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Clogs - Stick Music
The Anchoress - Confessions of a Romance Novelist
Offworld - Some Circles Are Square
['ramp] - frozen radios
Silent Island - Equator
Nem-Q - Fault Lines
Twinesuns - The Empire Never Ended
Krzysztof Duda - Altus
Ulan Bator - Stereolith
ApOllonius AbRaham ScHwarz - ApOllonius AbRaham ScHwarz
Premiata Forneria Marconi - Cook
Kate Bush - 50 Words For Snow
Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation - Mirage
Universal Totem Orchestra - Mathematical Mother
King Of Agogik - Morning Star
Pymlico - Meeting Point
Lost World Band - Of Things and Beings
Presence - Masters and Following
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Band Album Ø-Wertung # Rezis 
Electric Orangemisophonia11.605
cosmic groundcosmic ground lll11.504
TilesPretending 2 run11.504
Fates WarningTheories Of Flight10.504
Neal MorseThe Similitude Of A Dream10.754
The Dear HunterAct V: Hymns With The Devil In Confessional12.254
Robert ReedSanctuary II11.504
Anderson/StoltInvention of Knowledge9.754
Van der Graaf (Generator)Do Not Disturb12.004
Deus Ex MachinaDevoto10.504
KnifeworldBottled Out Of Eden9.673
Matthew ParmenterAll Our Yesterdays8.333
An Endless SporadicMagic Machine13.003
Robb & PottOnce upon the Wings9.673
Big Big TrainFolklore10.003
Zinkl & NeroKinder der Nacht9.333
Emmett ElvinAssault on the Tyranny of Reason10.333
Eveline's DustThe Painkeeper13.003
ArchiveThe False Foundation9.333
Mamma Non PiangereN. 311.333
Yossi Sassi BandRoots And Roads10.003
DanteWhen We Were Beautiful10.333
Mike KeneallyScambot 212.003
Bent KneeSay So13.003
LazuliNos Âmes Saoules12.003
Space InvadersAyakashi10.673
Frequency DriftLast11.333
MarillionF*** Everyone And Run (F E A R)11.333
The Mute GodsDo Nothing Till You Hear From Me9.333
KiamaSign of IV9.673
Steven Wilson4 1/29.333
HeadspaceAll That You Fear Is Gone10.673
Long Distance CallingTrips10.003
David BowieBlackstar13.003
Dream TheaterThe Astonishing8.503
Three Trapped TigersSilent Earthling11.333
Rikard SjöblomThe Unbendable Sleep10.003
Nine Stones CloseLeaves12.002
SyndoneEros & Thanatos10.502
Causa SuiReturn To Sky9.502
Meller Golyzniak DudaBreaking Habits10.002
FrostFalling Satellites10.502
KyrosVox Humana12.002
Poverty's no crimeSpiral Of Fear10.502
Conrad KeelyOriginal Machines10.002
The AnchoressConfessions of a Romance Novelist9.002
Steve ThorneIsland of the imbeciles9.502
öOoOoOoOoOo (Chenille)Samen12.502
KonchordatRise To Order5.002
Kate BushBefore The Dawn12.002
Red BazarTales From The Bookcase12.002
Stick MenMidori13.002
Eden ShadowMelodies for Maladies8.502
25 Yard ScreamerKeep sending Signals10.002
Ingranaggi Della ValleWarm spaced blue12.002
Animals As LeadersThe Madness of Many13.002
JadisNo Fear Of Looking Down7.002
RiversideEye Of The Soundscape6.502
Levin Minnemann RudessFrom The Law Offices Of Levin Minnemann Rudess12.002
PeripheryPeriphery III: Select Difficulty12.002
Seven ImpaleContrapasso12.502
Glass HammerValkyrie10.502
Nerissa SchwarzPlaygrounds Lost12.002
KansasThe Prelude Implicit9.002
Multi-StoryCrimson Stone7.502
Richard Pinhas & Barry ClevelandMu10.002
The Rome Pro(g)jectOf Fate and Glory7.502
Elephants Of ScotlandThe Perfect Map11.002
WolverineMachina Viva11.502
Devin Townsend ProjectTranscendence12.002
