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ALBEN 1995
the 3rd and the mortal - Nightswan EP
Abiogenesi - Abiogenesi
Ageness - Rituals
Agitation Free - Fragments
Akaten - Akaten I
Aku-Aku - Mezi psem a vlkem
Albion - Albion
Alboth! - Ali
Algaravia - Breve E Interminável
Daevid Allen - Dreamin' a dream
Amoebic Ensemble - Limbic Rage
Amon Düül II - Nada Moonshine #
Anathema - The Silent Enigma
Ian Anderson - Divinities (Twelve Dances with God)
Jon Anderson - Angels Embrace
Laurie Anderson - The ugly one with the jewels and other stories
Anekdoten - Nucleus
Ange - Un p'tit tour et puis s'en vont
Ankh - Ziemia i slonce
Apocalypse - Perto Do Amanhecer
Apogee - The Border of Awareness
Aragon - Mouse
Martin Archer - Ghost lily cascade
Arena - Songs From the Lions Cage
Art Zoyd - Faust
Aufklärung - De'La Tempesta....L'Oscuro Piacere
Ayreon - The final experiment
Max Bacon - The Higher You Climb
Peter Banks - Self-contained
Tony Banks - Strictly inc.
Adrian Belew - The Guitar as Orchestra
Bi Kyo Ran - Deep Live!
Bi Kyo Ran - Go-Un
Bratko Bibic & the Madleys - Bratko Bibic & The Madleys
Rick Biddulph - Second nature
Biota - Object Holder
Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic - Dancing on A'A
Björk - Post
Bohren & der Club of Gore - Midnight Radio
Boud Deun - Fiction and several days
Brand X - Live at The Roxy LA
Jack Bruce - BBC Live in Concert
California Guitar Trio - Invitation
Can - The Peel Sessions
Caravan - The Battle Of Hastings
Tony Carnevale - La vita che grida
Cerberus Shoal - Cerberus Shoal
Cinema Show - Dança dos ventos
Cliffhanger - Cold Steel
Collage - Changes
Collage - Safe
Coltsfoot - A Winter Harvest
Conception - In Your Multitude
Ian Crichton - Welcome To The Boom Boom Room
Crucis - Kronologia
DarXtar - Sju
Death - Symbolic
Death Ambient - Death Ambient
Christian Décamps et fils - Vesoul
Derek and the Ruins - Saisoro
Deus Ex Machina - De Republica
Diabolos In Musika - Natural Needs
Divæ - Determinazione
Doctor Nerve - Skin
Dogma - Twin sunrise
Don Caballero - Don Caballero 2
Dream Theater - A Change Of Seasons
East - Live - Két Arc
Echo City - Sonic sport 83-88
Echolyn - As The World
Keith Emerson - Changing States
Empire - Empire Mark I
Die Engel des Herrn - Live! As: Hippie-Punks
Engel Wider Willen - Engel Wider Willen
England - The Last Of The Jubblies
The Enid - Sundialer
Eno/Wobble - Spinner
Eskape - Sharp bends sudden crests
Eternity X - Mind games
Europa String Choir - The Starving Moon
Everon - Flood
Fancyfluid - The Sheltering Sea
Farflung - 25,000 Feet Per Second
Faust - Rien
Fig Leaf - Plays Bob W. and other selections
Finisterre - Finisterre
Fish - Yang
Fish - Yin
The Flower Kings - Back in the world of Adventures
Chris(topher) Franke - Klemania
French TV - Intestinal Fortitude
Friends of Dean Martinez - The Shadow of Your Smile
Robert Fripp - A Blessing Of Tears
Edgar Froese - Beyond the Storm
Peter Frohmader - Gate
Peter Frohmader - Homunculus / Ritual
Fushitsusha - The Caution Appears
Galahad - Sleepers
Galleon - King of Aragon
Gandalf - Echoes from ancient dreams
The Gathering - Mandylion
The Gathering - Strange machines (Single)
Ax Genrich - Wave Cut
Giles/Muir/Cunningham - Ghost Dance
Michael Gira - Drainland
Glass Hammer - Perelandra
Goethes Erben - Goethes Erben
Gong - Camembert Eclectique
Gong - Paragong Live ´73
Gongzilla - Suffer
Grey Lady Down - Forces
Guru Guru - Guru Guru & Uli Trepte (Live & Unreleased)
Guru Guru - Wah Wah
Steve Hackett - Blues with a Feeling
Haco - Haco
Haji's Kitchen - Haji's Kitchen
Peter Hammill - The Peel Sessions
Peter Hammill - X My Heart
Happy Family - Happy Family
Hieronymus Bosch - The Human Abstract
László Hortobágyi - 6th All-India Music Conference
Steve Howe - Not Necessarily Acoustic
Steve Howe/Paul Sutin - Voyagers
Höyry-Kone - Hyönteisiä voi rakastaa
Michael Hunter - River
ICU - Now and here
Iluvatar - Children
In The Name - In The Name
Iona - Journey Into The Morn
Ivanhoe - Symbols of time
Steve Jansen - Richard Barbieri - Stone to Flesh
Jason Willett and Ruins - Jason Willett and Ruins
Jethro Tull - In Concert
Jethro Tull - Roots To Branches
Jump - The myth of independence
Kansas - Freaks Of Nature
Mick Karn - The Tooth Mother
Kenso - Inei No Fue - Live Vol. 2
King Crimson - B'Boom
King Crimson - THRAK
Korai öröm - Korai öröm (1995)
Labradford - A Stable Reference
Greg Lake - In Concert
Landberk - Dream dance (EP)
Landberk - Unaffected
Landmarq - The vision pit
Lands End - Terra Serranum
Lana Lane - Love Is An Illusion
Leger De Main - The concept of our reality
Lemur Voice - Insights
Tony Levin - World Diary
Pär Lindh Project - Rondo
The Load - Load Have Mercy
Lorian - Virginal Mind
Didier Malherbe / Loy Ehrlich - Hadouk
Marge Litch - Crystal heart in the fountain
Marillion - Afraid of sunlight
Marillion - Brave - The Film (DVD)
Mastermind - Tragic Symphony
Mayfair - Die Flucht
Meshuggah - Destroy Erase Improve
Mess - Mess
Mike & The Mechanics - Beggar On A Beach Of Gold
Miriodor - Jongleries Elastiques
The Mistakes - The Mistakes
Moongarden - Brainstorm of Emptyness
Kevin Moore - Music meant to be heard
Patrick Moraz - PM In Princeton
Mr. Bungle - Disco Volante
Mystery - Theatre of the mind
Naked Sun - Wonderdrug
Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze - The Dark Side of the Moog II
Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze - The Dark Side of the Moog III
Neu! - Neu! 4
no-man - Flowermix
no-man - Heaven Taste
No Name - The Secret Garden
Node - Node
Non Credo - Happy Wretched Family
Nuova Era - Il passo del soldato
Octafish - Land Unter
Opeth - Orchid
Opus Avantra - Lyrics
The Other Side - In The Shadows
Ovni - En algun reino
Ozric Tentacles - Become the other
Pangée - Hymnemonde
Payne's Gray - Kadath decoded
Pendragon - Utrecht...The final frontier
Pere Ubu - Ray Gun Suitcase
The Perotic Theatre - Prometheused
Anthony Phillips - Anthology
Anthony Phillips - The "Living Room" Concert
Pink Floyd - London '66-'67
Pink Floyd - P.U.L.S.E.
Podsdarapomuk - On pasewolk again
Popol Vuh (Dt.) - Kailash - Pilgerfahrt zum Thron der Götter (VHS)
Porcupine Tree - The Sky Moves Sideways
Primus - Tales from the punchbowl
Rachel's - Handwriting
radio massacre international - frozen north
Radiohead - The Bends
Raison de Plus - Au bout du couloir
Renaissance - Da Capo
Happy Rhodes - The Keep
Ritual - Ritual
Rocket Scientists - Brutal Architecture
Roxy Music - The Thrill of it All
Ruins - Hyderomastgroningem
Runaway Totem - Trimegisto
Saga (Kan.) - Generation 13
Lee Saunders - A promise of peace
Savatage - Dead Winter Dead
Günter Schickert - Somnambul
Johannes Schmoelling - Songs no words (Lieder ohne Worte)
Conrad Schnitzler - Charred Machinery
Conrad Schnitzler - Electronegativity
Klaus Schulze - In Blue
Shadow Gallery - Carved in stone
Shadowfax - Shadowfax live
Shingetsu - Kagaku No Yoru
Jane Siberry - Maria
Sieges Even - Sophisticated
Simon Says - Ceinwen
The Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
Soft Heap - A Veritable Centaur
Soft Machine - Live At The Paradiso 1969
Solaris - Live in Los Angeles
Soma - Dreamtime
Spiritualized - Pure Phase
Spock's Beard - The Light
Standarte - Standarte
Simon Steensland - The Zombie Hunter
Stormy Six - Un concerto
Swans - The Great Annihilator
Symphony X - The damnation game
Tangerine Dream - Book of Dreams
Tangerine Dream - Dream mixes one
Tangerine Dream - Tyranny of beauty
Telaio Magnetico - Live 1975
The Perc - Worldlooker
Threshold - Livedelica
Time Machine - Act II: Galileo
Timothy Pure - The fabric of betrayal
David Torn - Tripping Over God
A Triggering Myth - Between Cages
Rolf Trostel - Narrow Gate To Life
Chuck Van Zyl - The Relic
Vangelis - Voices
Various Artists - Supper's Ready
Various Artists - Tales From Yesterday
Various Artists - This Is An Orange - A compilation of Scandinavian Progressive Rock
Various Artists - Variaciones en la cuerda Vol.1
Vezhlivy Otkaz - 1985-1995
Voivod - Negatron
Volapük - Le feu du tigre
Vulgar Unicorn - Under the Umbrella
Rick Wakeman - In Concert
Rick Wakeman - The New Gospels
Rick Wakeman - The Seven Wonders of the World
Rick Wakeman - Visions
Scott Walker - Tilt
Kit Watkins - Holographic Tapestries
Carl Weingarten - The Acoustic Shadow
John Wetton - Chasing the Dragon
White Willow - Ignis Fatuus
World Trade - Euphoria
X-Legged Sally - The Land Of The Giant Dwarfs
Xaal - Second Ere
Ywis - Leonardo's Dream
Frank Zappa - Does humor belong in music?
Frank Zappa - London Symphony Orchestra, Vol. I & II
Frank Zappa - Strictly Commercial
Michael Zentner - Playtime
Zinkl - Lovely Night Creatures
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Band  Album Rezensent Ø-Wertung # Rezis
21st Century Schizoid BandLive In Japan (DVD)Udo Gerhards8.001
21st Century Schizoid BandLive in Italy (Official Bootleg Vol.3)Siggy Zielinski8.001
the 3rd and the mortalNightswan EPKristian Selm8.001
3rd Ear ExperienceIncredible Good FortuneAchim Breiling9.333
4FrontRadio Waves GoodbyeSiggy Zielinski8.001
5bridgeSThe Thomas TracksAndreas Kiefer9.502
AbacabMal de terreAndreas Kiefer8.001
AbacusAbacusAchim Breiling8.001
Abel GanzAbel GanzHarald Schmidt8.004
Abel GanzAbel GanzMarc Colling8.004
AbstractaT.R.I.P.Florian Dietmaier8.001
AbysseEn(d)graveSiggy Zielinski8.001
AcheBlå Som AltidAchim Breiling8.001
Aching BeautyL'Ultima OraThorsten Gürntke8.001
Acid Mothers TempleIn CUdo Gerhards8.502
A.C.TToday's ReportThorsten Gürntke7.502
A.C.TLast EpicJochen Rindfrey8.001
Active HeedVisions from RealitiesGunnar Claußen8.333
ACVBuskAchim Breiling9.002
Adachi KyodaiXianshiMarcus Kästner8.333
Adachi KyodaiXianshiSal Pichireddu8.333
Steve AdamsCamera ObscuraKristian Selm7.002
Steve AdamsMaiden voyageKristian Selm8.001
Addison ProjectMood SwingsRalf J. Günther9.003
AdramelchIrae MelanoxThorsten Gürntke8.001
AenemicaEmpty InsideJörg Schumann9.002
Aeon ZenThe Face of the UnknownNik Brückner9.333
Aeon ZenThe Face of the UnknownJochen Rindfrey9.333
AeraThe Bavarian Radio recordings vol. 2, 1977-1979Achim Breiling8.001
AeraTürkisThomas Kohlruß8.001
After...No AttachmentsThomas Kohlruß8.001
After...Endless LunaticThomas Kohlruß8.001
After CryingCreaturaFederico Chavez10.003
After The FireSigns of changeKristian Selm8.001
AgamemnonAgamemnon Part I & IIAchim Breiling8.001
Agent CooperBeginner's MindDennis Egbers7.002
Agents Of MercyThe Black ForestChristian Rode9.502
Ain SophStudio Live Tracks '80s and '05Marcus Kästner8.002
Ain SophStudio Live Tracks '80s and '05Siggy Zielinski8.002
AinurFrom Ancient TimesThomas Kohlruß8.001
AirborneIsolatedGeorg Heep8.001
AislesIn Sudden WalksJochen Rindfrey8.001
Aku-AkuCekání na slunceAchim Breiling8.001
AlbionSurvival gamesKristian Selm8.001
Alboth!Amor FatiRalf J. Günther8.001
Rafael AlfaroRetratosJürgen Meurer8.001
AlgabasAngels And DemonsGunnar Claußen7.002
Alien Nature & Stan DartAcceleratorSiggy Zielinski8.001
All Too HumanJuggernautGunnar Claußen8.001
Daevid AllenBanana MoonAndreas Pläschke7.502
Alrune RodAlrune RockAchim Breiling8.001
Also EdenIt's Kind of You to AskMichael Büttgen9.002
AltaViaGirt DogJürgen Wissing8.502
AltbauAltbauSiggy Zielinski8.001
Michael AltenbergerElf Entdecker/Eleven ExplorersSiggy Zielinski8.502
Michel AltmayerTroll Vol. 2Udo Gerhards8.001
Sergio AlvarezEscenas De FicciónWolfram Ehrhardt8.001
Amazing BlondelA Foreign Field That Is Forever EnglandJochen Rindfrey8.001
AmbeonFate Of A DreamerThorsten Gürntke7.002
The Amber LightAs they came they slightly disappearedAndreas Pläschke8.502
Amon DüülPsychedelic UndergroundAchim Breiling8.673
Amon DüülPsychedelic UndergroundChristian Rode8.673
Amon Düül IIVortexAndreas Pläschke8.333
Amon Düül IIKobe (Reconstructions)Andreas Pläschke11.502
Amon Düül IIVortexUdo Gerhards8.333
Amon Düül IIMade In GermanyChristian Rode9.003
Amon Düül IIHi-JackChristian Rode8.001
Amon Düül IICarnival in BabylonAchim Breiling9.002
Emil AmosFilmmusikSiggy Zielinski8.502
Tori AmosThe BeekeeperMarkus Peltner8.001
Tori AmosAbnormally Attracted To SinMarkus Peltner10.002
AmphyriteAmphyriteAchim Breiling8.001
AmplifierInsiderThomas Kohlruß8.001
AmplifierFractalSebastian Hauck8.001
The AnabasisBack From Being GoneThomas Kohlruß6.003
AnabisHeaven On EarthGünter Schote7.673
AnabisHeaven On EarthHorst Straske7.673
AnathemaWe're here because we're hereMarc Colling8.673
AnathemaDistant SatellitesPiotre Walter10.405
AnathèmeFujonJochen Rindfrey8.001
The AnchoressConfessions of a Romance NovelistThorsten Gürntke6.673
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & HoweAnderson, Bruford, Wakeman, HoweAndreas Pläschke8.504
Ian AndersonHomo erraticusNik Brückner8.254
Ian AndersonHomo erraticusRalf J. Günther8.254
Jon AndersonSong Of SevenAndreas Pläschke7.002
Jon AndersonToltecJochen Rindfrey8.001
Jon AndersonTour of the universe (DVD)Andreas Pläschke8.001
