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Grobschnitt - Jumbo
Violent Attitude If Noticed - Ourselves and Otherwise
The Tangent - The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery
7C - Compartment C
The Great Discord - The Rabbit Hole
White Moth Black Butterfly - Atone
Panther & C. - Il Giusto Equilibrio
Mastermind - Until Eternity
Hällas - Hällas
Pere Ubu - The Pere Ubu Moon Unit
Arabs in Aspic - Victim of Your Father´s Agony
VagusNerve - Lo Pan
Guerilla Toss - Gay Disco
Igorrr - Hallelujah
Zanov - Moebius 256 301
Zelinka - Zelinka
Arabs in Aspic - Syndenes Magi
Papir - V
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Alben aus dem Jahr 1999

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Band Album Ø-Wertung # Rezis 
Dream TheaterMetropolis Pt. II - Scenes From a Memory12.007
YesThe Ladder6.007
The Flower KingsFlowerpower8.206
Kula ShakerPeasants, Pigs & Astronauts11.504
Porcupine TreeStupid Dream11.254
Saga (Kan.)Full Circle10.754
Clive Nolan & Oliver WakemanJabberwocky4.504
IQThe lost attic (a collection of rarities 1983-1999)6.754
Mike OldfieldThe Millennium Bell1.004
Universal Totem OrchestraRituale Alieno11.003
FishRaingods With Zippos9.003
XangDestiny of a Dream8.673
FinisterreIn Ogni Luogo8.673
Rick WakemanReturn To The Centre Of The Earth6.333
Ian McDonaldDrivers Eyes3.673
IluvatarA story two days wide...8.003
Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co.1970-197311.003
Kammerflimmer KollektiefMäander11.003
Happy The ManDeath's Crown8.333
Dali's DilemmaManifesto For Futurism6.333
Gordian KnotGordian Knot9.333
Timothy PureIsland Of The Misfit Toys11.333
Jethro TullJ-Tull Dot Com6.673
DFADuty Free Area12.003
Steve HackettDarktown10.673
PallasBeat the Drum9.003
Emerson, Lake & PalmerPictures at an Exhibition. Collectors Edition (DVD)12.673
Mike OldfieldGuitars5.673
IZZSliver of a Sun11.333
Akinetón RetardAkinetón Retard10.673
AnekdotenFrom Within10.333
Sigur RósÁgætis byrjun12.673
ZinklCircus Maximus8.673
David BowieHours9.333
Neal MorseNeal Morse6.673
Yoke ShireMasque of Shadows9.002
OpethStill Life8.002
CanCan Live10.502
Oliver WakemanHeaven's Isle5.002
CanThe Legendary Can8.502
RitualSuperb Birth8.502
Poverty's no crimeSlave to the mind7.002
Spock's BeardDay For Night9.002
SolarisNostradamus Book of Prophecies6.502
Ice AgeThe Great Divide8.502
Douze AlfonsoOdyssees8.002
Spock's BeardLive at the Whisky and Nearfest8.502
EventElectric Skies13.002
StarcastleConcert Classics9.502
Electric OrangeElectric Orange (double CD Version)10.502
Mike & The MechanicsMike & The Mechanics (M6)2.502
Various ArtistsEncores, Legends & Paradox11.002
Book Of HoursArt To The Blind10.502
Behind The CurtainTill Birth Do Us Part10.002
Steve HowePortraits of Bob Dylan8.502
TilesPresents Of Mind10.502
LizardNoc zywych jaszczurów10.502
GestaltGomorrha vs. Khan11.002
GuneshRishad Shafi presents Gunesh11.002
Guy LeBlancSubversia8.002
RelayerLast Man On Earth9.502
One ShotOne Shot9.502
Lizard (CH)In concert11.502
Spock's BeardSkin (Single)3.002
HawkwindComplete '79 Collector Series Vol 17.502
GilaNight works8.002
KenZinerThe Prophecies8.002
CastImaginary Window9.502
Keyboards TriangleKeyboards Triangle10.002
The Pineapple ThiefAbducting the unicorn12.502
WeltpinguintagPinguine in der Bronx12.002
EiliffClose Encounter With Their Third One9.002
Vanden PlasFar off grace10.502
Easter IslandMotherSun8.002
LanfearZero Poems9.502
