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Haken - The Mountain
Circle - Katapult
Trigon - 30 Jahre Traumzeit
Soft Machine - Hidden Details
Sherpa - Tigris & Euphrates
Hokr - Klid V Bezčasí
The Flaming Lips - Clouds Taste Metallic
Seventh Wonder - Tiara
Bi Kyo Ran - Anthology vol.1
Sanguine Hum - Now We Have Power
DRH - Thin Ice
Various Artists - Hamtai! - Hommage à la musique de Christian Vander
ALU - Die Vertreibung der Zeit (1980-1986)
Riverside - Wasteland
Datashock - Kräuter der Provinz
Rotor - Sechs
Gösta Berlings Saga - ET EX
Dream Theater - When dream and day reunite (Official bootleg)
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Alben aus dem Jahr 1995

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Band  Album Ø-Wertung # Rezis
the 3rd and the mortalNightswan EP8.001
Agitation FreeFragments9.001
AkatenAkaten I11.001
Aku-AkuMezi psem a vlkem6.502
AlgaraviaBreve E Interminável10.502
Daevid AllenDreamin' a dream11.001
Amoebic EnsembleLimbic Rage12.001
Amon Düül IINada Moonshine #9.001
AnathemaThe Silent Enigma12.001
Ian AndersonDivinities (Twelve Dances with God)11.502
Jon AndersonAngels Embrace2.001
Laurie AndersonThe ugly one with the jewels and other stories-1
AngeUn p'tit tour et puis s'en vont13.002
AnkhZiemia i slonce8.001
ApocalypsePerto Do Amanhecer8.001
ApogeeThe Border of Awareness10.001
Martin ArcherGhost lily cascade12.001
ArenaSongs From the Lions Cage10.502
Art ZoydFaust12.001
AufklärungDe'La Tempesta....L'Oscuro Piacere10.001
AyreonThe final experiment8.255
Max BaconThe Higher You Climb2.001
Peter BanksSelf-contained11.001
Tony BanksStrictly inc.9.502
Adrian BelewThe Guitar as Orchestra12.002
Bi Kyo RanGo-Un10.001
Bi Kyo RanDeep Live!10.001
Bratko Bibic & the MadleysBratko Bibic & The Madleys11.001
Rick BiddulphSecond nature8.001
BiotaObject Holder11.001
Birdsongs Of The MesozoicDancing on A'A11.001
Bohren & der Club of GoreMidnight Radio11.001
Boud DeunFiction and several days7.001
Brand XLive at The Roxy LA10.001
Jack BruceBBC Live in Concert11.001
California Guitar TrioInvitation11.001
CanThe Peel Sessions12.001
CaravanThe Battle Of Hastings6.001
Tony CarnevaleLa vita che grida8.001
Cerberus ShoalCerberus Shoal8.001
Cinema ShowDança dos ventos7.001
CliffhangerCold Steel9.502
ColtsfootA Winter Harvest7.001
ConceptionIn Your Multitude11.001
Ian CrichtonWelcome To The Boom Boom Room11.001
Death AmbientDeath Ambient12.001
Christian Décamps et filsVesoul11.001
Derek and the RuinsSaisoro10.001
Deus Ex MachinaDe Republica11.001
Diabolos In MusikaNatural Needs10.001
Doctor NerveSkin14.002
DogmaTwin sunrise8.001
Don CaballeroDon Caballero 213.001
Dream TheaterA Change Of Seasons9.502
EastLive - Két Arc7.001
Echo CitySonic sport 83-8811.001
EcholynAs The World11.504
Keith EmersonChanging States9.003
EmpireEmpire Mark I9.001
Die Engel des HerrnLive! As: Hippie-Punks9.001
Engel Wider WillenEngel Wider Willen10.001
EnglandThe Last Of The Jubblies6.001
The EnidSundialer7.001
EskapeSharp bends sudden crests7.001
Eternity XMind games8.001
Europa String ChoirThe Starving Moon12.001