Laurie AndersonMister HeartbreakMarkus Peltner9.502
Andrea OrlandoDalla vita autenticaPeter Meyer8.001
AndromedaManifest TyrannyGunnar Claußen9.502
Andy Tillison DiskdriveFogThomas Kohlruß8.001
AnekdotenWaking The Dead - Live In Japan 2005Jörg Schumann8.502
AngeCaricaturesJochen Rindfrey8.003
AnimaTempus StetisseJürgen Meurer8.001
AnimaSingularitiesJürgen Meurer8.001
Ankh....bedzie tajemnicaKristian Selm8.001
AnkhZiemia i slonceKristian Selm8.001
AntethicGorod SolncaGunnar Claußen8.001
Antonius RexNeque Semper Arcum Tendit RexAchim Breiling8.001
Antony Kalugins Kinematics OrchestraAKKO IThomas Kohlruß8.001
AnubisA Tower of SilenceJochen Rindfrey8.003
Anyone's DaughterRequested Document / Live 1980 - 1983Thorsten Gürntke10.003
Anyone's DaughterNeue SterneGünter Schote8.003
AparecidosPalito Bombón HeladoNik Brückner9.333
AphélandraAphélandraNik Brückner8.001
ApocalypsePerto Do AmanhecerWolfram Ehrhardt8.001
Apostolis AnthimosParallel WorldsSiggy Zielinski8.001
Appearance of NothingA New BeginningGunnar Claußen8.001
April RainLeave Me No LightJochen Rindfrey8.001
AquilaAquilaAchim Breiling8.001
ArcansielNormality of PerversionGünter Schote8.001
ArcanumKlang-Raum-Wort XAndreas Pläschke8.001
ArchangelThe AkallabethSiggy Zielinski8.502
ArchiveThe False FoundationJochen Rindfrey9.333
ArchiveControlling Crowds Part IVMarkus Peltner8.502
ArchiveMichel VaillantMarkus Peltner8.001
ArchiveWith Us Until You're DeadMarc Colling9.333
ArchiveLightsJochen Rindfrey8.502
ArchiveThe False FoundationMarkus Peltner9.333
AreaParigi-LisbonaRalf Damaschke8.001
ArenaSmoke & Mirrors (DVD)Andreas Kiefer9.502
ArenaContagionThorsten Gürntke8.003
ArenaThe VisitorJochen Lohr9.754
Finn ArildTestamentThomas Kohlruß7.003
ArilynLive in England (DVD)Thomas Kohlruß8.001
ArkThe Dreams Of Mr. JonesGünter Schote8.001
ArkhamArkhamUdo Gerhards8.001
Arkus1914Horst Straske8.001
ArmageddonArmageddonNik Brückner8.002
ArmageddonArmageddonKristian Selm8.002
ArrakeenMosaïqueKristian Selm8.001
ArrakeenPatchworkJörg Schumann8.502
ArsenalArsenalAchim Breiling8.001
Art of InfinityDimension UniverseSiggy Zielinski8.001
ArtensionPhoenix RisingGunnar Claußen8.001
Arti & MestieriMuralesKristian Selm8.001
Arti & MestieriArticollezioneAchim Breiling8.001
ArtlandBetween the sky and earthKristian Selm8.001
ARZTurn Of The TideGunnar Claußen9.002
ArzachelArzachelAchim Breiling8.001
AsgaartTravelling 3 DecadesHenning Mangold8.001
AsgardGötterdämmerungHorst Straske8.002
AsgardGötterdämmerungJochen Rindfrey8.002
Ash Ra TempelJoin InnAchim Breiling10.333
Ash Ra TempelSchwingungenAchim Breiling9.502
Ash Ra TempelLe Berceau de CristalAchim Breiling5.502
Ashra@shra Vol. 2Achim Breiling11.502
AsiaOmegaThomas Kohlruß4.673
AsiaAlphaNik Brückner4.805
AsiaGravitasNik Brückner7.333
AsiaLive in BuffaloNik Brückner8.001
AsiaArchiva 1 & 2Thomas Kohlruß5.502
AsiaLive Mockba 09-XI-90Nik Brückner8.333
AsiaSilent NationChristian Rode6.004
AstraThe WeirdingGünter Schote7.405
AtempoAbismos del TiempoJürgen Meurer8.502
Atmosphera (BRA)Fogo e ArJürgen Meurer8.001
Atomine ElektrineThe Deep InvisibleAchim Breiling8.001
Attention DeficitAttention DeficitKristian Selm8.502
AudienceThe House On The HillJochen Rindfrey8.502
Chris AudrenGwen MenezJürgen Meurer8.001
AviaryAmbitionAndreas Kiefer8.001
Axess/MaxxessImpactSiggy Zielinski8.001
AyreonLoser (Single)Martin Dambeck7.502
AyreonUniversal Migrator Part II: Flight of the MigratorJörg Schumann8.405
AyreonTimelineAchim Breiling8.001
AzabacheNo, GraciasAchim Breiling8.001
AzurethThe Promethean SyndromeHorst Straske6.673
BaalbekFata MorganaKristian Selm8.002
BaalbekFata MorganaJürgen Meurer8.002
BabylonBabylonMichael Weinel10.504
Bad DreamsLive From The Edge (DVD)Piotre Walter8.001
BadgerOne live BadgerAndreas Pläschke8.003
Balloon AstronomyBalloon AstronomyGünter Schote8.003
Banco del Mutuo SoccorsoDonna PlautillaKristian Selm8.001
Tony BanksStillMichael Weinel5.333
Tony BanksStrictly inc.Siggy Zielinski9.502
Richard BarbieriStranger InsideJochen Rindfrey8.502
Barclay James HarvestXIIGünter Schote8.754
Barclay James HarvestRiver of DreamsChristian Rode8.001
Barclay James HarvestLegacy - Live at The Shepherd´s Bush EmpireThomas Kohlruß8.001
Barclay James HarvestBaby James HarvestChristian Rode8.333
Barclay James HarvestGone To EarthThomas Schüßler9.002
Peter BardensSeen One EarthJochen Rindfrey8.001
Il BaricentroTrusciantAchim Breiling8.001
BaronessBlue RecordFederico Chavez10.502
Martin BarreA Trick of MemoryJochen Rindfrey8.001
Syd BarrettBarrettMarkus Peltner8.502
Syd BarrettThe Madcap LaughsChristian Rode5.003
Syd BarrettOpelChristian Rode5.673
bArtManLos GigantesHarald Schmidt8.001
bArtManbArtMan³Siggy Zielinski8.001
Karl BartosOff the recordThomas Kohlruß8.502
Karl BartosCommunicationThomas Kohlruß8.001
Colin BassLive - Vol.2 "Acoustic songs"Kristian Selm8.001
Behind Closed DoorsNo ExitRalf J. Günther9.333
Bel AirWelcome HomeMichael Weinel6.502
Adrian BelewHereMarkus Peltner5.673
Adrian BelewYoung LionsJochen Rindfrey8.001
BelieveThis Bread Is MineWolfram Ehrhardt9.333
BelieveHope To See Another Day - live (DVD)Thomas Kohlruß8.001
BelieveThe Warmest Sun In WinterThomas Kohlruß8.502
Below The SunAlien WorldSiggy Zielinski8.001
Ralph BernasconeThe Cheese At The PostHenning Mangold8.001
Rick BiddulphSecond natureAndreas Pläschke8.001
Big Big TrainGrimspoundPeter Meyer10.004
Big Big TrainEnglish boy wondersKristian Selm7.502
Big Big TrainFolkloreNik Brückner10.003
Big Big TrainEnglish Electric Part TwoGunnar Claußen8.754
Big Big TrainEnglish Electric Part OneJörg Schumann9.176
Big Big TrainGoodbye to the Age of SteamThomas Kohlruß8.004
Big Big TrainBardJörg Schumann9.002
Big Big TrainEnglish Electric Part OneNik Brückner9.176
Big Big TrainGoodbye to the Age of SteamDirk Reuter8.004
BigelfCloser to DoomGunnar Claußen10.254
Birth ControlHere And NowHarald Schmidt8.001
Birth ControlBackdoor possibilitiesHorst Straske8.754
Birth ControlRebirthAchim Breiling7.502
Birth ControlLiveAchim Breiling10.003
BjörkPostThomas Thielen8.502
Black JesterThe divine comedyJochen Lohr9.502
Black WidowBlack WidowAchim Breiling8.001
Black WidowBlack Widow IVAchim Breiling8.001
BlandbladenI Grevens TidSiggy Zielinski8.001
Blank ManuskriptTales from an Island - Impressions from Rapa NuiThomas Schüßler8.001
Blazing BronzeDominion Of The EastThorsten Gürntke6.002
Christoph BlenkerCamouflageThomas Kohlruß8.001
Blezqi ZatsazThe tide turnsKristian Selm7.502
Blind FaithLondon Hyde Park 1969 (DVD)Thomas Kohlruß8.001
Blocco MentalePoaAchim Breiling9.002
Blue MammothBlue MammothPeter Meyer8.001
BlueneckThe Fallen HostJochen Rindfrey8.001
SynopsisSynopsisThorsten Gürntke9.002
Ian Boddy & Markus ReuterDistant RitualsSiggy Zielinski8.001
Tomas BodinAn Ordinary Night In My Ordinary LifeRalf J. Günther9.002
Jean Pascal BoffoInfiniKristian Selm8.001
Carsten BohnNew York TimesRalf J. Günther8.502
BoltCircadian RhythmKai Lorenz Kruppa8.001
Bondage FruitSkinUdo Gerhards9.502
Eduardo BortEduardo BortHorst Straske7.502
Boud DeunThe stolen bicycleKristian Selm8.001
Boud DeunAstronomy Made EasyUdo Gerhards8.001
Boud DeunA general observationKristian Selm8.001
David BowieLowHolger Grützner9.502
David BowieHoursMarc Colling9.333
Bozzio Levin StevensBlack Light SyndromeSiggy Zielinski9.002
BrainboxBrainboxAchim Breiling8.001
Brainstorm (Aus.)Brainstorm Two - Earth ZeroGunnar Claußen7.502
BrainticketPsychonautAchim Breiling5.502
BrainticketAlchemic UniverseJürgen Gallitz-Duckar8.001
Brand XLivestockRalf J. Günther9.502
Brighteye BrisonStoriesDennis Egbers9.002
BröselmaschineBröselmaschineJochen Rindfrey9.002
Brother ApeForce MajeureSiggy Zielinski8.002
Charles BrownWind of the Eastern SeaNik Brückner8.001
Jack BruceI've Always Wanted To Do ThisThomas Kohlruß8.001
BrufordGradually Going TornadoUdo Gerhards8.001
BunChakezeWhose Dream?Jochen Rindfrey8.002
BunChakezeWhose Dream?Michael Büttgen8.002
Dec BurkeParadigms & StorylinesThomas Kohlruß8.001
Burnin Red IvanhoeMiley Smile/Stage RecallAchim Breiling8.001
Kate BushThe DreamingJörg Schumann10.673
Kate BushAerialThomas Thielen10.805
Kate BushDirector's CutJörg Schumann8.001
Kate BushThe Red ShoesJörg Schumann6.673
CaiCanción de la primaveraKristian Selm8.001
Dan CaineTransitionsJochen Rindfrey8.001
CairoCairoJörg Schumann9.002
CairoTime of legendsFranco Cappelletti7.333
John CaleThe Academy In PerilChristian Rode5.502
Robert CalvertCaptain Lockheed and the StarfightersAndreas Pläschke8.002
Robert CalvertCaptain Lockheed and the StarfightersGunnar Claußen8.002
CamelCamelRalf Damaschke8.502
CamelMoonmadnessMarc Colling10.754
CamelThe Single FactorHenning Mangold5.502
CamelRain DancesAchim Breiling8.503
CamelStationary TravellerJochen Rindfrey8.001
Camelias GardenYou Have a ChanceJochen Rindfrey9.002
CamembertSchnörgl AttahkGunnar Claußen10.673
CanCanChristian Rode8.002
CanThe Legendary CanAchim Breiling8.502
CanCanJochen Rindfrey8.002
CanvasLong Way To MarsHarald Schmidt8.001
Captain BeefheartClear SpotSiggy Zielinski8.001
CaravanSurprise SuppliesThomas Schüßler8.001
CaravanCunning StuntsJochen Rindfrey8.001
CaravanCaravan and the New SymphoniaChristian Rode9.673
CarbonizedScreaming MachinesFlorian Dietmaier8.001
Franck CarducciTorn ApartSiggy Zielinski8.001
CarmenFandangos in SpaceRalf J. Günther9.002
CarnegieRock and Roll SymphonieAchim Breiling8.001
Tony CarnevaleLa vita che gridaKristian Selm8.001
The Carpet KnightsAccording To LifeMichael Büttgen8.001
Christina CarterOriginal DarknessJochen Rindfrey8.001
CastLaguna de volcanesKristian Selm8.001
CastLegacyDennis Egbers8.001
CatharsisVolume I "Masq"Achim Breiling8.001
Cats on the RoofPros and Cons of SolitudeThomas Kohlruß8.502
Causa SuiVibraciones DoradasJochen Rindfrey8.001
Causa SuiFree RideAchim Breiling8.001
Cea SerinWhere memories combineHenning Mangold8.333
Cea SerinWhere memories combineGeorg Heep8.333
Census Of HallucinationsNothing Is As It SeemsGunnar Claußen8.001
Centric JonesThe Antikythera MethodGunnar Claußen8.001
CentrozoonBlastSal Pichireddu8.502
Cerberus ShoalCerberus ShoalAchim Breiling8.001
Chambers, Berlin, Lavitz, FiuczynskiBoston T. PartyThorsten Gürntke8.001
ChandelierPureJörg Schumann8.001
ChanetonThe First Lights Of The CenturyHenning Mangold7.002
Cheer-AccidentVariations on a goddamn old man (2002)Jochen Rindfrey8.001
Mikhail ChekalinPorcelain GodAchim Breiling8.001
ChernoComplicity VisionRalf J. Günther8.001
Cheval FouCheval FouAchim Breiling8.001
Chroma KeyYou go nowGeorg Heep9.254
The Chronicles ProjectWhen Darkness FallsGunnar Claußen8.001
CircleHollywoodAchim Breiling8.001
Circle of BardsTalesSiggy Zielinski8.001
Circu5Circu5Siggy Zielinski8.502
Cirrha NivaFor moments never doneKristian Selm8.001
Citizen CainSerpents in camouflageHeiko Westhagen5.333
Citizen CainPlaying deadHenning Mangold8.001
Città FrontaleEl TorJochen Rindfrey8.502
CloudkickerWoumGunnar Claußen8.001
CloudkickerPortmanteauGunnar Claußen8.001
CloudscapeNew EraGunnar Claußen8.001
ClusterKonzerte 1972/1977Achim Breiling8.001
Steve CochraneThe Purest of DesignsJürgen Meurer8.002
Steve CochraneThe Purest of DesignsKristian Selm8.002
CódiceAlba y OcasoKristian Selm8.001
CollageNine songs of John LennonKristian Selm8.001
ColosseumTomorrow's BluesThomas Kohlruß8.001
Colosseum IIElectric SavageSiggy Zielinski8.001
Colossus of DestinyIn Lesser BrightnessSiggy Zielinski8.001
Colossus Projects (Finnland)Dante's Paradiso - The Divine Comedy Part IIINik Brückner10.002
Comedy Of ErrorsDisobeyWolfram Ehrhardt9.003
Comedy Of ErrorsComedy Of ErrorsGünter Schote8.001
Comedy Of ErrorsDisobeyAndreas Kiefer9.003
Comedy Of ErrorsSpiritJürgen Wissing7.754
Comedy Of ErrorsHouse Of The MindJürgen Wissing9.333
CommaElusive DreamsThorsten Gürntke8.001
ConquerorStorie fuori dal tempoKristian Selm8.001
Consorzio Acqua Potabile (CAP)Sala Borsa Live ´77Horst Straske8.001
ConspiracySquire/SherwoodSiggy Zielinski6.002
Continuum (GB)Continuum 2Michael Büttgen6.502
CopernicusVictim of the SkyAchim Breiling8.001
CoprofagoUnorthodox Creative CriteriaFlorian Dietmaier8.001
CortexVolume 2Achim Breiling8.001
Corvus StoneCorvus StoneJochen Rindfrey8.001
COSBabelAchim Breiling8.001
Cosmic Circus MusicWiesbaden 1973Achim Breiling8.001
Cosmic JokersCosmic JokersAchim Breiling8.001
CosmosSkygardenChristian Rode8.001
Cotters BequestLand Of The Vast HorizonHorst Straske8.001
Phil CoulterSea Of TranquilityMichael Weinel8.001
Ben CravenGreat & Terrible PotionsJörg Schumann9.502
Ian CrichtonGhettos By DesignSebastian Mack8.001
Crime in ChoirGift GiversAndreas Hofmann8.001
CrossThe Thrill of NothingnessWolfram Ehrhardt9.502
CrossPlaygroundsHenning Mangold7.003
CrossWake up CallHenning Mangold8.001
CrossVisionary FoolsHenning Mangold8.001
CrossSecretsDennis Egbers8.673
CrossPlaygroundsThomas Kohlruß7.003
CrossSecretsKristian Selm8.673
