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Expo '70 - America Here & Now Sessions
Space Machine - 3
The Flaming Lips - At War With The Mystics
Nathan - Era
Between the Buried and Me - Automata II
Fabio Frizzi - Manhattan Baby
Goad - Landor
The Muffins - Secret Signals 2
Node - Node Live
Anubis - Different Stories
Visitor 2035 - Visitor 2035
Thunkfish - Renegades
Malady - Toinen toista
Douze Alfonso - Under
The Muffins - Secret Signals 1
Eugen Mihăescu - Guitaromania Part Two
Influence X - Quantum Reality
Arena - Double Vision
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Band  Album Ø-Wertung # Rezis
5 UU'sRegarding Purgatories10.001
AavikkoMulti Muysic11.001
AbiogenesiLe notti di Salem7.001
AbraxasLive In Memoriam10.001
Acid Mothers TempleTroubadours from another heavenly world9.001
AcidenteQuebre este disco6.001
Add N to (X)Add Insult to Injury10.001
After CryingStruggle for life12.003
After ForeverPrison Of Desire10.001
Alamaailman VasaratVasaraasia11.504
Alboth!Ecco la fiera11.502
Alias EyeBeyond The Mirror10.002
Sergio AlvarezEscenas De Ficción8.001
Amon Düül IIManana9.001
Ian AndersonThe Secret Language of Birds11.001
ApocalypseLive USA9.001
ARCRadio Sputnik11.001
Martin ArcherWinter Pilgrim Arriving13.001
Ash Ra TempelGin Rosé at the Royal Festival Hall10.001
AyreonAyreonauts only9.001
AyreonUniversal migrator Part I: The dream sequencer5.405
AyreonUniversal Migrator Part II: Flight of the Migrator8.405
AzazelloBlack Day6.502
Aztec JadeParadise Lost9.002
BaalbekFata Morgana8.002
Banco del Mutuo SoccorsoEn Concierto, May 1999 - Mexico City13.001
Tony BanksStrictly Banks - A Serious Undertaking... Live!10.001
Barclay James HarvestRevival9.001
Colin BassLive - Vol.2 "Acoustic songs"8.001
BayonDie Suiten10.001
BayonFirst recordings 1971-19737.001
BigelfMoney Machine10.003
Birdsongs Of The MesozoicPetrophonics10.001
BjörkSelma Songs13.002
Blazing EternityTimes And Unknown Waters9.001
Bohren & der Club of GoreSunset Mission11.001
Bozzio Levin StevensSituation Dangerous10.001
BrainticketAlchemic Universe8.001
Bruford LevinBLUE Nights12.001
The Bulgarian Womens Choir AngeliteVoices Of Life-1
Cabezas De CeraCabezas De Cera12.001
CafeïneNouveaux Mondes11.504
California Guitar TrioRocks The West11.502
CálixCanções de Beurin9.001
CamelGods of light10.001
CastLaguna de volcanes8.001
Centrozoonthe cult of: bibbiboo13.001
Cerberus Shoalcrash my moon yacht10.001
Chac MoolEl Mensajero de los Dioses10.001
ChanceEscape to horizon3.001
ChanetonQuestions inside the picture5.001
Charming HostessPunch10.502
Cheer-AccidentSalad Days11.001
Chroma KeyYou go now9.254
Clarion CallThe next big thing15.001
ContraluzEl Pasaje10.001
Coupla ProgSprite10.001
Cruz de HierroCruz de Hierro7.001
CryptopsyAnd then you'll beg11.001
Curved AirAlive 199010.001
Holger CzukayLa Luna11.001
Deadwood ForestMellodramatic9.502
DecibelFortuna Virilis12.001
Deep ThoughtShadows Of The Past7.001
DeyssThe Dragonfly From The Sun5.333
Difícil EquilibrioTrayecto10.002
Do Make Say Thinkgoodbye enemy airship the landlord is dead9.001
Doctor NerveEreia13.502
Don CaballeroAmerican Don13.001
Dream TheaterThrough her eyes (Single)-1
Echo CitySingle 2000 (Test mach special)11.001
Echo CityEcho City10.001
EcholynCowboy Poems Free9.673
Egdon HeathLive at Last10.001
Ego EimiTranscendental Diseases9.001
ElegyForbidden Fruit8.001
EmbryoFor Eva-1
Empty TremorEros and Thanatos9.001
EnchantJuggling 9 or dropping 107.673
Ensemble NimbusGarmonbozia11.001
L'Ensemble RayéEin Fest für PU den Bären10.001
Robert ErdeszMeeting Point3.001
ErehiaManuzkRitoz ZE11.001
Ergo Sum (Chile)Mixolidio11.001
Erna SchmidtLive 69-718.502
EskalationEskalation - music for basoon, wind synthesizer and sampled percussion11.001