Kayo DotPlastic House On Base Of Sky12.002
Stick MenProg Noir13.002
HöstsonatenSymphony N. 1: Cupid & Psyche12.002
Magnet AnimalsButterfly Killer11.002
Barock ProjectVivo12.502
Dark SunsEverchild10.502
Erik NorlanderSurreal5.502
Savoldelli Casarano BardosciaThe Great Jazz Gig in the Sky10.502
Dave KerznerNew World Live9.002
Neal MorseAlive Again10.002
Blind EgoLiquid10.002
The Samurai of ProgLost and Found11.002
Eric GilletteThe Great Unknown11.002
Circa:Valley of the Windmill10.002
PromenadeNoi Al Dir Di Noi10.502
SalvaSigh of Boreas10.502
Old FireSongs from the Haunted South8.502
The Aurora ProjectWorld of Grey9.002
New Keepers of the Water TowersInfernal Machine11.002
Vaults of ZinKadath12.002
Jack DuponEmpty full circulation11.002
Mantra VegaThe Illusion's Reckoning7.502
TusmørkeFørt Bak Lyset12.002
PymlicoMeeting Point12.502
Il Rumore BiancoAntropocene10.002
Different LightThe Burden Of Paradise11.502
King CrimsonLive in Toronto12.002
Electric EyeDifferent Sun10.002
RedemptionThe Art Of Loss10.502
Klaus SchulzeAnother Green Mile7.002
La Bocca della VeritàAvenoth10.002
Les PenningBelerion4.502
Profuna OceanIn Vacuum10.002
Sula BassanaShipwrecked10.002
DaymoonCruz Quebrada10.502
YugenDeath by Water12.002
WatchtowerConcepts of Math: Book One15.001
Burnt BeliefEmergent12.001
EdensongYears in the Garden of Years11.001
David CrossSign of the Crow10.001
Metamorphosis (CH)The turning point9.001
Monkey3Astra Symmetry10.001
BlueneckThe Outpost12.001
Mark BogertPainting The World11.001
Via LacteaDaath13.001
Uwe Cremer & Thomas RydellTime Trilogy11.001
UKUltimate Collectors Edition13.001
Ghost CommunityCycle of Life8.001
Sons Of Noel And AdrianTurquoise Purple Pink13.001
Wet RabbitOf Clocks and Clouds7.001
Luz De RiadaCuentos y Fabulas Vol. 312.001
Michael BrücknerThe Giant Illusion10.001
The Far MeadowGiven The Impossible11.001
Conrad SchnitzlerFilmmusik 111.001
Lucid DreamOtherworldly8.001
Scott WalkerThe Childhood of a Leader-1
David WallimannEvolving Seeds Of Glory9.001
Sankt OttenMännerfreundschaften und Metaphysik11.001
Cure for GravityCure for Gravity9.001
Free Human ZooFreedom, Now!13.001
The Flaming LipsOczy Mlody12.001
Aksak Maboul16 Visions of Ex-Futur12.001
Lost In KievNuit Noire12.001
Nth AscensionIn Fine Initium5.001
Steve MooreThe Mind's Eye12.001
Marco MinnemannSchattenspiel12.001
Orphaned Land & AmasefferKna'an11.001
Lost World BandOf Things and Beings13.001
The Re-StonedReptiles Return10.001
PresenceMasters and Following10.001
Mezz GacanoFroka13.001
OffworldSome Circles Are Square11.001
Ray WilsonSong For A Friend-1
Ghost MedicineDiscontinuance9.001
Dworniak Bone LapsaFingers Pointing At The Moon10.001
SaharaLost Tapes8.001
Universal Totem OrchestraMathematical Mother12.001
Martin ArcherStory Tellers12.001
AquasergeGuerre EP10.001
Gadi KaplanMorning Sun11.001
HangarStronger than ever10.001
Silent IslandEquator9.001
WitherscapeThe Northern Sanctuary11.001
ApOllonius AbRaham ScHwarzApOllonius AbRaham ScHwarz11.001
Josefin Öhrn + The LiberationMirage10.001
Poor Genetic MaterialAbsence13.001
King CrimsonRadical Action To Unseat The Hold Of Monkey Mind13.001
Michael AltenbergerDark Matter6.001
Voyag3rAre You Synthetic?11.001
Sounds Of New SomaMoebius Tunnel11.001
Leon AlvaradoThe Future left behind2.001
Michael BrücknerMuzikhala9.001