CrossSecond MovementHenning Mangold8.001
Thierry CrusemLes couloirs de l'amer etonnantJürgen Meurer8.001
CTMSuite for a Young GirlJochen Rindfrey8.001
Curved AirMidnight wireAndreas Pläschke6.502
Curved AirCurved Space & InfinityAchim Breiling8.001
Curved AirAir CutAndreas Pläschke8.003
Curved AirLovechildThomas Schüßler8.502
Curved AirTapestry of PropositionsAchim Breiling8.001
The CustodianNecessary Wasted TimeThomas Kohlruß7.002
CynicRe-TracedThomas Kohlruß7.002
CynicFocusRalf Damaschke9.504
The D ProjectBig FaceWolfram Ehrhardt8.001
DaedalusThe Never Ending IllusionThomas Kohlruß8.002
DaedalusLeading far from a mistakeGeorg Heep8.001
DaedalusThe Never Ending IllusionSiggy Zielinski8.002
DaemoniaDawn Of The Dead / ZombiGunnar Claußen8.001
DamanekOn TrackSiggy Zielinski6.002
DanteWhen We Were BeautifulMarc Colling9.754
DanteThe Inner CircleDennis Egbers8.001
Darwin's RadioTemplate For A GenerationAndreas Kiefer8.673
DarXtarTombolaHenning Mangold8.502
DarXtarAged to PerfectionSiggy Zielinski8.001
Dave Tucker West Coast ProjectTenderloinThomas Kohlruß8.001
Marco De AngelisThe River - Both sides of the storyThomas Kohlruß8.001
De Gladas KapellSpelar NilssonAchim Breiling8.001
Dead Can DanceDead Can Dance/Garden of the Arcane Delights EPMichael Hirle8.001
Deadsoul TribeThe Dead WordHenning Mangold7.673
Deadsoul TribeThe Dead WordGeorg Heep7.673
The Dear HunterAct V: Hymns With The Devil In ConfessionalNik Brückner12.254
The Dear HunterAct II: The Meaning Of, & All Things Regarding Ms. LeadingAndreas Hofmann10.003
DeathSymbolicJörg Graf8.001
Death & Taxe$Paradigms for a new quarterKristian Selm8.001
Christian Décamps et filsJuste une ligne bleueThomas Kohlruß8.001
December PeopleRattle and HumbugRalf J. Günther8.001
DeeExpusHalf Way HomeWolfram Ehrhardt8.001
Deep ThoughtSomewhere In The DarkHorst Straske7.502
DefyanceTime LostThorsten Gürntke8.001
DeliriumLo Scemo e il VillaggioJochen Lohr8.001
Deluge GranderThe Form of the GoodAchim Breiling10.673
Delusion SquaredAnthropoceneSiggy Zielinski8.502
Delusion SquaredIINik Brückner9.003
Delusion SquaredIIChristian Rode9.003
DemiansMuteThomas Kohlruß8.001
Deus Ex MachinaGladium CaeliUdo Gerhards9.002
DeuterAumAchim Breiling10.002
Joe DeVitaCanyonsJochen Rindfrey8.001
DewyIntroversiveSiggy Zielinski8.001
Diablo Swing OrchestraSing Along Songs for the Damned & DeliriousNik Brückner10.502
DianoyaLidocaineThomas Kohlruß8.001
Dice (Dt)DreamlandThorsten Gürntke8.001
Dice (Dt)Space Rock LiveChristian Rode8.001
Dice (Dt)Without vs. Within Pt. 1Andreas Kiefer9.002
Dice (Dt)If The Beatles Were From Another GalaxyChristian Rode7.502
Dice (Dt)Eternity's OceanAndreas Kiefer8.502
DiefenbachSet & DriftJochen Rindfrey8.001
Dies IraeFirstAchim Breiling8.001
Different TrainsOn The Right TrackJörg Schumann8.001
DirectionVAChristian Rode6.002
Divided MultitudeGuardian AngelSiggy Zielinski8.001
Divine RegaleOcean MindJochen Lohr8.001
Doctor NerveDid Sprinting Die?Achim Breiling8.001
DogmaTwin sunriseKristian Selm8.001
DogmaAlbumKristian Selm8.001
DoracorTransizioneJürgen Meurer8.001
Dorian OperaCrusade 1212Gunnar Claußen8.502
Dr. Dopo JamFat Dogs & DanishmenAchim Breiling8.001
Dragon (NZ)Scented Gardens For The BlindHorst Straske8.001
Bob Drake13 Songs And A ThingRalf J. Günther8.001
Drama (Fra)Stigmata Of ChangeMartin Dambeck9.002
Drama (Uru)InspiracionJürgen Meurer8.001
Dramatic IronyPoem without rhymeGeorg Heep8.502
Dream AriaIn the WakeNik Brückner7.333
Dream TheaterUncovered 2003-2005 (Official bootleg)Kristian Selm8.001
Dream TheaterThe Number of the Beast (Official bootleg)Kristian Selm8.002
Dream TheaterTrain of thoughtKai Lorenz Kruppa9.676
Dream TheaterDark Side of the Moon (Official bootleg)Siggy Zielinski9.002
Dream TheaterMetropolis Pt. II - Scenes From a MemoryMarc Colling12.007
Dream TheaterThe Number of the Beast (Official bootleg)Siggy Zielinski8.002
Dream TheaterSystematic ChaosMichael Büttgen8.004
Dream TheaterLive at BudokanJörg Schumann10.502
Dream TheaterImages and WordsAndreas Hofmann12.004
Dream TheaterOctavariumJörg Schumann10.297
DreamcatcherSoul designSiggy Zielinski8.001
DredgEl CieloMarkus Peltner11.002
DrosselbartDrosselbartAchim Breiling8.001
DruidToward The SunNik Brückner11.004
Duello MadreDuello MadreAchim Breiling8.001
Judy DybleFlow and ChangeSiggy Zielinski8.001
Dynamic LightsResurrectionRalf J. Günther8.001
E MotiveE MotiveKristian Selm8.502
Earth & FireAtlantisAchim Breiling8.502
Earth & FireEarth & FireAchim Breiling7.502
Earth & FireTo The World Of The FutureHorst Straske8.001
EarthforceEarthforceAchim Breiling8.001
EarthworksRandom Acts Of HappinessUdo Gerhards8.001
East Of EdenMercator ProjectedUdo Gerhards9.502
Eccentric OrbitAttack of the MartiansChristian Rode9.673
Ian Eccles-SmithApsileneJürgen Meurer8.001
Eclipse Sol-AirSchizophiliaMarc Colling10.003
Eden ShadowMelodies for MaladiesGünter Schote8.502
EdgeSuction 8Jochen Lohr10.002
Edison's ChildrenThe Final Breath Before NovemberGünter Schote6.502
Edition SpécialeAllée des TilleulsAchim Breiling8.001
EggThe Civil SurfaceUdo Gerhards9.673
EggEggUdo Gerhards9.003
Ejwuusl WessahqqanEjwuusl WessahqqanAchim Breiling10.002
EkseptionBeggar Julia's Time TripThomas Schüßler8.001
ElaraSoundtrack for a quiet placeThomas Kohlruß7.002
ElbowThe Take Off and Landing of EverythingMarc Colling10.002
Elder StatesmenHail CannonAndreas Hofmann8.001
Elder StatesmenExchanging GiftsAndreas Hofmann8.001
ElectraAdaptionenRalf J. Günther9.673
Electric Light OrchestraTimeKristian Selm8.673
Electric Light OrchestraOut Of The BlueUdo Gerhards8.673
Electric Light OrchestraFace the MusicJochen Rindfrey8.502
Electric Light OrchestraTimeGunnar Claußen8.673
Electric Light OrchestraA New World RecordKristian Selm9.003
Electric Light OrchestraOut of the Blue • Live at Wembley (DVD)Jochen Rindfrey8.001
Electric Orangerechnung offenAndreas Pläschke8.001
Electric sandwichElectric sandwichAchim Breiling8.002
Electric sandwichElectric sandwichAndreas Pläschke8.002
Elegant SimplicityArchitect of lightKristian Selm6.502
Elegant SimplicityAnhedoniaAndreas Kiefer8.001
ElegyForbidden FruitSebastian Mack8.001
ElegyPrinciples Of PainThorsten Gürntke8.001
Elephant And CastleThe Green OneGünter Schote8.001
Eleven33Chasing LightJochen Rindfrey8.001
ELF ProjectThe Great DivideSiggy Zielinski7.002
ELF ProjectMirageThomas Schüßler8.001
ElonkorjuuElonkorjuuAndreas Pläschke8.001
EloyEloyChristian Rode7.502
EloyMetromaniaThomas Schüßler8.673
EloyVisionaryJochen Rindfrey8.254
EloyPower and the PassionJochen Rindfrey8.605
EloyFloatingThomas Schüßler9.333
EloyVisionaryThomas Schüßler8.254
EloyThe Tides Return ForeverThomas Kohlruß9.205
EloyPerformanceJochen Rindfrey8.673
Emmett ElvinAssault on the Tyranny of ReasonJürgen Wissing10.333
EmbryoOpalAchim Breiling8.001
EmbryoSurfin'Achim Breiling7.502
EmergencyGet out of the countryAchim Breiling8.001
Keith EmersonChanging StatesKristian Selm9.003
Emerson, Lake & PalmerLove BeachHorst Straske6.437
Emerson, Lake & PalmerWorks, Volume 2Jörg Schumann5.119
Emerson, Lake & PalmerLove BeachJörg Schumann6.437
Emerson, Lake & PalmerLive in Montreal 1977Achim Breiling8.001
Emerson, Lake & PalmerLive At The Royal Albert HallJochen Rindfrey10.502
Emerson, Lake & PalmerLove BeachSiggy Zielinski6.437
Emerson, Lake & PalmerLive in PolandJürgen Gallitz-Duckar8.001
Emerson, Lake & PalmerThe Original Bootleg Series From The Manticore Vaults Vol.ThreeSiggy Zielinski8.001
Emerson Lake & PowellEmerson Lake & PowellNik Brückner8.001
Emerson Lake & PowellThe Sprocket SessionsSiggy Zielinski8.001
EmphasisRevivalGunnar Claußen8.001
EnchantLive at lastHenning Mangold8.002
EnchantA Blueprint Of The WorldAndreas Hofmann7.003
L'EngouleventÉtoifilanJochen Rindfrey8.001
The EnidThe SpellGünter Schote9.502
The EnidAerie Faerie NonsenseAchim Breiling9.003
Brian EnoBefore And After ScienceAchim Breiling12.254
EpidermisGenius Of Original ForceUdo Gerhards9.333
EpidermisFeel Me IISiggy Zielinski7.502
EpsilonEpsilonAchim Breiling8.001
EpysodeObsessionsThomas Kohlruß8.001
Equilibrio VitalKazmor El PrisioneroWolfram Ehrhardt7.002
Equilibrio VitalEquilibrio VitalKristian Selm7.002
Erna SchmidtLive 69-71Achim Breiling8.502
ErocEroc 2Jochen Rindfrey8.001
EskatonFictionUdo Gerhards9.003
Esperanto (Dt.)Thwart & ThwackUdo Gerhards9.002
EsquireIII - No Spare PlanetSiggy Zielinski8.001
Esthetic PaleLong Forgotten WordsMarcus Kästner9.002
EtceteraTales of Ardour & DeceitThomas Kohlruß7.502
Eternity XMind gamesKristian Selm8.001
EtoxDeepwater RisingChristian Rode8.502
EurekaSilverware - The Best of EUREKA 1997 - 2010Wolfram Ehrhardt7.502
EurekaShackleton's VoyageWolfram Ehrhardt8.001
EvanescenceFallenPiotre Walter6.002
Chris Evans & David HanselmannStonehengeJochen Rindfrey8.001
Chris Evans & David HanselmannStonehenge - From Then Till NowJochen Rindfrey8.001
Even HorsesEven HorsesAndreas Kiefer9.002
EvergreyThe Inner CircleKristian Selm8.002
EvergreyA Night To Remember - Live 2004Siggy Zielinski8.502
EvergreyThe Inner CircleDennis Egbers8.002
EvergreyA Night To Remember Live 2004 (DVD)Thorsten Gürntke8.001
EvergreyIn Search of TruthThorsten Gürntke6.333
EveronNorthMarc Colling9.673
ExitExitAchim Breiling8.001
EyestringsBurdened HandsJochen Lohr8.001
EzraSongs From PennsylvaniaHenning Mangold8.673
EzraSongs From PennsylvaniaAndreas Kiefer8.673
Factory Of DreamsPolesHorst Straske8.001
Fair To MidlandArrows & AnchorsSebastian Hauck8.001
Faithful BreathFading BeautyAchim Breiling10.002
La Famiglia Degli OrtegaLa Famiglia Degli OrtegaSal Pichireddu6.502
Far East Family BandThe Cave Down To The EarthAchim Breiling8.001
Far East Family BandTenkujinKristian Selm7.502
Patrizio Fariselli Projectlupi sintetici e strumenti a gasAchim Breiling10.502
Fates WarningA Pleasant Shade of GrayMarc Colling11.676
Fates WarningInside OutThorsten Gürntke6.003
Fates WarningNo exitJörg Schumann9.002
Fates WarningTheories Of FlightNik Brückner10.504
FaunsAwaiting the SunWolfram Ehrhardt8.001
Faustj US tAndreas Hofmann9.502
FavniWindsweptPiotre Walter8.001
FeedForwardBarefoot & NakedHorst Straske8.001
FermataReal timeKristian Selm8.001
Ferris MuddFerris MuddThomas Kohlruß7.002
Christian FieselTransform To DustGunnar Claußen8.001
Final ConflictStand UpKristian Selm8.001
Final ConflictSimpleJürgen Gallitz-Duckar8.001
Final ConflictReturn Of The ArtisanGunnar Claußen8.001
FinisterreStorybook - Live at Progday '97Udo Gerhards10.333
FishFool's Company - Live in Holland (DVD)Henning Mangold8.002
FishThe Moveable FeastGünter Schote8.001
FishScattering Crows - Live in Europe 2004 (DVD)Henning Mangold8.001
FishSuitsGünter Schote8.001
Flamborough HeadUnspoken WhisperKristian Selm8.002
Flamborough HeadLooking for John MaddockHenning Mangold8.001
Flamborough HeadUnspoken WhisperThorsten Gürntke8.002
Flamborough HeadTales of imperfectionHenning Mangold6.002
Flame DreamTravaganzaJörg Schumann8.001
Flaming BessTanz der GötterJochen Rindfrey9.002
Flaming YouthARK 2Michael Weinel8.001
FleaTopi o uominiAchim Breiling10.002
Flied EggDr. Siegel's Fried Egg Shooting MachineAchim Breiling8.001
The Flower KingsFlowerpowerJörg Schumann8.206
The Flower KingsThe RainmakerUdo Gerhards8.405
The Flower KingsUnfold the FutureAndreas Pläschke10.3612
The Flower KingsParadox HotelChristian Rode8.506
The Flower KingsBanks Of EdenMarc Colling8.004
The Flower KingsBack in the world of AdventuresJörg Schumann10.673
The Flower KingsFlowerpowerUdo Gerhards8.206
The Flower KingsThe RainmakerAndreas Pläschke8.405
The Flower KingsThe Sum of no EvilNik Brückner9.205
The Flower KingsUnfold the FutureAchim Breiling10.3612
The Flower KingsSpace RevolverAndreas Pläschke10.176
The Flower KingsEdition limitée Québec 1998Kristian Selm7.002
The Flower KingsThe Road Back HomeMarcus Kästner7.674
The Flower KingsLive in New York - official bootlegJörg Schumann10.002
FocusFocus 9 / New SkinJochen Rindfrey8.001
FocusIn And Out Of FocusHorst Straske8.001
FocusMother FocusHorst Straske8.001
FonyaWanderers of the Neverending NightJochen Rindfrey8.001
Forever EinsteinDown With GravityUdo Gerhards8.001
FormulaSignalsGünter Schote8.001
FountainheadFear Is The EnemyGunnar Claußen10.002
Fractal MirrorClose to VapourSiggy Zielinski8.001
FrágilAvenida LarcoHorst Straske8.002
FrágilAvenida LarcoKristian Selm8.002
Francesco BrunoEl lugarJörg Schumann8.001
Chris(topher) FrankePerry Rhodan (Pax Terra)Siggy Zielinski8.001
Freegh001Thoralf Koss8.001
Frequency DriftSummerGunnar Claußen9.502
Marty FriedmanTrue ObsessionsKai Lorenz Kruppa8.001
Friends of Dean MartinezRetrogradeJochen Rindfrey8.001
Robert FrippLove Cannot Bear (Soundscapes - Live In The USA)Siggy Zielinski8.001
Robert FrippA Blessing Of TearsThomas Thielen8.001
Edgar FroeseAmbient Highway Vol.1Siggy Zielinski8.001
Edgar FroeseAquaSiggy Zielinski9.502
Peter FrohmaderNekropolis LiveAchim Breiling8.001