EstradasphereIts understood9.001
Fanger & KerstenSplashdown10.001
Fashion Pink... to brainstorm10.001
Fates WarningDisconnected10.004
Faustthe land of ukko & rauni12.001
Fayman & FrippA temple in the clouds8.002
Flamborough HeadDefining the legacy6.001
Hugo FloresAtlantis7.002
The Flower KingsAlive on Planet Earth12.002
The Flower KingsFan Club CD 20007.002
The Flower KingsSpace Revolver10.176
Flying CircusOut Of The Waste Land10.502
The For CarnationThe For Carnation10.001
Forever EinsteinDown With Gravity8.001
Forgotten SunsFiction Edge 1 (Ascent)9.333
Friends of Dean MartinezA Place In The Sun10.001
Fred Frith/Ensemble ModernTraffic Continues13.001
Frohmader/Fuchs-GamböckDas ist alles (Das fahle Licht am Ende des Zimmers...)11.001
Peter FrohmaderKanaan live 197510.001
Claudio GabbianiNightnursing9.001
Peter GabrielOvo11.333
GalleonBeyond dreams10.502
GandalfVisions 20019.001
The GatheringRollercoaster (Single)-1
The Gatheringif_then_else7.502
GenesisArchive II - 1976-199211.001
GenesisThe Genesis Songbook (DVD)12.001
Genesis for two grand pianosGenesis for two grand pianos11.504
Gentle GiantTotally out of the woods-The BBC Sessions12.001
Gentle GiantLive Rome 197411.001
GerardThe Ruins Of A Glass-Fortress11.673
Kevin GilbertThe Shaming of the True13.001
GilgameshArriving Twice10.673
GlassNo Stranger To The Skies10.502
Glass HammerChronometree12.004
GoblinThe Fantastic Journey Of Goblin - Best Of Vol. 112.001
Godspeed You! Black EmperorLift yr. skinny fists like antennas to heaven11.502
GongZero to infinity10.001
GongLive 2 infinitea10.001
GreensladeLarge Afternoon3.001
Greg Howard BandLift8.001
Carl GrovesBranch Upon the Ground10.001
GuapoDeath Seed9.001
Gunesh45° in a shadow6.001
Trey GunnThe Joy of Molybdenum12.001
Guru Guru2000 Gurus9.001
John Hackett/Steve HackettSketches of Satie6.502
Steve HackettFeedback '862.334
HaggardAwaking The Centuries15.001
Peter HammillNone of the Above10.002
HandsThe Early Years 1974-767.001
HawkwindThe Chronicle of the Black Sword (DVD)7.001
HeyokaThe Lost Heyoka Recordings7.001
Roger HodgsonOpen The Door11.001
Joel HoekstraUndefined9.502
Holy LambSalt of the earth5.001
Steve HoweHomebrew 29.001
Jörg Hüttemann & FriendsFantasyline Compilation One10.502
Il MonstroBleu nuit et les silhuettes aux chapeaux12.001
InquireThe Neck Pillow12.502
InterfaceInterface III4.001
Into EternityInto Eternity9.001
IonaOpen sky11.001
IQSubterranea - The Concert10.002
IQThe Seventh House11.254
Ivory TowerBeyond The Stars9.502
Jack L.Identity10.001
Jean Michel JarreMetamorphoses7.502
Richard Leo JohnsonLanguage10.001
Jud's GallerySWF Sessions9.001
JulverneLe pavillon des passions humaines12.001
KansasSomewhere To Elsewhere10.001
KayakClose to the fire8.001
KBBLost and Found10.002
Keller & SchönwälderThe reason at the Jodrell Bank11.001
Mike KeneallyDancing11.001
Mike KeneallyDancing With Myself12.001
KeuhkotMinun käy sääliksi bilharzialoista11.001
King CrimsonHeavy ConstruKction10.001
King CrimsonNashville Rehearsals11.001
King CrimsonDiscipline - Live At Moles Club 19818.001
King CrimsonLive at Plymouth Guildhall 197112.001
King CrimsonLive At Summit Studios 19728.001
King CrimsonA Beginners' Guide To The King Crimson Collectors' Club10.001
King CrimsonLive in Central Park 197412.001
King CrimsonThe ConstruKction of Light10.606
King's XPlease Come Home...Mr. Bulbous11.001
KopeckySerpentine kaleidoscope9.001
Henry KrutzenPlay la chance11.001
KummMoonsweat March10.001
Kurgan´s BaneThe future lies broken7.001
La Tulipe NoireShattered image6.002
Lana LaneSecrets Of Astrology8.001
Laren d'OrWar Of Angels6.001
Laren d'OrReal Nord11.001
LarvalPredator or Prey11.001
José Luis Fernándes LedesmaSol Central12.001
Geddy LeeMy favorite headache9.333
Frédéric L'EpéeLe Mont Analogue9.001
