graf10.004
FicciónSobre La Cresta De La OlaKristian Selm8.002
FinisterreIn Ogni LuogoUdo Gerhards8.673
Finnegans WakeGreenAchim Breiling7.001
First Band From Outer SpaceWe're Only In It For The SpacerockDennis Egbers9.333
FishRaingods With ZipposThomas Thielen9.003
Flaming RowMirage - A Portrayal of FiguresGunnar Claußen10.002
FlashIn the canNik Brückner8.002
Flight 09Human natureHenning Mangold7.001
The Flower KingsBanks Of EdenNik Brückner8.004
The Flower KingsParadox HotelHenning Mangold8.506
The Flower KingsMeet the Flower Kings: live recording 2003 (DVD)Jörg Schumann8.333
The Flower KingsAdam & EveJochen Rindfrey8.258
The Flower KingsUnfold the FutureMarc Colling10.3612
The Flower KingsThe RainmakerJörg Schumann8.405
The Flower KingsFlowerpowerSal Pichireddu8.206
The Flower KingsBanks Of EdenJörg Schumann8.004
The Flower KingsDesolation RoseMarc Colling7.205
The Flower KingsAdam & EveAndreas Pläschke8.258
The Flower KingsFan Club CD 2005 (Harvest)Jörg Schumann8.502
Fly Pan AmFly Pan AmAchim Breiling7.001
FMSurveillanceHorst Straske7.001
FonyaSoul TravelsJochen Rindfrey7.001
For ExampleSWF-Session 1973 / Cancelled 1972Achim Breiling7.001
Forever EinsteinRacket ScienceRalf J. Günther7.002
Forever EinsteinRacket ScienceKristian Selm7.002
Patrick ForgasSynchronicitéJochen Rindfrey7.001
Formula TreDies IraeAchim Breiling7.001
Formula TreLa grande casaAchim Breiling7.001
Fossil EvolutionWorld In MotionThorsten Gürntke7.001
FoxtrotA Shadow of the PastGünter Schote7.001
Fragment of SymmetryBeyond The DreamsDennis Egbers7.001
John Orr FranklinTransformationThomas Kohlruß7.001
French TVFrench TVKristian Selm7.001
Marty FriedmanScenesKai Lorenz Kruppa7.001
Friends of Dean MartinezThe Shadow of Your SmileJochen Rindfrey7.001
Robert Fripp1999 (Soundscapes - Live in Argentina)Andreas Pläschke9.502
Fröhling & SchickeMetamorphosenKristian Selm8.502
Edgar FroeseBeyond the StormSiggy Zielinski7.001
From Monument To MassesBeyond God & ElvisAchim Breiling7.001
FruitcakeA battle a day...Kristian Selm7.001
FruitcakeMan OverboardHenning Mangold6.002
Führs & FröhlingStringsJochen Rindfrey7.001
FuryuCio che l'anima non diceGunnar Claußen9.002
Peter GabrielBirdy (Soundtrack)Michael Weinel7.001
GäaAuf der Bahn zum UranusHorst Straske8.003
GaladrielChasing the dragonflyKristian Selm9.002
GalahadWhitchurch 92/93 - Live Archives Vol 2Thoralf Koss7.001
GalleonHeritage & VisionsHenning Mangold7.001
GalleonEngines of CreationHenning Mangold6.502
GandalfFrom Source To SeaJochen Rindfrey8.002
GandalfJourney to an imaginary landHenning Mangold7.502
Garden WallPrincipiumMarcus Kästner7.001
GashA young man's gashAchim Breiling7.001
The Gatheringif_then_elseThorsten Gürntke7.502
GazpachoMolokMarc Colling10.754
GenesisInvisible TouchJörg Schumann7.673
GenesisThe Video Show (DVD)Siggy Zielinski7.002
GenesisGenesisJörg Schumann7.504
GenesisAbacabChristian Rode6.676
GenesisCalling All StationsChristian Rode6.504
GenesisThe Way We Walk Vol.2 - The Longs (Live)Jörg Schumann8.333
GerardPandora's BoxNik Brückner10.003
GerardRing of EternityNik Brückner7.001
The GiftAwake & DreamingHorst Straske9.333
I GigantiTerra in Bocca - poesia di un delittoAchim Breiling7.001
GilaNight worksAchim Breiling8.002
Giles, Giles & FrippThe cheerful Insanity of Giles, Giles & FrippNik Brückner7.001
David GilmourRattle that LockMarkus Peltner8.002
David GilmourAbout FaceKristian Selm6.502
Jim GilmourGreat EscapeDennis Egbers8.502
Glass HammerIFNik Brückner8.336
Glass HammerOn To Evermore - The Story Of Ariana And The SculptorJörg Schumann8.333
Glass HammerThe Inconsolable SecretRalf J. Günther8.504
Glass HammerCor CordiumHorst Straske7.673
Glass HammerPerelandraJörg Schumann7.673
Glass HammerCulture of AscentJörg Schumann8.805
Glass HammerLex Live (DVD)Thomas Kohlruß7.001
GongzillaFive EvenAchim Breiling7.002
Grand StandIn the middle, On the edgeKristian Selm8.673
Grand StandIn the middle, On the edgeRalf Damaschke8.673
Dave GreensladeFrom The DiscworldThomas Kohlruß7.001
GreenwallZAPPA ZIPPA ZUPPA ZEPPA!Siggy Zielinski7.001
Jeff GreinkeSwimmingJochen Rindfrey7.001
GrendelThe HelplessDennis Egbers7.001
Grey Lady DownFearHenning Mangold7.001
Grey Lady DownThe CrimeHenning Mangold7.001
GreylevelHypostatic UnionHarald Schmidt7.001
GringoGringoAchim Breiling10.002
GrobschnittRazziaHolger Grützner5.754
GrobschnittMerry-Go-RoundMarkus Peltner8.333
GTRGTR Live (DVD)Nik Brückner7.001
GTRGTRNik Brückner5.004
GTRGTRThomas Kohlruß5.004
Matthew D. GuarnereM.D.G.Jochen Rindfrey7.001
Trey GunnOne Thousand YearsJochen Rindfrey7.002
Trey GunnOne Thousand YearsUdo Gerhards7.002
Guru GuruTango FangoRalf J. Günther7.001
Guru GuruDon't Call Us (We Call You)Jochen Rindfrey6.002
Guru GuruMani und seine FreundeAchim Breiling8.002
Gypsy KyssLast One In The World (Single)Thorsten Gürntke7.001
Steve HackettBay of KingsThomas Thielen7.502
Steve HackettSpectral MorningsJörg Schumann7.333
Steve HackettSpectral MorningsThomas Thielen7.333
Steve HackettHighly StrungJochen Rindfrey7.002
Steve HackettHighly StrungSiggy Zielinski7.002
Steve HackettTill We Have FacesJochen Rindfrey5.673
Steve HackettCuredSiggy Zielinski6.002
Häx CelZwaiAchim Breiling7.001
HaikaraGeafarKristian Selm8.502
Pavol Hammel, Marián Varga, Radim HladíkNa II. Programe SnaJochen Rindfrey7.001
HammerforceDiceGunnar Claußen7.001
Peter HammillRoom Temperature LiveThomas Schüßler9.673
Peter HammillConsequencesJürgen Wissing10.333
Peter HammillThe Love SongsJochen Rindfrey8.502