From Monument To MassesOn Little Known FrequenciesJochen Rindfrey8.502
FrostMilliontownJörg Schumann8.673
FruitcakeOne more sliceKristian Selm8.001
FruitcakePower structureKristian Selm8.001
FruuppThe Prince Of Heaven´s EyesAchim Breiling9.502
FruuppFuture LegendsAchim Breiling10.502
FruuppSeven SecretsAchim Breiling10.002
FuchsStation SongsGunnar Claußen8.001
FughuAbsenceJochen Rindfrey8.001
FughuHuman (The Facts)Gunnar Claußen8.001
FusioonFusioon (I)Achim Breiling8.001
FvneralsWoundsGunnar Claußen8.001
The FyreworksThe FyreworksKristian Selm8.001
Gabriel BondageAnother Trip To EarthAchim Breiling8.001
Peter GabrielGrowing Up (DVD)Michael Weinel8.001
Peter GabrielIJochen Rindfrey9.003
Peter GabrielPlays LiveJörg Schumann9.333
Peter GabrielIJörg Schumann9.003
Peter GabrielUpJörg Schumann10.754
Peter GabrielUsPiotre Walter10.205
GäaAuf der Bahn zum UranusAchim Breiling8.003
GaladrielMuttered Promises From An Ageless PondGünter Schote8.001
GaladrielCalibrated Collision CourseDennis Egbers6.502
GalleonThe all European heroHenning Mangold8.001
GalleonMind over matterHenning Mangold8.001
GandalfVisionsJochen Rindfrey8.002
GandalfVisionsHenning Mangold8.002
GandalfJourney to an imaginary landJochen Rindfrey7.502
GandalfSymphonic LandscapesSiggy Zielinski8.001
GarybaldiNudaAchim Breiling8.001
The GatheringNighttime BirdsJochen Rindfrey9.333
The GatheringMandylionJochen Rindfrey9.002
The GatheringNighttime BirdsThorsten Gürntke9.333
The Gatheringif_then_elseJochen Rindfrey7.502
GazpachoNightJochen Rindfrey10.676
GazpachoNightJörg Schumann10.676
GazpachoTick TockMarc Colling9.405
Peter GeeA vision of angelsHenning Mangold8.001
Ron Geesin & Roger WatersMusic from The BodyAchim Breiling8.001
GenesisSpot The Pigeon (EP)Michael Weinel7.002
GenesisWe Can't DanceChristian Rode6.673
GenesisThe Way We Walk Vol.2 - The Longs (Live)Thomas Thielen8.333
GenesisThree Sides LiveThomas Thielen9.754
GenesisGenesis LiveJörg Schumann10.003
GenesisTrespassPiotre Walter11.205
GenesisDukeSiggy Zielinski7.577
Gentle GiantCivilianSiggy Zielinski7.254
Gentle GiantCivilianChristian Rode7.254
Gentle GiantThe Missing PieceGunnar Claußen7.333
Gentle GiantInterviewUdo Gerhards9.502
Gentle GiantThe Missing PieceSiggy Zielinski7.333
Gentle GiantGentle GiantUdo Gerhards10.205
Gentle Giantartistically crymeNik Brückner8.001
GerardEvidence of true loveKristian Selm8.001
German OakGerman OakAchim Breiling8.001
Ghost CommunityCycle of LifeMarc Colling8.001
Il Giardino Delle DelizieLavori in CorsoThomas Kohlruß8.001
The GiftLand of ShadowsSiggy Zielinski8.001
The GiftWhy The Sea Is SaltThomas Kohlruß8.001
GilgameshAnother Fine Tune You've Got Me IntoUdo Gerhards8.001
David GilmourOn an IslandAchim Breiling9.002
Gordon GiltrapFear of the DarkSal Pichireddu8.502
Gordon Giltrap / Ric SandersOne to OneRalf J. Günther8.001
GingerGoing Through ArlandaJochen Rindfrey8.001
Glass HammerIFJörg Schumann8.336
Glass HammerLive At The Tivoli (DVD)Thomas Kohlruß8.001
Glass HammerPerelandraKristian Selm7.673
Glass HammerShadowlandsHenning Mangold9.754
Glass HammerPerelandraHenning Mangold7.673
GleemenOltre...Lontano, LontanoSiggy Zielinski8.001
GlockenspielDupleixAchim Breiling8.001
Thomas GlönklerGoldstadtSiggy Zielinski9.836
GnidrologGnosisAndreas Pläschke8.001
GoblinBuio OmegaAchim Breiling8.001
God Is An AstronautA Moment Of StillnessThomas Kohlruß8.001
God Is An AstronautAge Of The Fifth SunThomas Kohlruß8.001
Godspeed You! Black EmperorYanqui U.X.O.Achim Breiling8.001
Golden CavesBring Me To The WaterThorsten Gürntke8.001
GolgothaSymphony in ExtremisJochen Rindfrey8.001
GongExpresso IIAchim Breiling8.001
GongCamembert EclectiqueAchim Breiling8.001
Gong ExpressoDecadenceSiggy Zielinski8.001
Pierre Moerlen's GongTime is the keySiggy Zielinski8.001
Pierre Moerlen's GongSecond windKristian Selm8.001
Gordian KnotGordian KnotUdo Gerhards9.333
Tadashi GotoInnervisionsGunnar Claußen7.002
Grand TourHeavy On the BeachThorsten Gürntke8.001
GrassCafé CultureGünter Schote8.001
Greg Howard BandLiftRalf J. Günther8.001
Jeff GreinkeCities in Fog 2Siggy Zielinski8.001
Grey Lady DownStar-CrossedMartin Dambeck8.002
Grey Lady DownStar-CrossedKristian Selm8.002
GritsRare BirdsAchim Breiling9.502
GrobschnittIllegalJochen Rindfrey9.003
GrobschnittVolle MolleJochen Rindfrey10.002
GrobschnittRockpommel's LandUdo Gerhards11.005
Harald GrosskopfSynthesistGunnar Claußen9.002
Group 1850LiveAchim Breiling8.001
Gruppo 2001L'alba di domaniAchim Breiling8.001
GTRKing Biscuit Flower Hour presents GTRThomas Kohlruß8.001
GuapoTowers Open FireAchim Breiling8.001
Guitar GardenSecret SpaceThomas Kohlruß8.001
Guru GuruWah WahSiggy Zielinski5.502
Gypsy KyssWhen Passion Murdered InnocenceThorsten Gürntke8.001
HaboobHaboobAchim Breiling8.001
John HackettChecking out of LondonDirk Reuter8.002
John HackettChecking out of LondonAndreas Pläschke8.002
John HackettVelvet AfternoonSiggy Zielinski8.001
Steve HackettThe Tokyo TapesMichael Weinel9.002
Steve HackettDefectorJörg Schumann9.333
Steve HackettSpectral MorningsJochen Rindfrey7.333
Steve HackettLive Archive 83Thomas Kohlruß8.001
Steve HackettBay of KingsJochen Rindfrey7.502
Steve HackettDarktownJörg Schumann10.673
HacoHacoNormann Hillesheim8.001
HaddadArs longa Vita brevisHenning Mangold8.001
Halcyon ChamberHalcyon ChamberGunnar Claußen8.001
HamadryadSafe In ConformityJörg Schumann9.003
Peter HammillIn A Foreign TownJochen Rindfrey8.502
Peter HammillRoaring FortiesThomas Schüßler9.673
Peter HammillSpur of the Moment (Peter Hammill & Guy Evans)Andreas Pläschke8.502
Peter HammillThisThomas Schüßler10.002
Peter HammillThe NoiseJochen Rindfrey7.002
Peter HammillSitting TargetsAndreas Pläschke9.003
Peter HammillSkinJochen Rindfrey8.002
Peter HammillThe Appointed Hour (Roger Eno & Peter Hammill)Jochen Rindfrey9.502
Bo HanssonMagician's HatMichael Weinel8.673
Bo HanssonMusic Inspired By Watership DownMichael Weinel8.502
Bo HanssonLord Of The RingsJochen Rindfrey6.577
Bo HanssonMagician's HatJochen Rindfrey8.673
Happy The ManDeath's CrownKristian Selm8.333
HarmoniumHarmoniumJochen Rindfrey9.002
Roy HarperCome out fighting Ghengis SmithSiggy Zielinski8.001
Roy HarperWork of heartAndreas Pläschke8.001
Annie HaslamLive Under Brazilian SkiesNik Brückner8.001
Annie HaslamSnowballNik Brückner8.001
Hatfield and the NorthLive 1990Achim Breiling8.001
HattlerSurround Cuts (DVD)Ralf J. Günther8.001
HawkwindThe Chronicle of the Black SwordGunnar Claußen9.502
HawkwindHawkwindJochen Rindfrey8.003
HawkwindDoremi Fasol LatidoGunnar Claußen9.003
HawkwindThe 1999 PartyAchim Breiling8.001
HawkwindComplete '79 Collector Series Vol 1Jürgen Gallitz-Duckar7.502
HawkwindPXR 5Gunnar Claußen9.502
HawkwindDoremi Fasol LatidoMarkus Peltner9.003
HazeStoat & BottleHeiko Westhagen8.001
HeadspaceI AmDennis Egbers8.001
Heart Of CygnusThe Voyage of JonasThorsten Gürntke9.502
Steve HegedeA Door-Doom At Frodis-WaterUdo Gerhards8.001
HeinaliA Wave CrashesGunnar Claußen8.001
Helangar[kwIn'tes sens] a spiritual amputationSiggy Zielinski8.001
Jonas HellborgAbstract LogicThomas Kohlruß8.001
Anders HelmersonFields Of InertiaAchim Breiling8.001
Ed Macan's Hermetic ScienceThese fragments I have shored against my ruinsKristian Selm8.001
Ed Macan's Hermetic ScienceEn routeKristian Selm8.001
HeronYou Are Here NowGunnar Claußen8.502
Tracy HitchingsFrom ignorance to ecstasyHenning Mangold5.003
HoodCabled Linear TractionJochen Rindfrey8.001
HöstsonatenSummereveGunnar Claußen9.502
House Of UsherBody of mindKristian Selm8.001
Steve HoweSkylineKristian Selm8.002
Steve HoweSkylineThorsten Gürntke8.002
Steve HoweThe Steve Howe AlbumSiggy Zielinski8.001
Steve HoweSpectrumThomas Kohlruß7.002
Steve HoweBeginningsAndreas Pläschke8.001
Steve Howe's RemedyElementsHenning Mangold7.333
HrstaL'éclat du ciel était insoutenableJochen Rindfrey8.001
HumusTus oidos mientenAchim Breiling8.001
Michel HuygenAbsence of RealityAchim Breiling8.001
HyacintusElydianThomas Kohlruß8.002
HyacintusElydianKristian Selm8.002
HÿdraThis famous unknownChristian Rode6.002
HyskalInsightHenning Mangold8.001
IblissSupernovaAchim Breiling8.001
Ice AgeThe Great DivideJörg Schumann8.502
IconoclastaSoliloquioAchim Breiling8.001
Igra Staklenih PerliVrt SvetlostiAchim Breiling8.001
IhsahnangLGunnar Claußen8.001
Il Ballo delle CastagneSoundtrack For An Unreleased Herzog MovieAchim Breiling8.001
IllusionIllusionNik Brückner8.001
IllusionOut of the MistNik Brückner8.001
IluvatarIluvatarHeiko Westhagen8.003
IluvatarSideshowKristian Selm6.502
IluvatarA story two days wide...Jörg Schumann8.003
In The LabyrinthThe Garden of MysteriesGünter Schote8.001
The Incredible String BandThe Incredible String BandSiggy Zielinski8.001
Indrek PatteCelebrationChristian Rode8.001
Inner ChaosDifferent StoriesDennis Egbers8.001
Inner OdysseyAscensionThomas Kohlruß8.001
The Inner RoadAscensionNik Brückner8.001
Inside AgainSongs Of Love & DisasterThomas Kohlruß8.001
Instant FlightEndless JourneyThomas Kohlruß8.001
Intelligent Music ProjectTouching The DivineGunnar Claußen8.001
International HarvesterHematAchim Breiling8.001
Into EternityThe Scattering of AshesGunnar Claußen9.002
Into EternityThe Incurable TragedyNik Brückner8.001
InventionsMetaSiggy Zielinski8.001
InVertigoNext Stop VertigoMarc Colling9.333
IQJ'ai Pollette D'arnuJörg Schumann8.502
IQLiving ProofAndreas Pläschke10.002
IQFrequencyThorsten Gürntke10.005
IQSeven stories into '98Jörg Schumann8.502
IQNine in a pond is hereJörg Schumann8.001
IrisCrossing The DesertThomas Thielen9.002
Isildurs BaneEight Moments Of EternityThomas Kohlruß8.001
Isildurs BaneMIND Volume 4 - PassThomas Schüßler11.176
Isildurs BaneSea ReflectionsThomas Kohlruß8.001
Isildurs BaneCheval - Volonté De RocherAchim Breiling8.673
Isildurs BaneSagan Om RingenThomas Kohlruß8.001
Isildurs BaneMIND Volume 5 - The Observatory (DVD)Thorsten Gürntke8.805
Isildurs BaneMIND Volume 5 - The Observatory (DVD)Udo Gerhards8.805
IsopodaTaking RootHorst Straske8.001
IsotopeDeep EndAchim Breiling8.001
ITDepartureJochen Rindfrey8.001
It BitesIt Happened One NightThomas Kohlruß8.001
Ivory GatesShapes of memoryGeorg Heep8.001
Ivory TowerIvory TowerGunnar Claußen8.001
iXOra pro nobisWolfram Ehrhardt8.001
IxionTalismanHorst Straske8.001
IxionGarden of EdenThomas Kohlruß8.001
IZEMAchim Breiling8.001
IzukaitzIzukaitzJochen Rindfrey8.001
IZZIZZ LiVEThomas Kohlruß8.001
Jack Foster IIIJazzraptor V - Apple Jack MagicSiggy Zielinski8.001
Jack Foster IIIRaptorGnosisThomas Kohlruß8.001
JaculaIn Cauda Semper Stat VenenumAchim Breiling8.001
Jade WarriorBreathing the StormJochen Rindfrey8.001
JadisAs daylight fadesJörg Schumann8.001
JadisPhotoplayDennis Egbers6.673
Los JaivasCanción Del SurAchim Breiling8.001
J.A.M.J.A.M.Ralf J. Günther8.001
JaneGenuineChristian Rode5.502
JaneTogetherAchim Breiling10.333
Janelive at home (at home - live)Andreas Pläschke8.673
Jansen Barbieri KarnSeedAndreas Pläschke8.001
Jansen Barbieri Karn_ismGünter Schote8.001
JanusGravediggerJochen Rindfrey8.001
Jean Michel JarreGeometry of LoveJörg Graf6.502
Jean Michel JarreRevolutionsJörg Graf7.502
Jean Michel JarreRendez-VousJörg Schumann8.002
Jean Michel JarreMagnetic FieldsJörg Schumann10.502
Jean Michel JarreRendez-VousJörg Graf8.002
Jack JefferyEnlightened HorizonHarald Schmidt8.001
Jeremy & ProgressorThe Pearl Of Great PriceSiggy Zielinski8.001
Jeronimo ProjectThe Doors of PerceptionSiggy Zielinski7.002
Jet PlaneLoud to SleepJochen Rindfrey8.001
Jethro TullUnder WrapsSiggy Zielinski9.003
Jethro TullBenefitUdo Gerhards9.004
Jethro TullCrest of a KnaveThomas Schüßler7.805
Jethro TullThick As A BrickSiggy Zielinski12.805
Jethro TullRoots To BranchesUdo Gerhards8.502
Jethro TullNothing Is Easy: Live At The Isle Of Wight 1970 (DVD)Udo Gerhards8.002
Jethro TullCrest of a KnaveUdo Gerhards7.805
Jethro TullNightcapUdo Gerhards8.001
Jethro TullLiving In The PastSiggy Zielinski9.673
Jethro TullThis WasJochen Rindfrey7.004
Jethro TullNothing Is Easy: Live At The Isle Of Wight 1970 (DVD)Siggy Zielinski8.002
Jethro TullUnder WrapsJochen Rindfrey9.003
Jethro TullRock IslandSiggy Zielinski8.502
Eddie JobsonZinc - The Green AlbumHorst Straske8.001
John PetrucciSuspended AnimationPeter Meyer8.001
Jon and VangelisThe Friends Of Mr. CairoAndreas Pläschke8.002
Jon and VangelisThe Friends Of Mr. CairoThomas Kohlruß8.002
JPLLe Livre BlancMarc Colling9.502
JSTInstrumental IISiggy Zielinski8.001
JumboJumboAchim Breiling8.001
Jupiter SocietyFirst Contact // Last WarningChristian Rode7.673
KadaBúcsúzás (Farewell)Thomas Kohlruß9.502
Kafedra.orgPsy-PopJochen Rindfrey8.001
KaipaSoloHorst Straske8.502
KaipaKeyholderJörg Schumann7.119
KaipaHänderJörg Schumann8.001
KalacakraCrawling To LhasaKristian Selm8.333
Antony Kalugin Project (Sunchild)SynesthesiaHarald Schmidt8.502
Antony Kalugin Project (Sunchild)The WrapJochen Rindfrey8.001