Amoeba SplitSecond Split12.001
Kellerkind BerlinSongs for Traveling...10.001
Second RelationENO11.001
VesperoAzmari: Abyssinian Liventure12.001
Alfie RynerWhat's Wrong?12.001
Edge of RealityVicious Circle12.001
Das Blaue PalaisWelt am Draht11.001
Richard Pinhas / Tatsuya Yoshida / Masami AkitaProcess and Reality12.001
The Keith Tippett OctetThe Nine Dances of Patrick O’Gonogan-1
TEETales of Eternal Entities10.001
Unnatural WaysWe Aliens11.001
Seeking RavenThe Ending Collage12.001
GreensladeThe Birthday Album - Live in Switzerland 19749.001
AeoSMemories Of A Dead Man12.001
ClusterKollektion 06: Cluster 1971-198111.001
Big Big TrainA Stone's Throw From The Line12.001
IZZAmpersand Vol. 29.001
Pelagic ZoneLatitudes11.001
Cosmic FallFirst Fall10.001
John Zorn49 Acts of Unspeakable Depravity in the Abominable Life and Times of Gilles de Rais12.001
Jean Michel JarreOxygene Trilogy-1
Glasgow Coma ScaleEnter Oblivion10.001
Skeptic SenseMind Versus Soul: The Anthology11.001
EYEVision And Ageless Light12.001
John WettonThe Official Bootleg – Archive Vol.18.001
NecromonkeyThe Shadow of the Blind Man9.001
The GiftWhy The Sea Is Salt8.001
Agitation FreeLast, Fragments & Live `7411.001
Frohe Weihnachtenund ein gutes Prog-Jahr 2017-1
Astral SonMind's Eye10.001
Voices From The FuselageOdyssey - The Destroyer Of Worlds12.001
SetiBold Travels10.001
Eraldo Bernocchi, Prakash SontakkeInvisible Strings10.001
Jason SharpA Boat Upon Its Blood11.001
Maelstrom (Kanada)Maelstrom12.001
GrobschnittSolar Movie13.001
Christian Fiesel & Jack HertzFast Rails11.001
Car BombMeta13.001
MagentaChaos From The Stage11.001
Curved AirCurved Space & Infinity8.001
Jorge Arana TrioMammoth12.001
Wang WenSweet Home, Go9.001
EsquireIII - No Spare Planet8.001
Sun DialMade in the Machine12.001
Ordinary Brainwash#I'mNotAddicted13.001
Michael Brücknertrois briques11.001
HolonThe Time is Always Now12.001
MeshuggahThe Violent Sleep of Reason13.001
GriményDie große Enttäuschung11.001
John WesleyA Way You'll Never Be...6.001
Travis Larson BandAnicca9.001
Ali FergusonA Sequence of Moments10.001
The Stargazer's AssistantRemoteness Of Light12.001
RPWL...plays Pink Floyd's 'The Man And The Journey'11.001
EfterklangLeaves - The Colour of Falling12.001
GongRejoice! I'm dead!12.001
Kaipa Da CapoDårskapens Monotoni9.001
Atomine ElektrineThe Second Moon12.001
Anthony ChildElectronic Recordings From Maui Jungle Vol. 212.001
Half Past FourLand of the Blind12.001
São Paulo UndergroundCantos Invisíveis11.001
Flying CircusStarlight Clearing - A Story - 25 Live Edition11.001
3rd Ear ExperienceStones Of A Feather9.001
Steve HughesOnce We Were - Part Two11.001
MONO (Jp.)Requiem for Hell9.001
Steve JansenTender Extinction11.001
Fire GardenFar and Near11.001
JambinaiA Hermitage12.001
Operation: MindcrimeResurrection11.001
Spirits Burning & ClearlightThe Roadmap in your Head10.001
Pan/ScanCinematic Lies10.001
Various ArtistsTrip Wave 210.001
Gösta Berlings SagaSersophane12.001
A Sense of GravityAtrament13.001
Security ProjectLive 2-1
ICSISPierre Vide Eau10.001
Alex’s HandKünstler Scheiße11.001
Jonas Lindberg & The Other SidePathfinder11.001
Crippled Black PhoenixBronze12.001
Jack O'The ClockRepetitions of the Old City - I12.001
ApercoThe Battle11.001
TheodoreIt is but it's not8.001
NeuschwansteinFine Art10.001