Peter HammillAnd close as thisGünter Schote6.254
HandsThe Early Years 1974-76Achim Breiling7.001
HandwristÇatalhöyükJochen Rindfrey7.001
Happy The Man3rd: "Better Late..."Udo Gerhards8.502
Happy The ManDeath's CrownUdo Gerhards8.333
HarlisNight Meets The DayJochen Rindfrey7.001
David HarringtonRule 29Thomas Kohlruß7.001
Michael HarrisDefense MechanizmsHenning Mangold7.001
HarvestChasing TimeThorsten Gürntke8.502
HawkwindIn Search of SpaceGunnar Claußen9.254
HawkwindChurch of HawkwindGunnar Claußen8.502
Hawkwind25 Years OnJürgen Gallitz-Duckar7.001
HawkwindLive ChroniclesJürgen Gallitz-Duckar10.334
HawkwindThe Chronicle of the Black Sword (DVD)Jochen Rindfrey7.001
HawkwindComplete '79 Collector Series Vol 1Heiko Westhagen7.502
Haze30th Anniversary ShowsAndreas Kiefer5.502
HeartscoreSculpturesThomas Kohlruß7.001
heklAaSongs In FGunnar Claußen7.001
HeKzInvictaGunnar Claußen7.002
Heldononly chaos is realAchim Breiling7.001
Ed Macan's Hermetic ScienceProphesiesKristian Selm7.001
Ed Macan's Hermetic ScienceEd Macan's Hermetic ScienceKristian Selm6.502
Hesus AttorSonic Gastronomy Volume 1Achim Breiling9.002
HeyokaThe Lost Heyoka RecordingsAchim Breiling7.001
Russell Hibbs & Daevid AllenNectans GlenAndreas Pläschke7.001
Hidden PathBefore our eyesHenning Mangold7.001
Hidden TimbreHidden TimbreMichael Büttgen9.003
Steve HillageMotivation RadioJochen Rindfrey8.002
Steve HillageLive in England 1979Jochen Rindfrey7.001
Steve HillageLive HeraldJürgen Gallitz-Duckar8.502
Steve HillageLive at Deeply Vale Festival '78Achim Breiling7.001
HoggwashSpellboundHarald Schmidt7.001
HoelderlinEightSal Pichireddu9.002
HoodSilent '88Jochen Rindfrey7.001
Brian HopperIf Ever I AmAchim Breiling7.001
House Of AquariusThe World Through Bloodred EyesGunnar Claußen7.001
House of notThe Walkabout Of A.Nexter Niode * Part 2 SexusChristian Rode8.002
House of notThe Walkabout - Part III On The Madness Of CrowdsThorsten Gürntke8.502
Steve HowePortraits of Bob DylanSiggy Zielinski8.502
Steve HoweNot Necessarily AcousticSiggy Zielinski7.001
Steve HoweNatural TimbreRalf J. Günther7.001
Steve Howe/Paul SutinSeraphimSiggy Zielinski7.001
Steve Howe's RemedyElementsRalf J. Günther7.333
Steve Howe's RemedyLive (DVD)Ralf J. Günther8.002
Steve Howe's RemedyElementsThorsten Gürntke7.333
Hunka MunkaDedicato a Giovanna G.Kristian Selm9.502
IceOpus 1Horst Straske7.001
Ice Blue OrchestraBetween DestinationsThomas Kohlruß7.001
ICS VortexStorm SeekerGunnar Claußen7.001
ICUICUKristian Selm7.001
IhsahnThe AdversaryGunnar Claußen8.502
IhsahnDas SeelenbrechenGunnar Claußen7.001
IluvatarA story two days wide...Henning Mangold8.003
IluvatarIluvatarJörg Schumann8.003
IlvciaIn the Nature of ReasonJochen Rindfrey7.001
Imagin'AriaIn un altro quandoKristian Selm7.001
IndigoHerbstwindHorst Straske7.001
IndigoDie Angel im GrasHorst Straske7.001
Indigo FallsIndigo FallsGünter Schote7.001
IndisciplineA non-obvious rideKristian Selm7.001
Indisciplined LucyAbout The Black Eyed GirlThorsten Gürntke7.001
InquireInquire WithinThomas Schüßler6.502
IQFrequency Tour CDJörg Schumann7.001
IQNomzamoJochen Rindfrey8.002
IQThe lost attic (a collection of rarities 1983-1999)Thorsten Gürntke6.754
Isildurs BaneMIND Volume 3Udo Gerhards8.754
Isildurs BaneSongs from the ObservatoryUdo Gerhards6.673
Isildurs BaneMIND Volume 3Thomas Kohlruß8.754
Isildurs BaneSagan Om Den Irländska ÄlgenThomas Kohlruß7.001
It BitesThe Tall ShipsWolfram Ehrhardt7.333
It BitesEat me in St LouisJörg Schumann10.002
Ivory TowerSubjective EnemyGunnar Claußen7.001
Jackie-O MotherfuckerThe Blood of LifeJochen Rindfrey7.001
JadisSee Right Through YouJörg Schumann8.333
JadisSee Right Through YouHenning Mangold8.333
JadisNo Fear Of Looking DownJörg Schumann7.002
JadisNo Fear Of Looking DownThorsten Gürntke7.002
Jaime Rosas TrioExtremosAndreas Kiefer7.001
JaneFire, water, earth & airAchim Breiling9.002
JaneAge of MadnessJochen Rindfrey5.502
Jean Michel JarreliveJörg Schumann7.002
Jean Michel JarreRevolutionsJörg Schumann7.502
Jean Michel JarreIn Concert Houston-LyonJörg Schumann7.002
Jean Michel JarreHong KongJörg Schumann7.001
Jean Michel JarreThe concerts in ChinaJörg Schumann8.502
Jean Michel JarreDeserted PalaceAchim Breiling7.001
Iain JenningsThe HouseGunnar Claußen7.001
Iain JenningsMy Dark SurpriseGunnar Claußen7.001
Jeronimo ProjectTales from Eloi and MorlocksWolfram Ehrhardt7.001
Jet PlaneShelledJochen Rindfrey7.001
Jethro TullJ-Tull Dot ComSiggy Zielinski6.673
Jethro TullToo Old to Rock'n'Roll: Too Young to DieJochen Rindfrey9.003
Jethro TullCrest of a KnaveJürgen Gallitz-Duckar7.805
Jethro TullThis WasSiggy Zielinski7.004
Jethro TullA Classic Case - The London Symphony Orchestra Plays The Music OfSiggy Zielinski4.002
Jethro TullThe Jethro Tull Christmas AlbumNik Brückner9.003
Jinetes NegrosChronosThomas Kohlruß7.001
Clive JohnYou Always Know Where You Stand With A BuzzardJochen Rindfrey7.001
Nicolas JohnThe Irrevocable Need To Have DreamsWolfram Ehrhardt7.001
John Young BandLive at The Classic Rock SocietyHenning Mangold7.001
Join InKentalope IslandAchim Breiling7.001
Steve JolliffeEscapeJochen Rindfrey7.001
Jon and VangelisPrivate CollectionAndreas Pläschke8.502
Christo JotaMantraJürgen Gallitz-Duckar7.001
Józef Skrzek BandWojna Swiatów - LiveHorst Straske7.001
Kafedra.orgShulgin's ScooterJochen Rindfrey7.001
KaipaNotes from the PastJochen Rindfrey7.605
KaipaKeyholderUdo Gerhards7.119
KaipaAngling FeelingsJörg Schumann7.004
KalacakraCrawling To LhasaAchim Breiling8.333
KaloSpiral DreamDennis Egbers6.502