Kammerflimmer KollektiefMäanderJörg Schumann11.003
KansasMasqueGunnar Claußen10.333
KansasPowerHorst Straske8.001
KansasVinyl confessionsHorst Straske7.502
Marten KantusInsomniaChristian Rode9.002
Marten KantusNimbusJochen Rindfrey9.002
Marten KantusCelluloidJochen Rindfrey8.502
Kaos MoonThe Circle Of MadnessAndreas Pläschke8.001
KarakorumKarakorumGunnar Claußen8.001
Karda EstraVoivode DraculaThomas Kohlruß8.002
Karda EstraVoivode DraculaKristian Selm8.002
KarfagenContiniumThorsten Gürntke8.001
Karfagen7Harald Schmidt9.002
KarfagenMessages from Afar: First ContactSiggy Zielinski8.001
KaribowThe UnchosenPeter Meyer8.001
Mick KarnDreams of Reason Produce MonstersJochen Rindfrey8.001
KarnatakaSecrets Of AngelsGunnar Claußen8.001
KasekeKasekeAchim Breiling8.502
Makoto KawabataHot RattlesnakesAchim Breiling8.001
KayakClose to the fireSiggy Zielinski8.001
KayakLetters from UtopiaHenning Mangold8.001
KayakNostradamus - The Fate Of ManHenning Mangold8.001
KayakMerlin - Bard of the unseenHenning Mangold9.002
KayanisMachines And DreamsJochen Rindfrey8.001
Kellerkind BerlinColourful ThoughtsAchim Breiling8.001
Mike KeneallyThe Universe Will ProvideRalf J. Günther7.502
Mike KeneallyVai Piano Reductions Vol. 1Nik Brückner8.001
KensoKenso IIIKristian Selm9.002
KenZinerTimescapeKristian Selm7.502
KenZinerThe PropheciesDennis Egbers8.002
KenZinerThe PropheciesKristian Selm8.002
Kerrs PinkArt of Complex SimplicityJochen Rindfrey8.002
Kerrs PinkArt of Complex SimplicityKristian Selm8.002
KhatsaturjanDisconcerto GrossoThomas Schüßler8.001
KhorusSuiteAchim Breiling8.001
KiamaSign of IVMarc Colling9.673
Kickbit InformationBitkicksAchim Breiling8.001
Carla Kihlstedt2 Foot YardAchim Breiling9.502
David KilminsterScarlet - The Director's CutSiggy Zielinski8.001
David Kilminster...And The TRUTH Will Set You Free...Harald Schmidt8.001
Kin Ping MehKin Ping MehAchim Breiling8.001
Kinetic ElementTravelogHarald Schmidt9.002
King CrimsonHappy with what you have to be happy withSiggy Zielinski8.001
King CrimsonSchizoid ManUdo Gerhards8.001
King CrimsonDiscipline - Live At Moles Club 1981Siggy Zielinski8.001
King CrimsonBeatUdo Gerhards8.502
King CrimsonLive At Summit Studios 1972Siggy Zielinski8.001
King EiderSomateria SpectabilisHenning Mangold8.001
King Of AgogikThe Rhythmic Drawing RoomThomas Schüßler10.754
King Of AgogikMembranophonic ExperienceSiggy Zielinski6.003
KinoPictureAndreas Pläschke9.673
KinoRadio VoltaireJörg Schumann8.001
Scott KinseyKinestheticsKai Lorenz Kruppa8.001
KlaatuKlaatuJochen Rindfrey8.002
KlaatuKlaatuThomas Schüßler8.002
KlaatuEndangered SpeciesDirk Reuter4.502
KnifeworldBottled Out Of EdenThorsten Gürntke9.673
Knight AreaThe sun also risesAndreas Kiefer8.502
Knight AreaUnder a New SignAndreas Kiefer8.003
Korni GrupaPrvo Svetlo Neobicnog ZivotaAchim Breiling8.001
KovloI´m so happy on this boatAchim Breiling8.001
KraanLet It OutRalf J. Günther8.002
KraanLet It OutJochen Rindfrey8.002
KraanPsychedelic ManRalf J. Günther9.002
KraanDancing In The ShadeJochen Rindfrey9.003
KraftwerkTour de France SoundtracksJochen Rindfrey8.001
KraftwerkMinimum-MaximumAndreas Pläschke9.673
KraftwerkThe MixJochen Rindfrey8.502
KraftwerkElectric CafeJochen Rindfrey8.002
KraftwerkElectric CafeSiggy Zielinski8.002
KramerLife CycleThomas Kohlruß9.003
KreidlerAppearance And The ParkNormann Hillesheim9.502
KreidlerEve Future RecallAchim Breiling8.001
K.U.K.L.The EyeJörg Schumann9.502
Vitalij KuprijVK 3Kai Lorenz Kruppa8.001
KylverThe IslandGunnar Claußen9.002
KylverThe Mountain GhostRoland Heil9.502
La 1919Giorni FeliciAchim Breiling8.001
La DüsseldorfIndividuellosJochen Rindfrey8.001
La! Neu?GoldregenJochen Rindfrey8.001
La! Neu?ZeelandJochen Rindfrey8.001
LabirintoAnatemaSiggy Zielinski8.001
LabradfordPrazision LPJochen Rindfrey8.001
James LaBrieImpermanent ResonanceGunnar Claußen8.001
LaHostErotic AntiquesHeiko Westhagen8.001
LampshadeEternal Light / The Pieces of the Puzzle (Single)Jochen Rindfrey8.001
Jack Lancaster and Robin LumleySergej Prokofiev: Peter and the wolfChristian Rode3.254
Land Of ChocolateAssorted Nonpareils EPUdo Gerhards8.001
LandberkDream dance (EP)Kristian Selm8.001
LandberkLonely landGunnar Claußen9.673
LandmarqThe vision pitHenning Mangold6.002
LandmarqScience of coincidenceHenning Mangold9.502
Lands EndTerra SerranumJochen Rindfrey8.001
Lana LaneSecrets Of AstrologyMichael Hirle8.001
Lana LaneCurious GoodsMichael Hirle8.001
LanfearZero PoemsRalf Damaschke9.502
Yogi LangNo DecoderJochen Rindfrey8.001
LaraajiAmbient 3 - Day of radianceSiggy Zielinski8.001
Larval2Achim Breiling8.001
Latte E MielePassio Secundum MatteumJochen Rindfrey8.001
LavaTears are goin' homeAchim Breiling8.001
LazaroVisionGunnar Claußen8.001
Le CorbeauMoth on the headlightSiggy Zielinski8.001
The League of GentlemenMelkweg, Amsterdam, Holland, May 4, 1980Siggy Zielinski8.001
Leb i SolRucni RadNik Brückner8.001
Guy LeBlancSubversiaKristian Selm8.002
Guy LeBlancSubversiaThomas Schüßler8.002
José Luis Fernándes LedesmaDesigniosAchim Breiling8.502
José Luis Fernándes LedesmaExtractosAchim Breiling8.001
Geddy LeeMy favorite headacheKristian Selm9.333
LegendSecond SightGünter Schote8.001
LegendTriple AspectGünter Schote8.001
The LensA word in your eyeJörg Schumann8.003
The LensRegenerationRalf J. Günther7.502
Ted LeonardWay HomeHorst Straske8.001
LeprousAeoliaNik Brückner8.001
Leviathan (70er)LeviathanAchim Breiling8.001
Leviathan (IT)Bee YourselfHorst Straske8.502
LibraWinter Day's NightmareHeiko Westhagen8.001
The Life Line ProjectDistorted MemoriesSiggy Zielinski8.001
Lift (US)Caverns Of Your BrainUdo Gerhards9.502
Lightbulb SunHayshackSiggy Zielinski8.001
Like WendyThe Storm InsideHenning Mangold8.001
Like WendyEndgameHenning Mangold8.502
Pär Lindh & Björn JohanssonBilboHenning Mangold6.002
Pär Lindh ProjectTime MirrorNik Brückner8.001
Pär Lindh ProjectMundus IncompertusUdo Gerhards8.502
Pär Lindh ProjectGothic ImpressionsJochen Rindfrey8.333
Pär Lindh ProjectGothic ImpressionsUdo Gerhards8.333
Liquid OrbitLiquid OrbitPeter Meyer9.502
Liquid ScarletIIJörg Schumann10.003
Liquid ScarletKiller Couple Strikes Again (EP)Thomas Kohlruß8.003
Liquid Trio ExperimentSpontaneous CombustionNik Brückner8.001
LiskerLiskerAchim Breiling8.001
Little AtlasNeverworldlyThomas Kohlruß8.001
Little TragediesPorcelain PavilionThomas Schüßler7.502
Kerry LivgrenSeeds Of ChangeHorst Straske8.001
Living LifeLet: from experience to experienceNik Brückner8.001
Loch NessDrumnadrochitAchim Breiling8.001
LocomotiveWe Are Everything You SeeAchim Breiling9.502
Logic MessElement Of The GridNik Brückner9.002
Lonely RobotPlease Come HomePiotre Walter8.502
Long Distance CallingAvoid The LightMichael Büttgen7.502
Long Distance CallingThe Flood InsideMarc Colling10.673
LoonyparkEgoistJürgen Wissing8.001
Jon LordGemini SuiteRalf J. Günther8.001
Lord Of MushroomsLord Of MushroomsKristian Selm8.502
Lost World BandAwakening The ElementsSal Pichireddu8.001
Lucid DreamOtherworldlyGunnar Claußen8.001
Lucifer WasThe crown of creationKristian Selm8.001
Lucifer WasIn Anadi's BowerThomas Schüßler8.003
Lucifer WasDiesGrowsGunnar Claußen8.001
Lukas Tower BandAge Of GoldGunnar Claußen8.001
Mad Tea PartyThe MarionetteChristian Rode5.605
Magdalena (Jap.)MagdalenaKristian Selm8.502
MagellanImpossible figuresChristian Rode9.754
MagellanImpossible figuresJörg Schumann9.754
MagentaHome / The New York Suite: Special EditionHorst Straske9.673
MagentaChameleonThomas Kohlruß8.001
MagentaThe Twenty Seven ClubJörg Schumann8.001
Magic MuscleGulp!Jürgen Gallitz-Duckar8.001
Magical Power MakoMusic From HeavenAchim Breiling8.001
MagmaConcert Bobino 1981Andreas Pläschke7.502
MagmaAttahkUdo Gerhards9.504
Magma1001° CentigradesAndreas Pläschke9.205
MagmaMerciAndreas Pläschke7.502
MagmaInéditsAndreas Pläschke7.502
Magnetic Sound MachineInspired By... Magnetic Sound Machine Plays The Snow GooseGunnar Claußen8.001
MagusHighway 375Kristian Selm8.001
Mahoujin"Babylonia" SuiteJürgen Meurer8.001
Bruce MainElementsKristian Selm8.001
MainhorseMainhorseRalf J. Günther8.502
Man2 Ozs.Of Plastic With A Hole In The MiddleSiggy Zielinski8.001
MangroveMore Or Less... an acoustic eveningThorsten Gürntke8.002
MangroveMore Or Less... an acoustic eveningThomas Kohlruß8.002
Le ManiLe ManiJochen Rindfrey8.001
Manfred Mann's Earth BandMann AliveAndreas Pläschke8.001
Manfred Mann's Earth BandBudapest LiveJochen Rindfrey9.002
Mantra VegaThe Illusion's ReckoningThomas Kohlruß7.502
Máquina!Why? Máquina!Achim Breiling8.001
La Máquina De Hacer PájarosLa Máquina De Hacer PájarosAchim Breiling8.001
Marathon (IT)Sublime DreamsGünter Schote8.001
Marge LitchCrystal heart in the fountainJürgen Meurer8.001
MarillionClutching at StrawsThomas Thielen9.004
MarillionClutching at StrawsJörg Schumann9.004
MarillionB-Sides ThemselvesJörg Schumann7.003
MarillionF*** Everyone And Run (F E A R)Nik Brückner11.333
MarillionFugaziAndreas Pläschke11.254
MarillionBrave Live 2002Günter Schote8.001
MarillionLess Is MoreGünter Schote8.001
MarillionBraveGünter Schote11.003
MarillionLive At The BorderlineAndreas Pläschke8.001
MarillionSounds That Can't Be MadeNik Brückner9.502
Mars1999Jürgen Meurer7.502
The Mars VoltaDe-loused in the comatoriumJörg Schumann9.504
MartiganCiel OuvertKristian Selm8.502
MarygoldOne Light YearJörg Schumann8.001
MarysonOn Goes the Quest (Master Magician II)Dennis Egbers8.002
MarysonOn Goes the Quest (Master Magician II)Kristian Selm8.002
MastermindVolume OneGunnar Claußen7.333
MastermindInsomniaKristian Selm8.001
MastermindUntil EternityJochen Rindfrey9.673
MastodonRemissionJörg Schumann10.002
MastodonOnce More 'Round the SunNik Brückner8.001
Matching MoleBBC Radio 1 Live in ConcertJochen Rindfrey8.001
maudlin of the Wellmy Fruit PsychoBells... a seed combustibleFlorian Dietmaier8.001
MaxxessAuthenticitySiggy Zielinski8.001
MaxxessThe SequelSiggy Zielinski8.001
Maze Of TimeMasquerade ShowSiggy Zielinski8.002
Maze Of TimeLullaby For HeroesAndreas Kiefer8.673
Maze Of TimeLullaby For HeroesWolfram Ehrhardt8.673
Maze Of TimeMasquerade ShowAndreas Kiefer8.002
Maze Of TimeTales From The MazeAndreas Kiefer8.502
Mecki Mark MenRunning In The Summer NightAchim Breiling8.001
Merchants ViceAmberDennis Egbers8.502
Mergener et AmiciVitam aut MortemSiggy Zielinski8.001
Peter MergenerLounge ControlSiggy Zielinski8.001
André MergenthalerMusik für einen EngelAchim Breiling8.001
MeshuggahobZenChristian Rode10.502
MessageMessageAchim Breiling8.001
Metamorphosis (CH)Then All Was SilentHorst Straske8.673
Metamorphosis (CH)DarkAndreas Kiefer7.004
Metamorphosis (CH)The turning pointJürgen Wissing8.502
MetaphorStarfootedThorsten Gürntke10.003
MetaphysicsBeyond The NightfallThomas Kohlruß8.001
MetropolisMetropolisAchim Breiling8.001
MezquitaCalifas del RockAchim Breiling8.001
Miasma & the carousel of headless horsesPerilsUdo Gerhards11.003
Midas25th Anniversary Concert & Early Rare TracksDennis Egbers8.001
MidasBeyond The Clear AirNik Brückner9.002
Midnight SunWalking CirclesAchim Breiling8.001
Mike & The MechanicsRewiredMichael Weinel8.001
MikromidasBrennende drommerThomas Schüßler9.002
MilleniumIn Search of the Perfect MelodyChristian Rode8.001
MilleniumExistWolfram Ehrhardt7.254
MilleniumThree brothers' epilogueSiggy Zielinski8.001
MilleniumVocandaKristian Selm9.502
David MinasianRandom Acts Of BeautyThomas Kohlruß8.001
Mind FurnitureThe End of DaysWolfram Ehrhardt8.001
MindmovieAn Ocean of DreamsThomas Kohlruß9.673
Minor GiantOn The RoadThorsten Gürntke8.001
MinotaurusFly AwayHorst Straske8.001
Mirage (Fra)A secret placeKristian Selm8.001
Missing LinkNevergreenAchim Breiling8.001
Missus BeastlyMissus BeastlyAchim Breiling8.001
Missus BeastlyMissus Beastly (1970)Kristian Selm8.001
Modry EfektNová SyntézaAchim Breiling8.001
MogadorAll I Am Is Of My Own MaKingSiggy Zielinski9.333
Mogwai4 SatinThomas Schüßler8.001
MogwaiTen Rapid (Collected Recordings 1996-1997)Thomas Schüßler8.001
Mona LisaL´EscapadeHorst Straske8.001
MonochromieColors In The DarkGunnar Claußen8.001
The Moody BluesDays of Future PassedChristian Rode9.254
The Moody BluesLive at the BBC 1967-1970Jochen Rindfrey8.001
Moon Safari[blomljud]Jochen Rindfrey10.673
MoongardenSongs From The LighthouseChristian Rode10.333
MoonlightKoncert W TrojceThomas Kohlruß8.001
MoonriseSoul's inner PendulumHenning Mangold8.001
MoonriseThe Lights of a distant BayChristian Rode9.003
Patrick MorazFuture Memories (Live on TV - Keyboards' Metamorphoses)Siggy Zielinski8.001
MordigganMetamorphoseSiggy Zielinski8.001
Neal MorseThe Similitude Of A DreamMarc Colling10.754
Neal MorseTestimonyUdo Gerhards9.006
Neal MorseMomentumJörg Schumann11.333
Morte MacabreSymphonic HolocaustAchim Breiling10.673
Scott MosherInfernoThomas Schüßler8.002
Scott MosherInfernoThomas Kohlruß8.002
Mostly AutumnStorms Over Still WaterThomas Kohlruß8.001