FancyfluidThe Sheltering Sea3.001
Farflung25,000 Feet Per Second10.001
Fig LeafPlays Bob W. and other selections10.001
The Flaming LipsClouds Taste Metallic8.001
The Flower KingsBack in the world of Adventures10.673
Chris(topher) FrankeKlemania6.001
French TVIntestinal Fortitude12.502
Friends of Dean MartinezThe Shadow of Your Smile7.001
Robert FrippA Blessing Of Tears8.001
Edgar FroeseBeyond the Storm7.001
Peter FrohmaderHomunculus / Ritual13.001
Peter FrohmaderGate12.001
FushitsushaThe Caution Appears-1
GalleonKing of Aragon10.001
GandalfEchoes from ancient dreams9.001
The GatheringMandylion9.002
The GatheringStrange machines (Single)-1
Ax GenrichWave Cut11.001
Giles/Muir/CunninghamGhost Dance12.001
Michael GiraDrainland9.001
Glass HammerPerelandra7.673
Goethes ErbenGoethes Erben12.001
GongCamembert Eclectique8.001
GongParagong Live ´739.001
Grey Lady DownForces12.001
Guru GuruGuru Guru & Uli Trepte (Live & Unreleased)10.001
Guru GuruWah Wah5.502
Steve HackettBlues with a Feeling1.002
Haji's KitchenHaji's Kitchen11.001
Peter HammillThe Peel Sessions12.002
Peter HammillX My Heart10.502
Happy FamilyHappy Family10.001
Hieronymus BoschThe Human Abstract12.001
László Hortobágyi6th All-India Music Conference14.001
Steve HoweNot Necessarily Acoustic7.001
Steve Howe/Paul SutinVoyagers9.001
Höyry-KoneHyönteisiä voi rakastaa12.502
Michael HunterRiver-1
ICUNow and here11.001
In The NameIn The Name9.001
IonaJourney Into The Morn12.502
IvanhoeSymbols of time11.001
Steve Jansen - Richard BarbieriStone to Flesh10.333
Jason Willett and RuinsJason Willett and Ruins11.001
Jethro TullRoots To Branches8.502
Jethro TullIn Concert10.001
JumpThe myth of independence3.001
KansasFreaks Of Nature10.001
Mick KarnThe Tooth Mother12.001
KensoInei No Fue - Live Vol. 210.001
King CrimsonTHRAK12.002
King CrimsonB'Boom10.001
Korai örömKorai öröm (1995)9.001
LabradfordA Stable Reference9.001
Greg LakeIn Concert5.002
LandberkDream dance (EP)8.001
LandmarqThe vision pit6.002
Lands EndTerra Serranum8.001
Lana LaneLove Is An Illusion11.001
Leger De MainThe concept of our reality10.333
Lemur VoiceInsights11.001
Tony LevinWorld Diary12.001
Pär Lindh ProjectRondo6.502
The LoadLoad Have Mercy10.001
LorianVirginal Mind10.001
Didier Malherbe / Loy EhrlichHadouk11.001
Marge LitchCrystal heart in the fountain8.001
MarillionAfraid of sunlight10.003
MarillionBrave - The Film (DVD)11.002
MastermindTragic Symphony9.502
MayfairDie Flucht11.001
MeshuggahDestroy Erase Improve11.001
Mike & The MechanicsBeggar On A Beach Of Gold10.001
MiriodorJongleries Elastiques12.001
The MistakesThe Mistakes10.001
MoongardenBrainstorm of Emptyness11.003
Kevin MooreMusic meant to be heard-1
Patrick MorazPM In Princeton-1
Mr. BungleDisco Volante12.002
MysteryTheatre of the mind9.001
Naked SunWonderdrug10.001
Pete Namlook & Klaus SchulzeThe Dark Side of the Moog II10.001
Pete Namlook & Klaus SchulzeThe Dark Side of the Moog III9.001
Neu!Neu! 49.001
no-manHeaven Taste6.001
No NameThe Secret Garden10.001
Non CredoHappy Wretched Family12.001
Nuova EraIl passo del soldato10.001
OctafishLand Unter11.001