StyxBrave New World6.502
Rocket ScientistsOblivion Days8.502
MogwaiCome On Die Young10.502
Markus StaussEchoes11.002
InesThe Flow10.002
Ozric TentaclesWaterfall Cities12.002
István CziglánSeven Gates Of Alhambra5.002
Carpathia ProjectCarpathia10.502
John WettonNomansland - Live in Poland May 199810.502
Peter HammillThe Appointed Hour (Roger Eno & Peter Hammill)9.502
King CrimsonCirkus - The Young Person's Guide to King Crimson Live12.002
Godspeed You! Black Emperorslow riot for new zero kanada10.502
Teru's SymphoniaThe Gate10.002
GenesisTurn It On Again - The Hits-2
MagmaBBC 1974 Londres11.502
Metamorphosis (CZ)Metamorphosis11.002
Univers ZeroThe Hard Quest10.002
A.C.TToday's Report7.502
Derek SherinianPlanet X4.502
Peter HammillThe Fall of the house of Usher (deconstructed & rebuilt)9.002
ProjeKctsThe ProjeKcts: ProjeKcts 1-4 live9.002
Agent CooperAgent Cooper9.502
The GatheringSuperheat10.002
Bondage FruitIV7.502
InquireInquire Within6.502
Ten JinnAs On A Darkling Plain7.502
iOStrange Tales from the Urban Circle9.502
Peter HammillTypical12.502
UKConcert Classics Vol.411.502
Zen CarnivalInheritance10.502
John Paul JonesZooma10.502
Tangerine DreamWhat a Blast7.502
Poor Genetic MaterialFree to random Vol. 110.502
Mahavishnu OrchestraThe Lost Trident Sessions12.002
Parallel or 90 DegreesThe Time Capsule12.002
Tempus FugitThe dawn after the storm9.001
Frank ZappaEverything Is Healing Nicely13.001
Ozone QuartetNocturne9.001
Tempus FugitLive official bootleg8.001
Stormy SixMegafono10.001
Add N to (X)Avant Hard12.001
Fly Pan AmFly Pan Am7.001
LosaliosSekai chizu wa chi no seki11.001
RujaNeed Ei Vaata Tagasi... osa111.001
Ken's NovelThe guide6.001
Amazing BlondelA Foreign Field That Is Forever England8.001
Cosmic HoffmannBeyond The Galaxy10.001
Annie HaslamThe Dawn of Ananda9.001
Porcupine TreePure narcotic (Single)-1
Porcupine TreeStranger by the minute (Single)-1
Porcupine TreePiano lessons (Single)-1
King CrimsonOn Broadway 199511.001
King CrimsonDeja VROOOM (DVD)11.001
CódiceAlba y Ocaso8.001
Üzgin Üver9913.001
Captain BeefheartGrow Fins (Rarities 1965-1982)-1
Atomine ElektrineArchimetrical Universe10.001
Dieter MoebiusBlotch11.001
Nick MagnusInhaling green7.001
ClockworkSurface tension7.001
StarlessSong of Silence/Wish7.001
Alec K. Redfearn and The EyesoresMay You Dine On Weeds Made Bitter By The Piss Of Drunkards9.001
Patrick RondatOn the edge7.001
Michael BrücknerIncarnation Generator9.001
OctafishHAI Girls10.001
Various ArtistsBaja Prog 987.001
Ed Macan's Hermetic ScienceProphesies7.001
YesMusikladen live (DVD)6.001
UZVATammikuinen Tammela11.001
Leah WaybrightBeauty gone wild7.001
Tribal TechThick10.001
V.MajesticDynamic Alloy12.001
DirtboxUneasy listening7.001
Elegant SimplicityMoments of clarity7.001
Control DeniedThe Fragile Art Of Existence11.001
QuarkspaceThe hidden moon10.001
PentanglePass avant11.001
EclatEn concert10.001
Mikhail ChekalinAvoiding the desire for cutting and piercing objects9.001
Patricia DallioQue personne ne bouge10.001
Sergio AlvarezPasaje a la revelación9.001
Markus SteffenUnsheltered Places13.001
David Thomas & The Pale OrchestraMirror Man - Act 1: Jack & The General11.001
Lana LaneQueen of the Ocean11.001
Richard Leo JohnsonFingertip Ship11.001
Martin C. HerbergEye-D: 29.3 Dreams12.001
Mattias IA EklundhFreak Guitar10.001
The HosemobileWhat Can & Can't Go On10.001
GhostSnuffbox Immanence11.001