Mostly AutumnStorms Over London TownThomas Kohlruß8.001
Mostly AutumnGo well Diamond HeartHenning Mangold8.001
Mostly AutumnSight of DayJürgen Wissing8.001
MouthFloatingPeter Meyer8.502
Moving Gelatine PlatesRemovingAchim Breiling8.001
Moving Sidewalks99th FloorThomas Kohlruß8.001
Mr. FastfingerIn MotionNik Brückner8.001
Mr GilLight And SoundThomas Kohlruß8.001
Dominik MüllerLevellymThomas Schüßler8.002
MugenLéda et le cygneKristian Selm8.001
Sir Millard MulchHow to sell the whole f#@!ing universe to everybody...once and for all!Siggy Zielinski8.001
James LaBrie's MullmuzzlerMullmuzzler 2Kristian Selm7.502
Multi-StoryCrimson StoneMarc Colling7.502
Musikgruppen RadiomöbelGudang GaramKristian Selm8.502
The Mute GodsDo Nothing Till You Hear From MeGunnar Claußen9.333
The Mute GodsDo Nothing Till You Hear From MeMarc Colling9.333
My Solid GroundMy Solid GroundAchim Breiling8.001
MythologicStanding in StillnessGeorg Heep9.003
MythosDreamlabAchim Breiling8.001
NaamahResensementHenning Mangold8.002
NaamahResensementGeorg Heep8.002
NadjaDesire in UneasinessAchim Breiling8.001
Nascita della sferaPer una scultura di CeschiaAchim Breiling8.001
NathanNebulosaGunnar Claußen8.001
The National Orchestra Of The United Kingdom Of GoatsVaaya And The SeaGunnar Claußen7.502
NektarDoor to the future - The light show tapes Vol.1Kristian Selm8.001
NektarBook of DaysHenning Mangold8.001
NektarA Tab in the OceanJochen Rindfrey8.805
NektarRecycledRalf J. Günther9.502
NektarUnidentified flying abstractKristian Selm8.001
NektarSounds Like ThisAchim Breiling9.002
NemesisNemesis (Promo-CD)Georg Heep8.001
NemoSi Partie IThorsten Gürntke11.333
Nem-QFault Lines (Subduction Zone)Gunnar Claußen8.001
NetherworldIn the following Half-LightUdo Gerhards10.254
NetherworldIn the following Half-LightHorst Straske10.254
Mani Neumeier + FriendsTerra Amphibia - Deep in the JungleJochen Rindfrey8.001
NeuschwansteinAlice in WonderlandHorst Straske7.503
New Eden OrchestraanyMANHorst Straske8.001
The New Grove ProjectFool's JourneyKristian Selm8.001
New TrollsConcerto grosso per i New TrollsAchim Breiling9.002
New TrollsConcerto Grosso: The seven seasonsKristian Selm8.001
NexusLa Divina ComediaRalf J. Günther8.002
NexusLa Divina ComediaJörg Schumann8.002
NiacinNiacinJörg Schumann6.673
NiacinNiacinKai Lorenz Kruppa6.673
NiagaraAfireAchim Breiling8.001
Nice BeaverOregonAndreas Kiefer8.502
The NiceArs Longa Vita BrevisGunnar Claußen10.002
The NiceNiceAndreas Pläschke8.001
Czeslaw NiemenMourner´s RhapsodyAchim Breiling8.001
The Night WatchTwilightThorsten Gürntke8.001
Nnecra PackêParacelseUdo Gerhards8.002
Nnecra PackêParacelseAchim Breiling8.002
no-man((speak))Marc Colling10.002
No Name4Henning Mangold8.001
Nodo GordianoAleaThomas Kohlruß8.001
NoekkThe Minstrel's CurseThorsten Gürntke9.002
Clive Nolan & Oliver WakemanThe Hound of the BaskervillesSiggy Zielinski6.673
Nomadic4Harald Schmidt9.002
NoreahInvertebrate Semblance (EP)Siggy Zielinski8.001
Erik NorlanderMusic MachineHenning Mangold8.502
North StarExtremesHorst Straske8.001
NosoundLightdarkJochen Rindfrey9.004
NosoundThe northern religion of thingsKristian Selm8.001
NosoundA Sense of LossMichael Büttgen8.502
Not Otherwise SpecifiedProjective InstrumentsGunnar Claußen10.002
Nova (IT)Wings of LoveAchim Breiling8.001
Nova (IT)BlinkAchim Breiling8.001
NovalisSterntaucherJochen Rindfrey8.001
NovalisNovalis lebt!Jochen Rindfrey8.001
NovelaSanctuaryKristian Selm8.001
NovelaThe WordsHeiko Westhagen8.001
NowNow (Mini EP)Kristian Selm8.001
Nth AscensionAscension of KingsNik Brückner8.001
NucleusSnakehips EtceteraAchim Breiling8.001
NucleusLive In BremenUdo Gerhards8.001
Nuova EraL´ultimo viaggioHorst Straske7.502
N.y.XN.y.X (EP)Christian Rode8.001
Obscured by CloudsBleedSal Pichireddu8.001
ObsidianEmergingDennis Egbers8.001
OctopusThe Boat Of ThoughtsAchim Breiling8.001
OdyssiceMoondrive PlusKristian Selm8.001
OffenbachSaint-Chrone De NéantAchim Breiling8.001
OfferingOffering Part 1 + 2Jochen Rindfrey9.002
OfferingOffering Part IV (Limited Edition Box)Andreas Pläschke8.001
OfferingParis Théâtre DÉJAZET 1987Achim Breiling8.001
OHOBricolage (CD+DVD)Siggy Zielinski8.001
Mike OldfieldQE2Marc Colling9.333
Mike OldfieldDiscoveryOliver Mensing6.754
Mike OldfieldAmarokNik Brückner11.1712
Mike OldfieldAmarokMarc Colling11.1712
Mike OldfieldDiscoveryJochen Rindfrey6.754
Mike OldfieldThe Orchestral Tubular BellsMichael Weinel6.002
Mike OldfieldThe Songs Of Distant EarthAndreas Pläschke7.254
Mike OldfieldMan on the RocksSiggy Zielinski6.003
Mike OldfieldFive Miles OutAndreas Pläschke9.836
Mike OldfieldHeaven's OpenJochen Rindfrey7.254
Mike OldfieldGuitarsSiggy Zielinski5.673
Mike OldfieldGuitarsJochen Rindfrey5.673
Mike OldfieldThe Best of: 1992-2003Günter Schote8.001
Mike OldfieldPlatinumOliver Mensing7.605
Ole LukkøyeToomzeKristian Selm8.001
Ole LukkøyeDream of the windKristian Selm8.001
Jon Oliva's PainGlobal WarningGunnar Claußen8.001
OmniMermaidsSiggy Zielinski8.001
One ShotOne ShotAndreas Pläschke9.502
Onségen EnsembleHiukkavaara SessionThomas Schüßler8.001
OpenspaceElementary LossWolfram Ehrhardt8.001
OpethSorceressNik Brückner10.405
Opus SymbiosisMonsterChristian Rode8.001
Orbit ServiceA Calm Note From The WestJochen Rindfrey8.001
Martin OrfordThe Old RoadJörg Schumann8.004
Le OrmeStoria O LeggendaHorst Straske8.001
Le OrmeLive in RomeKristian Selm8.001
OrneThe Tree of LifeSiggy Zielinski6.673
OrthrelmOvFlorian Dietmaier8.001
Osada VidaThe Body Parts PartyJochen Rindfrey9.002
OsannaSuddanceAchim Breiling8.001
OsannaRosso RockNik Brückner8.002
OsannaRosso RockThorsten Gürntke8.002
OsannaLandscape Of LifeAchim Breiling8.001
OsirisReflectionsKristian Selm9.002
OsirisOsirisHenning Mangold8.001
OugenweideNoch aber ist AprilJochen Rindfrey8.001
OugenweideOuwe warJochen Rindfrey8.001
Our OceansOur OceansGunnar Claußen9.502
Out Of FocusNot Too LateAchim Breiling8.001
Out Of FocusWake up!Achim Breiling8.001
Out Of FocusOut Of FocusAchim Breiling8.001
Outrun the SunlightTerrapinGunnar Claußen9.502
OvalkiCobolAchim Breiling8.001
OverwindLevel CompleteGunnar Claußen8.001
Oz KnozzRuff MixAchim Breiling8.001
Ozric TentaclesJurassic shiftKristian Selm7.502
Ozric TentaclesLive At The Pongmasters BallThomas Kohlruß10.333
Ozric TentaclesAfterswishKristian Selm8.001
Jimmy Page & Robert PlantNo QuarterAchim Breiling10.333
PageantAbysmal masqueradeKristian Selm8.502
PaidarionTwo Worlds EncounterMarc Colling8.001
Pain of SalvationThe Perfect Element IJörg Schumann9.502
Pain of SalvationBE (ChinassiaH)Thorsten Gürntke10.502
Pain of SalvationEntropiaThorsten Gürntke10.333
PainkillerGuts of a VirginNormann Hillesheim8.001
Palace Of ConceptionPalace Of ConceptionThorsten Gürntke7.502
PaladinPaladinHorst Straske8.002
PaladinPaladinAchim Breiling8.002
PalefeatherPalefeatherChristian Rode8.502
PallasThe SentinelAndreas Pläschke10.605
PallasXXVGünter Schote10.003
PallasArrive AliveThorsten Gürntke8.673
PallasBeat the DrumGünter Schote9.003
PallasOfficial Bootleg 27.01.06Andreas Pläschke8.001
PandoraTen Years Like In A Magic Dream...Gunnar Claußen8.001
PantaleonVirusSiggy Zielinski8.001
PanthéonOrionAchim Breiling8.502
Papa Zoot BandSWF-Session 1973Achim Breiling8.001
ParanightInto the NightSiggy Zielinski8.001
Ian Parry's Consortium ProjectIan Parry's Consortium ProjectDennis Egbers8.001
The Alan Parsons ProjectStereotomyJochen Rindfrey8.004
The Alan Parsons ProjectStereotomyChristian Rode8.004
The Alan Parsons ProjectI RobotChristian Rode8.805
The Alan Parsons ProjectStereotomyJörg Schumann8.004
The Alan Parsons ProjectI RobotMarkus Peltner8.805
Parzivals EyeFragmentsChristian Rode10.003
PattoHold Your FireAchim Breiling8.001
Pavlov's DogHas Anyone Here Seen Sigfried?Harald Schmidt8.001
Pavlov's DogLost in AmericaAndreas Pläschke8.001
Pavlov's DogThirdAndreas Pläschke8.001
Jean-Luc PayssanPierrots & ArlequinsDennis Egbers8.001
Pell MellOnly A StarHorst Straske8.002
Pell MellOnly A StarJochen Rindfrey8.002
Pendragon"Once Upon A Time In England" Volume 1Thomas Kohlruß8.001
PendragonKowtowGünter Schote8.001
PendragonThe Masquerade OvertureJörg Schumann10.502
PendragonThe JewelJörg Schumann9.002
PendragonThe History: 1984-2000Jörg Schumann8.001
Pendragon9:15 LiveThomas Kohlruß8.001
PentwaterPentwaterAchim Breiling8.001
Pere UbuStory Of My LifeJochen Rindfrey8.001
Perfect beingsVierMarc Colling11.333
Pharaoh OverlordSiluurikaudellaJochen Rindfrey8.001
The PhaseReviewsThomas Kohlruß8.001
PhiHalf Hour UniverseJochen Rindfrey8.001
PhiThe Deflowering of RealityJochen Rindfrey9.002
Anthony PhillipsPrivate Parts & Pieces VII - Slow Waves,Soft StarsSiggy Zielinski8.001
Anthony PhillipsMissing Links Volume 1 - Finger paintingSiggy Zielinski8.001
Anthony Phillips & Guillermo CazenaveThe Meadows of EnglewoodSiggy Zielinski8.001
Phoenix againLook OutRoland Heil8.001
PhylterPhylterHorst Straske8.001
PilgrymPilgrimageKristian Selm8.002
PilgrymPilgrimageThomas Kohlruß8.002
Jorge PinchevskySu violin magico y la pesadaAchim Breiling8.001
The Pineapple ThiefTightly UnwoundMichael Büttgen9.754
The Pineapple ThiefAll The WarsThorsten Gürntke11.002
Richard PinhasSchizotrope - Le planAchim Breiling8.001
Richard PinhasTranzitionAndreas Pläschke9.673
Richard Pinhas & Barry ClevelandMuAchim Breiling10.002
Pink FloydA Momentary Lapse of ReasonSiggy Zielinski6.754
Pink FloydMoreJochen Rindfrey9.754
Pink FloydA Momentary Lapse of ReasonNik Brückner6.754
Pink FloydThe Division BellNik Brückner5.405
Pink FloydThe Final CutAndreas Pläschke8.758
Pink FloydThe Endless RiverSiggy Zielinski10.005
Pink FloydA Saucerful Of SecretsJürgen Gallitz-Duckar10.006
Pink MercuryBleeding Heart (EP)Siggy Zielinski8.001
PinskiSound The AlarmMarc Colling8.001
PlaceboBall Of EyesAchim Breiling8.001
Planet P Project1931: Go Out Dancing Part OneChristian Rode9.003
Planet XQuantumMichael Büttgen10.003
Planet XMoonbabiesThorsten Gürntke10.805
PondBilder einer Ausstellung + Die größten HitsRalf J. Günther8.001
Jean-Luc PontyAuroraAchim Breiling8.001
Jean-Luc PontyKing KongUdo Gerhards8.001
Popol Vuh (Dt.)Hosianna MantraAchim Breiling11.333
Popol Vuh (Dt.)AguirreAchim Breiling9.754
Popol Vuh (Norw.)Quiche MayaAchim Breiling8.001
Porcupine TreeWe lost the skylineKristian Selm8.001
Porcupine TreeFear of a Blank PlanetJan Hamm9.717
Porcupine TreeDeadwingAndreas Pläschke9.8910
Porcupine TreeFear of a Blank PlanetJürgen Gallitz-Duckar9.717
Porcupine TreeVoyage 34Jochen Rindfrey9.004
Porcupine TreeStupid DreamJörg Schumann11.254
PosturesPosturesAndreas Hofmann8.502
PotemkineFoetusAchim Breiling8.001
Nic PotterMountain MusicJochen Rindfrey8.001
Nic PotterDreams in View 81-87Günter Schote8.001
Nic PotterThe Long Hello Vol. II (mit Guy Evans)Jochen Rindfrey7.502
Nic PotterSelf ContainedGünter Schote8.001
Poverty's no crimeSave My SoulHenning Mangold9.002
Poverty's no crimeSlave to the mindThorsten Gürntke7.002
PPRYRaising the Skeletons of Fire by HandMichael Büttgen8.001
Jean-Paul PratMasalKristian Selm6.502
Praxis (Mex.)La Eternidad de lo EfímeroAchim Breiling8.001
PraxisSacrifistAchim Breiling8.001
PreacherAftermathHarald Schmidt8.001
Premiata Forneria MarconiChocolate KingsUdo Gerhards8.003
Premiata Forneria MarconiA CelebrationDirk Reuter8.001
Premiata Forneria MarconiJet lagKristian Selm9.333
PresenceEvil RoseThomas Kohlruß8.002
PresenceEvil RoseKristian Selm8.002
Primitive InstinctOne Man's RefugeGünter Schote8.002
Primitive InstinctOne Man's RefugeHarald Schmidt8.002
Procol HarumExotic Birds and FruitHorst Straske8.002
Procol HarumLive At The Union Chapel (DVD)Jochen Rindfrey8.001
Procol HarumGrand HotelRoland Heil8.673
Procol HarumGrand HotelJochen Rindfrey8.673
Procol HarumHomeThomas Schüßler8.002
Procol HarumHomeJochen Rindfrey8.002
Procol HarumExotic Birds and FruitJochen Rindfrey8.002
ProjeKctsThe ProjeKcts: ProjeKcts 1-4 liveAndreas Pläschke9.002
ProjeKctsProjeKct six: East Coast LiveNik Brückner8.001
ProjeKctsProjeKct Two: Space GrooveSiggy Zielinski7.003
Proto-KawForthJochen Rindfrey9.502
Proto-KawBefore Became AfterAndreas Pläschke10.003
Psychopathic RomanticsPretty PrizesThomas Schüßler8.001
Psychotic WaltzMosquitoGeorg Heep7.502
PyramidPyramidAchim Breiling8.001
Pyramid (Spn.)The Immaculate LieKristian Selm9.002
Quantum JumpBarracudaHenning Mangold9.502
Quantum SphereThe Space Adventures Of Pyjama BoyGunnar Claußen8.001
QuasarThe LoreliGünter Schote8.001
Quaterna RéquiemQuasimodoKristian Selm8.001
QueensrÿchePromised LandAndreas Hofmann8.001
QuiQuiDennis Egbers7.502
QuiPreludeUdo Gerhards8.001
QuidamSurrevivalHenning Mangold8.003
QuillSursum CordaAchim Breiling9.333
QuirinusDryadsAndreas Pläschke7.502
Trevor RabinCan't look awayKristian Selm8.002
Trevor RabinCan't look awayJörg Graf8.002
Rachel'sSystems/LayersJochen Rindfrey10.002
RadioheadHail To The ThiefAndreas Pläschke6.754