Dec BurkeBook of Secrets9.001
Syrinx (70er)Tumblers from the Vault12.001
LeprousLive At Rockefeller Music Hall13.001
KarmamoiSilence between Sounds10.001
Bobby PreviteMass11.001
Mother TurtleII11.001
Third VoiceA Day like Today10.001
Pitts Minnemann ProjectThe Psychic Planetarium14.001
BeledoDreamland Mechanism10.001
PalindromeStrange Patterns11.001
Morning ModeShort Story.10.001
David Rothenberg,Bernhard Wöstheinrich,Jay NicholasCool Spring11.001
Vasil Hadzimanov BandAlive10.001
Glistening LeotardGL511.001
WorldService ProjectFor King & Country12.001
The Mercury TreePermutations12.001
Big Big TrainStone & Steel11.001
April FishesCarpe d'Or9.001
HarmoniaDocuments 197511.001
Joe VolkHappenings and Killings11.001
Sailor FreeSpiritual Revolution Part 211.001
Jack HertzRed Planet9.001
Nicklas SørensenSolo11.001
OktopusWorlds Apart12.001
Circus MaximusHavoc11.001
In Love WithAxel Erotic11.001
VesperoLique Mekwas11.001
ASS (Arbeit Schickert Schneider)ASS11.001
Double NelsonUn Sentiment Etrange9.001
Gandalf's FistThe Clockwork Fable11.001
AnoraqueDisturbing Grace11.001
Onségen EnsembleAwalaï11.001
Jakob SkøttAll the Colours of the Dust11.001
Ben CravenLast Chance To Hear11.001
Black MountainIV12.001
Sine AmplitudeHypnotized8.001
Billy Sherwood & Tony KayeLive in Japan6.001
Steve HoweHomebrew 6-1
SBBHofors 197511.001
Pavlov's DogHouse Broken-1
Ornah-Mentalremix & outtake-1
Kristoffer GildenlöwThe Rain13.001
ZhaozeIntoxicatingly Lost10.001
Projection (NL)Relativity7.001
John ZornThe Painted Bird12.001
Jean Michel JarreElectronica 2 - The Heart Of Noise-1
Sheik AnorakLet’s just bullshit our way through8.001
Iron MountainUnum11.001
Earthling SocietySweet Chariot10.001
MaglevOverwrite the Sin10.001
Brian EnoThe Ship11.001
MythosJules Verne – Around the World in 80 Minutes10.001
CTMSuite for a Young Girl8.001
Neurosenblüteganz frisch11.001
Amon RaWe Never Said Good-Bye.10.001
Odin's CourtDeathanity (R3)5.001
April RainLeave Me No Light8.001
J. Peter SchwalmThe Beauty of Disaster11.001
Marco MinnemannAbove the Roses12.001
Maat LanderDissolved in The Universe10.001
Southern EmpireSouthern Empire10.001
Damian Wilson & Adam WakemanWeir Keeper’s Tale-1
RenaissanceLive at the Union Chapel12.001
MotorpsychoHere Be Monsters12.001
Lunar GravePrismatic Earthship11.001
N.y.XThe News10.001
We Deserve ThisFusion10.001
Tangerine DreamPalais de Congres, Paris March 1978 & Palast der Republik, East Berlin January 198010.001
Otrovna KristinaOtrovna Kristina7.001
Bird on the WireElephanta10.001
EXECThe Limber Real-1
Sonus UmbraBeyond the Panopticum11.001
Goetz SteegerNutzlose Zeugen11.001
Mars Red SkyApex III (Praise For The Burning Soul)9.001
Heron OblivionHeron Oblivion10.001
Joe DeVitaCanyons8.001
Golden CavesBring Me To The Water8.001
SølystThe Steam Age12.001
David FiuczynskiFlam! Blam! Pan-Asian MicroJam!11.001
Sebas HoningThe Big Shift10.001
Gecko's TearPrimati11.001
Cirrha NivaOut of the Freakshow10.001
Finnegan ShanahanThe Two Halves12.001
Birth ControlHere And Now8.001
AtlanterJewels of Crime12.001
The EnidDust11.001
Counter-World ExperiencePulsar12.001
Farmhouse OdysseyRise of the Waterfowl12.001
Soniq TheaterGlobaliced8.001
Hypno5eShores of the Abstract Line14.001
The Raptor TrailNew World10.001
Aluk TodoloVoix12.001
Obscura (Dt.)Akróasis13.001