KansasThe Prelude ImplicitGunnar Claußen9.002
KansasIn The Spirit Of ThingsChristian Rode7.001
KansasAlways Never The Same (featuring The London Symphony Orchestra)Mark Wahl7.001
KansasVinyl confessionsGunnar Claußen7.502
KansasAudio VisionsMark Wahl6.002
Marten KantusEchologyChristian Rode7.001
Karda EstraConstellationsThomas Kohlruß8.002
KarfagenThe Space Between UsJochen Rindfrey6.002
KarfagenSpektraAchim Breiling8.002
KaribowAddictedHarald Schmidt7.001
Mick KarnTitlesJochen Rindfrey7.001
KatatoniaDead End KingsSebastian Hauck7.001
KayakPhantom of the NightSiggy Zielinski7.001
Kehlvin & RorcalAscensionJochen Rindfrey7.001
Mike KeneallyThe Universe Will ProvideUdo Gerhards7.502
KenZinerTimescapeDennis Egbers7.502
KhaliKhaliDennis Egbers7.001
KhatsaturjanAramed Forces of SimantipakHenning Mangold7.001
King CrimsonThe Vrooom SessionsSiggy Zielinski7.001
Bernd KistenmacherLive + Studio Tapes '92Siggy Zielinski7.001
KloneUnpluggedMarc Colling7.001
KneadKneadNik Brückner7.001
KnifeworldThe UnravellingGunnar Claußen10.333
Korai örömKorai öröm (1997)Achim Breiling7.001
KraanDiamondsJochen Rindfrey8.002
KraanFlydayRalf J. Günther7.002
KraanThroughRalf J. Günther7.001
KraanFlydayJochen Rindfrey7.002
KraanNachtfahrtKristian Selm5.754
KraftwerkKraftwerk 2Thomas Schüßler9.003
KraftwerkExpo 2000 (Single)Jochen Rindfrey7.001
Krakatau (CH)As...Thomas Kohlruß7.001
KreidlerKreidlerAchim Breiling7.001
Kurgan´s BaneThe future lies brokenKristian Selm7.001
Greg LakeGreg LakeGunnar Claußen6.502
Greg LakeIn ConcertKristian Selm5.002
Greg LakeFrom The Underground...The Official BootlegSiggy Zielinski7.001
Land Of ChocolateRegaining The FeelThomas Schüßler7.001
LandmarqSolitary WitnessGünter Schote7.001
Lands EndDrainageKristian Selm7.001
Lana LaneRed Planet BoulevardMichael Hirle6.502
Lana LaneProject Shangri-LaMichael Hirle7.001
LanfearX To The Power Of TenGunnar Claußen7.001
Last KnightTalking To The MoonThorsten Gürntke7.001
Latte E MielePapillonHeiko Westhagen7.001
LazuliTant que l'herbe est grasseNik Brückner8.754
LazuliTant que l'herbe est grasseMarc Colling8.754
Le MurSilentia NovaGunnar Claußen8.502
Leap DaySkylge's LairWolfram Ehrhardt7.001
José Luis Fernándes LedesmaMotivos para perderseAchim Breiling6.502
Leger De MainSecond first impressionKristian Selm9.002
The LensA word in your eyeRalf J. Günther8.003
The LensRegenerationJörg Schumann7.502
LesoirLatitudeMarc Colling9.502
LestOdysseusThomas Kohlruß8.502
Tony LevinResonatorJochen Rindfrey8.002
LifeLife (CD Version)Kristian Selm7.001
LightshineFeelingAchim Breiling7.001
Like WendyTales From Moonlit BayHenning Mangold4.002
Pär Lindh ProjectRondoJochen Rindfrey6.502
Liquid Tension ExperimentLiquid Tension ExperimentDaniel Bosen8.002
Little AtlasHollowThorsten Gürntke8.333
Little TragediesPorcelain PavilionKristian Selm7.502
The LoadPraise The LoadAchim Breiling7.001
Local 7SubstratKristian Selm8.502
LoinclothPsalm of the Morbid WhoreAndreas Hofmann7.001
Lone Empty BedsameDennis Egbers7.001
Long Distance CallingAvoid The LightMarc Colling7.502
Long Distance CallingLong Distance CallingNik Brückner9.673
Long EarthThe SourceMarc Colling7.001
Jon LordSarabandeRalf J. Günther7.002
Jon LordSarabandeKristian Selm7.002
Lord Of Mushrooms7 Deadly SongsHenning Mangold7.001
Love de ViceDreamlandThomas Kohlruß7.001
Lucifer WasThe Divine TreeHorst Straske7.001
Lukas Tower BandAlbedoJürgen Wissing8.502
Lunatic SoulLunatic Soul IIMarc Colling9.673
MachiavelMachiavelHorst Straske7.001
Mad PuppetMasqueGünter Schote7.001
Madame Blavatsky OverdriveIdiot Jones Will Have His DayAndreas Hofmann7.001
Made In Sweden(with love)Achim Breiling7.001
MadrugadaMadrugadaAchim Breiling7.001
MagellanSymphony For A MisanthropeJörg Schumann8.002
Magic SpellIs there anywhere a Gasstation?Heiko Westhagen7.001
MagmaConcert Bobino 1981Jochen Rindfrey7.502
MagmaInéditsAchim Breiling7.502
MagmaMerciChristian Rode7.502
MagmaAttahkJochen Rindfrey9.504
MagmaFloe Essi / EktahAndreas Pläschke7.001
Magni Animi ViriHeroes TemporisMarcus Kästner7.002
Magnitude 9Reality in focusSebastian Mack5.502
Nick MagnusInhaling greenKristian Selm7.001
Mahavishnu OrchestraApocalypseUdo Gerhards7.001
Man On FireHabitatHenning Mangold8.002
Mangala VallisLycanthropeHenning Mangold9.673
MangroveComing Back To (Live)Andreas Kiefer9.003
Manfred Mann's Earth BandChanceJochen Rindfrey7.002
Manfred Mann's Earth BandChanceChristian Rode7.002
Manfred Mann's Earth BandManfred Mann's Earth BandJochen Rindfrey7.001
ManningOne Small Step...Dennis Egbers8.805
Mantra VegaThe Illusion's ReckoningHarald Schmidt7.502
Phil ManzaneraRare OneAchim Breiling7.001
MarillionBrief encounterKristian Selm7.001
MarillionMisplaced ChildhoodPiotre Walter10.336
MarillionMarillion.comHenning Mangold7.003
MarillionThis Strange EngineThomas Thielen10.254
MarillionMarket Square HeroesMichael Weinel9.003
MarillionMisplaced ChildhoodHenning Mangold10.336
MarillionMarket Square HeroesJörg Schumann9.003
Mars1999Kristian Selm7.502
The Mars VoltaDe-loused in the comatoriumMarkus Peltner9.504
The Mars VoltaScabdates (Live)Christoph Scholtes7.001
Martin CircusEn direct du Rock'N Roll CircusAchim Breiling7.001
MarygoldThe Guns of MarygoldHenning Mangold6.002
MaseratiThe language of citiesAchim Breiling7.001
MastermindVolume OneJochen Rindfrey7.333
MastermindBroken (CD-Single/EP)Christian Rode7.001
MastermindVolume OneKristian Selm7.333
MastodonBlood MountainThorsten Gürntke7.001
MastodonThe HunterNik Brückner8.502