RadioheadThe BendsJochen Rindfrey10.333
RadioheadPablo HoneyMarkus Peltner7.502
RaelMascaras UrbanasHeiko Westhagen8.001
RainCerulean BlueRalf J. Günther8.754
Raison de PlusAu bout du couloirJürgen Meurer8.001
RAKLepidoptera II - The Book of FlightSiggy Zielinski9.605
RAKLepidoptera II - The Book of FlightAndreas Kiefer9.605
RAKLepidoptera II - The Book of FlightGunnar Claußen9.605
RamsesEternity RiseJochen Rindfrey8.001
RamsesControl meAndreas Pläschke6.002
RanestRaneNosferatu Il VampiroAchim Breiling9.002
Rara in Avis TerrisAu Crepuscule du Temps...Jürgen Meurer8.001
Rare BirdSympathyJochen Rindfrey8.001
RavermenRavermenGunnar Claußen9.003
RävjunkUppsala Stadshotell BrinnerAchim Breiling8.001
Reading ZeroSatellite SessionsGeorg Heep8.001
The ReasoningDark AngelAndreas Kiefer8.502
Reckoning StormThe Storm EngineGunnar Claußen8.001
Red SandMirror of insanityMartin Dambeck5.002
RedemptionThe Fullness Of TimeThorsten Gürntke10.002
Alan ReedDancing with GhostsGünter Schote10.002
Alan ReedHoney on the Razor's EdgeMarc Colling9.502
Reform (Dt.)ReformAchim Breiling7.002
RelayerThe Teething FashionThomas Schüßler8.001
RenaissanceAzure d'orSiggy Zielinski7.673
RenaissanceAzure d'orNik Brückner7.673
The Research InstituteFliesMarion Schoger8.001
RetrospectiveStolen ThoughtsThomas Kohlruß8.001
RetrospectiveLost In PerceptionJürgen Wissing9.502
RH FactorRH FactorKristian Selm8.001
Happy RhodesRhodes IJochen Rindfrey8.001
Happy RhodesThe KeepJochen Rindfrey8.001
RicocherChainsHenning Mangold7.002
Rigna FolkSolHarald Schmidt8.001
Andy RinehartWalking homeAndreas Pläschke8.001
RishlooEidolonMark Wahl8.001
RiversideRapid Eye MovementThorsten Gürntke10.605
RiversideVoices In My HeadGeorg Heep8.333
RiversideShrine Of New Generation SlavesJörg Schumann9.437
Steve RoachStorm Surge: Live at NEARfestSiggy Zielinski8.001
Robb & PottOnce upon the WingsAchim Breiling9.673
Rocket ScientistsOblivion DaysThomas Schüßler8.502
Rocket ScientistsEarth below and sky aboveKristian Selm8.001
Omar Rodriguez-LopezLos Sueños De Un HigadoAndreas Hofmann8.001
Hans-Joachim RoedeliusAquarelloSiggy Zielinski8.001
Mick RogersFather of dayAndreas Pläschke8.001
Mick RogersBack to earthAndreas Pläschke8.001
RohmerRohmerJochen Rindfrey8.001
RomislokusAll day homeGeorg Heep9.002
Roswell SixTerra Incognita: A Line In The SandThomas Kohlruß8.001
Michael RotherTraumreisenJochen Rindfrey8.001
RousseauFlower In AsphaltAchim Breiling9.502
Cristiano RoversiThe ParkJörg Schumann8.001
RovoCONDORAchim Breiling8.001
Roxy MusicLiveJochen Rindfrey9.502
Roxy MusicHeart Still BeatingChristian Rode8.001
Roxy MusicStrandedJochen Rindfrey9.002
Roxy MusicAvalonChristian Rode5.002
Roz VitalisPainsadist (EP)Christian Rode8.001
RPWLStockThorsten Gürntke9.002
Rufus ZuphallAvalon And OnAchim Breiling8.001
Rumple Stiltzken ComuneWrong From The BeginningHorst Straske8.502
Runaway TotemPleromaAchim Breiling8.001
The Running ManThe Running ManAchim Breiling8.001
RushTest for echoThorsten Gürntke8.002
RushPrestoSiggy Zielinski9.673
Rush2112Thorsten Gürntke9.505
RushCounterpartsSiggy Zielinski9.003
RushAll the World's a StageSiggy Zielinski8.502
RushTest for echoSiggy Zielinski8.002
RushGrace under pressureSiggy Zielinski10.333
RushA Farewell to KingsJochen Rindfrey10.205
RushFly By NightGünter Schote6.754
Rush2112Jörg Schumann9.505
Russian CirclesGenevaGunnar Claußen8.001
Mike RutherfordSmallcreep's daySiggy Zielinski10.754
Mike RutherfordSmallcreep's dayNik Brückner10.754
Saga (Kan.)Silent KnightUdo Gerhards10.205
Saga (Kan.)Full CircleJörg Schumann10.754
Saga (Kan.)Generation 13Jörg Schumann12.005
Saga (Kan.)The Security of IllusionThorsten Gürntke8.003
Saga (Kan.)SagacityPeter Meyer9.002
Saga (Kan.)The Beginner's Guide To Throwing ShapesJörg Schumann10.254
Saga (Kan.)MarathonSebastian Mack8.254
SaharaLost TapesAchim Breiling8.001
Sailor FreeSpiritual RevolutionJochen Rindfrey8.001
Motoi SakurabaGikyokuonsouDennis Egbers8.001
SalamanderThe Ten CommandmentsHorst Straske8.001
Salem HillMimi's Magic MomentThomas Kohlruß8.504
Salem HillPuppet ShowThomas Schüßler10.003
Salem HillNot Everybody's GoldThomas Schüßler9.333
Salem HillMimi's Magic MomentChristian Rode8.504
SalvaThirstSiggy Zielinski9.002
SammalMyrskyvaroitusGunnar Claußen8.001
David SanciousTransformation (The Speed Of Love)Achim Breiling10.004
David SanciousTransformation (The Speed Of Love)Nik Brückner10.004
SandstoneLooking For MyselfThomas Kohlruß8.001
Sankt OttenEine kleine TraurigkeitGunnar Claußen8.001
SathönayGaziosmanpasaJochen Rindfrey8.001
SathönayLost a HomeSiggy Zielinski8.001
Satin WhaleLost MankindMarkus Peltner7.002
Satin WhaleAs a KeepsakeDirk Reuter8.001
Julian Jay SavarinWaiters on the DanceHeiko Westhagen9.002
SavoraCompany Of DogsGunnar Claußen8.001
SBBlive 1993Holger Grützner8.001
SBBIron CurtainThomas Kohlruß8.502
SBBBlue TranceThomas Kohlruß8.001
ScardustSands of TimePeter Meyer10.002
Scarlet RomeoRomeo's ArrivalNik Brückner8.001
Schicke Führs FröhlingTicket To EverywhereHorst Straske7.004
Schicke Führs FröhlingTicket To EverywhereJörg Schumann7.004
Irmin SchmidtMusk at DuskRalf J. Günther8.001
Detlev SchmidtchenVanthasiaAchim Breiling8.001
Eberhard SchoenerFlashbackAndreas Pläschke9.673
Klaus SchulzeEn=TranceAndreas Pläschke9.504
Klaus SchulzeIn BlueJochen Rindfrey8.502
Klaus SchulzeDig ItAndreas Pläschke10.004
Klaus SchulzeBody LoveUdo Gerhards10.673
Klaus Schulze & Lisa GerrardFarscapeAndreas Pläschke10.502
Klaus SchulzeDreamsAndreas Pläschke10.003
Klaus SchulzeAre you sequenced?Andreas Pläschke7.333
Klaus SchulzePicture MusicUdo Gerhards10.002
Klaus SchulzeBallett 3Jochen Rindfrey8.001
Colin ScotColin Scot & FriendsAndreas Pläschke8.002
ScytheDivorced LandRalf J. Günther10.254
SczepanskiB-InjectionSiggy Zielinski8.001
Seasons Of TimeWelcome To The UnknownMarc Colling8.001
Sebkha-ChottNagah-Mahdi - Opuscrits En Quarante-Huit RouleauxNik Brückner9.254
Sebkha-ChottNagah-Mahdi - Opuscrits En Quarante-Huit RouleauxAchim Breiling9.254
Secret Chiefs 3First Grand Constitution and BylawsJochen Rindfrey8.001
Seeming EmptinessConversionGunnar Claußen8.001
Semantic SaturationSolipsisticSiggy Zielinski8.001
SendelicaLilacs Out Of The DeadlandsAchim Breiling8.001
Serpentina SateliteNothing to sayRalf J. Günther8.001
ServiRückkehr aus IthakaAchim Breiling8.001
Seven Second CircleDivideThomas Kohlruß8.001
Seven Steps To The Green DoorThe ? BookMichael Hirle11.006
Seven Steps To The Green DoorThe ? BookNik Brückner11.006
SfinxZalmoxeAchim Breiling9.502
Shaa KhanThe World Will End On FridayHeiko Westhagen8.502
Shades Of DawnFrom Dusk Till DawnChristian Rode6.502
Shadow GalleryTyrannyJochen Lohr9.333
Shadow GalleryCarved in stoneJochen Lohr10.502
ShadowfaxShadowdanceJörg Schumann8.001
ShadowfaxEsperantoJörg Schumann8.001
ShadowlandEdge of NightThomas Kohlruß8.001
ShadowlandThrough the looking glassJörg Schumann7.002
ShamallIs this human behaviorJürgen Wissing8.001
Shamallquestions of lifeThomas Schüßler8.001
Sheik AnorakLet’s just bullshit our way throughSiggy Zielinski8.001
ShelterworksColoured thoughtsHenning Mangold8.001
Derek SherinianInertiaSal Pichireddu8.502
Derek SherinianMolecular HeinosityKai Lorenz Kruppa6.002
Billy SherwoodCollectionNik Brückner8.001
ShiningBlackjazzAndreas Pläschke11.176
ShiningBlackjazzAndreas Hofmann11.176
ShumaunShumaunGunnar Claußen8.001
ShylockGialorguesUdo Gerhards9.003
SiddharthaWeltschmerzAchim Breiling8.001
Side StepsAlive IIJochen Rindfrey7.502
Side StepsVerge Of RealityMarcus Kästner8.502
Side StepsPoints of viewDennis Egbers8.502
Sieges EvenParamountJan Hamm9.002
Sigur RósKveikurFederico Chavez8.502
SikThThe Future In Whose Eyes?Peter Meyer10.673
Silberbart4 Times Sound RazingAchim Breiling8.001
SilhouetteBeyond The Seventh WaveThorsten Gürntke8.001
Silver LakeSilver LakeThomas Kohlruß8.001
Sine AmplitudeHypnotizedGunnar Claußen8.001
Peter SinfieldStillusionJochen Rindfrey8.001
Single Celled OrganismSplinter in the EyeVolkmar Mantei9.002
Sinister StreetTrustKristian Selm8.001
SkaldowieStworzenia swiata czesc drugaAchim Breiling8.001
Patrik Skantze and the Free Souls SocietyFiction at first viewChristian Rode9.002
Skeleton$Diety of HairAndreas Hofmann8.001
SkryvaniaSkryvaniaHorst Straske7.502
Józef SkrzekOjciec chrzestny DominikaNik Brückner8.001
SkyThe Great Balloon RaceJochen Rindfrey8.001
SkySky 4 ForthcomingJochen Rindfrey8.001
Sky ArchitectA Dying Man's HymnNik Brückner7.502
Sky Cries MaryTaking The Stage | Live 1997 - 2005Thomas Kohlruß8.001
Sky Flying ByMiscellanyJochen Rindfrey8.001
Skyline SymmetryFearMarcus Kästner8.001
SlaviorSlaviorMichael Büttgen6.673
SleepstreamA Waltz With The Seventh CraneGunnar Claußen8.001
Sleepytime Gorilla MuseumIn Glorious TimesThorsten Gürntke11.254
SlychosisSlychedeliaJochen Rindfrey8.001
Judge SmithLive in Italy 2005Jochen Rindfrey8.001
Soft MachineAlive & Well - Recorded in ParisAchim Breiling8.003
Soft MachineRubber RiffChristian Rode6.002
Soft MachineFifthUdo Gerhards10.002
Soft MachineJet Propelled PhotographsAndreas Pläschke7.502
The Soft Machine LegacySoft Machine LegacyJochen Rindfrey8.502
Soft WorksAbracadabraChristian Rode7.502
Solar ProjectChromagnitudeAndreas Kiefer9.002
Solar ProjectUtopiaPeter Meyer8.001
SolarisNostradamus Book of PropheciesRalf J. Günther6.502
SolsticeSilent DanceHeiko Westhagen9.002
Soniq TheaterGlobalicedChristian Rode8.001
Soniq TheaterGuitarissimoChristian Rode8.001
Soniq TheaterLife SeekerSiggy Zielinski8.001
Soniq TheaterStardust MemoriesSiggy Zielinski8.001
Sons of ApolloPsychotic SymphonyGunnar Claußen11.003
Sons of HippiesGriffons at the Gates of HeavenJochen Rindfrey8.001
Bruce SoordBruce SoordMarc Colling8.001
Soul CagesMoonHarald Schmidt8.001
Soul Secret4Gunnar Claußen9.502
SoulitudeSo came restless NightChristian Rode8.001
Spaced OutEvolutionAchim Breiling10.002
spaceLemonBreathSiggy Zielinski8.001
Tony SpadaHuman ElementRalf J. Günther8.001
SperrmüllSperrmüllAchim Breiling8.001
SpettriSpettriAchim Breiling8.001
Spheric Universe ExperienceAnimaMarcus Kästner8.001
SpheroeSpheroeAchim Breiling8.001
SpiralThe Capital In RuinsGunnar Claußen8.001
Spock's BeardLive at the Whisky and NearfestKristian Selm8.502
Spock's BeardThe LightAndreas Pläschke11.804
Spock's BeardSpock's BeardThomas Kohlruß8.754
Spock's BeardDay For NightJörg Schumann9.002
SpringSpringAchim Breiling9.502
Stabat AkishNebulosChristian Rode9.002
Standing OvationThe Antikythera MechanismNik Brückner10.502
Star FK RadiumSolitude RotationJochen Rindfrey8.001
Star OneVictims Of The Modern AgeGunnar Claußen8.001
StarcastleStarcastleUdo Gerhards9.405
StarcastleStarcastleAndreas Pläschke9.405
StarcastleSong of TimesDennis Egbers7.754
StarsaboutLonging for HomeMarc Colling8.001
SteinwolkeDie frühen JahreJochen Rindfrey8.001
StereokimonoKiUdo Gerhards8.333
StereokimonoKiThorsten Gürntke8.333
Steve Morse BandSouthern SteelRalf J. Günther8.001
Still LifeStill LifeAchim Breiling8.001
Roine StoltThe Flower KingJörg Schumann9.003
Stories From The LostFor CloudsJörg Schumann8.001
The StrawbsBursting At The SeamsThomas Schüßler8.001
The StrawbsHero and HeroineThomas Schüßler9.502
StreetmarkDryHarald Schmidt8.502
StreetmarkNordlandHenning Mangold8.001
StyxCrystal BallThomas Kohlruß9.002
StyxMan of miraclesGunnar Claußen6.502
StyxStyxMarkus Peltner7.333
StyxArch allies - Live at RiverportKristian Selm8.001
StyxStyxKristian Selm7.333
StyxBig Bang TheoryThorsten Gürntke6.002
StyxBrave New WorldThomas Kohlruß6.502
SubsignalTouchstonesNik Brückner11.002
Sündenfall IISündenfall IIAchim Breiling8.001
Sula BassanaShipwreckedMarc Colling10.002
Summer EffectStarting OverJochen Rindfrey8.001
Sun TravellersExcursionsChristian Rode8.001
SupertrampSome Things Never ChangeJochen Rindfrey8.333
Damo Suzuki BandV.E.R.N.I.S.S.A.G.EAchim Breiling8.001
Sweatin' Like NixonFishing In Political SewersChristian Rode8.001
SwunkSoundscapesSiggy Zielinski8.001
SylvanDeliveranceThorsten Gürntke8.502
SylvanForce Of GravityWolfram Ehrhardt9.002
SylvanArtificial ParadiseThorsten Gürntke10.003
SylviumThe Gift Of AnxietyGunnar Claußen9.002
Symphony XSymphony XGunnar Claußen8.502
SyndoneOdysséasGunnar Claußen9.502
SynergyGamesJochen Rindfrey9.502
Tabula RasaEkkedien TanssiHorst Straske8.001
TakoU Vreci Za SpavanjeAchim Breiling9.502
TakoTakoJochen Rindfrey9.002
Talk TalkAsides BesidesJochen Rindfrey9.002
Talk TalkMissing piecesJörg Schumann8.001
The Tangentii: The World That We Drive ThroughJochen Rindfrey9.148
The Tangentii: The World That We Drive ThroughAndreas Pläschke9.148
The Tangentii: The World That We Drive ThroughNik Brückner9.148
TangerLa otra caraKristian Selm8.502
Tangerine DreamHyperboreaJochen Rindfrey9.002
Tangerine DreamLogos LiveSiggy Zielinski10.333
Tangerine DreamPhaedra 2005Andreas Pläschke8.001
Tangerine DreamInfernoSiggy Zielinski8.001