Sarah NeufeldThe Ridge11.001
Jade VineMind of a Man10.001
Desert Mountain TribeEither That Or The Moon10.001
UtopianistiThe Third Frontier12.001
The Night Watch (CAN)Boundaries12.001
Elephant PlazaMomentum3.001
Merzbow / Keiji Haino / Balázs PándiAn Untroublesome Defencelessness12.001
BEAK>Couple in a Hole9.001
Seven Second CircleDivide8.001
Curved AirTapestry of Propositions8.001
Freedom To GlideFall11.001
RadioheadA Moon Shaped Pool11.001
ErgoAs subtle as tomorrow11.001
Trettioåriga KrigetSeaside Air10.001
AlarionWaves Of Destruction5.001
Steve HughesOnce We Were - Part One10.001
Herd of InstinctManifestation11.001
CromwellBlack Chapter Red10.001
1476Wildwood / The Nightside10.001
Rick WakemanThe Myths and Legends of King Arthur and The Knights of the Round Table13.001
FocusFocus 8.5 / Beyond the Horizon9.001
Peter HammillLive at Rockpalast13.001
The Ben Cameron ProjectA Cycle Never Ending10.001
Faun FablesBorn of the Sun9.001
The Claypool Lennon DeliriumMonolith Of Phobos12.001
Colonel Petrov's Good JudgementMoral Machine11.001
Guru GuruLive in Concert12.001
BOL&SnahSo? Now?12.001
Art Against AgonyThe Difference Between A Duck and A Lobster11.001
Christian Fiesel and Alien NatureGeistertanz10.001
FountainheadReverse Engineering12.001
Thank You ScientistStranger Heads Prevail13.001
Alex CarpaniSo Close, So Far9.001
Colossus Projects (Finnland)Decameron – Ten days in 100 novellas – Part III11.001
SwansThe Glowing Man12.001
The Pineapple ThiefYour Wilderness11.001
CameraPhantom of Liberty11.001
AutorYnoFlauros: Book of Angels Volume 2912.001
Marten KantusRefugi-1
Autumnal BlossomSpellbound11.001
Divine RealmTectum Argenti9.001
Eleven33Chasing Light8.001
KatatoniaThe Fall of Hearts11.001
Fools & KingsIn Search of Balance10.001
Chat NoirNine Thoughts for one World11.001
Peter BaumannMachines of Desire11.001
AstrakhanAdrenaline Kiss10.001
Das Blaue PalaisBlauer Regen-1
Ill WickerUntamed10.001
HuisNeither In Heaven10.001
The Rube Goldberg MachineFragile Times9.001
VibravoidPsychedelic Blueprints10.001
Thierry ZaboïtzeffMultiple Distortions11.001
Jeremy FlowerThe Real Me13.001
Dennis YoungWave - Electronic Music 1984-198811.001
Paul BremnerThe Witness9.001
Michael BrücknerHikari11.001
Darryl WayMyths, Legends and Tales1.001
Security ProjectLive 1-1
Summer EffectAfterlife9.001
Anima MundiI me myself13.001
Christian Fiesel & Jack HertzEnd of the Steam Age10.001
Obsidian KingdomA Year With No Summer12.001
HawkwindThe Machine Stops10.001
The Weever SandsKeep Your Face Turned To The Light9.001
TriangleAlert & Alive3.001
CosmografThe Unreasonable Silence13.001
Anima TempoCaged in Memories10.001
BlacklandsPeaceful Shores6.001
JPLRetrospections Volume II10.001
Mamifferthe world unseen12.001
We Deserve ThisFloating Colours9.001
Oiseaux-TempêteUnworks & Rarities11.001
Lee AbrahamThe Seasons Turn11.001
Steve HackettThe Total Experience Live In Liverpool11.001
Sparkle in GreyBrahim Izdag11.001
ZanovOpen Worlds11.001
Oh HiroshimaIn Silence We Yearn10.001
Musique NoiseDans le temps qui s’etire ...9.001
Pervy PerkinToTeM13.001
HeliopolisLive at RoSFest11.001
Brian PernThe Life of Rock with Brian Pern14.001
The Great ColdThe Great Cold11.001
September CodeIII11.001
Huxley Would ApproveGrave New World - Part One9.001
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