Opus AvantraLyrics13.001
The Other SideIn The Shadows6.001
OvniEn algun reino7.001
Ozric TentaclesBecome the other10.001
Payne's GrayKadath decoded13.333
PendragonUtrecht...The final frontier7.001
PentangleAbout Thyme6.001
Pere UbuRay Gun Suitcase10.001
The Perotic TheatrePrometheused7.001
Anthony PhillipsThe "Living Room" Concert11.001
Anthony PhillipsAnthology-1
Pink FloydLondon '66-'67-1
Pink FloydP.U.L.S.E.9.003
PodsdarapomukOn pasewolk again11.001
Popol Vuh (Dt.)Kailash - Pilgerfahrt zum Thron der Götter (VHS)-1
Porcupine TreeThe Sky Moves Sideways11.004
PrimusTales from the punchbowl11.001
radio massacre internationalfrozen north11.001
RadioheadThe Bends10.333
Raison de PlusAu bout du couloir8.001
RenaissanceDa Capo-1
Happy RhodesThe Keep8.001
Rocket ScientistsBrutal Architecture4.001
Roxy MusicThe Thrill of it All10.002
Runaway TotemTrimegisto4.001
Saga (Kan.)Generation 1312.005
Lee SaundersA promise of peace9.001
SavatageDead Winter Dead12.002
Günter SchickertSomnambul10.001
Johannes SchmoellingSongs no words (Lieder ohne Worte)9.001
Conrad SchnitzlerCharred Machinery12.001
Conrad SchnitzlerElectronegativity11.001
Klaus SchulzeIn Blue8.502
Shadow GalleryCarved in stone10.502
ShadowfaxShadowfax live5.001
ShingetsuKagaku No Yoru9.001
Jane SiberryMaria13.001
Sieges EvenSophisticated9.001
Simon SaysCeinwen7.001
The Smashing PumpkinsMellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness10.001
Soft HeapA Veritable Centaur10.001
Soft MachineLive At The Paradiso 19699.502
SolarisLive in Los Angeles11.001
SpiritualizedPure Phase9.001
Spock's BeardThe Light11.804
Simon SteenslandThe Zombie Hunter10.001
Stormy SixUn concerto9.001
SwansThe Great Annihilator10.001
Symphony XThe damnation game8.002
Tangerine DreamTyranny of beauty5.002
Tangerine DreamBook of Dreams-1
Tangerine DreamDream mixes one-1
Telaio MagneticoLive 197512.001
The PercWorldlooker8.001
Time MachineAct II: Galileo7.001
Timothy PureThe fabric of betrayal7.001
David TornTripping Over God9.502
A Triggering MythBetween Cages7.001
Rolf TrostelNarrow Gate To Life11.001
Chuck Van ZylThe Relic10.001
Various ArtistsVariaciones en la cuerda Vol.16.001
Various ArtistsTales From Yesterday6.674
Various ArtistsSupper's Ready5.002
Various ArtistsThis Is An Orange - A compilation of Scandinavian Progressive Rock9.001
Vezhlivy Otkaz1985-199511.002
VolapükLe feu du tigre9.001
Vulgar UnicornUnder the Umbrella11.001
Rick WakemanVisions-1
Rick WakemanIn Concert9.001
Rick WakemanThe New Gospels4.001
Rick WakemanThe Seven Wonders of the World8.001
Scott WalkerTilt13.502
Kit WatkinsHolographic Tapestries9.001
Carl WeingartenThe Acoustic Shadow8.001
John WettonChasing the Dragon5.502
White WillowIgnis Fatuus11.502
World TradeEuphoria4.001
X-Legged SallyThe Land Of The Giant Dwarfs10.001
XaalSecond Ere10.001
YwisLeonardo's Dream11.001
Frank ZappaDoes humor belong in music?11.001
Frank ZappaStrictly Commercial-1
Frank ZappaLondon Symphony Orchestra, Vol. I & II13.001
Michael ZentnerPlaytime10.001
ZinklLovely Night Creatures10.002
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