Matter of TasteChateau ObscureKristian Selm7.002
Matter of TasteChateau ObscureThomas Schüßler7.002
Maxwell's DemonPrometheusJürgen Meurer10.004
Mecki Mark MenMarathonAchim Breiling7.001
Medina AzaharaPaseando Por La MezquitaAchim Breiling7.001
Meltingazestare men's lyricSiggy Zielinski7.001
MermaidMermaidAchim Breiling7.001
MeshuggahNothingGunnar Claußen9.333
MetaphorEntertaining ThanatosMartin Dambeck9.005
MetaphorEntertaining ThanatosUdo Gerhards9.005
Midnight SunMidnight DreamAchim Breiling7.001
MilleniumReincarnationsHenning Mangold7.002
MilleniumInterdeadSiggy Zielinski5.502
MilleniumReincarnationsKristian Selm7.002
Mind EnemiesRevengeGunnar Claußen7.001
MindflowJust the two of us... me and ThemThorsten Gürntke9.504
MineMineGeorg Heep7.001
Missus BeastlySpaceguerillaAchim Breiling7.001
The Moody BluesA Question of BalanceJochen Rindfrey9.002
The Moody BluesThreshold of a Dream - Live at the Isle of Wight FestivalJochen Rindfrey7.001
The Moody BluesCaught Live + 5Jochen Rindfrey7.001
The Moody BluesLong Distance VoyagerJochen Rindfrey8.002
The Moody BluesThe PresentMichael Weinel4.502
The Moody BluesIn Search of the Lost ChordThomas Schüßler9.003
MooncryA Mirror's DiaryGunnar Claußen7.001
MoongardenMoonsadnessKristian Selm8.002
MoonriseThe Lights of a distant BayThomas Kohlruß9.003
MoonriseStopover - LifeHarald Schmidt7.001
MoonwoodHexperienceJochen Rindfrey7.001
Patrick MorazHuman InterfaceJochen Rindfrey7.001
Patrick MorazThe Story Of IUdo Gerhards9.003
Patrick Moraz/SyrinxCoexistenceNik Brückner10.002
MordorThe EarthKristian Selm6.502
MorildAvesGunnar Claußen7.001
MorpheusRabenteuerKristian Selm7.001
Morse CodeJe suis le tempsJochen Rindfrey7.001
Neal MorseLifelineJörg Schumann7.405
Neal MorseNeal MorseSal Pichireddu6.673
Neal MorseSola ScripturaJürgen Gallitz-Duckar7.337
Neal MorseSola ScripturaDennis Egbers7.337
Neal MorseSola ScripturaMarcus Kästner7.337
Neal MorseTestimonyNik Brückner9.006
Tim MorseTransformationHenning Mangold7.001
Scott MosherVirtualityThomas Schüßler7.001
The MuffinsBandwidthRalf J. Günther8.502
James LaBrie's MullmuzzlerMullmuzzler 2Thorsten Gürntke7.502
Multi-StoryCrimson StoneGünter Schote7.502
MuseThe 2nd LawSebastian Hauck8.002
Musique NoiseFulmines IntegralisUdo Gerhards8.002
The Mute GodsTardigrades will inherit the EarthMarc Colling7.002
The Mute GodsTardigrades will inherit the EarthGunnar Claußen7.002
MythosStrange GuysGünter Schote7.001
National HealthD.S. al CodaJochen Lohr8.002
The National Orchestra Of The United Kingdom Of GoatsVaaya And The SeaSebastian Hauck7.502
NdioAirbackMarion Schoger7.001
NektarEvolutionRalf J. Günther8.673
NektarThe Prodigal SonThorsten Gürntke5.002
NektarA Tab in the OceanAchim Breiling8.805
NektarLive In New YorkThomas Kohlruß6.502
NeroniaBlue CirclesAndreas Kiefer8.003
NeroniaBlue CirclesThomas Kohlruß8.003
Neural MassSunshine HillGeorg Heep7.001
NeuroniumThe VisitorAchim Breiling8.002
NeuschwansteinAlice in WonderlandGünter Schote7.503
The New Grove ProjectBrillKristian Selm10.333
New TrollsSearching for a landAchim Breiling6.502
The NiceBBC SessionsNik Brückner7.001
The NiceFive BridgesUdo Gerhards9.502
Nine Stones CloseOne Eye On The SunriseMarc Colling9.002
No Name20 CandlesAndreas Kiefer7.001
NoetraNeuf SongesAchim Breiling7.001
Clive Nolan & Oliver WakemanJabberwockySiggy Zielinski4.504
NordagustIn The Mist Of MorningJochen Rindfrey9.333
Erik NorlanderLive in St. Petersburg (DVD)Henning Mangold7.001
Erik NorlanderHommage symphoniqueAchim Breiling8.002
North StarPowerJochen Rindfrey7.001
Doris NortonParapsychoSiggy Zielinski7.001
NosoundLightdarkSal Pichireddu9.004
NovalisSommerabendHolger Grützner8.754
NovelaParadise lostKristian Selm7.001
NowComplaint of the windGünter Schote5.002
NucleusAlleycatAchim Breiling7.001
NucleusAwakeningAchim Breiling7.001
Nuova EraL´ultimo viaggioNik Brückner7.502
Nuova IdeaIn The BeginningAchim Breiling7.001
Nuovo ImmigratoNuovo ImmigratoKristian Selm7.001
Oblique RainIsohyetWolfram Ehrhardt7.001
Oblivion SunThe High PlacesGunnar Claußen9.002
ObstaclesDecomposition of MovementNik Brückner7.001
OctohperaBons amigosJürgen Meurer7.001
OdetosunGods forgotten OrbitGunnar Claußen9.504
Odi Et AmoEclecticHorst Straske7.001
Odin's CourtDeathanityDennis Egbers6.002
OdyssiceMoon DriveGunnar Claußen7.001
OfferingOffering Part 3 + 4Udo Gerhards7.001
Ryo OkumotoComing ThroughThorsten Gürntke7.001
Mike OldfieldThe Songs Of Distant EarthJörg Schumann7.254
Mike OldfieldCrisesJochen Rindfrey6.176
Mike OldfieldCrisesJörg Graf6.176
Mike OldfieldIncantationsJörg Schumann13.006
Mike OldfieldAmarokAchim Breiling11.1712
Mike OldfieldMan on the RocksGünter Schote6.003
Jon Oliva's PainFestivalGunnar Claußen7.001
Olive MessgramercyAchim Breiling7.001
Gavin O´LoghlenThe Poet And The PriestHorst Straske7.001
OpethOpeth/Enslaved Split EPNik Brückner7.001
OpethHeritageMichael Hirle10.006
OpethSorceressGunnar Claußen10.405
Opus EstOpus IKristian Selm7.002
Opus EstOpus IHorst Straske7.002
Martin OrfordThe Old RoadRalf J. Günther8.004
Martin OrfordThe Old RoadSal Pichireddu8.004
OrneThe Tree of LifeMichael Hirle6.673
Os MundiLatin MassHorst Straske8.002
Osada VidaThree Seats Behind A TriangleThomas Kohlruß6.002
Osada VidaWhere The Devils Live (DVD)Thomas Kohlruß7.001
Osada VidaUninvited DreamsDennis Egbers8.002
OsannaMilano Calibro 9Achim Breiling7.001
OsirisMyths & LegendsHorst Straske7.002
OsirisVisions from the pastKristian Selm7.002
OsirisTales of the DiversJochen Rindfrey7.001
OsirisVisions from the pastHenning Mangold7.002