The Flying Luttenbachers"...The Truth Is A Fucking Lie..."12.001
Hans-Joachim RoedeliusGlobal Trotters Project, Vol. I: Drive7.001
CaravanSurprise Supplies8.001
LabradfordE Luxo So10.001
Friends of Dean MartinezAtardecer9.001
AndeavorOnce Upon Time9.001
maudlin of the Wellmy Fruit PsychoBells... a seed combustible8.001
Upsilon AcruxLast Pirates of Upsilon10.001
Upsilon AcruxIn The Acrux Of The Upsilon King9.001
ArcturusDisguised Masters11.001
Jansen Barbieri Karn_ism8.001
Ian Boddy & Markus ReuterDistant Rituals8.001
Tim Bowness/Samuel SmilesWorld of Bright Futures9.001
QuikionEscargot Bianco9.001
Pere UbuApocalypse Now7.001
Secret Chiefs 3Eyes of Flesh, Eyes of Flame9.001
Kevin MooreThis is a recording (demos 1994-97)-1
GhostTune in, turn on, free Tibet12.001
Purple TrapDecided...Already The Motionless Heart Of Tranquility, Tangling The Prayer Called "I"12.001
HoodThe Cycle of Days and Seasons11.001
Popol Vuh (Dt.)Messa di Orfeo12.001
ProtogonosStrange Geographie11.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffAlice8.001
Vedda TribeVedda Tribe10.001
Richard PinhasSchizotrope - Le plan8.001
Ako DomaAko Doma11.001
Blue DogLurch10.001
Electric FamilyTender9.001
EmbryoInvisible Documents10.001
OvalkiEntfernen Tragen10.001
Cerberus Shoalhomb12.001
Forgas Band PhenomenaExtra-Lucide9.001
Locanda delle FateHomo homini lupus5.001
TarentelFrom Bone To Satellite10.001
Mike KeneallyNonkertalk-1
Third Ear BandAbelard and Heloise11.001
In The LabyrinthWalking on Clouds9.001
BreitbandFadu und der Unterschied10.001
Motor HummingMusical Aluminium10.001
KreidlerMort Aux Vashes9.001
Death AmbientSynaesthesia11.001
Damo Suzuki's NetworkSeattle11.001
Yume BitsuYume Bitsu10.001
AavikkoOriental Baby9.001
Sort of QuartetVictim a la mode11.001
SBBabsolutely live '9811.001
Chaos CodeA Tapestry of Afterthoughts11.001
ArchiveTake My Head5.001
Brand XTimeline11.001
The UrbaneNeon9.001
Tangerine DreamMars Polaris - Deep Space Highway To Red Rocks Pavilion10.001
TempanoChildhood's end (El fin de la infancia)13.001
La! Neu?Blue9.001
Indisciplined LucyAbout The Black Eyed Girl7.001
Discipline.Live - Into The Dream12.001
MescalineFavorite Disguise6.001
Martin Darvill & FriendsThe Greatest Show On Earth3.001
CyanThe Creeping Vine11.001
Colourful SeasonsOn Through The Year7.001
Vitalij KuprijVK 38.001
SfumatoDemo 199910.001
Obscured by CloudsBleed8.001
Lou Maxwell TaylorCheshire Tree Suite14.001
Kevin GilbertLive At The Troubadour (June, 1st 1995)12.001
Tangerine DreamSohoman6.001
Holger CzukayGood Morning Story11.001
4/3 de TrioFaiblesse11.001
Pete Namlook & Klaus SchulzeThe Dark Side Of The Moog VIII11.001
Little TragediesThe Sun Of Spirit10.001
Xen84.000 Dharma Doors9.001
Liquid Tension ExperimentLTE 29.001
AngeLa Voiture A Eau11.001
ArenaThe visitor - revisited-1
Mostly AutumnThe Spirit Of Autumn Past12.001
Peter KnodtKlangspuren einer Metropole - Zyklus für Countertenor, 2 Trompeten und Tonband op. 111.001
Rick WakemanThe Natural World Trilogy2.001
Rick WakemanThe Art In Music Trilogy3.001
The Science GroupA Mere Coincidence12.001
jayAgeFirefly / Blunas Revenge12.001
The BeatlesYellow Submarine Songtrack-1
Peter BanksCan I Play You Something?-1
Various ArtistsUn Voyage en Progressif - Volume 210.001
Bill RieflinBirth of a Giant12.001
Igor KhoroshevPiano Works11.001
Peter Frohmader & Richard PinhasFossil Culture12.001
Electric Light OrchestraLive at the BBC11.001