Tony LevinWaters of Eden11.001
Like WendyTales From Moonlit Bay4.002
London UndergroundLondon Underground9.001
Jon LordConcerto for Group and Orchestra8.002
Lucifer WasIn Anadi's Bower8.003
MásfélAngyaltojás - Angel's Egg10.001
Magic ElfLive10.001
Magnitude 9Reality in focus5.502
Phil ManzaneraRare One7.001
MarillionThe singles '82-88'10.003
Michael MasleyCymbalennium11.001
MastermindProg, Fusion, Metal, Leather & Sweat11.001
Piero MilesiWithin Himself10.001
Mind FurnitureThe End of Days8.001
Mind's EyeWaiting For The Tide11.002
Mirage (Fra)A secret place8.001
Patrick MorazResonance10.001
Neal MorseMerry Christmas From The Morse Family10.001
Steve MorseMajor impacts10.001
MotorpsychoRoadwork vol 2: The MotorSourceMassacre11.001
Mr. Quimby's BeardThe Definitive Unsolved Mysteries Of...12.502
Museo RosenbachExit2.001
MysteryAt The Dawn Of A New Millennium9.002
NangyalaEyes Open Wide10.002
Nathan MahlHeretik Volume I - Body of accusations11.001
LA N.A.V.E.Le quattro stagioni4.001
nema niko... mio scialbo9.001
NexusLive at Nearfest 200010.001
The NiceHere Come The Nice - The Immediate Anthology-1
Erik NorlanderInto The Sunset5.002
North StarTempest4.001
Ole LukkøyeCrystal crow-bar11.001
Ole LukkøyeRelax in your dream10.002
Martin OrfordClassical Music And Popular Songs9.001
Out Of FocusNot Too Late8.001
Ozric TentaclesSwirly termination10.001
Ozric TentaclesThe hidden step10.001
Pain of SalvationThe Perfect Element I9.502
PallasLive our lives10.002
Parallel or 90 DegreesUnbranded11.002
PendragonThe History: 1984-20008.001
A Perfect CircleMer de Noms8.002
Perfume De Mujerél monólogo de él caracol9.002
Periferia Del MondoIn ogni luogo, in ogni tempo9.001
Richard PinhasSchizotrope12.001
Pink FloydIs there anybody out there? - The Wall live 1980/817.001
Planet XUniverse11.001
PlatypusIce Cycles7.001
Poor Genetic MaterialFree to random Vol. 2: Modern Myths10.001
Porcupine Tree4 chords that made a million (Single)-1
Porcupine TreeShesmovedon (Single)-1
Porcupine TreeLightbulb Sun13.005
Premiata Forneria MarconiSerendipity7.001
Primitive InstinctBelief10.002
ProductOn Water10.002
ProjeKctsProjeKct X: Heaven And Earth12.001
Pyramid (Spn.)The Immaculate Lie9.002
QangoLive in the Hood5.002
The Quiet RoomReconceive10.502
Rachel'sFull on Night11.001
Rachel's BirthdayThe english roses EP4.001
radio massacre internationalzabriskie point11.001
radio massacre internationalthe god of electricity12.001
RadioheadKid A13.504
['ramp]frozen radios11.001
RamsesControl me6.002
Rara in Avis TerrisAu Crepuscule du Temps...8.001
Reading ZeroSatellite Sessions8.001
Gordon ReidAliens7.001
Os Relogios de FedericoQuatro centésimos de semitom10.001
Renaissance'Unplugged' - 'Live' at The Academy of Music, Philadelphia USA7.001
RicocherQuest for the heartland (E.P.)6.001
Rockenfield SpeerHells Canyon4.502
Roedelius + AlquimiaMove and Resonate11.001
Hans-Joachim RoedeliusRoedeliusweg11.001
RPWLGod has failed10.003
Rufus ZuphallColder than hell10.001
Terje RypdalDouble Concerto / 5th Symphony12.001
Salem HillNot Everybody's Gold9.333
SalvatoreJugend - A New Hedonism11.001
Bruno SanfilippoSuite Patagonia11.001
Sankt OttenEine kleine Traurigkeit8.001
Savoy GrandDirty Pillows11.001
ScapeLand WishReason11.502
Irmin SchmidtGormenghast10.502
Klaus SchulzeHistoric Edition12.001
Klaus SchulzeJubilee Edition Second Part10.001
Klaus SchulzeJubilee Edition Third Part9.001
Klaus SchulzeContemporary Works 113.001
Klaus SchulzeThe Ultimate Edition-1
Klaus SchulzeJubilee Edition First Part10.001
Klaus SchulzeSilver Edition13.001
SequoyaJulia On The Tree10.001
A Silver Mt. Zionhe has left us alone but shafts of light sometimes grace the corner of our rooms11.502
Slede, Zivé SledeRostliny! Rostliny!11.001