OsirisMyths & LegendsKristian Selm7.002
Otrovna KristinaOtrovna KristinaChristian Rode7.001
Outer LimitsA Boy Playing The Magical Bugle HornDennis Egbers7.001
OvniEn algun reinoJürgen Meurer7.001
Ozric TentaclesJurassic shiftJochen Rindfrey7.502
Palace Of ConceptionPalace Of ConceptionUdo Gerhards7.502
PallasArrive AliveJörg Schumann8.673
PallasBeat the DrumJörg Schumann9.003
PangaeaWelcome to the theatre...Henning Mangold6.002
PangaeaA time & a placeHenning Mangold7.001
Panta Rhei (Ungarn)Misc Recordings (1975-79)Thomas Schüßler7.001
Panta Rhei (Ungarn)EpilógusRalf J. Günther7.001
pArAdOx OnEAlternative RealitySiggy Zielinski7.001
Parallel or 90 DegreesNo More Travelling ChessSiggy Zielinski8.502
The Alan Parsons ProjectTry Anything onceChristian Rode5.002
The Alan Parsons ProjectEye in the SkyChristian Rode5.673
The Alan Parsons ProjectEye in the SkyJochen Rindfrey5.673
The Alan Parsons ProjectThe Turn of a Friendly CardChristian Rode6.255
PaternosterPaternosterAchim Breiling7.001
Pell MellMoldauJochen Rindfrey7.001
Pell MellFrom The New WorldAchim Breiling8.502
Ian PellowFruit AlluresMarcus Kästner7.001
PendragonUtrecht...The final frontierKristian Selm7.001
PendragonPassionJörg Schumann8.004
PendragonThe Window Of LifeThomas Kohlruß9.004
PendragonPassionHenning Mangold8.004
PendragonPureJörg Schumann9.004
PendragonFallen Dreams and AngelsHenning Mangold6.502
PendragonPassionMichael Hirle8.004
PendragonAcoustically challengedKristian Selm7.001
PendragonLive in Krakow 1996Kristian Selm7.001
PendragonAs Good As GoldJörg Schumann7.001
Pere UbuWorlds in CollisionJochen Rindfrey7.001
Pere UbuCloudlandJochen Rindfrey7.001
Pere UbuApocalypse NowJochen Rindfrey7.001
PerigeoNon è poi così lontanoAchim Breiling7.001
The Perotic TheatrePrometheusedKristian Selm7.001
Rudy PerroneOceans Of ArtUdo Gerhards7.001
Pervy PerkinInkGunnar Claußen7.001
Peter PanDaysMartin Dambeck8.502
Peter Pankas JaneShine onChristian Rode7.001
PhideauxFiendishDirk Reuter9.002
Anthony PhillipsPrivate Parts & Pieces VI - Ivory MoonMarkus Peltner8.502
Anthony PhillipsPrivate Parts & Pieces IX - Dragonfly DreamsSiggy Zielinski7.001
Anthony Phillips & Joji HirotaMissing Links Volume 3 - Time and TideSiggy Zielinski7.001
Pictorial WandA Sleeper's AwakeningGeorg Heep6.502
The Pineapple ThiefTightly UnwoundSal Pichireddu9.754
Richard PinhasdwwJochen Rindfrey7.001
Pink FloydA Momentary Lapse of ReasonPiotre Walter6.754
Pink FloydIs there anybody out there? - The Wall live 1980/81Andreas Pläschke7.001
Pink FloydThe WallJochen Rindfrey8.407
Pink FloydA Saucerful Of SecretsAndreas Pläschke10.006
Pink FloydWish You Were HereUdo Gerhards11.009
Pink FloydThe Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett Story (DVD)Ralf J. Günther7.001
A Plane To The VoidCommediaGunnar Claußen7.001
PlatypusIce CyclesChristoph Scholtes7.001
PlaygroundThe Strange PlotHarald Schmidt7.001
PondGemälde einer VernissageRalf J. Günther7.001
PondPlanetenwindAchim Breiling7.001
Popol Vuh (Dt.)AffenstundeJochen Rindfrey9.504
Porcupine TreeDeadwingThorsten Gürntke9.8910
Porcupine TreeMetanoiaMarkus Peltner8.673
Porcupine TreeOn the Sunday of Life...Markus Peltner7.673
Porcupine TreeOn the Sunday of Life...Jörg Schumann7.673
Porcupine TreeDeadwingJochen Rindfrey9.8910
Porcupine TreeFear of a Blank PlanetThomas Thielen9.717
Port MahadiaEchoes In TimeThorsten Gürntke8.002
Nic PotterThe Long Hello Vol. II (mit Guy Evans)Andreas Pläschke7.502
Nic PotterDreamworldGünter Schote7.001
Premiata Forneria MarconiChocolate KingsHeiko Westhagen8.003
Premiata Forneria MarconiSerendipityKristian Selm7.001
PresenceBlack OperaThomas Kohlruß9.502
Presto BalletInvisible PlacesGunnar Claußen7.001
Primitive InstinctBeliefGünter Schote10.002
PrismaCollusionMichael Büttgen8.003
PrismaCollusionJürgen Gallitz-Duckar8.003
Procol HarumProcol's NinthThomas Schüßler7.001
Procol HarumBroken BarricadesThomas Schüßler8.002
ProfusionRewoToweRGunnar Claußen7.001
ProjectName stolenKristian Selm8.502
Project ArcadiaA Time Of ChangesGunnar Claußen7.001
Projection (NL)RelativityHarald Schmidt7.001
ProjeKctsProjeKct Two: Space GrooveUdo Gerhards7.003
The Psychedelic EnsembleThe Art of MadnessJochen Rindfrey9.333
Psychotic WaltzMosquitoThorsten Gürntke7.502
Quantum FantayAgapanthusterraJürgen Gallitz-Duckar8.502
QueensrÿcheEmpireMichael Hirle7.001
QueensrÿcheHear In The Now FrontierSebastian Mack4.502
QuiQuiWolfram Ehrhardt7.502
QuidamSaikoJürgen Wissing9.502
Quiet WorldThe RoadSiggy Zielinski7.001
QuirinusThe decision treeSiggy Zielinski7.001
QuirinusDryadsChristian Rode7.502
RadioheadHail To The ThiefMarc Colling6.754
RadioheadOK ComputerGünter Schote10.676
RadioheadHail To The ThiefThomas Thielen6.754
RadioheadPablo HoneyJochen Rindfrey7.502
RamsesLa LeylaAndreas Pläschke7.002
RamsesFirewallGunnar Claußen8.502
RamsesLa LeylaJochen Rindfrey7.002
Random (Arg.)Todo.s los colores delGunnar Claußen7.001
RanestRaneShiningJochen Rindfrey8.002
Raw MaterialRaw MaterialAchim Breiling7.001
The ReasoningAdverse CamberHenning Mangold7.001
The Rebel WheeldiagrammaJürgen Gallitz-Duckar9.502
The ReceiverAll burnMarc Colling7.001
Recordando O Vale Das MacasAs Criancas Da Nova Floresta IIHorst Straske7.001
Alec K. Redfearn and The EyesoresSister DeathNik Brückner9.002
Gordon ReidAliensSal Pichireddu7.001
RenaissanceCamera CameraMarkus Peltner3.673
RenaissanceAzure d'orJochen Rindfrey7.673
Renaissance'Unplugged' - 'Live' at The Academy of Music, Philadelphia USANik Brückner7.001