Finneus GaugeOne Inch Of The Fall9.001
MotorpsychoLet them eat cake11.001
Nine Inch NailsThe fragile12.001
HeadlineVoices of presence5.001
Ark (Norw.)Ark11.001
Rieflin, Fripp, GunnThe Repercussions of Angelic Behavior11.001
1-A DüsseldorfKönigreich Bilk12.001
1-A DüsseldorfFettleber11.001
Jon AndersonThe More You Know5.001
EarthworksA Part And Yet Apart11.001
Djam KaretLive at Orion10.001
Simon SteenslandLed Circus11.001
Neil SadlerTheory Of Forms11.001
MalibranLe Porte del Silenzio10.001
Nathan MahlThe Clever Use of Shadows10.001
Motor Totemist GuildCity Of Mirrors10.001
David SylvianApproaching Silence10.001
David SylvianDead Bees On A Cake11.001
Mike KeneallyNonkertompf11.001
Samla Mammas MannaKaka12.001
Steve HegedeA Door-Doom At Frodis-Water8.001
HardscoreSurf, Wind & Desire10.001
Tori AmosTo Venus And Back9.001
Anthony PhillipsPrivate Parts & Pieces X - Soiree9.001
French TVThe Violence Of Amateurs11.001
The Alan Parsons ProjectThe Time Machine5.001
KraftwerkTour de France (Single)11.001
XenoMoving to Town...9.001
TiamatSkeleton skeletron9.001
Mr. BungleCalifornia10.001
TherionCrowning of Atlantis7.001
Tarantula HawkTarantula Hawk12.001
Electric Light OrchestraThe BBC Sessions-1
Billy SherwoodThe big peace5.001
Sebastian HardieLive in L.A.13.001
RitualDid I go wrong (EP)9.001
QuidamLive in Mexico '9912.001
MagusEchoes from the edge of the millennium: 1987 - 199911.001
Michael HarrisDistorted views10.001
MachiavelVirtual sun11.001
Various ArtistsThousand days of yesterdays - A tribute to Captain Beyond9.001
Jon HassellFascinoma12.001
KraftwerkExpo 2000 (Single)7.001
Various ArtistsThe Sky Goes All The Way Home12.001
The Dillinger Escape PlanCalculating Infinity13.001
Jonas ReingoldUniverse-1
Like WendyRainchild4.001
Ian Parry's Consortium ProjectIan Parry's Consortium Project8.001
Runaway TotemAndromeda6.001
Goddess TElectric Shiatsu6.001
Imagin'AriaLa tempesta9.001
Loreena McKennittLive in Paris and Toronto13.001
Eberhard SchoenerNamaste-Puja12.001
Civil DefianceCircus of fear12.001
Nodo GordianoNodo Gordiano10.001
Psychotic WaltzDark Millenium-1
Pip PyleEquipe Out10.001
Jim MatheosAway With Words11.001
Various ArtistsProgressive DisDURPance Vol. 2-1
DefyanceTime Lost8.001
AshlandYin & Yang9.001
John WettonSub Rosa (Live in Milan 1998)10.001
Von Zamla198313.001
King CrimsonThe Beat Club Bremen 197210.001
Trey GunnRaw Power (Surfacings 1)10.001
King CrimsonLive at Cap D'Agde 198210.001
ProjeKctsProjeKct Four: The Roar of P4, Live in San Francisco11.001
Chris Cutler/Fred FrithTwo Gentlemen in Verona11.001
King CrimsonThe Vrooom Sessions7.001
Pendragon"Once Upon A Time In England" Volume 24.001
László HortobágyiSongs From Hungisthan (Arqa version)12.001
James LaBrie's MullmuzzlerKeep It To Yourself9.001
Frank ZappaSon of Cheep Thrills11.001
Anima DominumThe book of comedy9.001
IonaWoven cord12.001
FinchThe making of... Galleons of passion / Stage ’7611.001
Il Balletto Di BronzoTrys7.001
CastA live experience6.001
Colin BassLive at Polskie Radio 310.001
Colin BassAn outcast of the islands10.001
Little TragediesPassions on Titanic13.001
Robin TaylorHeart Disc10.001
Mandra Gora Lightshow SocietyBeyond the Mushroam gate12.001
Agitation FreeRiver of return10.001
Buon Vecchio CharlieBuon Vecchio Charlie10.001
Payne's GrayInfinity10.001
Pendragon"Once Upon A Time In England" Volume 18.001
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