Sleep DirtShades Of Meaning9.001
Smiling EyeTravels Within6.001
Judge SmithCurly's Airships12.333
Social TensionIt reminds me of Macbethia11.001
Soft MachineNoisette11.001
Solar ProjectFive11.001
SolarisBack to the roots... - Solaris Archive 19.001
Sonata ArcticaEcliptica12.001
Sonata ArcticaSuccessor-1
Sonic DebrisVelvet Thorns9.001
Soniq TheaterSoniq Theater9.002
Spaced OutSpaced Out9.003
Spiral ArchitectA Sceptic's Universe11.333
SpirogyraBurn the Bridges9.001
Spock's BeardDon't try this at home8.502
Spock's BeardNick 'n Neal - Live In Europe - Two Seperate Gorillas (The "from the vaults" series vol.2)3.502
Spock's BeardDon't Try This @ Home Either (The "from the vaults" series vol.3)6.002
Spock's BeardV11.254
StyxArch allies - Live at Riverport8.001
Sunn O)))ØØ Void11.002
Supper's ReadyListen to the pictures1.001
David SylvianEverything and Nothing13.001
Symphony XV (The new mythology suite)11.673
Syrinx (Progmetal)Crystal Cliffs4.001
Systems TheoryDemos 1999-200010.001
TaalMister Green12.001
Tangerine DreamAntique Dreams8.001
Tangerine DreamSoundmill Navigator-1
Tangerine DreamGreat Wall Of China7.502
Tangerine DreamThe Seven Letters From Tibet7.002
Tangerine DreamI-Box (1970-1990)-1
Robin TaylorThe Båndbix Tapes10.001
Robin TaylorEdge Of Darkness12.001
The Electric FamilyPueblo Woman8.001
Thieves' KitchenHead9.001
Thinking PlagueEarly Plague Years-1
David Thomas & ForeignersBay City10.001
Time MachineHidden Secrets11.001
Tomorrow's EveThe Unexpected World8.001
Devin TownsendPhysicist7.002
Toxic SmileMadness And Despair (M.A.D.)7.001
Trans-Siberian OrchestraBeethoven's Last Night4.001
TriangleSquare The Circle8.673
Tribal TechRocket Science12.001
TrigonBeschränkte Haftung10.001
TroissoeurTrah Njim12.001
Twin AgeMoving the deckchairs6.001
Ulan Batorego:echo11.001
Lutz UlbrichKurzmusiken11.001
UlverPerdition City8.002
Under The SunUnder the sun9.333
The Underground RailroadThrough And Through10.502
Uz Jsme DomaPatnáct Kapek Vody - Fifteen Drops of Water (Best of)12.001
Valinor's Treeand then there is silence10.502
Van der Graaf (Generator)The Box13.502
Vanden PlasSpirit of live11.001
Christian VanderKorusz - A la recherche du chorus supreme-1
Janos Varga ProjectThe wings of revelation I11.001
Various ArtistsCanterbury and beyond - Selected Runes from the Cuneiform Catalogue-2
Various ArtistsSigns of life - A tribute to Pink Floyd8.502
Various ArtistsProgressive DisDURPance Vol. 3-1
Various ArtistsThe Reading Room9.001
Various Artistsl'age d'analogue12.001
VastMusic For People9.001
Vedres, CsabaMire megvirrad - Stanislawski dalok-1
versus XThe Turbulent Zone11.502
VHK (Vágtázó HalottKémek)Naptánc (Dancing with the Sun)12.002
Visible WindBarb-à-Baal-a-Loo10.001
V.MajesticFor Educational Use Only11.001
Rene de VrengThe Sorceress11.673
Vulgar UnicornJet Set Radio9.001
Rick WakemanPreludes to a century8.001
Rick WakemanChronicles of Man10.001
Rick WakemanChristmas Variations-1
Steve WalshGlossolalia13.001
Roger WatersIn The Flesh - live6.502
Carl WeingartenBlue Faith10.001
Andy West with RamaRama 110.502
Gerd WeyhingThe Inside World / Soundscapes III8.333
The White NoiseV11.001
The White Noise5.5. White Label9.001
White WillowSacrament11.673
Robert WyattSoupsongs Live12.001
YesThe Best of Yes-2
YesHouse of Yes - Live from House of Blues (DVD)8.002
YesHouse Of Yes - Live From House Of Blues6.002
YetiThings To Come10.502
Yume BitsuAuspicious Winds10.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffNebensonnen10.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffMiniaturen12.001
Dweezil ZappaAutomatic9.001
Zero Zero ZeroCrypto Sensus11.001
Fabio Zuffanti and Victoria Heward / Project MerlinMerlin - The Rock Opera7.502
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