RenaissanceTuscanyKristian Selm7.002
RenaissanceTuscanySiggy Zielinski7.002
RenaissanceThe Other WomanSiggy Zielinski7.001
RetroheadsIntrospectiveNik Brückner8.502
RicocherCathedral of emotionsHenning Mangold7.001
Andy RinehartJason's chordGünter Schote8.002
RitualSuperb BirthJörg Schumann8.502
RiversideShrine Of New Generation SlavesNik Brückner9.437
RiversideShrine Of New Generation SlavesMarc Colling9.437
RiversideShrine Of New Generation SlavesGunnar Claußen9.437
RiversideVoices In My HeadMarc Colling8.333
Rockenfield SpeerHells CanyonThorsten Gürntke4.502
Rocket ScientistsRevolution RoadAndreas Kiefer7.673
Hans-Joachim RoedeliusGlobal Trotters Project, Vol. I: DriveJochen Rindfrey7.001
Roel van HeldenRvHThorsten Gürntke7.001
Patrick RondatOn the edgeKristian Selm7.001
Rorcalmirra, mordvynn, marayaaMichael Büttgen7.001
Steve Rothery BandLive in RomeNik Brückner9.003
Round House3-DChristian Rode6.502
Andrew RoussakNo TrespassingDennis Egbers7.001
Roxy MusicThe Best ofChristian Rode7.001
Roxy MusicSirenJochen Rindfrey8.502
Roz VitalisDas Licht der Menschen (The Threesunny Light Superpower)Kristian Selm8.502
RPWLTrying to kiss the sunThorsten Gürntke8.333
RPWLTrying to kiss the sunThomas Kohlruß8.333
RPWLThe RPWL ExperienceJürgen Gallitz-Duckar9.504
Jordan RudessFeeding the WheelJörg Schumann9.673
RuinsHigh on Fire/RuinsNik Brückner7.001
Runaway TotemTep Zepi (L'Era Degli Dei)Kristian Selm7.001
Todd RundgrenHealingJochen Rindfrey10.003
RuphusRanshartHorst Straske7.001
RushFly By NightJörg Schumann6.754
RushCounterpartsJörg Schumann9.003
RushHold Your FireChristian Rode9.254
RushRoll the bonesThorsten Gürntke6.002
RushFly By NightThorsten Gürntke6.754
Rusty PacemakerRuinsMarc Colling8.002
Sad MinstrelThe Flight of the PhoenixJürgen Meurer5.502
Michael SadlerClearThomas Kohlruß5.502
SaensEscaping from the Hands of GodRalf J. Günther8.003
SaensEscaping from the Hands of GodThorsten Gürntke8.003
Saga (Kan.)Worlds ApartUdo Gerhards8.502
Saga (Kan.)Heads Or TalesJörg Schumann8.502
SagradoFlechaKristian Selm7.001
SammalSammalGunnar Claußen7.001
Sankt OttenMorgen wieder lustigGunnar Claußen7.001
SatelliteNostalgiaWolfram Ehrhardt8.002
Satin WhaleWhalecomeAchim Breiling7.001
Satin WhaleDesert PlacesAchim Breiling7.001
SavatageThe Wake of MagellanGunnar Claußen11.003
SavatageStreets - A Rock OperaGunnar Claußen8.502
Saviour MachineLegend Part IThomas Kohlruß7.001
SBBw filharmonii: akt IThomas Kohlruß7.001
SBBJerzykKristian Selm7.001
Schicke Führs FröhlingTicket To EverywhereJochen Rindfrey7.004
Conrad Schnitzler & PoleCon-StructAchim Breiling7.001
Klaus SchulzeMiditerranean PadsMichael Weinel8.502
Klaus SchulzeAre you sequenced?Jochen Rindfrey7.333
Klaus SchulzeBlackdanceJochen Rindfrey8.003
Klaus SchulzeAre you sequenced?Siggy Zielinski7.333
Klaus SchulzeAnother Green MileJochen Rindfrey7.002
Klaus SchulzeAnother Green MileAchim Breiling7.002
Klaus SchulzeBlackdanceSiggy Zielinski8.003
Sense Vs SanityOut Of The VoidGunnar Claußen7.001
set fire to flamestelegraphs in negative / mouths trapped in staticKristian Selm9.502
The Setting SonSpring of HateJochen Rindfrey7.001
Shades Of DawnThe Dawn Of TimeSal Pichireddu8.502
Shadow GalleryRoom VChristian Rode9.002
ShakaryThe Last SummerThomas Schüßler8.002
Shattered DestinyFragmentsGunnar Claußen7.001
ShiningOne One OneNik Brückner8.003
Show-YenShow-YenKristian Selm7.001
Show-YenIIHorst Straske7.001
Side StepsSteps On EdgeDennis Egbers7.001
Side StepsAlive IIThomas Kohlruß7.502
Sigur RósTakkSal Pichireddu10.679
Sigur RósTakkNik Brückner10.679
Silent LucidityPositive As SoundThorsten Gürntke7.001
SilhouetteAcross the RubiconGunnar Claußen8.502
Silver ApplesDecaturAchim Breiling7.002
Silver LiningThe Inner DragonKristian Selm6.502
Simon SaysTardigradeSal Pichireddu11.676
Simon SaysCeinwenHenning Mangold7.001
SinkadusAurum NostrumUdo Gerhards8.002
Rikard SjöblomCyklonmannenRalf J. Günther7.001
SkeemSkeemHorst Straske9.002
Skeleton$I'm At The Top Of The WorldAndreas Hofmann7.001
SkryvaniaSkryvaniaAchim Breiling7.502
SkySky 3Jochen Rindfrey7.001
Sky ArchitectA Dying Man's HymnWolfram Ehrhardt7.502
Skyline SymmetryTossing & TurningGeorg Heep7.001
Sleepytime Gorilla MuseumLiveUdo Gerhards7.001
SmalltapeThe OceanNik Brückner11.254
Soft MachineSoftsAchim Breiling9.002
Soft Machinesomewhere in SohoAchim Breiling7.001
Soft MachineLand of CockayneChristian Rode5.502
Soft MachineJet Propelled PhotographsAchim Breiling7.502
The Soft Machine LegacyLive In ZaandamUdo Gerhards7.002
Soft WorksAbracadabraAchim Breiling7.502
Solar ProjectAquarmadaJochen Rindfrey7.001
Solaris1990Kristian Selm8.502
SolefaldNeonismGunnar Claußen7.001
Sonic PulsarPlaying the UniverseKristian Selm8.002
Sonic PulsarOut Of PlaceThorsten Gürntke8.673
Soniq TheaterOvernight SensationSiggy Zielinski7.001
Soniq TheaterThe JourneySiggy Zielinski7.001
Soniq TheaterThis Mortal CoilChristian Rode7.001
Soniq TheaterSeventh HeavenSiggy Zielinski7.001
Soniq TheaterSoniq TheaterNik Brückner9.002
Alan SorrentiAriaHorst Straske11.504
SpirogyraOld Boot WineJochen Rindfrey7.001
Spleen ArcanaThe Field Were She DiedThomas Schüßler7.001
Spock's BeardGluttons For Punishment - Live in '05Jörg Schumann9.002
Spock's BeardOctaneHenning Mangold8.577
Spock's BeardOctanePiotre Walter8.577
Spock's BeardNoise FloorPeter Meyer9.333
Spock's BeardThere & here (The "from the vaults" series vol.4)Jörg Schumann7.001
Spock's BeardOctaneJörg Schumann8.577
SquackettA Life Within A DayJochen Rindfrey5.502