Tangerine DreamWhat a BlastSiggy Zielinski7.502
Tangerine DreamCycloneThomas Schüßler8.502
Tangerine DreamExitThomas Schüßler8.502
Tangerine DreamThe Seven Letters From TibetSiggy Zielinski7.002
Tangerine DreamOptical RaceJochen Rindfrey8.002
Tangerine DreamKyotoSiggy Zielinski8.001
Tangerine DreamTygerSiggy Zielinski8.502
Tangerine DreamWhite EagleSiggy Zielinski7.502
Tangerine DreamGreat Wall Of ChinaSiggy Zielinski7.502
Tangerine DreamNear DarkSiggy Zielinski8.001
Tangerine DreamJeanne D'ArcSiggy Zielinski8.001
Tangerine DreamAntique DreamsSiggy Zielinski8.001
Tangerine DreamLe ParcSiggy Zielinski7.002
Tangerine DreamQuantum GateAchim Breiling10.002
Tangerine DreamMadcap's Flaming DutySiggy Zielinski7.002
Tangerine DreamThe Anthology Decades - The Space Years Volume OneSiggy Zielinski8.001
Tangerine DreamUnderwater SunlightJochen Rindfrey8.502
Tangerine DreamOptical RaceSiggy Zielinski8.002
Tangerine DreamOne night in space (EP)Siggy Zielinski8.001
Tangerine DreamEast - LiveChristian Rode8.001
Tangerine DreamForce MajeureJochen Rindfrey8.502
TantalusJubalHenning Mangold7.502
TantraTerraJürgen Meurer9.002
TantraMisterios e MaravilhasHorst Straske9.502
TaprobanOgni Pensiero VolaKristian Selm8.673
Taurus (Chi.)Opus 1 - DimensionsJürgen Meurer7.502
Taurus & PiscesInertiaSiggy Zielinski8.001
Robin TaylorCloze test terrorAchim Breiling8.001
Taylor's UniverseOnce againAchim Breiling8.001
Taylor's UniverseSoundwallHorst Straske9.502
Taylor's UniverseTaylor's UniverseRalf J. Günther9.002
Taylor's UniverseTerra NovaAchim Breiling8.502
TCPFantastic dreamerSiggy Zielinski8.001
Tea For TwoDream Or RealityThomas Kohlruß8.001
TelergyThe ExodusGunnar Claußen8.001
Tempest (70s)TempestThomas Kohlruß8.001
Il Tempio delle ClessidreIl Tempio Delle ClessidreNik Brückner11.333
Tempus FugitLive official bootlegKristian Selm8.001
Ten JinnAs On A Darkling PlainSal Pichireddu7.502
TenhiKertomuksiaThomas Schüßler8.001
Ter'AzurFalling AsleepThomas Kohlruß8.001
Tessellated ShapesIn Different FramesMarc Colling9.502
The Electric FamilyPueblo WomanAchim Breiling8.001
The Electric FamilyFamily ShowAchim Breiling8.001
The Great DiscordThe Rabbit HolePeter Meyer8.001
The Music Of Andrew GorczycaReflections - An Act Of GlassHorst Straske7.002
The PercWorldlookerChristian Rode8.001
The Perc Meets The Hidden GentlemanAgesGunnar Claußen8.001
The Sea WithinThe Sea WithinNik Brückner9.333
The Sound Of Animals FightingThe Ocean And The SunAndreas Hofmann8.001
TheodoreIt is but it's notMarc Colling8.001
therhythmisoddFrom nowhere to eternityThomas Kohlruß8.001
These MonstersCall Me DragonAndreas Hofmann8.001
Thieves' KitchenOne For Sorrow, Two For JoyGunnar Claußen10.003
Thirsty MoonLunar OrbitAchim Breiling8.001
ThirteenA Shot In The DarkGunnar Claußen8.001
François ThollotCeux d'en faceAchim Breiling8.001
Kevin M. ThomasEssentialsSiggy Zielinski8.001
Steve ThorneInto The EtherWolfram Ehrhardt8.001
Three MonksThe Legend of the Holy CircleNik Brückner10.003
ThresholdPsychedelicatessenGeorg Heep6.502
ThresholdMarch of ProgressGunnar Claußen10.333
ThresholdLivedelicaGeorg Heep8.001
TiamatPreyThomas Kohlruß8.502
TilesWindow DressingHenning Mangold9.002
Time ZeroOutcasts of CivilizationKai Lorenz Kruppa8.001
TirillTales From Tranquil August GardensJochen Rindfrey8.001
TirillUm HiminjodurJochen Rindfrey8.001
Tomorrow's EveThe Unexpected WorldThomas Schüßler8.001
Torman MaxtThe Problem of Pain : Part 2Siggy Zielinski7.002
TortoiseIt's All Around YouJochen Rindfrey8.001
TouchstoneThe City SleepsThomas Kohlruß8.002
TouchstoneWintercoastSiggy Zielinski4.502
ToundraVortexGunnar Claußen8.001
Devin TownsendPhysicistGunnar Claußen7.002
Devin TownsendInfinityJörg Graf6.502
Toxic SmileOverdue Visit (EP)Michael Büttgen10.002
Tr3nityPrecious secondsAndreas Kiefer9.002
TrafficWelcome To The CanteenJochen Rindfrey9.002
TrafficMr. FantasyJochen Rindfrey10.002
TrafficShoot Out At The Fantasy FactoryThomas Schüßler9.673
TrafficFar from homeThomas Schüßler9.002
TransatlanticBuilding the Bridge and Live in America (DVD)Nik Brückner8.502
TransatlanticLive In AmericaJörg Schumann7.002
TransatlanticThe WhirlwindNik Brückner9.002
TransmissionID, ego and superegoDennis Egbers8.001
TravellingVoici la nuit tombéeAchim Breiling8.001
Theo TravisSlow lifeKristian Selm8.001
TreasonTreasonKristian Selm8.001
TreasonSpinningKristian Selm8.001
Trettioåriga KrigetGlorious War (Recordings from 1970 - 1971)Jörg Schumann6.002
Trettioåriga KrigetOm kriget kommer 1974-1981Kristian Selm8.001
Trettioåriga KrigetHej pår er!Kristian Selm8.001
TriangleSquare The CircleHorst Straske8.673
TriangleSquare The CircleThorsten Gürntke8.673
Tribal TechFace FirstKai Lorenz Kruppa8.001
TributeNew ViewsGünter Schote10.805
TributeBreaking BarriersSiggy Zielinski6.502
A Triggering MythThe Remedy Of AbstractionThorsten Gürntke9.502
Bobb TrimbleIron Curtain InnocenceJochen Rindfrey8.001
TrionFunfair FantasyGunnar Claußen8.001
TritonusTritonusJochen Rindfrey8.001
TriumviratMediterranean TalesJochen Rindfrey8.004
TRYJust a tryAchim Breiling8.001
TusskTusskGunnar Claußen8.001
Twelfth NightEntropyDennis Egbers8.001
Twelfth NightA Midsummer Night's DreamDennis Egbers8.001
Two Separate GorillasTwo Separate GorillasUdo Gerhards8.001
Tyburn TallTyburn TallHorst Straske8.001
TyndallDurch die ZeitenJochen Rindfrey8.002
TyndallDurch die ZeitenSiggy Zielinski8.002
Ueno ParkDix-Mille YeuxSiggy Zielinski8.001
Ulan BatorOK:KOAchim Breiling8.001
UlverMetamorphosisGunnar Claußen8.001
UlverShadows of the SunGunnar Claußen9.002
Under The SunUnder the sunKristian Selm9.333
UnitopiaMore Than A DreamHenning Mangold7.502
Universal Totem OrchestraThe MagusAchim Breiling10.002
University Of ErrorsJet Propelled PhotographAndreas Pläschke7.002
UnomaCromaThomas Kohlruß8.001
UprightOpinionUdo Gerhards8.001
USThe young and restlessHorst Straske10.002
USA sorrow in our heartsHenning Mangold7.002
Uz Jsme DomaHollywoodKristian Selm8.001
Van der Graaf (Generator)Time VaultsThomas Schüßler8.503
Van Zyl - Gulsh - RathThe Sound MuseumAchim Breiling8.001
VangelisSex PowerSiggy Zielinski8.001
VangelisL'Apocalypse des AnimauxSiggy Zielinski8.001
VangelisThe CitySiggy Zielinski8.001
Vanilla FudgeRock & RollThomas Kohlruß8.001
Various ArtistsRomantic Warriors - A progressive music sagaSiggy Zielinski10.176
Various ArtistsProgressive Rock CoversSiggy Zielinski8.001
Various ArtistsProgfest '95 Day OneJochen Rindfrey8.001
Various Artistsmoogfest 2006 liveNik Brückner8.001
Venegoni & Co.SarabandaAchim Breiling8.001
Verbal DeliriumSo Close & Yet So Far AwayJochen Rindfrey8.001
Vertical AlignmentSignpostsAndreas Kiefer6.002
VHK (Vágtázó HalottKémek)Óriási Tér! (Giant Space!)Achim Breiling8.001
VictorVictorThorsten Gürntke8.502
Vienna CircleWhite CloudsThomas Schüßler8.002
Vienna CircleWhite CloudsAndreas Kiefer8.002
ViimaKahden Kuun SirpitJochen Rindfrey9.502
VillebrådAlla är här utom jagHenning Mangold9.502
VinegarVinegarAchim Breiling8.001
Violent Attitude If NoticedOurselves and OtherwiseSiggy Zielinski8.001
Violeta De OutonoIlhasThomas Kohlruß8.001
VirusRememberAchim Breiling8.001
Visible WindEmergenceKristian Selm8.001
VisitorsVisitorsAchim Breiling8.001
VLYI / [TIME]Gunnar Claußen8.502
The Void's last StandA Sun by Rising SetAndreas Hofmann9.002
Volapükwhere is Tamashii?Normann Hillesheim8.001
Adelbert von DeyenSternzeitAchim Breiling8.502
Adelbert von DeyenNordborgAchim Breiling10.002
The VowTrojanKristian Selm8.001
The VowDevil in disguiseAndreas Kiefer8.001
VuvuzelaThe Hollow ChoirAndreas Hofmann8.001
(Richard) WahnfriedTrance AppealJochen Rindfrey7.502
Oliver WakemanMother's RuinSiggy Zielinski7.333
Rick WakemanJourney To The Center Of The EarthUdo Gerhards9.504
Rick WakemanThe Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round TableThomas Schüßler5.755
Rick WakemanPreludes to a centurySiggy Zielinski8.001
Rick WakemanJourney To The Center Of The EarthJochen Rindfrey9.504
Rick WakemanThe Real LisztomaniaSiggy Zielinski7.503
Rick WakemanThe BurningSiggy Zielinski8.001
Rick WakemanRetroNik Brückner9.002
Rick WakemanLisztomaniaSiggy Zielinski7.002
Rick WakemanThe legend - Live in concert 2000 (DVD)Andreas Pläschke8.001
Rick WakemanSilent NightsSiggy Zielinski8.001
Rick WakemanClassic tracksKristian Selm8.001
Rick WakemanFields of greenSiggy Zielinski8.001
Rick WakemanThe Seven Wonders of the WorldSiggy Zielinski8.001
Rick WakemanThe Oscar ConcertSiggy Zielinski8.001
Rick WakemanCriminal RecordUdo Gerhards9.002
Rick Wakeman & Adam WakemanThe Official BootlegKristian Selm8.001
WallensteinCosmic CenturyJochen Rindfrey9.002
WalpurgisQueen of SabaJochen Lohr8.502
Steve WalshShadowmanThorsten Gürntke9.673
Steve WalshSchemer-DreamerHeiko Westhagen7.002
Warm DustWarm DustAchim Breiling8.001
WastefallSelf ExileGeorg Heep8.001
WaterlooFirst BattleAchim Breiling8.001
Roger WatersAmused to DeathChristian Rode10.506
Roger WatersThe Pros And Cons Of Hitch HikingMarkus Peltner8.254
Kit WatkinsAzureJochen Rindfrey8.001
Weather ReportHeavy WeatherJochen Rindfrey11.333
Weather ReportWeather Report (1982)Jochen Rindfrey8.001
Weather ReportNight PassageJochen Rindfrey8.001
WeedpeckerWeedpeckerPeter Meyer8.001
WEEND'ÔYou Need To Know YourselfGunnar Claußen9.502
Carl WeingartenThe Acoustic ShadowSal Pichireddu8.001
John WettonThe Official Bootleg – Archive Vol.1Siggy Zielinski8.001
John WettonAkustika - Live in Amerika / Akustika II – Return to AmerikaSiggy Zielinski8.001
John WettonLive in Tokyo 1997Siggy Zielinski8.001
John WettonBattle LinesSiggy Zielinski8.001
John WettonLive in ArgentinaSiggy Zielinski8.001
John WettonRock of FaithDirk Reuter4.502
Wheatstone BridgeWheatstone Bridge (Demo)Christian Rode6.502
While Heaven WeptFear Of InfinityGunnar Claußen8.001
Alan WhiteRamshackledAndreas Pläschke8.001
The White NoiseRe-entryAndreas Pläschke8.001
White WillowEx TenebrisJochen Rindfrey8.502
White WillowSignal To NoiseThorsten Gürntke8.502
WiesenBergNeverendingSiggy Zielinski8.001
WigwamTombstone ValentineAchim Breiling8.001
WigwamNuclear NightclubJochen Rindfrey8.001
Ray WilsonChangeKristian Selm7.502
Steven WilsonGrace For DrowningMichael Hirle11.676
Steven WilsonThe Raven That Refused To Sing And Other StoriesJörg Schumann11.4410
Steven WilsonHand.Cannot.Erase.Piotre Walter11.437
The WindmillThe ContinuationThorsten Gürntke8.001
The WindmillTo be continued...Siggy Zielinski8.001
Gary WindoDogfaceAchim Breiling8.001
WindsProminence and DemiseThomas Kohlruß8.001
Wings Of DestinyTimeGunnar Claußen8.001
The Wishing TreeOstaraKristian Selm8.001
Witthüser & WestruppBauer PlathJochen Rindfrey8.001
WobblerRites at DawnMichael Büttgen10.837
Woburn HouseMonstrous Manoeuvres in the Mushroom MazeJochen Rindfrey8.001
Woolly WolstenholmeMæstosoJochen Rindfrey8.001
World TradeWorld TradeKristian Selm8.001
Gabriel YacoubElementary Level of FaithAndreas Pläschke8.001
Stomu YamashtaOne by OneAchim Breiling7.502
Stomu Yamashta's GoThe GO SessionsSiggy Zielinski11.502
Stomu YamashtaRaindogWolfram Ehrhardt8.502
Stomu YamashtaThe Man From The EastAchim Breiling8.001
YargosMagical KarmaThomas Kohlruß8.001
Yellow Sunshine ExplosionYellow Sunshine ExplosionJochen Rindfrey8.001
YesTime And A WordNik Brückner9.205
YesMagnificationAndreas Pläschke8.009
YesUnionSiggy Zielinski6.007
YesOpen Your EyesSiggy Zielinski4.176
YesMasterworksAndreas Pläschke8.001
YesGoing For The OneJochen Rindfrey9.888
YesYesshowsAndreas Pläschke10.003
YesKeystudioAchim Breiling9.002
YesKeys To AscensionUdo Gerhards8.004
YesHouse of Yes - Live from House of Blues (DVD)Andreas Pläschke8.002
YesHouse of Yes - Live from House of Blues (DVD)Ralf J. Günther8.002
YesMagnificationJochen Rindfrey8.009
YesGoing For The OneUdo Gerhards9.888
YesYes Active - Talk (CD-ROM)Ralf J. Günther8.001
YesBig GeneratorNik Brückner6.676
YesFly from hereMarc Colling8.577
YesYesGunnar Claußen8.405
YesKeys To AscensionNik Brückner8.004
YesYes Acoustic (DVD)Nik Brückner6.002
YesMagnificationJörg Schumann8.009
YesFly from hereJörg Schumann8.577
YggdrasilYggdrasilAchim Breiling8.001
Yoke ShireMasque of ShadowsSal Pichireddu9.002
Yolk (SUI)FuenftensSiggy Zielinski8.001
YonhosagoAlbum 1 (descuento)Thomas Kohlruß10.673
Yosemite RainJourneyThomas Schüßler9.002
Thierry ZaboïtzeffAliceAchim Breiling8.001
ZaoTypharethAchim Breiling8.001
Frank ZappaChunga's RevengeUdo Gerhards8.001
Zelta ZonkStudioHorst Straske8.001
ZenGaze into the LightDennis Egbers7.502
ZenitPravrittiHenning Mangold8.001
ZenobiaOctoberKristian Selm8.002
ZenobiaOctoberThomas Schüßler8.002
Zero HourSpecs Of Pictures Burnt BeyondDennis Egbers8.001
ZettaimuMiroqueMarcus Kästner8.002
ZettaimuMiroqueJochen Rindfrey8.002
John ZornSimulacrumPiotre Walter11.333
Fabio Zuffanti and Victoria Heward / Project MerlinMerlin - The Rock OperaKristian Selm7.502
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