StarcastleStarcastleRalf J. Günther9.405
StarcastleFountains of LightAchim Breiling11.002
StarcastleSong of TimesJürgen Gallitz-Duckar7.754
StarchitectShiftGunnar Claußen7.001
StarlessSong of Silence/WishKristian Selm7.001
Felix StefanoffThe Mintgreen EPJochen Rindfrey7.001
Stern-Combo MeissenStern-Combo MeissenHolger Grützner9.003
Stevegane ProjectWhen the time is a presentJürgen Meurer7.001
Roine StoltFantasiaKristian Selm8.002
Strangers on a trainThe key part 1: the prophecyHarald Schmidt7.333
Strangers on a trainThe key part 2: the labyrinthKristian Selm8.673
The StrawbsGrave New WorldGunnar Claußen7.001
Daryl StuermerRewired - The Electric CollectionHenning Mangold6.002
StyxStyx IIGunnar Claußen7.003
StyxCornerstoneFranco Cappelletti5.333
StyxThe serpent is risingKristian Selm7.333
StyxStyx IIKristian Selm7.003
StyxEquinoxGunnar Claußen8.002
StyxStyx IIMarkus Peltner7.003
StyxKilroy Was HereGunnar Claußen5.002
SubsignalThe Beacons Of Somewhere SometimeNik Brückner11.004
SubterraSombras de inviernoKristian Selm7.001
Subterranean MasqueradeVagabondPeter Meyer9.502
SunpathAcoustic AphasiaMarcus Kästner7.001
SupertrampIndelibly StampedJochen Rindfrey7.001
SupertrampSome Things Never ChangePeter Meyer8.333
Sweet SmokeJust A PokeAchim Breiling10.333
Sweet SmokeDarkness To LightJochen Rindfrey7.001
Sweet SmokeLiveAchim Breiling7.001
Symphonic SlamSymphonic SlamGünter Schote8.002
Symphonic Theater of DreamsA Symphonic Tribute To Dream TheaterNik Brückner7.001
Symphony XThe damnation gameGunnar Claußen8.002
Symphony XParadise LostMarkus Wierschem9.504
The SynSyndestructibleAndreas Pläschke8.502
Systems TheorySoundtracks For Imaginary MoviesChristian Rode8.673
Taï PhongLast flightKristian Selm7.001
The Tangentii(.v) :pyramids and stars. an official live bootleg from aschaffenburg colos-saal 3/11/04Nik Brückner7.673
The TangentThe Music That Died AlonePiotre Walter10.805
The Tangentii(.v) :pyramids and stars. an official live bootleg from aschaffenburg colos-saal 3/11/04Jörg Schumann7.673
Tangerine DreamThe Hollywood Years Vol.1Siggy Zielinski6.502
Tangerine DreamWhite EagleThomas Schüßler7.502
Tangerine DreamPurgatorioSiggy Zielinski7.001
Tangerine DreamFirestarterSiggy Zielinski7.001
Tangerine DreamTimeSquare-Dream Mixes 2Siggy Zielinski7.001
Tangerine DreamThiefSiggy Zielinski7.001
Tangerine DreamTournadoSiggy Zielinski7.001
Tangerine Dream220 Volt LiveSiggy Zielinski7.001
Tangerine DreamOasisThomas Schüßler8.002
Tangerine DreamZoningSiggy Zielinski7.001
Tangerine DreamWhat a BlastThomas Schüßler7.502
Tangerine DreamTranssiberiaSiggy Zielinski7.001
Tangerine DreamDead Solid PerfectSiggy Zielinski7.001
Tangerine DreamValentine WheelsSiggy Zielinski7.001
Tangerine DreamGreat Wall Of ChinaThomas Schüßler7.502
Tangerine DreamQuinoaSiggy Zielinski7.001
TantalusJubalKristian Selm7.502
Taurus (Chi.)Opus 1 - DimensionsWolfram Ehrhardt7.502
T-BoWe Stay TogetherHorst Straske4.002
Tea For Two101Horst Straske9.004
TearsFalling Certainty (EP)Henning Mangold7.001
Temple 8Enter the TempleChristian Rode7.001
Ten JinnAs On A Darkling PlainKristian Selm7.502
Teru's SymphoniaClockworked EarthHorst Straske8.002
Tesis ArsisEstado de alerta máximoAndreas Kiefer7.001
Tesis ArsisIlusõesJürgen Meurer7.001
TetragonNatureAchim Breiling7.001
The Electric FamilyRoyal HuntChristian Rode7.001
The SkysColours of the DesertMichael Hirle7.002
The SkysColours of the DesertGunnar Claußen7.002
TherionCrowning of AtlantisKristian Selm7.001
ThineThe Dead City BlueprintGunnar Claußen9.002
Third VoiceMoments like theseGeorg Heep6.002
Thirsty MoonA real good timeAchim Breiling7.001
Fredrik Thordendal's Special DefectsSol niger withinAchim Breiling10.002
Thought ChamberPsykerionGunnar Claußen7.001
ThreeTo the Power Of 3Nik Brückner7.001
ThreeLive Boston '88Nik Brückner7.001
Thrice MiceThrice MiceAchim Breiling7.001
ThuleFrostbrentKristian Selm7.001
TibetTibetJochen Rindfrey9.003
TightlandMarmeladiumChristian Rode8.002
TilesOff The FloorThorsten Gürntke8.002
TilesFence The ClearThomas Kohlruß7.001
Time MachineAct II: GalileoThorsten Gürntke7.001
Time RequiemThe Inner Circle Of RealityThomas Kohlruß7.001
Time TravellerChapters I&IIMichael Büttgen7.001
Timeout7Gunnar Claußen4.502
Timothy PureThe fabric of betrayalKristian Selm7.001
TirillNine and Fifty SwansJochen Rindfrey7.001
TitanSweet DreamsAchim Breiling10.002
TømrerclausTømrerclausGunnar Claußen7.001
Toxic SmileMadness And Despair (M.A.D.)Sal Pichireddu7.001
TrafficLast ExitThomas Kohlruß7.001
TransatlanticLive In Europe (DVD)Andreas Pläschke10.004
TransatlanticSMPTeThomas Thielen10.503
Transport AerianDarkblueGunnar Claußen7.001
Transport AerianBleedingGunnar Claußen9.002
TraumpfadAufbruchHorst Straske9.003
TravellersA Journey Into The Sun WithinThomas Kohlruß7.001
Uli TrepteReal Time MusicAchim Breiling7.001
TrianaLlegó El DiaHorst Straske7.001
A Triggering MythBetween CagesRalf J. Günther7.001
TrionTortoiseUdo Gerhards7.504
TrionTortoiseKristian Selm7.504
TriumviratPompeiiPiotre Walter8.003
TriumviratMediterranean TalesHorst Straske8.004
TriumviratOld Loves Die HardJochen Lohr7.673
TriumviratPompeiiJochen Lohr8.003
TriumviratSpartacusJochen Lohr9.005
Rolf TrostelDer ProphetGunnar Claußen8.502
TumbletownDone With The ColdnessHarald Schmidt8.502
Nik TurnerSpace Fusion OdysseyAchim Breiling7.001
Twelfth NightTwelfth NightGünter Schote7.001
Twelfth NightMMXJürgen Wissing9.002
TwogetherA couple of timesAchim Breiling7.001
Tyburn TallLive...and passionKristian Selm7.001
UKNight After NightJörg Schumann8.502
UlverPerdition CityGunnar Claußen8.002
UlverA Quick Fix Of MelancholyGunnar Claußen7.001
UlyssesNeroniaHorst Straske6.502
Unearth NoiseAnother DimensionGunnar Claußen7.001
UnifaunUnifaunThomas Kohlruß8.254
United Progressive FraternityFall In Love With The WorldGunnar Claußen8.003
United Progressive FraternityFall In Love With The WorldNik Brückner8.003
UnitopiaOne Night in EuropeJochen Rindfrey7.001
UnitopiaMore Than A DreamSal Pichireddu7.502
UnitopiaMore Than a Dream - The Dream CompletePeter Meyer7.001
UnitopiaArtificialNik Brückner9.673
UnoUnoAchim Breiling7.001
The UrbaneGlitterHenning Mangold8.333
The UrbaneGlitterChristian Rode8.333
UtopiaRaAchim Breiling7.805
UZEBClubThomas Kohlruß7.001
Vanden PlasChrist 0Marcus Kästner10.003
Christian VanderLes voyages des Christophe ColombAndreas Pläschke7.001
VangelisIgnacioSiggy Zielinski7.002
VangelisIgnacioJochen Rindfrey7.002
Various ArtistsLive At Knebworth 1990 (DVD)Michael Weinel7.001
Various ArtistsBaja Prog 98Kristian Selm7.001
Various ArtistsZabriskie PointMarkus Peltner7.001
Various ArtistsThe Alien Killer Orange - A compilation of Scandinavian Progressive RockKristian Selm7.001
Various ArtistsCologne CuriositiesAchim Breiling7.001
Various ArtistsSigns of life - A tribute to Pink FloydJürgen Gallitz-Duckar8.502
Venegoni & Co.PlanetariumThomas Kohlruß7.001
Cyrille Verdeaux & Pascal MenetreyTribal Hybrid Concept (2014)Siggy Zielinski7.001
ViennaOvertureHorst Straske6.502
VirusThoughtsAchim Breiling7.001
Visible WindCatharsisKristian Selm7.001
The Vital MightRed PlanetJochen Rindfrey8.502
Vital ScienceImaginations On The Subject Of InfinityGunnar Claußen7.001
VoivodDimension HatrössGunnar Claußen7.333
VoivodD-V-O-D--1 (DVD)Thorsten Gürntke7.001
VoivodNegatronGunnar Claußen7.001
VotumTime Must Have A StopMichael Büttgen8.002
Rene de VrengThe SorceressAchim Breiling11.673
Vulture IndustriesStranger TimesPeter Meyer7.001
(Richard) WahnfriedDrums 'n' Balls (the Gancha Dub)Siggy Zielinski8.002
(Richard) WahnfriedTrance AppealSiggy Zielinski7.502
Oliver WakemanMother's RuinHenning Mangold7.333
Oliver WakemanMother's RuinChristian Rode7.333
Rick WakemanThe Real LisztomaniaGunnar Claußen7.503
Rick WakemanJourney To The Center Of The EarthThomas Schüßler9.504
Rick WakemanThe Classical Connection 2Siggy Zielinski7.001
Rick WakemanThe Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round TableJochen Rindfrey5.755
Rick WakemanRhapsodiesSiggy Zielinski7.001
Rick WakemanThe Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round TableJörg Schumann5.755
Rick WakemanCountry Airs (1992)Siggy Zielinski7.001
Rick WakemanVideo VaultNik Brückner7.001
Rick WakemanOut There (DVD)Andreas Pläschke7.001
WallensteinMother UniverseAchim Breiling8.502
David WallimannDeep inside the MindThomas Kohlruß7.001
Steve WalshBlack ButterflyPiotre Walter7.001
WapassouWapassouHorst Straske8.002
WapassouSalammbôAchim Breiling9.502
Wappa GappaGappaThorsten Gürntke9.673
The WatchGhostUdo Gerhards10.254
Roger WatersRadio K.A.O.S.Jochen Rindfrey7.001
Leah WaybrightBeauty gone wildKristian Selm7.001
Weather ReportMr. GoneJochen Rindfrey7.001
WebTheraphosa BlondiAchim Breiling7.001
Walter WegmüllerTarotGünter Schote6.502
John WesleyUnder the red and white skyKristian Selm7.001
Wet RabbitOf Clocks and CloudsMarc Colling7.001
John WettonChasing the DragonSiggy Zielinski5.502
While Heaven WeptSorrow Of The AngelsGunnar Claußen7.001
The White NoiseAn Electric StormChristian Rode10.754
The Wilde FlowersThe Wilde FlowersAchim Breiling7.001
Ray WilsonChangeThomas Kohlruß7.502
Steven Wilson4 1/2Marc Colling9.333
Wings Of DestinyKings Of TerrorGunnar Claußen7.001
WizzardWizzard BrewAchim Breiling7.001
World TradeUnifyNik Brückner7.001
XangDestiny of a DreamSal Pichireddu8.673
XHOHXKaryotyp ExplosionRalf J. Günther8.002
XinemaDifferent waysDennis Egbers8.502
YagullFilmsHarald Schmidt7.001
Stomu YamashtaOne by OneThomas Schüßler7.502
YesRock Of The 70'sNik Brückner7.001
YesThe Yes AlbumGunnar Claußen9.806
YesKeys To AscensionJörg Schumann8.004
YesKeys to Ascension (VHS/DVD)Ralf J. Günther7.001
Yes90125Nik Brückner8.138
YesUnionJörg Schumann6.007
YesThe LadderSal Pichireddu6.007
YesGoing For The OneGunnar Claußen9.888
YesThe LadderJochen Rindfrey6.007
YesUnion Tour Live (DVD)Nik Brückner7.001
YesBig GeneratorUdo Gerhards6.676
YesHeaven & EarthChristian Rode5.177
YesYesNik Brückner8.405
YesYesJörg Schumann8.405
Yes90125Udo Gerhards8.138
YesIn The Present - Live From LyonNik Brückner9.002
YesThe Revealing Science Of GodNik Brückner7.001
YesThe Lost BroadcastsNik Brückner7.001
YesFly from herePiotre Walter8.577
YesFly from hereNik Brückner8.577
YesYesSpeak (DVD)Ralf J. Günther9.673
Thom YorkeSpitting FeathersMalte Krosse7.001
You And IGoKristian Selm7.001
YurtIII - MolluskkepokkGunnar Claußen7.001
Frank ZappaDoes Humor Belong in Music? (DVD)Udo Gerhards7.001
Frank ZappaZoot AlluresUdo Gerhards7.001
Frank ZappaFreak out!Udo Gerhards7.001
Frank ZappaTinseltown RebellionUdo Gerhards6.502
Frank ZappaThe Best Band You Never Heard In Your LifeRalf J. Günther7.001
ZelinkaZelinkaMarc Colling10.003
ZenGaze into the LightKristian Selm7.502
ZiffSanctuaryKristian Selm7.001
ZombiSpirit AnimalGunnar Claußen8.002
ZsB Is For BurningFlorian Dietmaier7.001
Fabio Zuffanti and Victoria Heward / Project MerlinMerlin - The Rock OperaThorsten Gürntke7.502
Zweisteintrip, flip out, meditationAchim Breiling7.001
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